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 Peter's Corner

Hiller Girls Basketball falls to Cardinal Spellman 68-42

by Peter Marso

March 6, 2005 —  It's always tough for any team to have to close shop for the season, even tougher if your a high school senior! The Hiller girls ran into one of the best teams in the state as they took an early exit last night at the hands of the mighty Cardinals Spellman 68-42 in a sectional playoff game Saturday in Brocton.

      The Hillers used a lot of physical play and a dominating full court press as it fell short as one would have to call it a great season and a great effort!

     The Hillers played well but Cardinal Spellman had great shooters and a great all around team. The Hillers got 21 points from Kristen Baldiga, 6 points from Brooke Anderson and 5 from Kaitlyn Frazier. The Hillers had another great season and coach Dick Bliss must be so proud of his seniors who suited up for the very last time! Good job Hillers!!

 Uncommonly Hopkinton

Green acres type of living has its pitfalls

Seeds of Metrowest found in unlikely places

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

March 5, 2005 — “I envy easy living in the peace and quiet of Metrowest,” says a Boston apartment dweller, who complains about pollution, rush hour traffic, finding a parking space, waits for elevators, and the crescendo of ambulance sirens.
    Welcome to living in the country, where a coyote has been spotted even midmorning with a cat dangling from its mouth; deer eat tulips and winterberry; voles and moles wreck the lawn, even if grubs don’t; hawks crash into picture windows; squirrels dig up bone meal around daffodil bulbs; mailboxes are regularly batted; citronella ants make D-day invasions, and mice who squeeze into kitchen drawers through openings barely 1/4 inch in diameter, leave what I know aren’t caraway seeds among shredded dishtowels. READ FULL STORY.

School Department sees $2,184,822 increase in budget

School Committee Warrant Articles

asking for $3,669,000 at Town Meeting

Photo by Muriel Kramer ©2005

by Muriel Kramer

March 5, 2005 — The School Committee, School Department and Appropriations Committee met in a working session this morning to hammer out school budget details for FY 06.  If Appropriation Committee Chairman Stuart Cowart is correct when he asserts that the taxpayer won’t fully understand the reality of the budget constraints until they actually feel the pain, this may be the year the discomfort sets in.  “We have reduced costs as much as we can, and now we are faced with the crisis,” says Cowart.

            The projected gap between expected revenues and expenses for FY 06 in the Town’s budget according to Appropriations now sits at roughly 1.7 million dollars; this figure does not yet include budgets from the Department of Public Works or Keefe Tech, snow removal final tallies or necessary salary adjustments.  Towards the end of the working session specifically addressing the School’s portion of the budget, School Committee Chairman Dave Stoldt makes the point, “The Town’s budget won’t balance this year even if the school’s requested budget increase goes to zero.”  READ FULL STORY

Barren land?

March 5, 2005 — A little bit of contrast manipulation has made this simple photo of Roshan Mahendrarajah and Eric Coldwell appear to be have been taken on the Moon. Nevertheless, the ice-fishing at Hopkinton State Park was as barren as that faraway satellite.

       "We've been here two hours and not even a bite," said one of the men.

      The horizon of the "surface of the Moon" is actually the opposite shoreline. ©2005 Robert Falcione.





March 5, 2005 — College Rock doesn't have many visitors this time of year, but when the snow melts and the leaves sprout, this popular Hopkinton vertical space will be literally crawling with rock climbers from climbing clubs all over the region. Photo by Ron DiMichele ©2005.

Wellness Fair


March 5, 2005 — The Wellness Fair, "Wellness Works Wonders," took place today at the Hopkinton High School, featured dozens of tables, from Greyhound Friends to the Hopkinton Police.

    One man, who features water floatation therapy, is named Kai, which means "water" in Hawaiian.

    To see a clip from the fair, choose the video icon or the photo of Officer Tim Brennan and his wife Kim, a certified RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor, demonstrating defensive techniques. 

Hiller Girls knock

off Carver 51-30


by Peter Marso

March 3, 2005 — The Bliss ladies are up and running as they played tough "D" and ran the court and knocked off the Lady crusaders of  Carver in last night's opening round of the state tournament.

     The Hillers now will have a bigger battle on their hands as they travel to Brocton to take on the mighty Cardinal Spellman at 4:00 Saturday (unofficial). The Hillers once again got big offense from Kristen Baldiga (17pts) and Allie Berkey(12pts).

    The hillers played a great defense and used 10 players on way to the victory. The Hillers now must prepare for what one would think will be their big test of the tourney. Coach Bliss will figure a way to stop the mighty Catholics in what will be a positive barn burner. The Hillers are coming together and should to well the rest of the way. See you all Saturday!! Support the girls!!

Women's Art Forum

Photo: Ellen Schmidt played to the hearts of a standing-room-only group of women this evening at the Main Street Specialties Cafe.

     Ellen Schmidt, musician, songwriter, grandmother of seven, is very active in the music community in and around Boston. She hosts monthly song-writing workshops and also is a host and co-host of four acoustic music open mics.

     Ellen regularly performs in a wide array of musical venues both as solo-performer and with her Two For The Show partner, Jake Kensigner. Her musical talents include not only her vocals, but acoustic guitar, classical piano, violin and electric bass. She is an award-winning songwriter, and has made frequent appearances on folk music radio. Ellen has also recorded five CDs.~ The CAA 

Stickney gets MVP


March 3, 2005 — It came as no surprise this evening at the Track Team's banquet, that Jonathan Stickney would win the Track Team's Most Valuable Player award.

    Jonathan broke three Hopkinton High School records this year: 45 yard dash, 5.0; 55 meter dash, 6.78; and the long jump, 21' 1/2".

     Photo: Jonathan Stickney at awards banquet.

 Present from the past

Ice House Pond


by Joe Markey

March 3, 2005 — With all of the cold weather and snow this winter, large blocks of ice are probably the last thing most people would want delivered to their home. Yet, not too long ago home deliveries of ice were a common practice in Hopkinton and in many other locations.
     Before electric powered refrigerators and freezers entered Hopkinton homes, residents relied on year round ice deliveries to keep perishables frozen. Ice came from numerous locations around town, but the largest source was Icehouse Pond on West Main Street. It is situated next to the Golden Pond Assisted Living Center. Many people, to the consternation of longtime residents, now call that body of water Golden Pond. Photo by Malcolm D. Pearson  FULL STORY & PICS


March 3, 2005 — Hundreds of Pack 97 Scouts and their families jammed into St. John's Parish Center this evening for a banquet and awards ceremony.

Pictured here is Peter MacGregor, who received an award for 32 years of scouting.

Mr. MacGregor and his wife, who died in 2001, were so are so widely known for their dedication to scouting that a camp is named for them.

Enter Stage Left and CAA

announce ticket availability

Performances of Musical Revue begin on April 8

March 3, 2005 — The Cultural Arts Alliance and Enter Stage Left Theater group are pleased to announce that tickets for this year’s collaborative musical revue, “HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!” are now on sale.  Show dates are April 8,9,10, 15 and 16th.  All performances will be held in the Hopkinton High School Auditorium.  Showtime is 7:30 p.m. for all shows EXCEPT the April 10th matinee which will be held at 2:00.

