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Outlaws indicted for hate crimes

HopNews contacted by the FBI


November 30, 2005 — On June 3 of this year, Ashland Police called Hopkinton for backup in breaking up a fight at TJ Spirits, a restaurant on the Ashland/Hopkinton town line. By the time backup arrived, the alleged perpetrators had left. Several witnesses said that one of the assailants pulled on the blonde hair of a woman who was with a black man, and when the man objected, he was assaulted with a ball peen hammer. Other witnesses claimed that two men had been posturing in the main bar for hours prior to the incident, challenging people.

    Witnesses at the scene said that tables on the outdoor deck had been overturned during the assault, which also injured a young male employee of the establishment.

    Moments later, Ashland Police pulled over two motorcycle operators, one of whom wore a tee shirt reading "Outlaws Georgia" on the back, and placed them in custody.  Arrested at that time were Stephan Stelmach, left and Brian McHugh.

    While the arrest was taking place, the victim was still being treated on the deck at TJ Spirits. He was taken into an ambulance bleeding from the head and holding his head. He was seen in the  ambulance, his mouth agape, screaming, and his face contorted in pain, as the Ashland Firefighters prepared to take him to a hospital.

    Hopkinton Officers providing assistance were Scott VanRaalten far left, and Aaron O'Neil, behind tree.

    An Ashland detective who had seen the top photo asked to see whatever else HopNews had taken. Subsequently, a Special Agent of the FBI contacted HopNews regarding those very photos, which the FBI now possesses.

    Although HopNews has known about this federal investigation from the beginning, the FBI's request to hold off on the story until an indictment would be issued was honored. That indictment was made public and the individuals placed in custody yesterday.

    United States Department of Justice office of Michael J. Sullivan, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts has issued this press release:



Ashland's TJ's scene of alleged crime


Two members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club were arrested today on a federal Indictment in connection with the assault a black patron of a restaurant in Ashland because of his race and because he was enjoying the services of the restaurant.


Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Kim for the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division; United States Attorney Michael J. Sullivan; and Kenneth W. Kaiser, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New England, announced today the unsealing of an Indictment charging STEPHAN STELMACH, age 31, of Ashland, Massachusetts, and BRIAN McHUGH, age 31, of Framingham, Massachusetts, with one count of Interference with Federally Protected Rights.


Readers with Verizon connectivity unable to reach HopNews earlier in a.m.


by Robert Falcione, Editor

November 30, 2005 — HopNews readers with Verizon Internet service, DSL, etc., were unable to reach HopNews this morning from around 7:00 am to 10:00 am. We can see by our logs that readers using other internet service providers were logging on, but not Verizon customers. A phone call from a reader and the inability of he HopNews office to log on motivated us to look into it.


Rather than spend two hours on the phone in the Verizon maze trying to find out the facts, we'll simple draw from experience and assume there was something wrong with their routing, as in the past. We are not sure if it was system-wide or confined to the IP addresses of our hosting company, but all looks good from here at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for logging on and reading.

 Rural Character



Trails Club meet


Three dozen people checked out the Berry Acres Preserve area on Saturday with an eighty seven year old woman serving as elder statesperson.  I didn't have the chance to ask too many folks but the first couple that arrived said they had read about the walk on HopNews.

~ Matt Zettek

The next trail walk is December 11, 2005, and will be announced

Hopkinton falls to Abington 12-0 in playoff game

Superbowl hopes dashed

Above, Matt Potenza nearly snags this one for an interception in the first half.

Below, Jon Stickney catches some air and snags one intended for Abington in the first quarter.

Planning Board hears from Master Plan Committee

by Kevin Kohrt

November 29, 2005 — The Planning Board took a look at the Master Plan, which is shaping up after many months of work. The Board had a lot of input to give Master Plan Chairman Muriel Kramer, who presented the draft of their efforts.

"Shoot for simplicity," suggested Evan Ballantyne, challenging the Master Plan Committee to crank it down to 10 pages and put the rest in the appendices.

"It has to be user friendly," stated Sandy Altamura (File photo), suggesting many of the charts and graphs be moved to the appendices as well.

"It needs to be a workable, usable document" suggested Claire Wright, who felt there was too much stress on holding public forums on major issues, which she felt could bog down decision making.

Chairman Mark Abate wanted to see more language that looked at "the town as a business, verses the town as a State Park."


