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 Thursday, December 8, 2005

10:00 am to 12 noon

St. John’s Church Parish Hall

The Hopkinton Board of Health will be holding a Flu Clinic on Thursday, December 8, 2005 from 10:00 am to 12 noon, at St. John’s Church Parish Hall (located at 20 Church Street). This clinic will be open to all town residents who wish to receive the Influenza Vaccine for this flu season, with priority being given to residents aged 65 and older, and those residents with chronic health conditions. 

Transportation to the flu clinic is available for the town’s senior citizens through the Council on Aging.  Please contact Sally Almy in the Senior Center at 497-9730 to arrange for your ride to the clinic.

All residents should contact the Board of Health office at 497-9725 to pre-register for their flu shot prior to the day of the clinic.

Trails Club walk

     The Hopkinton Trails Club will be hosting a walk along a trail at Berry Acres Preserve this Saturday, November 26, 2005 beginning at 10:00AM.  The public is invited to enjoy this community resource and should meet in the parking area behind The Golden Spoon located at the intersection of West Main Street and Lumber Street. 


For those with extra turkey and fixings to work off, a longer walk of about an hour and a half will be led by Donato Salvucci with a shorter walk of about a half hour to forty five minutes being led by Matt Zettek.  With recent rains, the trail may be soggy in spots so appropriate footwear is recommended. Editor's note: The photo of the entrance to Berry Acres is for illustration only. It was taken last winter, near the Welcome to Hopkinton sign on West Main Street.


John K. Van Dyke, 97, died November 19, 2005 at Milford Regional Medical Center.  He was the husband of the late Carolyn (Murphy) Van Dyke who died in 1967. Born in Colfax, Iowa, he was the son of the late Benjamin and Beatrix (Moore) Van Dyke.


A resident of Hopkinton for four years, he was formerly of Oak Park, Illinois.  He was a graduate of Drake University and received his Masters Degree from Columbia University. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

November 22, 2005 — Hopkinton residents Kevin Kenney and Monica Coyne were placed into this old photo digitally. But although the truck is no longer running, the fine quality of Central Cleaners, and the tradition of pick up and delivery, a service dropped by most others during that era, continues today. Their vehicles are more modern, and they promise two pickups a week for their clients. And for one lucky person this week, clicking on their icon will win $25.00. Oh, and their phone number has changed only slightly over the years. 508-473-1106.


A name by any other name

Rose is not Rosie by any means

by Dave D'Amico

November 22, 2005


Does a name make the person or the person the name?

So before you pick one think of some you know.


Who is stronger, John or Jonathon?

Which one is a Doctor, Theresa or Terri?

Who is smarter, Robert or Bob?

Who is older, Ashley or Helen?


Who is more fun to be with, William, Bill or Billy?

Who cuts hair, Gertrude or Tiffany?

Who became a Dentist, Thomas or Tommy?

Who is prettier, Nikki or Nicole?


Who can run faster, Joseph or Joey?

Which one is a better cook, Kathy or Kathleen?

Who has a better career, Mike or Michael?

Which one is nicer, Susan or Sue?  FULL STORY


Daniel Joseph of Hopkinton served as the Boston Celtics Honorary Ball Kid at the November 11th home game against the San Antonio Spurs. 

As the Boston Celtics Honorary Ball Kid, Joseph had the opportunity to rebound for Celtics players during pre-game warm-ups.  Joseph also received an autographed basketball, two tickets to the game, and an Honorary Celtics Ball Kid T-shirt.  His name was announced and displayed on the JumboTron.

Early shopping for pooches at Greyhound Friends


The Homeward Bound Hounds Boutique located on the premises of the Greyhound Friends Kennel in Hopkinton, Mass offers a wealth of Greyhound goodies for humans, the home and the hounds.

You can find fun fashion accessories to pamper and protect your pooch such as warm double-fleece handmade coats, waterproof Ultrex windbreakers to keep your pet dry, silk brocade collars, cozy snoods and much more. Practical items include Pet Blinkers for safety and Leash Luggage to hold baggies, treats, cell phones and other personal items when you are out for a walk.

