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Police News up-to-date

Thursday, June 2, 2005

8:40 pm A father from Lakeshore Drive reported that he wanted his son to leave but he wouldn't...

7:40 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer responded to take a report from a resident of Jamie Lane who just returned home to hear from a neighbor that a vehicle drove up the driveway and smashed into their garage, then left.

4:31 pm There was a report of an African American woman sitting on a park bench on Valley Wood Road...

7:38 am A Main Street business reported that a green sedan flies thru their parking lot every morning and then through the Fire Department...  READ UPDATED POLICE NEWS

Statue just appears, as if from nowhere

June 3, 2005 — This statue of the Virgin Mary appeared at the edge of a Hopkinton resident's yard recently and has remained since.

     "I don't want this turning into another Milton," said the resident, referring to an image on a glass window at a church in Milton which drew thousands of curious onlookers to the property.

     "I just want people to know they can find it in case it was stolen from them," said the resident.

     Since this appeared, the resident has seen another on Route 495 northbound, south of the Hudson, Route 85 exit.

Class of 2005 Scholarships and awards

Complete list here.

Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker

    Judi Murphy of 81 Hayward Street has won the free oil change from Hopkinton Exxon for being the first to correctly identify the bird we featured two days ago. We had a lot of participants who also got the correct answer, one or two who did not provide all of the information or adhere to the rules, but all in all, almost everyone got it correct. Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to the Hopkinton Exxon for providing the prize. 

Senior Recognition Night

Above, Senior Erica Hendry, Student Council President speaks while her fellow student government members listen onstage.

by Chris Crawford

June 2, 2005 – Hopkinton High School held its Senior Recognition Night tonight in the Athletic Center of the High School from 7:00 to 8:15 pm. The night is a ceremony to deliver scholarships and awards to graduating Hopkinton High School seniors. Tonight is the first part of graduating ceremonies, continued tomorrow night.

      “We used to give everything [diplomas, scholarships, and awards] on one night” commented Guidance Secretary Woodward Mary Woodward, “but now the class sizes have gotten so big.”

Principal Dorothy Gould, Assistant Principals Michael Cournoyer and Alyson Geary, Director of Special Education Christopher Ariente, Superintendent Michael Phelan, and the School Committee sat on stage as officials for the ceremony. FULL STORY

Where's Waldo?

June 2, 2005 — Don't know if Waldo is in there at the Ice House Pond, but a great blue heron definitely is, and he is blending in so well that passersby on West Main Street likely didn't see him there on his first day at his seasonal retreat unless they were looking. His legs are similarly shaded and are the same height as the bottom lengths of the brush around him. The color of his feathers is also a similar gray. The posture and position of his neck presents a mirror image of some of the brush around him. In fact, there is one stick to his right, and several on the far right of the photo which could be mistaken for the necks of other birds.

Tute your own flute

June 2, 2005 — Flutist Dora Garabedian entertained her fellow artists this evening at the Women's Art Forum at Main Street Specialties.

Town of Hopkinton seeks help from developers

RFI for Weston Nurseries Finalized


June 2, 2005 — Amid cries for the Town of Hopkinton to purchase the 615 acres being offered for sale by Weston Nurseries, the town has instead issued a formal RFI (Request for Expressions of Interest) sent to developers and other interested parties. According to Finley Perry, the Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee, appointed after the announcement of the offering earlier this year, the town is looking to "partner" with developers. More on this story later. READ THE ENTIRE RFI HERE.

Disgusting performance


Given the disgusting performance and subsequent November debacle of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, and the Party’s standard-bearer losing in Hopkinton’s town election, one might think that the inner sanctum of Hopkinton’s Republican Party would take an introspective look.  One would, of course, be incorrect....  SEE LETTERS

Successful turnout for Memorial Day

Dear Editor,

    An impressive number of people showed up at this year’s Memorial Day services in Hopkinton. It looked like a couple hundred people at the town common; the crowd definitely was larger than in past years. 