    "You might have to have a major issues section," offered Jaime Goncalves, looking to highlight the important but conflicting elements of downtown revitalization, economic growth, rural character, and the rest. FULL STORY.

Crosswalk Enforcement

$200 fine for violation

    The Hopkinton Police Department has identified a high level of concern for pedestrian safety in and around crosswalks within the downtown area.  We share this concern and in response will be conducting Crosswalk Compliance checks.  The goal of these compliance checks is to improve pedestrian safety by increasing motorist’s adherence to the pedestrian crosswalk laws.  To learn more about these laws please reference Mass. General Law Chapter 89 section 11. (File photo).

     Compliance checks will be conducted at various times of the day and night.  Some of the resources used may include but not be limited to videotaping, unmarked police vehicles and plain clothes personnel. ~ Sgt. Joseph E. Bennett, Hopkinton Police website.

Police News up-to-date


9:14 pm A caller from Meserve Street reported vandalism to his car.  A window was smashed and there was paint all over the vehicle...


3:29 am Officer William Burchard checked and spoke with a couple looking for UFO's on Exchange Street.


9:32 pm Detective Scott Van Raalten checked on a street sign that was stolen on Gina Drive.

Poll results


November 29, 2005 — The poll on the right was completed today, showing about the same amount of participants as the poll on the left, completed a few days ago.

   No truths can be formulated from these unscientific polls, but anecdotal presumptions can be made.

   In the first poll, on the left, the question, "Should the Fruit Street (plan) go forward with the school only," met with more negative answers than positive, presuming that either people want the project stopped, they want only part of the project, or they want it to go forward with everything. Then the poll on the right, which tries to determine what people may have meant.

    In that poll, the people clearly do not want all of the projects proposed, lending credence to the assumption that people want some of the project to be dropped. There is no way of knowing if the same people voted in each poll, but one feature of this poll is that a person cannot vote more than once. And unfortunately, even family members sharing a router cannot vote after one person has done so; at least they cannot in our case.

    Be forewarned to choose a category before clicking "Vote!" because there is a default choice that may not be yours.      

ConCom meets to discuss its Chairman's actions

"People are trying to sweep things under the carpet. It's not going to work."

~ Ron Nation, developer of Whitehall Estates.

"Mr. Nation and Mr. Shepard are parties to a lawsuit with me and this is retribution."

~ Brian Morrison, Conservation Commission Chairman


by Robert Falcione

November 28, 2005 — The Conservation Commission, with its Chairman recusing himself and Vice-Chair Robert Murphy acting as Chairman,  this evening discussed a matter the Board of Selectmen asked them to investigate. The Board had received a letter from Robert Shepard (Photo, left, standing with white hair, mustard jacket), a neighbor of Brian Morrison (Photo, center, blue shirt), Chairman of the Conservation Commission, complaining that Mr. Morrison did grading and filling of a roadway without filing proper permits. The Selectmen read the letter in their last open session, and questioned Brian Morrison, who said he had spoken with Conservation Administrator Don McAdam and Scientist, Ellen Chagnon from his office before the work was done, and according to Mr. Morrison, they said he did not need to file. 

     The issue became less clear this evening, as Mr. McAdam was not called upon to answer questions, and Ms. Chagnon said that when she spoke with Mr. Morrison, "I thought the work had already been done."

     "That's not true," Mr. Morrison replied.

      The road in question, Piazza Lane, is a private road, owned mostly by the State Department of Conservation and Recreation where it runs near the shoreline of Lake Whitehall. Mr. Morrison claims the right of a deeded access to his home on that road, which once went the full length of the peninsula where Mr. Morrison and Mr. Shepard own homes, and land that abuts each other. Mr. Morrison has often said that one day he would like to give his land to a conservation group.

     Ron Nation (Photo), a local developer known for a strong commitment to building quality homes in Hopkinton, such as Ravenwood and Valleywood, has purchased Mr. Shepard's land, likely on a contingency basis, and has been approved for nine single family homes by the Planning Board. Mr. Morrison has sued to appeal that Decision; Superior Court is the usual venue. Mr. Nation has also purchased outright, through Wood Street Realty Trust, an antique brick colonial style home on Wood Street at the entrance to the property, which has come under consideration as part of the plans he has presented.

