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Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Compiled by Eric Montville for, August 13, 2007

Address Buyer Price Date Seller

1 Peg's Way lot 47A

Bruce G. Szczepankiewicz & Julie R.  Szczepankiewicz


Aug.  10, 2007

Bonnie J. Ellis

161 Lumber Street

Thomas R. Maida & Sara E. Maida


Aug.  10, 2007

Steven E. Flannery & Lindsay M. Flannery

130 Lumber Street

Gino Spinelli & Amanda D. Spinelli


Aug.  08, 2007

Robert C. Macchi & Trina L. Macchi

157 & 167 West Main Street

CJPM Development, LLC


Aug.  07, 2007

Timothy P. Gingras

7 Rosewood Lane unit 10C

Leon H. Taylor, III & Kate M. Taylor


Aug.  07, 2007

Robert Erickson

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15 Walker Street

Michael J. Connell & Elizabeth E. Connell


Aug.  03, 2007

Mert C. Dunne & Nicoa C. Dunne

11 Maple Street

Shane P. Leavy


Aug.  03, 2007

Kenneth T. Linde & Erin E. Linde

66 Saddle Hill Road

Richard W. McCarthy III & Jennifer L. MoQuin


Aug.  03, 2007

Michael T. Malone & Cynthia A. Malone

11 Downey Street

Dana D. Leccese


Aug.  02, 2007

Thomas E. Perna & Danielle S. Perna

176 Fruit Street

Eduardo J. Amaral & Alaine Lavoie Amaral


Aug.  01, 2007

Christian W. Cosentino & Claire E. Cosentino

14 Smith Road

Gregory P. Voyentzie & Sharon Voyentzie


July   31, 2007

Robert G. Pietrusko & Susan E. Pietrusko

5 Pheasant Hill Road

Michael J. Palmieri, Jr. & Jodi Palmieri


July   31, 2007

Harry Sterling, Jr. & Diana Sterling

21 North Street

Edmond L. Garesche & Helena C. Garesche


July   31, 2007

Geoffrey J. Coffman

12 Hazel Road

Donald P. Watson & Amy Beth Watson


July   31, 2007

Daniel J. Congdon, Jr.  & Janice M. Congdon

46 Frankland Road

James A. Burke, Jr. & Kathleen A. Burke


July   31, 2007

Albert M. Harris & Donna M. Raftery

5 Weybridge Lane

Florence M. O'Donnell


July   31, 2007

Anil Tomar & Meenakshi Tomar

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Police News UP-TO-DATE

Today, August 13, 2007


6:44 am An employee of a Main Street gas station reported that a person was sleeping on their picnic table...


5:53 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested a 17 year old male on East Main Street and charged him with Crosswalk Violation...


12:02 am Between the hours of 9:05 pm and 12:02 am police received six calls complaining of vehicle's parking on the side of the road and loud noise from a block party on Lakeshore Drive...


5:17 pm A caller from Main Street reported that his neighbor turned around in his driveway and would like to speak with an officer...

Giving it Away

August 13, 2007 —Louis Sakim, Sealer of Weights an Measures, checks the accuracy of the pumps at a gas station on West Main Street this morning. Mr. Sakim must inspect all of the pumps in town at least once a year, or sooner if there are complaints. This particular pump was actually outside of the margin of error. It was giving away too much gas.

    "This will have to be calibrated," said Mr. Sakim.

Hopkinton Company Expands Industry-wide Licensing of Product
Caliper’s Optical Imaging Patent Suite Enhances Drug Discovery Efforts

August 13, 2007 -- Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CALP) today announced that pharmaceutical giant Novartis has signed a multi-year license to Caliper’s patented non-invasive optical imaging methods.

     Non-invasive optical imaging, an increasingly critical technology for drug discovery and development, allows scientists to visualize, track and quantify biological processes at the molecular level in living animals with high throughput and relatively low cost.

