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Senator Spilka Supports Toughening of Criminal Statutes


BOSTON – Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland) commended the Senate on its passage today of Senate Bill 2326, An Act Penalizing Domestic Abusers.  S 2326 is an updated draft of S 65, of the same title, which passed with a favorable report through the Joint Committee on Children and Families, on which Senator Spilka serves as Chair.

Currently, district attorneys do not have the right to seek a felony charge for the crime of assault and battery on a family or household member unless the crime results in “serious bodily injury.”  However, many acts of assault and battery on family or household members are repetitive in nature causing long-lasting physical and emotional effects, but are outside of the legal definition of “serious bodily injury.”

S 2326 will finally allow DA’s to seek felony charges for the crime of assault and battery on a family or household member, at the discretion of the prosecutor.  The bill also helps address repetitive acts of domestic violence and provides a mechanism to track cases of this nature.

Senator Spilka commented, “I am very pleased at the Senate’s passage of S 2326.  It sends a convincing message that we in the Senate are committed to protecting child and adult victims of domestic violence, giving our district attorneys the tools they need to protect us, and fighting crime in all its forms in the Commonwealth.”

S 2326 will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration.

The HopNews office lost power early on in the storm, forcing us to the street to photograph the force of today's relentless windstorm. Following are a few of those photos.

January 18, 2006 — This sick tree got tree knocked down on Proctor Street this afternoon during what some of the neighbors described as a microburst during the intense windstorm. One Nstar worker said that 280,000 homes were without power for a time in the afternoon..

January 18, 2006 — This transformer is dangling, as are the wires, also on Proctor Street this afternoon.

January 18, 2006 — This giant pine tree fell over this house on Ash Street today, some of it breaking off at the roof line and falling on the other side.

January 18, 2006 — "It's like a wind tunnel here," said the arriving police officer on Saddle Hill Road at the scene of this telephone pole that fell across the road, as the driving wind bent the surrounding trees.

Police News now up-to-date


11:20 pm A caller reported a domestic dispute between him and his girlfriend...

9:54 pm A caller from Downey Street reported that her neighbor was playing the drums very loud in the garage...

8:36 pm A caller reported that a person was walking on West Main Street and appeared to be intoxicated...


Read the full stories in Police News

Two people have taken out nomination papers for 2006 to date

So far, only two people, Republican Phil Totino for School Committee and Democrat John Duffy for Board of Assessors have taken out nomination papers for the May election. People can get on the ballot with nomination papers or by a winning vote at their party's caucus or primary election. Following is the timeline form Town Clerk Ann Click's office:

2006 Election Calendar


Friday, March 24, 2006 ~ Last Date to Obtain Nomination Papers

Monday, March 27, 2006 ~ Last Date to Submit   Nomination Papers

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 ~ Last Date to Register  To Vote for Town Meeting  And Town Election 

Monday, May 1, 2006 ~ Annual Town Meeting

Monday, May 15, 2006 ~ Annual Town Election

Weds., August 30, 2006 ~ Last Date to Register

Weds., August 30, 2006 ~ To Vote for State Primary 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 ~ State Primary

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 ~ Last Date to Register To Vote for State Election

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 ~ State Election

Hiller girls remain unbeaten; beat Millis 48-31!


by Peter Marso

January 17, 2006 — Hiller boys beat tough Millis team 66-62 in local Hoop action.    The Hopkinton Girls remained unbeaten as they coasted to their eighth straight win Tuesday at the hands of the Millis Mohawks. The Bliss ladies built up a pretty big lead on way to another tri-valley League victory. Brooke Anderson and Kristen Baldiga were the big scorers and Katilyn Fraser played a great defensive game. The young Mohawks held on to their own but the Hillers were just to experienced for the team from rte109.

On the Road the Hiller boys won a big hard tough fought battle with Millis the final score ending up 66-62. The win puts the Keane men very much in the playoff hunt as they have played excellent hoop and appear to be heading for a post season birth. Both teams will be playing the Medway Mustangs on Friday night with the boys on the road and the gals at home. Good job in sweeping the doubleheader.!! 

Media converges on Hopkinton

January 17, 2006 — Boston media organizations have started their Boston Marathon stories already this year, converging on Hopkinton today.

      What some in the BAA are proposing is a change in course to go under the Mass Ave bridge, adding a small hill to the last leg of the runners' journey,  through an area that may not fit some of the television trucks, according to sources.

     Another change that looks like a done deal is a staggered start, the regular race starting at noon, and another start at 12:30 pm. It is unclear who will lead the second start; a series of low numbers, or 10,001 of the 20,000 runners. There can be no doubt, however, that the lead runners of the second wave will pass some from the first wave.

     Above, a helicopter, apparently from a Boston TV station, registered out of Pennsylvania with marking N10BC and a camera mounted on the front, circled the downtown several times. Right Casey Kaufman from Channel 4 conducted interviews at the Common, on the sidewalk and at Main Street Specialties. The FAA has a very interesting website, one that makes available registration information on airplanes. The "N" number can be placed into a search engine on the FAA site that will reveal the name of the owner of the aircraft in addition to many other details.

Special privileges

January 17, 2006 — There were more empty parking spaces on Main Street this morning than any time in recent memory, but this driver chose to block the crosswalk for several hours. In addition, there is a no parking zone for several feet before the sidewalk designed to allow a line of sight for oncoming traffic. However, in this case, the vehicle has taken from the pedestrian his right to a safe passage. It is just wrong.

Puff  me up, buttercup

January 16, 2006 — This puffed up tufted titmouse probably cannot see the photographer through the sliding glass door, but is likely admiring a reflection of himself this morning. He is puffing himself up to create insulating layers of air.





 Reading  Olympics

          The Children’s Room will be holding a Reading Olympics from February 10th to the 26th.  Come in to find out how you can earn a silver or gold ribbon whether you are a reader or listener.


Winter’s Night Sky Family Program

          On Wednesday evening, February 15th from 6:30 to 8:00PM, a local astronomer will present a slide show on winter’s stars and constellations. Whether permitting, participants will have an opportunity to view the winter sky through a telescope. The program will begin in the main Reference Room and is appropriate for children in first grade and older.


February Vacation Craft

            Make a likeness of Abe Lincoln including his long black beard on Wednesday afternoon, February 22nd. Drop in the Children’s Room anytime between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m. This activity is appropriate for children 3 years and older. Adults stay to help. Please call 497-9779 to register.


