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Up-to-date Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Most recent first - May 21, 2007

Compiled by Eric Montville for HopNews.com

Address Buyer Price Date Seller
6 Greenwood Road Bhanu Sareddy, Bhanuprakash Sareddy & Sravanthi Gangula $921,000 May  21, 2007 Michael Dean Brown & Cathy Brown
15 Highcroft Way Elizabeth Benack $363,800 May  18, 2007 Giancarlo O. Tanzi
7 Fenton Street Roderick M. Klinger $467,900 May  18, 2007 Stephen Leighton & Elizabeth F. Leighton
8 Huckleberry Road Brent Skinner $615,000 May  17, 2007 Richard J. Dinka & Cora G. Dinka
Previous update:        
1 Turnbridge Lane Kevin Levey $305,000 May  04, 2007 Kristine Cole Palsha
294 Wood Street Eugene Zanella & Lisa Merloni Zanella $395,000 May  01, 2007 Loraine R. Walsh
3 Daniel Road Stephen N. Leighton & Elizabeth Leighton $640,000 May  01, 2007 John R. Sheldon & Elia T. Sheldon
15 Colella Farm Road Prasad Narasimhan & Padmini Pangal $665,000 Apr.  30, 2007 Douglas L. Schuck & Ellen K. Schuck

See Full List back to February 1,  2007

Yard Sale to Benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

 Saturday, June 2nd

9:00 am. - 2:00 p.m.

4 Hayden Rowe Street

Board of Selectmen Changes ~ Chair Doesn't
Board Refutes O'Leary Conflict Charge


By David Hamacher
May 22, 2007
      After a brief introduction of new members Brian Herr and Matthew Zettek by Selectmen Board Chairman Muriel Kramer, to the audience, the board reorganized as is the tradition following an election. Monday’s town elections resulted in the swearing in of both Mr. Herr and Mr. Zettek.
      Wasting no time, Vice-Chair Mary Pratt nominated Muriel Kramer for Chairman ,which was seconded by member Mike Shepard. Mrs. Kramer than asked for other nominations and, hearing none, moved for a vote. Mr. Herr asked to be heard.

      “As we start anew, it’s important to share what Matt and I have heard over the past weeks. It’s clear that the voters are looking for a critical change on the board, and I’m looking for a positive debate as we move forward,” he said.
       Mrs. Kramer replied, “I’m delighted to see many new faces on the board, and see a strong focus for positive change.”
      Mr. Shepard said, “It’s important to note that it’s not as important as to who’s in the Chairman’s position, but it’s more important to be able to work together with all the people at the table.”
       Mary Pratt replied, “We probably can work better together.”
       Mr. Zettek added, “I’m looking forward to working together as a team.”

       Mrs. Kramer won unanimously, and Mary Pratt won the Vice-Chairman's position


Conflict of Interest:

      Mrs. Kramer read aloud a May 21st letter from Land Use Study Committee (LUSC) member Mavis O’Leary, who was appointed as a Member-at-Large since March of 2005, representing the Curtis Road/Linden Street Neighborhood to give input regarding the concerns of the neighborhood.
      “I have lived in Hopkinton for over 45 years,” Mrs. O’Leary wrote. “I have been a volunteer for many community organizations such as the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Boy and Girls Scouts as well as my church. Being a member of the Land Use Study Committee is another avenue for me to voluntarily contribute my time in the best interests of the community,” she continued.
      Last Friday the LUSC Chairman, Mr. Finley Perry notified Mrs. O’Leary that a question had been raised to him regarding a "possible financial conflict of interest" and, “...my authority to vote on the upcoming recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on the Weston Nursery land sale. Mr. Perry had recommended that the Ethics Commission be contacted regarding the matter," without identifying the source of the question.
      “Today, I spoke with Chris Prospove, attorney for the Massachusetts Ethics Commission about this alleged concern,” and it was recommended to contact and ask for an exemption from any limitations due to the location of her home in this matter, and request a “determination of voting eligibility from the appointing authority/Board of Selectmen. Thank you for your timely consideration and I look forward to receiving your determination and response,” she concluded.
     Both Mr. Shepard and Mary Pratt spoke about their personal involvement as board members concerning the Fruit Street development concerns and how they both step off for substantive discussions of the property, because Mrs. Pratt is an actual abutter as is Mr. Shepard’s daughter. “But that’s different,” Mrs. Pratt said, “We’re actual abutters.”
      Mr. Herr said, “I’m somewhat familiar with abutting issues, and it’s clear that her property does not abut Weston Nurseries, so I see no problem with it.”
      Mr. Shepard moved the board make an endorsement to allow Mrs. O’Leary an exemption from any limitation as requested.

      Mr.Zettek abstained from voting because, ironically, he is a direct abutter to a parcel of Weston Nurseries. It is not known if he has received guidance from the Ethics Commission.   

      Mrs. Pratt then requested that Ms. Kramer get with the Clerk to the Board of Selectmen, Geri Holland, after the meeting to make sure the letter affirming the vote went right out to the interested parties.

Youth Recognized

      Acting on a letter written by Boy Scout Troop 1 Eagle Mentor, Barbara Wilson, the new board issued a proclamation for Sean Patrick Donahue in recognition of his completing all of the requirements for the highest rank in Boy Scouting, Eagle Scout. Since joining the scouts in 1995, the proclamation noted that Sean has taken primarily honors and advanced placement classes in his two years at Hopkinton High, plays the oboe in the school’s band, as well as running on the winter track team, and placing second in a school engineering competition.
     Eagle Scout candidate, Brian Anderson, announced that he would conduct a community-wide blood drive. He said, “I decided that my project would not only obtain needed blood through a drive, but it would
publicize the constant and varied need for blood throughout the community.”
     Brian’s blood drive takes place this Saturday, May 26th from 9:00am to 2:00pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 61 Wood Street. All community members aged 17 and older are urged to participate not only ‘because someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds, but because only 5% of eligible donors, give blood.

     Other proclamations were issued by the new board to High School Seniors, Maddie Aronson and Mary Racenis, Junior, Colleen Sullivan, and Sophomore Laura Cook-Brisson who were all selected to the Music Educators National Association All-Eastern Honors Concert Band. Additionally, Ms. Aronson won the Gold Medal award at the Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association (MICCA) Festival.

NSTAR Offers $1.5 Million for

Conservation Restriction on Weston Nurseries Land


May 23, 2007 — NSTAR, which is the owner of property abutting the northern parcel of Weston Nurseries, has offered to purchase a conservation restriction from whoever purchases the property, and turn the conservation restriction over to the Town of Hopkinton. The letter went out Tuesday to Boulder Capital, TPL (Trust for Public Land), and Hopkinton LUSC (Land Use Study Committee), apparently making the same offer to all involved parties.

     The figure is more conservative than the $3.5 million figure that had been touted by others as their likely contribution, a figure that some had said not to count on.

      The 50 acre parcel includes the area of the proposed extension of Rafferty Road, something that the company has agreed to allow.

      Although the document is a memorandum, and so not binding, the company offered to to sign an agreement within 60 days of the long anticipated transfer of the land.

