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 Rural Feel

June 14, 2005 — This lady's slipper, a type of wild orchid, was found near the shores of Lake Whitehall last week, one of three on a hillside under the forest canopy.

Police News updated


7:30 am There was a report of a large turtle trying to cross Wood Street...

5:31 am A Wilson Street business reported that they didn't have any water, and the security guard heard water running under the road...

10:19 am A caller reported that a neighbor came very close to her while she was water skiing...

3:33 pm Officer Matthew McNeil had several cars parked at the Old Town beach.  Officer Matthew McNeil came upon a Narcotic Violation (Photo of young man with "bong")...



Senior citizen picnic on Saturday

by Ann Dileo

June 14, 2005 — June is busting out all over……well, not exactly the way we’d like it. We’ve had  90 degree days…and days we were warned to stay indoors because the air pollution was so bad. My peonies bloomed anyway and were very beautiful.

                Of course, the big news is the new senior center, which is finally on the way. If you have any wonderful ideas let the staff at our current senior center know about them.

               Meanwhile, here on Davis Road seniors are looking forward to the outdoor picnic sponsored by the Brampton Circle club, Saturday, June 18, at 1:00PM. Tables will be set up in front of the community room. There will be hamburgers and hot dogs, prepared by our favorite cooks, George Gross and Ray Drawe, and a table with desserts, salads, and soft drinks. This picnic is a favorite event every  year. FULL STORY AND PRINT.

 Rural Feel



The annual Horribles Parade is Monday July 4, 2005 beginning at Noon at the Town Common. The parade will go down Hayden Rowe, right onto Grove Street, left onto Pleasant Street, right onto Main Street and back to the common for the awards. Rosemary and Pat Lynch will be our GRAND MARSHALS. 

This year’s theme is “THIS LAND IS OUR LAND”.

READ FULL STORY - Help needed

 Rural Feel

Celebrate Flag Day

June 14, 2005 — Center School held its annual Flag Day celebration today with an assembly and a parade around the Town Common. Here, students march through a cordon of military representatives on their way back to the school.

Maspenock Woods packs Planning Board meeting

Above, Abutter Kathleen Mosher expresses her objections to the project this evening to a standing-room-only crowd this evening.


by Chris Crawford

June 13, 2005 – The Selectmen’s Meeting room of Town Hall was overfilled this evening, on both the floor and the balcony sections, as the Planning Board held a Public Hearing on the proposed Maspenock Woods Garden Apartment Concept Plan. The attending public included immediate abutters, West Elm Street residents, as well as many members of Friends of Whitehall. “I contacted Gail Clifford [the head of Friends of Whitehall] and they are supporting us at our hearings as we are at theirs,” said abutter Kathleen Mosher.

     Planning Board Chair Mark Abate opened the hearing by stating that it will necessarily continue to a later date because of unprocessed information that was presented to the board today.To see the developer's concept plan, click the thumbnail photo.

    The Planning Board heard first from the proponents, and then gave them questions and comments. Proponents included developer John Sawyer, landscape architect John Copley, engineer Robert Poxon, and architect Gary Snider. FULL STORY.

Tuesday June 14, 2005

            6:00 pm – Capitol Perspective with Senator Kennedy

            6:30 pm – All Fired Up

            7:00 pm - Class of 2005 Graduation Ceremony – Rebroadcast of 6-3-2005

            10:00pm – The Know Drugs Show

 Wednesday June 15, 2005

            11:00 am - Senior Upbeat – Volunteer Opportunities

            7:00 pm - Senior Upbeat – Volunteer Opportunities

            7:30 pm - Seniors on the Move

            8:00 pm - All About Hopkinton - Hopkinton Library

            8:30 pm - First Congregational Church Service

            10:00pm – What is Scientology

 Thursday June 16, 2005

            7:00 pm - Physician Focus - Challenges in Emergency Medicine

            10:00pm – Freedom Magazine TV Edition

Friday June 17, 2005

            7:00 pm – The Melting Pot Cooks

            7:30 pm – Faith For Living

            10:00pm – Business Wise

Hooray for Graduation

June 13, 2005 — These beautiful young women dressed like stars for their Eighth Grade Graduation Dinner Dance this evening, celebrating the theme of the night, "Hooray for Hollywood." The photographer gestured to one young woman to return to the group, because she walked away as he was setting up the shot.

    "I am a teacher," she said with a self-satisfied smile.

Water restored ~ Discoloration all over town possible

As of 5:00pm water has been restored to Wilson St.  People all over town may experience discolored water into Tuesday, due to the break.  Please check your water before using it. We hope to have the situation back to normal as soon as possible. Eric J. Carty, Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager

Class of 2005 Scholarships and awards

Complete list here.

