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No winner for Stone Structure contest

October 5, 2005 — Above is the approximate location for the stone structure featured in our contest, located in the path of the old railroad bed. Many people guessed similar structures in other locations, mostly on railroad beds. Some people thought it was the stone structure, perhaps watering trough, for the old Hopkinton Springs located on Lake Whitehall. It is barely accessible behind the northern side of the Walcott Valley Drive condos. It appears still to be in use as part of the storm water drainage for Walcott Street. Please note the $50 has been added to the wining pot for the "Why I like Hopkinton" contest.


Above, Police Officers Philip Powers, Linda Higgins, Aaron O'Neil and Sgt. Joseph Bennett. Left, sporting knickers, School Resource Officer Timothy Brennan.

Police Association Golf Tournament scores

     This was the Third Annual Hopkinton Police Association Golf Tournament.  All have been held at the Hopkinton Country Club.  Proceeds benefit the Association, which funds numerous events for the community throughout the year, such as the Fishing Derby and the Seniors Dinner. The net profit of this year's event is unknown, because all of the bills are not in yet.  A final accounting will be available shortly.

     This year's committee was comprised of Tim Brennan, Phil Powers, Scott vanRaalten, Bill Burchard, Linda Higgins and Aaron O'Neil.  All of these officers golfed in the tournament, except Det. vanRaalten, who had to work.

     Other officers who golfed were Jay Porter, Joe Bennett, Pat O'Brien, Matt McNeil, Mike Hamilton and Steve Buckley.  Various other members of the department and their spouses who don't golf volunteered in other ways throughout
the day in order to make the event a success.

Contributed by Sgt. Michael Sutton. Photos ©2005 Michael Sutton

Proposed Trails Committee Garners Support

Liisa Jackson looks to expand scope of proposed Committee


By Peter Bergeron

October 4, 2005, The First Congregational Church; the site for the first public meeting for all parties involved with the future Hopkinton Trails Committee. — The Trails Committee proposal is an effort spearheaded largely by Hopkinton resident, Liisa Jackson. The Committee hopes to provide more opportunity for walkers, cyclists, and equestrians to traverse Hopkinton without the presence of motorized vehicles.

Liisa Jackson began her presentation to the gathering of keen volunteers by laying out the Trails Committee's primary objectives. One such goal is to complete the link of the Upper Charles River trail, a 27-mile loop that runs through Milford, Holliston, Sherborn, Ashland, Framingham, and Hopkinton. Another of the group’s goals is to protect and enhance the trails system through the Weston Nursery property. Additionally, the committee will focus specifically on developing new trails and linking and enhancing existing trails.

            The Committee will be chosen at the behest of a pre-selected screening board in The Town Hall; Selectman’s Hearing Room #205, Thursday Oct. 6th at 7:00 PM. The Trails Committee is an appointed Committee of 5 members that are taken from the 8 candidates the screening committee chooses. Photo, Mavis O'Leary, Liisa Jackson, Cathy Dietz.


Scope of the Committee

            The Trails Committees purpose as defined by the Board of Selectmen is to “develop a town policy for trails throughout Hopkinton, and then report back to the Board of Selectmen with recommendations to implement a plan to establish concepts for trail usage.” Jackson hopes to expand on this mandate by creating a trails Committee with more than 5 members who will work closely with the Open Space Committee to implement the Upper Charles River Trail. The trail has already been designed in a previous trails campaign from 1998.

            Liisa points to permanent committee work in other towns like Marlborough’s Assabet river trail, which has been completed successfully. The Framingham Cochituate Rail Trail has been enhanced and will extend into Natick center in the future. Audience member and Selectman Mary Pratt explained that “trails committees in other towns are permanent and that we are behind the times to not have a trails committee in town.”



            Dan Salvucci, a Committee hopeful who has “always been in trails,” offered the group some of his past experience in trails policy and implementation. Salvucci cites money and NIMBY (not in my back yard) as major hindrances to past attempts to complete the Upper Charles River Trail. Another issue Salvucci addressed was the instance of personal agendas not breeding cooperation. People who opt for a biking trail may be unwilling to reconcile with equestrians.

