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 Police News now up-to-date

8:29 pm A caller stated that she was at a friend's house on Front Street and could not locate her friend who she had just contacted...


4:54 pm A caller from Cedar Street reported a possible swimmer in distress.  Detective Scott Van Raalten and Officers Thomas Lemon and David Shane responded along with an ambulance and the Fire Department...


10:18 am The Bellingham Police Department called to report that there is a warrant in the system for a male out of their town...




See a reprise of a video by Amanda Maffei from last year

by clicking on the picture, which links to HopNews.TV.

Benefit concert this Sunday at noon


There will be a number of bands including Prues Blues and the Cocobanana band that are donating their time to raise funds for the Red Cross and the victims of Hurricane Katrina on the Hopkinton Common.


Please come and listen to the Music and make a donation to help your fellow Americans during this difficult time.

Drinks will be available but please bring your own lunch and blanket or chairs.

We hope to see many of you there. ~ Michele Gates, Chairman of the Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Commission.

Women's Art Forum

September 8, 2005 — Artist Geri Holland, one of the principal founders of the CAA Women's Art Forum, spoke to her fellow artists, friends, and peers at Main Street Specialties this evening about her work, what inspires it, and how she accomplishes it. Mrs. Holland's exciting artwork will continue its gallery showing at Main Street Specialties for the remainder of the month.

Hopkinton Public Library to open on Saturdays, starting

September 17, 10:00 am to  1:00pm


Children's Room to open on Monday, September 12


September 8, 2005 — Rownak Hussain, Director of Hopkinton Public Library is pleased to announce the re-opening the Children's Room, with its fresh, bright paint, new carpet, and pieces of children furniture on Monday, September 12. Registration for Story Time is ongoing in person at the Library, with telephone registration beginning on September 14 to September 30, for the program beginning October 3.

     "The Saturday hours are as a result of demand, like all public libraries, but because of the money constraints and restriction of funds, we were forced to keep it closed. But now the the town has approved the funds for the hours," said Library Director Rownak Hussain. The Library's opening coincides with Polyarts, the arts and crafts show on the Town Common the same day.

     The library will keep its Saturday hours, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, until the spring.

Photo, Children's Librarian, Dinny Potenza.

September 8, 2005 — This grasshopper is posing today on a retaining wall made of granite; and from the light orange color sprinkled throughout, it appears to have been quarried in Hopkinton.

No rescue needed today

Caller in error about "missing" swimmer

September 8, 2005 — What appeared to be turning into a recovery operation of a drowning victim at Hopkinton State Park turned out to be the proverbial false alarm. The Fire and Police Departments responded in force — a dive team was also activated — when a cell caller said she saw a swimmer go under the water and not return to the surface after hearing what she thought were struggling sounds. Only interviews with people at the shore near the boat house finally smoked out the truth: Eventually, the man was seen exiting the water before help arrived, but he was too embarrassed or worried about consequences to notify arriving officials who he passed on the way out. He said to a passerby that he would get into trouble if he were caught. Although power swimmers can be seen frequently in those waters, there are specific areas designated for swimming.  Above, Firefighters looking across to the opposite shore to see if the missing swimmer had made it there.

Swinging time

September 8, 2005 — Brandon Dulak, 3, gets pushed by his dad, Robbie, this morning at EMC Park.

Move a little to the left...

September 7, 2005 — This great blue heron on Ice House Pond the other day, looks as if he is facing another camera and posing for the tails side of an old quarter (Check one out.). He had actually just touched down and is folding his wings.

This weekend in Ruralville



CAA Autumn Wine & Cheese Open House

September 11, 2005    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Come find out what the CAA has in store for 2005-2006 year!

Entertainment will be provided by the Zac Galen Trio, and CAA members will be displaying their art work.

Donna McKenna will be recounting the history of the Terry Farm. The CAA will also honor Kevin and Sandra Delbridge.

One for all, all for one

September 7, 2005 — These three longtime friends, Rick Summers, Noreen (Deletti), and Dave Armstrong share many interests, including mugging for the camera at Stu Glassman's Labor Day bash last Sunday.

School Committee answers critics of grade change

"The District has an obligation to to every parent and student to provide an equal opportunity..."  