      All seats will be reserved and tickets are $15 each.  Tickets may be purchased by sending a check to the CAA at 98 Hayden Rowe St. Hopkinton, Ma.  Please include the number of tickets you want and the date of the show. All mail order tickets must be postmarked by April4th. If you prefer to pay by credit card visit   and click on tickets.  Credit cards will ONLY be accepted for online orders and will be subject to a service fee.  Credit card orders will be accepted until April 6th for shows on April 8,9, and 10 and until April 13th for April 15,16 shows.

      Last year’s shows sold out so we suggest you buy your tickets early to be sure you get a great seat!  Call  508 435-9222 with any questions! ~CAA. To get a video sneak peak at a ESL practice from this evening, with Paul Champlin leading the choreography, choose the video icon. This is just a practice. HopNews will carry a preview of a dress rehearsal when those occur.

New display of artist's work


Quilter Mary Walter  has a hanging gallery of her work at Main Street Specialties for a thirty-day run in a program sponsored by the Cultural

Arts Alliance.

Ken Weismantel Throws Hat into Ring

"I think there are a lot of challenges"

~ Ken Weismantel, candidate for Selectman


March 3, 2005 — Ken Weismantel, Chairman of the Cemetery Commission, has taken out papers today to run for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

     Mr. Weismantel has been a prominent and vocal participant at Town Meeting for over two decades.

     He is the Chairman of the Republican Town Committee and has managed the successful campaign of the current four Republican Selectmen.

    "I've always had an interest in serving the town," he said.

     "My father was very involved in the town my wife and I grew up in, Waukegan, Illinois, and that's where I learned to give back to the community.

     "My dad was on the School Board at the time I graduated. He gave me my diploma."

     Mr. Weismantel spoke about issues facing the town.

    "I think there are a lot of challenges; tight budget, serious infrastructure needs, and commercial revitalization to try to spread the taxes around.

     "I feel a person with my experience could help the town.

     "School overcrowding is a big issue and we need to build school facilities," he said.

Read Mr. Weismantel's Release to the press.

HAA has new fundraiser

Photo of Chris Meyers and Meg Speranza at Main Street Specialties
Street Specialties

March 3, 2005 — Tim Kilduff, President of the HAA (Hopkinton Athletic Association) announced a new fund raising effort, the sale of license plate holders with a very special theme, to take advantage of Hopkinton's unique place as the Start of the Boston Marathon.

    "What we need to do as a Community is to brand this stuff and create a fund for Hopkinton for the Marathon.

     "We want to raise funds that stay here, and then look at some trails, some stuff with special Olympics, fitness for seniors and kids; and then look at other things related to the Community," Mr. Kilduff said.

    The plate holders are $14.95 and are available at this time at Main Street Specialties, 15 Main Street.


The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee is meeting on Saturday,  March 12, 2005 in the training room on the second floor of the Fire Station on Main Street. The meeting will start at 9 AM and is open to all Republican and unenrolled voters in Hopkinton.

 The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee still has several open positions for the upcoming May Town election ballot.  If you wish to run for town elected office, please contact Ken Weismantel, Chairman at 435-5725 or for more information.  

If you are a registered Republican, you can become an Associate Member of our organization.  Please come to our meeting or contact our Chairman for additional information about our activities.


March 2, 2005

Recent Tests Showed Coliform Bacteria in The Hopkinton Water System

 ·         You do not need to boil your water or take other corrective actions. However, if you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor.

 People with severely compromised immune systems, infants, and some elderly may be at increased risk. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1 (800) 426-4791.

Read the entire letter from the Water Department

Colella's Supermarket website now online

Luncheon Specials updated daily

Weekly ad now online

March 2, 2005 — Hopkinton's Colella's Supermarket officially went online this week with an updated web presence meant to enhance the relationship with their customers, bringing information and convenience to their web-wise patrons.

      For quite a while, HopNews has had a button link (above) to the daily luncheon specials that Colella's offers at their Deli. Clicking on that icon, as so many have found out, brought a person to a HopNews-hosted page featuring the luncheon specials, saving them from having to ask for the entire menu on the phone. That link on HopNews now goes to the newly designed Colella's website where the daily specials are featured on the main page five times a week.

     In addition, the updated Weekly Specials can be read; and printed if necessary to carry along while shopping.

     Those working on South Street and new to the area, or people living in area towns will find a printable map with directions.

     For people who thought catering was out of reach, check out Colella's prices.

    There is a history link, a page with an application for a scholarship fund, as well as other community activities, such as the Guida Milk School Support program.

Why not use the plans for Hopkins School

on the proposed new Fruit Street school?

Dave Stoldt answers the question

March 2, 2005 — Over the years that we have looked at a new elementary school, a commonly asked question is, "Why not just use the Hopkins School design and save some money?"  This has been asked by parents, residents, and even Building Committee appointees.  

     As I am known to do, I will answer a simple question with a less-than-simple answer. 

    Site conditions are never identical.  Codes related to building, life safety, architectural access, and State educational standards change.  Plus, there are many other elements that make each project distinct in its needs.  For example, we have the proposed early childhood wing, different special purpose spaces, and design changes we have learned after several years use of Hopkins. FULL STORY 

Judgment favors Town of Hopkinton

to the tune of $750,000

Majority of Motions for new trial and to throw out judgment in Porcaro matter denied


by Robert Falcione

March 2, 2005 —  A series of motions to overturn the 2003 jury award to Peter Porcaro of almost $1.5 million went largely denied on Monday. He had sued the Town and two officials, Mary Harrington (File photo) and Richard Bowker, claiming violations of equal protection, due process and misrepresentation.

     The breakdown of the award can be seen in the graphic on the left.

     Apparently without reducing the amount of the award to Mr. Porcaro, Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Neel granted a partial judgment in favor of the Town of Hopkinton to the tune of $750,000. It appears the Town is off the hook for that verdict, but it appears the entire amount will have to be met by Mrs. Harrington, according to consultations with legal experts. The amount which would have been due from the Town with interest could have been $1.5 million.

     That leaves the Town of Hopkinton with a $240,000 bill to Mr. Porcaro, plus interest for this lawsuit which was filed in 1996, which would likely be greater than the actual award at approximately $266,000 in interest to date.

     It is unclear at this time if any of the defendants have any other motions before the court.

    Once all post-verdict motions are complete, the defendants have the right to appeal the original verdict.

    Here is the part of the Judge's order which pertains to Hopkinton:

    "Defendant Town of Hopkinton's Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict is ALLOWED IN PART, as follows: judgment shall enter in favor of defendant Town of Hopkinton as to the count for fraudulent misrepresentation; the motion is otherwise denied."      

Selectmen have busy evening


Declare March as Youth Appreciation Month

Selectmen vote for Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Hopkinton attracts major company ~ Barry Controls

Selectmen vote Town Meeting Articles

~ School Department wants Approx 3.5 million debt exclusion

and another $250K from Stabilization fund


by Robert Falcione

March 1, 2005 — The Board of Selectmen got their approval to join an Economic Target Area (ETA), which includes towns both west and north of Hopkinton, excluding Southboro. This designation allows the town to offer business incentives for those wishing to locate in Hopkinton.

     As part of this designation, the Selectmen voted to put an Article (59) on the Town Warrant to approve Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Barry Controls, which, according to its website, "is the leading supplier of aircraft vibration isolators and cabin noise reduction systems in the world."

     The article specifies 82 South Street, which the company plans to lease, as the address for the new manufacturing plant.

