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1,000 plus visits yesterday !


March 15, 2005 — Ten days ago, HopNews had a record number of visits that we didn't trumpet; we had just had a record broken and didn't want to make that the story every day. But yesterday was not only a record, but the passing of a milestone.

      We had 1,024 visits to HopNews yesterday, the most in a single day, and the first time ever having over a thousand visits in one day. Why the interest?

      We are told that people enjoy the nearly real-time presentation we can make. Others like the fact that we have become news leaders; we often get the story because we had the only reporter at the event or meeting. People enjoy our feature writers because they write their passions with flair and an attention to detail. And the photos.

      One of the reasons photos on HopNews look so good is that they are presented with a back-light, much like a reflective projection screen. Another reason is the talent and experience of the people behind the cameras making the presentation exciting and aesthetically pleasing.

      Our videos are a hit with many people who read at home (Most work computers are restricted from such fun.), and we will continue to offer those.

      In addition to all of this, we have some plans in the works to take it to the next level very soon.

      Thank you for reading and participating.

      It is why we do it.

Man with gun in hip holster enters bank

Blood on blankets in a bag found dumped.

Lifeline call brings response.

Patron refuses to leave.

All this and more in updated Police News.

March 14, 2005 — HopNews' roving camera found the closest large body of open water in Northbridge at the Blackstone River yesterday, as well as the largest body in it, a mute swan.

Hockey Seniors

March 14, 2005 — The Hockey Banquet and Awards ceremony was held at the High School this evening. Above are the Varsity seniors.

Photo: Left to Right, seated: Mike Albertian, Mark Sullivan, Justin Allain, Tom McIntyre. Standing: Pat Roche, JB Brennan, Dan Merzel, James Gibney, Sean Young, Dan Lapp, John Tappan.


The planners were gracious enough to invite the Middle School team pictured below.

Sitting From Left to Right: Brandt Davies, James Paras, Scott Bruennig, Sam Riga, Mike Richardson, Caroline Chesssare, Patrick Chessare, Brendan Finnerty, J. P. Sriberg.

Standing From Left To Right: Jack Daly, David Ramsey, Joe Fujiyoshi, Eric Lindquist, Andrew Surman.

The 5th grade boys MetroWest league Undefeated Champs


March 14, 2005 —

The fifth grade Metrowest boys travel basketball team, after an undefeated regular season, won the league championship game by defeating Holliston 52-42. In earlier playoff action the team defeated Newton 40-24, Walpole 45-25 and in the semi-final game Hopkinton beat Bridgewater 48-46. Throughout the playoffs, the team excelled in defense, while offensively executing the plays learned and practiced throughout the season. Leading scorers for the playoff games were Jake Hamilton, Jason Dlugolecki, Tim Dufficy and Danny Bressler who all also contributed strong defensive performances.

Clarisse (Claire) Rousseau Fecteau, 95, a Framingham resident since 1963, died unexpectedly, Tuesday, March 8, 2005 at St. Patrick's Manor in Framingham. SEE ARRANGEMENTS.

Likes Story


Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the article by Cheryl Perreault on Rose Leveille.  It brought back a lot of good memories about the Martin family and Rose in particular. Great story!

Mary Harrington
102 Wood Street

Hopkinton 5th Grade Girls Win Metrowest Championship


by Donna Brown

March 14, 2005 — In a very physical 1st half, Hopkinton squared off with 6th seeded Holliston.

Hopkinton’s depth and well-balanced play helped them to take a 16 – 6 half time lead.  The 1st half spurt was lead by Libby Campbell and Olivia Spector’s play off the boards as they finished the game with 8 points and 5 rebounds and 4 points and 5 rebounds respectfully.  In the 2nd half Hopkinton pressure defense and fast break wore down Holliston, which enable the Hopkinton to expand its lead. The final score was 34 –13. Strong defense play by Megan Fujiyoshi, Camerin Stoldt and Lauren Brown, as well as the offense play of Bridget McCarthy 4 point and rebounding by Anna MacDonald contributed to the strong 2nd half run.  Hopkinton went on to  play Sudbury (14-1) in the Finals.  FULL STORY