      A conservation restriction would limit activity on a piece of property, and presumably prohibit residences from being built there. This would give NSTAR, which has a natural gas transmission facility abutting the land, a buffer zone from its business, and hopefully limit complaints of its operations from future neighbors.

      Read the Memo here.



Town-wide Meeting on

Weston Nurseries on Wednesday, May 23:  

Presentations by Boulder Capital and TPL-Taurus

(High School Gym @ 7:30 p.m.)

§ Planning Board (facilitators)
§ Appropriation Committee
§ Land Use Study Committee
§ Capital Improvement Committee
§ School Committee
§ Conservation Commission
§ Board of Selectmen
§ Open Space Preservation Committee
§ Board of Health
§ Housing Committee
§ Design Review Committee
§ Parks and Recreation Commission    


Read Full Revised Meting Timeline

Rehearsals at ESL Studio, 30 Main Street

Diary of Anne Frank

May 23, 2007, 7:00 p.m.

Parts for 5 Men, 5 women

Script available for perusal

Rehearsals Monday and Wednesday nights plus added rehearsals during week

before show and at director's discretion (mutually scheduled)  

Audition consists of cold readings from the script
Performance dates:  

July 19, 20, 21, 28 and 29

Back to Africa

 Hopkinton woman to help victims

May 22, 2007 — One local young woman spent her college Christmas break ministering to young children in Zimbabwe; the children there face desperate poverty having lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic and malnutrition in most cases. Victoria Crosby hopes to return to Africa for the summer on another mission trip to work again with some of the world’s most desperately poor population.
     Victoria is a 2006 Hopkinton High School graduate who recently completed her freshman year in college and is motivated to make her mark helping the world’s poor. As a high school student, she traveled to India to work in an AIDS orphanage; it was her first international trip of its kind. She recently found her way to Africa in December to work with AIDS orphans again. Calling the experience “life changing”, Victoria hopes to be able to return to continue the work; this will be her fifth international mission trip.
   Participants in this ministry have to do a lot of work fundraising to cover the cost of their trip and to buy necessary supplies for the work they will do when they get there. Victoria needs to raise $4,000 to be able to go on June 2nd; donations are tax deductible made out to the “DO Missions”. She faces a tight timetable to complete her fundraising; money needs to be in by May 28th.
   Victoria will travel to Colenso, South Africa to work at an orphanage that cares for 100 AIDS orphans. There are few year round workers and very limited resources. The team, made up of ten college students from around the country and one adult leader, will stay at the orphanage. They will care for the orphans and work for the couple that run the orphanage.
   The team intends to build more rooms, renovate and repaint the existing structure, as well as work with and care for the youngsters; they will share cooking and laundry duties for the orphanage. For two weeks of the trip, the team will run a camp in the village for all the youngsters there as well.
   The cost of Victoria’s trip is $4,000; this covers airfare, food, transportation on the ground in Africa, and supplies to donate to the orphanage. All donations are tax deductible and should be made out to “DO Missions”; the donations should be mailed to Victoria Crosby at 407 Wood Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.
Victoria has big dreams for helping the poorest citizens of the world with hands on love and care; her overriding goal is to love and care for the people of the world that might feel forgotten in their struggle to survive. Please help her help them.

Final Hopkinton Idol Show on May 31
Live Event to Announce Winner and Feature Past Contestants

Photo by Kathleen Culler


May 22, 2007 – “And the Hopkinton Idol is…” On Thursday, May 31, the winner of the first Hopkinton Idol competition will be announced. Who will be the winner? To find out, tune into HCAM-TV Channel 8 at 7:00 p.m. or come to the HCAM studios at 77 Main Street in Hopkinton.

The show’s finale, which will include performances by the finalists as well as past contestants, wraps up a six-week competition co-sponsored by HCAM-TV and Enter Stage Left Theater, Inc. in which 16 contestants competed for the title of Hopkinton Idol. After the live Hopkinton Idol show each week viewers were asked to email their votes to determine which contestants continued on to the next round. In addition to “fame and fortune,” the victorious “Idol” announced on May 31 will also win a professionally recorded demo tape.

“We have been overwhelmed and impressed with the level of talent that has been demonstrated at this show every week,” said Kelly Grill, co-founder or Enter Stage Left Theater and host of the show. “This competition has been a thrilling ride, and I personally think all 16 contestants are winners! Unfortunately, however, only one person can be selected as the Hopkinton Idol, and we are all excited to find out who that person will be.”

Tickets for the finale show are $5 at the door and reservations are strongly suggested.
Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop, Inc. is a performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages. For more information or to make reservations call 508-435-2114 or visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com  

Attention New Residents
May 29, 2007 is Last Date to Register for June 18th Special Election
June 1, 2007 is Last Date to Register for June 11th Special Town Meeting
May 29th and June 1st
Office Hours 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Town Talk is back online


JUNE 9 Household Hazardous Waste Collection 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

@ the Highway garage, 83 Wood Street



Merzel back on top as Hillers knock off Holliston 5-1 in Tri-Valley league Baseball.

May 22, 2007 — The Hopkinton High-School Baseball team behind the 3 hit pitching of Adam Merzel won their eleventh game last night before a huge crowd in Holliston. Merzel (Emory bound) did not give up an earned run and walked only one batter; and at one time retired 11 straight panther batters.

     He eventually retired 13 of the last 14 Panther batters. Adam had help as Mike Preite and sophomore Cooper hit tape measure homeruns en route to the victory. The Hillers will now try to improve on their overall record to get a good seed in next months state playoffs. Merzel who has been coming around battling an arm injury appears to be on his way back to a full recovery. He will join the Emory Baseball team in the fall. The Stickney Nine have been winning some great games of late and Mark has them playing heads up baseball. - Peter Marso

Wise Voters Will  Prevail on Weston Nurseries

Dear Editor:

Regarding the development of Weston Nurseries, please be advised that Liisa Jackson does not speak on behalf of the Hopkinton Land Use Study Committee, and information she provides may or may not be accurate. Though Ms. Jackson is a member of the Committee, she is choosing a course of public advocacy that is entirely her own. She, like other proponents of each of three positions, will be trying hard to influence the Town's decision over the next two weeks prior to a June 11th Special Town Meeting.

The Land Use Study Committee has worked hard for almost thirty months to provide Hopkinton with good workable options in the eventual disposition and development of Weston Nurseries property. At the present, the town has the following choices:


Campaign Day


May 22, 2007 — The HopNews camera was at the entrance to the Middle School yesterday during the election. To see who was there, choose the video.

Water Quality Report Online

The Water Department has completed the annual drinking water quality report.  This consumer confidence report is a requirement of the EPA and will be distributed by July 1st for the previous calendar year reporting period. The State of Massachusetts has waived the mailing requirement for systems that serve fewer than 10,000 people. The report will be made available on the Water Department web page, www.hopkinton.org, www.hopnews.com and at the Water Department office, 85 Wood Street from 7:00am to 3:30pm.  Additional copies can be obtained from the Town hall and the Library.  READ THE REPORT HERE If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call @ 508-497-9765.