Discover great gift items for Greyhound owners and supporters, too. Everything from books to calendars to a full line of Friend-wear including cozy fleece vests, warm zip sweatshirts, golf shirts, socks, winter hats and much more.

Greyhound Friends is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding responsible homes for retired hounds through their adoption process. All proceeds from the sale of items sold by the boutique help fund operations at Greyhound Friends, including the care, grooming, and medical treatment of greyhounds in the shelter. www.greyhound.org

The Boutique will hold a special sale December 10 and 11 offering a 10% discount on all items purchased in The Boutique on those days. Contributed content.


Calling All Young Hopkinton Authors

(pre-school to high school writers and story tellers)



The Hopkinton Public Library and the Cultural Arts Alliance are calling for submissions for their holiday program.


Assignment:  Rewrite the ending of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. [It will be presented at the Library on December 3. See story following].


The publisher has just called to say Mr. Dickens is ill and can’t finish the story in time.

Please help!  You know how the story goes … Scrooge is visited by the 3 ghosts of Christmas, but how would you end it? When Scrooge wakes up Christmas morning he decides to: FULL STORY



Hopkinton Public Library

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005 at 3:00 p.m.

 Performance by Ashley Nelson,

Storytelling by Linda Havel (Photo),

and a special retelling of “A Christmas Carol” with new endings


Start your celebration early! Come to the Hopkinton Public Library on your way to the Tree Lighting on the Common. What’s happening? A Holiday Program featuring music by Ashley Nelson, storytelling by Linda Havel (Photo) and a special retelling of “A Christmas Carol” with new endings written by the Hopkinton youth. Join the Cultural Arts Alliance and the Hopkinton Public Library to sing in the season. Something for all ages, bring the entire family. For more information, contact: Rownak Hussain at (508) 497-9777 or rownak@hopkinton.org

Live Nativity

Community Covenant Church

December 10, 2005

5 - 8:00 pm


As the Advent season of the Church arrives, and the business of everyone’s life is compounded by the holiday season, we want to invite HopNews readers to slow down for a few minutes in December, to reflect on the meaning of Christmas.

         This year we are once again offering to our Metrowest and Worcester County residents a Living Nativity on Saturday, December 10th, from 5 – 8:00 pm. Community Covenant is located immediately off the 21b exit of 495 on the corner of West Main & South Streets. With luminaries lighting the pathway from our parking lot to the manger, it is our prayer that the reality of God’s presence will touch people’s hearts as they come to see and hear what the angels proclaimed, and to worship God. Photo above of last year's Nativity.

     Anyone needing additional details, contact our Living Nativity coordinator, Wendy Doremus at w.doremus@comcast.net . ~ Pastor Bruce Johnson


Ever had a frozen pipe?

How to avoid them

by Eric Carty

November 22, 2005 — The Water Department responded to numerous frozen water pipe calls last winter with the majority of them located inside the home. There are several measures that homeowners can take to prevent their water pipes from freezing. The water department would like to offer the following tips.


First locate your main water shut off valve and meter. You need to check your valve and make sure it works in case of an emergency. It is usually located in your basement on the side facing the street. Insure that the area immediately surrounding the valve and meter is warm enough to prevent freezing. In older homes with fieldstone and rock foundations make sure there are no direct drafts from the holes in the walls or gaps in the windows and doors. If these areas remain cold constantly you should insulate your pipes or wrap them in heating tape.  Both of these items can be found in any home improvement store. Remember, even if the room temperature is warm, a direct cold draft on your water pipes, can cause them to freeze!  FULL STORY

Hopkinton Ashland football dinner

Above, from left, Hopkinton Captains Jon Stickney, Andrew Tarca and Craig Sager.

