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Intruder alert!

August 13, 2005 — This creature was minding its own business today on Pond Street where it apparently resides. Its looks alone are enough to ward off any human predators. The first person who can send in two links with a photo and name for this beast gets a $25.00 check from HopNews.

It was me!

August 13, 2005 — Austin, 9, shows off the large-mouth bass he just caught, which  is about as long as his torso, as his nine year-old friend Sean makes it very clear that he had nothing to do with it, at the dam on the Hopkinton Reservoir.

 Rural character

Bridge from the past

August 13, 2005 — The surrounding trees form a natural vignette around this bridge styled from a bygone era. It is nestled off the road about 15 feet from Route 135 on the trail that rings Ice House Pond.

Happy Birthday Andrew Mace

August 13, 2005 — No toy soldiers for this Andrew Mace as the real deal came parading down Kimball Road today to help him celebrate his birthday. We believe Andrew is front and center below. ~Contributed photos.

Extended Day Nanny Wanted. Looking for a mature, responsible after school nanny (at home mom, college student or HHS Senior), with car and good driving record for extended day care. Need nanny for 3 to 4 days a week from 2:30pm-5:30/6:00p to pick up child and take them to after school practice, piano, brownies. All activities are in the Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham areas. I have one child, 7yrs old but may co-share with another mom with a daughter the same age. Contact:  or 508-435-9987.


POLICE NEWS now up-to-date


7:19 am A Curtis Road resident was jogging on East Main Street when a red pick truck with a cab and gold writing on the door attempted to run her off the road...

9:11 am A business on Main Street reported a hit and run motor vehicle accident from the previous night...

9:57 am A resident of Lakeshore Drive reported a female with long hair and a backpack walking through the neighborhood...

Aye, Maties!

August 12, 2005 — These pirates-for-a-day, will not be battening down the yardarm or sailing the Sloop John B. today. But they will be operating a two person canoe as part of their day camp at Hopkinton State Park.


  Mound of dirt bodes well for seniors

Summer parties for seniors

By Ann DiLeo

               August 12, 2005 — that nice quiet summer month, has proven to be just the opposite this year, with trucks, digging machines, workmen,….plus a few parties for seniors.

               The new Senior Center is being built right beside us on Davis Road….It didn’t start with just a shovel of dirt.  In our back field the entire small forest has already been  chopped down and hauled away. And right beside it there is a pile of dirt at least two stories high and growing, And so this is how it starts.

               A fence protects us from wandering into the working area, but it doesn’t protect us from the dust and noise. Our dear little tree grove is gone and so is the small field where many of us walked and sat …AH, such is progress…..

               Seniors still have their own activities and concerns for August. A major change in the Davis Community Hall is coming soon with our administrative worker, Sharon Bryant, leaving the staff after 7 years of service. A very bright, cordial person, Sharon will be missed as she goes on to a great position of Graphic Arts teacher at Keefe Tech., in Framingham.              

               Tammy Lentini, an office worker from Bellingham, will be our new administrator. Welcome to Davis Road for Tammy.

               A ‘goodbye Sharon’ party will be held in the hall Tuesday, August 16, at 1 p.m.

               On Wednesday, August 17, seniors will have another party to attend at the Laborers’ Training Center on East street (off route 135) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. given by state Rep. Loscocco. This picnic is always fun with good food and entertainment.

               Another happy time, a Birthday Party, for Pam Davis, will be held in the hall, August 21, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

               Our favorite annual cookout party given by Ray and Jean Drawe, is scheduled for Sunday, August 28 starting at 2 p.m. Guests are asked to bring some food and chairs. This informal party is a great place to meet new neighbors, and chat with old friends. There is always room on their spacious lawn area.

               And I wonder about the rumor going around Hopkinton saying that there will be a ‘town bus’, operating soon between the park on one end of Main St. and  Dunkin’ Donuts at the other end, stopping at several corners along the way for all the shops and eateries, and making the swing around Davis Road. Wow! I might be able to go uptown for a cup of coffee or ice-cream, or to the library. I like that rumor!

Love, Annie

Pollen is in the nose of the beholder

August 11, 2005 — These goldenrod wildflowers are often confused with ragweed, the bane of springtime allergy sufferers; but their summer beauty, here with the backdrop of a familiar Hopkinton landmark, brings a rich color that New Englanders will pine for on the first of November.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have corrected the above copy thanks to Sam Hoffman of Weston Nurseries.