Press Release from:

LIFT Public Transit System

 Colella's Supermarket Helps Promote

Public Transportation in MetroWest


June 13, 2005 — Colella's Supermarket in Hopkinton has teamed up with the Town of Framingham to help promote public transportation in MetroWest.  In cooperation with the LIFT Public Transit System, Colella's Supermarket will offer free LIFT bus passes to customers who shop at the store during the week of June 20 – 25, 2005.  Free bus passes will be offered one to each customer, while supplies last.

     "We believe that the LIFT bus is an important public service in our community," states Jenny Shults, manager, Collela's Supermarket.  "We are excited to be able to work with the LIFT Public Transit system to offer this free bus promotion to help kick-off the summer, as well as to encourage use of the LIFT bus service." Photo from left, Lift Bus driver Nancy Kelly and Jenny Schults from Colella's. FULL STORY

See Colella's Web Site and Weekly and Daily specials Did you know: All of our advertiser's icons lead to a link?

Click on Colella's icon below to see their daily luncheon and weekly grocery specials.

 Rural Feel

Flag Day tomorrow, June 14

June 13, 2005 — Ryan Schiloski rides in the bed of this DPW truck from pole to pole decorating them with flags in preparation of Flag Day, which occurs tomorrow, June 14.

Water main break on Wilson Street

~Road closed for now — Residents may see discoloration

June 13, 2005 — This sink hole on Wilson Street created by a water main break is one of many causing the road to buckle for over a 100' stretch. Here, Matt Gogan digs out the largest with the backhoe as another truck backs up to take a load of gravel away. According to employee Dan Bates, the main is located over four feet under the roadway. The crew must first dig out a large area to find the leak to repair. It is unclear if the entire segment of road, which has been undermined for a 100' or more, will also need to be dug up.

From the Water Dept.:

The Water Department responded to a major water main break on Wilson St. this morning at 5:00am.  Currently the water is off on a section of Wilson Street. Due to the large volume of water that was lost, many people in town may notice discoloration in their water throughout the day. At this time we are unable to receive water from the Ashland treatment plant because of the break.  We ask that if you need to use water outside for the day, to please use it judicially until repairs can be made.

Thank you for your cooperation. Eric J. Carty, Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager

Hopkinton DPW

P.O. Box 171, Hopkinton, MA 01748 P 508-497-9765 F 508-497-9767

 ericc@hopkinton.org www.hopkinton.org/government/dpw

 Rural Feel

Happy Monday

June 12, 2005 — We spotted this happy plant on Clinton Street this weekend.


June 12, 2005 — Elizabeth Peatfield, 24, of 48 North Ave., Natick was picked up on a "straight warrant" for Failure to Pay Fines at the former Cumberland Farms on Cedar Street. Her vehicle had come to the attention of police after it had been reported that there was a loud argument coming from it on Mt. Auburn Street where it was previously parked.

Split in half

June 12, 2005 — An observant resident of the neighborhood called police when this Verizon pole on Highland Street was noticed to be split in half. Officer Michael Hamilton recommended that Verizon get there immediately.

Lake Maspenock is well guarded

June 12, 2005 — This tank was not hard to spot while driving down Hayward Street this weekend. There are a number of collectors and enthusiasts of military hardware around Lake Maspenock. Many of these types of pieces of equipment are used in parades, like the jeep owned by Dick Pockwinse, shown below on Memorial Day, driven by him with Joe Pyne riding shotgun, and State Representative Paul Loscocco in the rear (Next to the 30 cal. machine gun).

Quick response

June 12, 2005 — Three Hopkinton Police Officers, including from left, Stephen Buckley and Matthew McNeil, (Pictured on right, Ashland Officer) responded to a fight reported by the staff at the Hopkinton State Park. After speaking with a group in the parking lot representing one side of the issue, they are shown here walking onto the dam, which is in Ashland, to speak with the other involved parties, who had walked away to sit on the grass. Officer Buckley is shown here with his black protective gloves, which he wears when there is a possibility of an arrest. Although most of the State Park is in Ashland, the entrance is more easily accessed through Hopkinton. 

     This was the second report of a confrontation at the Park today. In addition, while doing a routine check of the old Town Beach, Officer Matthew McNeil confiscated some paraphernalia from two young men.

 Rural Feel

 Green Acres

June 12, 2005 — Pond Street can't be beat for nature photos like this one taken yesterday of this cautious squirrel with his comic book feet.