    "Hopefully, we can fill some of the space on South Street," said Selectman Ron Clark.

    Lynn Tokarczyk (Photo) from Business Development Strategies, Inc. was on hand to explain the benefits of the ETA.

    "A particular company which actually jump-started this process is waiting for this placeholder," said Ms. Tokarczyk, referring to the Article.

    TIFs have been used in Milford for many years, attracting companies to develop in such places as Granite Park, an area which was considered more difficult to develop because of its land. A TIF exempts a business from paying personal or property taxes in full for a number of years. It is unclear what specifics have been discussed with this company, but the Selectmen have championed business development in Hopkinton and on South Street in particular. FULL STORY

Historical Society and CAA Plan House Tour

Groups looking for qualifying homes ~ meeting on March 16

March 1, 2005 — The Hopkinton Historical Society and the Cultural Arts Alliance is planning a tour of some of Hopkinton's and Woodville's historic houses on October 16, 2005. The committee is currently looking for homes that retain their original or early architectural details for inclusion in the tour. Houses may be any style, fancy or plain, built before 1920.

      The purpose of the tour is to celebrate our heritage and to generate interest and support for the preservation of historic buildings in the area. By helping the public appreciate Hopkinton's historical assets and local history we hope to encourage other homeowners to preserve their buildings and strengthen our beautiful historic neighborhoods. FULL STORY.

This home on Frankland Road has signed up for the tour.

Ranks of Hopkinton Grass Roots Swell

Approximately 200 people attend to oppose Ron Nation development

Additional grassroots group forming


February 28, 2005 — Friends of Whitehall, a grassroots Woodville group whose catalyst is opposition to a proposed Ron Nation development on a peninsula on Lake Whitehall, swelled their ranks this evening, causing the already moved Planning Board meeting place to be moved once again, from the Middle School Lecture Hall to the Middle School Cafeteria.

      The group was poised to present, at this public hearing, what they contend are problems with the development as it is planned. But the developer, through his attorney, asked for a continuance of the public hearing until all members of the Board could be present. Seven of the nine members were present. However, two Republican members were absent.

     Chairman of the Planning Board John Coolidge brought up the scenario that this could push the sessions past the election, and two other members of the Board could be unseated. At that time the process would have to start all over, he said.

      Both of those members are Democrats.

     Mr. Coolidge said that the Board had asked for such a continuance in the past, so he didn't see a problem with setting any kind of precedent, and the Board voted to continue. However, he promised the gathering that this would be the only continuance he would support.

       The attorney for Mr. Nation offered to the crowd that after the Planning Board left, the technical group could give a presentation to the people in attendance. But the crowd rejected it.

    One man said of the continuance, which many saw as a stall, "We'll use the time to get even more organized!" The crowd then burst into applause. FULL STORY

Hopkinton Girls Defeat Franklin, Remain Undefeated


Hopkinton’s 5th grade girls travel basketball team finished their regular season undefeated (12-0) by cruising to a 27-18 victory over Franklin Sunday in a very physical game. 


Hopkinton built a 14-4 half time lead with a strong defensive effort lead by Victoria Munger, Olivia Spector and Kaylee Harrison.  The fast break led by Tamara Mills, Lindsey Doucette, Alison Onofrio and Bridget McCarthy helped Hopkinton take command of the game in the first half.

 Bottom Row (left to right) Kaylee Harrison, Tamara Mills, Alison Onofrio, Cameron Stoldt
Middle Row (left to right) Lauren Brown, Bridget McCarthy, Anna MacDonald,
Megan Fujiyoshi
Top Row (left to right) Olivia Spector, Jenna Corsi, Libbey Campbell,
Lindsey Doucette, Victoria Munger
Victoria Munger tallied a team high with 11 points.  Also scoring were Lindsey Doucette  (6), Tamara Mills (4), Jenna Corsi (2), Megan Fujiyoshi (2) and Anna MacDonald (2). 


Offensive efforts by Lauren Brown, Kaylee Harrison, Cameron Stoldt and Alison Onfrio helped stop Franklin’s full court press in the last three minutes of the game.

Hopkinton, which has already earned the top seed in the playoffs, travels to Foxboro next week.

Photo by Diane Corsi.

GAS LEAK on Hayden Rowe

February 28, 2005; 9:20 am — Hopkinton Firefighters and Police arrived on the scene and immediately cordoned off an area surrounding 19 Hayden Rowe Street after a worker doing demolition, in what turned out to be a communication problem, mistakenly cut a gas line. A workman had been told to remove all pipes.

     "I didn't say the gas line," said homeowner Michael Hutchins (Inset) to the worker.

     Another worker, Gulf War veteran (1991) John Hinckley Jr., immediately ran to adjacent homes advising them to evacuate.

     NStar arrived about 13 minutes after the original call and turned off the gas with a shut off inside the home.

     A strong odor of natural gas permeated the air in the surrounding area.

     Hopkinton Fire Lt. Ken Clark advised people to not pass the Fire truck while they awaited NStar. The Fire Department cleared shortly before 10:00 am.

  Uncommonly Hopkinton

Community organizer has world-wide reach

Hopkinton's Lee Staples, community organizer, publishes book
by Elizabeth Eidlitz

February 28, 2005 — When Lee Staples and his wife, Louise, a first grade Center School teacher, moved to Woodville in 1977, he bought an abandoned house and rebuilt it, altering rooms, adding front and back dormers, and landscaping the property.

Similarly, for more than three decades of his career as a community activist, Staples has been making a difference reorganizing neglected neighborhoods, with a vision of self-empowered people in strong, healthy communities.
     Currently, Staples is Clinical Professor at Boston University’s School of Social Work, where he earned a PhD in sociology and social work. When he first began teaching twenty-five years ago, he was unable to find a text on community organizing principles. Thus, he wrote the methodology book he needed: Roots to Power: A Manual for Grassroots Organizing (Praeger, 1984), and has recently finished revising it.
     The second edition, published in December, 2004, is fifty percent longer. He has used his extensive experience as a community organizer, supervisor, staff director, trainer and consultant with a variety of grassroots social change organizations to update examples, add case studies, provide new material on organizing theory and strategy, present more on group dynamics, and introduce the concept of community-obligated institutions (COINS). “And the final nuts and bolts chapter,” Staples notes, “is primarily written by other people and includes new pieces on action research, legislative lobbying, working with the media, electronic technology, and building coalitions. READ FULL STORY

  Positively Hopkinton

 Hopkinton High School Athletic Director Eric Karjel

Academics and athletics go hand in hand with this AD


 by Ron DiMichele

February 28, 2005 — Hopkinton High School Athletic Director Eric Karjel is exactly the teammate everyone wants. His sincere, down-to-earth manner doesn’t quite hide what must be a fierce competitive spirit. He seems modest, but with twenty-six varsity programs to oversee and a range of student-athletes stretching from seventh to twelfth grades, he’s got to be hardworking. And despite responsibilities which include program development, monitoring student eligibility, budgeting, coaching selections, contracting game officials, scheduling, and team transportation, the trim and sturdy 39-year old Karjel has the look of an athlete who stays in shape.

“I played basketball and baseball,” says Karjel from his office at Hopkinton High. “When I played in high school some of my teams weren’t so good, but I didn’t feel negative from that. It made me want to work harder.”