November 21, 2005 — Hopkinton and Ashland rival football teams, their families and coaches got together to break bread this evening at the First Congregational Church to show respect for each other and celebrate their victories. Ashland has been chalking up the wins, and Hopkinton has been undefeated this year in the Tri-Valley League. The two teams will lay their olive branches down and meet on Thanksgiving in Hopkinton at 10:00 am.

Below, David Mastroianni returns to his seat after receiving an award from Coach Hughes.


Four Strikes

November 21, 2005 — The truck above is blocking the handicap space, the driveway, a partial lane of travel, and the line of sight for the crosswalk from the eastbound traffic. After I pointed out what he was doing, he said he was just going across the street to get change. When I complained that he was blocking the space, he quickly approached me and got in my personal space close to my face saying, "What did you say? What did you say?" in a physically intimidating way. From now on I really promise not to say anything to people, but to just take the photo. By the way, the SUV in the space had neither a special plate nor a hanging placard and was the original subject of my photo until this guy pulled up.

   But in the surrounding same five minutes of time, the motorcyclist, below, came to get on his bike after securing something from the pizza shop, and the woman in the Volvo came out the one-way at Walcott.

    By the way, yet another vehicle, an SUV but not the one shown, was not so lucky later on. They had a fluorescent orange tag under their wiper.

     Knowing how some people think, it may be necessary to point out that the only statement my photos of these violators makes is exactly what a reader sees. There is no intention to embarrass the Police. They are an excellent police force and are very active in enforcing traffic laws as well as their other duties. But priorities take precedence and there are so many people, I have discovered, that flagrantly violate traffic laws that there would have to be a police officer downtown every day all day. ~Editor

Angelo Colella services

November 21, 2005 — Angelo Colella, who died on November 17, 2005, was laid to rest today after a funeral procession with full military honors. Mr. Colella, a veteran of World War Two, is said to be the first person drafted into that war. His fellow members of American Legion Post 202 positioned an honor guard as his body was brought into St. John's Church.

Below, the funeral procession rounded Cookie's Corner led by authentic World War Two Jeeps, where the hearse stopped momentarily at the War Memorial on the Common. The Doughboy Statue, a monument to commemorate World War One soldiers, stood sentinel as the procession drove around it and the flag flew at half-staff in memory of Mr. Colella.


Charity drive at Hopkinton Country Club

November 20, 2005 — Mary Scarlata-Rowe was credited with the idea for this evening's fundraiser at the Hopkinton Country Club to raise money for local people in need of fuel assistance, after hearing that the charity which gave for this purpose in the past, gave their money to victims of Katrina. The proceeds are going to the St. Vincent dePaul Society, a lay Catholic charitable organization. Many attendees and businesses donated money, and the Hopkinton Country Club Donated their Grand Ballroom.

Above, the Sisters of Mt. St. Helacious, Mary Scarlata-Rowe, center, Carol Cheney, rear and Bernadette Keane wowed the gathering with their irreverent Catholicism as well as angelic harmonies ala the Andrew Sisters.

Below, the Middle School a cappella Choir performed their intricate harmonies and rounds.

Tapoff Tournament

November 20, 2005 — The Hopkinton Basketball Association played host to over 190 teams from Friday to Sunday, playing in all of the School Department's gyms.

Where there's smoke

November 20, 2005 — Robert Brzezicki blows a lot of smoke from his  musket-loader this morning at the Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club firing range.


Barbershop Quartet with Hopkinton member Captures the Gold
Exhilaration Wins International Barbershop Quartet Contest in Hamilton, Ontario


November 19, 2005 – Exhilaration, a women’s barbershop quartet with members from Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire took top honors at Harmony, Incorporated’s International Contest and Convention held in Hamilton, Ontario, November 11, 2005.  Competing among 25 top quartets from the United States and Canada, Exhilaration came away with the highest scores of the contest thus capturing the gold and the title of Harmony Incorporated’s 2005 Harmony Queens.


