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Selectman Candidates' Statements

Irfan Nasrullah


My name is Irfan Nasrullah, and I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen.


Some might say I’m an old timer here in Hopkinton; my family first moved here in 1981. There was a lot then for a high school freshman to find attractive about Hopkinton, a small centrally located town with wonderful natural beauty, trails, and plenty of space to explore.


I’ve always known that Hopkinton was the town where I wanted to raise my own family. When I purchased the family homestead in 2013, I came to know that while I had loved Hopkinton as a child, I appreciated it even more as a father. Both the school system and the sense of community are second to none.

I was elected to the Planning Board last year and found the entire process to be incredibly humbling and rewarding at the same time. I’ve come to know more people and understand we all share common values and a vision for our town. I’ve also come to understand the dedication and effort those before me have put in.

From my experience on the Planning Board, I've learned that my skill set serves me well in helping the town continue to grow in a manner that expands on the community character and builds on its values. This experience, combined with my qualifications as an environmental attorney who also practices in real estate, positions me as someone whom I believe can add a valuable perspective and a new voice on the Board of Selectmen.


I believe my professional experience, work with the Planning Board, and dedication to the town and its people make me an ideal candidate for the Board of Selectmen. I respectfully ask for your vote on May 21.


Irfan Nasrullah

211 Winter Sreet


Patrick Atwell

My name is Patrick Atwell. After discussing with my family and friends, I have decided to run for selectman in Hopkinton.


I graduated from Northeastern University and I am finishing up my Juris Doctorate this year at Massachusetts School of Law.


 I am a certified Negotiator/ Mediator . I represented the men and women of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers that work for Verizon for 19 years.


 I am a Massachusetts native and since 2012, I have called Hopkinton my hometown.


Having lived in other towns, I can tell you that there is no greater place than Hopkinton. We are a town of close, dedicated people who rally around each other in both good times and bad. My wife and I have 4 wonderful children and we are grateful to have the #1 public school system in the state, which is a wonderful asset that has also enhanced our expansion.


Our town is growing and I would love to represent the town in these changing times. I am passionate that we continue to embrace the small town culture that we love while encouraging new opportunities for expansion and development that would appeal to both new and life time residents.


Change can be a positive thing and I am driven to represent Hopkinton as we move forward in continuing to make this town the wonderful place we call home.  


Patrick Atwell

6 Hehn's Farm Way

Brian Herr


Hello Hopkinton!

After careful consideration I have decided to seek my fourth and final term on the Board of Selectmen. Since first being elected in 2007 Hopkinton has progressed on many fronts. With your support at the polls on May 21st I would be honored to serve 3 more years and bring several pending initiatives to a successful conclusion. 

 First and foremost, the Downtown Corridor project is a must for our Town. The heart of our community should match the heart of its residents. Completing the design and getting the construction underway will put a positive face on our historic downtown. 
 The turf fields project will bring our student athlete facilities in line with our school district's top notch academic performance. The return on investment for all taxpayers is clear with minimal up-front costs to complete this much needed infrastructure. 
 Finally, we must continue to manage taxpayer dollars as if they were our own. Since 2007 we have increased our bond rating, passed two permanent tax decreases (under-rides) and balanced our budgets during difficult economic times. That said, we can never take our eye off the financial football!
 My wife, Mary Murphy, and I are very proud of our five children and the education they have received in the Hopkinton School District. Regardless of the occasional budget debates, protecting our schools with a collaborative management approach is critical for our children and our local economy. 
 With your support we will continue the good work of so many volunteers that have made Hopkinton the great place to live, work and raise our families. Please vote for Brian Herr for Selectman at the polls on May 21st. 
 Thank You!
 Brian Herr
31 Elizabeth Road 

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