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Christmas Eve accident — 3 cars

December 24, 2005 — Shortly before midnight tonight three cars were involved in this accident on West Main Street near Whalen Road. The vehicle below, which ended up over 150' from the  other vehicle and facing in the same direction,  is one of two cars totally wrecked. Two people were transported to the hospital.


CSCT awarded grant

December 22, 2005 — The Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT) has received notification from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation/Water and Land Stewardship Fund of a grant award to do water quality testing on the feeder brooks of the Westborough Cedar Swamp. “This funding will help the CSCT volunteers expand the existing stream flow monitoring program and include quality testing of these vital resources”, stated John Craycroft CSCT President.

See REGION for full story.

Reprise of 2004 performance






At left is a reprise showing of one clip from last year's performance at St. John's of the Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band.

It's a bird...

December 24, 2005 — This red-tailed bird — can it be anything but a hawk — showed its tail feathers at the first sight of a human. The bird's wing-span appeared to be 5'-6' on Cedar Street today.

It's a plane...

December 24, 2005 — This plane circling over Hopkinton today appeared to be less than 500' from the ground. It is a private aircraft.

It's Scooter Man

December 25, 2005 — Samuel Kaplan, who turns 11 in two months, rides the gift he received for his tenth birthday, today at Hopkinton State Park. Although he is riding on the pavement, the slight snow bank between him and the camera gives the illusion of riding on snow.










to present

the SMCCB concert of December 18 that was held at St. John's Church.

    To view a preview song from that well-attended concert that will be featured on HCAM-TV, choose the controls on the video player, or click here.

 Rural Character

Creature comforts

December 23, 2005 — Fire House Pond is home-sweet-home to this muskrat and its family, who don't let the photographer get closer than 100 feet away.

 Rural Character

Turkey trot

December 23, 2005 — This rafter of wild turkeys and their brood, a group numbering 20, passes an out of season artificial springtime shrub someone stuck in a snow bank, without giving it a second look this morning.


2:30 am Officer Matthew McNeil arrested a 23 year old male from Upton on West Main Street for Motor Vehicle Lights Violation, Possession of a Hypodermic Needle...

8:41 am A caller requested that an officer speak with his Woody Island road neighbor regarding one of her dogs chasing his family members on several occasions...

2:34 pm Chief Thomas Irvin received an e-mail regarding a person on A street that was dumping dirty water from his van onto the street...

Read more in POLICE NEWS.

Comparison of 2 polls

In the original poll, results on the left, we asked if people preferred "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" as the seasonal greeting. Merry Christmas came in first by almost 2 to 1.

   Although the results cannot be measured scientifically, most reasonable people can make the obvious assumption: The majority are Christians. But does that mean they would risk offending someone, right or wrong, of another religion or belief system? Therefore, the latest poll results on the right, after just a few hours.

    In the latest poll, the one on the right, when asked a more precise question, the ranks of "Happy Holidays" swelled to near parity. A reasonable person could assume that it shows people are sensitive to others. Agree? Or not? Discuss

NOTE: There are no substantive or verifiable conclusions that can be made from any of the HopNews polls. They are not scientific, nor are they quantitative enough for a proper sampling.

Toys Needed


Photographic Images, 24 Main Street

Toys and "cash donations" (A check payable to Toys For Tots) are still being accepted through tomorrow, Friday, at Photographic Images. The toys being collected now will be the foundation of the start of next year's national Toys For Tots toy drive.

One off the road

December 22, 2005 — Sgt. Michael Sutton, left, and Officer Stephen Buckley flank a patron (Face blurred) of a South Street establishment who refused to leave when asked this evening. The Milford man was placed into Protective Custody and brought to Police Headquarters.


Above, a Police Department student intern volunteers to walk across the street in a very deliberate and normal pace while Hopkinton Police Officers and Sgt. Bennett observe. One Police Officer is in the vehicle (Arrow) on the far right observing driver behavior in a westerly direction. Another two officers were observing from the opposite side of the street by 3 Main Street, pulling drivers over who were traveling easterly, issuing verbal warnings and educating them to the law.