            Selectman, Mary Pratt elucidated the crowd in other town’s trail policy by saying that the majority of town’s trails do not allow motorized vehicles. However, snowmobiles are generally allowed because they help to pack the trail down in the winter and can even be used to create trails. Liisa Jackson re-iterated how important it is for all candidates to be prepared to respond to the screening committee with a specific policy they feel would be most appropriate for Hopkinton’s trails. Jackson also pushed for owners and abutters of proposed trails like Salvucci to join the Committee and make their concerns known also.

            The Trails Committee screening will begin in Oct 6 in Town Hall room 205 and well be “first come, first serve” all 23 applicants will be interviewed individually. If a candidate cannot make the screening process they are urged to contact Geri Holland at Hopkinton Town Hall. geri@hopkinton.org or call (508) 497-9700.

POLICE NEWS now up-to-date


8:47 pm A caller from Mayhew Street reported that a boy, approximately 5 to 6 years old, came to her door looking for a friend.  When the caller stepped outside to assist the child she saw, who she thinks was the boys mother, very intoxicated...


12:50 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported that a strange man was knocking on her door...


9:03 am An 8 year old boy dialed 911 to report that he and his friend, who were left alone in the house, were afraid because there was a suspicious man outside their house...

Life Flight needed

October 4, 2005 — Life Flight from UMass in Worcester arrived in minutes to this address on Donna Pass shortly before 2:00 pm today to help rescue a 22 year-old workman who had fallen from the 12th rung of a ladder and landed onto the  cobblestone below, hitting his head. Officer Philip Powers was first on the scene and found the patient with a pulse, but not breathing. He administered breathing assistance until the man could breath on his own. The man was brought to the helicopter landing area, a side yard of a residence on Donna Pass, and brought by Life Flight, still unresponsive, to UMass in Worcester.

    OSHA arrived on the scene over an hour later to investigate the accident.


Photo below, Life Flight preparing for patient.

Below, Police Officer Philip Powers, and Lt. William Miller of Hopkinton Fire Department Group 2, load the patient into the Hopkinton Ambulance for a short transport to the waiting. helicopter. The worker presumably fell from one of the ladders seen in the photo.

A little to the left...

October 4, 2005 — This rodent was most helpful in allowing the photographer to catch a full shot of himself, posing on a rock, giving us a foreground, subject, and background to create the look of a three dimensional image, this morning at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam.

Good dogs

October 4, 2005 — Six Massachusetts State Police K-9 teams practiced for upcoming trials to either certify their dog or do maintenance training at the Hopkinton State Park this morning, something they do on a regular basis. Above, the Trooper expresses satisfaction with the dog's behavior by displaying verbal and hand signals. The dog acknowledges by pinning his ears back in anticipation of a patting. German shepherds, known for their exceptional intelligence, loyalty,  work ethic, understanding of language, and obedience, usually keep their ears up, aware of goings on in a wide perimeter. They can be used for tracking, crowd control, drug enforcement and most chores any other breed can perform.


Telethon goes off smoothly

October 2, 2005 — Carol Cheney, Mary Scarlata-Rowe and Bernadette Keane speak with Kevin Shea, who played the part of Donald Frump at this evening's HCE Telethon. The women will be sponsoring a variety show of music and comedy called Cold Hands, Warm Hearts to raise money to assist people with fuel this winter. HopNews will be advertising the event.


Choose the thumbnails below to see a larger photo from the telethon.

All's quiet on the eastern front

October 2, 2005 — Michael McCann, 12, plays taps from behind a large rhododendron next to the gazebo on the Town Common this evening in a ceremony inspired by Bugles Across America. He is out of view by tradition, in the dark and is further shielded from the sight of the veterans on the gazebo, because there is a blinding light facing them.

       This solemn ceremony, in which hundreds of towns are supposed to have participated, is Sponsored by the Hopkinton Veterans Committee and organized by Evan Brooks, who also works for the Hopkinton Police Department. Tonight Hopkinton honored two veterans.


Choose the thumbnails below to see a larger photo from the Taps Vigil.


St. Paul's 14th Annual Blessing of the Animals

From periwinkles to hermit crabs

October 2, 2005 — Above, Peter Dittman and his children, Leah and Nick, bring their pet cat to the altar of St. Paul's for the annual blessing of the animals. Choose the icons below to see more photos.



