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Community Covenant Church of Hopkinton, MA

(Located just off the 21b exit of route 495 on the corner of W. Main & South Streets)

Fall Fair 2005  “A Harvest Festival”

Saturday, October 15th    10 am - 2 pm


(Rain date: October 22nd)


Community Covenant’s “Harvest Festival” will once again be a fall fair for people of all ages and interests, featuring silent auction items, crafts, neighborhood “attic treasure” tables, activities for children including face painting.


Homemade Swedish baked goods will be highlighted along with traditional fair foods. Proceeds will support both the church’s facility expansion fund, and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina (through World Relief).


Neighbors desiring to set up an “attic treasure” table should call Misty Hatch at 508-533-3758.


Family and Friends of Hopkinton's Class of 1980.

                       We are holding a 25 Year Reunion!     Please help get the word to our classmates.  

                  We are hopeful to gather as many as possible to share some stories and more than a few laughs.

                            Please forward all inquiries to Ken Johnson at kenjj02@hotmail.com

Hard work is a good lesson

Dear Editor:
It is with great interest I read the stories associated with grades and Mrs. Bartlett. I struggled with algebra and geometry when I was a student at Hopkinton High over two decades ago, but I was expected to (and I did) stay after school to get help from my teachers. They were all very willing to help me and as a result I passed. But I worked very hard in order to do so.

Just this past spring I took two algebra courses required for my college degree program. I was nervous remembering what a hard time I had with this subject. And you know what? I was right; it was extremely difficult. But I studied, attended help sessions at school, and asked my daughter and co-workers for help. I passed with a fairly respectable average. FULL LETTER.

Mrs. Bartlett prepared students for life

Dear Editor.

I am writing in regard to the article “School Committee: Not the Kid’s Fault.” I am not into politics or do I pay much attention to them, but this article caught my eye and it really bothered me. I am a former student of Mrs. Bartlett. I was in her math class in 1994. I didn’t like math, nor did I like school all that much. At the time, Mrs. Bartlett and I didn’t see eye to eye. She was tough, and she wouldn’t just pass people along. I thought she was mean. FULL LETTER.

Opposes position and method of Church in teaching sexuality

Dear Editor,

An article in the Boston Globe was brought to my attention, and truthfully horrified me. It stated, "Churches from various denominations opposed to gay marriage are preparing for what they are calling ''Protect Marriage Sunday' on October 2, a one-day signature-gathering blitz they expect will generate enough names to advance a 2008 ballot initiative banning same-sex weddings."

Will there be families in Hopkinton attending services as usual on Sunday October 2 perhaps unaware that they are going to be asked to sign a petition to ban same sex marriages, while their children (who may not know what it means yet) are standing by. Will they be swayed from their true feelings to doing what the "church expects of them"? Or will they take a stand and say "No Thank You", and pass their fellow parishioners by and go home in peace to love and serve the Lord? Frankly I find it sickening that the church feels it's ok to put people in this position. Isn't that what voting is about? Where you choose in privacy, not put to the test in public, in front of your friends and neighbors. FULL LETTER.

Did you know that clicking on the Colella's icon brings you to their web site where you can view the daily luncheon specials, phone  ahead, and have your meal, or company's meals waiting?



Daily Luncheon Specials 11 am-2pm

 Wednesday, September 21

 Stuffed Turkey Dinner $6.99

…w/mashed potato, stuffing, squash

 tossed salad, cranberry sauce, roll & butter, fruit

 Our Own Homemade Sausage & Peppers $4.59lb

…Sub $3.99

Our Own Homemade Mac & Cheese $4.99lb

Baked Beans & Sausage $3.99lb

Chicken Lasagna $6.99lb

Whole Roasted Chickens $2.79lb


Happy Anniversary to us! Part II

The early days

Email "Why I like Hopkinton" in 50 words or less

Best entry wins $150.00  (We upped the kitty)  


by Robert Falcione

September 20, 2005 — Part I, below, dealt with the beginning of HopNews; how inspiration and the need to share feature photography grew an idea from nothing into close to 30,000 visits in one record month two years later. Polyarts was our first feature; a photo of Carol Mecagni, left, was among the gallery we presented following that event in September, 2003.