Bottom row (l to right) Tamara Mills, Alison Onofrio, Kaylee Harrison, Bridget McCarthy Second row (l to r) Dave Campbell, Lauren Brown, Megan Fujiyoshi, Olivia Spector, Cameron Stoldt, Russ Onofrio Top row (l to r) Vic Munger, Victoria Munger, Jenna Corsi, Lindsey Doucette, Libbey Campbell, Anna MacDonald, Steve Spector, Bob Doucette

Special Basketball Games


by Claudia Vanderpool

March 14, 2005 — While the area was covered in snow this weekend, 39 athletes, volunteers and coaches from Hopkinton covered the courts throughout Worcester, competing in the Special Olympic Basketball State Games.

     Hopkinton's three Special Olympic teams competed against teams from all over the state, proudly wearing home a bronze medal and two 4th place ribbons.     

     The community should be very proud of the children and adults who make up this very special organization; their courage, enthusiasm and hard work are an inspiration to everyone. If anyone would like more information in Special Olympics, please contact Claudia Vanderpool at  or (508) 435-0104. Photo by Nancy Baldiga. Hopkinton players: CJ Younis, Kelly Matter and Nick Mills

Program Rules and Logistics




All Hopkinton residents in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade will be invited to take part in the poster contest, following the theme "It All Starts Here!" for a chance to:

  • Promote Hopkinton and its athletic spirit

  • Present artwork for public display and recognition

  • Receive savings bond award

  • Highlight Hopkinton’s historic ties with the BAA Boston Marathon


Alaskan likes Hopkinton the way it is

Dear Editor,

     Sometime last year I received word that Hopkinton High School Class of 1964 would be having its 40th reunion.  So, after living in Alaska for the past 35 years, I decided to make contact with some of my former classmates and let them know just how much I missed them and the old hometown. 

     I found myself confronted with numerous responses that amounted to: “Things have changed around here Ed – It’s simply not the same town you grew up in!”  Continued in Letters.

No-name group develops mission statement


March 13, 2005 — A group of about twenty-five Weston Nurseries' neighbors and other citizens concerned about the impact that the sale of Weston Nurseries land will have on the future of Hopkinton met Saturday during the storm at the First Congregational Church to discuss what they can do to assure a friendly purpose for the site.

     The group has met and compared notes with representatives of the Friends of Whitehall, who are questioning the proposed development plans of Ron Nation on land on a peninsula on Lake Whitehall.

     The sale of Weston Nurseries land, now in the hands of brothers Wayne and Roger Mezitt, is being viewed by many people as the single largest event to impact the town in its history.

     Their mission statement reads as follows:


To impact the development of Weston Nursery land in a way that will preserve and enhance the rural character and quality of life in Hopkinton and all the surrounding towns.

Miss Part I? Read it here.

 Hopkinton Matters


The History of a Historian: Part II

Rose Leveille speaks of trains and boot factories

by Cheryl Perreault

March 13, 2005 — Rose also keeps in close touch with her brothers and sisters who still live nearby.  She acknowledges being an occasional painter and has a few of her beautiful watercolors hanging in her living room. She also writes about the history of Hopkinton and has served on the Hopkinton Historical Commission for a number of years as well as the Historical District Commission. Rose has been working as curator of a town collection of early found objects and archives of historical old books, papers and information dating back to 1720.


When asked what historical points of interest she has to share about Hopkinton, Rose states “People really don’t know about this town. I mean, did you know we once had twelve shoe factories here?” These factories were thriving in the mid 1800's unbeknownst to most current residents of Hopkinton. However, Rose notes that they eventually moved out with the primarily Irish immigrant population of workers, relocating to other areas of New England.  According to Rose, Hopkinton also had a train that ran through town until 1912 with a depot right where the Lisnow Respite Center is now located.  However, the train was rerouted in 1912 and the tracks were pulled up and sent to Milford. “Which then made Hopkinton a nice quiet town,” she said. READ FULL STORY.

Hopkinton Middle School – Student/Staff Basketball Game to benefit the Hopkinton Special Olympics Program


The general public, parents and students are welcome to join the Middle School boy’s and girl’s basketball teams and some HMS/Hopkins staff on Friday, April 1 at 7:00 PM in the Middle School Brown Gym.


