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Invitation from Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust


Please join the Riverways RIFLS Program presentation on the Importance of Adequate Stream Flow to maintain the health and natural beauty of our streams and rivers on Thursday, October 20 from 7 to 9pm at St Lukes Church Hall on Ruggles Street in Westborough. Riverways is part of the State's Department of Fish and Game. Come learn how you can help with these important programs.  An informative powerpoint presentation regarding river ecology will be followed by a volunteer training session.


The Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust & Friends of Lake Whitehall volunteers monitor stream flow on brooks feeding the Cedar Swamp and the Hopkinton Reservoir for the Riverways RIFLS Program and the USGS Upper Sudbury River Study. Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust's mission is to protect the Outstanding Resource Waters (ORWs) of the Cedar Swamp ACEC. These waters and their wetland habitat are a vital resource to a significant population in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to the beauty of its own almost 2000 acres, the Swamp is the headwaters of the Sudbury River, which offers recreational and aesthetic value for miles.


Book and video tape sale

Senior Center on Wed. Oct. 19 from 9:00 - 3:00 . 

We have a huge selection of videos.  Prices are $1 for videos, 25 cents for paperbacks and 50 cents for hard cover.

~Thanks Cindy


 From the Radical Middle...

I'm sorry you stepped on my toe...


by Robert Falcione

October 14, 2005 — One day several years ago, as I related a strange experience to a friend, he said, "All of the marbles roll in your direction." He was referring to the inordinate amount of quirky people who cross my path on an all too often basis. Sometimes, I am not as kind and understanding to those people as I could be. I would like to say "sorry" to a few of those people now, some whose identities I do not know.

      I am sorry you were in your truck barreling down Pond Street and were on my side of the road when you rounded the corner today. I am sorry it sent me braking into the side of the road as you fled the scene. I am sorry the resulting shot of adrenaline to my head clouded my creativity long enough to let you escape without being photographed. My bad.

     I am sorry you didn't pick up your dog mess at Lake Whitehall. I am even more sorry I found it.

     I am very sorry I took your photo while you were in the parking spot designated for Handicap in front of Town Hall. I am sorry that you stuck your middle finger up at me and I took  a photo of you doing it. I am even more sorry that I am looking at a print of it right now.  FULL STORY


Here I am

October 14, 2005 — Chipmunks look as if to encourage interaction, but are really making sure possible predators see them go down their decoy burrows. Last week at the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam.

Snails and puppy dog's tails...

October 14, 2005 — Frogs in the Little Pond at the end of Lake Whitehall on Pond Street are usually quicker than the photographer, leaving a squeaky peep and a small splash in their stead, like this one did, moments after this shot was taken.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney Honors Project Just Because Founder Cherylann Lambert Walsh


Founder of Project Just Because Cherylann Lambert Walsh has received a prestigious Governor's Award, the Outstanding Volunteer award. Below she is pictured receiving it at the at Holliston Town Hall from Lt. Governor Kerry Healy, while her former classmate, State Rep. Paul Loscocco, looks on. The text of the award is recited below.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Governor's Award
The Outstanding Volunteer Award, awarded to
In recognition of your outstanding service and spirit of volunteerism. As Founder and President of Project Just Because, you have worked tirelessly toward bringing neighbors together to help those in need. Project Just Because has brought hope to thousands of people throughout the Commonwealth. Started out of a basement, Project Just Because has become a strong organization serving Metro West families with basic necessities such as clothing, blankets, bedding, baby items and providing services such as a Career Center. Your unwavering commitment and dedication to serving those in need is inspiring and we are pleased to recognize you for your outstanding service to the commonwealth.

This seventh day of October in the year 2005
Mitt Romney, Governor
Kerry Healey, Lieutenant Governor

Contributed content. Photo ©2005 Clem Lambert

Zoning Enforcement Officer to hold public meetings


October 13, 2005 — Michael Shepard, Hopkinton's Zoning Enforcement Officer, in a conversation with HopNews this morning, has decided, contrary to the quick decision he made last evening, that the meetings he has with the appellants to his Fruit Street Determination will be public. (Story below).