     At Polyarts 2004, we did a crude video of the Common, the people there, and the terrible storm that washed it out, knocking down the displays of many of those brave enough to set up. We noted that teen artist Silas Jackson stayed through the storm until he could boast being the last to leave.

     Polyarts 2005 was a good chance to take advantage of the assets and capability of sophisticated video presentation, as well as what people have called our "edge." There is a fire in the belly of this writer to promote individual art, something we expended a lot of time on in the first days.

      During that time HopNews had an entire section devoted to the artists in Hopkinton, showing their artwork as well portraits of the artists themselves. But as the immediacy of HopNews' mission became more clear, the Arts section, although a fine presentation, did not fit in due to its static state. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to rotate the work of artists on a reasonably often basis. Fortunately, there seems to be enough material from events at the CAA, the High School and Middle School, and from the ESL (Enter Stage Left Theater) to satisfy most lovers of the performing arts. The photo on the right is of two volunteers at the HPTA Haunted House at the CAA building in October, 2003. It is a hugely popular scare-fest.

     The first readership milestone was in October, 2003, one month after we started, when a record of over 100 people logged on in one day. It was a day following "Mary Harrington Night," a tribute to the former Selectman and hard-working volunteer Clerk of the Board of Appeals. It can be reasonably assumed that Mrs. Harrington has a large email list, as well as devoted friends and family members, resulting in the record number of visits.

    Fourteen months later, on December 10, 2004, we saw 825 people log on to HopNews. And this past May another milestone was passed; over 1,500 visits were made in one day. Although about 20% of the visits are repeats, the fact remains that 1,200 different people logged on that day. Part III to follow.

Board of Selectmen


Board votes to appeal Decision of of ZEO


DPW Re-Appointment/Water issues

By Peter Bergeron                               

September 20, 2005 —Tuesday night’s meeting began with the re-appointment of J.T. Gaucher as DPW director. Gaucher’s tenure in office was highly praised by the Board of Selectmen as fruitful and beneficial.

     In response to questions from Selectman Mary Pratt, Mr. Gaucher commented on the road drainage issues surrounding the prior flooding of Colella’s supermarket and what his department is specifically doing to alleviate the new problem on Main Street in front of the market.

            Eric Carty (Photo, right), the water/sewer manager explained how the extreme weather conditions this past year have contributed to uncertain water levels in the Hopkinton reservoir. From this past July until August, severe drought conditions almost caused the voluntary mandatory water ban to turn into a mandatory one.


Fruit Street Property Zoning Issue

The central topic of the evening was the board’s choice whether or not to appeal the August 29th determination of Municipal Inspections and Zoning Enforcement Officer, Michael W. Shepard (File photo with granddaughter), regarding the town's Fruit Street property (See previous story). One key issue was Selectwoman, Muriel Kramer’s (Photo, in red) July 29th letter to Shepard inquiring about the town’s zoning rights on the property. The most controversial aspect of the town’s proposed development is a wastewater treatment facility.

Mrs. Kramer’s letter was criticized as "inappropriate" by fellow selectman, Ron Clark. Clark claimed Kramer’s letter was mailed under the official title, "Selectman" and not "private citizen." Clark further complained that, although Kramer sent the letter under her official title, it was not forwarded to her fellow Board members. Chairman of  the Board, Eric Sonnett, called for the Board to “pull together and work this issue out as a team.” Town Counsel Larry Faiman questioned many of Mr. Shepard's determinations.

            A question and answer session will be held in October for Hopkinton residents to speak with civil engineers regarding the logistics and concerns of the Fruit street development. More details on the possible appeal will be available as the process continues. Editor's note: According  a source at the meeting, the Board voted to appeal the Decision. An earlier report was in error.