     Today's Boston Globe's Globe West has a photo of Hopkinton's Liisa Jackson, her loquacious daughter Celia, and horse Macho in their yard to accompany a story by Lisa Kochian called "Agriculture Shock," which deals with the changes and conflicts in Hopkinton and other communities as they struggle with changing cultural values caused by population growth.

 Rural Feel

 Coasting home

June 11, 2005 — This great blue heron photographed this evening at dusk, likely on his way back to the roost, seemed to use Route 85 to gain his bearings for a while.

 Rural Feel

Up and away

June 11, 2005 — Thomas, a 9 year-old Dalmatian mix, was accompanied by Susan and Graeme Keir to Hopkinton State Park today to take part in his favorite activity.

    "The Frisbee is not allowed in the house, said Susan."

"Every action has a consequence" ~ Officer Gregg DeBoer's mom

Photo, Officer Gregg DeBoer hands out citations to the driver and passenger while Sgt. Wallace provides backup in the rear.

June 11, 2005 — "All during my life, and until this day, my mother has this saying on her refrigerator: 'Every action has a consequence. By choosing the action, you choose the consequence,'" said Hopkinton Police Officer Gregg De Boer. Today, during a search for two young men who went off fishing but were not at a designated meeting spot, Officer DeBoer called to two men fishing from a small boat on Hopkinton Reservoir at Hopkinton State Park.

     "The men made a gesture and kept going," said Officer DeBoer. "That kind of disrespect for the law can't go unchallenged," he said.

      In addition, because they did not make themselves available to answer questions, the Police Department could not rule them out as being the people they were looking for, tying up department resources unnecessarily.

      The missing young men eventually made it home, and Officer DeBoer was part of the other men's consequences.

      As soon as they left the State Park, Officer DeBoer recognized the boat and the men, who had only been about 40' away when he had ordered them to stop. He noticed a boat trailer tail light out and pulled them over.

      Among the civil charges the men were cited for were Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, Fishing Without a License, No Life Preservers, Defective Equipment, No Taillight, and No Registration in Possession on the Trailer.

1st Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament

June 11, 2005 — Participant Gary Champion follows through on his serve during this doubles match this afternoon at the Hopkinton School Tennis Courts during 1st Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament. Next weekend will be the championship matches.

Group kayaking

June 11, 2005 — It is ironic that people get a kayak to go boating solo then meet in a group. Looks like a kayaking regatta taking place off of Pond Street today.

Cool Breeze

June 11, 2005 — Brad Canty, 5, keeps a watchful eye in the mirror on Nancy MacMillan of the Lovely Lady Salon as she prepares to make another pass with her clippers.

    "You will feel so cool after this," she said.

    "You are the coolest," said his mom, Becky.

Southboro Notebook

A river ran through it

June 11, 2005 — Linda Hubley, on the Hopkinton line in Southboro, was inspired to send this 1999 photo of a dried up Sudbury River after seeing a recent HopNews photo of the same area. Mrs. Hubley is a member of the Sudbury River Watershed Organization, which is having a Family Fun Day Sunday, June 12, 2005 on the Sudbury River on June 12 from 12 to 4 at the corner of Bridge and Wood Streets in Southborough, just across the river from Cedar Street Extension in Hopkinton.

Police News updated today, June 10, 2005

7:20 am A caller from Downey Street reported that there was a turtle in their driveway...

11:30 pm A resident from Brook Hollow Lane heard gun shots...

9:58 am A resident from Rocky Woods Road reported larceny from his house...

8:55 pm There was a report of a pine tree on fire at the State Park access road off of Rafferty Road...

 Rural Feel

 $25.00 for naming a bird?

June 10, 2005 — This feathery friend went airborne at the sight of a human. Neither it nor the humans in this South Mill Street neighborhood see many other people during the day. Win $25.00 by sending two links to pictures of the bird above and accompanying text naming the bird at those links. Email to Editor@HopNews.com

 Rural Feel

 Mark Twain still speaking

June 10, 2005 — The Hopkinton Historical Society held a meeting and its annual Strawberry Social this evening for members at the Woodville Baptist Church. According to member Russell Greve, the Society is receiving $140,000 in CPA funds toward the restoration of the building on Hayden Rowe Street, but must come up with another $100,000 for updates and repairs.

      The meeting was followed by a Mark Twain re-enactment by actor Richard Clark of Boylston, Massachusetts.  Choose the video camera icon to view  a couple of minutes of it.

 Rural Feel

 Beaver but no Cleaver

June 10, 2005 — This beaver refused to slap his tail in warning no matter what the photographer did to distract him, as he ate the tastiest morsels from the lily pads. The distinctive yellow flowers were nowhere to be seen in this beaver's territory in southeastern Hopkinton today. His tail can be seen on the right side of the photo.