Beam me up

August 11, 2005 — This dragonfly may look a bit alien, but its species have been on earth millions of years before man. They apparently have no need to improve their lot and evolve, like man supposedly has from ape-like creatures.  This macro lens setting has brought the reader into a world unseen by the naked eye, and thrown the background out of focus and into an abstract design. And because these creatures eat insects, it is intriguing to wonder what insects an even larger lens would show at the top of that stem.

Fruit Street Vandals admit involvement

Charges levied against 4 Hopkinton teens

Source of gunfire still being investigated

August 11, 2005  — The Hopkinton Police Department is charging four locals teens in connection with some of the vandalism that occurred at the Fruit Street Town property.


The Police Department had made it clear how serious they were taking the matter when Chief of Police Thomas Irvin appeared before the Selectmen with his concerns. At that time Chairman Eric Sonnett asked if the act rose to the level of "eco--terrorism."


The Chief answered that it did if the vandals committed the acts to keep people from using the property, which recently became open to the general public. For years the property has been used — supposedly without permission from the previous owners — for off-road vehicles.

Detective Scott van Raalten developed information that led him to interview Paul Alexander - age 18 of Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton, Joseph Clark – age 17 of Grove Street in Hopkinton, Michael McLaughlin – age 17 of Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton, and James Roughan – age 18 of Hayden Rowe Street in Hopkinton. During the interviews the young men cooperated with Detective van Raalten, admitted their involvement in parts of the vandalism, and took responsibility for their actions.

All four are being charged with trespassing and with damaging some of the directional signs. Mr. Clark and Mr. Roughan are also being charged with damaging the guardrail and cutting down the tree (File photo).

The damage to the silt fence and bullet holes in the signs remains under investigation. Anyone with information about the unresolved damages is asked to contact Detective Scott van Raalten or Detective John Porter at 508-497-3401.

NOTE: Much of this information was obtained in a press release from Chief Irvin

Hopkinton Youth Soccer  need a detail-oriented, motivated individual to help mark and line our  soccer fields each week.  Must have own transportation and be available Wed-Fri 3-7 PM. $12/hour 7-10 hours per week.

Contact Stuart Hilger (508)625-1535 or 

Enjoy a midweek escape at Beachside Resort in Falmouth.  Ocean front unit available Sunday September 25-Friday September 30, 2005. For only $395.00 for five nights you can relax and enjoy spectacular sunsets and views of Martha’s Vineyard.  The fireplaced bedroom has its own full bath and patio with wicker rocking chairs. There is a pullout sofa bed, full kitchen and another full bath.  This unit also has a screen in porch off the living room.  The quaint resort has laundry facilities, air conditioning, pool, playground and gas grills. Call Lily at (508)435-3326.

Land Use Study Committee members "smoked out" by Chairman

Liisa Jackson and Eric Sonnett differ on offer from NStar


By Niels Dragsbaek


August 11, 2005 — Yesterday morning’s Land Use Study Committee Meeting involved an effort by Chairman Finley Perry to bridge some of the differences amongst the Committee members which may have been generated by last week’s meeting on August 3rd in the debate over the best route to take in the matter of the sale of 615 acres of Weston Nursery land by the brothers who own it.  Meanwhile, differing opinions on the viability of the NStar offer remain on the table. They have offered to purchase 166 acres as a buffer zone to their LNG storage facility, and to create a permanent conservation restriction on the land. However, the offer contained no price, as did none of the other replies to the Request for Interest that the committee sent out. They received eleven or more replies.

            Perry devoted much of the meeting to going around the table and hearing everyone in turn “to smoke out the biases.” This would also give members the opportunity to express their individual opinions concerning desirable outcomes.

Eric Sonnett (File photo), Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, began by expressing his desire to reflect the interest of Hopkinton voters in the decision making process.  Sonnett emphasized that the goal of the committee to improve the quality of life for Hopkinton residents would have to keep in mind the potentially large tax impact any development would have. For Sonnett, improving the quality of life may come down to keeping taxes low for all residents of the town.

