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Off the road

June 26, 2005 — This photo lends new meaning to off-road vehicle. According to Officer Michael Hamilton, the vehicle had simply pulled over to the side of the road. Apparently, they did not know about the slope of the road. The chain attached under the left front wheel is attached to a tow truck not in the photo.

Moving along

June 26, 2005 — Whitehall Dam is the scene, and a fog rising from the lake following a thundershower is the background, as this family of Canadian geese scurry to the water after the sounds of another approaching storm this afternoon. The goslings nearly have their mature feathers, as do the others around town.

 Rural Feel

Watchin' all the birds go by

June 26, 2005 — Just like the original Pavlov's dog, this spaniel is undoubtedly salivating at the sight of the wild turkey walking by on the sidewalk in front of this Grove Street home. The dog is not waving; the camera caught his paws in mid-scratch as he tried to claw his way through the screen door. The bird had been hit by a vehicle, but apparently had no more than ruffled feathers and a lack of fear.

   Due to the concern of the residents of Grove Street and the numerous calls to the Police Headquarters, Animal Control Officer William Proctor was called, but he opted to let the bird find its way until the morning. As he stood by a neighbor asked, "I think it just went up a tree."

    "They do that at this time of the day to escape predators," Mr. Proctor said.

Against the Tide ~ Across the finish

by Robert Falcione

June 25, 2005 — Emily Sutliff of West Roxbury, raising her hand in victory, was the first person in all classes to cross the finish line at the Swim Against the Tide event at Hopkinton State Park.

      Hundreds of people — cancer survivors, families and friends, and families and friends of cancer victims — gathered in what became an oppressive heat to share their common goal of eliminating breast cancer by raising money for research.  They swam, walked and kayaked to fulfill pledges made in their behalf.

     The group which organized the event is the MBBC (Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition). One of the major beneficiaries,  Silent Spring Institute, shares their belief that there are environmental  factors involved in causing breast cancer, and it uses money raised toward research to identify them.

     The video has been taken offline.


Jim Troupes knows his boundaries

Check out the Plus at Action Copy Plus

 Rural Feel

Fast as a social change

June 25, 2005 — This rabbit, sitting at the edge of the pavement and grass, helps illustrate the struggle in Hopkinton to maintain a rural feel — or character — to the town, and still accommodate properly zoned parcels to be developed in a way that will have the least impact. The rabbit was photographed behind 25 Main Street today, half on the pavement, half on the grass.

Robert L. Stevens, popular, highly acclaimed  Hopkinton

Landscape Designer passes at 53


Robert L. Stevens Jr., 53, died suddenly June 23 while vacationing in Florida. Born in Brockton, he was the son of the late Robert L. Stevens Sr. and Lois (Romero) Stevens-Bissonnette of Halifax. Calling hours are Callanan-/Cronin Funeral Home are Tuesday, June 28 from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. (<--- New time.)


All clear

June 24, 2005 — Fire Lt. Steve Slaman (helmet) gives the all-clear to Police Officer Linda Higgins and Firefighter Brian Ouelette. The Fire Department responded to a strong odor of gas at a home on Wood Street, but cleared shortly after arriving.

Against the grain

June 24, 2005 — Buoys set up to guide swimmers tomorrow at Hopkinton State Park in the Against the Tide swim against breast cancer apparently have no meaning to the large flock of scofflaw geese which is paying no attention to the rules this evening. The competitive swim begins at 9:00 am. Competitive kayaking begins at 9:40 am. Full schedule.

POLICE NEWS now up-to-date

5:12 pm There was a report of a couple in a black sedan on Pleasant Street beating each other up...

4:23 pm Officer Matthew McNeil removed four youths from EMC Park for not wearing proper safety equipment...

4:14 pm A caller on Oakhurst Road asked for a police officer to deal with harassment she is getting from a neighbor...

See Part II of the CAA Talent Showcase 2005

Choose the photo or the video camera icon.

Dale Raczynski was the first to correctly guess the location of the flowers we photographed the other day. Dale won a $25.00 gift certificate to Action Copy Plus.

The flowers are on Glen Road. 

Thanks to everyone else for trying.