June 10, 2005 — Shelley and Gregg Trussell (Left) of Hartford Farms in Upton, listen to Paul Nathan and Rhonda Levy explain their special sauces during last evening's "Tastes of Summer" presentation at Main Street Specialties.

Weekend TV Schedule ~ Channel 8

Friday June 10, 2005

            7:00 pm – The Melting Pot Cooks

            7:30 pm - Faith for Living

          10:00pm – Freedom Magazine TV Edition              


Saturday June 11, 2005

            7:00pm - All About Hopkinton - Hopkinton Library

            7:30pm – School Committee Meeting – Rebroadcast of 6-9-2005


Sunday June 12, 2005

            8:30 am - Faith for Living

            5:00 pm - Class of 2005 Graduation Ceremony – Rebroadcast of 6-3-2005

            7:00 pm - Board of Selectmen Meeting – Rebroadcast of 6-7-2005

Project could destroy rural atmosphere


Congratulations on your beautiful Sunset Photo taken from the shore of Lake Whitehall. It would appear to have been taken from about the area where my mother's family had a cottage many, many years ago. My dad, Woodville artist, Milton Caswell, always wanted to paint a sunset scene from there. Your comment in regarding maintaining the "rural feel" is well founded. SEE LETTERS.

June 9, 2005 — Visitors to the Town Hall are being treated to an Art Show by Center School students. It is located on the second floor on the way to the Selectmen's Hearing room.

Walkin' the dog

June 9, 2005 — Ron Boucher trains 10 month old Loper for the Canine Companions for Independence, a national organization, in Hopkinton State Park yesterday. After training, Loper will be placed with a handicapped person to assist with things that the human cannot accomplish alone. Mr. Boucher is apparently in training also. To read a recent story about a Hopkinton family training a dog, choose this.

June 9, 2005 — Miss Berset leads her class of Kindergarten students for a field trip from the Center School to the Police Station. Accompanying is Mrs. Kiely, Teaching Assistant.

The Board of Selectmen announces the following vacancies:


Elementary Building School Committee (2);

Lake Maspenock Dam Preservation Committee (2);

Appropriation Committee (1);

Board of Appeals (Associate member) (2);

Cable Committee (1);

Community Preservation Committee (1);

(2) Historic District Commission;

(1) Historical Commission;

(1) Personnel Committee;

(2) Recycling Committee;

(1) Registrar of Voters; (2) Veterans' Celebration Committee;

(3) Voices for Vision Civic Engagement Committee;

(1) Youth Commission.

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to the Selectmen's Office, 18 Main Street or email geri@hopkinton.org . If you have any questions, please call Geri Holland at 508-497-9700.

Photo ©2003 Robert Falcione Click on the photo to visit the HopNews Community Page which has many resources.

Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

     On June 1st and 2nd, Hopkins Elementary School teacher, Deanna Law hosted a two day “poetry slam” for her fifth grade students.  This was an opportunity for all student poets to share their words of poetry out loud to an audience of classmates and family.

      Some of the students were inspired to write about their favorite color.

This is a poem which favors the color blue.~ Cheryl Perreault



is born when a storm is forming

behaves like rampaging waves

smells like the salty sea

tastes like a thirst being quenched with water

sounds like wind in the azure, blue sky

looks like paradise surrounding an island

gets mad when you litter into the once beautiful ocean

dies when the waves mellow into the calm, foamy sea


by Ryan Page, age 11

Hopkins Elementary School

 Rural Feel

Hopkinton Historical Society


Strawberry Social


Friday June 10, 6:30 pm

Woodville Baptist Church

followed by

a Mark Twain reenactment at 7:30 pm.


June 8, 2005 — Lt. William Miller of the Hopkinton Fire Dept. dowses the burning embers of a tree with water after responding to a call from fishermen who said a couple in a white car set the fire and fled.

HawkFest 2005

June 8, 2005 — Students of the Hopkins School brought their parents to the athletic field today for HawkFest 2005, a celebration of the school's principles of Respect and Tolerance for differences, according to Assistant Principal, Heather Reid. A picnic, parade and singing of songs was on the agenda.

House and Garden Tour

June 8, 2005 — The Metrowest Symphony Orchestra, House and Garden Tour,  sponsored by, E.W. Tarca construction, Saturday, June 25th, 11:00 – 3:00 p.m., Tickets: $20.00 presale, $25.00 day of show. Tickets are available at the following locations: Curves for Women   Hopkinton ,Framingham, Marlborough, Southborough, Weston Nurseries, Rt. 135, Hopkinton, Curtiss Garden Center, Rt. 9 Southborough, Red Barn Coffee, Rt. 9 Southborough, Capasso Farms, Framingham Road, Southborough. For information please call 508-460-3802 or check the website. Contributed photo.