     "They will be the kind of meetings where people [The public and the press] will be allowed to attend but not to give input," he said. "It's important for people to know what's going on. The meetings will be posted and the public allowed to attend," he said.

    Most public meetings, unlike public hearings, do not have a mechanism for inclusion of the public in the deliberations of a board or committee, although many allow and enjoy public input. Mr. Shepard is under no obligation to open his non-committee meetings to the public.

Chairman of BOA sees need for corrections

Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a few corrections with respect to today’s story “Fruit Street Appellants to meet behind closed doors”.    I recognize that you did not have available a copy of our letter, and this may have led to some confusion.   I apologize for not providing you with a copy last night.


First, your story states that the Board of Appeals considers Mr. Shepard’s (ZEO) August 29th letter “a valid and binding Decision”.   That is not true.   The Board of Appeals has made no determination as to the status of the Mr. Shepard’s correspondence as a binding decision. FULL LETTER. 


No cookies at Cookie's Corner

Hopkinton street names very confusing

by Dave D'Amico

October 12, 2005


There is no school on School Street.


Center School is on Ash Street.

Elmwood School is on Elm Street.

Our High School is on Hayden Rowe and nowhere near School Street.

Even the old High School is on Main Street.


We do have a Yale Road and an Amherst Road.

But there's no college on College Street.

You can't shop on our Newbury Street.

The hardest road to get out of is called Pleasant Street.


There are 6 Churches in town and only 1 is on Church Street.

And none of them are on Christian Way or Angel's Way.


Twin Island looks nothing like Woody Island.

And you have to leave town to get to Pine Island Road.

Lumber Street has neither a lumber yard nor a saw mill on it.

And no mill on South or North Mill Street. PLEASE READ FULL STORY (and punchline)

(Editor's Note: The rapid nature of our news reporting has given us the following headline the evening of the event, but a change of plans occurred the very next morning. The ZEO will invite the public.)

Fruit Street Appellants to meet behind closed doors

"I forgot my clown hat" ~ BOA member, an aside before meeting

Project Just Because gets just decision


Fruit Street

October 12, 2005 — The Board of Appeals (BOA) (See documents on website) this evening voted to have Zoning Enforcement Officer Michael Shepard meet with the appellants of his Decision regarding the Fruit Street property uses to try to hammer out some sort of agreement prior to the scheduled Public Hearing on October 26 in the High School Auditorium.

     The Town bought 257 acres on Fruit Street at Town Meeting over 2 years ago and has been studying and proposing uses for the property through the Fruit Street Development Committee, spearheaded by Selectman Ron Clark, its Chairman. Proposed for development are a school, a DPW facility, athletic fields, over 55 housing to be privately developed, drinking water wells, wastewater treatment, package sewage plants, among others.

     Mr. Shepard, in response to a request from Selectman Muriel Kramer, studied the proposed uses and wrote an opinion, which the Board of Appeals considers, to the criticism of others, a valid determination. In his determination, Mr. Shepard allowed few uses by right, which would send most applications for development before the planning Board or the Board or Appeals.

     Referring to the proposed DPW facility, Mr. Shepard wrote, "Of all of the proposed uses, this is the most problematic, given the purpose of the WRPOD [Water Resources Protection Overlay District]." He goes on to write that some of the uses of the DPW are "specifically prohibited."  The Board of Selectmen, the Board of Health, the School Committee, and Ken Weismantel have all filed appeals, each citing different reasons.

       When asked on September 28 why he felt the Board of Selectmen went forward with the appeal, Selectman Ron Clark said, "Because Attorney Faiman made a compelling case why the Zoning Officer was wrong:

      "Wrong based on by-laws. Wrong based on past procedure. And wrong based on common sense."