Astros win championship

June 21, 2005 - It was an exciting end to the Hopkinton Little league season when the 4th place 10U Astros won the championship game against the first place Rangers by a score of 12-11.
     The Astros took the lead early in the first inning maintaining the lead until the third inning when the bats of the Rangers broke loose giving them the lead by two. The Rangers maintained the lead through great fielding and impressive pitching until the top of the 6th inning which was a do or die inning for the Astros. No runs for this inning would have meant the game would be over for the Astros as the Rangers had last ups. But the Astros rallied and stayed alive by bringing in 3 runs during that inning taking the lead by one run allowing the Rangers to get their last ups. Impressive pitching for the Astros last inning allowed no runs for the Rangers maintaining the Astros lead by 1 and securing the championship win.
     Congratulations to ALL of the players, coaches, and parents of both teams. The sportsmanship displayed by all these players was impressive. ~Lori McBride
Top row: Coaches - Tom Sheridan, Dave Maruska, Head Coach Jon Cook, Diane Hession, Kevin Maloney
Middle Row: Katy Cook, Mackenzie Corbett, Catie Maruska, Kerri McBride, Kaelyn Maloney, Jaymie Hession
Bottom row: Lauren Sheridan, Taylor Forsmo, Shay Forsmo, Lynsie Calvario
Missing from the picture - players: Sara Johnson and Nellie Gross. Photo by Lori McBride.

Calendar Item


June 25 Thirteenth annual Against The Tide one-mile swim, two-mile kayak and three-mile fitness walk, benefiting the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, will be held at Hopkinton State Park in Hopkinton June 25 . This fun and inspirational program brings together swimmers, kayakers and walkers of all ages and abilities who would like to join MBCC in eradicating the breast cancer epidemic. Each participant will raise a minimum of $150 in contributions to benefit MBCC. Visit to register or call 1-800-649-MBCC. Right, Jacqueline Elwell of Hopkinton, last year's winner.

VACATION AT SURFSIDE RESORT: OCEANFRONT studio for rent with private beach viewing Martha's Vineyard in East Falmouth:  Sleeps 4. Air conditioned timeshare unit overlooking a great bay from the balcony.  Superb for windsurfers, kayaking, sailing and more. Indoor and outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, shuffleboard, tennis courts, play area for children. July 22-July 29.  $995 Call (508)435-3326. See more Classified.


BABYSITTER Looking for a mature babysitter for your child?  Hopkinton educator (20+ years) experienced in preschool and infant/toddler care will be happy to help.
Leave a message at 508-353-1535 or email See more Classified.


Children's Library Summer Programs



July 5 to August 5 -- Summer Reading Program GOING PLACES

July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3 --
Wednesday evening Story Times --7:00 to 7:30

July 14
-- Jay Mankita's musical performance -- 1:00 pm -- Please call the Children's Room at 508-497-9779 to save your seat.

July 20 - Wacky Wednesday Craft -- Come any time between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.  Please call the Children's Room to register.

Photo by Virginia Potenza

Wifflerock® Tournament at Cornell's

Winning tournament team to win $1,000

Dozens of teams to play all weekend in largest tournament in the nation. Go to to learn more.

Return of the native

Above, from left: Noelle Hoyt and Deborah Kollmeyer speak with Karen Gibson.


June 23, 2005 — Hopkinton native Karen (McBride) Gibson, the new Editor of the Hopkinton Crier, a Herald-owned publication, was feted early this evening by the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce at a group event at 8 Sylvan, one of the fine homes built by Craig Meyer at Whisperwood Preserve, off of Winter Street.

    Mrs. Gibson took the reins of the paper about six weeks ago, making noticeable changes immediately.

    "We will have more local stories," she said.

    "We started a local business series. We are starting local profiles of people that others may not know about," she said.

    "I have lived here my whole life," she said. Indeed, her dad and husband were on hand to help her greet the near-capacity group of people who had come largely to see and meet her, to view local artwork adorning the rooms exclusively for this evening, and to tour the unoccupied home on an exclusive cul-de-sac.

     Undoubtedly, Mrs. Gibson will continue to help raise the bar when it comes to local coverage.

     Referring to HopNews, Mrs. Gibson said, "I read it every day."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks and good luck!

Graduation time

June 23, 2005 — Tricia Miller of The Learning Center TLC at 59 Wood Street picks up one of her charges early this evening at pre-school graduation.

No-Parking violators at Park

June 23, 2005 — Officer Matthew McNeil, one of three Hopkinton Patrolmen qualified for Motorcycle duty, passed out the trademark phosphorescent tags this afternoon to vehicles parked in the no-parking zone at EMC park. There is a sign stating clearly to park at the High School when the  lot is full. Here, Officer McNeil turns to speak to a passing driver.