Eric Karjel grew up near Buffalo and graduated from the State University of New York - Buffalo. He earned a Masters Degree in School Administration from Cambridge College and began teaching in 1995. After serving as athletic director at King Phillip in Wrentham for a year, he accepted the full-time position in Hopkinton in July of 2004. Prior to King Phillip, Karjel taught social studies for three years at Canton High School (Canton, MA) where he also coached basketball. READ FULL STORY

Terry gets Gold

February 27, 2005 — The Hopkinton Boy's Swim team competed in the Division II State Championships today, with some great results. Senior Captain Sean Terry (green shirt), sophomore Tim English, and Freshmen Chris Campbell and Zach Perez helped the Hillers with some strong swims. The four boys opened up the meet by placing 11th in the 200 Medley Relay. Zach earned a 17th place in the 200 I.M., and Sean knocked another second off his best time to place 6th in the 100 freestyle.

     The four boys placed 14th in the 200 free relay, and then the meet got real exciting. Zach swam his best event, the 100 breast stroke in a personal best time of 1:;05.11, earning him a 14th place.

     Sean was seeded first by 2 seconds, and had his best swim ever with a 59.78 not only good enough to be the State champion, but qualify him as an All-American. Photo by Bryan King.


Please consider donating an item to this ever-growing and very rewarding children’s program.  Many of the baskets are made by local children, for local children in need.   Items needed: Spring socks- Boys & Girls- any size; sweet treats; brushes/combs; Hair bands/barrettes; school supplies.

Drop Off Locations

Action Copy      Hopkinton Public Library   Town Hall     Hiller’s Cleaners    St. Paul’s Church

Jackie’s Salon-12 Wood Street       508-435-6511

Celebrate Easter, March 27, 2005, at Grace Ministries. Grace is an outreach of the United Methodist Church. We will worship at 10:00am at the Hopkinton Middle School off HWY 85.

Everyone is welcome.

Childcare for infants to 3 years and Sunday School for pre-school through elementary age is available.

Easter Bunny Rain or Shine March 26, 2005

The Easter Bunny makes his annual visit to Hopkinton on Saturday, March 26th  for the Park and Recreation's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The event, which is sponsored by Hopkinton Drug Store, will be held at 11:00 AM on the Town Common.  The Easter Egg Hunt is for Hopkinton pre-school to 2nd grade children. Please bring your own basket or bag to collect the candy and "Special Prize Eggs".  We ask parents not to pick up eggs prior to the start of the event. There is no registration or fee for this event and we will try to give candy to all children that attend. Please note that the Easter Bunny will appear, weather permitting, and that parents are welcome to take pictures with him.

For more information please call Parks and Recreation at 497-9750 between 10 AM and 1 PM on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's.

There will be no rain date. 

 Peter's Corner

Lindsay Dragin doing well

by Peter Marso

February 27, 2005 — Former Hopkinton High-School three sport stand out Lindsay Dragin ('03) (Photo here) is currently making an impact on the Sacred Heart University Lacrosse team at Fairfield Connecticut. The Division 1 New England University is thrilled to have Lindsay competing at a very high level. She is currently coming off a rough rookie year, as Lindsay was dealt with a diagnose of mononucleosis that left her pretty much at partial strength during her first season at the Connecticut college. It appears that Lindsay is healthy and should see action for the Pioneers of Sacred Heart University.

     Lindsay was a three sport stand out for the Hillers playing soccer, basketball and was an all state stand out in Lacrosse. She is currently the only Massachusetts player on the school's roster, and one of the few tri-valley players competing at a division 1 level. The schools academics are at a very high standard and the team's long demanding road trips do not leave her with very much time . Despite all this she is also an honors student! 

     Congratulations to Lindsay, Hopkinton is very proud of her!!

     She is the daughter of Steven and Kathy Dragin.

February 27, 2005 — The meaning of "fun in the sun" may be different to those who take full advantage of the winter season, like these young people on Lake Maspenock this afternoon.

Supporting Our Troops

 By Michael Torosian

February 27, 2005 – Last week, Brownie Troop 3820 held their first bottle and can drive to help raise money to purchase and ship much needed items, which include tooth brushes, notebooks, soap, Ziploc bags, candy, gum and Girl Scout Cookies, to Servicemen and Women from  Massachusetts, that are serving oversees in Iraq.

     Troop mom, Kerry Creswell said, “This is the first of a couple of fundraisers that they would like to do. We want to do at least one more drive this summer.” Creswell explained, “Some of the girls are saving their own cans to add to the fund.”

     The girls raised $160 and sold about 50 boxes of their world famous Girl Scout Cookies. Brenna Creswell, Maureen Crehan and Delaney O’Beirne, (left to right) of Troop 3820, who braved the elements on Saturday morning, would like to thank all who stopped by to show support. Photo by Maureen Camillucci.

Whitehall Appreciation Day

Over 150 people attend

Photo: Hypnotist, Dan Caldwell, who bills himself as Goof Off Fun, hypnotizes 18 of the guests of the event.

February 26, 2005 — 150 - 200 people attended the first Whitehall Appreciation Day at the Woodville Rod & Gun Club sponsored by the Friends of Whitehall ( FOW), a recently formed group with a mission statement declaring to be committed, " protecting and preserving the natural beauty of Whitehall Reservoir and its surrounding environment. FOW is opposed to development that will negatively impact or adversely distort the existing reservoir, its natural environment, adjacent land, or the character of our town."

     Lake Whitehall is a man-made lake covering an ancient bog, popular with anglers and small sailboats, and largely located in the Woodville section of Hopkinton. Woodville is an area with period homes, regional pride and its own zip code. The recent installation of the Postmaster in that village was a well attended event which also occurred at the Rod & Gun with many of the same people present (Previous story.).

     The catalyst for the organization of FOW is a sub-division proposed by Hopkinton developer Ron Nation called Whitehall Estates, a 37 unit condo-development. The project will need its own septic plant, which has been one of the most vocal objections by those opposing the plans. It will be located on a peninsula at the northern end of the Lake. The group organized a 100 + person attendance at the last Planning Board hearing and turned in a 300-signature petition signed by residents and other users of the Lake.

     After a social hour, dinner and dessert, the group was entertained by Dan Candell, a hypnotist from Shrewsbury.

     Then Brian Morrison, a resident of Woodville whose secluded land abuts the proposed development, offered a Power Point presentation of "...all of the places the project does not comply with the town by-laws.

      "We have to let the politicians know that people do not agree with their plans for developing the town," he said.

      In what must be a bitter irony, Mr. Morrison is also the Chairman of the Conservation Commission and will have to recuse himself if and when this development comes before his board.

     Mr. Morrison will offer his presentation to the Planning Board in a meeting convening at the Middle School Lecture Hall on Monday, February 28, 2005, which starts at 7:30 pm. The Whitehall Estates Public Hearing is on the agenda for 8:15 pm. SEE MORE PHOTOS / PRINT

Girls Swim at States

February 26, 2005 — The Hiller Girl's Swim team competed in the Division One All-State Championships on today at Harvard, and placed 9th out of 32 teams. Lead by Senior Captain Heather Love who placed in two events (7th and 12th), and helped 2 relays place in the top ten, the Lady Hillers had one of their stongest showings in school history. Freshman Gabby Choi earned two fifth place finishes, and Senior Captain Kailee O'Neil, Senior Lindsay Flieger, and Junior Danielle Campbell were part of two relays placing 8th and 4th.
Photo: Steph Moran (manager), Kaille O'Neil, Danielle Campbell, Lindsay Fleiger, Heather Love, and Gabby Choi. Photo by Bryan King.