December 22, 2005 — The Hopkinton Police Department, under the direction of Sgt. Joseph Bennett, conducted their promised Crosswalk Education campaign this afternoon at the Main and Church Street crosswalk. According to Sgt. Bennett, "The goal is education." The team pulled over a dozen or more drivers in a 30 minute time span.

     Sgt. Bennett said that the team will continue to educate drivers, after which time, the crosswalks will be upgraded and citations will be issued to any offending drivers.

    "Even now, if we see a flagrant violation, we'll issue a citation. A flagrant violation is one where the driver's actions put the pedestrian in danger," Sgt. Bennett said.

    The team consists of two one-duty Police Officers and two who are being underwritten with a grant from the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau. Crosswalk statutes can be seen here.

   To learn more about what the Hopkinton Police do, and who they are, visit their website.


There is a 63 year old woman, Zelean Robinson, who was reported missing by her husband late Tuesday. Holliston Police are investigating and if you have any information please contact them at 508-429-1212. They do not suspect foul play at this time. MISSING PERSON

Black female, 63 years, old, 5'2", 130 pounds, brown hair, typically wears glasses.
Last seen Tuesday and presumed to be going shopping on Rt 9. She drives a green 2002 Chevy Cavalier, license # 88CA60. Please contact police if you have any information at all or think you have seen her since Tuesday. ~ From HollistonNetNews

Check out new Regional Section REGION

December 21, 2005 — Last Thursday, Mrs. Porter brought her fifth grade class to the Senior Housing Center at Brampton Circle for the thirtieth time; but her first order of business was to make a beeline to Ralph Edwards, Sr. to exchange a huge hug.

December 21, 2005 — Planning Board member John Coolidge, left, shares a light moment with Selectman Ron Clark before the start of the Board of Selectmen Quarterly meeting last evening. The headlining presentation was given by Finley Perry, Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee, which was formed in the wake of the announcement of the offering for sale of 615 acres of former Weston Nurseries land. His presentation on the work of that committee and the possible scenarios for development were extensive. To see the outline of he presentation in pdf format, click here.

Chamber party

Above, Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce President Ron Roux greets the membership before the raffle that was conducted by Craig Meyer and Mindy VanSchaick.

December 21, 2005 — The Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce held its holiday party, albeit late in the season, this evening at  the Hopkinton Country Club. The group was treated to a multi-course buffet that ended with dessert and a raffle.

Work of Hopkinton sculptor on display

December 21, 2005 — Hopkinton sculptor Michael Alfano is the featured artist at Main Street Specialties in a rotating presentation produced by Geri Holland and Sue Pellitier. Mr. Alfano's work will show until the end of the month.

Davison Welch prints to benefit Scholarship fund



Well known Hopkinton artist Davison Welch is offering his prints of Fenway Park for sale at Colella's Market and will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Daniel F. Colella Scholarship Fund, so named after the founder of the namesake supermarket.


 There is a demo hanging in the back of the store for customers to view.  The prints are available signed, yet unframed to the public for $50.00.


On guard

December 21, 2005 — Seagulls outnumbered humans at Hopkinton State Park yesterday, taking advantage of the swimming, walking and flying resources offered there.


Red Cross Blood Drive

Tuesday January 10 from 1pm to 7pm. 

First Congregational Church

146 East Main St.
Hopkinton, MA 01748

 Kohrt Repohrt

Land Use Study Committee reports on Weston Nurseries

Nursery could have offer in next two weeks

by Kevin Kohrt

December 20, 2005 — At tonight's Selectmen's meeting, the various Boards and Committees and Agencies in town reported on what they have been experiencing and working on over the past few months.

Several came with extensive presentations, of which the Land Use Study Committee (LUSC) was the first, and perhaps most anticipated of the bunch. At least for Chairman Fin Perry's barber who Mr. Perry quotes as repeatedly inquiring, "'How's the Committee-to-look-into-everybody's-business doing?'"