Youth Commission

      Youth Commission’s Chairperson Michelle Lenk (File photo) outlined her group’s efforts to give Hopkinton’s adolescents a safe and fun haven after school and during the school’s half days. The First Congregational Church has offered a location for youngsters to go to with movies, games, a music room and gymnasium. Chairman Sonnet hailed Ms. Lenk’s efforts to acquire funding and iron out insurance issues with transporting the children from school to the church’s property.

Linda Katz was appointed to the Youth Commission based on her previous experience teaching special needs students and her volunteer work helping disadvantaged youths. Eric Sonnett called her energy “refreshing” and “a pleasure to have someone so qualified and happy to volunteer.”

When Ron Clark asked Ms. Katz what are the three most important things young children ought to learn, her swift responses were “listening, empathy, and communication.”



Polyarts 2005




Click on the image to see the second of three presentations of interviews done at Polyarts 2005 on HopNews.tv


Hurry, still some openings!

Call Police Headquarters to sign up  508-497-3401

Hopkinton Police Association Golf Tournament
3rd Annual- October 3rd, 2005
204 Saddle Hill Road Hopkinton, MA 01748

Time: 10:00 AM Check-in 11 :00 AM

Shotgun Start
$135.00/ person (includes 18 holes of golf, cart, dinner and more)
MAXIMUM limit 144 Players (36 foursomes) -first come basis
Scramble format . Door Prizes Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin . Raffle Prizes Contests
Please send registration forms and payment to:
The Hopkinton Police Association Golf Committee

74 Main Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748


Police News Up-to-date


5:39 pm A resident from East Main Street reported that a van had just pulled into her driveway and a male started to beat some kids in the van...


7:10 am A caller reported that a town by law was being violated on Cedar Street.  Officer Stephen Buckley responded and shut down the workers...


8:32 pm A caller wanted an officer to check her house on Lakeshore Drive.  The caller was not home, but was just concerned about a neighbor who she has had problems with and may try to damage her house...


4:25 pm Officers Matthew McNeil and Aaron O'Neil responded to a caller from Main Street who reported being assaulted by a teenage boy...

The van in the photo displayed no placard or plate that must be displayed for those privileged to do so.

There is no excuse.


September 20, 2005 — Although the CAA barn building is not quite suitable for humans, these pigeons make good use of its cupola.

Happy Anniversary to us! Part I

Hopkinton News (HopNews.com) is 2 years-old


Win $100.00 ~  Email "Why I like Hopkinton" in 50 words or less


by Robert Falcione

September 19, 2005 — The Hopkinton News is two years old and are we having fun. As of 11:36 pm, our counter tells us that 1206 HopNews pages have been viewed today on 931 visits. An actual server log — we once had one — would count 20% more than that counter. That brings a realistic estimate to more like 1,100 unique visits today. To take it even further, it could be that given that more than one person actually views HopNews from the same computer, sometimes at the same time, that 2,000 pairs of eyeballs see HopNews on a good day. All this from nothing in two years.

    The graph to the right shows the progress for the last 11 months, from 5,000 last October to a peak of over 24,000 visits last May — a 500% growth! We have seen from the last two summers that fewer people are around that time of year. But in the fall, fewer people are on vacation and more are logging on. Once again, add about 20% to all figures for an accurate visit count.

     Some statisticians like to compare visits with "hits." However, a hit is every  time that a file is looked at, whether it is a



page file, or a picture file. And as HopNews readers know, there are a lot of image and picture files on every page.     For instance, HopNews had over 2.5 million hits in the last 32 days. That is a lot of content, almost 40 gigabytes transferred to the computers of readers. HopNews.tv, which is where we link our video to and from, has an equivalent amount of data transferred.

     HopNews readers have viewed over 69,000 pages in the last 32 days.