February 26, 2005; 1:15 pm — A tractor-trailer truck bearing Wal-Mart markings and carrying a load of dog food turned over on Route 495 North at the intersection with the Massachusetts Turnpike at about 1:15pm today.

    "He seems okay," said Hopkinton Fire Lt. Bob Bartlett of the driver. "He's just a little shaken up."

    There was a small diesel spill from the tank of the truck, which firefighters covered with Speedi-dri. Traffic was backed up for miles and the Mass Pike exit onto 495 North was closed.

    Hopkinton Fire Department were the first responders along with Hopkinton and State Police. Ted's of Fayville towing company came to upright the truck with a special team equipped with airbags for that purpose.

    Below, Hopkinton Firefighters work to disconnect the truck's batteries.

American throws down the gauntlet


"I can compete with the best in the world."

~ Alan Culpepper, Olympic runner


Watch the interview.

by Robert Falcione

February 25, 2005 — Olympic runner Alan Culpepper (Photo, right), an American from Texas, has seen fit to be a participant in this year's BAA Marathon, feeling that he can place in the top three.

    He came to Hopkinton this morning to look over the course, and spoke to HopNews on camera, with the help of HAA (Hopkinton Athletic Association) President, Timothy Kilduff.

    Bill Squires (Photo, left), who coached the last American winner in 1983, came with Mr. Culpepper to share his insights on the course and how to train for this marathon in particular.

CPC earmarks funds for Fruit Street athletic fields

Votes $250,000 of CPA money over ten-year period

SRO at the CPC meeting.


by Muriel Kramer 

February 24, 2005 — Community Preservation Committee (CPC) Members voted tonight to commit $250,000 of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds to the development of athletic fields at the Fruit Street property.  The total cost to design and install the fields is estimated to be $2.8 million according to Al Rogers from Parks and Recreation.  Rogers is also a member of the Fruit Street Development Committee (FSDC) and has been negotiating with the CPC to access funds from the CPA coffers to help pay for the athletic fields planned for the Fruit Street property.

            The need for additional field space in Hopkinton is well established with many teams uncertain from one season to the next about available space.  Currently Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse faces its spring season without field space for games largely due to a change in policy that prohibits other teams from using fields that are used for varsity sports at the High School. READ FULL STORY.  

Swim Team Senior Captain Sean Terry steals the show

BACK ROW Zach Perez, Tim English, Chris Campbell, Sean Terry

FRONT ROW Gabby Choi, Kailee O'Neil, Heather Love, Lindsay Flieger, Danielle Campbell

February 24, 2005 — During this past vacation week, members of the High School Swim Team have been competing in the post season. On Saturday, February 19th, Senior Captain Heather love earned a 2nd and a 4th place, while Freshman Gabby Choi earned a 4th and a 6th place. Relay members Captain Kailee O'Neil, Senior Lindsay Fleiger, and Junior Danielle Campbell helped the Hiller relays place 3rd and 7th. The lady Hiller placed 9th out of 36 teams.
     On Sunday, the Boys had their chance. Four members attended the meet against some stiff competition. Senior Captain Sean Terry stole the show with a Sectional record swim and win in the 100 breast stroke, and a 2nd in the 100 freestyle. Sophomore Tim English, and Freshmen Zach Perez(10th in the 200 I. M., and 4th in the breast stroke), and Chris Campbell teamed up with Sean to get a 10th in the 200 Medley Relay and 7th in the 200 Freestyle relay. The boys also earned a 9th place finish.
     Both teams are back in action this weekend, competing at the State Championships at Harvard on Saturday (girls), and Sunday (boys). Photo by Bryan King.

Master Plan and Civic Engagement Committee Reps Meet

Calling all Residents

"I keep hearing about how the children are our future, but they will be someone else's because they won't be able to afford to live here." ~ Pam Duffy

Composite photo

 February 23, 2005 — This evening representatives of the Master Plan Committee (Rear, from left), Julie Burke and Pam Duffy met with representatives from the Civic Engagement Committee, Patricia Perry and Stephen Rathmill, to map strategy for getting the message of the Master Plan Committee to the public.

     "We are in the planning stages to figure  out how to get input and discuss how to get the people talking about the results of the survey and get recommendations," said Mrs. Perry, who is the Chair of the Committee and a member of the Master Plan Committee.

      The Master Plan Committee is charged with developing a new Master Plan for Hopkinton. They developed an unscientific survey which was passed out at the town election last November asking voters to voice their concerns about the town and how they would remedy them. On the survey was a question asking those who wanted to participate further to answer in the affirmative and identify themselves.

      One aim of the Civic Engagement Committee is to get people together for "clarification and enhancement" of what they meant by their survey answers. FULL STORY AND PRINT

Lock and slide


February 23, 2005 — 9:30 pm — The driver of this vehicle received a written complaint from Officer Gregg DeBoer for using speed greater than reasonable after skidding his car off of the road heading northbound on Wilson Street just past Krueger Road and leaving over 100' of skids marks on dry pavement. The passenger and driver reported that they did not suffer any injuries.


The Tri-Captains pose with their awards at the end of today's tournament.

Kaitlyn Frazer fires one to Brianna Quigley. Franklin won the tournament in this final game, 46-40.

by Peter Marso

February 22, 2005 — The Hopkinton High-School girls basketball team lost a tight contest last night 46-40 in the finals of the Hopkinton Invitational Tournament against the Franklin Panthers before a huge crowd at the Athletic Center. The Hillers used it as a tune up for next weeks south sectional tourney. The Hillers took the experienced Panthers all the way and actually closed the gap to two points with five minutes left to play.

   The Hillers once again had a total team effort as they used pretty much the whole bench. The hillers were pressed and pursued a quick offense but could not quite catch up to the fine Franklin team. The Hillers will now wait and see who they will be paired off with next Friday when the seeds are set. Watch the Hillers go for the south sections next week!!

February 22, 2005 — In this eerie photo, top left, of a vehicle fire at Colella's lot early this evening, an unidentified masked Firefighter brings the nozzle around while Lt. Clark, behind him, helps pull the hose.






Car fire


February 22, 2005 — The Hopkinton Fire Department worked quickly to put down this stubborn vehicle fire at about 5:40pm today in the parking lot of Colella's Market. People in the vicinity could hear multiple explosions, presumably from the truck's tires.


Like the Flash...

Like the Flash, this airborne Hopkinton girl is a blur, leaving everyone else looking like they are standing still.

by Peter Marso

February 21, 2005 — The Hopkinton Hiller girls blasted the Milford Hawks tonight in the semi-finals of the Hopkinton Invitational Tourney, 75-42. The Hillers will now play the Franklin Panthers at 6:45 in Tuesday's final. The Hillers took a very commanding lead on way to the victory. The Hillers got 14 points out of captain Allie Berkey and 12 points from sophomore Cassie Rudden. The Hillers will now try to win the trophy and get ready for the state tournament next week. The Hillers are running strong and should be in great shape in the sectionals.

What vacation?