 Rural Feel




June 8, 2005 — A group of young people at the rope swing, some from Hopkinton, some from area towns, get to know each other while enjoying the rural feel of Hopkinton and taking part in a piece of Americana that is fading. Editor's Note: In response to expressions by people who say the rural feel of Hopkinton is gone, we have been offering a notation above and at the top left of the photograph which we believe does show a rural feel to the town, creating a photographic essay.  


Golf Tournament

GOLFERS WANTED ~ Benefit for schools

June 24, 2005 ~ Glenn Ellen Country Club

Sign up now!!

The 12th Annual Hopkinton Education Foundation/Hopkinton Booster Club Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, June 24 at 1:30 with a shotgun start at Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis. Registration ($125, same as last year) includes lunch, dinner, a cart and golf. Golfers and sponsors are needed to help make this event a continued success. The proceeds will provide grants to help Hopkinton public school teachers implement innovative educational projects as well as help to purchase needed uniforms and equipment for the high school and middle school athletic teams.

Participation and/or sponsorship forms are available at Phipps Insurance Agency, 80 Main St.  Please contact Aubrey Doyle at SOXWIN18@aol.com  or call Rob Phipps at 508-435-6388 with any questions. Whether you decide to play, sponsor a foursome, or donate raffle or auction prizes... WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider supporting the students and athletes of the Hopkinton school system. Your contribution will be prominently acknowledged at the June tournament, in the local papers and the Hopkinton News (HopNews.com). 

A sampling of the TASTES OF SUMMER

Thursday, June 9 From 5-7 pm

15 Main Street, 508-497-0015

 Rural Feel

Two's company

June 8, 2005 — These two siblings, photographed under this morning's soft sunlight at the Hopkinton State Park, may be the ones we photographed earlier in the season. They belonged to a gaggle of a couple dozen geese.

 Rural Feel

 Tree felled

June 8, 2005 — DCR (Dept. of Conservation and Recreation) employees Dennis Higgins (Photo) and Skip Hubley dropped this tree in the State Park today. According to Mr. Hubley, the tree had been hit by lightning. The ages-old philosophical question, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" was not answered here today.

Youth receive awards at Selectmen Meeting

Words fly across the table

From left to right: Bryan Vanderpool, Victoria Crosby, Dalia Auerhahn, Kristen Baldiga, Laura Coburn, Louise Cashman, Sean Terry. Photo by Karen Terry.


by Chris Crawford

June 7, 2005 – The Board of Selectmen met Tuesday from 7:00 to 11:15 pm, in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room of the Town Hall. The 40-item agenda included a large variety of discussions, proclamations, and votes. Chairman Eric Sonnett opened the public session with the traditional pledge of allegiance, and the selectmen promptly addressed business.

      Board issued an official proclamation recognizing Elizabeth Krispien as the recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest recognition a Senior Girl Scout can receive.

      Board of Selectmen Vice Chairman Len Holden described the award as having “many requirements and steps, something a girl can be passionate about in thoughts and deeds, and empowering people other than just the girl.”

      Ms. Krispien received the award for her extensive community service, and a personally designed project entitled “Historical Hopkinton,” in which she transcribed information about Hopkinton artifacts kept in a back room in the Town Library to the library website.

     State Senator for Hopkinton Karen Spilka also presented Elizabeth with a certificate of recognition from the state General Court, signed by herself, Representative Paul Loscocco, and Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi. FULL STORY

 Rural Feel

Pick your spot

June 7, 2005 — Aaron Williams of Mendon must have driven past a half-dozen fishing spots on the way to Lake Whitehall State Park with a friend to find peace and quiet — until a couple of motorboats whizzed by at about 35 mph. He caught a couple of small pickerel, a fish which is so exhausted from the fight, that after are released, they must rest before they swim away.

 Rural Feel

The Green Lagoon

June 7, 2005 — This bend in the Sudbury River brings to mind a simpler time and a faraway place. However, it is under the Fruit Street Bridge in Hopkinton, a favorite with some local fisherman, and leads into the Cedar Swamp.

POLICE NEWS now updated

5:23 pm A caller from West Elm Street came home and found the front door wide open and was afraid someone may have tried to break in... 

3:54 pm There was a report of a missing eight year old on Falcon Ridge Drive... 

1:26 am Officer William Burchard found several youths at the public boat ramp on Wood Street...

7:23 pm The State Police stated that they picked up a sixteen year old female on the highway.  She had a fight with her mother and the mother left her on the side of the road...