Refreshments will be served in the cafeteria and raffle tickets will be sold for prizes drawn at halftime.


Admission to the game will be $3 for adults and $2 for students. 


Businesses or people wishing to donate a raffle prize, please contact Mr. Verra at the Middle School via email ( or phone (508-497-9830 x1300).

Men need not apply

March 13, 2005 Members of the Hopkinton Women's Club and Hopkinton Garden Club enjoyed an outing on Thursday March 10th to Maggiano's for dinner and Menopause the Musical in Boston. Photo by passerby who got roped into  taking it. 

Dreaming of a white Easter

March 13, 2005 — The snow has been the story this winter, and with an early Easter this year, snow is not unimaginable for that day. Above, Gazebo at Ice House Pond on West Main Street.

Below, Berry Acres across from Ice House Pond where the walking trails went undisturbed on this day.

Neither sleet nor snow...

March 12, 2005 — Annie and Sven Grill walk Abbie and Duke, residents of Baypath Humane Society.

     "Abbie is uncomfortable with strangers," said Annie. "But she's happy to see me every week now."

     "I grew up with dogs," said Sven.

     They make the trip from Northbridge to Hopkinton each Saturday because the want to help out.

     This photo taken on Rafferty Road shows the visibility behind the couple at only about 500'.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are ©2005 Robert Falcione/ Photographic Images.

March 12, 2005  — From left, Brian Morrison, Chairman of the Conservation Commission, State Rep. Paul Loscocco, and Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen gather at Main Street Specialties. Hopkinton was undoubtedly the topic of discussion.




Inherit the Wind

Saturday March 12 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm

Tickets are $8 for students & seniors, $10 for adults

Video no longer available online



The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee is meeting on Saturday,  March 12, 2005 in the training room on the second floor of the Fire Station on Main Street. The meeting will start at 9 AM and is open to all Republican and unenrolled voters in Hopkinton.  

The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee still has several open positions for the upcoming May Town election ballot.  If you wish to run for town elected office, please contact Ken Weismantel, Chairman at 435-5725 or for more information.   

If you are a registered Republican, you can become an Associate Member of our organization.  Please come to our meeting or contact our Chairman for additional information about our activities.~HRTC

Now it's a race!

RJ Dourney takes out papers for Planning Board

March 11, 2005 — Hearthstone Drive resident, businessman RJ (Robert J.) Dourney, a Republican, has taken out nomination papers for one of two seats for a five-year term on the Planning Board. Already out of the gate for those seats are incumbents Pam Duffy -D and Sandy Altamura -D.

     "We have one of the most wonderful communities in Massachusetts," Mr. Dourney said in a telephone interview this afternoon. "My wife and I want to give back to our community.

    "We feel fortunate to be a part of Hopkinton. This is a great opportunity for me to take advantage of my business experience, with over twenty years in commercial retail restaurant development. I have been with au Bon Pain for the last four years," he said.

     "This is a critical time in Hopkinton's development and there are a number of major projects." He gave Fruit street and Weston Nurseries as two examples.

      "Being sure their development enhances the character of Hopkinton is my goal." Contributed photo.

Candidates needed! Monday, March 28, 2005 — Last Date to Submit Nomination Papers

See races/positions 

FRAMINGHAM - Clarisse A. Fecteau, 95, died Tuesday, March 8, 2005 at St. Patrick's Manor. Funeral arrangements by the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home, Hopkinton, are incomplete at this time.

REPORTER Wanted: Attend one meeting per week. Join a fast growing organization of people who love what they do, and love their town. Be a part of a news organization which is on the cutting edge. If you have more than a passing interest in truth and accuracy, and can write, call 508-435-5534.

Drinking from an open container & OUI.

Man pulled over and surrounded.

Man being followed by a white truck.

All this and more in updated Police News.