     This all started because your Editor was not getting enough satisfaction from his feature photography. One local paper I used to contribute to stopped taking non-staff photos when they got gobbled up by a larger entity. Another local paper I contributed photography to could simply not use all of my photos.

      So HopNews got its name registered on September 11, 2003 because one photographer wanted to share his work with his town. The compliments have been humbling.

    The first major event on HopNews was Polyarts, 2003. It was a gallery of photos. In addition, very early on Dick Gooding's nephew, while building schools in Afghanistan, sent back amazing photos of the land and its people.

    Shortly after we registered, the Secretary of State granted us the right to use The Hopkinton NewsTM. It became immediately clear that people would be confused for some time over the name and the mission, so we stuck with HopNews.com as an introduction and brand. Part II to follow.



Woodville Rod and Gun.

October 15th, 8pm

Enter Stage Left Theater (ESL) will be entertaining the town on October 15th, 8pm at the Woodville Rod and Gun.  It is called ESL LIVE!  and follows a similar format to Saturday Night Live.  There will be comedy skits, musical performances and a news cast poking fun at local politics.  This is an adult evening.  There will be cheese and crackers, light snacks and a cash bar.  After the show the dance floor will be open until midnight!  Tickets are $15 and can be reserved by emailing esltheather@comcast.net or calling 508 331-0454.



The clock is ticking


               Special Offer!                 


 Sept. 19 - Sept. 30th, 2005.


Bring your overdue items back NOW!

No fines until midnight Sept 30th. 2005.


Fisher cat

     Okay, my bad. Several people have emailed to say it is a fisher cat in the photo on the left (Scroll down, too) and have provided these links below.

     Bryan King, a biology teacher at the High School is one of the writers correcting HopNews. So if expert opinion, and biology-by-majority matters, we'll have to declare this a sick and/or molting fisher cat.

     It could be worth noting that of all of the links, and the photo on the right, the one taken last night is the only one of a living animal. 

Thanks to everyone for helping out. ~ Editor. Photo on right by Russ Phipps previously published by HopNews.









Polyarts 2005




Click on the image to see the first of three presentations of interviews done at Polyarts 2005 on HopNews.tv






To see a small gallery of photos from 2005 Polyarts, choose this.

Hmm hmm good

September 18, 2005 — From left, Mike Makynen selling Apple crisp at Polyarts to Anne Fairbanks, Betty Campbell, and Doris Kumlin. The Apple Crisp was a huge success. They sold out by 2:15 pm, raising over $1,200 dollars for the Hopkinton Library. ~Jack Palitsch, Library Trustee Photo by Jack Pailtsch.

Brownies and...

September 18, 2005 — The message is clear, today in the skies over Hopkinton.

You're going down a one-way






September 18, 2005 — This critter, an apparent weasel (Corrections welcome), paid no heed to the directional arrows in the parking lot at the Hopkinton State Park at dusk today. It appears to have wiry fur, indicating that perhaps it is molting. It also paid no heed to the signs requiring animals to be leashed — but then again, the sign specifies pets — as it walked passed several people and a large family, of which members were photographing and videotaping the rare sight.

     Experts would likely agree that the animal's knowing proximity to humans would indicate that it is not well. In addition, it was limping as if having been hit by a vehicle or in a scrap with a worthy foe.


NOTE: The low light, combined with the movement of the photographer, resulted in less than optimal images.

Up and slightly away

September 18, 2005 — This male mallard duck flies just inches above, and parallel to, the surface of the water at the Hopkinton Reservoir  this morning with his webbed feet tucked in. He'll extend them forward to assist his wings in slowing down when it is time to land.


September 18, 2005 — Pastor Adilson Ferreira, of the Brazilian church Baptista Vida Nova in Framingham, dunks a new believer into the waters of the lower beach at Hopkinton State Park this morning as he shouted "Hallelujah Jesus!" in Portuguese in this practice of baptism. Baptism of adults, and others of the age of reason, is a Christian ritual of cleansing the soul of sin in a concurrent acceptance of the deity of Jesus Christ.