      In its Appeal to the Board of Appeals, the Selectmen questioned that a determination was made; and further questioned the authority of the BOA in the matter.

       At the Selectmen's meeting last evening, Selectman Ron Clark was quoted as calling the process a "zoning circus," which was the apparent reference tonight when one BOA member said sarcastically before the meeting, "I forgot my clown hat." The Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial body which is the last stop an appellant has before Superior Court or Land Court. FULL STORY.

4th annual Veteran's Day Dinner

Woodville Rod & Gun Club 5:30 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The 4th annual Veteran's Day Dinner co-sponsored by the Council on Aging and the Veteran's Celebration Committee will be held at the Woodville Rod & Gun Club on Wednesday, November 2, 2005.  The doors will open at 5:30 pm, with the dinner starting at 6:00 pm.  The dinner is free to all Hopkinton veterans.  Last year we had over 95 attendees, this year we hope to have more.  Please call the Senior Center at 508-497-9730 to RSVP.  The Woodville Rod & Gun Club is located at 229 Wood Street, Woodville.  Below, last year's veterans group.

Hopkinton poet to appear at Passim

October 16th Club Passim in Cambridge Ma. at  7:30 p.m. "Culture for Kids Benefit Concert" with singer/songwriter Ellen Schmidt and daughter, Wendy Santis, accompanied by musicians Seth Connelley, Al Gould and Mary Pratt. 


With special guest, spoken word artist, Cheryl Perreault accompanied by Steve Rapson and Steve Sanford. Introducing opening act with the folk/ rock/bluegrass band, Talaria. This concert is a fundraiser to provide children of the Boston area a center which offers free, monthly culturally diverse programs of art and music. Call 435-8638 for more info.




Woodville Rod and Gun.

October 15th, 8pm

Enter Stage Left Theater (ESL) will be entertaining the town on October 15th, 8pm at the Woodville Rod and Gun.  It is called ESL LIVE!  and follows a similar format to Saturday Night Live.  There will be comedy skits, musical performances and a news cast poking fun at local politics.  This is an adult evening.  There will be cheese and crackers, light snacks and a cash bar.  After the show the dance floor will be open until midnight!  Tickets are $15 and can be reserved by emailing esltheather@comcast.net or calling 508 331-0454.

To see a video invitation from the ESL Newscaster, choose this link.




Community Covenant Church of Hopkinton, MA

(Located just off the 21b exit of route 495 on the corner of W. Main & South Streets)

Fall Fair 2005  “A Harvest Festival”

Saturday, October 15th    10 am - 2 pm


Community Covenant’s “Harvest Festival” will once again be a fall fair for people of all ages and interests, featuring silent auction items, crafts, neighborhood “attic treasure” tables, activities for children including face painting.


Homemade Swedish baked goods will be highlighted along with traditional fair foods. Proceeds will support both the church’s facility expansion fund, and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina (through World Relief).


Neighbors desiring to set up an “attic treasure” table should call Misty Hatch at 508-533-3758. (Rain date: October 22nd)

Donna M. Sicuso, 54, died October 10, 2005 in Burlington. Born in Boston, she was the daughter of the late Dominic and Mary (Albondy) Sicuso. She was a 1968 graduate of Arlington Catholic High School and a 1971 graduate of the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing.

In her nursing career she worked in various capacities in medical facilities including Massachusetts General Hospital, Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Lahey Clinic. Toward the end of her career she lovingly served in hospice care. SEE ARRANGEMENTS

Additional Fall Leaf and Brush Drop-Off Hours - 2005:
The Recycling Center on the Hopkinton/Westborough Town Line (E. L. Harvey &
Sons) will be open this Fall for leaves, grass, and brush disposal on the following Sunday mornings:
Sunday, October 23  through Sunday, November 20  from 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 noon.


The Hopkinton Fire Department, at 73 Main Street, will be hosting an open house on Sunday, October 16th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm   in celebration of Fire Prevention Week.