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

            Join Ms. Dinny in the main Reference Room on Wednesday, March 1st at 2:30 p.m. She will read some Dr. Seuss stories and show you how to make Cat in the Hat’s hat. This program is appropriate for ages 2 through 6 years. Adults are asked to stay with their child. Please register for this story time at 497-9779.


Saturday Morning Drop-In Story Time

            If mom and dad work all week or dad wants a turn with the kids, the Children’s Room has just the program. On Saturday mornings from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m., a drop-in story time for children ages 2 through 6 will take place. Listen to a few stories and make a craft on February 18th, 25th, March 4th and 11th.


Fashion Show 2006


Presented by Marshalls

and Hopkinton High School students

Heather Pyne, Nicole Faletra, Cortney Burnham



6:30 pm, Friday, February 10, 2006

Students $6.

Adult $10.




All proceeds to benefit Project Just Because.

Above, file photo of the Karl Mighton Trail which was opened in 2005.

The Hopkinton Trails Club has announced a new website, which can be seen here.

Robin, a sign of...

January 16, 2005 — No one would have been fooled into thinking this morning was anything but winter, with the wind-chill at -4°F, as this robin was having a feast on these red berries. Although common folk lore has the sighting of a robin as a sure sign of the arrival of spring, some birders will agree that the robin is not a migratory bird, but a winter resident as well.

“What is Alzheimer’s Disease and How Do We Communicate?”


Golden Pond Assisted Living in Hopkinton will be hosting a presentation titled “What is Alzheimer’s Disease and How Do We Communicate?” with renowned Alzheimer’s speaker and caregiver, Mal Allard, LPN on Saturday, January 28th from 9:30-10:30 am with Breakfast served starting at 9am.   The talk will help people better understand the diagnosis and various stages of Alzheimer’s disease as well as how people may feel or think within their disease process.  We will also share helpful techniques to enable more successful and effective communications between families and their loved ones with the disease.  There will be time for additional questions after the talk.  Both the talk and breakfast are free and open to everyone, please RSVP to #508-435-1250.

Community Preservation Committee looking for ideas

CPA funds are up to $1.2 million on hand


January 15, 2006 — The Community Preservation Committee, charged with managing Community Preservation Act funds, will be meeting in Room 216 of the Town Hall at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 19, and they would like some help putting their $1.2 million bounty to work.

   The Community Preservation Act allows communities who opt in to choose to set aside money for open space, land preservation, affordable housing, historical restoration and preservation, among others.

    "We have over $1.2 million and we are looking for worthy projects, causes to fund," said Committee Chairman John Coolidge.

     "The Hopkinton Historical Society has some projects we are funding from previous Town Meetings," he said.

      Historical Preservation is high on the list, he said.

     "The fountain on the Common is a good example of the historical preservation we do. It is funded but we are trying to find the top of it," Mr. Coolidge said.

       "We are looking at the Whitehall Dam Gate House," Mr. Coolidge said, referring to the Gate House that was saved from destruction during the construction of the new Whitehall Dam. He said he believes there may be some interior features that could be preserved and shared with the public.

     "We area looking for individuals or committees to come forward. Perhaps we could fund historical flower pots or benches for the downtown," he said.

      "The theme of the CPA is for projects that everyone wants done, but no one has the money for.

      "For instance, the old rail road depot was out of storage and they applied for funds and it is getting done," he said.

      "It will be a little warming house for skaters.

     "The Historical Society Building is another example of the use of CPA funds.

      "The EMC House was another CPA project.

      "We are looking for people with ideas and projects to help benefit the town." File photos.

Piazza Lane leads to it

January 15, 2006 — If the controversial Piazza Lane were public and passable, it would lead directly to this unused old indoor pavilion, what the locals call the scout camp. It is made of steel and covered with galvanized siding, giving it an appearance similar to what it must have been in the 1950's, field stone fireplace and all. It is reminiscent of period Norumbega Park type of buildings, where families or scouts dined while enjoying water recreation and wild animals. People hiking along the trail from the western side of the Whitehall Dam will come across it south of Parker Point. Look, but don't touch, because it is on private property, bordering the State Reservation property.

January 15, 2006 — Officers Thomas Griffin, right, and Philip Powers secure the scene for safe passage of Wood Street traffic at this roll over Saturday.

Hopkinton Women’s Club January Meeting

Date : Monday, January 23rd

Place:  Cultural Arts Alliance, 98 Hayden Rowe

Time:  9:30 Social, 10:00 Meeting, 11:00 Program

The Hopkinton Women’s Club next meeting is Monday, January 23, at the Cultural Arts Alliance, at 9:30am.  A representative of the Cultural Arts Alliance will update the club on the status of its major capital project of restoring and renovating the barn as well as current needs.

Learn more from the Women's Club here.


January 15, 2006 — What at first could be mistaken for a penguin-face or some other exotic creature turns out to be the back end of a duck who was feeding off of the bottom of Little Pond the other day.

January 14, 2006 — From left, Rob Cornell, with cousin Joe and wife Mary cheer a field goal early on in the playoff game with the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium, while watching at his namesake pub on Hayden Rowe Street. The Patriots were the first to score, but not the last. Denver 27, New England 13.

Dream state

January 14, 2006 — The southern end of Lake Whitehall looked a bit dreamy this morning as the ice sublimated its moisture to the warmer air.


January 14, 2006 — This jeep got rolled onto its side after being hit on the driver's side by a much smaller vehicle.

     "It was so small, it got under it and flipped it over," said one police officer on the scene.

     An off-duty firefighter made a gravel dam and placed an absorbent pad to contain a fluid spill; and to keep it from going into the nearby river, he said.

      According to reports, there were no injuries.


January 14, 2006 — These ducks are flapping their wings so fast that even the fastest exposure value can't stop their motion in the low light of a rainy day, today on Pond Street.

January 14, 2006 — Pick-hammers, trowels and levels are the preferred tools for this group working on Wood Street yesterday with stone and cement on the Fafard development entrance.

To see a sample of finely crafted stone walls from HopNews supporter Scott's Landscaping, choose the photo below, and then call to book your construction date.

by Peter Marso

Hiller boys lose heart breaker at buzzer! Hiller girls remain undefeated

as both teams square of at Athletic Center. The Girls remain unblemished as they crushed the Hawks in the opener on Friday 72-45 before a very excellent crowd for the holiday weekend. Kaitlyn Fraser and Liz Tuite both played outstanding as the gals remain perfect 7-0 going into Millis on Tuesday.