          Liisa Jackson (File photo), a Member at Large, said the Committee needs "to make sure [the surrounding] community is on board every step of the way, otherwise we aren't getting anywhere." Jackson highlighted her desire to provide ample buffers to the abutters and also to be conscious of the nature of the open space land to be conserved, in order that the most valuable parcels be saved.

          Another Member at Large, Mavis O’Leary, feels that she is “the voice of the neighbors.”  O’Leary says that most of the residents near the area in question would like to avoid something that creates excessive noise or lighting during the evening hours. “Over-55 housing is something that they would deem acceptable. I think the neighbors feel this would be a less intrusive style of housing compared to low income housing, with all different age groups coming in and out,” she said.

Brian Morrison of the Conservation Commission was reluctant to make any inferences without the necessary data: "I need to see the financial data before I can make an informed decision. End of story."

           As a member of the School Committee, Dave Stoldt made it a clear that his preference would be for an economically self-sustaining project. This would avoid the similar concerns of Eric Sonnett about possible tax repercussions in funding new schools.

          On the matter of NStar, Jackson wants to further talks with the company to find out if they are in fact, “very committed to buying that parcel.” This raised the issue on the committee of whether the applicant developers would be capable of dealing with a curtailed acreage of land after a possible sale to NStar.

          On that aspect, Sonnett said “If you take off that piece that might leave you with a distaste for development and leave [only] garden apartments.” Sonnett’s concern also extends to NStar’s true intentions in the sale. “I think they are just hedging their bet because they don’t want neighbors,” he commented.

          The committee will be interviewing NStar, along with various other applicants, later this month into early September. The results of those interviews will prove crucial in these early stages of negotiations.


Answer to Mr. Kohrt's request for public information. Estimates: almost $400.00


Below is the letter delivered to the Office of the Board of Selectmen on July 21, 2005 by Kevin Kohrt seeking an accounting of the money spent on the Fruit Street project to date. At right is the response from the Selectmen.


Funding Info Request Page 1 of 1 Saved: Thursday, July 21, Z005 3:04:35 PM



kevin kohrt

35 winter street

hopkinton, ma 01748 508-625-1083


I am requesting documentation of all funds spent to date on the Fruit Street property before and since its purchase by the Town, including research, evaluation, publicity, legal fees, consultant work, and so on.

I am also requesting that the source of the above listed funds be identified, be it the Sewer Enterprise fund, CPA, transfers from the School Budget, or whatever.

Please inform me as soon as possible when this information will be available to retrieve from your office, or when it can be sent to me via my email address: 

Thank you,


--Kevin Kohrt

35 Winter Street

Re-run: Due to a change in directories on HopNews.TV, the video below was not available for viewing shortly after posting. Please enjoy the video which is now playable.














Photo: The Moon is played by Kendall Burdick, Earth by Angelo Cole and Pluto by Tim Greiger.


Universe and Other Stuff

(Formerly July 30, 2005) — EnterStageLeft 2005 Summer Theatre Program For Children Ages 7-12 had its premier performance of Universe and Other Stuff last evening at St. John's Parish Center before more than 100 friends and family members.

      The play pokes fun at the science of creation, such as the "Big Bang" theory and other beliefs.

      To see a performance by the Sun, the planets and a few asteroids, choose the video player.

Right-mouse click here to download video onto your computer.

Q. What is one thing that is undoubtedly true about the driver of  this vehicle?

A. Not a HopNews reader.

Actually, it could be a person with a placard who has not bothered to hang it from the rear-view, as required, but that is highly unlikely.

Fin Perry defines LUSC purpose and plan

Seven respondents interviewed



By Niels Dragsbaek

August 9, 2005 —Earlier this week Finley Perry (file photo), Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee, took a few moments to talk about the entire process the LUSC has undertaken concerning the sale of the Weston Nurseries property.

For those unfamiliar with the efforts to date, the LUSC was formed in February 2005 as an ad hoc committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The committee is charged with determining any possible action to be taken by the town in response to the 615 acre Weston Nurseries sale FULL STORY.


EDITOR'S NOTE: LUSC meets at 7:30 am Wednesday morning, August 10, 2005 in Room 211.

 Positively Hopkinton

Hopkinton psychologist appears on Good Morning America

Author of Performance Addiction




August 9, 2005 — Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, a Hopkinton resident and instructor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, appeared on Good Morning America this past Sunday to entertain questions about "performance addiction," the subject of his latest of several books.