Eric J. Carty

Water-Sewer Manager, Hopkinton DPW, 85 Wood St., PO BOX 171, Hopkinton, MA 01748

www.hopkinton.org  508-497-9765 P 508-497-9767 F

NOTE: Both links below are updated and now work.

Who won? Check this.               Ballot questions? Check this.

Voters Give Thumbs-down to Most Ballot Questions

May 22, 2007 —The voters, all 3,611 of them, voted for their favorite candidates and handed a defeat to 10 of 13 ballot questions at the polls yesterday.

     Question #1, dismissed at Town Meeting, was for a Fire Department truck; but it passed on the ballot. It may be a moot  point due to its Town Meeting status.

     The $3.5 million athletic fields got shot down for the second year in a row, and reportedly by a greater a margin this year, even though the dollar amount was not detailed in the question. Town Meeting had passed the appropriation.

     Question #4 was for the so-called Stadium at the High School that was supposed to be funded privately, but the town had to borrow the money ahead of time. It got defeated.

     The boiler for Center School passed as did the repairs at the Middle School. See all of the numbers for the candidates and the ballot questions by choosing the links above.    

Number One!

Above, Brian Herr and wife Mary Murphy at the post-party at The Preserve.

May 22, 2007 — Republican Brian Herr was the top vote getter in the Selectmen's three-way race for two seats on the board.

Two's comfortable, three's a crowd

Above, Matt Zettek and wife, Cindy at the  post-party at Eva and Charlie Beede's house.

May 22, 2007 — Democrat Matt Zettek came in second in the vote tally for Selectmen in a three-way race.

Ed Thompson News Tip

Anthony Troiano to be charged with Motor Vehicle Homicide


May 21, 2007 — According to Ed Thompson, News Director of WMRC- 1490 AM in Milford, Hopkinton Town Manager Anthony Troiano will be charged with motor vehicle homicide due to negligent operation, speeding, a marked lanes violation and failing to use care when passing, as a result of a two-car accident on May 15, 2007 in Bourne that took the life of 69 year-old, Lilija Berents of East Falmouth, who was pronounced deceased at the scene.

     According to Massachusetts State Police, 51-year-old Anthony J. Troiano (Hopkinton Town Manager) of East Sandwich was operating a 2004 Hyundai sedan on Sandwich Road eastbound when he struck a 1999 Toyota sedan head-on while passing another vehicle. He was on his way home after a Selectmen's meeting that ended relatively early.

     Mr. Troiano is still hospitalized in critical condition after hours-long surgery for a tear of the aorta. He also suffered a broken pelvis, orthopedic injuries as well as two collapsed lungs.

Joe Tucci Taps Into The "Virtuous Information Cycle"

for 7,000 EMC World 2007 Attendees

Predicts individuals will create 85% of World's information

Above, EMC Chairman, President and CEO Joe Tucci discusses the massive growth of digital information at EMC World in Orlando, Florida today—before 7,000 attendees.


Orlando, Fla - May 21, 2007 — A record gathering of more than 7,000 EMC customers, partners, technologists and members of the news media and analyst communities joined EMC today in Orlando for the annual EMC World conference. In his opening keynote address, Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman, President and CEO described how the world has crossed over into what he termed the "Virtuous Cycle of Information" in which the massive information scale-up across creators and consumers, combined with ubiquitous network bandwidth, information processing and storage capacity, has resulted in an information explosion of unprecedented proportion.


"We all share a passion for information in our lives; the self-perpetuating nature of information creation is now a constant," Tucci said. "We all want complete information access, no matter where we are or what time of day or night. As information grows, the virtuous cycle starts again – users become creators."


Tucci added, "By 2010, nearly three quarters of the world's digital information will be created by individuals, not corporations. About 85% of that information will live under the watch and care of large enterprises and their information infrastructures for managing availability, security, privacy and compliance. To make it happen, we're going to need the skills of everyone in this room."


"The fate of the world's great information treasures rests in the hands of professionals who rely on technology to do their jobs and the organizations that fuel those technology innovations," said Daniel S. Morrow, Chief Historian Emeritus, and founding Executive Director, Computerworld Smithsonian Awards and Computerworld Honors Programs. "It's inspiring to see how EMC's role in helping the world preserve and protect information has grown. Its dedication to the stewardship of the world's yet-to-be-digitized cultural treasures and its dedication to empower others engaged in that great work are core traits to be admired."

Police News UP-TO-DATE  Today, May 21, 2007




6:20 am A caller from Phipps Street reported that money, slips and checks were taken over the weekend...


10:55 pm A Jordan Road resident complained about a possible under age drinking party and about beer cans that were all over the neighborhood...


6:48 pm The State Police reported that they got a call for a road rage incident.  One of the operators showed the other operator a firearm...




Rape Aggression Defense Systems Training

Training for Women ONLY


·                    R.A.D. is an Internationally taught realistic hands on self defense training class specifically designed for women (12-16 hours)

·                    The program teaches and emphasizes awareness, avoidance and physical self defense with the tools we possess with us at all times (hands, feet, elbows, knees, head, etc…) 

·                    All ages, sizes and physical capabilities are welcome (under 16; parental waiver will be needed)

·                    The class is free of charge sponsored by the Hopkinton Police Department and the Hopkinton Police Association

·                    Manuals are provided as are water and light snacks

·                    Casual exercise clothing and an aerobic type of sneaker preferred

·                    To register and enroll in the class simply email tbrennan@hopkinton.k12.ma.us with you name, phone number, email and home address.  The first 30 women to enroll will be signed up and notified by email (including location of course).  Don’t hesitate; the class can fill up very quickly.


WHERE:             TBA (Hopkinton High School or Police Department)

WHEN:                6:00 pm-9:30 pm on June 5th, 7th, 12th, and 14th (must attend all four classes to participate in simulation)

INSTRUCTORS:                    Officer Linda Higgins and   Officer Timothy Brennan

The Gang's All Here

May 21, 2007 — Politicians and their supporters can be seen at the entrance to the Middle School in this composite photo that removed the driveway to fit them on the screen.

A Broad Brush

May 21, 2007 — Michael Hayes, a married father of school-aged children, makes his voting intentions known, with a one-of-a-kind sign at the entrance o the Middle School polling place this morning.

Seeds of the Next Election

May 21, 2007 — HOPE is the first out of the gate for the next election, campaigning at the exit of the Middle School today, promoting their choice of TPL/Taurus to partner with the  town for Weston Nurseries, as opposed to Boulder Capital. Above is Liz Eidlitz handing out fliers.

     The campaign for Weston Nurseries is heating up with a whirlwind series of presentations, one of which will be at the High School Athletic Center on Wednesday at 7:00 pm:

May 23: Presentations by Boulder Capital and TPL-Taurus (High School Gym @ 7:30 p.m.)
• Planning Board (facilitators)
• Appropriation Committee
• Land Use Study Committee
• Capital Improvement Committee
• School Committee
• Conservation Commission
• Board of Selectmen
• Open Space Preservation Committee
• Board of Health
• Housing Committee
• Design Review Committee
• Parks & Recreation Commission


Boulder Capital Rebuts Liisa Jackson

To the Editor:


We wish to clarify the attached piece which is being distributed around Hopkinton and Ms. Jackson’s letter to the editor:

Per their Letter Agreement and public hearings - Taurus / TPL is proposing 605 dwellings not 550.