Photo from left, clockwise: Michael Jones, Ben Brush, Adam Smith, Paul Marchand, Katie Frost.

February 21, 2005 — These dedicated students were hard at work this evening getting their robot ready for shipping to Riverbend State Park in New York City tomorrow for the First Robotics Competition, scheduled for March 24-26.

     "New York is a regional competition," said Team Manager, Adam Smith. "There will be about 35 teams in New York and thousands competing nationally," he said.

      "We have about 17 kids who participate, with 10 kids dedicated — they come every day.

      "It's more like a family," he said.

Boys Basketball Hopkinton 57, Westwood 69 in make-up game


by Peter Marso

February 21, 2005 — The Hopkinton boys finished the hoop season with a great effort against the Westwood Wolverines Monday afternoon before an appreciative matinee crowd of fans at the field house. The future looks bright as the Hillers used all of their players and four seniors finished their careers on a good note. The Hillers are graduating Zac Bright, Matt Relle, Marc Lemarbre, and Tyler Huntley. These seniors all contributed immensely but the Wolves jumped off to a big lead and never fell behind. The Hopkinton J.V.s finished their season on a bright note 18-2 and the future looks good for the Hillers.

February 21, 2005 — Just like his human counterpart may have done 150 years ago, this statue of an  appropriately attired unknown Civil War soldier respectfully stands sentinel over those who have fallen.

Photo © 2005 by Ron DiMichele.



 Peter's Corner

Thanks for the Memories

He was a real Hoot!

by Peter Marso

February 21, 2005 — When I think of Hopkinton Football Legends I cant help but think of Bobby "Hoot" Evers ('58) who has already been inducted into the Hopkinton Football Hall Of Fame. Hoot, as he known,  was one of the most dramatic power runners ever to dawn the green and white!! Being a Hayden Rower (9 years old), I can remember the talk of the kid from down toward the Milford Line!

     In  a world were records and statistics seem to be the measuring stick for personal athletic achievement, the boy from lower Hayden Rowe never could be measured because they simply just did not emphasis records. They just did not keep them! Hoot Evers was an outstanding athlete and running back , when he got out in the open there was no way that he was going to be taken down!

    Hoot lead the State in scoring his junior year. The Hillers at that time only played an eight game schedule and his senior year was cut short( 7games) because of a spreading sickness in the area. He scored the go ahead touchdown when Hopkinton upset Westboro 19-7 in the historic game of 1957. This was a game were Westboro featured a running back named Harry Crump who played at Boston College and for the Boston Patriots.

      The Hillers were big under dogs in a game which at that time was a big rivalry between the bed room communities. Hoot Evers was so well known that fans in other towns would line up just to see the legend walk off of the bus! Bob is a avid Hiller fan and is seen at many Hiller games. I feel very fortunate that I had the chance to see the legend in action. Hoot is retired and enjoying life with his wife on West Main Street. Thanks for the memories Hoot!!

Women's Club Meetings at the CAA Building during March & April

Read more news from the Hopkinton Women's Club

Calling all photographers/artists

Hopkinton Women's Club announces Design Contest

February 20, 2005 — The Hopkinton Women's Club has announced their annual Design Contest, in conjunction with the CAA (Cultural Arts Alliance) to begin accepting photographs and original art for the cover of their Hopkinton Phone Book, Note Cards, and the CAA Calendar. To learn how and where to submit a photo or artwork for consideration, and to print the submission form, click here.

Sunday afternoon in Hopkinton, February, 20, 2005

Hopkinton girls smother Medway

by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton girls hoop team opened up to an 18-0 lead and stayed on top as they smothered the Medway Mustangs 57-16 last night in Medway. The Hillers were paced by Kristen Baldiga(22pts) and Allie Berkey (9pts . The win placed the Hillers in a final runner up spot as Ashland took the crown. The Hillers 15-3 will host the annual Hopkinton Invitational tournament Monday as they will host the Milford Scarlet Hawks at 6:45 at the Athletic Center.

Future Firefighters?

Photo by Beth Malloy Clockwise, from top left: Matt McAree, Alec Vos, Reed Heim, Dillon Malloy, and Charlie MacDonald. 

February 20, 2005 — On Saturday, members of Den One Pack 97 of Hopkinton Cub Scouts served lunch which they prepared to the Hopkinton Firefighters as part of their Bear Badge requirements.

     They made a salad, homemade meatballs,  bread and sauce.  The boys decorated wolf shaped cookies for desert.

      "We set it up ahead of time with Chief Daugherty for the boys to come down and serve the 4-5 firemen on duty that day," said Den Leader, Beth Malloy.

      "Lt. Ken Clark took the boys on a very informative tour, and what tour wouldn't be complete without seeing Lt. Clark go down the fire pole," she said.

2nd Annual Fundraiser to benefit the Sam Click Memorial Scholarship foundation


 March 19th at the Woodville Ron and Gun Club

Dinner 5-7, Disc Jockey 8-11


February 19, 2005 —  The idea behind the Memorial Foundation is to establish a scholarship to a senior high school student and Hopkinton resident who has plans to attend the University of Massachusetts, any campus.

The foundation is awarding the scholarships to the winners this month (2nd Semester ).

      A Hopkinton High School graduate, Mr. Click was a teacher and the owner of a landscape business in Hopkinton. His popularity as a well known town resident encouraged people, including his three children, Tom, Kelley and David, to start this Foundation to honor and foster the good will which surrounded his life.

     There will be a full dinner, a DJ and dancing, and the best raffle prizes a fundraiser can offer, according to sources. Last years event was very successful, leading to the awards being given this year. More information and how to get tickets will be available soon, but mark the calendar now!

March 19.

Senator Karen Spilka Announces Hopkinton Office Hours

BOSTON - February 19, 2005 — State Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland) today announced that she will be holding informal coffee hours in several establishments throughout communities of the 2nd Middlesex & Norfolk district.  Senator Spilka encourages all concerned, interested or curious constituents to stop by for a cup of coffee and a chat!

The date and location for the Hopkinton coffee hour is:

Monday, March 14, 2005
Hopkinton Senior Center, 18 Main Street, Hopkinton
(located on the basement level of Hopkinton Town Hall)

If a constituent is unable to attend but has a question or concern to share with the Senator, he or she should not hesitate to contact the Senator’s State House office at (617) 722-1640.

LIFT PUBLIC Transit System offers Free Bus Rides in March

February 19, 2005 — The Town of Framingham will be offering free rides on all LIFT Transit buses on Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4, 2005 as part of a promotion to encourage rider-ship throughout the MetroWest region, and to reintroduce LIFT 5 and LIFT 6 to area residents. The Town of Framingham began operating LIFT buses 5 & 6 again in November 2004 after funding was approved by the Massachusetts Legislature. With the return of LIFT buses 5 & 6, public bus service is again available to residents of Ashland, Hopkinton, Holliston, Milford, and southern Framingham. LIFT BUS has its own page. See button at top.


Hopkinton Resident joins

law firm as partner



February 19, 2005 —Private Equity Attorney Heather M. Stone, a resident of Hopkinton, has joined the Boston office of Edwards & Angell, a national law firm with approximately 350 attorneys. Ms. Stone, formerly with the well known technology and venture capital law firm of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, has joined as a Partner. Joining E&A is an important event for Ms. Stone because of the firm’s well known reputation focusing on private equity & venture capital, technology and financial services.