Thank you HopNews readers


Some months ago I wrote a letter detailing my research for Ancestors in the Hopkinton area. I started out not having very much information about the Smith/Phipps line, except that most of them were from Hopkinton and surrounding area. As of today, I am still doing my research, but I am able to do it with so much more information. I have managed to record 7 generations on the Smith line and 10 generations on the Phipps side and still growing. See Letters

Land Use Study Committee mulls civic engagement

Nixes TV show idea 

by Chris Crawford

June 23, 2005 – The Land Use Study Committee met this morning at 7:30 to discuss the pre-submission Public Information Session held June 15th on the use of Weston Nurseries’ offered land. Open session this morning was followed by a closed executive session to discuss confidential information about potential buyers.

     According to Chairman Finley Perry (File photo), approximately 25 total people attended, and that 18 to 20 of attendees were interested parties. These included such groups as the National Trust, Lyndon Retail, Toll Brothers developers, and the group Horizon Partners. The rest of the approximate 25 were press and Town officials.

     Member Liisa Jackson commented, “I was surprised by the amount of people”

     Chairman Perry commented that it was a “Good turnout.”

     Committee member Brian Morrison said “By and large it was people sitting around waiting for questions to be thrown at them.”

     Chairman Perry said this is because “The RFI [Request for Interest; see May 25 article] is pretty detailed.” He next prompted Liisa Jackson to summarize her meetings with a community group, HOPE. FULL STORY.

Shiver me timbers

June 23, 2005 — These youngsters at the Learning Center TLC, which recently moved to Wood Street enjoyed a pirate theme for their play today.

Will it go 'round in circles?

June 23, 2005 — A rare lighting condition gave landlubbers a glimpse the world of this fish, and its kind, in the pool below the Lake Whitehall Dam today, allowing visitors to peer into their world. According to veteran fisherman and HopNews staff member Eric Montville, the fish are swimming in circles to sweep the sand away and expose a bed of pebble stone, where they will spawn. There was a honeycomb of these circles with a fish in each one.

Rummaging around

June 23, 2005 — June Schofield shares a laugh with a customer today at St. John's annual rummage sale. Hundreds of people were perusing the wares which covered every table in every room and the lawn at St. John's Parish Center. It continues Friday 24th from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and Sat. from 9:30 am to noon. Bag night Friday from 5:00 to 7:00.

Hopkinton is a special place


I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great site for all of those people who are homesick.  I’m living in West Hollywood, CA right now and every time I’m down, I know if I go to HopNews I will be reminded of where I came from and just how special Hopkinton truly is.  Keep up the good work.  You’ve all done such a great job.

Kelly A. Meiler

1235 N. Harper Avenue,  Apt. 18

West Hollywood, CA 90046

June 23, 2005

Kids help with PMC (Pan Mass Challenge)

Largest contributor to the Jimmy Fund

June 23, 2005 — The boys running this lemonade stand are raising funds for their Kid PMC ride this Saturday, which starts at 10 am in Upton.  Each of the kids is required to make $30.00.  The course is 15 miles bicycle run to ride help fight cancer with donations to Dana Farber. Photo: From left, Cameron Field, Evan Field, Matthew Hurtado, Zachary Gresham, Cameron Gresham.

Congratulations to Dale Raczynski, who was the first to correctly guess the Glen Road location of the photograph of the flowers. Dale has won a $25.00 gift certificate to Action Copy Plus.


St John's Annual Rummage Sale



, Thursday June 23rd and Friday 24th from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and Sat. from 9:30 am to noon. Bag night Friday from 5:00 to 7:00.

Strawberry Moon

June 22, 2005 — Geological features of this Strawberry Moon, a naming attributed to Native Americans, can be seen from Main Street in Hopkinton this evening with a camera's zoom lens. A NASA site offers names for Moons of all of the months.

Little League ends season

June 23, 2005 — It was a fitting end to the Hopkinton Little League season when the first place Royals beat the second place Orioles, in a close contest, by a score of 4 to 0 in the championship game Wednesday night at EMC Park. Each team finished the regular season with 10 wins and they tied in their two prior meetings and the final game of the season lived up to expectations.

The game was scoreless through three innings on strong performances by Royals starter Evan Katz and Orioles starter Vinnie Doyle. The Royals broke the scoreless tie in the bottom of the fourth when Tim Moberg and Tony Orlando led off the inning with back-to-back singles. After a strike out and a walk, the Royals scored on a fielder’s choice by Katz. The royals added two more in the frame on a sharply hit grounder by Ryan Webster. The Royals rounded out the scoring in the fifth when Chris Daniels walked and scored on a single by E. G. McMillan, who pitched two scoreless innings in relief.