Boulder Capital has represented that it will build no more than 940 dwellings, not “up to 1700 units” as stated in the handout and letters to the editor.  FULL LETTER

"Playing For Jerry" Committee Thanks Supporters

Dear Editor:

The “Playing for Jerry” Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local companies and people that contributed to the “Playing for Jerry” Benefit on May 6. This event, which was held to benefit Jerry Higgins, a Shrewsbury tennis coach recently paralyzed by a spinal abscess, drew more than 240 people and surpassed the committee’s monetary goal. It was a very rewarding event and Jerry and his family were very touched by the outpouring of support.FULL LETTER

Arts and the Garden: A Garden and Studio Tour of Hopkinton

Come and enjoy an art and garden filled day on June 9 from 10am-4pm with the Hopkinton Garden Club and Cultural Arts Alliance: "Arts and the Garden: A Garden and Studio Tour of Hopkinton". Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 day of, Seniors $15. Contact the CAA at 435-9222 or HGC at 435-5500 for your ticket purchase or go to the CAA at 98 Hayden Rowe. ~ Hopkinton Garden Club.

Francis George " Frank" Bush, 79, of Westborough, passed away at his home after a short illness on Saturday, May 12, surrounded by his beloved family. Frank was predeceased by his first wife of 47 years, Mary Bridgette (Walsh) Bush who passed away in 1999.  ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Please Vote May 21, 2007, Middle School Gym

7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Election 2007 Resources Below

The Three Selectman Candidates. Chose a photo to see a video


Planning Board Candidates — Chose a photo to see a video


Apologies To Mr. Wiley. On the day he was available, the camera did not color balance correctly.

Ballot Questions and their status at Annual Town Meeting

For some reason, the Official Ballot was printed before the Annual Town Meeting, resulting in the inclusion of many articles that were dismissed. It is unclear how things will proceed if those dismissed Articles get voted in.

1.) Please read how the Ballot Questions were voted at the Annual Town Meeting.

  2.) In addition, the Selectmen have prepared a spreadsheet showing the

TAX IMPACT of those articles that passed.


You are invited to see the election results LIVE!


HopNews Editor Robert Falcione joins HCAM-TV Comcast Channel 8, live from the Middle School Cafeteria on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 8:00 pm when the polls close. He will be speaking with candidates and others who are gathered there awaiting the results. Tune in, or if you have something to say, stop by!

NOTE: The video mistakenly refers to the High School instead of the Middle School.


Bush Administration Worst

in History

~ Former President Jimmy Carter


President Carter has been quoted saying recently that the Bush Administration is the worst in history regarding foreign relations. We asked readers to agree or disagree, and the results are on the left after a few hours.

Marlborough Pedestrian Identified


On Thursday, May 17, 2005 at approximately 2:00 p.m., troopers assigned to the State Police barracks in Leominster responded to a pedestrian accident on Route 495 North prior to Exit 25B, Route 62, in Marlboro, that resulted in one fatality. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Eric Higgins indicated that an adult male had stopped his 2006 Toyota Sienna in the breakdown lane and was struck by a passing tractor-trailer unit. The pedestrian was pronounced deceased at the scene. The name of the victim was withheld pending positive identification.


The victim has now been identified by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) as 39 year-old Geping Chen, of Northboro, MA.


The tractor-trailer, a 1999 Mack 600, was operated by Thomas Moyen of Leominster. He was uninjured.


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, State Police Crime Scene Services Section, State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, and State Police detectives in Middlesex County.   Hudson and Marlboro Fire Departments and EMS, and Mass. Highway Department are assisting at the scene.

Recognition of Valor

From left, newly promoted Sgt. John Porter, Sgt. Charles Wallace, and Patrolman Gregg DeBoer.

May 19, 2007 — Three members of the Hopkinton Police Department were awarded Medals of Valor in a private ceremony attended by family at Police Headquarters earlier this week.

There are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin — Mae West

Above, Jean Vickers and Steve Sullivan bring Mae West and W. C. Fields to life.

May 19, 2007 — Local theater group, Enter Stage Left Theater, entertained hundreds of their fans tonight and Friday evening at St. John's Parish Center, bringing back the USO entertainment shows of the 1940's.

Department of Music
Hopkinton High School

Spring “Pops” Concert
The Bands, Choruses,
String Ensemble
Sunday, May 20, 2007
HS Athletic Center
2:00 PM

Tickets are $5.00 and a $20.00 family maximum. Seniors are free.
Light refreshments are included in the ticket price.

Selectmen Provide Tax Impact Details for Ballot Questions

May 19, 2007 — What happens if I vote this way? How did Town Meeting vote? How much does it cost a homeowner? The Selectmen have made a chart of the ballot questions detailing how Town Meeting voted for them, and what they cost per $100,000 if they pass. Remember, figures that have been presented during the election have often been based on an average home value of $550,000, but the new chart is per $100,000 of assessed value instead. Click here to read it,

     Many of the Articles were voted down at Town Meeting, but appear on the ballot anyway. If they pass it may mean another Special Town Meeting.

     "There's not a whole lot of intent to race back to a Special Town Meeting to take the vote again," said Selectmen Chair Muriel Kramer today.

     "The real focus [of the chart] is to let people know what motions were voted affirmatively at Town Meeting," she said.

Standing on the Corner 

May 19, 2007 — On the last Saturday before the election, candidates and their supporters stand at the corner of Main and Grove with signs and waving hands. New content will appear below while the poll is active.

Massachusetts State Police to Conduct Bus Inspections


On Thursday, May 17, 2007 at 8:00 A.M., members of the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and the Massachusetts Office of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration began the summer operations of the Northeast Passenger Carrier Strike Force at the Woods Hole Ferry Dock.  The goal of this program is to reduce motor coach crashes by detecting unsafe bus operations.  The task force members will be making surprise inspections at popular tourist locations during the summer to insure that buses, drivers and companies are operating safely.  Additional operations are scheduled for May 21st and 23rd in the City of Boston 

No More Letters

     HopNews is imposing its random deadline on political letters at this moment. The last letter was received yesterday, and none since.

     We do this randomly and without notice to thwart any attempts to get the last, unanswerable word in.

      Happy Election on Monday.

      Please check out our Election 2007 button for ballot information.