February 19, 2005 — These young people are playing like they mean it at Ice House Pond, commonly known as Golden Pond because of the so-named adjacent facility which owns it.

    The horizontal lines of shadows cast by the low sun and the shoreline become diagonal lines when the camera is tilted giving a greater sense of motion. The diagonal lines cause a tension which would not be present without them. Photo ©2005 Robert Falcione/Photographic Images.

Hillers Rope Mustangs


by Ron DiMichele

February 18, 2005 — Bouquets and flashbulbs marked the pre-game festivities at the Hopkinton Athletic Center Friday night, but the real celebration came after the game. A strong all-round performance - spearheaded by the team’s soon-to-depart seniors - led to a 55-52 Hopkinton Senior Night victory over the tourney-bound Medway Mustangs. All four Hopkinton Senior players - Zac Bright, Tyler Huntley, Marc Lemarbre, and Matt Relle - were instrumental in making this special night a memorable one.

“We’ve done it the last five years,” said Hopkinton coach Tom Keane after the game. “If you’re a senior, we start you. So we started them both halves and they played phenomenally. They stepped up and played a great game.”

Hopkinton played throughout with their signature hustle, but they earned this victory the old-fashioned way, they put the ball in the hoop. FULL STORY —  MORE PHOTOS — PRINT

Candidates needed!

Monday, March 28, 2005 — Last Date to Submit Nomination Papers

See races/positions 

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15-0 season for 8th Grade Boys!

The 8th grade boys basketball team completed a 15-0 season this week in Westborough. The season was a complete team effort with great sportsmanship and  allot of heart. The complete team schedule can be viewed @

(A tip of the HopNews hat to Craig Park for the news tip.)

 School Committee Meeting  

Add it up — Math Needs Work

Observation, focus groups and surveys planned

by Muriel Kramer

February 18, 2005 — The School Department is in the midst of a major curriculum review in math that is expected to take two years to complete.  According to Dr Kevin Lyons, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, “This review is of a scope greater than any that has been seen in some years.  Math is in front of us, locally, statewide and nationally.”

          The review is to address the fact that it is very hard for our students to make improvements in this particular achievement area, according to Dr. Lyons, and more progress needs to be made. FULL STORY AND PRINT

Apologies: The video now works ~ Editor

Generosity + caring + fun = $48,000

February 18, 2005 — The generosity of guests of the HEF (Hopkinton Education Foundation) Winter Gala loosened up their pocketbooks to the tune of $20,150 during the live auction portion of the event, according to Alan Auteri, a member of the Board of Directors. To help the bidding along, celebrity emcee Steve Burton, Sports Anchor for CBS4-TV, coaxed people to bid the limit, as did his co-auctioneer, HEF Vice-President Curt Cooprider.

      A raffle and a golfing setup netted an additional $5,300. The balance, according to Mr. Auteri, was from ticket sales and sponsorships. The principal sponsor was Star Realty, whose owner, Kathleen Buckley, is in the video frame on the left.

     "About 575 people attended the event," said Mr. Auteri, with another 100 on the waiting list for the $75 per person tickets.

       To see Kathleen Buckley, Steve Burton, State Senator Spilka, and others, click on the picture. NOTE: The brightness on your Windows Media Player may have to be raised.


Guess Who turned 50 today?

Hint #1: She graduated in 1972

Hint #2: She works at Town Hall

Hint #3: She hasn't changed.

 School Committee Meeting

No Place to Play

Youth Lacrosse faces problems

by Muriel Kramer

February 17, 2005 — Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse is suddenly in a tough spot; according to program director Karl Morningstar, “The season is being scheduled now and our permit requests for fields have been denied.” 

          Speaking to the School Committee, Morningstar addressed the problem the Youth Lacrosse Program faces because of a change in field use policy.  He clarified that the new policy states that fields used for varsity sports now cannot be used by the public.  READ FULL STORY AND PRINT

 Selectmen's Meeting


School Dept. unveils ambitious building plans

Will ask for $3 million for architectural plans


by Robert Falcione

February 17, 2005 — School Committee Chairman David Stoldt (Photo) appeared before the Selectmen this past Tuesday to discuss a proposed building program for Hopkinton Public Schools. The motivation is two-fold: Hopkinton's population grew 45% in the previous decade which created classroom shortages.

   According to Mr. Stoldt, 20% of the town's population in 2000 was under 10 years-old, the highest ratio in the Commonwealth.

     He cited projected classroom shortages at the Middle School in five years, and said that 23-30 new classrooms are warranted in the system.

      Aging facilities and limited expansion space are two of the factors behind the reasons for the proposed elementary building plan.


Photo of Center School © 1993 Robert Falcione/Photographic Images. Teachers and classes pictured in photo: Ms.Kelly Gillis, Mrs. Donna Hancock, Mrs. Marilyn Lindenthal, Mrs. Jane Maguire.

 Girl Scouts Celebrate Worldwide Traditions


Hopkinton Girl Scouts recently gathered to celebrate their annual Thinking Day which is a worldwide celebration in honor of the founders of scouting.  This year’s theme was “Traditions Around the World”.  Approximately 300 girls participated through song, dance, skits, food and crafts relating to worldwide traditions.  Girl Scouts visited each country and had their passports stamped.  Countries represented by the scouts included Sweden, Poland, Italy, France, Zimbabwe, Liechtenstein, Germany, Scotland, Canada, Israel, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Australia, India, Greece, United States, Egypt, China and Japan.  Girl Scout leader, Mary Bransfield organized the event for the girls this year. Photo by Anita Rogers. 

       Brownie scout Kaitlyn West (far right), whose troop represented Canada, stamps the passports of girls from Troop 3806. (Pictured are Rebecca Collins, Chloe DiMare, Emily Sheridan and Katie Litchfield.)

 Peter's Corner

February 17, 2005 by Peter Marso

Basketball — The Hiller boys basketball team were edged by the Westboro Rangers tonight in a buzzer beater 63-62 in what appeared to be a heartbreaker last night at the Westboro field house. The Hillers who played tough d and appeared were on their way to a victory but fate did not have it as they lost a tough one. The Hillers got 16pts from junior Craig Sager and 15 pts from Jeff Branz and Steve Taylor. The Hillers will be back in tri-valley action on Friday against Medway.

Hockey — The Hopkinton High-School Hockey team played great defense and got goals from Brian Doyle, Sean Young and Justin Allain as the Hillers knocked off the Bellingham Blackhawks 3-1 tonight at the Navin Rink. The Hillers improved their overall record to 4-9-4 and appear to be turning the corner. The Hillers once again got great goal tending from Dan Merzel (28 saves) and Jessica Sams (24 saves) The Hillers used all players in sharing the victory.

Women's Art Forum     

The next CAA women's art forum will take place at Main Street Specialties Café on March 3rd at 7:00 p.m. with guest speaker Ellen Schmidt.  Ellen is a musician, songwriter, grandmother of 7 and very active in the music community in and around Boston. She will share some of the story of her life journey, how it influenced her involvement in art (music) and how art consequently influenced her life journey. She will also perform a few of her original songs to guitar.

      This forum is open to all women whether currently practicing artists, art enthusiasts or just interested in participating as a listener.