Life on the rocks

October 2, 2005 — These two seagulls, like the proverbial bird on a hippo, mirror each other on top of this elephantine rock on Lake Maspenock this morning on the south side of the causeway.

No dodo here

October 2, 2005 — Seen stealthily through the leaves in the little pond north of the West Main Street causeway, this great blue heron is caught off guard and not looking his best. He resembles the legendary, extinct, flightless dodo bird. As soon as he became aware of the camera he went to his graceful flight.

Island light

October 1, 2005 — The aftermath of Thursday's storm gives Woody Island a brilliant golden glow from a low sun breaking through a sliver of cloud as seen by reader Amy Nauman from Oakhurst Road in this stunning and rare photo she shares with us.

Fall colors

October 1, 2005 — No grey in this hound, sporting a seasonal necklace, at the Greyhound Friends Open House and Reunion today at the Greyhound Friends Kennel, 167 Saddle Hill Road, Hopkinton, Mass.  508-435-5969. The event goes on tomorrow, Sunday, from noon to 5:00 pm.

Go Hillers

October 1, 2005 — The Hillers varsity football team arrives on the field and does their rally huddle while the cheerleaders hold a sign that the team will break through. The sign actually faces toward the team, but we have reversed the image to make it readable.

Hillers beat Holliston 23-8 as Hughes wins 195th career win!

by Peter Marso

September 30, 2005 — Hopkinton High School football team defeated the Holliston Panthers 23-8 Friday night in a game that gave Coach Hughes his 195th career victory. The Hillers, with a razzle-dazzle play from running back Craig Sager to quarterback Bryan Doyle (pass ), which covered 52 yards, all but broke the spirit of the Panthers as the Hillers won their third game (2-0 tvl) of the season. Sager intercepted two passes and Jon Stickney scored on spectacular runs as the Hiller defense had it when they had to as it looks like the Hillers will be in the thick of the race for the Superbowl. Tom Hunt and Anthony Tomasz had a great game; and Mark Sanborn nailed a field goal. The Hillers take to the road and travel to play an improved Millis team next week.  Photo, Paul Ostrander does the turn around after running in the first goal of the game tonight.

Off to market

September 30, 2005 — Kristen Konan, working for Keown Farm in Sutton, prepares vegetables for her stand at Weston Nurseries' Farmer's Market held Friday, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Look, up in the sky...

September 30, 2005 — "Pipeline Patrol" in large letters under the wings of the plane gives testimony to the undoubtedly large volume of calls to the police that their low-flying plane has generated as it patrols the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. The path of the pipeline, for those with a spare few minutes, can be tracked with Google Map from Hopkinton the Cape Cod Canal.

Sittin' on the dam of the bay

September 30, 2005 — This delivery driver relaxes on the Lake Whitehall Dam as a bass fishing boat goes by yesterday before a severe wind storm tore through town.

Ride-along with Officer Buckley of Hopkinton Police ~ Part Two

"We're out there to make Hopkinton a safe place."


by Robert Falcione

September 30, 2005 — On September 10 I went on a ride-along with Officer Stephen Buckley, a ten-year veteran of the Hopkinton Police Department, with the purpose of seeing things from the front seat of a cruiser and writing a story.

      When Officer Buckley made the offer, I jumped at it, but then waited for the Chief's approval, which I got after signing some sort of release, you know, just in case one of the bad guys got me, or a stray one grazed my bald spot.

      In Part One, Officer Buckley explained the tools around him in the cruiser and brought us on a tour of his neighborhoods, where he is a strong proponent of child safety. At dusk he asked a couple of teens to leave the Hank Fredette Skate Park at EMC Park because they were  not wearing helmets.

      We left off Part I with Officer Buckley observing his radar hit 50 mph from a car approaching from the opposite direction and him putting the pedal to the metal. Part II begins in that time frame. See Part II on HopNews.tv by choosing the photo of the screen.

A Stone structure

Where is it? What is it? Win $50.00 for telling us. Details below.

September 29, 2005 — This stone structure is located well within the boundaries of Hopkinton.

1.) Get the Google Map (Button above) of the area and circle the location of this structure within 200 feet.

2.) Name the purpose of this structure.