   On the program he explained the difference between perfectionists, Type A personalities and performance addicts, as well as other tell-tale signs.

     To read the transcript of the interview, please choose this link.

File Photo: Arthur Ciaramicoli signing books last year at Barnes and Nobles.

Build it and they will come

August 9, 2005 — This trio is enjoying a bench built by Boy Scouts at Hopkinton State Park in memory of Jacqueline Keough, a member of Pack 1 who died April 11, 2003. A bronze plaque in her memory is attached to the front face of the bench's seat. A story about Mrs. Keough's passing written at that time by Robert Falcione can be read here.

    The colors in the background of the photo have been given a digital "punch."

Back to back

August 9, 2005 — Aoibhinn Rice, 10, and Hannah Soifer, 10, came alive when the camera turned their way as they swam in the Hopkinton Reservoir. Today is Hannah's tenth birthday.

      "I can never forget her birthday," said her dad, Laudy, "because it is the day Jerry Garcia died [August 9, 1995]."

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


9:30 pm A company's Security on South Street reported watching a group of people at a property in the area.  The people were wearing hoods and appeared to have firearms...

12:23 am Officer Matthew McNeil responded to a report of a noise complaint coming from the Lake Maspenock area near Old Town Road.  The caller said there were two boats connected having a party on the water...

8:23 pm A Hopkinton State Park employee reported an intoxicated male in the area... 

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The link to the continuation of Dave Edson's letter now works.]

Dave Edson defends position

To the Editor:

Lately, some have questioned my firm’s (Prism Environmental) participation in a Peer Review of work performed by Earth Tech for the Fruit Street property.  As most know, the Fruit Street proposal includes a wastewater treatment and disposal system and a new, potable well among other uses. SEE LETTERS

Planning Board ends Whitehall hearing

Historic home preserved 


by Niels Dragsbaek

August 9, 2005 — Monday night’s Planning Board meeting brought to a close the Public Hearing on Ron Nation’s proposed Whitehall Estates/Woodville Woods, and also made way for the preservation of a historic Hopkinton property on Lumber Street.

            With Board member John Coolidge recusing himself due to his involvement on the Open Space Preservation Committee, which has been negotiating to purchase the land, the remaining 6 members of the Planning Board voted 4-2 to end the Public Hearing on Nation’s proposal. This gives the Board 90 days to come to a decision on the preliminary design of the Whitehall estates, which if approved would make way for a definitive development plan put forth by Nation, involving a number of lots yet to be determined by the Board.

            John Thomas of the engineering firm Beales and Thomas presented the new open space plan as an amendment to Nation’s original application.  This new plan preserves 52% of the existing open space and provides for the construction of ten new homes while preserving an already existing brick home on Wood Street. One of the ten new lots would be earmarked for “affordable housing,” according to guidelines put forth by the state.

            “We've tried to be considerate of some of the comments the board did provide to us,” Thomas said; however, concerns remained amongst the board and the many opponents to the development in attendance. Board members Sandy K. Altamura and Claire Wright particularly emphasized their distaste of the proposed loop road in the development. The loop road would provide for two entrances to the development on Wood Street on a stretch of the road that many view as potentially hazardous due to a poor line of sight. Thomas pointed out that the burden was on the town to bring Wood Street up to state line of sight code standards should it come to that.

            Altamura and Wright along with Board member Evan Ballantyne pushed for the possibility of a cul-de-sac as an alternative to the loop road. Thomas, however, pointed out the unfeasibility of this given the strict guidelines on dead end roads that the Planning Board must adhere to in its approvals. READ FULL STORY See larger photos

 Rural Character

No kid here

August 8, 2005 — This billy goat seen on Lumber Street today is certainly no spring chicken. And if the horns are not enough to define his gender, the blue collar is a dead giveaway.

"Goat is an animal that has provided people with milk, meat, and wool since prehistoric times. Goats were probably first tamed more than 9,000 years ago by peoples in Asia and in the Eastern Mediterranean region." ~ World Book Online Reference Center.

Josephine L. Karner died August 5, 2005 at her son's home in Maynard. Arrangements complete.