To register for the March forum please call the CAA at (508) 435-9222

Amazing Things Arts Center presents OutSpoken Word Series

Feature: Libby Franck

Agnes Surriage Transformations of a Colonial Lady

  A new telling of the 18th century tale of the fisherman’s daughter from   Marblehead who who scandalized Boston when she became Sir Harry   Frankland’s mistress.  From their Hopkinton estate, to London, to the   Lisbon earthquake, the story explodes with passion and secrets enhanced   by new historical research.

 Wednesday, March 2

Open mic begins at 7:30 Admission $5

David Lang’s Art Studio 25 Washington Ave, corner of Cochituate Street off Rte 27, adjacent to RR tracks further directions:   

Retirements and departures mark the end of an era

Editor, Hopkinton News,

     Thank you for covering Carol Walsh's (my mother) rescheduled retirement event last evening. She is sad to leave the position, building and people she has enjoyed for so many years, but happy for the chance to spend precious time with family and friends. (And hopefully, to have a ball!)

Read entire letter and more in our Letters section.

Shhh...there's a party going on.

Photo, Carol Walsh chatting with grandson, Dana Wright at her Retirement Party.

February 16, 2005 — The Library Trustees and staff of Hopkinton Public Library threw a party for outgoing library director Carol Walsh this evening, who has retired. She felt it was time, she has said, to leave it to others  to manage the massive construction project planned for the addition to the library.

     Mrs. Walsh told of the story of coming to get her library card from the woman in the green dress, who she thought was old at the time, but was likely less than 40.

     Trustees and staff of the library were there as well as family, fans, friends and well wishers from Hopkinton government. Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett, and Selectmen Len Holden, and Mary Pratt were among those attending.  To see a story Elizabeth Eidlitz has previously written about Carol Walsh, choose this.


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From the Radical Middle...


Liking and disliking the same thing

Loving and loathing in Hopkinton


by Robert Falcione

February 16, 2005 — It is interesting that humans can have such extreme feelings about the same thing. For instance.


     I like grapes, but I dislike the seeds. In fact, strange as it may seem, I dislike people who buy grapes with seeds in them. Except, of course, people who buy Concord grapes, because no one has figured out a way to remove the seeds from those uniquely textured, tasty treats. Oh, and wild grapes are okay with seeds because there is no other way. It is like guide dogs.

      It is disturbing that some dogs accompany people into restaurants and retail stores that sell food — except for guide dogs, which are somehow magically cleaner than those who do not perform those services. Perhaps they do not do the things that dogs do, things I refuse to detail here. FULL STORY AND PRINT CAPABLE    Illustration by Ashley T. M. Jackson

Hopkinton Basketball

 Association to sponsor tournament

The Hopkinton Basketball Association is pleased to sponsor the Second Annual 3 v 3 Co-ed Basketball Tournament to be held on Sunday, March 13, 2005 at the High School Athletic Center from 11:00 to 7:00.  Participants must live or work in Hopkinton, with the exception of a celebrity team. There will be three divisions: 9th and 10th graders, 11th and 12th graders and an adult division.  Each team must have two men and two women in order to participate.  Registration fee is $40 for adult teams and $10 for high school teams, with proceeds to benefit Special Olympics.  Cash prizes will be awarded for the top two teams in each division.  A special prize will be awarded to the team with the “best uniform”. Please visit HBA web site: for registration forms.  

Wilfred Fecteau, 102, a Framingham resident since 1963, died Saturday, February 3, 2005 at Oak Knoll Healthcare in Framingham. Born, March 18, 1902, in Haverhill, he was the son of the late Frank and Florence (Babin) Fecteau. See Arrangements for more information.

Verizon to roll out FiOS in Hopkinton

"Broadband at speeds no one has ever seen!"

~ Richard Colón, Verizon

February 16, 2005 — The Selectmen made clear to a Verizon representative that they were not happy that Verizon has strung optical fiber all over Hopkinton without asking. HopNews had a report about the operation in May 2004 and featured photos taken by an engineering expert  close to advanced technology. It is called FiOS, Fiber Optic Service and will deliver the internet at lightening speeds, as well as movies on demand.

      The Selectmen complained that Verizon did not inform the town of its plans, but located box structures close to the ground, generating residents' complaints. Verizon has responded to those complaints and raised a majority of the structures off of the ground.

    "This is like the genie out of the bottle," said Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett to Richard Colón (Photo), Regional Director of External Affairs for Verizon. FULL STORY AND PRINT CAPABILITY

 Peter's Corner by Peter Marso, February 16, 2005

Girls Basketball over Millis

February 16, 2005 — The Bliss ladies exploded in the first half this evening, then lost momentum for a bit, but then put on a big drive as they beat the Millis Mohawks at the athletic center. The girls are now one game behind Ashland with one to play. The Hillers got 23 points out of Captain Kristen Baldiga and 10 out of Kaitlyn Frazer. The high light of the night was the return of Nikki Thalhemier (acl) injury who played a testing three minutes, as she gets ready to control the boards in the state tournament. The Hillers are currently on cruise control as they get ready for Medway on Friday night. The Hillers used the entire team on their way to win number fourteen. The Hillers will be tough in the sections this year!!

Boys team struggles

The struggles of the Hiller basketball team continue as the hillers were out-played by the Mohawks of Millis in a tri-valley league game played Tuesday night. The Hillers played well for most of the contest, but the Mohawks pulled away late in the second half. The Hillers have been playing a lot of young players with their first chance of varsity this year. the hillers will be making big strides as a rebuilding year will be very productive. The Hillers will be playing cross county rival Westboro on Wednesday night, which will be a very good contest as the hillers were victorious earlier in the year at Hopkinton.

BAA Boston Marathon Men's and Women's

Open Winners to Receive $100,000
Total Prize Awards Climb to $575,000


BOSTON, MA - February 15, 2005 - John Hancock Financial Services today announced that it would increase its prize money commitment for the Boston Marathon. Beginning this year, the men's and women's open division champions will each receive $100,000 in prize money. Previously John Hancock gave $80,000 to the open winners. In addition, wheelchair champions will now receive $15,000 each compared to $10,000 in the past. As principal sponsor, John Hancock will provide a guaranteed prize purse of $575,000, plus other performance bonuses for setting American and World records. The race will be held on Monday, April 18, 2005.

"The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the most prestigious road racing events in the world," James M. Benson, President and CEO, John Hancock Life Insurance Company said. "By increasing the prize money we are helping to ensure that this quality race will continue to feature a diverse and world-renowned field of athletes from across the globe. Our financial support and services also continue to extend to the communities along the marathon route."

Hopkinton resident Timothy Kilduff (Photo, right), President of the HAA (Hopkinton Athletic Association) said today, "It enhances the draw, there's no doubt about it. FULL STORY - MORE PHOTOS - PRINT


• 4 in custody this reporting period

• Neighbor unhappy about ATV's operating on Whirty Circle

• Mother needs police to remove son's 3 friends

All this and more in an updated Police News


The Hopkinton Historical Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday February 22, 2005 at 7:30 PM in Room 211 at the Hopkinton Town Hall 18 Main Street to hear all persons interested in a "Request for Demolition Permit" filed by the owner of 1 West Main Street, Hopkinton, MA. This request is subject to the Demolition Delay Bylaw of the Town of Hopkinton.

Michaelyn Holmes, Chair Hopkinton Historical Commission

Photo by Eric Montville

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