Donna J. (Harrington) Hamm, 54, of Ludlow, formerly of Hopkinton, died Thursday, September 15, 2005 at her home, following a courageous 11 year battle with cancer. She was the daughter of the late George and Lorraine Harrington.


Passes tests

September 17, 2005 — Officer Matthew McNeil places a confiscated air rifle into the trunk of his cruiser as Officer Linda Higgins stands by at the front of the cruiser with two young men who were in the truck. The driver passed field sobriety tests today shortly before midnight.

Storm assaults Hopkinton

September 17, 2005 — A fierce but short thunderstorm that ravaged Hopkinton at around 11:00 pm this evening brought a lightning strike near the Woodville Baptist Church, moving a neighbor to call and report that the structure was on fire. The Fire Department sent several resources to bear after learning that the smoke detectors were going off also. One Firefighter reported a possible strike on a nearby tree.

     The storm caused flooding on Wood Street and in the middle of downtown, brought traffic to a crawl, and knocked tree limbs down.

Polyarts a smashing success

To see a small gallery of photos from today's Polyarts, choose this.

September 17, 2005 — The downpour that loomed large over Polyarts today — the one that eventually hit Hopkinton at 11:00 pm — didn't keep people away from Polyarts 2005, packing them into the Common . Others from the community, like the folks at the Korean Presbyterian Church (Above), took advantage of the throngs by offering their wares; in this case Korean food.

      Ten year-old Lincoln Brown, below, was perhaps the youngest solo artist on Main Street today, setting up shop on the sidewalk in front of 20 Main Street, and selling prints of his original pen and ink drawing of the gazebo on the Town Common.

Hillers lose thriller in last 18 seconds! 20-14

Great effort falls short!

by Peter Marso

September 17, 2005 — The Hopkinton Hiller football team lost a classic thriller last night at Chick Welch Field 20-14 in a game that see-sawed back and forth until the last 18 seconds. Jon Stickney (File photo) had a great game with a great run for a touchdown and Craig Sager threw a running back option touchdown to Bryan Doyle as the Hillers fought hard defensively to stay close to the boys from Oliver-Ames High School in Easton (Hockamock League). It wasn't until the last 18 seconds that the Tigers put the game away only to eliminate the hillers on a 3rd-and-goal from the 2 yard line. The Hillers, after an outstanding effort, will take to the road next Friday night when they open the Tri-Valley League season against the Norton Lancers. Great effort by the Hillers!!





               Special Offer!                 


 Sept. 19 - Sept. 30th, 2005.


Bring your overdue items back NOW!

No fines until midnight Sept 30th. 2005.

POLICE NEWS now up-to-date


6:51 pm Officers Thomas Lemon and David Shane responded to a call from Ursla Drive about someone that appears to be getting hurt... 


8:36 pm A walk in reported that her vehicle was parked at a Main Street business this morning, and she just went to pick it up and it was gone...


3:49 pm A passing motorist on Rafferty Road reported that two males were acting suspiciously around a parked vehicle... 









The Planning Board will hold a Zoning Forum on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 at 7:00 PM in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room of Town Hall.  The purpose of the Forum is for the Planning Board to hear ideas that the general public, Boards, Committees, and organizations have with respect to desired changes to the Zoning Bylaw and/or the Zoning Map. 


This will not be a meeting for the Planning Board to propose ideas, but rather to hear from others.  So if you have ideas or suggestions, please attend and let us know!

Reduce mercury emissions

 Dear Editor,

 Most people know that eating fish contaminated with mercury can cause brain damage and learning disabilities in unborn babies and young children.  While coal-fired power plants are highlighted as sources of mercury, some people don’t know that mercury is also in many household products, such as thermostats, switches in appliances, and measuring devices.  Mercury containing products become a health threat when they are disposed of, thrown into landfills, and burned in incinerators.  Such disposal practices emit mercury into the air and water. READ FULL LETTER

 Jon S. Wilcox, 44, of Douglas, died Monday, Sept. 12, 2005, at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham.