      "Mr. Nation and Mr. Shepard are parties to a lawsuit with me and this is retribution," Mr. Morrison said, looking straight at this reporter as he took the Chair back from Robert Murphy, the Vice-Chairman who had been conducting the meeting. Mr. Murphy had said from the start that the public would not be allowed to comment, and he maintained that rule until pressure from the public in attendance, and reasoned arguments from members Steve Radel and Jack Speranza, convinced him to open a limited discussion to people in attendance. The discussion resumed after scheduled public hearings were held on other matters. FULL STORY

Thanksgiving feast, Woodville style

November 28, 2005 — Bo Clark's daughter helped serve the turkey, and Rachel Leal helped carve it for a full house of Thanksgiving guests at the Woodville Rod and Gun on Thanksgiving. Photos by Lee Wright.

  13th Annual Hopkinton Education Foundation (HEF) Winter Gala

Tickets on sale Saturday December 3, 2005

Ticket sales for the 13th Annual Hopkinton Education Foundation (HEF) Winter Gala will go on sale on Saturday, December 3, 2005, from 8 a.m. -11 a.m. in the Hopkinton High School lobby. Tickets are $80 per person.

  Individual seats and tables of 10 and 12 may be purchased. Tables of 12 are limited, and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. The HEF Winter Gala will be held at The Sheraton Framingham Hotel on Saturday, February 11, 2006. The festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will feature music by Radiance, a live auction with special celebrity hosts and numerous raffle prizes.   To purchase tickets after the initial sales, contact Gina Dwyer at (508) 259-6453.  More information on this year’s HEF Winter Gala may be found at www.HopkintonEdFoundation.org/Gala2006. TO SEE A VIDEO CLIP FROM LAST YEAR, CLICK HERE OR ON THE PHOTO OF STEVE BURTON AND KURT COOPRIDER.

Dog burglar hits Puppy Patch

Cocker spaniel stolen


November 28, 2005 — The Puppy Patch, a West Main Street business offering a variety of puppy dogs in a retail had an early  visit by the Grinch last Friday morning.

    From the broken window and the blood dripped into the dog pen, to the telltale footprints in the snow and the missing dogs, a dog burglar left his mark last Friday, making off with a 10 week-old cocker spaniel (Similar to one in photo on right).

    A black lab was also taken from its pen, but apparently got away from the thief outside of the building.

     "They dropped it in the snow behind the shed," said Puppy Patch Manager Marilyn Kelly. Although this was the first break-in, it was not the first time a dog has been stolen from the business.

     "We had to have a camera installed because people were putting them in their coat pockets. We had to nail the windows shut because someone handed a puppy out to a waiting friend one time last year," she said.

     Owner Tim Gringas was asked what kind of person would do this.

     "Not a very nice person,"  he said.

     "The temperature droops severely in the winter. A ten week-old puppy in the snow is not a very good situation," Mr. Gingras said.

      "If we can prosecute, that's great. But I would just rather have the puppy back.

      "Perhaps someone will have a guilty Conscience," he said.

      The puppy is worth $650 retail.  

      Anyone with information may call investigating Officer Thomas Griffin at 508-435-3401.

November 28, 2005 — Above, cast of SMILE rehearsing this afternoon.

Hopkinton High School Theater Department


Thursday, December 1 • 4:00 p.m.

Friday, December 2 • 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, December 3, • 2:00 and 7:30 p.m.

Middle School Auditorium

Tickets $8 for Students and Seniors, $10 for Adults

Please note that this production contains some language that might be considered inappropriate for young children.

Football playoffs Tuesday

Above, Hopkinton Cheerleading Squad at the Thanksgiving Day game.


The Hopkinton Varsity Football Team will play a play-off game against Abington in New Bedford at the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, 1121 Ashley Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02745 on  Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 7:15 pm. See a Google map of the area or see Google directions.

November 27, 2005— The Hopkinton Fire Department responded to the call for a kitchen fire out of control on Winter Street. The fire was contained to the oven; Firefighters evacuated the smoke from the home.

Pawz for Fun and socialization 



Nowhere in the manual did it say, "Work for twenty years as an engineer before you do something you love even more."


But that's just what Jeff Williams did, working first at a dog adoption center in Sudbury, and then as a dog companion, taking dogs from his Needham base to Callahan State Park in Framingham in what Jeff calls a "true dog park."


The successes he had at these tasks — bringing a wide variety of dogs together daily in type of dog socialization, showing them love and care, and reinforcing proper behavior — prepared him to bring his special skills and passion together for a doggie care company of his own called Pawz For Fun to serve clients in the local area.


After being in business for about six months, Mr. Williams has made a mark.