Although Exhilaration has only been singing together since February of this year, they have many combined years of barbershop experience singing in quartets as well as choruses.  In addition to competitions, the quartet has been performing on shows throughout the New England area and look forward to performing at a number of local and distant venues throughout 2006.

Members include Shanno Wilson from Hopkinton, second from left. Shanno competed in her first quartet at age 18 and has won second and fourth place International quartet championship medals in previous quartets. Contributed content.

Police pursuit

November 19, 2005 — Shortly before noon today, State Police asked Hopkinton for assistance in the pursuit of a vehicle traveling Route 495 South. Westborough Police also joined the 495 pursuit, following the vehicle, a tan Toyota sedan, which turned off of 495 and onto West Main  Street at Exit 21A, heading east.

    Hopkinton Police joined the pursuit of the vehicle that then turned onto Lumber Street and ended up in the Glen Road neighborhood, an upscale neighborhood of newer homes and young families. One neighbor with a child in his arms witnessed the near-crash, as the suspect's vehicle locked brakes rather than ramming a cruiser positioned to block the road.

     The suspects, a man and a woman, were taken onto custody, after one fled into the woods behind a resident's home, but was discovered within five minutes. Police were seen searching for something that may have been discarded by the suspect during the chase that involved at least seven Police Officers.

    Although the suspect's names are not available at this time, it is known that the man was wanted on warrant charges, and the woman, who was allegedly driving, was taken into custody for failure to stop.

    A four year-old boy, who was apparently in the vehicle during the pursuit, was taken to the Police Station to await DSS involvement.

Above, suspect in State Police ruiser.

Below, police from three jurisdictions discuss procedure.

Historical Dinner

November 19, 2005 — The Hopkinton Historical Society held its Annual Harvest Dinner last evening at St. John's Parish Center. Above, attendees pore over the many items up for a silent auction.

The Saint Vincent DePaul Society


Enter Stage Left



Families helping Families


A Musical Comedy Review featuring

The Sisters of Mount St. Helatious

The Cast of The Bard Is Back (ESL children’s show)

Other surprise guests and a Raffle!

Light refreshments will be served


Sunday November 20th 2-4 PM

Hopkinton Country Club

Tickets $20 Adults $10 Students/Seniors

5 and under free/$45 family


Above, Mary Scarlata-Rowe directs some of the children in the cast, who are also in "The Bard is Back, slated to be performed on December 2 and 3rd. See Calendar. Calendar

Join us for an afternoon of fun as we raise funds for heating assistance this winter.
 Proceeds will be donated to The St. Vincent DePaul Society who in turn will reach out to Hopkinton residents in extreme need through the Council on Aging.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Each year with rising costs there are many in our town who have to choose between heat, groceries and medicine. Last year to help with costs The Council on Aging received a $5000 heating grant from the Arthur Ashley Williams Foundation, this year that grant has been donated to Tsunami Relief efforts.  This is a very worthy cause, however for the citizens of Hopkinton it means a much tighter budget. Donations to agencies like the council on aging from Southern Middlesex Opportunities Council have decreased 10% this year due to a drop in general donations. Last year that $5000 grant helped 8 families, this year with higher gas prices and less money, those residents and others in need are despairing.

Items from local businesses and donated gifts will be raffled.

Tickets will be available after Mass, at the Library, Main St. Specialties, Jackie and Co. Hair Salon and by calling Mary at 508-904-4084

Jewelry show at CAA Farmhouse

November 18, 2005 — Melissa Sabin, above, brought her "soldered pieces" to the CAA Farmhouse as did several other designers and artists of jewelry, in a well attended show that continues tomorrow, Saturday  12-4 pm, and Sunday, 2-4 pm.



4:28 pm A caller reported a road rage incident on 495.  A vehicle tried to run another vehicle off the road and then threw what appeared to be a rock, at the other vehicle...

4:08 pm A resident from Briarcliff Drive received a call from someone that claimed that she won a government grant.  The woman asked the resident for her bank account...

