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 Senior Moments

Clowning Around With Fashion


Nancy L. Drawe



June 2, 2010 — And the Oscars go to…!  Is it true?  Have the Academy Awards come to Hopkinton?  Not yet, but the Oscars for the Rummage Sale Fashion Show have!   The theme for this 2nd annual show was “Trash and Treasures,” based on the type of clothing and accessories the models had bought at the rummage sale.   This show tied into the rummage sale that had recently been held at the center.  Anyone could participate, as long as they modeled something they bought at the sale.  The criterion for this show was just having a lot of laughs, fun AND free strawberry shortcake for everybody. 


For his second year, the Master of Ceremony for this great event was Dave Dobson, who sported an Ace of Spades costume and black tights.   Contestants wore outfits that ranged from elegant to quite humorous! 


Judi Allessio modeled her blue capris from “Talbots,” white sandals and pretty red sweater—perfect outfit for the summer.


Mary McLeod’s outfit was a black and white silk shirt that was quite elegant. An added touch was the lovely red rose she was carrying. 


Sheila Currie wore a casual vest, blouse and pair of capris that were all purchased at bargain prices from the rummage sale. 


The Happy Clown flip flopped up to the stage with her huge red clown shoes!  It was hard to tell that it was Joyce Plucker who was under those large glasses, red nose, wig and clown outfit! 


Barbara Pimental had a gorgeous jacket that she bought for an unbelievable price! 



Tina Bessert not only had a designer pair of shoes and blouse, but she also had a designer bag.  To this bag, she added a humorous effect by adding a “Victoria Secret” sign on the front and then pulling out a “designer bra!”  That cracked everyone up! 


The surprise of the day came when Laverne and Shirley made their guest appearance.  Sally Almy as Laverne and Judi Allessio as Shirley skipped their way to the stage adding a bit of humorous nostalgia to the show. 


Everyone got a prize in the categories of Funniest, Most Practical, Best Buy and Most Creative. 


The audience had a grand time and it really showed with all the applause and cheering that went on for each model.  After the show, everyone was treated to a delicious free strawberry shortcake all dished up by Laverne, Shirley and staff! 


It was a great honor to be part of the Memorial Day services here in town.  To see all the veteran’s gather in one place to pay tribute to their comrades who gave their lives serving this country was a very emotional event.  What a perfect time to mention the Veteran’s Breakfast for this Friday, June 4 at 9 am at the center--$3.00 gets you a delicious breakfast complete with creamed chipped beef!   Also, don’t forget to attend Taps Vigil this Sunday, June 6 at 7 pm.  This month, it will be held at the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville. 


Stay tuned for June happenings!


That’s it for now, so if you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me:  Until next time, have a great week!


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