Two in the bush

November 27, 2005 — This metal lawn rooster gets paid a visit by a Thanksgiving Day escapee today on Claflin Place. It is likely that the big bird did not quite appreciate the art; or perhaps it saw a message other than what the sculptor intended.

Frances V. Hamel, 75, died Saturday, November 26, 2005 at her home. Born in Bridgeport, CT, she was the daughter of the late Frank and Veronica (Valencourt) Hamel.

      She was a longtime resident of Framingham prior to retiring to Hopkinton. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

The Rooftop Rooster


Hopkinton native sends

a letter from "away" 


    There is a rooster atop the Library roof in Hopkinton. Perhaps you have noticed and wondered “why a rooster?.”  I really hadn’t taken notice of it until, during one of my visits to my hometown, after spending, as usual, the better part of a day in the library, I stood outside waiting for my ride. 


I took the time to scan the building, noting the changes made when the church was connected to the library. It was then I spotted the rooster posed as if ready to crow, ruffle his feathers, and awaken the town.  I remembered reading about Jesus, saying to his disciples at the “Last Supper”, …”this very night, before the cock crows, you will deny me three times..”


I also remembered someone, perhaps a teacher, or my mother suggested to me the probable reason for the rooster perched on top of the church roof, but no matter who, what mattered, was that I, out of curiosity, found the chapter and probable answer to the rooster.


During your next visit to the library, take a look, if you haven’t already, and answer a question for me if you will.  Whose idea was this; the church pastor, the townsmen, a suggestion made by a member of the church, or even, perhaps, the devout little old man or lady who always came early to pray before services began? I have no idea who it was. However, of this I am certain; whoever it was, my thanks go to that one. It made me “think” and it will do so for you.


Another thank you goes to my daughter’s neighbor, Sarah, for asking me about the rooster the day she drove me to the library.  I was reminded of the first time I noticed the bird atop the library, curious about the intended message.


~Shirley Cheney Usher, Pinellas Park, Florida

Winning the roses

November 26, 2005 — Joe Clark's mom returns to the group of mothers after receiving a flower from her son in a pre-game traditional ceremony during which the senior cheerleaders and senior football players give a flower to their mothers on Thanksgiving morning.

November 26, 2005 — Jeannette Potter and Matt Surka work at the Lion's Club bottle and can drive at the rear of Colella's market today. The start of the Christmas tree and wreath sale has been postponed until tomorrow, Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, as will continue on the weekend. Weekday hours are noon to 8:00 pm.



     The Holliston American Legion Post 47 is looking for the names and addresses plus return date of any Hopkinton residents serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for the purpose of sending "Care Packages". This has been an on going project of our post for the past two and a half years, in addition to providing needed items for several combat support hospitals. We have recently adopted Co. B 181st Engineers out of Milford Ma. who recently deployed to Iraq.

     As the number of known Holliston troops serving in the war zone are fewer at the moment, we'd be happy to help out our neighbors in surrounding communities. This is not a seasonal (Xmas) offer, but a year round project. Names may be e-mailed to Mayor_Blair@hotmail.com or you can phone us at 508-429-6763.


Bobby Blair

Cmdr. American Legion Post 47

310 Woodland St.

Holliston Ma. 01746



Bill Brady, 73


Bill Brady, longtime Holliston resident and area gardening artist, passed away this week at his home in Winchendon.


Mr. Brady was well known in New England for his ability to make figures from ice and straw with his hands, and well known locally for his ice sculptures every year in Holliston for their winter gala and at Maria's Caffe Italiano where he had adorned the restaurant with his decorations, his hand made Straw People and his gallery frames.


He also donated the use of some of his creations, a straw cornucopia among them, to Photographic Images for use in a special background for their Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive.


An obituary to date may be found here, and some photos of his work and a story by him may be read here.

Walkin' the line

November 25, 2005 — Hopkinton Police conducted sobriety tests and portable breath tests on the driver of a vehicle pulled over for motor vehicle violations on Main Street. The man was handcuffed and placed under arrest.

25th and counting

November 25, 2005 — Class of 1980, above, from left, President Gina Melnick with Reunion Committee members Ken Johnson, Kelley Kangaloo, Maryjo Gagliani and A. Dave DeStefano at their 25th High School Reunion at the Woodville Rod and Gun this evening.


November 25, 2005 — This cormorant, a bird that spends most of its time diving, appears to be imitating a ship's bow figurine, if only the elephantine rock were a moving vessel, today on North Pond at sunset.