1:46 pm A resident from Piazza Lane called and wanted to have an officer speak to his neighbor about him trespassing on his property and crossing property boundaries...

School Committee discusses Fruit Street


“Our school is being held hostage to some other components of the project that have a lot of opposition.” ~ Phil Totinio, School committee


by Kevin Kohrt

November 18, 2005 The SSEIR for Fruit Street was “rejected” as summarized by School Committee Chairman David Stoldt at last evening's School Committee meeting. Yesterday the Secretary of Environmental Affairs had issued www.mass.gov/envir/mepa/pdffiles/certificates/13092seir.pdf , in which the Town of Hopkinton was again told that their submission “does not adequately and properly comply” with MEPA regulations.


What does this mean for the proposed school at Fruit Street? “Best case is that we’re no closer to approval in the next two to three months. Worst case is it could be after May if we have to fund it,” said Mr. Stoldt, referring to the possibility of a Town Meeting vote being required to pay for another revision to the SEIR. “Either way I would suggest that … the ability to open a school by fall of ’08 will probably be lost.”


But when asked for her estimation, Vice Chair Rebecca Robak replied, “I think that even without Fruit Street issues, just the process of hiring designers and stuff is spread out now.” By which she may have been referring to the newly formed http://www.mass.gov/treasury/PressReleases/72805.htm Massachusetts School Building Authority (SBA) which apparently holds some of the purse strings for the new school. FULL STORY


Tells Town to talk to its Zoning Enforcement Officer and Board of Appeals

"...does not adequately comply with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act."

~ Stephen R. Pritchard, Secretary of Environmental Affairs


by Robert Falcione

November 17, 2005 — Yesterday, November 16, 2005, the Selectmen received the reply to their submission of a SSEIR (Supplemental Single Environmental Impact Report) for the Fruit Street property the town is developing. The first Certificate from the Secretary of Environmental Affairs on December 30, 2004 on the SEIR (Single Environmental Impact Report) determined that the town  "...did not adequately respond to the alternatives analysis requirements in the Certificate..."

    The Secretary goes on to talk about the latest submission.

     "The SSEIR does not present a reduced-scale Master Plan as required by the SSEIR Certificate." The state had asked for a reduced-build alternative. He also goes on to note that the acreage for a Conservation Restriction was reduced from 145 acres in the first plan to 98 acres in the latest.

     The Secretary writes of examples of a reduced-scale Master Plan:

       "For example, eliminating the DPW facility may provide opportunities to reconfigure the layout of other plan elements. Eliminating the wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) or senior housing, or reducing the overall number of housing units or recreational fields may provide opportunities to relocate the school. The second SSEIR should give serious considerations to alternatives that will minimize overall land alteration and impervious area, and enhance protection of water resources and species habitat.

     "I encourage the proponent to reconsider other site access points for the main roadway that will avoid the wetlands and Zone I impacts and to consider removing the DPW facility as an alternative (rather than splitting the facility between Fruit Street and the existing DPW location). The alternative analysis should consider layouts that maximize distances between project elements and Zone I boundaries to the extent feasible," he writes.

     In an interesting turn that appears at odds with the positions of two or three Selectmen, is a paragraph on "Permits and Zoning Issues."  The Secretary mentions comment letters he has received regarding the project site being in a Water Resource Overlay Protection District. The Secretary writes, "I encourage the proponent to consult with the Town of Hopkinton Board of Appeals and the Zoning Enforcement Officer to resolve these issues."

     Michael Shepard, the Zoning Enforcement Officer, has repeatedly said that the Town must apply for Special Permits for most uses and that proposed DPW uses are not permitted at all. He and Wayne Davies, Chairman of the Board of Appeals have come under fire from Selectmen Ron Clark and Eric Sonnett; Mr. Shepard for saying his letter detailing those opinions was appealable, meaning it had carried legal weight, and Mr. Davies for sending that letter to MEPA as a comment for the SSEIR.