School Committee: Not the kids' fault

"We can't have a teacher go off on her own and say, 'Here are my standards.'"

 ~ Dave Stoldt, School Committee Chairman, commenting on the need for standard curriculum


by Robert Falcione

September 15, 2005 — The School Department, and especially High School Principal Dorothy Gould, has come under fire from the community for adding seven points to the grades of two classes of last year's students of 25-year veteran teacher Rachel Bartlett, against her wishes. Mrs. Bartlett protested the move at the previous School Committee meeting, and according to one press report, said that the students had particularly weak skills and had poor work habits. The School Committee shot back tonight with a "Mathematics Grade Distribution Analysis," and did not mention Mrs. Bartlett once, but noted a comparison among Teachers 1, 2, and 3. It could be inferred who teacher 3 was, and the purpose of the presentation.

     The first graph shows that the majority of students of Teacher 3 did not even attain a C grade, and  only 6.3% got the brass ring, whereas the students of the other two teachers scored almost equally across the board with a B grade being the average. Teacher 3's students scored two full grades below the students of the other two teachers.

     The School Department has come under fire from many quarters since the previous meeting, for what the public has perceived as them bending under pressure from parents, devaluing the given grades. It has been apparent in Letters to the Editor in this organization as well as others. Mrs. Bartlett has also enjoyed a groundswell of support from people posting in HopNews' "Talk City" department.

      Chairman of the School Committee Dave Stoldt noted the opinions of many of the School Department's critics. "'Maybe they learned more even if they scored lower,'" he said, playing Devil's advocate, presenting the argument that others have. However, a child in the last two years of High School is in the throes of competition for college acceptance, where grades sometimes trump knowledge.

      "This was a situation that was not equitable, and we did the best we could," said Mrs. Gould, referring to the grade changing.

      "This is the first time in my career we've changed a teacher's grade, said Dr. Phelan. "Mrs. Gould did an exhaustive analysis, and whether you agree or disagree, she showed courage," he said.

     "The goal is K-12 to make sure that the curriculum being taught is consistent," said Mr. Stoldt.

      Resident Denise Rao Monaghan (Photo) asked, "How does it end up in the fourth quarter? Was there a breakdown in parent-teacher communication?"

     "Should the grades have been monitored in term 1, 2, 3? We need to take a look at it," Dr. Phelan said.

     "Most of the parents I spoke with, at first questioned their children because we have such faith in those teaching," he said.

      Dr. Phelan said that he felt, "Maybe it was not a lack of effort on the part of the child."

      Chairman Stoldt said that they want to make sure the curriculum being taught is consistent.

      "We can't have a teacher go off on her own and say, 'Here are my standards,'" he said.


Cafeteria Union

Below, about a dozen members of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) stand in the audience, which is out of sight of the Cable TV cameras, in support of the  half-dozen fellow members in front of the School Committee to protest the "impasse" in negotiations with the School District's management negotiating team. The Cafeteria Union Local 888 Resident Shawnheather Moge'l read from a prepared statement protesting what she claimed were management attempts to "..negate the ENTIRE articles concerning job positions and seniority rights." 

Rain, rain go away,

And stay away on Polyarts Day

September 15, 2005 — Above, the rain water rose to the bottoms of the doors of passenger vehicles in front of Hitchings Hardware today as the sky burst open sending torrents of water down the streets, turning roads into rivers and sidewalks into streams. Bottom, DPW Director J. T. Gaucher inspects the recent work done to improve drainage behind Colella's Supermarket. He said that the DPW visits these types of drains after storms to remove debris. In this photo, he points to such debris. As the photographer passed Colella's back door and asked owner Dale Danahy if the rain had affected them, she grinned and showed two thumbs-up. Previous to the storm water drain modification, the store got flooded from storms like today's. Today's rain was reminiscent of the deluge from the remnants of a hurricane that washed out Polyarts last year. ©2005 HopNews.com

Classified Ads

Two Free Parakeets!  Both birds are approximately one and a half years old and love being together.  They come with food, a cage for them to live in plus an extra cage to make cleaning easier, a container to hold the cage, and an informational book. For additional information please call (508)435-4667.