School Committee Hears Weston Nurseries Competitors

"...there will be no need for new schools to be built under the Boulder plan" ~Boulder


by David Hamacher

May 19, 2007 — The first couple of hours Thursday's meeting were taken up by presentations by both Boulder Capital and TPL (Trust for Public Land)/ Taurus New England that detailed how the Weston Nurseries land could/would be developed and how each proposal would impact school enrollments between now and 2020, as well as, the fiscal impact on the town.
      Following an introduction, Boulder Capital President Roy MacDowell (File photo, left) turned the presentation over to Mr. Steven Zieff, who gave a history of the background and amount of effort Boulder has given in preparation for the purchase of the Weston Nurseries property. “We see development spread throughout the property with one road running like a ribbon from one end to the other,” he said. Using aerial photos and other graphs, Mr. Zieff explained what development was planned to go where and when they proposed to bring them online. He then turned the presentation over to Mr. John Connery of Connery Associates for an explanation of the fiscal impact of the project.
     “The most important aspects from a financial perspective for this project are the following,” Mr. Connery said. “Remember that the total build out of this project as proposed today, will add about $500,000.00 to the tax base, with about $100,000.00 coming from the commercial development. An additional $1,500,000.00 will be generated through permitting fees over the life of the development phase which we’re projecting to be between ten and 12 years. And the initial development will be of the commercial space first; we’re proposing about 450,000 square feet of commercial space.
     With 940 units of housing which are comprised of 240 rental apartments which will satisfy all of the affordable housing requirements mandated by the state (that 10% of all housing in one community be affordable), only 50 units will be single family homes, with many condominiums, and other mixed use units . “We’re projecting that at the end of development the total increase of school-aged children on your system will be between 200 and 220. When you look at the new NESDC enrollment projections, they’re saying you’ll be down about 500 students at the current rate, so there will be no need for new schools to be built under the Boulder plan,” Mr. Connery explained. “When the development is completed, we’re project a net financial impact on the town to be about three million dollars annually. That’s $3,000,000.00 each and every year afterward,” he stated.
     Badge Blackett, Senior Project Manager for TPL (Trust for Public Land) began his presentation which involves partnering
with Taurus New England and the town of Hopkinton by stating, “This is an unprecedented conservation opportunity in my 16 years of this work,” he said. “With the opportunity to conserve 550 acres of open space, we’re in a great position to preserve the quality of life in Hopkinton.”
     Mr. Blackett then turned the presentation over to Mr. John Thomas, President of Beals and Thomas in Southborough who explained the proposed plan TPL and Taurus New England envisioned for the property. There will only be about 175 units built on 35 acres on the north side of the property, with the bulk of the development being on the south side,” he explained.
There will be 25 single family homes that would be built together on one lane and developed like estates, being on 1.2 to two acres of land. There will be about 50 senior housing units, 300 town homes, and about 100 affordable rental apartments in the town center.
       All told, the TPL proposal calls for about 605 total units and 50,000 square feet of retail development compared with 940 units, and 450,000 square feet of combined retail, professional offices, and research and development space. While Boulder shared specific financial data with respect to impact, TPL defined its proposed impact on the town as less density, less units, less impact on the school system.
Mr. Totino wanted to know what the ‘hit’ on the town would be. “About $6,700,000 dollars of upfront costs, Mr. Blackett replied.
“Where’s the other sixteen million going to come from?” Mr. Totino asked.
That’s the level of investment Taurus will be making, he was told.
Both entities will present again next Wednesday evening in the High School Athletic Center to all town boards. That meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm on May 23rd.


Mass Pike Reopened Following Fatal Crash


May 19, 2007 — Today, at approximately 3:00 a.m. Troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Weston responded to a two-vehicle crash on Route 90 East, west of Route 128 (interchange 14) in Weston that resulted in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper John S. Wosny indicates 22 year old Renee R. Woodbury of Lynn, was operating a 1993 Toyota Camry on Route 90 East when she lost control of the vehicle. The Toyota struck the median Jersey-Barrier and came to rest perpendicular to traffic in the middle lane. A 2004 Honda Accord traveling in the middle lane of Route 90 East, and operated by a 29-year-old Lisa Snow of Waltham collided directly into the passenger side of the Toyota. Woodbury was not wearing a safety belt: she was entrapped in her vehicle and sustained fatal injuries in the crash. The Weston Fire Department extricated Woodbury from her vehicle and she was declared deceased at the scene. Lisa Snow and two of her passengers, 31-year-old Renata G. Starbranch of Waltham and 47-year-old Jose A. Machado of Everett, were wearing safety belts and sustained only minor injuries. The fourth occupant of the Honda, 30-year-old Karin Kachbalyan of Bedford was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the crash and she sustained serious injuries. All the occupants of the Honda were transported to Newton-Wellesley Hospital by ambulance for treatment.


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. The Weston Fire Department and the Mass Pike Maintenance also assisted Troopers at the scene.


During the vehicle recovery and investigation the left and right lanes of Route 90 East were closed for approximately 2 ¾ hours.

Town Manager Condition improves

"Overnight, he had a rock-solid night" ~Muriel Kramer

Town workers offer their sick time


May 18, 2007 — At a 3:00 pm meeting today at which four of five Selectmen were present, Chair Muriel Kramer announced that Town Manager Anthony Troiano, who suffered serious injuries in a car accident in which a woman was killed following last Tuesday's selectmen's meeting, was improving. His wife had very encouraging news, she said.

     "His wife [Lori] said, 'Overnight, he had a rock-solid night. The medical team is very encouraged'," Mrs. Kramer reported.

      Mr. Troiano suffered from an aortic tear, extensive leg injuries,  a broken pelvis and two collapsed lungs in the head on collision that took the life of the other driver.

      "He is coming off the paralytic meds today," Mrs. Kramer said. Mr. Troiano, who was considered in critical condition when he was admitted, has been in a drug-induced coma to facilitate healing. He was removed from the coma for a short time yesterday to determine if his extremities could respond, and they did. But he was not considered in a well enough condition for the orthopedic operation at that time. That he was expected to be allowed to reach consciousness later today was a positive sign of healing.

      Mrs. Kramer also reached out to the family of Lilija Berents, who was killed in the accident. State Police reported that she was not wearing her seat belt and was ejected after the impact.

     Both Chair Kramer and Vice-chair Mary Pratt praised the staff at Town Hall for picking up the slack, and for specifically Town Manager's Executive Assistant Geri Holland for her professionalism, and other members of the staff.

      But the main purpose of the meeting today was to discuss an interim solution to the absence of Mr. Troiano, who became Hopkinton's first Town Manager on January 1 of this year, fulfilling the requirements of the new Town Charter.

      Some of the possibilities the Selectmen discussed were the Ashland Town manager's offer of help, the appointment of an interim manager from within Town Hall, or the hiring of an interim professional from the ranks of the Massachusetts Municipal Association.

     The Selectmen decided to wait until after Monday's Town Election for a better idea of Mr. Troiano's short-term prognosis, and to let the newly elected members Board of Selectmen help make the longer-term decisions.

     According to a Cape Cod newspaper, which is also online and covering the crash, Mr. Troiano was accused of stealing $25,000 in gate receipts from his position as Sandy Neck Ranger in Barnstable in 1996. Several Hopkinton people have made inquiries to HopNews after reading that account online, or after hearing rumors today and yesterday.