      Rescan after circling the location and email to Editor@HopNews.com or send print via Postal mail to Hopkinton News, 24 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. The first one we receive with the two conditions satisfied gets a Hopkinton News check for $50.00

Crushed car

September 29, 2005 — A mighty oak gasped its last breath today, toppling in the high winds of a fall storm which blew through the area, knocking out power throughout the downtown area as well as the area of the high school for several hours today. This car was parked in a driveway in Yale Road, its roof crushed to the door line and its bottom flattened to the ground. Below, firefighters attend to an oil spill from the vehicle. The DPW, Police and Firefighters were kept busy for several hours with rapid responses.


September 29, 2005 — The telling tracks on the side of the road lay witness to the driver's path. It appears his nose dug into the earth and the vehicle up-ended and flipped over, as it is facing opposite the direction of travel. A mechanic for a local garage was test-driving the vehicle for a customer, gauging the speedometer with a visually-dependent electronic device, when he apparently lost control. The driver was examined in the ambulance but as of this writing, given a green light.

Reader wants to set record straight

Dear Editor,

I found your recent article covering the second hearing on the Preliminary Charter to be biased in that it failed to mention the many people in the audience who spoke in support of the recall measure and their reasons for doing so. Your article only mentions those individuals who opposed the recall and your article only advances their points of view. In fact, more people in the audience spoke in favor of the recall provision than not.

In the interest of fairness, let me try and set the record straight. In the audience was a hiring manager in the corporate world, who spoke in support of the recall measure. She stating that no company ever hires any individual without making some provisions for their removal before their term is up for ethical or other reasons. Let me interject here that the running of this Town has often been compared to running a business. And if carte-blanche job terms is unacceptable for businesses, it should also be unacceptable for the Town of Hopkinton. FULL LETTER.

Fuel spill

September 29, 2005 — A fuel spill, believed to be diesel fuel, on Overlook Road went unreported until an anonymous caller phoned the Fire Station with the details. Motorcycle Patrolman Thomas Griffin and Fire Lt. Skip Lukey speak with the driver of a truck on the construction site which has no plate showing. The EPA was called.

Board of Appeals hires attorney

for Fruit Street appeals

Attorney will be consulting for one town department ~

Others will be arguing against others

Each applicant to pay $500 initial fee


by Robert Falcione

September 28, 2005 —  The Board of Appeals voted this evening to retain the services of attorney John Fernades to advise it during the appeals of ZEO (Zoning Enforcement Officer) Michael Shepard's Decision regarding the intended uses of the Fruit Street property the Town of Hopkinton owns See previous story.

      Selectman Muriel Kramer (File photo), acting as a private citizen, several weeks ago requested that ZEO (Zoning Enforcement Officer) Michael Shepard  review the Town's zoning regulations concerning each of the intended uses of the Fruit Street property that the town purchased and has slated for a school, DPW, and waste water treatment facility. Mrs. Kramer specifically asked in her letter for a determination by the ZEO as to whether or not each use is permitted, and whether a special permit is needed.    

     Mr. Shepard determined that the entire parcel lies within the WRPOD (Water Resources Overlay Protection District), which requires a Special Permit for many uses, including the controversial wastewater treatment facility.

      Referring to the proposed DPW facility, Mr. Shepard wrote, "Of all of the proposed uses, this is the most problematic, given the purpose of the WRPOD." He goes on to write that some of the uses of the DPW are "specifically prohibited."  That Decision is what brought the appeals by three town boards and a private citizen.

       The Board of Selectmen, the School Committee and the Board of Health have all filed appeals of Mr. Shepard's Decision. Ken Weismantel also filed an appeal.

      Prior to this evening, Selectmen had already acquired the services of Town Counsel Larry Faiman for their own appeal, leading to this board's need for outside counsel.

      When asked earlier today why he felt the Board of Selectmen went forward with the appeal, Selectman Ron Clark said, "Because Attorney Faiman made a compelling case why the Zoning Officer was wrong:

      "Wrong based on by-laws. Wrong based on past procedure. And wrong based on common sense." FULL STORY.

