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A Valentine's Day to remember

$3.00 turkey dinner for seniors

By Ann Di Leo

February 10, 2005 — (Reprinted February 11, 2019) Valentine’s Day really has special meaning for Hopkinton seniors this year. There have been parties, lunches, dinners, and special treats all month to get us in the mood for Cupid’s day.

        Seniors were very fortunate to have a creative valentine-making afternoon at Davis Road community room last week; offered by Hope Hellberg, an eighth grader and her mentor, Mrs. Jean Rinker. Hope chose the project with seniors as part of her community service program as she works toward her Conformation in May at North Grafton United Methodist Church.

         Lucky for us…. They brought hundreds of colored papers, fabrics, cutouts, designs, paste-ons, ribbons and bows. Senior outreach worker, Amy Wilson Kent, assisted them and brought even more crafties.  Many unique valentines were created from all those materials. Davis Road seniors have some of the most original valentines in town this year.

        That party was just one senior valentine celebration. Friday evening, Feb. 11, a potluck valentine supper will be offered at Davis Road by the Brampton Circle Club.

A joyful evening of good food and maybe a few surprises.

        On the big day, Feb. 14, The Senior Center will offer a Valentine’s Day lunch. Seniors are asked to sign up ahead of time. The Cost is $3.00 for a turkey dinner.

        To add to our outings the Senior center is now offering a lunch on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Soup and a sandwich for $1.50. Reservations in advance. Hopefully guests will stay for board games or cards. And the senior bus is still going shopping on Mondays, mall walking, and swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Bus trips on Wednesdays.          

         Seniors have been very thankful for the pleasant diversions from the bitter cold, snow, ice, and generally dreadful weather. Most people haven’t been able to go outdoors for exercise walks, neighborhood visits, or a welcome change of scenery…four-walls fever.

         The sidewalks and Davis Road have been well taken care of by our master maintenance man, Tony Gonsalves, and his crew. So seniors have been able to get to necessary appointments and grocery shopping.

          Maybe by the next holiday, Easter, I’ll be able to take down the Christmas decorations in my yard, now under two feet of snow.

          In the meantime we’ll try to keep busy, try not to fall in some icy spot, and try to get away for a vacation anywhere.

          Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love, Annie


Group Photo by Mrs. Jean Rinker



Editor's Note: This page combines a reprinted column and a reprinted poem by the late Ann Di Leo, whose family has sent us a five-year Anniversary Memorium, which is on the front page on this day. We truly appreciated someone of her stature knocking on our door and making what we do every day that much better.


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