POLICE News now up-to-date


5:01 pm A caller from Smith Road reported that a suspicious male was walking around the neighborhood...

2:38 pm A caller reported that she was a Mechanic Street by herself and had fallen off a truck and possibly broke her wrist...

9:29 am A caller from Singletary Way reported that there was deep lawn damage done to her lawn...

Hopkinton Selectwoman Muriel Kramer to attend a 5-week Citizen’s Legislative Seminar at the State House


October 11, 2005 — Hopkinton Selectwoman Muriel Kramer will attend the 59th Citizen’s Legislative Seminar (CLS) held at the State House in Boston, MA beginning October 19th.  Mrs. Kramer was selected to participate after being nominated by Senator Karen Spilka.

            The CLS program works to familiarize participants with the Legislature and the lawmaking process to provide a hand’s on and realistic experience with the legislative process.  Typical sessions include presentations given by Senators and Representatives followed by small group discussions facilitated by legislative faculty.

            From the State’s literature on the CLS, “The goal of the Citizen’s Legislative Seminar is to provide a unique opportunity to both observe and participate in the legislative process.”

            “I am very excited about this opportunity to get a better understanding of the whole legislative process from the State House and that vantage point in particular; I look forward to the opportunity to discuss current topics in some detail during the seminar sessions and to learn the ropes a bit concerning the process as a whole.” – Muriel Kramer

            State Representative Paul Loscocco has also been very supportive and has offered Mrs. Kramer an insider’s look at the process when the House is in session while she is Boston for the CLS.


            Selectman Kramer also announces office hours during October and November; Mrs. Kramer will be available in Town Hall from 9AM to 10:30AM on Tuesday October 18th and 25th and on Monday November 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.  Interested residents can drop-in during those times; please stop first at the Selectman’s Office for room location when coming by for office hours.

            “I want to be more accessible for residents to discuss issues and concerns, and I thought regular office hours might be very helpful.”  -Muriel Kramer 

            The weekly office hours will be offered on a trial basis through the end of November and will be continued if residents find the hours helpful; feedback is encouraged. Contributed content. File photo ©2005 Robert Falcione.

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8th Annual Michael's Run

5K Run ~ Walk

Saturday October 15, 2005

• Noon at Common

• 10:00am registration

• $15 per person for race. Barbeque and awards to follow.

•$5 for barbeque only.

All proceeds donated to the Michael Lisnow Respite Center. Register online or call 508-435-1222.


Photo ©2005 Robert Falcione, taken at Respite Center in April 2005 of volunteers and pledged runners of the Boston Marathon.




     St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will be hosting a potluck dinner in the Parish Hall on Saturday, October 15 at 6:00 p.m.  All are welcome to this event, which in addition to offering food and fellowship will also give attendees the opportunity to meet St. Paul’s new rector, Father Michael Billingsly.   There is no charge for the dinner, although attendees are asked to bring a dish to share.  (Meals should serve six people and be in disposable containers.) 

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte 135) in Hopkinton.  

       The mission of St. Paul’s is to minister unconditionally to all in the name of Christ through shared worship, teaching, healing, and service.  For more information call 508-435-4536 or visit St. Paul’s website at www.stpaulhopkinton.org

Newcomers Annual Family Fall Festival


The Hopkinton Newcomers Social Club will be holding its Annual Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 15th at the EMC Playground from 2:00 - 3:30 PM.  This is a free event for both members and non-members.  Donations are welcome.  The children will enjoy crafts, trick-or-treating, refreshments, a costume parade and a special performance by children's entertainer, "Mike the Music Man".  Arrive on time so you won't miss a moment of the fun.  This event will not be held if it is raining.  Please RSVP to Kelly Ianelli at 508-497-9557 or dkianelli@verizon.net


The CAA and the Hopkinton Historical Society 


 Historical House Tour


Sunday October 16, 2005- 12:30 - 4:30pm

Tickets available in advance at Main Street Specialties, 15 Main Street, Hopkinton -Action Copy Plus ,34 Main Street,  Hopkinton or online at www.caahopkinton.org. Tickets available the day of the tour at the CAA Farmhouse- 98 Hayden Rowe Street (508)435-9222.