     The entire document may be read here. It is a large file, meant for high speed users.

Photos above taken on the Fruit Street property by Robert Falcione    

Lake Whitehall in November

November 17, 2005 — Above, a bird of prey circled the cove by the boat ramp at Lake Whitehall this afternoon, in a display of territorial behavior.

Below, the sun-drenched arborvitae at the Lake Whitehall Dam are reminiscent of the trees in a movie from decades ago, where Jonathan Winters turns around and exclaims, "It's the big dubya!" Or, the trees could be saying MVP or IWP or something else imaginative.

Downtown  facelift to begin

We have an exciting downtown. We'd like to keep it that way ~ Scott Richardson

by Robert Falcione

November 17, 2005 —Scott Richardson, Principal of Gorman-Richardson Architects and Chairman of the Downtown Revitalization Committee, gave a presentation this morning to his fellow Chamber of Commerce members on the progress of his Committee.

       He began by telling the gathering at Maria's Caffe Italiano this morning, "We have an exciting downtown. We'd like to keep it that way,"

    Mr. Richardson defined the downtown as the area from Main Street at Ash Street to Marshall Avenue. He said that the DHCD has awarded a $6,000 grant to go forward with Phase One, as he called it, "The first baby steps." That would include replacing the planters, benches and trash receptacles along Main Street with new ones.

    Part of Phase 2, which has yet to be funded, would be the alteration of parking and traffic.  In that plan is a design to implement diagonal parking in some of the downtown area, as it once was not too long ago.

     "There's too much pavement," he said. It is commonly accepted in engineering circles that the wider the road, the faster people travel. Diagonal parking, perhaps with an acceleration lane, is believed to be one way to slow down the traffic which many people believe is a danger in the downtown area.

    Selectman Ron Clark, who attended as a Chamber member, said in answer to a question that the DPW has a sidewalk improvement plan that "...should be done in concert with the underground utilities improvement." There are hopes among interested parties that the utility lines in the downtown area can be buried, and the poles removed.

    John Burns, downtown property owner and developer, was in attendance and spoke about why his property located next to Action Copy Plus is vacant.

    "Expenses exceeded income the way I had to build the building," he said.

    "It makes no sense financially until the zoning is changed," he said. "If some requirements were changed, I could move forward." Some members of the Zoning Advisory Committee has said that they want to look at the restrictive zoning in the downtown and ways to perhaps improve it..

Recalling Angelo Colella

Angelo Colella was one of the "Old Hopkinton" group who drew people in with warmth, small town hospitality and subtle charm.
The first time I had ever seen him, he had already known my name and spoke to me as if he had known me, as if we were friends.
It was a good feeling to come to Hopkinton and be treated like that by strangers, and there were many back then like Angelo.
His decades of service to Post 202 of the American Legion are legend, as was his wartime service. His generation has been called "The Greatest Generation," due to sacrifices they made during World War II and the commonality and consistency of purpose they shared, no matter where they came from.
Those of us who knew Angelo share the family's loss, because we know his passing represents more than just the passing of a person. He represented a generation of Hopkinton people. We will miss him, as we miss them all.

~ Robert Falcione. For those wishing to share a memory, there is a thread on the Discussion Page.  Discuss



In Memory of

Angelo L. Colella


September 8, 1914


 November 17, 2005




now submitted to the state

Above, an illustration by Hopkinton's Ashley T.M. Jackson depicting the Commissioners who were responsible for creating the Home Rule Charter.

November 17, 2005 — The Charter Commission has done has completed the task of assembling a Town Charter for Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Submitted November 17, 2005

 Hopkinton Charter Commission

 Marie Eldridge (Chairman)

William McRobert (Vice-chairman)

Beth Herlihy (Clerk)

Doris Carver

Nancy Clark

Gary Daugherty

Thomas Irvin

Bruce Karlin

Mary Pratt


1996 Dodge Grand Caravan - $3300

Light Silver 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan SE  SEE CLASSIFIED

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