Girls Bedroom Set: 7 pieces, very sturdy. 2 twin beds with 3/4 posts, desk, double dresser, night table, swivel stand-up full size mirror, mini armoire. Yellow with white Formica top. Price $400. Call 508-435-3075.



PAVING NOTICE: The paving of A, B, C, and Pleasant Streets has been postponed until further notice. TBA.


Cheerleaders to compete

By Michael Torosian


September 14, 2005 - The Hopkinton-Ashland Youth Football and Cheerleading Association, Inc. Raider A and B Cheer Squads will be participating in the Annual Hockomock Cheerleading Competition, on Saturday October 15th, at Brockton High School. They will compete against squads from Milford, Hyde Park, Pembroke, Mansfield, Fall River, Mashpee, Norton, North Attleboro, Randolph & Plymouth. "This will be the only preliminary competition." said Raider Cheerleader Coordinator and A squad head coach Tami Mastrogianis, "The top 3 squads from each division will compete on October 29th for the chance to compete at the New England Regional Championship." 

           The Regional Championship will be held on November 25th at the DCU Center in Worcester. The Regional winner will Represent New England and go to Florida to compete in the Nationals. Mastrogianis tells me that "These girls work very hard on perfecting these routines for competition." Mastrogianis’ A squad cheerleaders won the 2004 Hockomock League Novice Division Championship and then finished 4th the New England in 2004. 

H.A.Y.F. & C. President Vinny Hanrahan said that all football players are encouraged to go and support their cheerleaders “I would love to see the football players go and support the cheerleaders." He adds "These girls are out supporting and cheering for them every weekend, I think they could take one day to cheer and support them.” Tickets for the event are available for sale on the Raider Football website.

Concert nets $1,500.00

Lemonade stand pulls in $135.00


     The concert the Parks and Recreation Department held Sunday to benefit the victims of Katrina raised 1,500.00! The crowd was very small but those that came were generous. I would like to thank Prues Blues and the Coca Banana band for their effort.
     The Fritsche Family and Duchemin Family joined us with their lemonade stand. They put in $135.00! That's a lot of lemons. ~ Chairman Michele Gates


September 14, 2005 — This daytime resident of Ice House Pond should be shoving off to a warmer climate soon, as the trees behind the gazebo will turn red, then orange. The photographer would have preferred the bird, which is still trying to swallow the last piece of a fish that was wriggling in its throat and caught in its open beak, would have  been closer to the lens, showing real distance from the structure and separating the bird from the background, creating more depth in the photo. The bird is there several times a week, for those with a long lens, and a knack.

Shame on the School Committee

To the Editor:


Dear School Committee Members:


It is with great dismay I read the articles about the padding of grades at the High School.  As a former student at Hopkinton High School, I would like to set the record straight regarding when Dave Stoldt said that no grades had ever been padded at Hopkinton before.


In the late 1960's at Hopkinton it did indeed occur. In fact, there was even a name for it — the Bell Curve — and the grades were "scaled" up. But in less than one year it was no longer used when the administration realized that students were not earning their grades. As students we soon realized that we did not have to work for our grades, they were simply given to us without as much effort on our part. It was abolished quickly. READ FULL LETTER.

Town of Hopkinton has 24 vacancies on 14 Committees.

See list and then call Town Hall to apply. Geri Holland, 508-497-9700.