    Like many people, several members of my own extended family have served in the U.S. military. Memorial Day is a great time to remember them, and to reflect on their lives and on the freedom and rights that we are willing to fight for.... SEE LETTERS

Charter Commission streamlines draft of Hopkinton Town Charter

"I think less is more"~ Marie Eldridge

by Chris Crawford

June 1, 2005 –  The Charter Commission met this evening from 7:00 to 8:45 in the second floor meeting room of the Fire Station to further revise their Preliminary Home Rule Charter for Hopkinton. The main goals of the meeting were to overview the section of the of the charter determining the budget submission process, start revision on the section structuring the Department of Finance and Budget, and further streamline the 7th draft of the charter to make it the most comprehensive and comprehensible.

“I think less is more,” said Chairwoman Marie Eldridge.

       Commission member Nancy Clark agreed, stating, “That’s the beauty of the Ashland charter.”

The commission has frequently modeled sections of the Hopkinton charter on other Massachusetts town charters, including those of Mashpee, Orleans, and Bellingham.

        The meeting commenced with a motion to approve and amend the minutes from the previous meeting. Chairwoman Eldridge expressed her wish to fill in gaps in her notes as Selectwoman and Commission member Mary Pratt reminded her of the town’s record policies. FULL STORY

Three's company

June 1, 2005 — The First Congregational Church held a Christian Baccalaureate Service this evening for participating Hopkinton High School graduates. Among the speakers were, above from left, Rev. Leigh Dry, Grace Ministries; Rev. Mark High, Woodville Baptist Church; Rev. Bruce Johnson, Community Covenant Church. Rev. Jack Radcliffe of the First Congregational Church gave the welcome, Liz Morgan spoke for teacher Bryan King, Sarah Adams played keys, and Luke Glenn from the Vineyard Church led a prayer.

The Graduates

June 1, 2005 One graduating class of the First Congregational Church Pre-School this evening.

The DPW Water/Sewer Division would like to remind it’s customers that the new water and sewer billing rates will be reflected in your water/sewer bill beginning July 1st, 2005.

New water rate: Minimum $20 for 0-1000 cubic feet; Next 7000 $2.17 per. 100 cubic feet; over 8,000 cubic feet; $4.47 per 100.

New sewer rate: $4.75 per 100 cubic feet from 0-8000. Over 8000 is $5.75 per. 100 cubic feet

 Eric J. Carty, Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager

 Hopkinton DPW, P.O. Box 171 Hopkinton, MA 01748

 Phone 508-497-9765 Fax 508-497-9767 ericc@hopkinton.org    www.hopkinton.org/government/dpw

"Y" marks the spot ~ Win an oil change


June 1, 2005 — As with the preceding photos shot today, this feathery friend was seen at the Pond Street end of Lake Whitehall. Be the first to email two links which have photos of the bird showing the marking, and text naming the bird, and get a free oil change from Hopkinton Exxon. Include name, address and phone. Following the simple rules is necessary for a win. Editor@HopNews.com .

 Friends of the Library

Annual book/plant sale.


June 4 (rain date June 11) 

 9 AM - 1PM

13 Main St. Hopkinton

 Friends of the Library

The Hopkinton zoo

June 1, 2005 — Pond Street was like a zoo this morning with all types of critters like this chipmunk scurrying about. The chipmunk forages all year until it hibernates. Click here for a web page presenting the good side of this rodent. They are prey for cats, so anyone with a chipmunk infestation should get a cat. At Purgatory Chasm, after the feral cat community was trapped and removed, the chipmunk population exploded, to the point where they are almost underfoot.

June 1, 2005 — The sign says it all.

Dog eat dog world

June 1, 2005 — On a variation of the theme, dog-eat-dog, this bird has captured a treat for her brood today at the very southern end of Lake Whitehall bordering Pond Street.

An amphibian by any other name


You wrote, "May 29, 2005 ­ This reptile is enjoying a spring day in a puddle with his presumed siblings in the middle of a dirt road off of Fruit Street..."

The last time I checked this critter is a frog, and therefore an amphibian.  ;-)

Ed Harrow

8 Spring Lane

See referenced photo (With correction).