Car vs. bicycle

June 7, 2005 — It is unclear who hit whom, but shortly after noon today a car and bicycle collided at the intersection of Main Street and Cedar. Officer Thomas Lemon interviews witnesses and participants while the injured bicycle rider leans with his back against the drugstore wall. The man wearing the tee shirt reading "staff" is a truck driver who apparently stopped to help and may have witnessed the event. The rider was strapped to a back board with an apparent leg injury and brought to Milford Hospital by Hopkinton Ambulance, arriving at 12:33 pm today.

Family dynasty ends (Temporarily)

Marissa Carty, the last in a long line of cousins and siblings to attended Hopkinton Christian Pre-School, is joined by them for her graduation and a final photo with their teachers.

Back row:  Sean Clark, Mike McLaughlin, Joe Clark, Paul Alexander, Scott Alexander,

Middle: Marissa Carty, Marie McLaughlin, Mrs. Germaine, Mrs. Mansfield, Mrs. Cloutier, Brian Alexander. Front: Kyle Clark, Brandon Carty, Matthew Clark. Contributed photo.

Top Students from Massachusetts Are Recognized for Academic Excellence


BALTIMORE, Maryland---On June 4th and 5th, The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) honored over 925 students from Massachusetts who distinguished themselves among the brightest academically gifted youth in the country. 


Two Hopkinton students honored at the awards ceremony were Ryan Ashley (Right) and Christopher Fowler, 6th grade students at Hopkinton Middle School. 


Ryan and Christopher were among the top scorers in the CTY academic Talent Search, a rigorous set of above-grade-level exams.  Now in its third decade of service, CTY’s mission is to identify America’s top students in grades two through eight, and provide programs, services, and resources to help them make the most of their enhanced academic abilities.  Through this process, students challenge themselves academically and provide further information about the verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities of bright learners everywhere.


Christopher and Ryan received their awards at a ceremony at Clark University in Worcester on June 4th.

 Rural Feel

Yes, this is Hopkinton

June 6, 2005 — We don't want to be too specific and disclose the exact location of this Hopkinton family, because the ensuing throng of visitors could likely spoil the rural feel of their pasture. But then again, this group has never been known to pass up a bagel offered by a passing stranger.

June 6, 2005 — Above, Class of 2005 takes to their seats at the start of the graduation ceremonies on Friday.

Hillers fall short, season ends

by Peter Marso

June 6, 2005 — The Hopkinton Hillers fought hard and scrapped in every sense of the word but it wasn't quite enough as Wellesley and Nate Friedman (Duke) eliminated the Hillers from the post season 8-3 in a South Sectional quarter final game at Hopkinton High School Monday. The Hillers, after trailing 8-0 got on the board with a mammoth home run by senior captain Ryan Williams.

It was a very emotional ending as it was Steve Simoes' last game as Hiller coach. The Hillers battled hard to make a game of it but the strength of the Wellesley pitcher was just too much. The Raiders were willing to gamble as they pitched Wellesley's second pitcher in the preliminary round. They won and this set up a match with all-scholastic pitcher — and Duke-bound — Nate Friedman.

The Hillers got a great game out of senior Dan Merzel in at shortstop. Andrew Tarca got two hits for the hillers. Dan Wright played aggressively at first base and had a great year hitting for the team. Next year seniors Dan Merzel will bring his glove to John Hopkins University. Ryan Williams will catch for Tufts. Dan Wright will play for Southern New Hampshire and Tom Macintyre will be off to Boston College. The Simoes era is at least over for the time being, and the hillers will continue to keep up a great tradition that was built by Steve, Mark Stickney, Jay Golden, and Keith Verra. Photo by Steve Spiegel.

 Rural Feel

Senior Outreach Update, an excerpt from the senior newsletter

 June's Reflection

by Mary McLeod 

I had completed my raking and I deposited the results of my work into the woods behind our stonewall.  Being early evening, getting dinner on the table, in a timely manner, was my next goal. 


Walking back, I heard a rippling sound.  It made me stop to really listen.  My mind and body became totally still, I just listened.  The recent rains had caused our brook to run wild and free.   The water dashing over the rocks and newly created dams caused the lovely sound.  I wished it was warmer, I would have taken off my shoes and waded in the little pools.


As the sun lowered itself, the soft rays of sunlight danced and fluttered on the water with the shadows from the new leaves.  The moment was magical and just for me.  I walked away feeling refreshed, peaceful and grateful for the moment I was in.  I headed home.