Wants to continue to live in Hopkinton

To the Editor,

Recent news from the school committee that the town is facing the need of an override in order to fund the increasing student population in town makes me wonder why they are considering the sale of Center school.  The committee has said that the need for temporary classrooms in the form of trailers will become a fixture in the back of the new high school. REST OF LETTER

Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust to quit Harvey Appeal

Harvey's will be lone negotiator with Town

by Robert Falcione

March 10, 2005 — Several reliable sources have told HopNews off the record that the Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust, a group that opposed the 120,000 ft2 expansion of the E. L. Harvey business into Hopkinton, has gone into negotiations to drop their lawsuit appealing the decision of the Hopkinton Board of Appeals to grant six of seven permits applied for by the Harvey's.

     If that is true, that leaves the Town and the Harvey attorneys to hammer out some sort of agreement meant to keep this matter from going to trial and cranking up legal fees, once estimated to be up to $100,000 for the town's share alone.

     Chairman of the Board of Appeals Wayne Davies, immediately following the lawsuits appealing his Board's Decision, vowed to "Vigorously defend our Decision."

      He has responded to the the news of the impending withdrawal.

     "I cannot comment on litigation matters pending before the Board of Appeals relative to the rumors of withdrawal of Appeal by the Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust," said Mr. Davies in a telephone interview.

      John Craycroft, President of the Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT) said, "The fifteen individual Plaintiffs and the CSCT have no comment." He added, "Nine of the Plaintiffs are Hopkinton residents and six are abutters from Westboro."

     However, Plaintiff Mark E. Crosby, a Hopkinton resident who lives across from the Harvey property said the the CSCT was getting inundated with paperwork from the Harvey attorneys, "At $7,000 each time." He said he understood the the group would drop the Appeal.

      James Harvey, Secretary and Treasurer of E. L Harvey and Sons, Inc. said today, "We've heard rumors, but we've seen no paperwork."

      To read the stories written when these lawsuits were originally filed, click here. 

Spirit of Volunteerism to be rewarded

The Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association (HPTA) Scholarship Committee announces that applications for this year's scholarship are available at the High School guidance office.  Any Hopkinton High School graduating senior who is planning on continuing his/her education is eligible to apply.  Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded at Senior Recognition Night on June 2, 2005 to students who have shown a "spirit of volunteerism" in support of the high school and the community.  Completed applications are due back at the guidance office by Friday, April 8, 2005.  Transcripts are not required.

Women's Club Scholarship drive revving up

Group has raised over $300,000 in fifty years

     Once again this year, the members of the Hopkinton Women's Club are assisting the Hopkinton Scholarship Committee in preparing the Town Scholarship application forms for all Hopkinton graduating seniors who will be completing those forms and submitting them for the Scholarship Committee's review.
     Hopkinton Town Scholarship has been in existence since 1954. The scholarship committees have awarded $300,765.00 to 551 graduating seniors who have used their scholarships to advance themselves in ways in which all of us should be proud. READ FULL STORY


March is busy month for Senior Citizens

Irish stew, yard sale, luncheon and a new book top the list


By Ann DiLeo

March 10, 2005— ERIN GO BRAUGH…..

               Everyone in Hopkinton must know that it’s almost  St. Patrick’s Day. Green decorations dominate the Davis Rd. community hall, stores, restaurants and shops all over town.

               Monday, March 14, at 1 p.m. an Irish stew luncheon will be held at the community room at 1 p.m., sponsored by the Brampton Circle Club. The sign up sheet is in the hall. Price is $4.

               Thursday, March 17, the senior center will have a corned beef and cabbage dinner at noon. People are asked to call for reservations. The cost is $7.50.     

               After the Irish fireworks fade we will be getting ready for the first day of spring, March 21, and an early Easter, March 27.  I hope the snow has melted by then for a good Easter egg hunt.  FULL STORY


Inherit the Wind

Thursday March 10 @ 4:00 pm

Friday March 11 @ 7:30 pm

Saturday March 12 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm

Tickets are $8 for students & seniors, $10 for adults --->HS Auditorium

CAA Design Contest


The Hopkinton Women's Club and the CAA are collaborating on a contest to design the Club's very popular and widely used Hopkinton phonebook and their attractive note cards, as well as a calendar for the CAA. Hopkinton barns is the general theme.

    The contest is open to artists and photographers from all walks.

   To participate, please read the very specific instructions and download the entry form here.