Check out the counter Wednesday

Today's visits to HopNews have reached about 1,200, which is getting to be a respectable number. On tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, 2005, the HopNews counter at the bottom of the page will top 200,000 visits since October, 2003. The actual number is more like 260,000 due to reasons too complicated for this paragraph. But it will be a fun milestone to pass. Thank you readers, contributors, and advertisers.

"I've got a 94 C" ~ Sgt. Joseph Bennett

May 31, 2005 — The call to dispatch of a "94C" came about 10:06 pm this evening from Sgt. Joseph Bennett, which put into motion automatic backup. 94C is the Controlled Substances Chapter of Massachusetts General Law. Sgt. Bennett had been sitting at the Mobil station at 92 West Main Street doing routine traffic enforcement when he investigated a car parked at the rear side, resulting in the arrests of Matthew Niland, 19, 4 Jordan Road, and Thomas Moroney, 19, 6 Robbern Road. According to the Hopkinton Police Department, each was charged with Possession of Class D Substance, Marijuana.

  Positively Hopkinton

Hard work on the path less traveled 

Hopkinton family provides training


by Ron DiMichele

June 1, 2005 — Areta stands in the entryway looking calm and composed while the others greet the visitor. She seems happy, even friendly, but she pays the guest no mind. The visitor says, “Hello,” though Areta remains impassive when approached. And this is a good thing; the visitor understands. Areta, you see, is learning to be invisible.

Born fifty miles north of San Francisco to parents deemed ‘the best of the best,’ Areta (rhymes with ‘Loretta’) was nevertheless removed from their care at eight weeks of age and soon shipped off to Farmingdale, New York. Shortly thereafter, she landed at the home of Sharon Lewis of Fawn Ridge Rd., Hopkinton, MA. It is here in Hopkinton that Areta has taken the first steps of a life dedicated to selfless service.

Areta’s journey is rife with pitfalls. You might even say the cards are stacked against her. She is expected to reflect superior bloodlines, yet often go against her very grain. Truth be told, Areta’s path is as much a weaning out process as it is a training process. One serious slip-up and the party’s over. And despite the expectations of a consistently flawless performance, Areta’s profile must be kept unfailingly transparent. FULL STORY. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

At ease

May 31, 2005 Three active duty servicemen took part in the Memorial Day ceremonies in Hopkinton yesterday. Standing at rest prior to hoisting the flag at Cookie's Corner are from left, Cpl. Brian Stewart, Sen. Airman Kevin Beavers, and Master Sgt. Chris Anderson.

Police News updated

Monday, May 30, 2005

4:32 am ...  Sgt. Joseph E. Bennett was flagged down by a clerk who reported that a man covered in blood came in and then ran into the woods in the rear of the building...

2:09 am Officer Timothy Brennan reported that the gas plant on Wilson Street is on fire and requested the Fire Department...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

10:56 pm A caller reported that someone is in his back yard and he is possibly trying to get into the house... 

May 31, 2005 — 11:05 am. The teenaged driver of this vehicle, who got a citation for speeding, had the unwelcome task of telling his father what happened to his Corvette and the condition of the car and the wall that got toppled on Wedgewood Drive.

Library Events

Registration for "Going Places @ Your Library" begins in the Children's Room June 1st and continues through the month. The reading program runs for 5 weeks beginning on June 5th.

Summer events in the Children's Room include: a musical performance on July 14th at 1:00 pm; drop in story groups on Wednesday evenings beginning on July 6th from 7:00 - 7:30 pm; and, a Wacky Wednesday craft on July 20th beginning at 2:00 pm. Please call the Children's Room at 508-497-9779 for questions and to register for the musical performance or craft activity.

School Committee and Superintendent give acknowledgements


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,


Let us be honest. On May 17, many of us breathed that collective sigh of relief. Now that the votes have been counted and the post-election analysis seems to have run its course, we once again owe the voters a thank you. The override passed, and we have survived to live another budget day. SEE LETTERS.

Our advertisers make HopNews possible. Please support them with your business.

Hopkinton over Wellesley, 12-2  

by Peter Marso

May 20, 2005 — The Hiller baseball team won their last regular season game 12-2 and won the first annual metro-west tournament. The win has put the Hillers in a top seed as they prepare to defend the south sectional championship starting this weekend. The Hillers' Tom Macintyre threw a two hitter and was never in any trouble.