John I. Leonard, 34, died Thursday, August 4, 2005. Arrangements complete.

 Rural Character

 Present from the past

Woodville Fire House

The old Woodville Firehouse was once situated on the foundation that still exists on Firehouse Pond at the "S" turn on Wood Street in Woodville. The photo above is a crop of a photo from the collection of Gail Clifford.

Area Band offers their help for a friend

FYB reunion for superfan


by Robert Falcione

August 8, 2005 — Fair, Yates and Betschart, the former house band at Timothy Spirits on Route 9 in Framingham for five years (1977-1982), is coming together for a rare reunion, donating their time for a special friend and fan, Kevin Bradley of Framingham.

      The band is comprised of members Doug Betschart and Inky Fair (File photo, Cornell's, 1991) from the current band, Back Pages, and Tom Yates, who now plays with Paisley Project.  Mr. Betschart is from Hopedale, Mr. Fair from Holliston, and Mr. Yates from Stow.

     Mr. Bradley, who has undergone recent surgery and radiation treatments, has been a fan and friend of the three musicians from their days at that Route 9 club.

      FYB, as well as the band Kickstand, will be performing on August 21 in the noontime fundraiser at the AMVETS in Natick, a facility which boasts, "fishing, swimming, volleyball, horseshoes and bocce." at the daytime event, which will also feature a barbeque and children's entertainment. Tickets are $25.00

     To see the map of the AMVETS area, choose the thumbnail image. According to directions from the AMVETS, go down Superior Drive and past the guard shack at Boston Scientific after letting them know you are going to the AMVETS. Go past the basketball hoops and follow the road. Phone there is 508-653-9679. We will update with the contact info for tickets when we receive it.

Photo above, Kevin "Gush" Bradley with girlfriend Andrea DeMorscia prior to the Ride for Elizabeth, a charity fundraiser which started at TJ's on the Ashland/'Hopkinton line on July 31, 2005.

   Please choose a thumbnail to see a larger photo. Use the player controls to view a video.

Rescue on Route 495

Obese man taken from accident


August 6, 2005 — A man appearing to weigh over 450 lbs was moved by backboard and stretcher to the Hopkinton ambulance after crashing off of Route 495, and making his own path for about 150' through the woods with his 10 wheeler tractor truck.

    The Hopkinton Rescue team requested additional manpower for the feat which took 8 Firefighters from Hopkinton and Milford to complete after Lt. Steve Slaman blazed a trail with a chain saw to reach the man.

    The State Police also sent personnel; as did the DEP, because of a diesel fuel spill from a tank that had a 125 gallon capacity. Choose the player controls to view the video.

 Rural Character

Seafood bake

August 6, 2005 — Lee Wright, a member of the Woodville Rod and Gun Club, shows off a giant lobster that was getting raffled off later at the club's Seafood Bake today.

 Rural Character

Perfect day

August 6, 2005 — Pratt's Pond on Fruit Street was the perfect place for these Canada geese as the aftermath of yesterday's storm brought a light, and salty scented breeze from the Atlantic.

Good neighbors

August 5, 2005 — Flora Busconi, who formerly owned Patten's plumbing at 2 Wood Street, knitted an American Flag as a gesture of good neighborliness for the Next Generation Day Care, which moved in there next door to her on Wood Street. In return, the day care has taken this picture, which they will display next to the flag, which they are planning on having framed.

     Mrs. Busconi, who is legend for her good deeds, felt that the owners of the property and the day care did a marvelous job with the design of their property. Her knitted afghans are one of the most prized items at the HPTA Silent Auctions. ~Photo contributed by Next Generation




11:34 pm A hit and run victim called Marlboro police department to report that she was off the road on route 85 in Hopkinton...


11:12 pm A Norcross Road teenager was charged with possession of alcohol at an underage drinking party at his home. He was also charged with the host law...


Mr. Editor:

     Why is that the dates on letters to the editor no longer appear?  In the spirit of freshness of news only offered by an online publication such as HopNews, I would think that you would not only print the DATE of letters, but also the TIME.  Why the change??

Dick Gooding

Mass Web Printing Co., Inc.