Hopkinton Charter Commission hears from public

Gets most flak over "recall" provision


Second Public Hearing

By Peter Bergeron

September 28, 2005 — Charter Commission Chairman Marie Eldridge (File photo)this evening introduced the second public hearing for Hopkinton’s Charter Commission. Eldridge first presented the Charter’s most recent developments in a PowerPoint presentation. Mrs. Eldridge gave the concrete example of a DPW committee being reorganized in town; however the process has been languishing in legislature, the kind of burdensome legislature the Charter Commission hopes to work around.

            The Commission laid out their game plan of hearing public inquiries up until Wednesday October 5. The Commission must have its completed charter submitted to several state agencies by November 15 for the state to analyze the legality of the charter. The Charter will not go to a town meeting but will be voted in Town Election in May 2006. If the Charter is passed it will be effective immediately unless otherwise stated. FULL STORY.

 Rural Character

September 28, 2005 — A few minutes on Pond Street yielded the photos above and below as well as a few more that represent the rural character of Hopkinton admired by most people responding to surveys when asked what they liked most about the town.


Why can't we be like Hopkinton?

September 28, 2005 — Sharon Reidy, foreground, and Kate Brady, who are both from Wellesley, enjoy an early fall day on Hopkinton Town Common with a lunch from Bill's Pizza after shopping at the Country Plus in Hopkinton.

      "I hope they never do to Hopkinton what they are doing to Wellesley," said one of the women.

      They both remarked about the beautiful buildings in downtown Hopkinton and lamented the loss of similar structures in Wellesley "in the name of progress."

      "They're tearing down the Wellesley Inn," said one. "The Wellesley Inn!"

      Their viewpoint contrasts with that of some people from Hopkinton who ask, "Why can't we be like Wellesley?"

      Calls to the listed Wellesley Inn phone numbers got an out-of-service response.

GPA or learning more important?

Dear Editor:

I have been reading up on this grade padding issue with Miss Bartlett and I have to say the whole thing amazes me.  I had Miss Bartlett for 2 years while at HHS and I have to admit, she was by far probably the toughest teacher I had, but I have her to thank for much of the success I have had in my life. She prepared me for the real world more than any other teacher. I learned what good work ethic was and that I had to take responsibility for my own destiny. She was always very fair and more than willing to stay late to help. FULL LETTER

Reader wants other residents to attend Charter Hearing Wednesday, September 28

Dear Editor,

This Wednesday, September 28, is the final public meeting to provide input on the town’s Charter before the Charter Commission’s November 15th final document deadline.  After that, the Charter will be sent to the Commonwealth for review, and then voted on in its entirety, not individual sections, at the Town Election.  FULL LETTER.

Editor's note: An astute reader brought our attention to a broken link for the continuance of this letter which appeared earlier on the page. It is repaired. Thank you for being vigilant.





Greyhound Friends Inc. Fall Open House and Reunion


Saturday, October 1 and Sunday October 2  

12:00 noon – 5:00 p.m. 

      Greyhound Friends Kennel

167 Saddle Hill Road

Hopkinton, Mass. 




Featured photo of Alex



Resident catalogues Hopkinton wildflowers


I have spent a number of years photographing wildflowers in our local area, mostly around Bloods Pond where I live, and have assembled an online catalog and identifier of almost 250 species at:


The catalog isn't finished or fully polished, but as that will probably take me a few more years. I figure it's time to give it some exposure if it's to be of any use to people.

The "identifier" should be particularly useful to beginners, as I haven't seen another like it in online form.
~ Morrie Gasser

Reader wants other residents to attend Charter Hearing Wednesday, September 28

Dear Editor,

This Wednesday, September 28, is the final public meeting to provide input on the town’s Charter before the Charter Commission’s November 15th final document deadline.  After that, the Charter will be sent to the Commonwealth for review, and then voted on in its entirety, not individual sections, at Town Meeting. 


Many of the changes to town government proposed in the Charter may appear uninteresting or arcane, at first glance.  Arcane as they may seem, each of these provisions will have a direct impact on our ability to manage the direction of our town in the future and on the quality of our community. This makes the proposed Charter absolutely relevant for everyone in Hopkinton.  My own opinion is that some of the proposed changes would improve town government, but that others diminish the role of voters and put basic democratic principles at risk. FULL LETTER.



Sunday Taps Vigil


Town Common

Sunday, October 2, 2005

7:00 pm

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