The Orioles had base runners in every inning including singles by Erik Lindquist, Wesley Ericksen, and Matt West. Zack Hutchinson also hit the ball hard but was retired on a good running catch by left fielder Richie Contreras. The Orioles battled to the end but could not break through.

Congratulations to all of the players, coaches, parents, and other volunteers who made 2005 another successful season for the Hopkinton Little League!

Edge of the storm

June 23, 2005 — Cumulus nimbus clouds which rolled in and threatened for some of the afternoon never brought their dreaded thundershowers, only a brief rain shower. The painterly scene above was photographed today at Hopkinton State Park.

 Rural feel

Cut your nails

June 22, 2005 — Steve Spiegel shares his photo of this dirt clawing, tree climbing, bird-food-snatching, cutest little varmint around, showing his view of Hopkinton's rural feel.


June 22, 2005 — After receiving complaints of the same nature as days before, Officer Thomas Griffin responded to Hidden Brick Road where a dangerous condition exists. Trenches are being dug on behalf of Verizon FiOS fiber optic installations and are dug fully across the road, causing an impassable condition, or at the least a dangerous one. Steel plates were scattered in the trench in such a fashion that they could become propelled. One was elevated and projected and pointing so as to be dangerous.

    The man who claimed responsibility for the trenches and plates is in the photo holding his hand after injuring it moments before while trying to move the two-foot long steel plates, which were not long enough to span the three-foot trench.

    "These are supposed to be 3/4" thick, and they are supposed to span the trench," said Officer Griffin.   

    "They fit across earlier," said the man.

    "They must have shrunk," said Officer Griffin of the steel plates.

    "I am just trying to feed my kids," said the man.

    "Well I'm worried about the kids in the neighborhood getting hurt on this," Officer Griffin said, pointing to a projecting piece of steel.

    "Are you going to drive a machine here?" asked Officer Griffin, knowing that the company had a backhoe in the area and would be needed to backfill the trench.

    "Yes," said the man.

    "Is it registered?"

    "No," said the man.

    "Do you have a Hoisting Engineer's License?" asked Officer Griffin, referring to a necessary license issued by the Department of Public Safety to people qualified to operate such equipment.

     "What's that?" asked the man.

     The man then dropped a steel plate on his foot and became injured, at which time OSHA was called to investigate.

      "I told him not to operate anything with a gas engine," said Officer Griffin to Dispatch.

      The company has been told on other occasions not to dig their trenches all the way across, but to dig half, fill it in, and then dig the other half.

      The company was then required to hire a police detail officer to assure public safety. 


 Bike trailer for towing one child behind bicycle.  Carries up to 60 lb. with harness, tinted windows, fly screen and storage compartment.  Folds easily flat.  Excellent condition.  $100 or best offer ($300 new).  #508-435-9245 or . See more Classified.



Saturday 6/25 from 9am-2pm 4Lyn Path (Valleywood neighborhood) moving sale. Furniture, toys, glass wear, pottery and much more. See Calendar


      This past weekend was BattleCry 6 at WPI at which Hopkinton High School's robotics team, Sciclones, participated. Battlecry is an annual event, independent from the official FIRST competitions, but boasts top competitors nonetheless. Next year's seniors, Kyle Lampert, Katie Frost, Ethan Burnham-Fay, and Sean Regan, along with Matt Surka, Greg Jesanis and Allie McGee attended the competition.

     This year's team captain, Adam Smith, was also present. The team had made numerous improvements to the robot since the National competition in Atlanta, and have been practicing on their driving and communication over the last few weeks.

     The operators for the competition were Ethan-driver, Matt-arm operator, Kyle-field Captain, while Katie, Greg & Allie alternated as human player. The competition began Friday and continued on Saturday. The team looked really good, and had great chemistry throughout. They had some unlucky breaks, a small mechanical failure, and some very close matches.

     Despite not being too high in the standings, the robot reflected a solid build as well as great driving and game-playing. So when it came time to start the elimination rounds, we were picked by the highest seeded team. They didn't expect much from us, but commented later that they couldn't have picked better. Our two partners were very fast and capable, so we were assigned to create havoc on the opponent's side of the playing field.
     We did such a good job of it that our partners were able to score at will, and thus we never lost a match in the playoffs. Even in the finals, against a group of teams that I though would be very formidable, they could not counter our mix of offense and defense and we won convincingly. This has always been a great event for us (last year we were runner-up) so it was great to win and a real achievement for the students. ~ Kyle Lampert. Photo by Paul Dietz.