The CAA and the Hopkinton Historical Society 


An Afternoon with Lady Agnes Frankland 

Hopkinton Town Hall- Sunday, October 16, 2005  4:00 pm.

Framingham storyteller Libby Franck portrays one of Hopkinton's most controversial residents, Lady Agnes Frankland.


Hear about Lady Frankland's elegant Hopkinton manor house, the lavish parties and her scandalous life.

Hopkinton Town Hall- Sunday, October 16, 2005

4:00 pm. Tickets are $5.00 for adults-$3.00 for students and CAA/HHS members. Space is limited- tickets should be purchased in advance.

Contact CAA at 508-435-9222 or buy them on line at www.caahopkinton.org .


 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

Bridget is 8 years old  attending the third grade at Elmwood School. She read this poem as part of a class poetry reading hosted by second grade teacher, Anne-Marie Altavilla at Elmwood back in June. ~ Cheryl Perreault

Hopkinton Women's Club News


October 10, 2005 — The Hopkinton Woman’s Club would like to welcome Renee Martin , our newest member.  Please join us beginning at 9:30 a.m. for the next Hopkinton Women’s Club meeting scheduled for Monday, October 17th, held at The Cultural Arts Alliance on Hayden Rowe.  After the business meeting,  come and enjoy the fall weather and club spirit at Tougas Farms for apple picking. (in case of rain, “out to lunch” following the meeting!)  Project Hope, chaired by Jeanne Quaranto and Debra Fortin, will be collecting for the Respite House any of the following:  liquid laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, and conditioner.

     Our first outing is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th.  Susan Spiegel and Kathy Yankee are planning a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see the Ansel Adams exhibit.  “Take a new look at the work of this great American landscape photographer through an outstanding selection of images from The Lane Collection. You’re likely to see an Ansel Adams you’ve never seen before.” Before heading home, we will lunch at Bravo or the Galleria Café which are located in the Museum. Guests are always welcome!

     Looking ahead, November 14th is The Hopkinton Women’s Club first evening meeting of the year!  This meeting will be held at Main Street Specialties from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. where they will present a program on Holiday Entertaining.  New members welcome!

     Would you like to be part of one of the most philanthropic organizations in Hopkinton, participate in ongoing projects, collaborate to explore new opportunities, and make new friends?  Come join us!  Our meetings are generally held the second Monday of the month.  Social Hour is 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m., meeting is 10-11 a.m., and program 11-12 p.m.

     For more information, please call Susan Spiegel, Membership Chair at 508-497-9545 or visit www.hopkintonwc.com.

 Senior Moments

Hopkinton Seniors Welcome Fall

Contests, events, prizes, bingo


Red leaves cascade down,

In gay profusion to the ground;

Yesterday’s dreams

Piled knee high, wilted and past due;

Playthings of time, they drift away

On chilling winds.

Twisting and twirling

'Til they fall to earth

Unwelcome in someone’s yard;

Who does not understand

Their unfilled promises…

A gallant hoarfrost writes their epitaph

In morning silver. ~ Ann DiLeo


October 10, 2005 — That’s a senior’s way of saying time passes too quickly. October’s Bright Blue Weather is here, autumn already… Another summer past!

        October offers Hopkinton seniors a variety of events. The most important health issues are being discussed all month at the Senior Center. The staff has been well advised on the changes in health care plans to start in January and have scheduled several meetings both at the Center and Davis Road for seniors to learn about the changes. They may also arrange personal meetings.

               Of course, there are some fun times planned for Halloween. So, get out your costumes, seniors. Scare us all, or make us laugh. Trick or treat, will be all treats this year, with at least two costume parties planned at Davis Road and a decorating lunch at the Senior Center,

               On Friday, October 14, at noon, the Senior Center will have a pizza and bingo party. The cost is $2.00. A variety of prizes will be offered.              