The Bliss ladies took a big lead and the bench was cleared as they are heading for a tri-valley league championship. Nicole Driscoll  used her fast break towards securing the victory. Brooke Anderson played very well for a sophomore.


The Hiller boys lost a buzzer beater three point play 67-66 as they had the lead going into the last 13 seconds when the hawks completed a tremendous play which enabled them to squeeze out the victory. It was a great effort for the Hillers who actually lead at the half by as many as six points. The Hillers Greg Sager actually hustled and almost iced the win for the home team. Joe Clark and Rob Taylor controlled the boards and did a great job to almost pull of the upset. It goes as saying that the Hillers are capable of beating anybody on a gifted night.  ~ January 13, 2006

 Rural Character

January 13, 2006 — This beauty was spotted on Cedar Street this afternoon. Perhaps Alan Kett knows the type.

 Rural Character

January13, 2006 — This resident of Firehouse Pond left his dinner table to swim the width of the pond and get a close up look (Inset) at the photographer; but only for a moment before he swam away.

 Rural Character

January 13, 2006 — Perhaps this sheep on Pond Street is pleased with the mild weather. It must be smiling for some reason.

 Rural Character

Open water

January 13, 2006 — These two male mallards had a couple of hens swimming behind them, in Little Pond today, a body of water that would be frozen solid most years in the middle of January.


“The Spirit of the Marathon


Sponsored by:

Century 21 Westward Homes in conjunction with the Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA), Hopkinton Cultural Arts Alliance (CAA), Hopkinton Marathon Committee, Boston Athletic Association (BAA), Youth Commission.



The Marathon Poster Contest is open to all students (Kindergarten through 12th grade) who are either attending a Hopkinton school or are residents of Hopkinton.  The goals of the poster contest are to:

  • Promote the theme "The Spirit of the Marathon”

  • Promote Hopkinton and its athletic spirit

  • Present artwork for public display and recognition

  • Receive savings bond award

  • Highlight Hopkinton’s historic ties with the BAA Boston Marathon



  • All entries should be original artwork, created by a student in grades K-12 who lives in Hopkinton

  • Posters must be 14"x18"

  • Entries may be done in marker, crayon, watercolor, ink, acrylic, colored pencil and/or tempera paint. Middle and high school students may choose a separate computer-generated art category. Please do not glue or tape anything onto the poster

  • Entries should be done on paper that allows for duplication, display and mounting

  • All entries should relate to the theme "The Spirit of the Marathon”

  • Entries should be signed with first and last name in the front, lower right corner and on the back of the artwork.

  • Entries may be dropped off in any of the main offices of the Hopkinton Public Schools or at Century 21 Westward Homes, 76 Main Street, and the Selectmen’s Office in Hopkinton Town Hall

  • All submissions will become the property of the Hopkinton Athletic Association.

  • A local panel of artists will judge the posters based on creativity, composition, and design.

Download complete entry form and rules

Due to the forecast of heavy rain on Saturday January 14th, the Moonlit Hike has been postponed until March
11th. Hope to see you then.
~ The Hopkinton Trails Club.

POLICE NEWS now up-to-date


2:19 am Officer Matthew McNeil attempted to stop a vehicle on Hayden Rowe Street that did not stop.  Officer William Burchard assisted and subsequently a 19 year old male from Hopedale was arrested for Personal Under 21 Possession of Liquor, Failure to Dim Headlights, Speeding and for OUI Liquor...


4:00 pm A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported that his neighbor's dog had attacked one of his chickens and the chicken is now deceased...


7:46 am The bus company reported a small dump truck with a ladder hanging off of the side hit and smashed a window on a school bus on Ash Street...


Fruit Street SEIR ~ 3rd Time is the charm

Ron Clark sees victory party ahead


by Kevin Kohrt

January 13, 2006

The Fruit Street Development Committee (FSDC) met Thursday night to finalize what they hope will be the final Single Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) they have to submit to the MEPA office for approval. By their next meeting in early March they hope to have the approval Certificate in hand, allowing all individual projects within the Fruit Street Master Plan to move forward to the detailed design stage.


A little over a year ago the first SEIR submitted was denied, with only the proposed athletic fields and some relatively minor maintenance work being granted a “Phase I Waiver”. Last year’s Town Meeting voters approved money for the Parks & Recreation Commission to come up with a design for athletic fields at Fruit Street. They also voted to provide the School Committee with money to design a new elementary school and early childhood center, contingent on MEPA approval of the SEIR.


The Parks & Recreation Commission has received a huge response to the Request For Quotes (RFQ) they sent out in search of design documents.


“About 30,” replied Al Rogers, the Parks & Rec representative on the FSDC, when asked how many responses they had received. Mr. Rogers said there will be a pre-bid meeting later this month, with final bids for design work to be completed by the later part of February. Mr. Rogers expects to have the winning bidder selected in time to produce “pictures and a cost estimate” sufficient for Town Meeting to vote on funding construction costs at this spring’s Town Meeting.


The School Committee has also started looking for designers for their new school, being “confident that they do have a roadmap that works," according to School Committee Chairman and FSDC member David Stoldt, that they decided to initiate their own RFQ process last month. Mr. Stoldt indicated that the School Committee would not be seeking any additional money for construction costs at Town Meeting this May.


At ease

January 12, 2006 — The Selectmen's Room was casual, almost festive, as the group waited for around 45 minutes for the audio transmission feed to be repaired Tuesday evening. Jim Cozzens from HCAM-TV came from the studio to help out. Standing from left, Executive Secretary Ted Kozak and Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett. Seated are Selectmen Mary Pratt and Len Holden.


 Christmas in July

Seniors pay only $5.00

By Ann Di Leo

January 12, 2006 — The January blues have taken over after weeks of festivities for Christmas, Chanukah, and the New Year. We’re back to the old routine….watching the snow fall, and staring at the television.

       To deliberately fight those blues, the Brampton Circle Club is having a Christmas party in the hall on Tuesday, January 17, at 5:30. serving dinner and offering a fun gift exchange for $5 per person. Guests are asked to bring a wrapped gift worth $5. A welcome change from the dreary days and the great new question about drugstore prescriptions.

       Instead of staring at the four walls this year, most seniors are staring at their mail and prescriptions.  Everyone is trying… but doctors, representatives from drug companies, and drugstores, cannot find answers.FULL STORY

ZAC (Zoning Advisory Committee) votes new Water Resources Protection Overlay District

Rejects Downtown Revitalization Committee zoning change proposal

by Robert Falcione

January 12, 2006 — Last evening, ZAC heard from Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett and Earth Tech representative Dick Jubinville on reasons to change the overall map of protection for the town's water supply areas.