     The charges against Mr. Troiano were not only dismissed by a judge, but the town had to pay him about three years of back pay, and reinstate him in his job, which he returned to for several more years. Hopkinton officials, as well as members of the media, HopNews in particular, were well aware of those incidents during his interviews for the position, but apparently did not consider it relevant.

     "The Town of Hopkinton would not hire this level of position without a thorough background investigation," said Chief of Police Thomas Irvin after the meeting today, when asked to comment.

      "The Board of Selectmen was informed of the results of that background investigation, and after reviewing the results, were comfortable making their appointment." The Selectmen's vote to appoint Mr. Troiano last year was unanimous.

      According to a story in the Barnstable Patriot on October 1, 1998, the Town of Barnstable had to create a reserve account to pay Mr. Troiano back pay. According to another story in that paper, "Upon his acquittal, Troiano negotiated to come back to work and assume his former duties as chief ranger."

      The very accessible Mr. Troiano has made friends quickly in Hopkinton, and Mrs. Kramer's announcement today bears testimony to that.

      "The staff is also arraigning to bank sick time for Mr. Troiano," she said.

      The Selectmen will next meet publicly on Tuesday, the day following the Town Election.     

No More Rain

May 18, 2007 — Boston Marathon Race Director, and author, Dave McGillivray spoke at the post-Marathon party last night at Laborers Training Facility on East Street. People connected with the Marathon, including members of the BAA, HAA and the Marathon Committee, watched a slide show by photographer Rich Dimascio, had dinner from Jean's Catering, heard congratulations from Hopkinton Marathon Committee Chair, Dorothy Ferriter, and had a raffle conducted by professional announcer Jacques LeDuc, whose comic style had the room in stitches. The rain of this year's Marathon was a recurring theme.

Support For Matt Zettek


     Matt Zettek brings the personal attributes and skills that are required in government and that are needed here in Hopkinton to help us move forward together: an even temperament well suited to government, a knack for finding common ground with people of all points of view, and experience in business and in state and local government. FULL LETTER

Rain or Shine

HUGE Yard & Bake Sale

hosted by the Hopkinton MOMS club

Saturday May 19th, 9am to 1 pm

on the lawn of the CAA (Hayden Rowe St)

 tons of kids gear, clothing, household items, and much, much more

Proceeds will benefit the Hopkinton Police Department! 

Hopkinton Police Assist Southborough

Train gets stopped

Southborough, MA May 18, 2007 — At around 10:45 last evening, Hopkinton Police were called to assist in a search for a missing 16 year-old Southborough girl, who police and family were concerned about. The Southborough Police Department contacted CSX to stop traffic on the train tracks that run through the MBTA Station near Fitzgerald's General Store near the Hopkinton town line, resulting in a westbound commuter train being held in Framingham while the search was conducted. The Fire Department assisted with an infrared camera to search the surrounding darkness.

      In addition, a police sergeant and K9 dog from Westborough were called and assisted in the search.

      The girl was eventually found and transported to UMass in Worcester.

~ Courtesy SouthboroughNews.com

Open Circle Discussions Prove Helpful

Parent, kids keep open lines of communication

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

May 18, 2007 — "Have a good time, dear," says the mother of a 16-year-old, going out on his first date.

The son replies: "Don't tell me what to do."

It's a remarkable illustration of classic communication difficulties between teenagers and their parents, yet even more remarkable is the effort of two Hopkinton High School juniors, Lauren MacIntosh and Christina Wigglesworth, to do something about frustrations that shutdown communication, often when the need for it is most critical.

Last month, they organized "Youth-Parent Open Circle," bringing more than 30 parents and 12 freshmen, sophomore and juniors into a discussion of sensitive topics:

Christina, who considers becoming a psychiatrist or a guidance counselor, believes "communication lines between parents and children need to be kept open. Otherwise, there will be tragedies in the respects we covered, like sex and
substance abuse.  Past family experiences have made me realize how important the issues are."Christina co-chairs The Youth Commission club at the high school with Lauren MacIntosh, who plans to study Early Childhood education and then teach kindergarten or first grade.  "We wanted the club to create activities for youth and help the community," Lauren said. "We came up with a dodge ball tournament for middle schoolers that went really well. Then we had the idea of an open circle with parents." FULL STORY

Relay For Life has been postponed until May 25 & 26

Dear Amy,

Due to the inclement weather this weekend as well as a schedule conflict for indoor accommodations, the Relay has been postponed until next Friday May 25. The schedule will remain the same, except closing ceremonies will take place at 7 a.m. and ending at 8 a.m. on Saturday.  


The committee struggled with this decision since next weekend is a holiday weekend, however safety of the participants is our number one concern. 

We have all worked so hard on this event that we want your Relay experience to be the best possible. 


If you or your team are unable to attend the event next weekend, our sincerest apologies. There will be a post-event wrap-up celebration at which you can come and help us celebrate the success of the event, pick up incentive prize certificates, and submit any additional donations. Please watch for an email with further details. 

Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to the Relay and the fight against cancer. We hope to see you next Friday!

Laura French
Online Chair, Relay For Life of Hopkinton

The Historical Society yard sale scheduled for this weekend

has been postponed 'til June 2 & 3

School Committee pitches Ballot Questions

File photo

May 18, 2007 — The School Committee wants to remind voters that there are two questions on the ballot that relate to the Hopkinton Public Schools.


Question #2 is about repairing the walls and roof of the Middle School.  A YES will vote allow a debt exclusion for this amount; a NO vote would not allow it. 

     Last year, the town approved funding to repair the Middle School back gymnasium wall.  In going through this process, we found that the other exterior walls of the original building built in 1954 were also in the process of breaking down.  We also learned that it would be cheaper for the district, in the long run, to rebuild any walls and the roof as one project rather than separate projects.  As shown in the presentation at town meeting, the roof, which has exceeded its lifespan, leaks in many locations and is causing damage to the interior of the school.


Question #4 – Because the town will be using private funding to pay for this amount, a vote is not required on this question.


Question #5 is money for the Center School boiler.  A YES vote will allow a debt exclusion for this amount; a NO vote would not allow it. 

     The Center School boiler is original to the building and is 80 years old. There is no back-up system to this boiler and increasingly the school has experienced heating problems that have caused difficulty for staff and students. To correct these problems, the school district has also faced growing repair costs.  The new boiler can be converted in the future from a steam system to a hot water system.

      While we recognize that Center School will, at some point, be decommissioned as a school, it will not happen for at least four years.  The boiler is an important aspect of a safe learning environment for our children.


Please mark for your attention these questions on the ballot and vote on May 21.

Thank you,
The School Committee
Rebecca Robak, chair
Phil Totino, vice chair
Lyn Branscomb
Nancy Burdick
Dave Stoldt

The Weekend !!

    Please check out our Calendar every or any day to find out what is going on in Hopkinton. Eric Montville is the Calendar Editor who spends many hours a week updating this under-used resource.

     Below are just two of many events happening this weekend. Please choose the title above to see more form this weekend, or choose the Calendar icon now or at any time to get up-to-date.