    The Hillers got a big offense out of all their players and played flawless defense on way to the crown. Macintyre had a big hitting game along with Andrew Tarca and Dan Merzel. The Hillers are now ready to defend their state title. The club is peaking on all cylinders and will be tough to bring down. The team is ready and well prepared to bring another title back to Hopkinton. It has a very good chance to win it. It will be interesting as the playoffs begin! Photo by Steve Spiegel.


 Needs people to help set up at the common, the reviewing stand and many other details.

Anyone interested can call Lily Holden at 508-435-3326

May 30, 2005 — Kevin McNamara plays Amazing Grace on bagpipes on the Common this morning for the group gathered for Memorial Day Ceremonies.

May 30, 2005 — Hopkinton Auxiliary Police lead the Memorial Day parade downtown on the way to the Common from Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

May 30, 2005 — Chairman of Hopkinton Board of Selectmen Eric Sonnett gives a stirring speech about veterans of all wars and the historical events of recent decades which define more than one generation.

May 30, 2005 — Veteran Michael Shepard, American Legion Post Commander holding his granddaughter, Bailey Rose, 4 1/2, at the start of Memorial Day ceremonies at the Common today.

May 30, 2005 — Memorial Day Ceremonies started at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville at 9:30 am. Above, Hopkinton veterans listen to Post Chaplain Dick Brault give the invocation. The ceremonies proceed as this writing.

Best feet forward

May 30, 2005 — Sydney Aeryn Capello, 7 months, enjoys her latest discovery, her feet, while awaiting the beginning of the Memorial Day Parade with her mom in Woodville this morning.

My Reservoir runeth over

May 30, 2005 — The Hopkinton Reservoir overflow gushes after the rains at this time of year; but it doesn't last long after the rains end, and remains dry all summer. The stone caps on the wall, and the wall itself is said to have come from granite quarried and cut on the site by European laborers.

Hopkinton wins 6-5

by Peter Marso

May 29, 2005   —   The Hopkinton Hiller baseball team won the first game of the Metro West tourney 6-5 to advance to the finals Monday against Wellesley at 5:00 at Fino Field. It was a storybook finish as Andrew Tarca threw out the tying run at home plate after making a great catch to end the Sudbury rally. It was a perfect strike to Ryan Williams who had the plate completely blocked allowing the Hillers to win the game.

       The Hillers came from behind to pull out the victory after trailing 4-1 going into the 5th inning. Adam Merzel picked up the save and Andrew Tarca got a well deserved win on the mound. The Hillers used a heavy hitting machine on way to the victory. Andrew Tarca had a triple to get the Hillers out of the gate in the first inning. It was a great high-school baseball game and a great win for the Hopkinton nine. Photo by Steve Spiegel.


May 29, 2005 — The view through the trees across the water provides a natural frame for the rear of Stu Glassman's Annual Memorial Day weekend party. Walking in today past the motorcycles and bicycles and bikers, a partygoer might have heard throw-backs to an earlier era; songs by the Beatles, Cream and Santana played by the Chowdaheads. And like Woodstock in 1969, which had a dove trademark, we'll give Stu the red-winged blackbird that was photographed across from his home the other day (Right side of photo) as his logo today, and dub it HopStock. (Part of the preceding has been commentary.). Video no longer available.

Shine on me

May 29, 2005 — The heavens shone benignly upon Hopkinton today, keeping away the anticipated rain. Here, Kelsey Rutkowski fishes at the boat ramp at Sandy Island while the clouds open up in an uncommon display.

Sometimes a puddle is just a puddle

May 29, 2005 — This amphibian reptile is enjoying a spring day in a puddle with his presumed siblings in the middle of a dirt road off of Fruit Street. We saw no salamanders and can only assume that sometimes, to paraphrase Dr. Ruth, a puddle is simply a puddle — and not a vernal pool. Of course we refer to the controversy over the Loop Road not closing for the crossing of salamanders during Big Night. He betrays his presence in the puddle, distinguishing himself from the fallen tree leaves and twigs after which he is colored, by the ripples caused from his breathing. The markings under his mouth, which themselves look like large teeth, undoubtedly fool some predators that could otherwise swallow this French cuisine in an instant.