    Ken Weismantel and Jim Whalen were both on hand to contribute their versions of how the existing WRPOD came about.

    Mr. Sonnett presented a map that showed a whole new area of protection opening up, which extends all of the way to the downtown area.

     However, the area around the town's wells actually shrunk, due to new methodology showing ground flow patterns, and at least two members objected to that.

     The new overlay, according to Mr. Sonnett, provides the town with sound science from which to base decisions and protects the town against legal challenges. The Committee voted to bring the matter before the Planning Board, which will draw an article for Town Meeting consideration.

     The Downtown Revitalization Committee, represented by Peter LaGoy, proposed zoning changes to the downtown area that would allow a fourth story to be added to buildings. Mr. LaGoy presented photographs showing such buildings in other downtown areas.

     "Westboro is flat and those buildings have been there forever," said member Mary Harrington, referring to one set of photos showing that downtown.

      Resident Anne Mattina, of Claflin Street said, "I can't imagine you allowing a four story building in this area.

     "Are we in danger of this?" she asked.

     "You can look at the other towns, but we want Hopkinton to be our town," Mrs. Harrington said.

     "I can't support something like this for Hopkinton," she said.

     "We are trying to make this a place for people to walk downtown and be safe," said Mr. LaGoy.

     "We have a choice. Hopkinton will change. Do we want to be like Wellesley...?" he asked, also adding other towns to the list.

     "We can be like Hopkinton," this writer exclaimed.

     "We can't be," he replied.

Reader warns of possible scam


I am writing to let your viewers/readers know about a potential scam being perpetrated by the the town of Hopkinton.

Several weeks ago I received a letter from Municipal Management Associates, the towns  parking ticket management company, they are attempting to collect overdue fines for parking tickets, mine dated back to February of 1991.  The firm and the town wanted $20 dollars from me, I refused and told them I believed they were in error and should check their records, because if I had not paid the ticket my license and registration would not have been renewed long ago and that never happened.  FULL LETTER

Jack Speranza fires shot in email war

May bolster Selectmen's case against Brian Morrison

NEW! District Attorney closes case!


"I am personally requesting anew that the public record concerning the Piazza Lane matter be made complete. To this end, I once again ask each public official serving the Commission (including your client), to produce to the Conservation Commission office copies of all e-mail communications between him or herself and any other member of the Commission, its staff, or agents of the DEP, related in any fashion to the Piazza Lane matter." Jack Speranza, Hopkinton Conservation Commission member.


January 11, 2006 — In a faxed letter today Hopkinton Conservation Commission member Jack Speranza (File photo, left) has requested "anew" all emails between Conservation Commission Chairman Brian Morrison (File photo below) and others on "the Commission, its staff, or agents of the DEP, related in any fashion to the Piazza Lane controversy." The letter can be read herein its entirety.
      Chairman Morrison is under fire for improvements to Piazza Lane, a gravel access road to his home that he does not own, and for alleged discrepancies
between his testimony before the Board of Selectmen in the matter, and the accounts of others involved. After complaints from a neighbor, a preliminary investigation by the Board of Selectmen, and  a meeting with his own Commission, Mr. Morrison filed a Request for Determination of Applicability with his Commission. That hearing is set for this month, after which the Selectmen plan to hold a hearing to consider his removal.

     The neighbor who had complained, Bob Shepard, has a Purchase and Sale agreement with builder Ron Nation, who received a permit from the planning Board to build nine homes on the property, after the rejection of a previously submitted plan last year. Both Morrison and Nation appealed the latest Decision to court.

     Mr. Speranza's had emailed his fellow Commission members asking for a an executive session to consider Mr. Morrison's role as Chairman. In return, Mr. Morrison then filed a complaint with the District Attorney accusing Mr. Speranza, an attorney, of violating the Open Meeting Law.

     Today, the District Attorney's office mailed Mr. Speranza a copy of a letter to Mr. Morrison's attorney, Jonathan White, concluding that no further action is necessary on that complaint, because of remedial action Mr. Speranza had taken in making all of the emails part of the public record.

    As for this latest request for documents by Mr. Speranza, he has stated he feels it will show a pattern of interference in the case by Mr. Morrison after he had recused himself.

   NOTE: Email was on the minds of everyone at the Selectmen's meeting last night. Scroll down to read Kevin Kohrt's report.

Hopedale man with Hopkinton ties

Hopedale- Russell J. Hanzarak, 48, of Hopedale, died January 6 in Columbus, Ohio. Born in Worcester, he was the son of the late Walter P. Hanzarak, who passed away in 1999, and the late Theresa R. (Shemeth) Hanzarak, who passed away in 2004. He was an over the road truck driver for KWL Inc. He is survived by his wife, Virginia A. (Clark) Hanzarak of Hopedale. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Message from Eric Carty, Water/Sewer Manager


HOPKINTON, MA 01748 Phone 508-497-9765 Fax 508-497-9767


Due to the large volume of calls we have been receiving in regard to water/sewer bills we would like to offer the following information. Most people do not realize how much water is actually used by sprinkler systems, garden hoses, pool filling and in the house, leaking toilets.   We encourage everyone to take readings on their meter often to make sure they know how much water is being used, especially during the summer months when usage is at its highest. Many people are truly amazed when they take a meter reading before and after the sprinkler system has run through a cycle and they see how many gallons of water are used.  You are billed only twice per year, so it is important to check your meter often to ensure that there are no leaks in between billings. FULL STORY

 Kohrt Report ~ Selectmen's meeting Part B


$250,000 earmarked for the HAA

This benefits not only Hopkinton, but all of Metrowest ~ Sen. Karen Spilka


by Kevin Kohrt

January 11, 2006 —


Marathon Milestones

State Senator Karen Spilka has taken HAA’s (Hopkinton Athletic Association) century-old effort of putting Hopkinton on the map as the start of the Boston Marathon, and turned it into $250,000 earmarked for the HAA in an economic stimulus package recently approved by the state senate. This will “benefit not only Hopkinton, but all of Metrowest and the state,” according to Senator Spilka.


HAA was chosen because over its long history it has proven local economic benefits of the marathon. Thus allowing a stimulus package to be inserted into the community though an established organization, rather than through a newly formed bureaucracy.


Representative Paul Loscocco, meanwhile, has been working to get similar language into the House version of the bill. “Hopkinton steps up to the plate year after year,” he pointed out . “We think this is a win-win for the state,” he said. “We are making it a top priority”.