Police News up-to-date

Two arrests on Thanksgiving Eve



8:16 am The operator of a car that hit a DPW sander was cited for Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle after passing breath tests.

8:51 am A walk in reported vandalism.  Sgt. Joseph E. Bennett reported that the resident had eggs thrown at his house on Hayden Rowe Street and the windows shot out by bb's.

8:52 pm A caller would like to get the rest of his belongings out of his old apartment... 

Happy Thanksgiving & congratulations

Hopkinton 21, Ashland 8

November 24, 2005 Hopkinton took home the brass ring today, winning this traditional Thanksgiving contest 21-8. Above, Craig Sager sets up to catch this pass from Brian Doyle and run it in for about 50 yards.  Hopkinton's next game is a playoff game on Tuesday at 7:15 pm at Greater New Bedford Voc/Tech School vs. Abington.


by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton Hillers  once again defeated the Ashland Clockers 21-8 in the annual Turkey Day classic held at Chick Welch Field before a huge crowd and a snow-packed carpet Thanksgiving morning. The Hillers used all their weapons en route to an undefeated Tri-Valley league championship. The Hillers now will prepare for the state playoffs against Abington Tuesday night (New Bedford Vocational Technical School) 7:15 pm. The winner will go on to the Superbowl at Curry College in Milton on Saturday December 3rd. The Hillers once again go big plays from all the seniors as they marched the score to 21-0 at the half. The Hillers were never really threatened as the young Clockers scored on the last play of the game. The Hillers got touchdowns from Matt Potenza, Jon Stickney, and Craig Sager. Captain Andrew Tarca managed to get into a few offensive plays (hurt for Season). The Senior parents of the cheerleaders and football players were presented with flowers before the game. The Hillers now will get ready for the playoffs which will bring them a Superbowl championship! See you in New Bedford!!

Below, Craig Sager is about to leave the referee in the dust and cross the goal line.

Above, Matt Potenza carries in the first touchdown of the game, running it in about 60 yards.

 Championship Sign on display on Thanksgiving at Dog House

The well documented "Championship Sign" that chronicles the many state championship titles Hopkinton High School sports teams have accomplished has found a home!   The sign has been mounted to greet fans near the "Dog House" on the north side of the field.


The sign, originally expected to be the first of four along the roadways of the Town's major points of entry, was deemed both too big and not in keeping with the Town character by the Planning Board, and was denied a second breath of life by Town Meeting.   The schools agreed to find it a home after the May Town Meeting.


The first (and now only) Championship Sign was conceived by the Selectmen - funded by the Hopkinton Athletic Association, Ron & Nancy Clark, and Dave Stoldt & Connie Wright - and installation paid for by the School Department. Go Hillers!~ Dave Stoldt 


My little frozen chickadee

November 24, 2005 — The first snow of the season, which could be the first snow this bird has ever seen, has this chickadee seeing white. The bird not not get  fat overnight, but is puffing its feathers to create an insulating air space.

 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

Kara is a ninth grade student in Katie Saunders English class at Hopkinton High School.  The class recently was assigned the challenge of writing a sonnet.

Kara provides an impressionistic 9th grade perspective on the good things that happen in autumn, including Thanksgiving.

~ Cheryl Perreault

Happy Thanksgiving

(Photo taken last summer)

Roll over Beethoven

November 23, 2005 — The driver of this Jeep, "Is lucky to be alive," said Detective Scott Van Raalten, looking at the soft-top Jeep lying on its crushed roof. The rollover occurred on Elm Street at the Mass Highway area entrance.

    Officer Thomas Lemon asked Dispatch to send the ambulance, even though witnesses said the driver was out of the car, because of the nature of the crash being a rollover.

    The driver of the vehicle was the temporary guest of the Fire Department, until he refused treatment and a transport to the hospital. He then became the guest of the Hopkinton Police Department, charged with OUI Liquor.

Results of the poll in with about 15% of HopNews readers responding

November 23, 2005 — HopNews first front page poll has resulted in 112 people participating, roughly 15% of our estimated daily readership. It is not scientific and can only considered for entertainment purposes. The program is devised so that no one can vote more than once. Also, please note that the winning category goes to the top on the results page, even though the questions may be arranged differently on the poll page.

   In this poll, more people answered "No" when asked if the Fruit Street project should move forward with only the school. But no conclusions can be drawn from this. So we'll dig a little deeper with the poll above.

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