Water patrol

May 29, 2005 — Officer Gregg DeBoer drops anchor at a dock on Woody Island on Lake Maspenock while patrolling those waters today. The Police Boat will also be on the waters tomorrow, and most weekends during the summer.

Both sides now

May 29, 2005 — Songwriters, Renaissance artists, poets and others have viewed clouds with grand imagination, much like these clouds today, cumulus nimbus, which portend thunder and lightening.

Chief of the Day

May 28, 2005 — Police Chief of the Day Michael Cuthbert, 7, gets shown the ropes by Sgt. Richard Flannery one recent day when Michael got his wish and was Chief of the Day at the Hopkinton Police Headquarters. The title was bestowed by Chief of Police Tom Irvin, who offered it as a raffle prize at the HPTA Silent Auction.

Standing sentinel

May 28, 2005 — The marshy area between Hayward Street and Twin Island Road is the domain of the red-wing blackbird, as demonstrated in this photograph where he has captured the high ground and surveys his seasonal kingdom.

Hopkinton loses in extra innings

The Hopkinton Hillers girls varsity softball team lost their final game of the season today to St. Peter-Marian of Worcester by a score of 2-1 in eleven innings. With the loss, the Lady Hillers (9-11, 9-9 TVL) fall just short of a post-season tournament berth. St. Peter-Marian boosts their record to 17-2. ~ Ron DiMichele. Photo by Ron DiMichele.


Photo/Artwork Contest Winner Announced

Sox tickets available

Photo: Local photographer Lauré Warren and Cultural Arts Alliance Executive Director Debbie Phelan display Lauré’s photograph titled Barn Hinge. Lauré's photograph won the People's Choice Award in the Hopkinton photo contest. Barn Hinge will be used in the CAA's 2006 calendar featuring photographs of local barns. Contributed Photograph.




The CAA has been fortunate enough to have a supporter donate four 3rd base grandstand tickets to the Red Sox/Yankees July 17th game at Fenway ParkWe decided to sell 200 chances for these tickets to our supporters and members  The drawing will be held on June 17th at the 2nd Annual Talent Show that will be held at the High School at 7 p.m. that evening.

     All proceeds from this raffle will benefit the CAA and our fund raising efforts.  As you may know we also received a generous donation of $5000 last spring.  We need to raise funds to "match" that donation and with your support we can do so by selling all 200 raffle tickets.

     You know that these tickets are "priceless" because you just can't buy seats to these games.  So purchase a raffle ticket before they are gone by sending your $25 check for each chance along with your name, address and telephone number to the CAA, 98 Hayden Rowe St. Hopkinton, Ma 01748.  Include a self-addressed stamped envelope and we will mail you back your ticket receipt.

     Thank you for your continued support of the CAA.  We hope to see you at the High School on June 17th and wish you luck in the raffle!

~Debbie Phelan, Executive Director

Hopkinton 2, St. Johns Danvers 6

by Peter Marso

May 27, 2005 — The Hopkinton High-school Tri-Valley League champs bowed to Division 1 St. Johns Prep of Danvers Friday in a game that had previously been postponed. The Hillers used 5 pitchers and got good innings out of Steve Knox and Adam Merzel. The Hillers did load the bases, but were unable to get a key hit! The Hillers now will be geared up for Sunday's Metrowest tournament were they will be playing Lincoln-Sudbury at 5:00 at Fino Field in Milford. Wellesley and Milford will play in the other semi-final. The championship game will be on Monday with the losers playing first. The Hillers will be gearing up for this year's South Sectionals which they won last year.

Police News updated

Tuesday May 24, 2005


10:27 pm A Wedgewood Drive caller reported that her daughter is being assaulted by her father. The caller reported that the daughter had been slammed against the wall and phones had been disconnected. Sgt. Charles Wallace and Matthew McNeil reported the incident...