“We’re going to start calling you the dynamic duo!” joked Chairman Sonnett, recognizing that that this was the first time any of Hopkinton’s legislators had so promoted the value of Hopkinton’s unique contribution to the Boston Marathon.


 Kohrt Report ~ Selectmen's meeting A

 Public Email policy mulled

Email is a public document ~ Town Counsel, Larry Faiman


by Kevin Kohrt

January 11, 2006 — There have been multiple public information requests submitted to the town specifically requesting email correspondence over a period of time.


The MetroWest Daily News has requested all email to or from the town for the month of November 2005.


On such request was for “one small group on one topic for one month,” according to Chairman. Sonnett.


According to Executive Secretary Ted Kozak. this generated 130 pages when printed out,

Another request that covered “the Conservation Commission for 15 months” generated “880 pages”, according Mr. Kozak.


Above, Michael Neece and Timothy Kilduff of the Hopkinton Athletic Association chat while Representative Paul Loscocco and Senator Karen Spilka discuss their Economic Stimulus Bill to the Selectmen this evening.


The volume of information and the effort required to compile it appeared to concern the Selectmen, as well as the scope to which Public Records laws applied to email on their home computers. Town Counsel Larry Faiman had been requested to research the issues and presented his findings. FULL STORY.

Approval to change entrance of Maspenock Woods not immediate


by Robert Falcione

January 10, 2006 — Monday evening the Conservation commission heard a plea from KSS Realty to consider a change in their roadway entrance to one that would placate some of the neighbors who have spoken against the approved entrance to the 31-unit Maspenock Woods garden style apartments.

     The Planning Board gave approval to the developer on December 12, 2006 after a series of hearings that began last June, when a room full of neighbors and political supporters from the Friends of Whitehall (Photo) showed up at the hearing. The opposition has since been tempered by the realization that a 40B development, a constant reminder by KSS during the hearings, would be a denser, less friendly alternative if the proposed plan was not approved.

    Monday evening KSS representative John Sawyer and Engineer Bob Poxon went before the Conservation Commission looking for guidance on changing a roadway entrance from the one that was approved on the north side of the property on West Elm Street, to an alternative entry way on the east side of the property, which is more desirable to some neighbors who have expressed grave concerns traffic and line-of-sight.

     At issue is on the site of the proposed alternate is the existence of a possible vernal pool that can only be identified by the species that live there, and that cannot be done until march at the earliest, said Conservation Commission Chairman Brian Morrison. The roadway would be within the town's statutory buffer zone of a vernal pool and would come under the jurisdiction of the Commission.

     Waiting until spring would halt the design of definitive plans for the project, which Mr. Poxon said he is ready to design now.

          Mr. Sawyer did not express optimism about waiting until the spring to see if the area has the type of life that would define it as a  vernal pool, but said he would bring the options to "the partners."




The Cultural Arts Alliance

 Steve Spector and Friends

Friday, February 3 at 7:00 pm

at the Hopkinton Country Club


The CAA is thrilled to announce an adult evening of entertainment featuring Hopkinton's own Steve Spector and friends.  Steve will be joined by Tim Leavitt and Tom Miller and Ray Elwood.  Amanda Maffei will open with an acoustical set and be followed by a performance by Carol Cheney and Bernadette Keane.  The $25 donation toward the Barn Restoration Fund will include light appetizers and a cash bar will be available.  Seating is extremely limited so we suggest you reserve your seat now by calling the CAA at 508 435-9222 or by responding to the CAA at tickets@caahopkinton.org .  For more info http://www.caahopkinton.org/stevespector.shtml.


To see an archived HopNews video of Steve Spector,

Choose this.

ESL LIVE! is back.  Calendar

Saturday January 21, 2006  8:00 pm  Woodville Rod and Gun Rt 135 Hopkinton
General admission $15. Reserve tickets by emailing esltheater@comcast.net
We sold out last time so send us an email now! See you there for lots of laughs!

Left, Kelly Grill and Keith Rowe doing the local news at the premier ESL Live performance last year.

A great adult night of comedy and music! This show follows the format of Saturday night live with comedy skits, a live band and musical guests. A cash bar is open all night and light refreshments will be served. Save time afterward because we open up the dance floor for dancing! We received so much positive feedback the last time we ran this show we decided to do it again! If you are looking for a fun night out with your friends ~ this is it! ~ ESL

Hiller Boys blow out Holliston 68-42 in Tri-Valley Hoop game!   


by Peter Marso


January 10, 2006 —  The Hopkinton Hillers over powered the Holliston Panthers tonight in a Tri-Valley League basketball game played last night before a good crowd in Hopkinton. The Hillers pressed and out ran the panthers in what turned out to be a one sided contest. The Hillers played a full bench and actually used every available player in the donnybrook! The Hillers have won three straight and it looks like they are heading for the thick of the league race. The Hillers will be playing Bellingham on Friday which are a solid first place team in the league. - Pete Marso Special to Hop News.

Hard water fishing

by Lee Wright


January 10 2006 — Every year thousands of sportsmen & women across the northern latitudes look forward to the day that the ice freezes so they can walk out to their favorite spot and ice fish. Ice fishing is a great social sport for these people, grills are fired up and “the one I caught” fish stories get bigger. Ice fishing is a ritual enjoyed by many here in Massachusetts. The state allows 5 “lines” in the water for each fishermen while ice fishing, the equipment used are called tilts or tip-ups. Each tilt has a spool of line to which the hook is attached and is usually baited with a shiner. A shiner is a baitfish that usually is 1 to 5 inches, or longer, that is hooked just below the dorsal fin. When the tilt is properly set the baitfish is suspended at the desired depth to await a bigger, hungry, fish. When the bait is taken the spool revolves which releases the flag. At this point the fishermen will set the hook and pull in their catch.  FULL STORY.

File Photo for illustrative purposes.





GRAFTON — Helping Our Children Achieve (H.O.C.A.) is a monthly support group for families of special needs children.  The next meeting will be held Wednesday, February 1st  at 10 a.m.  in the home of Jeanne Chaclas,  217 Magill Drive in Grafton.