Two placed in custody over weekend

Sunday, June 5

2:02 am Santiago I Gomez, 22, 8 West Street, Whitinsville, was stopped for a marked lanes violation across from the High School by Officer William Burchard III, and charged with that offense as well as License Not in Possession, and OUI Liquor.


9:48 pm Officer Matthew McNeil checking a car on the loop road, placed one 50 year-old Hopkinton man in protective custody.

Note: HopNews does not identify people placed in protective custody because drunkenness is no longer a crime.

Community Covenant Church invites children to Serengeti Trek:  Where Kids Are Wild About God's Love

Community Covenant Church in Hopkinton is holding a weekly family night program on Friday nights in June. For children, the "Serengeti Trek" program will be an adventure in exploration, while adults discuss "Creating Healthy Families" with a panel of  Serengeti Trek guides.  The focus will change weekly, with interactive discussions on health and wellness, parenting, and Dad's making a difference in today's families. Kids and adults of all ages are welcome to attend. FULL INFORMATION.

Thanks to everybody

The Friends of the library want to thank everyone who volunteered and those who patronized the annual book/plant sale on Sat. June 4. The fabulous weather brought out young and old book lovers who took  advantage of the wide assortment of  materials offered. Gardeners came  to purchase Hopkinton-grown perennials and  were pleased to find shrubs that were donated by Weston Nurseries. All proceeds will be used to enhance the services provided by the Hopkinton Public Library.

Friend's member, Doris Kumlin.

 Rural Feel

Friends of Library book sale

June 5, 2005 —The Friends of the Library held their Annual Book/Plant Sale in the back lot of the Hopkinton Town Library on Saturday under sunny skies and a pleasant breeze starting at 9:00am. Linda Kimball helps people with their purchases. Photo by Chris Crawford © 2005.

 Rural Feel

 Woodville R&G Fishing Derby

June 5, 2005 — Members and guests of the Woodville Rod and Gun Club held a Kid's Fishing Derby at Pratt's Pond on Fruit Street on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00. Photo by Chris Crawford © 2005.

Charlie Marso to be inducted into BC Hall of Fame

Star pitcher for the Eagles


June 5, 2005 — Long time Hopkinton resident Charlie Marso will be inducted into the Boston College Hall of Fame this October 16th. The former Eagle southpaw and Captain ('36) will be enshrined at a ceremony honoring inductees who have displayed excellence in their athletic career at Boston College.

     Charlie posted a pitching record of 23-1lifetime record, the most wins of any hurler until schedules were expanded. Marso's feats take on big significance considering he was born with only a left hand. A special glove was designed so Charlie could support and catch line drives. He put a boxing glove inside his baseball glove this gave him enough support to knock down line drives and throw runners out!

    At that time there was no designated hitter so he would support the stub of his hand on the bat and punch out hits. It was not unusual for him to get two and three hits a game.

      Charlie coached Natick from 1937-54. He brought the Natick High School baseball team to new heights as he won 10 Bay State titles, and two Eastern Mass finals.

      Charlie pitched against Holy Cross at Fenway park before 30,000 fans along with beating the University of Waseeka (Japans National champs). He also twirled against the Boston Redsox and The Boston Braves. He retired as a biologist at Natick High School. This will mark the end of a great athletic career for Charlie.

    Mr. Marso's family was raised in Hopkinton. His son Peter and daughter Charlene are proud Hopkinton graduates.

 Rural Feel

 Sunbathing Turtle

June 5, 2005 — This hard-shelled critter shares his little pond that feeds into Whitehall, with muskrat, great blue heron, and a variety of fish, reptiles and amphibians. It appears he is about to get camera-shy and leave his sunbathing spot, which is about 100'  from the camera. In answer to the question, "What do people mean when they say they like the 'rural feel' of Hopkinton," HopNews will begin noting our perspective with the subheading, Rural Feel at the top of these types of feature photos. We hope to share our vision of Hopkinton with our regular readers as well as those who may find HopNews from afar by means of an internet search engine. In addition, we know that students at school and people who move away like to keep up on the news. Hopefully, we'll be able continue to provide a photographic essay of the rural feel that continues to exists. See previous Rural Feel.

Roving camera

June 5, 2005 — The HopNews roving camera found itself in Northbridge today and spotted this rare scene about 1,500 feet away from the lens, from on top of the railroad bridge on Church Street. Apparently a four-wheel off-road recreational vehicle has overturned while riding on the railroad bed or tracks, sending one or more persons to Milford Hospital —the ambulance passed shortly after this photo was taken.

     Two Firefighters and a Police Officer can be seen at the scene as well as one other individual. There appears to be a helmet at the grass line, and perhaps one under the vehicle. According to the Northbridge Police, the vehicle was not hit by a train — the track is active for freight — and there was no fatality. No further information was not immediately available.