The 11 member Land Use Study Committee was formed by the Board of Selectmen in February of this year in response to the proposed sale of 615 acres of agricultural land (Chapter 61A) on the eastern side of Hopkinton, currently part of the Weston Nurseries operation, and to review other Chapter 61 parcels as they may come available. Chapter 61 grants municipalities such as Hopkinton the right of first refusal to match the asking price when an agricultural property that has received tax exemptions is put on the market and a valid offer is made by a third party. FULL KOHRT REPORT


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Hiller boys lose heartbreaker to tough Ashland 62-61 


by Peter Marso

December 20, 2005 — The Hopkinton Boys Basketball team lost a tough heart breaker to the Ashland Clockers 62-61 in a Tri-Valley League game played tonight before an overflow crowd in Hopkinton. The Hillers were ahead by as much as 17 points but the Clockers ran 19 straight points to put the game very much back into their control.

     The Hillers used 12 players deep en route to a great effort in a losing cause in which the Hillers showed that they can play with anybody! The game was tense all throughout the last half in which both teams played very aggressive basketball.

     The Hillers have worked very hard and appear to be on their way to another great season. The Hillers defeated a Westwood team last Saturday and now are 1-1 in league play. All players contributed in the heartbreaker, but it looks good for the future. The Team travels to Dover-Sherborn on Friday before going home for school break.    Peter Marso Special to Hop News. 

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Police News up-to-date


11:40 pm A caller reported an erratic operator on Main Street.  Subsequently, a 61 year old female from Venice, FL was arrested for Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Liquor.


10:03 pm A caller reported to Officer Gregg DeBoer that they were receiving harassing phone calls.  The caller requested that the incident be logged.


6:46 pm A caller reported that a pick up truck pulled up then the operator got out and smashed a window.


Morrison attorney seeks meeting with Town Conservation employees

"I don't feel comfortable with them meeting..."

~Robert Murphy, acting Chair

"If you choose not to talk to my counsel, then I would ask that the Board of Selectmen not meet with them either,"

~ Brian Morrison

by Robert Falcione

December 19, 2005 —  Jonathan White, attorney for embattled Conservation Commission Chairman Brian Morrison, has sent a letter to the Conservation Commission requesting a meeting with Conservation Scientist Ellen Chagnon and Conservation Administrator Don Macadam. Brian Morrison stepped away from the table during the discussion this evening.

   Mr. Morrison has come under fire for filling in, without filing a Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA), a gravel road owned by the DCR that serves as access to his and his neighbor's properties on the shores of Lake Whitehall. Mr. Morrison's neighbor, Robert Shepard, brought the activity to the attention of the Board of Selectmen, who invited Mr. Morrison to explain his actions at their November 15, 2005 meeting. Mr. Morrison provided a detailed explanation of why he did not file, quoting conversations with Conservation staff members and DPW Director, J.T. Gaucher. Neighbor Robert Shepard has sold his land, under agreement, to builder Ron Nation, who got a nine-home subdivision approved by the Planning Board. Mr. Morrison appealed that Decision, as did Mr. Nation, who said that the weight of the special conditions imposed upon the project actually amounted to a de facto denial.

    The Selectmen asked Conservation Vice-chair Robert Murphy to head an investigation into the matter of Mr. Morrison's activity.

     Mr. Murphy acted as Chairman, and presented Mr. Morrison's case at that meeting held on November 28  (File Photo). Member Jack Speranza sought more information, as did member Steven Radel. The Commission decided to have a teleconference with the DEP, a visit to the site, and left it at that.

   In emails that Mr. Speranza has since made public, it is clear that Mr. Morrison had already sought guidance as a private citizen from the DEP on November 16, nearly two weeks before that meeting. The DEP response is unclear at this time.

   However, in the subsequent teleconference, several issues were addressed that did not favor of Mr. Morrison's claims.

   At the next meeting of the Commission on December 5, the discussion of Mr. Morrison's case was declared moot by its acting Chair, Mr. Murphy, because Mr. Morrison had filed the RDA. The Commission plans to have a hearing on the RDA early in 2006 to determine if Mr. Morrison needs to take other action.