               The Mothers’ Club will be at Davis Hall with their preschool children, to offer a funny, scary, parade in the community room, Friday, October 21, at 10 a.m. Refreshment will be served. Seniors are invited to parade with the youngsters and wear costumes.

               The Brampton Circle Club will sponsor its Halloween party and potluck supper on Saturday, October 22, at 6 pm. There will be prizes for costumes, and a raffle. For those who don’t bring a supper dish, the price is $5.00

               Pictured here are two Davis Road seniors trying out some costumes for the Halloween party, Barbara Wirzburger and Ray Drawe.

               The Senior Center will offer its annual Harvest Pot Luck Lunch, Friday. October 28, at noon.  The cost is $5.00 for those who don’t bring food. And the Halloween decorations, with flowering pumpkins will be done on Thursday at 12:30.

               These events plus the usual senior bus trips Tuesdays and Thursdays, should keep seniors busy all month… Happy Halloween, BOO!!!

Love, Annie

Bicycling can be fun and functional

Relive an earlier time

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

October 10, 20005 — For years before the contrasting cost of pumping air into bicycle tires and pumping gas into a car’s tank became seriously dramatic, two Hopkinton residents, Eileen Sullivan and Philip Mecagni, have been exploiting the pleasures of a silent balancing machine that combines riding in a convertible and surfing a wave, with the sensory stimulation of environmental sights, sounds and smells.


Sullivan has a part time job with a Hopkinton realtor in the same building where her husband works.  Because driving two cars to a parking lot for the day seemed foolish, Sullivan’s office clothes commute in her husband’s car when she bikes the three miles from home, wearing sweatpants over padded bike shorts.  (File photo, Philip Mecagni and wife, Carol, exercising with kayaks.).


But her 21-speed hybrid with straight handles serves more than a practical purpose. “When I pulled out my bike to see the start of the 100th Boston marathon, and found myself walking it up an incline, I told myself, ‘This is ridiculous.’  FULL STORY.

HopNews.com presents, starting Sunday October 16, 2005...


October 9, 2005 — As a part of its support of the local community of performing artists, HopNews.com will be sponsoring an Acoustic Cafe jam session every Sunday from 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm starting October 16, 2005 at Cornell's, 229 Hayden Rowe Street. People are encourage to bring an instrument — sorry, no drums this time  around — or just their voice, and stop by for good time of music and new friends. Of course the general public is invited to enjoy the entertainment at no charge.


October 15th, 8pm at the Woodville Rod and Gun. 



ESL LIVE!  It follows a similar format to Saturday Night Live


There will be comedy skits, musical performances and a news cast poking fun at local politics. 


This is an adult evening.  There will be cheese and crackers, light snacks and a cash bar. 


 After the show the dance floor will be open until midnight!  Tickets are $15 and can be reserved by emailing esltheather@comcast.net or calling 508 331-0454. 


To see a video invitation from the ESL Newscaster,

choose this link.


Athletes inducted into Hopkinton Sports Hall of Fame

Above, back row: John McBride, Paul Hill, Michelle Fredette Stevens, Lori Davis Bukowski, Kerri Chatten, David Clark, Jeff DeVincentis and David Hughes. Front: Marilyn Varnum Gallo, Helen Fair Cady, Francis "Buzz" Cady, Mary McDonough Carey, Mary Kenney (Daughter of Bill Kenney), Cindy Whalen (Daughter of David Whalen.).


October 8, 2005 — Fourteen people were awarded induction into the Hopkinton Sports Hall of Fame this evening, as well as three which were given posthumously, at a reception in St. John's parish center.

Below, childhood sweethearts Helen Fair Cady, Class of 1938, and husband Francis "Buzz" Cady, Class of 1937, had the unique distinction of being inducted into the Hall of Fame together this evening.

CLICK HERE to see a gallery of photos from this evening.