314 Washington Street

Auburn, MA 01501

August 5, 2005

Capt. Gooding, it is because of a pure and simple lack of discipline. We will always try to have the date and time of a letter, the address and global positioning of the writer, as well as their relationship in the space-time continuum. ~ Editor

Sunset rainbow

August 5, 2005 — Reader and Hopkinton Community Band member John Ritz took this photo from his front porch looking west this evening after the sun had sunk beneath the horizon. The rainbow followed a violent thunderstorm that ripped through the area, setting off house alarms, starting fires by striking homes and trees, and sending the emergency service personnel, Fire and Police, to dozens of calls, many waiting in queue.

Michael Torosian sent us this screen shot from a video he took of this evening's storm. We hope to get the video for presentation.

John Leonard, 34, died unexpectedly August 3, 2005. Funeral arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, Hopkinton, are incomplete at this time.

The article on the book "Brampton Sketches" by Mary B. Claflin was very interesting.  I would like your readers to know that there are copies of this book available from .  I just ordered a copy from them for $15.00.
Gail Clifford, 232 Wood St,, Woodville
Editor's note: We ordered one too.

At the ready

August 5, 2005 — Motorcycle Patrolman Thomas Griffin stands at the ready by the entrance to the Town Hall while Firefighters investigate an alarm on the third floor yesterday. Officer Griffin is one one three Patrolmen qualified for the motorcycle cruiser. 

False alarm

August 4, 2005 — The Town Hall followed drill procedures and evacuated at the sound of an alarm this afternoon. The Fire Department discovered a smoke detector tripped on the third floor, but for no apparent reason.

Ah, my little chickadee...

August 4, 2005 — This young bird, although no smaller than its parents, still needs constant attention, as it calls for more food.

No news is...

Deadline for Appeal of Harvey Amended Decision passes


August 4, 2005 — According the the Town Clerk's office today, no one had appealed, by yesterday's deadline, the Board of Appeals Amended Decision in the matter of EL Harvey and Sons.

      According to Wayne Davies (File photo, right), Chairman of the Board of Appeals, "Anyone who felt aggrieved could have appealed. Any party or Town board who had an interest could have." Mr. Davies heads the board which heard testimony for months concerning the expansion and move into Hopkinton of EL Harvey and Sons recycling business.

      A group of neighboring residents from Hopkinton and Westboro, who formed the Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT), opposed the project with evidence and testimony, and appealed the original Decision, as did EL Harvey and Sons. However, during the Court Appeal process, CSCT withdrew. But that did not disqualify them from appealing the most recent Amended Decision, because the court ordered that it be heard as a new Decision.

    John Craycroft (File photo, left), President of Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust, has sent a press release which is in the Letters to the Editor section, telling of their decision not to appeal.

    The Planning Board has met with the Harvey's to design a schedule of hearings and meetings, the next step in the process.

Couple married 75 years dies 3 days apart.

Paul A. Nordmark, 99, formerly of Hopkinton, died Monday, July 25, 2005, at the Westborough Health Care Center.

Winifred A. Nordmark, 95, formerly of Hopkinton, died Thursday, July 28, 2005, at the Westborough Health Care Center.

Service Saturday ~ See arrangements.

 6 Piece Bassett bedroom (full/queen): See classified ads

Hopkinton's Jim Coffey, former State Senate candidate, joins Verrill Dana's Boston Office


Expansion Designed to Enhance Full-Service Capabilities Throughout New England


August4, 2005 — Verrill Dana, LLP, one of Northern New England's leading full-service law firms based in Portland, Maine, is pleased to announce that James F. Coffey has joined the firm's Boston office, as a Partner.  He will practice in the Business Law Group.


Before joining Verrill Dana, Coffey was a shareholder at the Boston law firm of Deutsch Williams where he was chair of the corporate department and co-chair of the bankruptcy department.  He specializes in corporate law and bankruptcy reorganization.  Coffey is a member of the Boston, Massachusetts, and American Bar Associations, and is admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. 


A former candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate, Coffey is a member of the advisory boards of Catholic Charities for Greater Boston and Worldwise Education, Inc.  He received his B.A., cum laude, from Providence College in 1984, and holds law degrees from both New York University School of Law (LL.M. in Corporate Law, 1989) and New England School of Law (J.D., 1988).  Coffey is the author of numerous legal publications and frequently lectures before both local and national groups. 