Photo of barn cupola and silo dome at CAA building by Robert Falcione/ Photographic Images.

World Series Trophy to visit Hopkinton

To be paraded by Little League on Opening Day


March 10, 2005 — For those who missed the local appearance of the Red Sox World Series Trophy in the surrounding towns, there is still a chance to see it up close, and even right in Hopkinton. The precise  details of the route are to be announced.


   According to Mike Torosian, Hopkinton Little League Player Agent, the trophy will be paraded through town by the Little League on their opening Day as part of the World Series Trophy Tour, a partnership between the Boston Red Sox and the Lottery Commission, which is expected to reach all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts.


The sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals last October brought the first trophy to the Boston Red Sox since 1918, ending what had been called The Curse of the Bambino, referring to Babe Ruth's trade by Boston to New York IN 1920 after being on that winning team. To see other stops on the trophy's itinerary, click on the trophy.


Hopkinton Marathon Committee already out of the gate

Group assures safety, excitement and success

 Photo: Public Safety staff from left, both rows, Chief of Police Tom Irvin, Sgt. Chuck Wallace, Marathon Chairperson Dottie Ferriter, Fire Chief Gary Daugherty, Fire Lt. Ken Clark. Photo by Muriel Kramer.


by Muriel Kramer

March 10, 2005 — On Marathon Monday, April 18th, Hopkinton will once again hit the national stage with the annual running of the Boston Marathon.  Over 20,000 athletes are expected, and upwards of 1,000 volunteers will be hard at work to make the day run smoothly and safely.

            None of this could happen without the dedicated Hopkinton volunteers who, year after year, lay the ground work for yet another successful event.  The Marathon Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers, many of whom have been working on the Marathon Committee for decades. FULL STORY AND RELATED, PREVIOUS STORIES.

Holy Week Services and Event at

Woodville Baptist Church


Palm Sunday    March 20th, Worship Service 10:30 am

Tenebrae          Thursday, March 24th, 7:30 pm

Good Friday      March 25th, Friday Service, 12 Noon  (Catholic Church)

Easter Sunday   March 27th, 10:30 am

Easter Sunrise Service - March 27th, 7:00 am 

With Community Covenant Church, we invite you to join us at the head of Lake White Hall on Pond Street for our Sunrise Service. Breakfast following the service at Woodville Baptist Church. All are welcome to attend! ~Woodville Baptist Church

Richard deMont takes out papers for Board of Selectmen

"I think the democratic process is failing" ~ Richard deMont


by Robert Falcione

March 9, 2005 — Vice-chairman of the Board of Health, Attorney Richard deMont, has taken out nomination papers from the Town Clerk to run for a seat on the Board of Selectmen for a three-year term as a Democrat.

    When asked why he was doing it, Mr. deMont said, "To return democracy to town government. I'm tired of living in a dictatorship.

     "I think the democratic process is failing. People aren't being properly represented. They want to consolidate their power and stifle any dissent," he said, referring to Republican Selectmen.

     "I give them credit for their service to the town, but where I differ is where they think they can stomp all over due process."

   To see a list of candidates who have taken out nomination papers, click here.

   Another candidate who has taken out papers since our previous update is Brendan Doyle for a three-year term on the Parks and Recreation Commission. Mr. Doyle is unenrolled.    

Committee mulls uses for Weston Nurseries land


"If they do high density garden apartments, it'll be a disaster." ~ Eric Sonnett, member of committee and Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen


by Robert Falcione

March 9, 2005 — The Land Use Study Committee met this morning at 7:30 am to ponder actions the town can take to have a voice in the expected development of 615 acres of Weston Nurseries' land. (Previous story.)

    The land is being offered for sale by Cushman and Wakefield, a worldwide property company. Bids are to be in by March 15, 2005. At this morning's meeting, Town Planner, Elaine Lazarus said that several people, presumably developers, have called expressing interest in the land.

     Most or all of the land is agricultural and has been placed under Chapter 61A, according to committee members. Under this program, a parcel of land is taxed at a lower rate. When the land is removed from that designation because of an offer to purchase, the owner must offer it to the municipality in a right of first refusal, in which the municipality gets to meet any legitimate offer received by owner. The committee pondered this morning several scenarios which could develop.