Hillers blast Millis 35-0 ~ Hughes wins 196th career victory!


by Peter Marso

October 9, 2005 — In what probably could have been a JV affair, the Hopkinton Hillers football team blasted the Millis Mohawks 35-0 in a game that gave coach Dave Hughes his 196th career victory last night. The Hillers scored all their points in the first half as Bryan Doyle passed for two touchdowns and ran for two. Craig Sager had a 52 yard run from scrimmage as well. The victory kept the Hillers in tri-valley league contention (3-1) Overall. The Hillers will host Medway next Friday night and a tri-valley league title is with in their reach. Coach Dave Hughes will also be inducted into the Hopkinton High-School Hall of fame Saturday night as a coach and player! 

    Time of the season  

October 7, 2005 — The Potenzone brothers, Ryan, 2, and Andrew, 5, play around in the makeshift spooky graveyard that is their front yard, at the beginning of Wood Street, at Jackie & Company Hair Salon.

Pumpkins galore

October 7, 2005 — Above, Pratt's Pumpkin Patch is not difficult to find. Travel North Street until the orange scene above appears. Pumpkins of all kinds can be found here, but bring correct change if you can, because purchases are often on the honor system.

Pumpkins plus

October 7, 2005 — Paul Doherty wonders who is taking his photograph as he takes a break in between customers at Angel's Garden Center at the top of the West Main Street hill, where pumpkins, straw, gourds and other fall delights can be found.

Dam rehabilitation celebration

Photo, left to right, Selectman Muriel Kramer, Historical Commission Chair Michaelyn Holmes, State Rep. Paul Loscocco, William Salomaa Manager Flood Control and Dam Maintenance, State Senator Karen Spilka, Environmental Affairs Secretary Stephen R. Pritchard, DCR Commissioner Stephen H. Burrington, Eric Sonnett Selectmen Chairman, Mary Pratt Selectman. HopNews photo by Eric Montville.


October 7, 2005 — Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) celebrated the completion of restoration and rehabilitation work on the Whitehall Reservoir Dam with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on today.  The down-stream dam was turned into a road embankment (supporting a road and a new bridge over the spillway), while the upstream dam was rehabilitated with additional embankment fill for stability.  The project also improved the safety of the public road, increased accessibility for recreational use, and restored the historic gatehouse which dates to the early 1900s.

       The Gatehouse (Below) had been slated for demolition, but an outcry from Annie Marcy, the Historical Commission members, and a plea to Governor Romney by Senator Paul Loscocco, got more money into the project to restore the building rather than sweep it into the dustbin of history.

        The original dam was where the current road is, but collapsed in the 1990's, which led to a coffer dam built temporarily, where the current, new one is.


Situation at crosswalk needs improvement

 Dear Editor,

    Regarding last night's accident [Page-down for photo] at the cross-walk at the intersection of Main & Church, I am glad no one was seriously hurt, but I think luck had an awful lot to do with that. As someone who regularly walks my dog through the center of town I can attest to how dangerous that cross-walk (and all the other cross-walks) in town are. You take your life in your hands when you step off the curb in Hopkinton. You inch your way out hoping someone will stop and then when they do, there is always someone behind them slamming on their brakes or swerving around them to barrel through the crosswalk. A significant number of drivers do not yield to pedestrians, despite what the law ,and the sign, says. READ FULL LETTER

93 years-young

October 6, 2005 — Jeannie Wood of Longmeadow Mass, a participant in the "Keep Moving Program," showed off her 93 year-old friend, Mamie Miorandi today at Hopkinton State Park. After revealing the lady's age, Mrs. Wood was asked her own age.

      "Thirty-nine," she said, repeating an old Jack Benny joke.

Put your left elbow in

October 6, 2005 — Jan Marble, from the Massachusetts Department of Health, leads the groups of senior citizens from all across the state in warm-up exercises before leading them on a three-mile walk this morning as part of the "Keep Moving Program" sponsored by Blue Cross and administered by the state. About 75 seniors participated.