September 7, 2005 — Last week Math teacher Rachel Bartlett appeared before the School Committee to protest the raising of grades by 7 points for two classes by the administration over her protests. The highest grade that had been given in one of the classes was a B, "Which I worked very hard for," said one student. "But I am happy with the  A," he said, which is his new grade. The controversy reached news outlets far from the area, but until now, the authorities had no comment. Here is the  official position of the School Committee:


"We support and respect our teachers in the issuing of their grades.  Every year, a number of parents or students protest a grade, but prior to this situation the current school and district administration have never changed a teacher’s issued grades.  It is never the District's intent to set about changing grades given, as a result of mere parental complaints.  To the contrary, it is normally the District's intent to support grades given by a teacher, except in extenuating circumstances or where there is statistical evidence of an anomaly.


The District also has an obligation to every parent and student to ensure an equal opportunity to learn the same material and demonstrate the same level of capability in a particular course, irrespective of the teacher that child receives among the several different teachers who may teach the same course at the same time.  Consistency across curriculum and grading is part of the integrity of our educational offering.   To ensure that integrity was protected, an arduous process was undertaken to examine the recent situation with respect to the Algebra II (level 2) grades.  The curriculum staff, building principal, and district administration did not take their duties lightly and they made a difficult decision based on a thorough review of the facts and data over almost two months. By no means did the district want to take this action, but looking at the data from every angle possible, there was no other fair course of action for the affected students.


The School Committee shares the Community’s concern over the integrity of Hopkinton's educational system.  We believe, in this case, the District's integrity was not undermined and may, in fact, have been assured."

File photo of School Committee Chairman, Dave Stoldt.

Why are you so stubborn?

September 7, 2005 — This domesticated ass wandered from its C Street home this morning. Officers Pat O'Brien and Stephen Buckley (Off-camera) notified the owner and helped her round it up.

 Selectmen's meeting


Verizon moves one step closer to butting heads with Comcast

Ron Clark calls tonight's votes a "New gang of Four" ~ Votes against pay raises for Chiefs


Photo, Principal Assessor Bob Bushway presents his exercise plan.


by Robert Falcione

September 6, 2005 — The Board of Selectmen took advice from its Cable Committee Chairman, Ray Fair, Jr. (photo below) and recommended moving forward a negotiated agreement with Verizon, which could bring a competitive edge to the purchase of the systems that provide movie content to subscribers in Hopkinton, locking horns with Comcast, the town's current cable provider. Verizon has already installed fiber-optical cable, or FiOS, throughout most of Hopkinton, starting overhead installation two years ago and making road cuts for the underground installations to be completed this year.

    Unlike cable, which needs to be licensed for the installation of its infrastructure, Verizon thumbed its nose at the town earlier this year when questioned why they didn't ask permission to install their fiber-optic cable. At that Selectmen's meeting, Richard Colon, Regional Director of External Affairs, said that it was an "upgrade," which was covered by tariffs. However, he confessed that the telecommunications behemoth had to negotiate with the town to deliver movies over their lines. Movies have been available over the internet, which is serviced by these very lines, but apparently, the movies over cable will be a separate and distinct service requiring statutory approval. FULL STORY AND LARGER PHOTOS

Head north, young man.

September 6, 2005 — Ken Johnson shares this photo taken Sunday over Lake Whitehall with his Canon PowerShot S200 digital camera, while flying with his friend, pilot Doug Stone.

    Mr. Johnson, a principal of the Friends of Whitehall, writes, "Lake Whitehall looked pristine from up here yesterday.  But get on to the water and you will see that the lake needs your help." Friends of Whitehall is organizing a clean-up on September 24.  See Poster below.

     The view appears to be directly to the north.


Police News up-to-date


7:40 pm A walk in reported that there were bones from a dead animal on Fruit Street...


11:48 pm A caller from Claflin Street reported a suspicious phone call regarding his son...


9:55 pm Detective Scott Van Raalten, Sgt. Charles Wallace, and Officer Gregg DeBoer removed five youths from the rope swing on Westcott Drive...

 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

Photo by Robert Falcione

September 6, 2005 —

David Troupes is a published, award winning poet and the son of Marlene and Jim Troupes of Walcott Street, Hopkinton. 

He currently lives in Scotland with his new wife where he was recently awarded the honor of New Writer’s Bursary by the Scottish Arts Council. ~ Cheryl Perreault

George W. Clover, 82, died Saturday, September 3, 2005.  Born in Natick, he was the son of the late George and Julia (Martin) Clover. He was formerly employed by Anchor Motor Freight of Framingham and was a former longtime resident of Hopkinton. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE
HELP WANTED Looking for responsible HS or college student to drive middle school student to practice in Framingham several nights per week. Would be responsible for drop off only.  Easy money.  Must have drivers license and references.  E-mail: or call 508-435-6616 after 5:00 p.m. See more Classified.
CCM Externo youth hockey skates size 11 for 6-7 year old. Like new only used approximately 15 times. $35 dollars. Eric Carty 508-435-9440   See more Classified.