10:17 pm A Fawn Ridge Road caller reported her front door wide open and was fearful of a possible Breaking & Entering... See Police News for details

Dog gone

May 27, 2005 — This dog, one of two siblings running unleashed today at Hopkinton State Park, surely does not know how to read the Pets must be leashed sign, but his owner should have known. The owner apparently didn't understand the No off-road vehicles rule as he used the park like an amusement ride, splashing through the beach and climbing the hills with his dogs following. A Park Ranger caught up to the man and ordered him off of the property.

Out with the new, in with the new

May 27, 2005 — Becky Robinson, a member of the Garden Club, plants geraniums to take the place of some pansies in a flower pot at the intersection of Hayden Rowe and Main Streets this afternoon. The Garden Club plants the planters on Main Street as well as the Doughboy Monument, Colella's Triangle and the Welcome to Hopkinton sign, and is willing to entertain the notion of accepting volunteer help. 435-8571.

Someone's working

May 27, 2005 — HopNews brought the roving camera to NStar in Southboro where Local 369 is on strike after we were told there was a Hopkinton striker there. However, the striker had left and the only Hopkinton connection was Hopkinton Officer William Burchard (Vest) helping provide security. 

No fire here

May 27, 2005  — The Hopkinton Fire Department made a dash to the Mass Pike service entrance off of Wood Street this afternoon after the report of a truck fire on the Pike. State Troopers and State Police Hazmat and Mass Pike officials were also on the scene and took over when it became clear that there was no fire, but a spill which needed cleaning up.


Spent the night outdoors


May 27, 2005 — A 5:29 am phone call this morning about a boy in bare feet walking on Wood Street near the Baptist Church led to the discovery of the missing 13 year-old boy who had left his Hopkinton Springs home in the area of Donna Pass around 7:00 pm last evening after an argument with his father.

     An off-duty Ashland Police Officer was the first to engage the boy in conversation, which led to him being reunited with his family.

    A minimum of six Police Officers, including two Sergeants over two shifts, took part in the search, as well as several Firefighters who brought equipment to the scene, and neighbors with the boy's friends.

   A State Police canine unit joined the search around 10:30 pm as neighbors of this child-friendly tight-knit neighborhood of young families gathered and told each other what they knew about the incident that had brought so many public safety resources to their streets.

    The search began with Firefighters and police checking the known comfort zones and local haunts of the neighborhood children, a vacant home, and a house by house search, under porches and around garages.

    Despite the use of two thermal imaging cameras, which can see heat and distinguish people from trees in a pitch black environment, and police with night-vision goggles, he was not found in the immediate area, and it is assumed he left the area soon after leaving his home.

    However, at this time, he is safe with his family.

Active Police Search underway for

missing 13 year-old Hopkinton boy

"His mom is concerned because of the weather. He is not in trouble. Tell him to call home or the Hopkinton Police. 508-497-3401"

~ Sgt. Joseph Bennett


May 26, 2005 11:00 pm —  Hopkinton Police and Firefighters are actively searching the Donna Pass area for a 13 year-old who left his home at about 6:00 pm this evening after a heated discussion and has not returned. Several public safety volunteer workers as well as neighbors and others have also joined the search to help find the boy. In addition, a State Police canine trooper and dog have joined the search.

      Thermal imaging cameras and night vision goggles are being utilized by public safety personnel in the search effort.

     The parents want the boy to know that he is not in trouble, that they love him very much and want him to call home to let them know he is okay. 

Dear readers:

The child is still missing as of 1:15 am, May 27. We will update at 9:00am 

Remembering Veterans ~ Parade Monday

Photo: May 26, 2005 — Tammy Nadeau is assisted by Boy Scout, son John, 8, and daughter Julia, 4. William, 6, not shown, also helped plant flags at the graves of veterans as part of a Boy Scout endeavor.

       Memorial Day Parade

     Monday, May 30, 2005

          In case of rain, services will be held at St. John's Parish Center at 11:00 a.m.

                           Master of Ceremonies:  Matthew Ellam, HHS ‘06

  9:30 a.m.    Assemble at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville

10:30 a.m.     Proceed to Mayhew Street

11:00 a.m.     March to Soldiers’ Mound in Mt. Auburn Cemetery

11:30 a.m.     March to Memorial Gazebo at Town Common

12:00 p.m.     Raising of the Flag and the National Anthem


Following the program, coffee, soda, and snacks will be available

for participants at St. John’s Parish Center on Church Street.