Only going one way

October 6, 2005 — The driver of this vehicle acted contrite after being photographed, seeking out the photographer, saying they did not see the sign.

Planning Board hears from public ~ Seeks to resurrect ZAC

"Make the Master Plan a tool of law rather than just  a guiding document "

~ Muriel Kramer, Chair, Master Plan Committee


by Robert Falcione

October 5, 2005


ZAC Considerations

 The Planning Board held a "Zoning Issues" meeting this evening to gather input from the public regarding what zoning changes people want. They lost the vote on several Articles at the last Town Meeting and wondered aloud this evening how to make their hard work pay off at the next one.

     Although a handful of the general public showed up, the majority of the audience was comprised of volunteers and elected officers who are on other town government committees, and other interested parties who wanted their voices heard.

     Vice-Chair, Brian Herr, who chaired this evening's meeting with a five of nine-member quorum, entertained a suggestion from developer Ron Roux, President of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce, to discuss first the feasibility of renewing ZAC (Zoning Advisory Committee), which has become out of favor with some of the Planning Board members. It has been suggested that the Planning Board incorporate the duties of ZAC into its process.

     The Zoning Advisory Committee studies zoning changes or proposals during the year, whether from another governmental body or a resident, and then meets with the planning Board to formulate Articles for Town Meeting.

     "I was at most of the meetings [of ZAC]," said Mr. Herr, who was on ZAC two years ago, "and 50% of the time we didn't have a quorum. We didn't have much traction — didn't get much done," he said.

     "We have gotten bogged down over minutiae," said Planning Board member Jamie Goncalves.

     "The Vice-Chair of the Planning Board chairs ZAC. I'm glad to do it if we create direction and come up with great ideas the town supports," said Mr. Herr.

     Mary Harrington, who said she served on ZAC since 1975, presented the Board with two pages of "ZAC accomplishments" in favor of re-establishing that body.

     "To be effective," said Mr. Roux, "the make up of the  Committee has to represent the community."

     Nancy Peters, Chair of the Board of Health, lamented that when she was on ZAC, it she could not attend because it was scheduled on the same nights as her Board's meetings.

     Muriel Kramer, Chair of the Master Plan Committee, advised the Board to use the civic engagement process, one which her committee has done with her survey entreaties, bringing a group together last spring.

     Hearing positive comments before him, Mr. Herr said, "Hopefully, this will stir and invigorate this process." The Board retired without voting on a renewed ZAC, but the winds definitely shifted in favor of it.

Zoning change proposals

     The Board next heard from people with proposals to change zoning in areas of Hopkinton; the first was Finley Perry, appearing as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

    Among his list of proposed changes was to allow four story buildings in the industrial lands along Route 495.

    Ken Weismantel trumped him by offering that buildings could be built even higher.

    Mr. Perry also proposed a hotel overlay in the Industrial Zone near the West Main Street/ 495 interchange.


Driver stops for pedestrian, gets hit

October 5, 2005 — This accident was not without several witnesses early this evening, shortly before 7:00 pm. The driver of the vehicle above, it is alleged, failed to stop when the vehicle in front of her stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Vehicle two had no visible damage, because the vehicle above dipped nose-down in the front from the activity of braking, and slid under vehicle two's bumper. The crosswalks will be getting upgrades with the addition of one by Walcott Street and the implementation of diagonal parking, a device known to slow traffic down.

Canoe too heavy

October 5, 2005 — A young woman attempting to lift a canoe onto a car top carrier collapsed with a back injury and was lying motionless when Firefighters arrived at the Lake Whitehall boat landing this afternoon. She was transported to Milford Hospital.

Seniors Harvest Walk

Please join your friends for a brown bag lunch and walk

10:30 AM – 1:00 PM Thursday, October 6, 2005


Hopkinton State Park Meet at the boat house parking lot

Enjoy the autumn colors, apples, cider and a special take-home surprise!


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