     Caliper, the industry leader in small animal optical imaging solutions, provides commercial and academic customers with an impressive selection of in vivo offerings including imaging systems, reagents, applications, proprietary methods and services that improve drug discovery and development efforts. This method replaces surgery in tracking the effects of a proposed new drug on a laboratory animal, such as a mouse.
     “This multi-year agreement further validates the importance and relevance of Caliper’s optical imaging technology and intellectual property,” said Kevin Hrusovsky (File photo), chief executive officer, Caliper Life Sciences. “More than 70% of major pharmaceutical companies, and 60% of major biotech companies, now hold a license to the Caliper Optical Imaging Patent Suite, and smaller biotechs are following suit in increasing numbers.” Hrusovsky added, “Our recent notification of allowance of patent claims for conjugate fluorescence imaging methods from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has significantly increased the value of Caliper’s intellectual property estate and complements Caliper’s aggressive investment in conjugate probe development.”
     Caliper’s Xenogen family of IVIS® instrument systems, reagents, and proprietary methods deliver noninvasive in vivo imaging along with high sensitivity, ease of use and exceptional data quality. Caliper has placed over 450 units to date and recently launched the new Xenogen IVIS Spectrum™ system, the first system to provide state-of-the-art bioluminescence and fluorescence capability in a single unit.

Sunday at the Common attracts 350 people


Excerpts from event above.

August 13, 2007 — According to Parks and Recreation's Michele Gates, she counted 350 people at its peak on the Hopkinton Common to enjoy the music of the Taren Yelle Band, and socialize on Sunday evening.

    Below, senior citizen Ellie Ularich, a regular at the concerts for years, does her famous dancing-in-place to the beat.

Upside down world

August 13, 2007 — One year-old William Johnson enjoys hanging upside down on Mom's lap at the concert Sunday.

New Sport

August 13, 2007 — Tyler Harrington, 12, whips a water-filled bottle on a string to a friend on the Common Sunday in a game they apparently invented.



Kim Clark decorated the Lake Whitehall Dam for the wedding ceremony of her niece, Valerie, to Michael Brodt. She also transformed the Woodville Rod and Gun Club into a competition for the finest function facilities, on Saturday. Choose a thumbnail to see a photo enlarged.

Serious Crash on Route 95 in Salisbury

Driver NOT wearing seatbelt partially ejected - seriously injured


Yesterday, August 11, 2007, at approximately 7:24 p.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Newbury responded to a one-vehicle crash on the ramp from Route 95 North to Route 286 (exit 60) in Salisbury that resulted in one serious injury.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Joshua Ulrich indicates 19-year old Stephen M. Boy of Newburyport was operating a 2005 Honda Civic on Route 95 North and attempted to take the ramp to Route 286 when he lost control of the vehicle and traveled off the left shoulder of roadway and into the wood-line. Boy was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash and was partially ejected from the vehicle. He sustained serious injuries in the crash and was transported by medical helicopter to Beth Israel Hospital.


This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section. The Salisbury Police Department, the Salisbury Fire Department and Mass Highway assisted troopers at the scene.

Battle at Kruger


August 12, 2007 — A baby water buffalo is captured by a pride of lions, grabbed by alligators, taken back by the lions, and actually rescued by its herd. If you are not one of the 12 million people to have seen the remarkable footage from YouTube, choose the player above.

Three Strikes

Above, Hopkinton Police as well as Upton Police and Massachusetts State Police enter the property of a Lakeshore Drive home Saturday evening to disperse the party goers, who were not leaving willingly.


August 12, 2007 — The first complaints related to a party at a Lakeshore Drive home were made about parking concerns, even though Sandy Beach Parking lot was nearly filled with the vehicles of the guests. Other complaints were about the noise from the party in this neighborhood of lakeside homes closely situated to one another, and came from people wanting to put their kids to bed.

        The party quieted down, according to neighbors, for about 20 minutes after a visit by the police, but then started up again. On the second noise call, a man was arrested for Disorderly Conduct, and Assault and Battery, and a woman was placed into Protective Custody. At that time, both Hopkinton shifts stayed active — one was due to sign off — and Upton Police and Massachusetts State Police were called to help disperse the crowd of mostly young people. Almost all left without further incident.

Blue and Gold

August 12, 2007 — This former Weston Nurseries field on Wilson Street was strikingly brilliant on Saturday.


August 12, 2007 — Valerie (Lincoln) was joined in matrimony Saturday with Michael Brodt at the Lake Whitehall Dam Saturday afternoon in front of a Dali-esque setting and background designed by her aunt, Kim Clark. Mrs. Clark also transformed the Woodville Rod and Gun Club to look like a fancy hotel.

Short video of picturesque ceremony below.