Research proves long lineage


     Brandon Caswell is a direct descendant of John Wood who came to Lake Whitehall in approximately 1724 and built one of the first sawmills in this area of what is now Woodville. 
    John had a son Joseph Wood who had a son William.  This William Wood had a highly successful cotton manufacturing factory in Woodville, and may be the Wood that Woodville is actually named after. SEE LETTERS


High quality tutoring available. Math, science, and Spanish only. Flexible hours/days. Available from June 13th. Contact: dragsbae@bc.edu  (Boston College) or n.p.dragsbaek@lse.ac.uk  (London School of Economics). Niels Dragsbaek, 128 Hayden Rowe. SEE CLASSIFIED.

St. John's Church

Annual Rummage Sale

June 23rd, 24th, and 25th

in the Parish Center, 20 Church St.


Clean, usable items can be dropped off at the Parish Center hall weekdays beginning June 7th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

They cannot accept TVs, computers or large appliances. Last day from drop off is Monday June 20th. Need help for large items? call 508-435-4535.

Hours for sale are 9:30 am to 7:00 pm Thursday and Friday; and 9:30 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday.


Bag night is Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Proceeds to help those in need.

Voices for Vision forum draws close to 100 citizens

Re-zoning is recurring theme


by Chris Crawford

May 25, 2005 – Nearly 100 Hopkinton citizens convened tonight for the “Hopkinton at the Crossroads: After Town Meeting” Town Forum, at the Congregational Church of Hopkinton from 7:00-9:30 pm. The meeting, modeled on the March 2003 Voices of Vision forum, was planned to help the Master Plan Committee with its land use planning over the next 5 years.

      The Master Plan committee had also hoped that the forum would increase awareness of the town’s citizens on the complexity of the issues at hand. Photo, Evan Ballantyne reporting his group's themes.

      Selectwoman and Master Plan co-chair Muriel Kramer welcomed the citizens to the Forum, and commented on the positive turnout. She continued to bid members to “think more globally rather than just Master Plan as it stands.” READ FULL STORY.

Former resident wants project scuttled


Apparently the planning board made a decision not to make a decision in re the subject development and postponed it into next month. With all of the dissension from abutters, neighbors, townspeople, environmentalists, etc., it is difficult to understand why the planning board can't come to an obvious answer and scuttle this very unwelcome project. SEE LETTERS.

Land Use Study Committee votes on draft of RFI for Weston Nurseries 

“We are the only entity that represents a friendly takeover"

~ Chairman Finley Perry

by Chris Crawford —

May 25, 2005 – The Hopkinton Land Use Study Committee met this morning in town hall to discuss a draft of the RFI (Request for Interest) document on land for sale by Weston Nurseries. The document will be a solicitation to developers for proposals on the use of the recently offered 615 acres. As Chairman Fin Perry states, “We’re advertising for developers to come in and make a partnership with the town.”

        Perry will receive the committee’s comments on the document by Friday, return it to its author, consultant Judy Barrett, and plans to put the document into the mail by June 3rd. The committee planned today to send the RFI to a variety of groups, including major newspapers, businesses such as EMC and local natural gas companies, organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the Audubon Society, and the governments of local towns; specifically Ashland since 33 acres of Nursery land are for sale there. Also, according to Perry, the committee “should involve Southboro too.”

        Provisions also include the preservation of 60-70% of the land as open space, “as much as we can financially muster” says member Dave Stoldt, also a member of the School Committee.

      “The overall goals that should be expressed in the document”, says member Andy Branz, another member of the School Committee, “is to remain revenue neutral and maintain rural character,” reflecting a theme consistent with the recent Master Plan town survey. But Branz also expressed the importance that “the cost of maintaining the property does not outweigh its property tax,” and how this notion “should not be outweighed by the issue of preserving vistas and viewsheds.” Photo, Andy Branz listening to Town Counsel Larry Faiman.