     The flow chart developed during the discussion can be viewed in the continuation of this report.

Four-car pile up

March 9, 2005 2:15 pm — Some kids were still walking from school when this four-car pileup occurred at the intersection of Chamberlain and Hayden Rowe Streets. At this writing (3:00 pm) the emergency personnel was still on the scene evaluating at least one patient. One person has been taken to Milford by Hopkinton Fire Department Ambulance.

    Police Sgt. Richard Flannery, who was one of the first responders, said that the injuries appeared minor in nature. Photo above; the scene from a few hundred feet away as travel lanes take turns moving as the police direct them. Below, one of four cars involved in the accident. There were minors involved in some of the vehicles and their parents arrived to offer support and permissions if necessary.

Odor of natural gas

March 9, 2005 — A strong odor of natural gas was reported from the John Warren Masonic Lodge on Main Street this morning. Firefighters arrived at 9:46 am. At 9:53 am, Chief Gary Daugherty declared the situation under control, awaiting the arrival of NStar.

March Madness

March 9, 2005 — Last night was more like a January blizzard than an evening in March as snow whipped by high winds cut visibility, impeded travel — even by foot — froze locks, and found its way into every nook there was. The above photograph was taken from inside the shelter of the  GulfMart while someone held the door open.

March 8, 2005 9:00 pm — The Police Department is reporting cars off of the road all over town. "This is the worst storm we'd had for visibility all winter," said one Police Officer. HopNews advises that this is a good night to stay home.

Note: March 8, 2005 — The Fire Department and Police Department responded to the Hopkins School this morning to the report of smoke. The students were evacuated to the gymnasium, while the Fire Fighters discovered a bad electrical ballast in the ceiling over the library. We saw some apparent negatives over reporting the incident in real time, so we waited until now, after all the kids were safely home and tucked in.

Music Association Raffle


March 8, 2005 — The Hopkinton Music Association is currently holding a raffle calendar fundraiser.  We hope you will consider participating since we would like very much to continue to support and enrich our students’ music education.  Proceeds will be used to fund music lesson scholarships, master classes with visiting musicians, trips to music festivals, and other educational activities for our students. 

            In early March, each music student in grades 4-12 received a packet of five raffle calendars.  Students may sell calendars to relatives, friends and the community at $5 each.  Every calendar purchase provides 30 chances to win since daily winning raffle stubs are returned to the pool.  We are offering a combination of cash and prizes (e.g., theater and Red Sox tickets, music keyboard, Bose Wave Radio).  Students will win a prize for selling five calendars, and another prize for selling ten.  The top three sellers will also win cash prizes. 

            Raffle stubs returned and paid for by March 28th will be eligible for the drawings during the month of April.  Raffle stubs and payments (CHECKS ONLY PLEASE) must be mailed to the HMA, P.O. Box 242, Hopkinton 01748.  PLEASE DO NOT RETURN STUBS OR PAYMENT TO THE SCHOOL OR TEACHERS.

            Additional calendars are available from music teachers for students who wish to sell more.  Calendars also will be sold during the spring concerts:  Spring Sing and Instrumental Nights on March 15-16 at the high school.  They will also be available at the high school during the MICCA Festival (April 1-3), or by calling Annie Merzel at 508-435-6609. File photo ©2004 Robert Falcione /Photographic Images.


Red Sox Trophy to appear locally

The Red Sox World Series trophy will be on display in Mendon, Hopedale and Milford on Thursday, it will start in Mendon at 8 am, move to Hopedale at ten o'clock and finally in Milford at noon. In Mendon it will be at the town hall and in Hopedale and Milford at the high school auditoriums. 

Ed Thompson is the News Director at WMRC 1490 AM Radio in Milford.