      The goal of the new support group is to provide families of special needs children informational resources on therapy options, counseling, education concerns, dietary and biomedical approaches.  This is not a school district sponsored group.    Participants are able to discuss common concerns, specific needs and gather information on various treatments, therapies and other related issues.  SEE FULL STORY IN REGION

St. Paul’s Offers Class on Sacraments Wednesday Evenings


 January 10, 2006 – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is hosting a series of classes,  “The Sacraments of the Church, Vehicles of Grace” on Wednesday evenings  starting at 7:00 PM in the Rector’s office.  All are invited to these free classes, which will cover topics such as “Rings and Vows,” “Conversation that Heals” and “Oil and Hands.”   The classes, which began on January 11 and continue until February 15, are being led by The Rev.  Michael. Michael Billingsley, St. Paul’s Priest in Residence.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton.  The mission of the church is to minister unconditionally to all in the name of Christ through shared worship, teaching, healing, and service.  For more information call 508-435-4536 or visit St. Paul’s website at www.stpaulhopkinton.org  ~ Contributed content.

Police News now up-to-date


12:58 am A caller from Hayden Rowe Street reported that her motion lights went on and she wanted an officer to check the area...

2:31 pm A caller from Victory Lane reported mailbox damage and that beer cans were strewn about the front yard...

10:04 pm The Milford Police Department reported that a person reported to them that she was stopped on Purchase Street by a suspicious person claiming to be a police office...

Read more in Police News


Mebrahtom "Meb" Keflezighi, Olympic Marathon silver medalist and American 10,000 meter record holder, is set to compete April 17

BOSTON, MA - January 10, 2006 - In its 21st year as the major sponsor of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock Financial Services announced the entry of two-time American Olympian and U.S. 10,000 meter record holder Mebrahtom "Meb" Keflezighi for the 110th running of the race.

"The Boston Marathon is internationally recognized and has a great tradition, and I know there will be high expectations for me," Meb Keflezighi said. "I always 'run to win.' It is the motto that I live by."

Keflezighi (Kef-lez-ghee) joins John Hancock's elite team with outstanding accomplishments and the fastest marathon run by an American in 2005. A 13-time U.S. national champion on the track, roads and cross country, the UCLA graduate has competed on seven World Championship and two Olympic teams. FULL STORY

 Kohrt Repohrt

E.L. Harvey Planning Board Hearings on last lap

by Kevin Kohrt

January 9, 2006 — The planning board has nearly completed its public hearing on the proposed E.L. Harvey & Sons Materials Recovery and Recycling Facility. Four topics were discussed tonight with decreasing levels of debate each: traffic, lighting, storm water runoff, and landscaping.




Eric Eby presented the traffic study for E.L. Harvey & Sons, covering mainly the number of addition trips--meaning either driving to or driving away from the new facility—would be generated.


According to Mr, Eby, none of the 56 trips for tractor trailers would pass through Hopkinton; no more than 30% of the estimated 142 trips for “roll-off trucks” should pass through Hopkinton; and of  the 170  trips for employees, an unspecified number would pass through Hopkinton. The net traffic increase on Wood Street was calculated to be less than 1%, though the net truck traffic increase would be closer to 10%, or around 44 truck drive-bys daily. FULL KOHRT REPORT



Milford suspects in custody

Juvenile charged with murder

17 year-old charged with Accessory After the Fact

January 9, 2006 — On Friday, January 6, at 10:31 pm, Milford, Mass. emergency services responded to the home of Daniel Columbo who had suffered a stab wound during an altercation near his Carroll  Street, Milford address. At a press conference this evening at Milford Police Headquarters, Chief Thomas J. Loughlin announced the arrest of two people in Boston who were wanted for charges in that crime, and were being returned at that moment to Milford headquarters after their negotiated surrender in that city to a member of the clergy.

       As a result, an unnamed 16 year-old juvenile from Milford has been charged with murder, and a 17 year-old, Joshua Phipps (Photo) of Milford, has been charged as an Accessory After the Fact of Murder.

     According to Chief O'Loughlin, another two people were in the car with the others. One is in DYS custody being held for unstated reasons, and the fourth, Chief O'Loughlin said, was not involved.

     To see an in-depth press conference with the Milford, Massachusetts Chief of Police, Thomas O'Loughlin, choose the video player controls.


Content is ©2006 HopNews.tv   

The MOMS Club of Hopkinton in conjunction with Golden Pond Assisted Living and Golden Goose Academy of Hopkinton will be hosting Positive Guidance, a parenting workshop by Ellen Kerstein on Wednesday, January 25 at 7:30pm in the Golden Pond Activities Room.  This workshop will give an overview of why some discipline methods don’t work and present alternatives.  Please RSVP by January 23 to Amy at 508.625.1264 or email at events@momsclubhopkinton.org.  Refreshments will be available starting at 7:00pm.  This workshop is free and open to the public.

Hopkinton Little League - It's not too late to register for the Spring 2006 Season!

Hopkinton Little League provides baseball for children born on or between 5/1/1993 - 7/31/2001 and softball for children born on or between 1/1/91 - 7/31/2001.  Although our normal registration period takes place in the Fall, it is still possible to register if you haven't already!  League placements for players in 1st grade and above will take place during the first week of February, so be sure to register before January 31st!  Please go to www.hopkintonlittleleague.com for registration details and other information.


Hopkinton Little League - Pre-K League and Kindergarten League

Pre-K and Kindergarteners born on or before 7/31/2001 are eligible to play Little League.  Players will be placed with other children in their grade.  The season runs from April through June.  The Kindergarten League will be split into baseball and softball leagues.  The Kindergarten League will have one practice and one Saturday game per week.  The number of Pre-K female registrants will dictate if we have a single Pre-K league, or if it's split into baseball and softball leagues.  The Pre-K League will have a combined practice and game on Saturdays.  Pre-K and Kindergarten teams will not be created until the middle of March, so registration will be available through March 10th.  Please go to www.hopkintonlittleleague.com to register!


Saturday, January 21, 2006, 8:30 am – Noon

at First Congregational Church, East Main St, Hopkinton  


January 9, 2005 — The Hopkinton Youth Commission is sponsoring a Youth Summit spearheaded by Nadine Stewart and Margie Wiggins on Saturday, January 21, 2006 from 8:30 am - Noon at the First Congregational Church on East Main Street in Hopkinton.

     The purpose of this premier event is to bring together parents, health care providers, coaches, community members, business leaders, town officials, educators, and youth to discuss the important issues facing our children today in Hopkinton.  The Roundtable format will provide an opportunity to network and share concerns and ideas about how best to provide the support and services needed today by the youth in our community.  

   The goal of the morning will be to ensure a good balance of youth and adults, parents and providers, local government, educators, and others important to the discussion.  RSVP’s should be by email to either address below. Questions can be directed to either event Co-Chair as well. Confirmations will be sent back to responses at least one week prior.