     The Selectmen on December 6 invited DPW Director JT Gaucher to the witness chair while Chairman Sonnett related what Mr. Gaucher's had told him about conversations with Mr. Morrison surrounding the filling in of the road; and on past practices of the DPW.

      Mr. Gaucher's statements, as related by Chairman Sonnett, were at odds with Mr. Morrison's, as were other claims the Selectmen made. The Selectmen then read a motion drafted by Town Council Larry Faiman to conduct a hearing to see if information it received warrants "...actions which may constitute a basis for his removal from the Conservation Commission." The scheduling of the hearing is planned to coincide with the conclusion of the RDA hearing.

    In the meantime, Mr. Morrison's attorney, Jonathan White, has asked the Conservation Commission to ask Jack Speranza to recuse himself from deliberations on the Morrison RDA hearing. After some discussion this evening, it was clear that there were not enough votes to carry, and a motion was not made.

    Another email received by the ConCom from Mr. White requesting a meeting with him and Conservation Scientist Ellen Chagnon and Conservation Administrator Don Macadam, was discussed this evening.

     "I don't feel comfortable with them meeting with him," said Mr. Murphy, acting as Vice-chair this evening. It was clear he was referring to a meeting regarding the upcoming RDA hearing.

     Mr. Radel said he would feel more comfortable if Mr. White's request was for standard type of information.

     Mr. Morrison, who had recused himself, asked the Chair if he could speak.

     After eyeballing the other members and not seeing an objection, Mr. Murphy turned toward Mr. Morrison.

    "There is another matter where the Board of Selectmen wants to hold a hearing," Mr. Morrison said, inferring the "removal" hearing.

    "If you choose not to talk to my counsel, then I would ask that the Board of Selectmen not meet with them either," he said.

    Mr. Speranza, and attorney, said that anyone can talk to anyone.

    The Board did not take a vote on the matter.

    On December 13, 2005, Mr. White, on behalf of Mr. Morrison, faxed a letter to the District Attorney accusing Mr. Speranza of violating Open Meeting Laws for an email he sent fellow members on December 6 asking for an executive session to discuss the future role of its Chairman.

    In reply, On December 15 Mr. Speranza then sent a "supplement" to Mr. Morrison's complaint taking issue with two claims made by Mr. White, and including 31 previous emails, many between two or more Commission members.

    This matter is far from over, as the Selectmen await the end of the RDA hearing, projected for January, 2006, to begin their "removal" hearing; and public document requests for emails are in the hands of the ConCom.  

Loscocco and Spilka on the MEPA meeting

To the editor:

We are writing in response to recent news reports to clarify our role in facilitating the recent meeting between state and local officials regarding the Fruit Street Master Plan. Unfortunately, neither of us was asked for any comment on this story.


As Hopkinton’s legislative representatives, we were pleased to help convene a private meeting between the Director of Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and local officials, as had been requested by members of the Board of Selectmen and Fruit Street Development Committee. The MEPA process is regulatory - not political - and the express purpose of the meeting was to have the Director and his staff clarify and further explain MEPA’s recent decision to request further information concerning the Fruit Street Master Plan. FULL LETTER.

Vegan diet?

December 19, 2005 — This muskrat enjoys some greens he has pulled from the bottom of the pond this morning. If he finishes all of the weeds in this pond, there's plenty more upstream in Lake Whitehall.

Band plays heart strings

December 18, 2005 — More than two dozen musicians forming the South Eastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band (www.smccb.com) wowed the gathering at St. John the Evangelist Church this afternoon with traditional seasonal music in a well rehearsed and impeccable performance. Joining in was a children's choir led by Mary Scarlata-Rowe and Carol Cheney. Above, Conductor Bruce Houston offers the kudos to others. The band — it is not an orchestra due to the absence of strings — emphasizes in its promotions that it is not a Christmas program they perform, but a diverse program of holiday music that includes some Christmas music. And although it is not entirely religious music, Father Jim has lent the use of the church for many years.


More concert Pics


Gone but not forgotten

December 18, 2005 — Veterans are not forgotten, even in this seldom visited Cemetery on Wilson Street. American Legion members place flags at their graves.