The winners


September 14, 2005 — Bill Rodgers, above, jogged across Hayden Rowe Street to the Hopkinton Common this morning to be interviewed for a new television show on the GSN network, available on cable and Dish, called Anything to Win. Below with Rodgers, the 1980 Men's Division winner, is Jacqueline Gareau, the 1980 Women's Division winner, who saw imposter Rosie Ruiz with her crown on as she crossed the finish line that year. Rosie Ruiz had hopped into the race near the finish and broke the ribbon, but the lack of salt stains on her clothes was one of the pieces of evidence that betrayed her fraud.

    According to Producer, Matt Liston, "The show is about people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to win."

    Mr. Rodgers said, "I really like this town. It's been a while since I've been here. I used to work here at the start of the race, but they have me at the Finish Line now.

HopNews keeps families connected

My 9-year old daughter was amazed this past summer when told that I saw her previous nights ESL performance on HopNews.com.  At the time I was instant messengering her from Costa Rica
HopNews, keeping families connected!

J. Roach Bogasky
6 Wescott Drive

September 14, 2005
 More Letters

Editor's Note: "HopNews, keeping families connected" is a great slogan. Although Mrs. Bogasky did not know it, HopNews is about to annouince that it is celebrating its Second Anniversary  with a giveaway of $100.00 for the best answer to the question, "What I like about HopNews." More to follow.

Hopkinton Country Club to open to the public

One day fundraising event Friday September 16 to benefit Katrina victims

September 13, 2005 — The Hopkinton Country Club is opening its greens and its heart to the public to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina. The Country Club is booking tee times from 6:30 am on for 18 holes of golf.

      "The suggested donation is $100.00 per person," said Pro Shop Manager Jeff Czerwinski. "We are doing this on a Friday, because it is our busiest day, hoping to fill every tee time, getting 24 golfers per hour," he said. At that rate, a filled book would earn over $28,000.

      The idea, conceived and propagated by General Manager Tim Garden, and owners Joe Pasquale and Dan McLaughlin, also features a raffle and silent auction with the objects being golf lessons from area country clubs and tickets for the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.

       To reserve a tee time, call the Country Club at 508-435-4630, and ask for Jeff Czerwinski. Checks are to be made out to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Hopkinton resident Ted English resigns position as

Chief Executive Officer of the TJX Companies, Inc.

Sept. 13, 2005--Edmond (Ted) English, 52, today announced his resignation as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Director of The TJX Companies, Inc. (NYSE:TJX), effective immediately. Mr. English had served in this role since 2000. Bernard (Ben) Cammarata, 65, Chairman of the Board, was named Acting President and Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors, and will continue to serve as Chairman. Mr. Cammarata has extensive experience as an off-price executive, having served as CEO of TJX and its predecessor businesses from 1976 to 2000.
     A search for a permanent President and Chief Executive Officer will begin immediately and will include both internal and external candidates. Mr. English has agreed to act in an advisory capacity to Mr. Cammarata to provide for a smooth transition.

     Mr. Cammarata commented, "I would like to thank Ted for his service to TJX and the significant contributions he made to the Company. During his tenure as President and CEO, the Company's sales and profit increased significantly, as we opened over 900 stores and created more than 50,000 jobs. Today, TJX remains a financially strong and highly profitable company, with a strong competitive position and a deep management bench. The Board joins me in thanking Ted and wishing him well in the future."

     Mr. English commented, "For the past 23 years, I have had the privilege to work with an extraordinary group of talented and dedicated men and women and, for the past five and one-half years, have had the honor of leading this organization as its President and CEO. I am proud of our many accomplishments over this time. However, despite these accomplishments, we are faced with several challenges in our business today. While sales and segment profit at Marmaxx, our largest business, have experienced strong growth, our other businesses have not met expectations over the past year, despite actions taken to improve their performance. After much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that these businesses would benefit from a fresh perspective at the top. I believe that Ben Cammarata's vision, experience, and leadership skills will serve TJX well in the interim period." Contributed content.

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