     The program will include two speakers :


Renee Cammarata, Project Coordinator

Renee directs the Hopkinton initiative to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse and related risky behavior. Her discussion will focus on survey data about Hopkinton youth as well as initial community observations.


Jeff Mayer, Hopkinton resident

Jeff is a life long resident of Hopkinton and currently runs his own small business. In sharing some of his own experiences, Jeff will emphasize that there is more than one path to success.

NOTE : Funding for this event provided by the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce





CAMBRIDGE — Sheriff James V. DiPaola joined a bi-partisan group of Massachusetts lawmakers including Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, Senator Jarrett Barrios (author of the bill), Attorney General Thomas Reilly, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley and Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley, among others. The anti-crime legislation would most notably create a state-wide witness protection program designed to combat the increasing instances of intimidation of witnesses and victims.


Citing British author and philosopher Edmund Burke, Sheriff DiPaola stated: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.  Well, I am here today to say in Massachusetts that is not the case.  I am here to join the Beacon Hill Gang, the legislators, the Attorney General, the District Attorneys and the Governor's Office and stand with them to put the gangs in Massachusetts on notice that they have competition for control of our communities." READ FULL STORY

Pinewood Derby

January 21, 2006 Noon-Finish

St. John's Parish Center

Above, last year's winning vehicle by Liam Busconi.     

Cub Scout Pack 97 will have its annual Pinewood Derby car race on Saturday January 21st, start time at 12:00 noon. ~ Pack 97.


PBS documentary on boys to feature

Touchstone Community School classroom


GRAFTON – Kindergarten teacher Jane Katch and her students at Touchstone Community School in Grafton will appear in an upcoming PBS documentary about the emotional development of boys in America today. RAISING CAIN, hosted by child psychologist Michael Thompson, Ph.D. and co-author of the best-selling book “Raising Cain”, premieres January 12 at 9:00 p.m. on WGBH Channel 2.

Produced by Powderhouse in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting, this two-hour documentary provides surprising new research about boys’ inner workings, dispelling a number of commonly held misconceptions, and highlights innovative programs that are bringing out the best in boys.

SPecial Education Advisory Council 

SPEAC to Host Coffee Discussion for Parents on January 26


HOPKINTON, MASS. (January 9, 2006) –  If you would like to network with other parents who have children with definitive or undiagnosed disabilities, organizational or attention difficulties, or who struggle with reading or math, then please come to a special coffee discussion being hosted by SPEAC at the house of Molly Myers, 11 Lincoln Street, Hopkinton, on Thursday, January 26th from 9:30-11:30 a.m.   The coffee is a friendly and informal way to meet other parents and share resources.  For directions or to RSVP, contact Molly at mollyamyers@yahoo.com


Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, SPEAC (Special Education Advisory Council) is made up of parents and guardians working to ensure all children with special needs are educated effectively.  For more information or to become a member, contact Karen Weiskerger at 508-497-3959, Amy Lincoln at 508 497-0172, or visit the SPEAC Web page listed under Support Organizations on the Hopkinton School District web site www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us/.

  A news update from the desk of Ed Thompson, News Director, WMRC Radio


Murder suspects still on the loose

Single stab wound took life


by Ed Thompson

January 9, 2006 — The two suspects are still at large, one is 17 year old Joshua Phipps of 7 South Main Street in Milford and  16 year old from Boston, he is described as being five feet ten inches tall, a black male with an Afro haircut. 


A large knife was used in the attack, one single stab wound near the heart.  The victim was 21 year old Daniel Columbo of Carroll Street in Milford, his funeral will be Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock from the Faith Baptist Church in Mendon, calling hours will be tomorrow from five to eight o'clock at the Edwards Memorial Funeral Home in Milford.   


More later.

Ed Thompson

Mill gear

January 8, 2005 — The saplings, now barren of leaves, expose the gears left from a former mill on the east side of the Blood's Pond Dam on South Mill Street Dam today as the light snowfall provided more contrast and definition.

No transport

January 8, 2006 — Claims were made at the scene of this collision of an automobile exiting Robbern Road and a pickup truck vehicle heading north on Hayden Rowe Street, that bring up a reason for a safety caution. When turning right at the gas station onto "Little" Hayden Rowe Street, be sure to turn your directional signal off manually if it is still on. The slight turn may not have enough wheel turn for some vehicles to correct the signal lever and return it to its stationary, non-blinking position. Any other intersections in town with the same possible condition?  Email

 A news tip from the desk of Ed Thompson, News Director, WMRC Radio



For a black Honda with Mass registration:  99Y-D34.


January 8, 2005 — Additional information on Milford murder:  Looking for two suspects, one 16 and the other 17 years of age, driving a black Honda with Mass registration:  99Y-D34.  An all points bulletin has been issued for the suspects and vehicle. 

     Assistance from witnesses was a great help in the investigation, about 30 people came forward to help authorities and Chief Tom O'loughlin said the people should be commended for stepping forward.


That's it for now,

 Ed Thompson

 Hopkinton Campaign 2006

Hopkinton Republican Town Committee


      On Saturday, January 14, 2006, the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee will hold its monthly meeting.  The meeting will start at 9:30 AM at the Main Street Fire Station in the second floor training room.  Please use the rear entrance.  All interested Hopkinton Republicans are invited to come.  Associate member positions are available on the committee. This will be a busy election year for the committee.

      On Saturday, February 4, 2006 at 9 AM, at the Selectman’s meeting room in Hopkinton Town Hall, 18 Main Street the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee will hold a caucus to elect delegates to the Republican State Convention. The Republican State Convention   will be held on April 29th in Lowell.  The Convention promises excitement and fun as the primary race for Governor is contested.  

     Any Hopkinton Republican registered as of December 1, 2005 can be elected as a delegate.  Because Hopkinton had a large turn out in the last election for Governor Romney and Lt. Governor Healey, we are allocated 13 elected delegates and 2 elected alternate delegates.  This is in addition to six Ex-Officio delegates who are included because of their elected positions in town. Delegates will be selected by full members of the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee that are present at the caucus. Any interested Republicans are encouraged to attend the caucus. You do not have to be at the meeting to be elected as a delegate. Republicans interested in being a delegate should contact Ken Weismantel (Photo), Chairman, at (508) 435-5725 or ken@weismantel.com to be placed on the ballot.

     The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee’s regular monthly meeting will follow the caucus voting.

     The Snow Date for the Convention Delegate Selection Caucus is Sunday, February 5 at 1 PM in the Main Street Fire Station in the second floor training room.