     Railroads consider unwelcome presence on its tracks or its adjacent land as trespassing and are known to prosecute.

     Some straight lines in the photo are bent because of the light ray refracted from heat rays rising. In addition, the railroad track spikes and their shadows add to the illusion of a warped track.

 Rural Feel

Red sky at night

June 4, 2005 — Many people have had trouble defining  what their fellow residents meant when most indicated keeping Hopkinton's "rural feel" as a desirable characteristic when they filled out the Master Plan survey. Many say the rural feel is gone. I refute thee thusly with a photo of this sunset today at Lake Whitehall on Winter Street. ~ Editor See previous Rural Feel.

"There is serious PI reported"


June 4, 2005 — Shortly before 10:00 pm, according to Hopkinton Dispatch, the State Police was "flooded" with calls about an accident on Route 495N a mile before Exit 21A with serious PI (personal injury). A truck tread or re-tread came off of a truck's tire and ended up crashing through the windshield of the pickup truck above, after bouncing off the car parked behind it in the photo. It is believed that the truck the tire came off of kept going. A female was taken from that vehicle and brought to Milford Hospital.

      A half mile down the highway were another two vehicles which had hit the debris, became damaged, and were in the breakdown lane.

An excerpt from the Discussion page:

Re: Actions by Seniors at the High School

From: MAT
Date: 04 Jun 2005
Time: 18:57:27 -0400
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Lighten up PCers. It was a bunch of pranks. The seniors didn't leave their mark by releasing crickets in the cafeteria. They left their mark by planting beautiful trees on the property, they left it by winning academic, athletic and musical awards and championships. I hope all traditions new and old remain at our schools, for it will encourage more people to be proud. "Be true to your school" - Beach Boys. Discuss

 Rural Feel

The man behind the curtain

June 4, 2005 — Shown here behind the netting on the fence surrounding the High School baseball field is Peter Marso, who keeps score at the Hiller baseball and basketball games as he has for 25 years. He is also the announcer for the Hillers home football games. See previous Rural Feel.

Hillers over Foxboro 8 - 4

by Peter Marso

June 4, 2005 —   Hopkinton baseball nine opened up their South Sectional championship bid with an impressive 8-4 victory over Foxboro of the Hockomock League before a huge gathering at Hopkinton. The win puts the Hillers into a quarter final round game Monday against Wellesley a team the Hillers beat in the MetroWest tourney last weekend. The Hillers got a three-hitter out of Andrew Tarca and got a big hit production out of Dan Merzel (2hits) and Connor Berry (3hits) including a three-run triple.

    The Hillers now will focus their attention on Wellesley who have one of the top pitchers in the State in Duke-bound Nate Friedman. He is scheduled to pitch for the Raiders. The game is a big one and probably will tell a lot about who will win the section. The Hillers are defending the title they won last year. Good Luck Hillers!

Photo by Steve Spiegel

 Rural Feel

Role reversal

June 4, 2005 — In a role reversal which not uncommon this time of year, the water fowl takes to the land and the land lubber takes to the water, this morning at the Lake Whitehall Dam. The long lens, a 500mm equivalent, makes the opposite shore look relatively close. It is actually over a mile away. Scroll down one for previous Rural Feel.

 Rural Feel

And speaking of foul...

June 4, 2005 — These angry looking fowl were photographed on Pond Street the other day when the wildlife shots were taken. Please scroll down to remember the week's previous photos and how they define Hopkinton.

June 3, 2005 — Hopkinton High School Faculty greets the Class of 2005, which is beginning its processional. Principal Dorothy Gould awaits them at the podium.

Composite photo above scrolls. Right click and download to save.

Graduation and Congratulations

June 3, 2005 — The Class of 2005 graduated this evening in the High School Athletic Center in front of over 1,000 relatives and other guests. Above, Laura Gorman hands the yearbook over to Mr. Jeff Sperling, for whom the Class dedicated the book.

Hopkinton called for assistance

June 3, 2005 — Ashland Police called Hopkinton for backup in breaking up a fight at a restaurant on the Ashland/Hopkinton town line. By the time backup arrived, the alleged perpetrators had left. Several witnesses said that one of the assailants pulled on the blonde hair of a woman who was with a black man, and when the man objected, he was assaulted.

    Moments later, Ashland Police pulled over two motorcycle operators, one of whom wore a tee shirt reading "Outlaws Georgia" on the back, and placed them in custody.   

    Hopkinton Officers providing assistance were Scott VanRaalten far left, and Aaron O'Neil, behind tree.