May 18, 19 "Relay For Life" of Hopkinton. It is an 18 hour event in which teams of 8 to 15 people walk around the track in order to celebrate survivors of cancer and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The event itself is on May 18 from 6 pm until May 19 at noon. There is food, beverages, and live entertainment throughout the night. Teams can be made up of family members, friends, clubmates, sports teammates, co-workers, or any group of people. If anyone has any questions they can contact Carly Boyce at hopkinton.relayforlife@hotmail.com   or Laura French at laura.french@cancer.org.  This is a great opportunity for our community to unite together in order to celebrate the survivors of cancer and to raise funds to fight cancer.


May 18, 19 The Cultural Arts Alliance and Enter Stage Left are once again teaming up to bring a unique musical theatre experience to Hopkinton. On May 18 & May 19 at 7:00 pm, we will be turning back the clock to the 1940’s and presenting a Tribute to the USO Show. Bob Hope, The Andrew Sisters and Abbott & Costello are just a few of the stars that will grace the stage at St. John’s Parish Hall in Hopkinton. Choose this to learn all about it and then this to help with sponsorship.

Planning Board Candidates — Chose a photo to see a video


NOTE: The third candidate, Justin Wiley, declined the opportunity to appear.

Schools Up Against Tight Deadlines
“All repairs must be completed within two years” ~ Superintendent Phelan
“$189,783.38 needed for repairs, plus design money of $25,000” ~ Ass’t. Superintendent Colombo
Funding Applications for new Early Childhood Center and Middle School Repairs Due in July

By David Hamacher
May 17, 2007 — Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Mary Colombo (File photo), and Superintendent, Dr. John Phelan both presented an update of the on-going negotiations with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in Boston, saying several things have now been clarified. “While Mr. Ralph D’Amico told me he was pleased that we were working together with the town on a town-wide solution with combined funding, he cautioned that because there are two different complaint numbers on file, there must be two separate responses,” Dr. Phelan explained (File photo, below).
      “We have to sign a resolution agreement not later than our last regular scheduled meeting for this year stating that all repairs will be completed within the next two years,” Dr. Phelan said. “As you know, the three elements of concern are with the elementary schools,” he continued.
     Committee Chairperson, Rebecca Robak asked, “Do we have a better understanding of what the costs will be?”
      Dr. Mary Colombo reported that a cost estimator had been brought in and projected the costs for the repairs. “The costs are a little higher than what Mr. Rogers (Director of Building and Grounds) had given us. The estimator put the costs at $189,783.38. But that doesn’t include the cost for design work, or the public bid process.” Estimation for design fees is $25,000.00. FULL REPORT

Support For the Fruit Street Athletic Fields

To the Editor:
I am a retired member of the Hopkinton Youth Soccer Association Board. From 2004 - 2006, I volunteered to mark and line the various fields for our youth soccer program. I have walked every inch of these athletic fields. I knew first hand, up close and personal, in rain and shine, the status of our parks and recreation, state park and several school fields. In sum, they’re inadequate, overused and in poor condition due to wetness, ruts, rocks and lack of grass. FULL LETTER

HEF Awards Over $53,000 in Grants


May 16, 2007 – Hopkinton Education Foundation (HEF) has announced the awarding of five grants to schools throughout the school system. Since its inception in 1992, the HEF has promoted excellence in education in the Hopkinton Public Schools through the funding of innovative, academic grants for teachers and administrators.

     Over $53,000 in grants were recently awarded, chosen from a field of 18 grant requests totaling over $212,000. The grants funded crossed a wide range of disciplines including math, literature, engineering and reading.

     Ruth Ann Cote, president of the HEF Board of Directors stated, “Members of HEF, and the community in general, work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds for these grants, and it is extremely rewarding to be able to award such worthy grants in such a wide range of fields of study. We also had the privilege of awarding the EMC Grant for Math & Science this year.”

     The EMC Math & Science Award funded the program “Engineering is Elementary” submitted by 5th grade teachers Maribeth Tremblay and Jennifer Jordan. The grant’s goal is to encourage critical thinking skills and teamwork through engineering-based activities utilizing engineering kits from the Museum of Science.

     Kim Pucci, head of the HEF grants committee commented, “Each year, the demand for resources is significant. This year the committee was faced again with the challenge of selecting those grants which most closely reflected the mission of the HEF from a group of very competitive grant proposals. We are confident that these grants will have a lasting, positive impact on many of Hopkinton’s students. “

     To fund the school grants, the HEF has a direct mail appeal each fall to residents and to the local business community. Events such as the Thank-a-Teacher program, a puppet show, the signature Annual Gala, and a golf tournament co-sponsored with the Hopkinton Boosters Club, not only bring members of the community together, but also raise significant money. The HEF is very grateful of the support it received from this year’s corporate sponsors: Milford National Bank, Middlesex Savings Bank, EMC Corporation, Phipps Insurance, The Richmond Group, and UNICCO Service Company. The Board of Directors and Associate Directors meet each fall to set fundraising goals and decide on fundraising activities to meet those goals. File photo above.

     To learn more about the Hopkinton Education Foundation, please visit www.HopkintonEdFoundation.org .

Students raise $4,000 to "Adopt" Polar Bear


by Nili Schnairsohn

May 17, 2007 — About 4 months ago all students in my class as well as Sue Green's class created a very exciting service learning project to adopt polar bears and help stop global warming. This project consisted of ten committees, which the students came up that were responsible for either providing awareness on the situation with polar bears and global warming, raising money to adopt polar bears, or both. They are incredible students and worked so hard that during our "polar bear week" in March we raised $1,130 in just four days right here at Hopkins.  (Some of the money came from flat donations, which we were extremely excited about.)

     We also held a walkathon on May 12th (organized by the walkathon committee), where each student was responsible for getting donations and walking or running 3 miles at the Hopkinton High School Track. 

      Our goal was to raise $2,550 total so that all students could adopt one polar bear and receive an adoption certificate, fun fact sheet, Several polar bear items for their computers and a stuffed animal polar bear, which is what they were most excited about. With Polar Bear Week and the walkathon combined we were able to raise close to $4,000.  It's been a very excited project for all of use and both Sue Green and I are very proud of our students and we had an opportunity to really share that pride with them as well as their parents as over 100 of us attended the last board of selectmen meeting.  Each student received a certificate of appreciation and each class received one as well.  May 19th, 2007 was also named "Hopkinton Polar Bear Day." 

       When the letter committee wrote their letters to different government officials including Muriel Kramer here in town, having a polar bear day is what they asked for.

      And they got it!