2004 Second Place Finishers Set For Rematch With Defending Champions

BOSTON, MA - March 8, 2005 - John Hancock Financial Services today announced that 2004 runners-up Elfenesh Alemu of Ethiopia and Robert Cheboror of Kenya will return to the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18, in an effort to dethrone defending champions Catherine Ndereba and Timothy Cherigat.
Photo of Catherine Ndereba in Hopkinton prior to last year's Start. ©2004 Robert Falcione/ Photographic Images.
Last year Alemu finished a slight 16 seconds back from
Ndereba's 2:24:27 win, tying the closest one-two women's finish in Boston history. Following Boston, the rivalry continued at the Athens Olympic Marathon where Ndereba won the silver medal and Alemu finished fourth. This year the rematch is significant because Ndereba will seek to establish Boston Marathon history as the first woman to win the race four times. FULL STORY.

Friday, March 4, 2005 2:09 pm An employee of a West Main Street gas station reported 3 males were sexually harassing a female customer.  Detective Patrick O’Brien, Sgt.  Richard Flannery and Officers Stephen Buckley and Thomas Lemon responded.  There was a second call from the reporting party that 3 males are starting an altercation with him and banging on the windows of the store.  Officer Thomas Lemon advised that the van left and the 3 males are wanted for questioning.  The State Police, Grafton, Weston, and Upton Police Departments were all advised to be on the look out for the van.  All stations in MA were notified.


Band to travel to Canada

The  "Spoon" to hold fundraiser


by Michael Torosian

March 7, 2005 – Hopkinton High School Music Director and Band Leader, Steven Yavarow (File photo), will take is merry musicians to The Classic Festival in Montreal, Canada. The Hiller Band is accustomed to traveling for competitions, but this will be their first time in Canada. The band will perform three pieces during their three  day stay up north in April. A march called March April May, Bach’s Ave Maria and Armenian Dances by Alfred Reed, who captured many of the styles, tempos, and subtleties of the Armenian folk songs and dances.

 Other than competing against other high school bands from the eastern United States and Canada, the Hillers will be taking in some of the Hab culture. They will attend a dinner and dance at the Festival, check out the Biodome Museum Complex, Olympic Park Tower, Botanical Gardens and have a guided sightseeing tour of Montreal City.

 Of course, trips like this will cost each band member about $450 to take care of transportation, hotel, meals and gratuity. To defray expenses, the Hiller Band Members were out and about this weekend selling raffles and will host a spaghetti and meatball dinner this month. On Wednesday, March 23 from 4pm to 7pm. The Golden Spoon Restaurant on West Main Street, will host the Fundraiser Dinner for the Hiller Band. For $6 for adults and $4 for children and senior citizens, you can get spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and bread and butter.

The Golden Spoon’s Owners, Bill and Monica Morgan’s daughter Elizabeth is in the band. This fundraiser is not the first for the Morgan’s, they’ve helped out the band before and the Pop Warner Cheerleaders.

Babe Ruth applications now available

Hopkinton Babe Ruth Baseball wants you to know that applications for the 2005 season are available at This will be the only location these forms will be available from. Interested players need to fill out the forms and mail in as soon as possible.

The league will be made up of Hopkinton residents only and is for players aged 13-18 years old before 8-1-05. For more information please see the website.


Inherit the Wind

Thursday March 10 @ 4:00 pm

Friday March 11 @ 7:30 pm

Saturday March 12 @ 2 pm & 7:30 pm

Tickets are $8 for students & seniors, $10 for adults


Inherit the Wind is a dramatization of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial in which a teacher knowingly taught the Darwinian theory of evolution against Tennessee law and was brought to trial for it.


Scholars believe that the play, in which the names were changed, was simple a vehicle to expose the McCarthyism and anti-intellectualism that was prevalent in America in the 1950's.


This Drama Department is the same group which thrilled audiences last fall with My Fair Lady. Tickets are available at the Library, Hopkinton High School and Middle School.  

Elevator Rescue

March 7, 2005 — Hopkinton's Rescue 1 went into service this afternoon after a male, believed to be a teacher, became trapped between floors in a malfunctioning  elevator at Hopkinton High School shortly after 3:00 pm.

The man pushed the emergency button and the school called the Fire Department.

According to Firefighter Fran Clark, the elevator company had someone on scene in a few minutes.

Fitness Center Sponsoring Contest

Walk the "Appalachian Trail" right in Hopkinton — starting today!

March 7, 2005 — Starting today, Shalea Angelo, Strength & Conditioning Coach at Hopkinton High School, is beginning a physical equivalent of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

     To learn more, choose this link.