       Brian Morrison, a member of the committee and Chairman of the Conservation Commission, asked that Master Plan concerns stay on the mind of the committee, as “one of the primary things we’re working from.” The committee decided to include a link to the Master Plan website in the RFI.

      The committee then considered difficulties with the document’s passages defining confidentiality between the committee and proponents. Fin Perry read the passage that stated, “The extent of confidentiality will be enough that competitivity will not be eliminated. However, despite confidentiality, it all may become public record.”

       Brian Morrison stated that only financial details could and should be kept confidential, but town counsel Larry Faiman had reservations:

     “Financial information can only be kept confidential to a certain level,” he said.

     Board of Selectmen chairman Eric Sonnett reminded the board that they have “sent things to Larry [Faiman] and he has gotten back saying more mundane things must be made public.”

     Fin Perry motioned Faiman to check what information must be public, and the group approved.

     Looking towards future dealings, the committee debated its ranking system for proposals, and how this might affect the wording of the RFI. Fin Perry questioned the effectiveness of an outright rating system, stating, “It’s not so much a business transaction as a marriage. There must be emotional empathy between the committee and the organization.”

      Andy Branz agreed, “We’re working on subjective criteria, a rating system might be difficult.”

      Mr. Perry closed the meetings with comments on the strength of the RFI as is, and the worthiness of the committee.

      “The greatest thing about this committee is that it has such a range of intellect,” said Mr. Perry, referring to the variety of skills rather than levels of intelligence. “We are the only entity that represents a friendly takeover. I hope that will become clear soon”

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Remember us for the good things

Photo, left to right: Tiffany Douglas, Adam Smith, Pat Roche, MJ Clark, Erika Hendry, Nikki Thalheimer, Andrew Chan, Pat David and Matt Kelly.

May 25, 2005 — Officers of the Class of 2005 planted five substantial trees this noon behind the High School in full view of the Cafeteria.

    According to Class President Adam Smith, the trees cost about $1,000.

   "It is a class gift so we can be remembered; and to give something back to the school," he said. "We will have a plaque which says, 'From the Class of 2005.'"

     "I am hoping that future classes remember us for the good things we have done."



HOWE, JAMES E., 75, of Briarwood Rd., Lincoln, RI died Monday, May 23 at home. He was the husband of Mary F. (Crowley) Howe. He lived in Lincoln for the past eighteen years.

Karl B. Mighton, 63, died unexpectedly Monday, May 23, 2005. He was the beloved husband of Margaret L. (Walter) Mighton.  They had been married for 39 years. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Police News updated

1:49 pm Sgt. Charles Wallace and Officer Philip Powers at Baypath Humane Society to keep the peace...


5:20 pm The State Police was looking for a yellow truck, possibly a hydro seeding truck that was involved in a fatal hit and run accident on 495 and was possibly heading to Holliston...


8:53 pm There was a report of a vehicle going the wrong way on the split portion of West Main Street.  While in route Sgt. Michael Sutton came across a hit and run motor vehicle accident.  The suspect in a Chevy Cavalier (Photo) left the scene...


May 24, 2005 — Signs commemorating fallen veterans have popped up all over the area today, the ones above are on telephone poles on Chestnut Street. The man responsible, Bob Blair, is the Commander of the American Legion in Holliston.

    "This is what the American legion should do," says Mr. Blair.

    What he and others have done is to write the names of 1802 fallen coalition peacekeepers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars onto poster board and post them on telephone poles in Holliston and surrounding towns.

    "The idea came out of a 9-11 tribute we did at the Congregational Church (in Holliston). Then when we suggested it again, they said, 'It's Memorial Day.' I made 147 signs, and burned them when we were through, thinking the war would be over," he said.

    When asked his inspiration, Mr. Blair, a Vietnam Veteran said, "I'm involved in community type things."

    Mr. Blair will have even more time for his volunteer efforts when he retires from the United States Postal Service in 18 days.

May 24, 2005 — Firefighter Kaz Piorkowski donned his personal protection equipment today to demonstrate fire education to the children at Kidsborough at 34 Hayden Rowe Street as part of the Hopkinton Fire Department's Public Fire Education program. The program is aimed at saving lives.