From the Radical Middle...

To Whom it may concern...

Sometimes, venting can be fun

by Robert Falcione

September 5, 2005 — Sometimes it is really good to say things to people you don't know, to vent at seeing — or being the victim of — an injustice.  For instance:

      A person with a dog left something behind, belonging to the dog, at the Lake Whitehall Dam area. It was under the pines, where the afternoon sun beams through with its golden rays, lighting the hair of young maidens who walk and play there; light that brightens the water's floor revealing fish as curious about the watching humans as the humans are about the hovering fish. In the cove just past the pines sits a rock that people can step onto and be surrounded by water, ducks, geese, hiding birds, and species of dragonflies that are not seen elsewhere.

      That little pine grove, with its accessibility and anachronistic presence, attracts people from towns throughout the region and beyond who walk, fish, or just sit there to absorb its delicious and rare atmosphere. That is where they left it behind. [Illustration by Ashley TM Jackson].

      The pile of stuff was camouflaged, blending into the forest's bed of pine needles with its like color. It's texture was soft and slippery on the bottom of my sneaker, an unfortunately familiar, but unique summer composition. It was knowingly left there by someone with a poor upbringing or an unfinished conscience, who feels that a lack of accountability means freedom from obligation. That is the kind of person it is good to talk to. READ FULL STORY

 Peter's Corner

Hillers looking for "payback"    


by Peter Marso

September 5, 2005 — Dave Hughes will be starting his 28th season as Hopkinton's head football coach this Friday night as the Hillers open up with a long awaited rematch with the defending Western Mass Super bowl champions. Marhar Regional.

     The Hillers lost to the champs last year 21-15 in a game were they actually had the lead with four minutes to go, but last year is over and this year is here as the Hillers are all greased up and ready for Marhar Regional ( Friday 7:00 ).   

     Dave Hughes's 192 — and counting — wins has been replaying this game over and over as he prepares his Hillers for what will be a very successful season. I have known Coach Hughes for 28 seasons and do know one thing bottom line he wants to win! The Hillers are well prepared and focused! The coaches are burning at full cylinders and the team is ready to go as the Hillers wait for Marhar for what we term as payback! Good luck Hillers!!




Phone 508-497-9765   Fax 508-497-9767

Notice: Fire hydrant test may affect the Hayden Rowe area

 As part of the Sanctuary Lane Project, a fire hydrant flow test will be conducted on Chamberlain St. Wednesday, September 7th shortly after 9:00am. After the test is completed you many notice some discoloration in your water.  Please check your water before using it and you may need to let it run for a short period to clear your pipes after turbidity has settled down. These conditions may also be noticeable throughout the Hayden Rowe area.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call. We thank you for your cooperation.

This marks Project Just Because’s 7th year of ongoing programs for those in need in this community and very proud to be expanding into a Community Service Center. Come see, support & learn about Project Just Because! We look forward to seeing you & sharing a piece of celebratory cake on this exciting afternoon of progress. More information on Project Just Because, Inc please go to  or call 508-435-6511 for details on how to be involved. ~ Cherylann Lambert-Walsh

September 5, 2005 — NStar gave this downed live electrical wire in front of the Sovereign Bank driveway a high priority and arrived within 15 minutes today, as Firefighters Police and neighbors look on.

Keep to the right

September 4, 2005 — Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officer David Shane took part in arresting one individual for OUI Liquor and placing a passenger in Protective Custody this evening shortly after 11:00 pm in front of 77 Main Street, almost directly across from Police Headquarters. Details will be in Police News on Tuesday.



Groundbreaking for Senior Center

 September 10 at 10:00 am

 Seniors lose friend

by Ann Di Leo

 September 4, 2005 — September begins sadly for Hopkinton  seniors. My companion, Robert Grow, passed away August 23, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Worcester.

                 Robert was well known on Davis road and at the Senior Center. He attended dinners, parties, and other activities. He was a friend to those who needed help with their gardens, cleanups, and other household chores.  He visited the shut-ins, played cards with neighbors, and was a volunteer driver. Most of all Robert Grow was my companion for the four years that I've lived on Davis Road.