Nili Schnairsohn teaches science at Hopkins School

Support For the Fruit Street Athletic Fields

We are the leaders of Hopkinton Youth Soccer, Hopkinton Little League (and Softball), and Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse, respectively. Collectively we oversee programs that provide great opportunities to play sports for over 3600 Hopkinton boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 18. We strongly believe in and support the development of the new athletic fields on Fruit Street, and here is why we do so.
     Hopkinton does not have nearly enough fields on which the children can play, and the fields we do have are in terrible condition due to overuse. FULL LETTER

Support for Rebecca Robak

Dear Editor,
On May 21st voters will decide who should fill the one open position on the School Committee. There are two candidates running for one open seat. We strongly support the reelection of Rebecca Robak to the School Committee.
     Rebecca Robak has been on the School Committee for four years, serving as the chairperson this last year. She has done an excellent job for our schools in those four years. The School Committee has many challenges ahead of it over the next few years, and we need someone who already has the knowledge of the issues facing the school system and can act now.FULL LETTER

Support For the Fruit Street Athletic Fields on May 21st


There is no doubt that Hopkinton needs additional athletic facilities considering the population growth over the last 10-15 years. We now have 2100 children playing youth soccer, 1450 baseball/softball, 220 lacrosse, and 420 football/cheerleading.
     Town Meeting voted in October 2002 to purchase the Fruit Street property with the intention of using a portion of it for new athletic fields. The Town has spent considerable money having that Town Meeting approved plan submitted to the various state agencies for approvals, such as the Single Environmental Impact Review which approved the athletic fields’ location, access, and purpose. FULL LETTER

Support For Trust for Public Land

Dear Editor:
It gives me great pleasure to report that the Land Use Study Committee voted to ask the Trust for Public land to work with the developer partner, Taurus New England.
     If approved by the citizens of Hopkinton at Special Town meeting on June 11th, this project will truly be a victory for the Town of Hopkinton. I feel so honored to live in a community where our elected town officials have been given a viable alternative to a development by Boulder Capital that could potentially build 1,700 housing units. FULL LETTER

Selectmen Chair Speaks About Troiano Condition 

May 17, 2007 — Chair of the Board of Selectmen Muriel Kramer, who has met with the family of Town Manager Anthony Troiano and visited his hospital, updates the town with her knowledge of his surgery and condition in the video above.

  UPDATED 4:05 p.m. 

Pedestrian Fatal in Marlborough closes two lanes of 495 North


May 17, 2007 — Today, at approximately 2:00 p.m., troopers assigned to the State Police barracks in Leominster responded to a pedestrian accident on Route 495 North prior to Exit 25B, Route 62, in Marlboro, that resulted in one fatality. 

      Preliminary investigation by Trooper Eric Higgins indicates that an adult male had stopped his 2006 Toyota Sienna in the breakdown lane and was struck by a passing tractor-trailer unit. The pedestrian was pronounced deceased at the scene. The name of the victim is being withheld pending positive identification.

      The tractor-trailer, a 1999 Mack 600, was operated by Thomas Moyen of Leominster. He was uninjured. Currently, the right and middle lanes of Route 495 North are closed while the investigation takes place.

      This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, State Police Crime Scene Services Section, State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, and State Police detectives in Middlesex County.   Hudson and Marlboro Fire Departments and EMS, and Mass. Highway Department are assisting at the scene.

Letters to the Editor Deadline

Our pre-election letters deadline is never announced in advance. This policy attempts to thwart those last minute, unanswerable attacks on opposing candidates. But be forewarned that anyone thinking of sending a letter better do so soon, because we will close the letters without notice at some point before the election.

Milford Fire Displaces Family of Four

Project Just Because helps out

This photograph was taken by Milford Fire, Deputy Chief, William Touhey.  The Milford Police and Fire work together as a team to investigate fires.  They attend basic and advanced Fire Investigation training together at the Fire academy in Stow and work hand in hand.

May 17, 2007 — According to Milford Police Detective Craig Stanley, an early Tuesday morning residential fire displaced a family of four.  The fire resulted in the total loss of their home at 4 Parkhurst Road and they were luck to have escaped uninjured.  Project Just Because provided much needed assistance to the family, and especially to the young children

Compost Bin Sale:  Hopkinton Recycling Committee will be selling Compost Bins on Hopkinton Town Common Saturday May 19, from 8 to 10 a.m.  Compost bins available for $20 and kitchen pails $5 while supplies last.  Composting is easy and saves our town money as it keeps food waste out of our trash.  Simple instructions provided.

Shiny and bright

May 17, 2007 — Doris Carver marvels at the quality of workmanship of the marker for the grave of her husband, Harry, who served 25 years. More on this below.

Hopkinton Police Association institutes Memorial Markers Program


May 17, 2007 — Yesterday, the Hopkinton Police Association initiated a program to place memorial markers on the graves of deceased members of their department. They also gave kudos to Hopkinton resident and Phoenix Foundry owner Mitchell P. Toloczko, who surprised them when he turned their prospective $2,000 purchase into a personal donation of 28 beautifully crafted bronze markers from himself.

      "It's a pleasure to do something like this," said Mr. Toloczko, who also provided Natick and Framingham with theirs. "It's my town," he said. "It makes me feel at home."

       After a short ceremony at the Police Headquarters, Chief of Police Thomas Irvin and several officers visited the Mt. Auburn Cemetery, where they placed the first marker on the grave of former police officer Franny Adams, who died in 1991, and was the husband of Maxine Adams, who works in the office of the Town Clerk. His children, Jim and Debbie, were in attendance as well as former Chief of Police, William McRobert. Rev. Paul Clifford read a prayer at the graveside. The short video above details events.

        The group then traveled to the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville, where they placed 7 more markers. 

The Three Selectman Candidates. Choose a photo and see a two-minute greeting from each candidate.


West Main Street Work to Resume

Please be advised that the continuation of work on the new water main on West Main Street will commence on Monday May 21st . Approximate hours of work will be from 9:00am to 4:00 pm. The same traffic pattern that was used last fall will be in effect again. The preliminary estimate for the paving of West Main is in June.

P.O. BOX 171, HOPKINTON, MA 01748. Phone 508-497-9765 Fax 508-497-9767

UPDATE 11:50 a.m.

Town Manager Seriously Injured - One Fatality


May 16, 2007 — Last night, at approximately 11:18 p.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Bourne responded to a two-vehicle crash on Sandwich Road East, one half mile from the Gallo Ice Arena in Bourne that resulted in one fatality.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Dana Tobey indicates 51-year-old Anthony J. Troiano (Hopkinton Town Manager) of East Sandwich was operating a 2004 Hyundai sedan on Sandwich Road eastbound when he struck a 1999 Toyota sedan head-on while passing another vehicle.  As a result of the crash, 69 year-old, Lilija Berents of East Falmouth, operator of the Toyota was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced deceased at the scene as a result of her injuries.  Berents was not wearing her seatbelt.  Troiano was transported by ambulance to Tobey Hospital and later to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries.  


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. The Bourne Police Department and the Bourne Fire Department and EMS assisted troopers at the scene.


During the vehicle recovery and investigation both lanes of Sandwich Road in Bourne were closed for approximately 2 hours.


No further information is available at this time.

   Mr. Troiano suffered an aortic tear as well as orthopedic injuries, underwent successful surgery, and is  in intensive care.

Photo, Mr. Troiano at last night's Selectmen's meeting announcing his appointment to a three-year term of Maureen Dwinnell as Treasurer/Collector, his first appointment as Town Manager. The crash apparently occurred while he was driving home from that meeting.


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