August 3, 2005 — If Birdspeak could be translated to English, it appears that scrumptious would be the word, as this bird prepares to bring another meal to its young.

Suspicious behavior

August 3, 2005 — Detective John Porter and Officers Timothy Brennan and Tom Griffin responded to a call of suspicious activity this morning in the Rafferty Road area of the Hopkinton State Park and questioned some middle-aged men who were there.

Calling all moms

Ice cream social on August 17


August 3, 2005 — The MOMS Club of Hopkinton is hosting an Ice Cream Social for current and prospective members.

    We are an organization that supports full-time and part-time stay-at-home mothers of young children, providing playgroups, children’s activities and other services. Anyone wanting to learn more about the MOMS Club is welcome to join us on the Hopkinton Town Common on Wednesday, August 17 (rain date August 18). Photo by Libby Skiba.

     Listen to Ed Morgan perform children's songs from 10:30-11:30 am. Ice cream will be served after the concert. Come enjoy some music and fun (for free!), and find out what the MOMS Club is all about. You can also find out more about the club at We hope to see you on the 17th! For more information and to rsvp contact ~ Libby Skiba


August 3, 2005 — These H. C. Larter machines are backfilling a storm water distribution box behind Colella's Market. Once this work is complete, it opens the door for Colella's to begin their expansion.

August 3, 2005 — This red squirrel must have been disappointed this morning to find that there was no seed inside as advertised on the sign.

Greener Prospects for Weston Nurseries

One developer's vision


By Niels Dragsbaek

August 3, 2005 — Doug Savidge of Savage Green Development has a definite interest in the potential 615-acre sale of Weston Nurseries property, but his intentions may not match what most Hopkintonians have in mind when they think of new subdivisions. Savidge is relying on consultant Randall Arendt (Photo) of Greener Prospects (, a landscape planner and site designer, to provide innovative ways of devising an environmentally friendly solution for this plot of land.

            Arendt’s experience encompasses projects both larger and smaller than the one in question; however, each project shares a common thread: they each preserve a minimum of 45% of the natural surroundings and many go all the way up to 85%. 

            "I'm one of the few that holds out for principle," says Arendt. "I feel that natural lands are under threat and that they are part of our heritage. I take it very seriously."

            One outstanding example of Arendt’s work is the Sugarcreek Preserve in Wisconsin ( (Movie), where Arendt was able to preserve 70% of the existing open space (including woodlands, fields, ponds, and a stream), while developing a housing density of one unit per five acres. This type of work is Arendt’s passion and specialty.

            Arendt disapproves of golf courses in development projects, claiming they are “suburban and managed” rather than true open space. Opting for an alternative to golf course style development, he has made a more natural land outlay his specialty. He credits himself with the phrase "golf course development without the golf course," and reflects that outlook in his designs. FULL STORY.

 Peter's Corner

Hillers playing Legion ball

by Peter Marso

August 3, 2005 — The Hopkinton boys once again proved why they are on the Milford Legion, and why they are counted on to come up in big games! Last night at Fino Field Steve Flynn came in and save the game in relief as Milford was struggling trying to hold on to a lead and put themselves into the State Finals. He came through as he stopped a bases-loaded situation as East Side (Zone Champ) appeared to be climbing back into the game.

      Flynn struck out the last batter to end the threat and went on to preserve the win to put Milford into the state final today.

     Andrew Tarca Hiller captain is on a tear as he has collected 12 hits in the last three games and has saved two games in relief on the mound. Former Hiller Dave Muscatello has been lost for the season which has hurt Milford tremendously as he is probably the best defensive infielder in the area. Ryan Williams has been playing behind the plate and is capable of exploding at any time. He will bring his skills to Tufts in the fall, and should see a lot of time behind the plate.

     Milford will suit up at 4:30 today against Milton which the winner playing Sandwich at 730 for the State Championship.

Singing the Blues

August 2, 2005 — These musicians from the West End Blues Band, which played Sunday on the Common, look like they are having a little too much fun for a group singing the blues.

Homegrown leaning tower

August 2, 2005 — Hopkinton Community Summer Band Concert led by Steve Yavarow played Sunday afternoon on the lawn of the CAA property, formerly the Terry Farm. Although this was a free concert, many events scheduled by the CAA are to raise  money for the restoration of the barn.

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