Selectmen's Quarterly

~ Beer and Wine for Main Street Specialties

~ Final step toward Senior Center

by Chris Crawford

June 21, 2005 – The Board of Selectmen held their quarterly meeting tonight, in which they hear from town departments and committees about their successes in Fiscal Year 2005 (FY ’05) and their goals for Fiscal Year 2006 (FY ’06)

     The Selectmen’s meeting itself began with a public hearing and approval of a liquor license for Main Street Specialties to serve cups of beer and wine to customers.

     Board of Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett asked the opinion of Police Chief Thomas Irvin.

     He reported, “I think the plan they’re proposing is worth a try.” READ FULL STORY.

We aim to please

June 21, 2005 — Janet and Jim Harvey, son Steve, attorney Stephen Richmond and engineer Jerry Cushing showed the plans for landscaping and lighting for the newly permitted MRRF building to the Design Review Board this evening.

     "I really like these people," said Janet Harvey after the meeting.

     Hearing that she said that, member Jeff Doherty said, "We aim to please."

Flower Power

June 21, 2005 — Name the road where these flowers are located and get free $25.00 worth of Action Copy Plus services. Be the first to send your name, address and phone number and the name of the road to . NOTE: These colors are real.

Still playing ball

June 21, 2005 — The boys of summer, including a few from Hopkinton, are forever playing Legion Baseball at Fino Field in Milford. Here wearing number 2, Hopkinton High's Andrew Tarca with the first run of the game, jogs past home plate from third on a teammate's base hit as Wachusett's catcher, after getting waved off, gets distracted by his equipment. Tarca had reached third after hitting a single and taking two on an error.

Thanks to Hopkinton's Ed Thompson, News Director of WMRC 1490-AM radio in Milford, for reminding us of this great tradition.

VENTURE CREW finishes hike

— plans ahead

Looking for boys and girls, ages 14-20 to join

June 21, 2005 — Despite wet weather, Venture Crew 114 of Hopkinton didn’t end their scheduled hike this past weekend in Franconia Notch, NH. When they left Friday night the rain began in Manchester, NH and it didn’t stop until Saturday evening.

The planned ridge hike for Saturday on Franconia Ridge was moved to Sunday in hopes of better weather so the crew hiked to Liberty Springs Campsite on Liberty Springs trail instead. Later that afternoon, they hiked over to Mt. Liberty (4459’) and Mt. Flume (4328’).

On Sunday, everyone was up at 5 AM in hopes of getting an early start on a much longer day than Saturday. After a short climb, the crew reached the ridge and began the 3.5 miles above tree line to reach the highest elevation of the trip, Mt. Lafayette at 5260’. The rain had stopped and the sky cleared occasionally, allowing for some great views. Before reaching Lafayette, the crew also climbed Little Haystack (4780’) and Mt. Lincoln (5089’). On the way down from Lafayette, the crew stopped at Greenleaf Hut before reaching the cars at the end of the Old Bridle Path. In total, the crew hiked 14 miles in two days.

            The crew will not be active during the summer but it will start meeting and going on trips again once school starts. We meet the third Wednesday of each month in Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church at 7 PM. In the past year, we have gone mountain biking, rocking climbing and hiking. We are looking for more boys and girls ages 14-20, interested in high adventure. Interested people can contact Crew President Bryan Mazaika, or Crew Advisor Randy Kramer,  ~Bryan Mazaika

(Pictured is crew member, Ben Brush, leading the way down the Old Bridle Path. Photo by Bryan Mazaika)

POLICE NEWS Up-to-date

11:35 am A business man walk in to the station to report larceny of trees (a bounced check)...

11:10 am There was a report of a construction company that had blocked the road and would not let busses pass on Hidden Brick Road...

10:36 am There was a report of a male walking down the yellow line on West Main Street with no shoes on, long pants, a red shirt and sun glasses...

 Rural Feel

The Moon in June

June 21, 2005 — A full Moon on the eve of the summer solstice, as the sun hides behind the horizon, is an ample companion for the cupola of the barn at the old Terry Farm, now the Cultural Arts Alliance building.

 Positively Hopkinton

A HopNews Feature


The Breakup

starring Katie Phillips


Improv at Hopkinton Drug


June 20, 2005 — We gave high school student and aspiring actress Katie Phillips a theme: You are talking with your boyfriend who just broke up with you. Oh, and you are a sociopath who doesn't really have any feelings, so you don't know how to respond to the situation, so you run the gamut of emotions in trying to deal with the situation. Choose the photo or the video icon to view the video.

NOTE: Actors wanted. Anyone wishing to participate in this type of video, please email to It can be improv, comedy, rehearsed skit, etc.