Cell caller tips police to erratic operator

December 18, 2005 — This evening Officer William Burchard III placed into custody a female driver who had alleged used more than one lane for travel. A cell caller alerted police alleging the behavior, something the police must then observe for themselves before pulling someone over. Officer Burchard conducted field sobriety tests and administered a portable breath test, a machine brought to the scene by Officer Linda Higgins, before he placed the woman in custody.


Uncommonly Hopkinton


Explorer discovers beauty in his own backyard

Hopkinton's Morrie Gasser, a man for many seasons


by Elizabeth Eidlitz

December 18, 2005 — Growing up in Chicago, Morrie Gasser, now a Hopkinton resident, never liked city life. He preferred wilderness and woods.

“At college when I had a car and could go places, I saw a lot of great things in the United States, and everything was 1000 miles away from Chicago. On a map on my wall, I colored in every county I’d been to. By graduation I’d driven to almost every state.

He discovered camping out of necessity on a vacation trip to Alaska. “Gas was a stratospheric 30 cents a gallon, and the Alcan Highway was 1100 miles of gravel. After five flat tires and a broken windshield we couldn’t afford $7 a night for motels.  We bought sleeping bags and a tent.”

Since those University of Chicago days, the software engineer, author of Building a Secure Computer System, amateur astronomer, stamp collector, rock climber, advocate for the historic restoration of South Mill Street’s dam, grandfather of three, and husband of a painter and tournament chess player, has become an all-season adventurer and a true custodian of Earth's beauty and wonders. FULL STORY


Safety zone

December 17, 2005 — Colleen McBride, left, holds onto her very special holiday hat while crossing Main Street with her friend Katie Taylor this afternoon.

Growing problem

December 17, 2005 — This doe slammed into the side of the automobile in the background, as the vehicle was driving on Ash Street this noontime, demolishing both doors and knocking out the rear passenger window. It dragged itself from the street into the snow, where it appeared to have its final moments. This will be the thirteenth entry into the HopNews Police News of a vehicle vs deer in the last 37 days. Other deer-related entries include people complaining about hunters on or near their property; or hunters simply hunting legally during season, the caller being ignorant of the law.

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


7:09 am The Upton Police Department reported that there was a large white object in the road on School Street...


5:21 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported that someone was knocking on her door...


9:41 am A caller from Spring Street reported hearing a loud explosion and a telephone pole was on fire... 

Strange birdfellows

December 16, 2005 — These two unlikely table mates tolerated each other during breakfast yesterday in Hopkinton.

 Kohrt Repohrt


School Committee reports progress on Fruit Street

HPTA scores big!



Award winning HPTA

by Kevin Kohrt

December 15, 2005 — Superintendent John Phelan begin the meeting with an announcement that at the 96th annual PTA convention, "the Hopkinton PTA, once again, very much distinguished itself with a number of wonderful awards". The awards were then outlined for the board by HPTA President Pam Waxlax and Vice President Jean Bertschmann (Photo from left).

Included were: a trophy for being the sole winner of the Newsletter/Outstanding Content Award, which was based on The Runner publication; a trophy for the Program Award, reflecting the programs and projects that benefit both parents and students; and a Voices for Children Award plaque for displaying "excellence in advocacy for the children of the community", read off Ms. .Waxlax, as Ms. Bertschmann displayed the awards. FULL REPORT


Poll results



December 16, 2005 — The poll above was conducted this week. The results on the left were tallied Wednesday evening, the day before the Boston Globe had a feature on HopNews in their Globe West. The R's were well ahead of the D's at that time. What does it mean?

      One reader speculated that because one computer has only has one vote, his wife could not vote, and that perhaps Republicans had more computers.

       It was pointed out to him that Republicans also work during the day, giving them a vote not only from home, but from work, too. And of course the Democrats who do work, didn't have access to a computer on the docks or the loading platforms.

     Then the Globe story came out Thursday morning, and although we didn't see a spike in visits, we do see a spike in Republican votes in the results graphic on he right. Now, they are either from the fresh new computers, Globe readers, looking at the page — most regular HopNews readers who have voted know that one computer can cast only one vote — and that Globe West readers lean toward being Republicans. Or it means some prankster figured out how to beat the program.