       I didn't know about the flowers when I moved Here

       The winter was long and cold

       The grounds were bare

       And I was sad and alone

       But today I saw you smiling

       Admiring the violets blooming in my yard

       And knew I must be home

                A memorial Service for Robert was given by his family at his home, 90 Davis Road, Friday, August 26. Robert will be much missed.

                Seniors will continue with their activities, as he would want them to.

Especially the ground breaking ceremony for the new Senior Center, right in back of Davis Road on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. So much  has already been accomplished, with all the digging, land filling and other work.

                The Woodville Rod and Gun Club will serve its annual Barbecue Chicken Dinner, Sunday, Sept. 11 at 1 p.m. Cost is $6 for seniors. To order tickets call 508-435-4148.              

 September 12, Monday, at 2 p.m., the Brampton Circle Club will meet. Bingo games will follow.

                A trip to Lincoln Park, the casino in Rhode Island , is planned for Sept. 19. The cost is $10 per person, with rebates for food and games. For information call the Hopkinton Park and Recreation Department, 508-497-9750.

                The senior bus will be operating on Tuesdays-- Mall walk, lunch, and grocery shopping; Wednesdays-- breakfast and special day trips; Thursdays-- Mall walk, lunch, shopping. Special outings will be announced...

                A special 'welcome home' to Carolyn Duffy of Davis Road, who broke her ankle several weeks ago and had since been in the hospital and rehab. Maybe she will be riding the senior bus again soon.

                September is promising to be a warm month for visiting outside, walking, and swinging...I hope so,

Love, Annie 

Stu Glassmanville

September 4, 2005 — Looking more like a scene from a Jimmy Buffet video, Stu Glassman's Annual Labor Day Weekend Pig Roast went off without a hitch as usual: Hundreds of people, a band, a pig, much pasta, chilled refreshments, waterfront on Lake Maspenock, and the all-important etcetera.

Spirit in the driveway

September 4, 2005 — These youngsters, neighbors of Stu Glassman on Twin Island Road, let their humanitarian spirit rule and took advantage of the hundreds of people passing through the driveway of his party to collect over $300.00 for disaster relief by the time the sun was setting.

Bird is the word

September 4, 2005 — A walk halfway around Ice House Pond (Golden Pond for the Newcomers) this morning yielded this extreme close up of its seasonal resident great blue heron flying away from the camera, as usual. The bird will likely go to its autumn home soon, as it does every labor day.

        The chipmunk below was seen on the same trail with its squawking chirp, trying to get the walker's attention so he can show the location of his decoy hole. There were chipmunks all around both sides of the trail, a situation a stray cat or two could clear up in no time, if the need arises.

A little to the left

September 4, 2005 — Dave Dwyer, a retired engineer who makes as much use of Hopkinton State Park as anyone, helps Assistant Park Supervisor Richard Trubiano, measure Plexiglas for installation on an informational kiosk erected by college students this summer. Mr. Dwyer tends to a parking area off of Dogwood Drive, making sure the annuals get planted and the plants get watered.

Up and away

September 3, 2005 — Its wings backlit by the sun, this hawk flew over the people assembled for the site walk at the Fruit Street property owned by the town today. A turkey vulture also rode the thermals at the other edge of the woods. This creature is perhaps 200 feet above the camera.

Chicken turkeys

September 3, 2005 — These wild turkeys, also at the Fruit Street property today, became chicken and ran at the sight of the photographer. One is spreading his wings and puffing himself up in a vain attempt to impress his coterie.

A promise kept

September 3, 2005 — Despite it being Labor Day weekend, former Selectman Paul Nelson, a member of the Fruit Street Development Committee, showed up promptly at 11:00 am for the rescheduled site walk of the Fruit Street property, that had been postponed from Opening Day in July, when an unexpected drizzle squashed that idea. NOTE: An animal vertebrae, presumably that of a deer, lies on the gate above the triangle, unquestionably placed there by one or more humans. Other bones are also beside it.


Copies of the Charter Commission report will be available at the town clerk’s office in Town Hall or at the Hopkinton Public Library by September 7, 2005. The report is available here:


1. Preliminary Report

2. Charter Table of Contents

3. Home Rule Charter (Preliminary)



8:24 am A contractor from a company on South Street reported her co-worker is missing and hasn't been seen or heard from since the day before...

6:51 am A caller on West Main Street reported an elderly female wearing a Johnnie who seemed to be in distress in the area...