Whitehall Estates Shot down!

Withdrawal of permit application denied

"If I were him [Nation] I would take the $2.75 million." Brian Morrison

Photo, John Coolidge, left, and Chairman Mark Abate

June 20, 2005 — Whitehall Estates garden style  apartments, a project submitted by Ron Nation to the Planning Board for a special permit, was denied this evening by a unanimous vote as was a subdivision plan he immediately submitted following the first defeat. 

     Planning Board member John Coolidge, who is also on the Community Preservation and Open Space Committees, recused himself from this matter this evening upon advice from Town Counsel. He had been in on negotiations with the developer in an effort to purchase the land for preservation and had been accused of conflict of interest, although he has no personal stake in this matter.

    Mr. Nation's attorney argued that because of Mr. Coolidge's stepping down, there would be one less voting member and that the applicant would like to withdraw and reapply to involve more voting members. The newest member, RJ Dourney, argued the applicant's case with his fellow Planning Board members. He has been unable to vote on this matter because it started before his term. If the Board granted the applicant's request, Mr. Dourney's vote would have been the only difference on the board.

     In an exchange with Mr. Nation's attorney, Mr. Coolidge made it clear that it was a freedom of information request from the applicant for records of other boards he is a member of, which led to his stepping down.  Among the records requested, according to sources, was the appraisal the town had done on the property to help them negotiate, which would tip their hand if revealed.

       According to abutter Brian Morrison, Mr. Nation has been offered $2.75 million for the property by the town for open space preservation. 

    Click here for full story by Chris Crawford and additional photos.

 Rural Feel

Splish Splash

June 20, 2005 — A young couple frolics at the shoreline of the southern end of Lake Whitehall, splashing water at one another in the shadow of a setting sun.

 Rural Feel

Cast away

June 20, 2005 — Steve Diamond casts his line into Lake Maspenock yesterday during the low light of a setting sun and the appearance of a rising moon.


5:30 pm on the following Sunday afternoons:
JULY 10 THE HERITAGE STRING BAND (Civil War Stories/Americana Music)
JULY 17 DOWN DOG (Celtic Rock and Fiddle)
JULY 24 HELP! (Beatles Cover Band)
AUGUST 7 JOHN PENNY BAND (Country/Western)
AUGUST 14 ASHLEY NELSON (Hopkinton Jr. High’s Music instructor plays Pop Music)

The entire Parks and Recreation brochure is online:

 Rural Feel

Contest winner

June 19, 2005 — Jan Clark has won the $25.00 for being the first to correctly name the (Previous) photo of the female red-winged blackbird correctly and comply with the specified rules. However, the male has the red on its wings, and not the female. The photo above was shot moments before the previous one on June 10, but it reveals more of the bird's markings. Alan Kett and Ann Hendricks stopped by to brainstorm and offer their birding opinion, and concurred on the type of bird.

 Positively Hopkinton

CAA Talent Showcase video

Above, a photo from the performance of Hopkinton resident Lisie Michel, a student at the Walnut Hill School in Natick. Part of her performance can be seen in Part II of the video.


June 19, 2005 — The CAA Talent Showcase presented at the High School on Friday presented a glimpse at the varied amount of performing talent in Hopkinton. HopNews has captured a video of much of the evening and made two presentations of clips of all of the performers. Part I has been shown. Part II is linked above.

On the lookout

June 19, 2005 — Head Lifeguard Lindsay Beaudoin has a chat with Calvin Bowker on the lifeguard station yesterday at Hopkinton State Park. There were only two people in the water at this time due to the cool weather and ocean breeze.

Sail away

June 18, 2005 — Seagulls are among the easiest birds to photograph, because they often scavenge near humans, glide a lot, and fly toward and around people, rather than away, like most birds do. This photo was taken at Hopkinton State Park today. Their constant presence near fishing boats and shore lines to scavenge has earned them the nickname "flying rats" among those who make their living from the ocean.

2005 8U Cardinals wrap up season

From Top row, left to right:

Assistant Coach, John Tapley and Head Coach, Pat Sileo

Kora Sileo, Hannah Tapley

Alissa Mitchell, Abbie Benford, Courtney Tapley, Ariane Apkarian

Jillian Eagan, Samantha Stanley

(Missing players: Rebekah Laurence, Nyree Masoian, Lauren Armstrong, and Julia Macchi)

Photo by Amy Benford.

2005 8U Cardinals wrap up season the season with a pizza party at Bill's Pizza.