     What hard conclusions can we make about this latest poll? Same as all of the others. Nothing.

     Nothing, except that the Republicans win this time.

Conservation Commission Chairman charges fellow member

with Open Meeting Law violation

Brian Morrison asks District Attorney to investigate fellow member Jack Speranza's email

  "I think he is trying to silence me" ~ Jack Speranza


by Robert Falcione

December 15, 2005 — In another twist to the Conservation Commission controversy, Chairman Brian Morrison (File photo), through his attorney, Jonathan White, has asked in a letter that the Attorney General's office investigate whether or not fellow Commission member Jack Speranza violated the Open Meeting law with an email sent to all members of the Commission. Mr. Morrison has been under the gun after doing some roadway maintenance on his home's access road, which is owned by the DCR, without having filed paperwork with his own department.

      Mr. Morrison has since filed paperwork, but not before the Board of Selectmen asked the Conservation Commission to investigate the events surrounding Mr. Morrison's activities. The Selectmen themselves have voted to conduct a hearing to see if there is cause to remove Mr. Morrison from the office that Board appointed him to. They will conduct that hearing after the Conservation Commission conducts a hearing on the Request for Determination that Mr. Morrison filed after the fact.

     Mr. Morrison is basing his claim on an email Mr. Speranza (File photo, left) sent to the rest of the Commission, outside of what he states are the requirements of the Open Meeting Law. Mr. Speranza claims he was within his rights, because he asked at the December 5 meeting of the Commission that all of the emails be made part of the public record.

    "I don't think I have violated the spirit of the law," he said this afternoon. "I asked for the emails to be part of the record.


    "Brian has stated that I was trying to influence my fellow members regarding the Piazza Lane situation," he said.

    "But my email was a verbatim copy of the letter I dropped off at the office the same day and was already part of the public record and contained nothing more."

     "All of my concerns were relative to his conduct as a Commissioner who had recused himself from deliberations in his own matter.

     "He continued to insert himself with the staff under the guise of being a private citizen, when in fact, he is not, because he is the boss of the staff. For the Commission to do so is inappropriate," said Mr. Speranza.

     "I think he is trying to silence me," he said.

     "What has happened in an attempt to justify a questionable decision is what is truly outrageous. And that's the stuff that has not been made public," Mr. Speranza said.

     In response to Mr. Morrison's letter, Mr. Speranza has fired off one of his own, complete with 30 previous emails attached, emails that he had asked be made public at the December 5 meeting, many of which were among commission members. Only the December 6 email has been challenged.

     When asked to comment on Mr. Speranza's claims, Mr. Morrison said, "I don't want to get into  a public contest with Speranza about legal issues." Mr. Speranza is an attorney.

      "I'm merely trying to have a fair and impartial hearing before the Commission like any resident," Mr. Morrison said.

     Reached by telephone, Jonathan White, Mr. Morrison's attorney said, "We've called Robert Murphy [Vice-chair] to ask Mr. Speranza to recuse himself in any deliberations regarding Brian.

     "It is obvious certain people in town are going after Brian and if they are, [that] it is done appropriately." Mr. White referred to the upcoming hearing before the Selectmen, and to the contents of a letter he said he is sending them tomorrow.

     "What form will it take? What standards are they going to use in judging his conduct?"

     When asked if he will advise Mr. Morrison to resign, Mr. White said Mr. Morrison's reappointment comes up in the spring.

     "If he stays on now," he said, "he has to be reappointed or not reappointed.

     "We don't think he's done anything wrong and we want to make sure his name is cleared," said Mr. White.

     Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, when reached by telephone on a trip back from Maine, had not yet seen the letter from Mr. White that was faxed to the Selectmen. However, he was asked if Mr. Morrison will be reappointed.

     "I have no idea, because this has not been discussed by the Board of Selectmen.

     "Our focus is the public hearing after the ConCom finishes its investigation."

     Tomorrow, Mr. White will send the aforementioned letters, one to Robert Murphy and one to the Selectmen.

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