5:10 am A Lakeshore Drive resident reported his neighbor burying trash in his yard...

September 2, 2005 — Connor Pelletier, Jarad Sables, Harley-Jane Pelletier, and Abbey Johnson pool their efforts to assist those in need.

September 2, 2005 — No need for words.

Land Use Study Committee ends interviews

Kennedy kin introduces company ~We believe you can make a profit and make a difference at the same time


by Robert Falcione

September 1, 2005 — Finley Perry's Land Use Study Committee, formed in the wake of the revelation of the sale of 615 acres of former Weston Nurseries land by the Mezitt brothers, Wayne and Roger, has ended three days of what he called, a process about the process. The group interviewed seven companies who have expressed an interest in purchase or development of the land, among them Pulte Homes, which presented a plan for all of the 900 acres under the Mezitts' control, the first hint that the entire parcel could be sold. Photo by Brian Morrison from left, John Sawyer, Darin Samaraweera, Stephen Smith.

     KSS Realty, which has many entities, is partnered by people including Darin Samaraweera and Stephen Smith, known as a member of the Kennedy family tree, who gave a philosophical preface before his introduction to the team he assembled for today's presentation. This company is also currently proposing a development on West Elm Street on the property owned by Elena Wright.

     Mr. Perry's group feels obligated to find the most revenue-positive type of development for the property, a situation that would not exist if hundreds of homes were built with school-aged children in each, causing the construction of yet another new school. KSS offered that their proposal could mean a net annual tax revenue of $1.45 million. To put that into perspective, the gross revenue from EMC is about $1.5 million, and the two power plants that are located in Bellingham pay that town combined about $6 million annually.

     The town is involved because it has Chapter 61A right of first refusal of any bona fide offer to purchase land which has enjoyed agricultural tax status.

     To view a video clip choose this.

Hopkinton Home Rule Charter ready for prime time

Charter Commission to hold Public Hearings on September 21 and 28

7:00 pm - 10:pm Hopkinton High School Auditorium.



1. Preliminary Report

2. Charter Table of Contents

3. Home Rule Charter (Preliminary)

Residents will soon have an opportunity to let the Hopkinton Charter commission know what they think about the proposed town charter. The Charter Commission is hosting public hearings on Wednesday, September 21, and Wednesday, September 28, from 7 to 10 p.m., in the Hopkinton High School Auditorium.  HCAM-TV will broadcast the hearings.


After 15 months of meetings, the Hopkinton Charter Commission has completed its preliminary report and sent it to state officials this week. The attorney general will review the report and send the commission a written opinion regarding any provisions that may be in conflict with the state constitution and Massachusetts General Laws. Copies also went to the Department of Housing and Community Development which is a clearing house for all home rule charters, but does not have review authority.


After the public hearings, the commission will discuss all comments and decide what, if any, changes to make to the charter. They must submit the final report to state officials by November 15. Voters will approve or disapprove the charter in the ballot box at the annual town election in May 2006.


Copies of the Charter Commission report will be available at the town clerk’s office in Town Hall or at the Hopkinton Public Library by September 7, 2005. The report is also available online at


Residents who are unable to attend a public hearing can send their comments to the Charter Commission c/o Town Hall, or e-mail the commission at http://www.hopkintoncharter.orgContent provided by the Charter Commission.

New School Resource Officer is also D.A.R.E. graduate


by Robert Falcione

September 1, 2005 — Why would a father of two leave the excitement of a patrol car for the environment of a school? For the new the new School Resource Officer, Tim Brennan, the question is easy.

     "After working fifteen years at a college, one of the things I missed was interacting with students; teaching," he said. Officer Brennan was a  Lieutenant on the Babson College Police Department before coming to Hopkinton. The new position opened up when Jay Porter was promoted to Detective. As part of the new role as  SRO, Officer Brennan took a D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Prevention Education) course and became qualified to teach the program. Brennan and Porter, as well as Officers David Shane and Phil Powers are qualified for D.A.R.E.

      The D.A.R.E. course took Officer Brennan two weeks at the Boston Police Academy in Hyde Park. "It helps to know what the kids think are the hot drugs and how to identify them.

     "It helps to teach kids to make better decisions to keep them off of drugs," he said

      Officer Brennan, who holds a Master's Degree in criminal justice, also teaches defensive tactics and R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense), which he will be offering soon.

     When asked what he hopes to leave behind when his time is done at the school, he didn't hesitate.

     "Just that I made a difference in someone's life," he said.     

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