Water discoloration possible in center of town

  Water Dept. takes care of break ~advises running water if necessary

March 7, 2005 —The Water department responded to a water main break on Cedar Street this morning at approximately 6:00am.  Crews dug down to the pipe, made the necessary repairs and had water service restored to the area by 10:00am.  Residents in the center of town may notice some discoloration of the water due to the break. This is caused by the minerals dislodging from the pipe because of the increased velocity of the water flowing through the break.

     Please check your water prior to using it and if it is still discolored, you may need to let your faucet run to help clear your pipes.

     Thank you for your cooperation.

Eric J. Carty, Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager

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Henry Carleton Pierce Jr., 65, of Hopkinton, died Saturday, March 5, 2005 at his home surrounded by his family. Born in Newton he was the son of the late Evelyn and Henry C. Pierce Sr. He is also the husband of 36 years to Rita (Couture) Pierce of Hopkinton. SEE ARRANGEMENTS

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 Hopkinton Matters


The History of a Historian: Part I

Life of Rose Leveille makes for interesting reading


by Cheryl Perreault

March 7, 2005 — Rose Leveille, a long standing resident of Hopkinton claims to be a Jack-of-all-trades, but is undoubtedly a master of many. She clearly reflects through her citizenship, her contributions, and her interactions with others, that despite the difficult challenges life sometimes brings, there is still opportunity to take the path of the well lived life.


With her father from Spain and her mother from Cuba, people might wonder how Rose ended up in Hopkinton. She recalls being told that her father, Peter Martin, had moved to Framingham after immigrating from Spain. He then took a trip to Cuba. It was there that he first set eyes on his future bride, Conception (Rose’s mother).  He later returned to Cuba to ask for Conception’s hand in marriage who, although very young, agreed to marry him and leave her homeland. All  because of a pink parasol. READ FULL STORY.

 Board of Selectmen looking to appoint two at-large members

Land Use Study Committee helping shape future of Hopkinton


by Robert Falcione

March 7, 2005 — At their meeting following the publicizing of the offer to sell 615 acres of land owned by the Mezitts, the family who owns Weston Nurseries, the Board of Selectmen voted to form a seven member Land Use Study Committee. Two weeks later, they expanded the Committee to include the Chairman of the Board of Health, the Chairman of the Conservation Commission and two members at- large, making it an eleven-member committee.

       The Selectmen are seeking people interested in those two a- large vacancies to send a letter of interest and resume to the Selectmen’s Office or via email to Geri Holland at by Wednesday, March 9. For more information, contact Geri Holland at 508-497-9700 in the Selectmen's office.

     Current members who met on March 2 are Eric Sonnett, John Coolidge, Finley Perry, Stuart Cowart, Dave Stoldt, Andy Branz and Ed Beckett

      At that meeting, the group discussed scenarios, such as the purchase of some of the land for municipal purposes. The group mulled over buying all or some of the land outright, with a partner, or partnering with a developer. At one point, member Ed Beckett suggested," You could say to the Mezitts, 'Here's $5 million. Give us three years to work it out.'"

     "If you got a conference center with a golf course, you're not going to need a fire station down there," said member Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen (File photo).

     "We want a mixed use which preserves the character of the town," said member Dave Stoldt, Chairman of the School committee.

•   The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee will hold a caucus to vote for the Democratic Slate of Town Officials for the Town Election. The caucus will be held Thursday April 7 at the Hopkinton Main Street Fire Station meeting room. If you are a registered Democrat, please vote any time between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Candidates include Selectman, Moderator, Board of Assessors, Board of Health, Cemetery Commissioner, Commissioner of Trust Funds, Hopkinton Housing Authority, Parks and Recreation, Planning Board, and School Committee. Please help us select our future town leaders. If you are considering running for any of these positions, and are a registered Democrat, please contact Chairman Edward Mills for more information: 508-435-5864.

•     The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee will hold a meeting Wednesday March 16 at the Fire Station at 7:30pm, to prepare for the upcoming Town Elections. Please contact Chairman Edward Mills for more information: 508-435-5864.




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