Senior picnic

June 18, 2005 — Ray Drawe, left, and George Gross manned the barbeque for the annual Senior Picnic at the Brampton Circle Community Center this afternoon.

 Positively Hopkinton

Timlin 5k Race


June 18, 2005 — Above, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Eric Sonnett nearing the finish line at the Sharon Timlin 5k Race this morning. Upon crossing the finish line, Mr. Sonnett said, "I hope there's someone behind me." There were several.


Choose each thumbnail to see a larger-sized photo

Photos from left: Men's Winner Kiernan Tumbleton; Women's winner, Bev Whalen, Daniel Harris. Anyone with an ID off the remaining 2 subjects, please email.

Talent Showcase 2005 breaks legs

June 17, 2005 — The Cultural Arts Alliance presented its Second Annual Talent Showcase this evening to a packed High School Auditorium featuring more than two dozen performers, spanning all ages. Some of the featured local performers were Barbara Kessler, Ed McCarron, Amanda Maffei and Steve Spector. Mr. Spector's two children also performed. Above, the entire cast singing Drift Away as the finale. Below left, Shaw Forsmo dazzling the crowd with her violin and right, Jesse Michel with a virtuoso hula-hoop performance. HopNews hopes to have some video from the show edited Saturday, June 18, 2005.

NOTE: "Break a leg" is a show business term. Some superstitious performers believe that wishing good luck is bad luck, so they wish bad luck, presuming the opposite will be true.


Favors public transportation


Kudos and thanks again to the Colellas for recognizing the importance of the Lift and Public Transportation.


Maybe others will take a look and realize that we have to take the cars off the roads and get back to Public Transportation.


Most businesses are supposed to contribute to a TDM (Transportation Demand Mgt) and to join a TMA (Trans  Mgt Agency) in order to enable the Company to provide transportation to work and a guarantee from the TMA to get them home in an emergency. SEE LETTERS.

Hopkinton Poet hosts "open mic" poetry

On June 18th at 10:30 a.m. Café Espresso in Bellingham will host its first all-student poetry feature. This event will help celebrate the end of a successful season of open mike poetry at Café Espresso and the start of summer vacation!  Participants of this feature include 30 students ranging in age from 6 to 16 years, coming from towns as close as Bellingham and as far out as Canton and Newton. This program will be hosted by spoken word poet Cheryl Perreault who will introduce each student poet to the microphone to read their own original works of poetry.

    There will be a number of young poets participating from Hopkinton:

Second Grade: Shae Feather, Kaelyn Ryan, Aaron Lerman, Lauren Hazzard, Andrew Donahue

Third grade: Anna Paluzzi, Samantha Scheman, Theo Berndt, Sophie Valcour, Kevin Lagasse, Shannon Donovan, Catherine Cote

Fifth Grade: Abbey Perreault, Halley Barton, Kayla Sullivan, Kate Satterfield, Dan Sriberg

Seventh Grade: Meghan Barton

Eighth Grade: Jaclyn Perreault

Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

HopNews graphic design by Eric Montville.

This poem recently received an award in the Hopkinton Middle School Literary Competition. ~ Cheryl

This Weekend

June 17 2nd Annual CAA Talent Show in the Hopkinton High School Auditorium.  The Show will be held on June 17th at 7:00.   One rehearsal will be held on Tuesday June 14th from 6-9 p.m.


June 17-19 The first annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament is open to all Hopkinton residents 18 years or older. The tournament will take place over  2 weekends at Hopkinton High School tennis courts. Levels of play are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Events are Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Use the entry form in the Parks & Recreation Dept. Activities Brochure. If you don't have the brochure, you can get one at the P & R office at Town Hall or go online to You cannot, however, register for this event online. If you have any questions, email the event organizers at Entry fee is $15 per person per event. Maximum events per person is 2. Time is TBA.


June 18 The Hopkinton Running Club is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Road Race to Cure ALS on Saturday, June 18th beginning at 9AM (Registration at 7:30AM) at Hopkinton High School. Join us for a fun-filled, family-friendly morning featuring a 5K race, a fitness run/walk, kids' races and events, and a post-race party including a DJ and lots of food. Proceeds from the race will go to the Angel Fund, an independent, non-profit charity benefiting ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) research at Massachusetts General Hospital.  ALS, known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a progressive and ultimately fatal disease that attacks the nerve cells resulting in debilitating paralysis as the muscles of the body waste away.  Victims of the disease gradually lose their ability to control their muscles, to communicate, and eventually to breathe.   The cause of ALS is unknown and there is no known cure, however, research underway is promising.  This race is in honor of Sharon Timlin, who died of ALS in 2002.  She was the mother of Mike Timlin, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.  Entry Fee is $17 when registered by June 11th and $20 on the day of the race. For additional information and to register online, please go to  or call (508) 625-1660.

