An icon passes

March 4, 2004 Richard "Cookie" Kumlin passed away this morning after having had surgery a few weeks ago.

     Mr. Kumlin was known for his quick wit and resolute dedication to the Town of Hopkinton, and his longtime position with the Highway Department.

     "I've known Cookie Kumlin for 50 years," said Dick Gooding, former Chairman of the board of Selectmen.

     "He was the spirit of Old Hopkinton, a spirit which will be sorely missed.

     "Both of my kids worked for him when they were in high school, and are saddened by his passing. They spoke well of the work ethic they learned from him," said Mr. Gooding today. File photo 1996 Robert Falcione Cookie Kumlin in 1996 prior to the 100th Boston Marathon.

     "I met Cookie when I had just turned 14 and I was working at Brown and Smith's. He'd come in the end of the counter and start pounding his fist on the counter," said Maureen Dwinnell, Treasurer/Collector, remembering Mr. Kumlin's acerbic facade.

     "I remember when I first got on the Board of Selectmen, he got me to talk to Tennessee Gas about restoring the Doughboy Monument. They paid for it," said Mrs. Dwinnell.

     Michael Shepard, Director of Municipal Services said, "Cookie was the same person he was when I was in high school. He was the only gentleman left who knew everything in town."

     The flags in Hopkinton are flying at half-mast in his memory. Details are being handled by Chesmore Funeral Home