POLICE NEWS now up to date

9:41 pm A caller from Kimball Road called and reported that a golden retriever had shown up on his porch and has an electric...

3:17 pm There was a report of a woman that pulled up and took a man's trash barrel on Winter Street...

10:08 am Officer Thomas Lemon was out with a person on Grove Street who was talking to himself and flailing his arms...

6:40 am A homeowner from Gibbon Road found a dead rabbit on the porch...

The rest of the story and more in the updated POLICE NEWS.

Site walk at proposed Maspenock Woods Garden Apartments

Video no longer online

by Robert Falcione

June 16, 2005 — Three members of the  Planning Board were treated to a site walk today by representatives of KSS Realty, who want to build a garden style apartment community on 15 acres of land bordering West Elm Street.

      The community is planned with up to six-unit condos with a double-garage for each, 80% non-impervious surface, a canoe house on the shore of Lake Maspenock, private courtyards for each unit, and on-site septic.

      The concept plan was presented to the Planning Board  this past Monday, which brought out neighbors and their supporters — and including Friends of Whitehall, who oppose Whitehall Estates garden style apartments in Woodville and are expected to be at a continued hearing on that project this coming Monday.

     However, none of the neighbors of this project were on hand for the introduction to the land today, but will have another shot at it on Saturday at 8:30 am for an alternative site walk.

Weston Nurseries unveils plans

"...Peter is ready to take the business to the next level." CEO Gary Furst

June 16, 2005 — Fourth generation nurseryman Peter Mezitt hosted a continental breakfast for the business community this morning, who gathered to hear the business plan of Weston Nurseries first hand. He started with a history of the business.

     "In 1923 in Weston my great grandfather Peter and his wife Anna Olga opened a garden center. He was known as a generous man; he would loan plants and say, 'Pay me when you can.'"

      "The current Mass Pike maintenance area, one mile west of the tolls is where the original 200 acre Weston Nurseries was. He bought 80 acres of land in Hopkinton and that has grown to 900 acres. There were still horses in town then," he said. FULL STORY

It's Unanimous!

Harvey's win Amended Decision

"It's been a long haul" ~ Jim Harvey


by Robert Falcione

June 15, 2005 — The Harvey's have been granted an Amended Decision on their application for an expansion of their Westboro business into Hopkinton, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Appeals this evening. The vote followed testimony by the Harvey's attorney Stephen Richmond, Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust President John Craycroft, Board of Health Chair Nancy Peters, and others.

     Board of Appeals Chairman Wayne Davies opened the meeting with a chronological summary.

      "As you recall, the Board of Appeals closed its hearing and rendered its Decision dated September 24, 2004 granting six of seven permits," he said. The Harvey's are expanding their recycling facility and constructing a Materials Recovery and Recycling Facility (MRRF) to handle up to 600 tons a day.

     "The first appeal was EL Harvey in Land Court," Mr. Davies said.

   "The next day the Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT)  filed in Superior Court. That case was transferred into Land Court several weeks later.

Photo, Janet and Jim Harvey hold hands upon hearing the vote. FULL STORY

Police Department gives away prizes

Above, Olivia Handrahan, 7 Lauren Mercier, 5, Matthew Mercier, 8, and Officer Stephen Buckley.


June 15, 2005 — Officer Stephen Buckley represented the Hopkinton Police Department at Bill's Pizza today as part of Governor Romney's "Click it or Ticket" campaign. Officer Buckley asked young and old to pledge to buckle up for safety and to sign a form promising to do so. But there is an incentive.

     People pledging to do so and signing their names, tore off one half of the form and gave it to Officer Buckley.

    "We're going to give away five $20 gift certificates to local businesses. We'll notify the winners by phone," he said.

     Officer Buckley expected to have over 50 pledges before his 6:30 pm deadline.

Land Use Committee explains their Weston Nurseries vision

"...we can make it a non-adversarial situation." ~Fin Perry



by Robert Falcione

June 15, 2005 — Finley Perry, Chairman of the Land Use Planning Committee, held an information session for people who have an interest in the RFI (Request for Interest) (Read here) that was developed on behalf of the Committee by Judi Barrett, of Communities Opportunities Group of Boston. It featured the 615 acres of Weston Nurseries property (See map) which is being offered for sale on their behalf by Cushman and Wakefield. The public knowledge of that sale led to the committee's formation. FULL STORY    


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