     For further information, contact Ken Weismantel at (508) 435-5725 or ken@weismantel.com.

 Hopkinton Campaign 2006

The Town of Hopkinton Democratic Committee is holding a lunch to

 Celebrate our Senior Citizens who have served the Town of Hopkinton Democratic Committee

 Saturday, January 21, 2006, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Carbones Restaurant Cordaville Rd. (Rt. 85 near Southborough) Hopkinton, MA (508) 435-3465 (Snow date – January 28)

   Please join us in recognizing their service. We will also be showing our support for our local and state candidates. A $10 minimum donation is requested, except for the honorees, to cover expenses. Cash bar available. Please invite family and friends.

   Please RSVP Craig Campbell (Chicken Parmesan, Fish, or Lasagna) 508-435-2348 or Craig.Campbell@autosite.com

   Phone Chairman Ed Mills 508-435-5864 for more information (Photo). We look forward to seeing you.

List of honorees: Joe Pratt, Rosemary Lynch, Penny Manchester, Fred Penniman, Raymond MacIntire, Mary Nealon, Barbara Wirzburger, Timothy Sullivan, Barbara Murphy, Lenda Cardullo. 

Also, Upcoming Town of Hopkinton Democratic Committee dates:

·         Wednesday Jan. 18 – Fire Station 7:30pm – Regular meeting

·         Saturday, February 4 - Caucus to select delegates for to the 2006 Massachusetts Democratic Convention. This will be at the Hopkinton Fire Station at 10:00 AM.

·         Wednesday Feb. 15 – Fire Station 7:30pm – Annual Meeting (We will be electing Town Committee officers at this meeting)

·         Wednesday Mar. 15 – Fire Station 7:30pm – Regular meeting

Reader from afar likes video


    Thanks for rerunning the opening of the new police station.  I heard two names that I recall from my childhood; Jerry Bowker and Officer Sprat.  Of course, they were probably the only officers working there 40 years ago.

    Thanks again for this website.  Even though I have been gone from town for many years, it is nice to keep up with the news.

Diane Arcudi Burke

10749 Rushing Rd.

El Paso, TX

January 7, 2006


 A news tip from the desk of Ed Thompson, News Director, WMRC Radio


Stabbing in Milford takes life ~

Homicide investigation continues


REGION January 7, 2006 — According to a press release from the office of Milford Chief of Police Thomas J. O'Loughlin, last night, Friday, January 6, 2006 at 10:31 P.M., officers of the Milford Police Department responded to a 911 emergency call indicating that a man had suffered a stab wound during an altercation on Carroll Street in the Town of Milford.


The responding officers and staff from the Milford Fire Department and AMR Ambulance Services provided emergency care to the victim.


The victim, who was subsequently identified as Daniel Columbo, 21 years of age, from Carroll Street, Milford, MA, was taken to the Milford Regional Medical Center where at 11:47 P.M., he was pronounced dead.


The homicide investigation continues and is being conducted under the direction of Worcester District Attorney John Conte by officers and investigators from the Massachusetts State Police and the Milford Police Department.


A tip of the HopNews hat to Hopkinton resident Ed Thomson, News Director of WMRC for stopping by and letting us know about this story.

 Positively Hopkinton

A look back at the Police Station Open House, November 2004

January 7, 2006 — As HopNews has been taking some looks back at some videos from the archive, it seems appropriate to show the Police Station Open House as a re-run today. On an historical note, the station opened in November, 2004 when HopNews boasted about 11,000 visitors that month, a record up to that time. This past November, 2005 was also a record, tallying nearly triple the visitors in only a twelve month period at over 30,000. Basically, that means that a full two-thirds of our readers may not have seen the video.

     Hopefully, people will get a chance to see their community's force as they first speak about the opening, and then play hosts in a tour of the station.

Part I



Unbeaten  Hiller girl's basketball scores again

Above, co-Captain Kaitlyn Fraser catches some air for the basket, while being pursued by a Norton player. Coach Dick Bliss hollers tips from the bench.

by Peter Marso

January 6, 2006 — The Hopkinton High School Girls Basketball Team Remained unbeaten with a 52-25 win over a sluggish Norton Lancer team Friday night at the Hopkinton Athletic Center. The Hillers who know have a 5-0 record on the season are off to their best start in recent memory. The Hillers using a full bench coasted to a big victory using all full varsity players. The Hillers held a big lead at intermission and then went to the practice squad allowing all members to get plenty of playing time. The Bliss ladies using a full court press, practically put the young Lancers to rest early in the game! The Hillers have their big game coming up next week when they play the also unbeaten Holliston Panthers.

Tow Man to the rescue

January 6, 2006 — John Chaisson from Art's Towing of Milford wrestles with the steering of this pickup truck he is hoisting onto his flatbed after the driver of the truck from Millville got a ride to Police Headquarters in the back of a cruiser after being pulled over on the West Main Street causeway and failing field sobriety tests. Officer Greg DeBoer is in the background providing a safe environment for the operation. Earlier in the week, Officer DeBoer struggled with a prisoner who he charged with resisting arrest and assault and battery on a Police Officer on this very stretch of road.


December 31, 2005 — This bird was found squawking all alone in the wild off of Cedar Street today. The first to email two links proving the type of bird gets a $25.00 check from HopNews.

Revised January 6, 2006: Ruth Langh sends this link (One of two required) on behalf of her son, Nate.

 http://www.critterlight.com/Song-Sparrow-1-031703.jpg It appears to be the closest to our bird of all of the many types of sparrows there are. She will be getting a Hopkinton News check for $25.00.


7:30 pm An employee from a South Street business reported that a car was broken into and a laptop computer was taken.  Officers Thomas Lemon and Aaron O'Neil responded to take a report.  Officer Aaron O'Neil then advised that a second car was broken into as well, with a laptop taken...


8:57 pm Detective Scott Van Raalten stopped a vehicle on West Main Street and spoke with the driver in reference to the investigation of the break ins at a Hayward Street business.  Officer Aaron O'Neil assisted...

11:34 am A caller reported that his snowmobile was stolen from the property behind a Hayden Rowe Street business.  Patrolman Patrick O'Brien responded and took a report...

HOPNEWS Follow-up, $100.00 REWARD OFFERED: The snowmobile was a 1990 Ski-Doo Bombardier, REG 1699 AB,  #374202108.

"Let them know my 12 year-old son was crying," said the owner who is offering a $100 reward for the recovery of the machine. "Two men cannot carry that snowmobile," he said. It is not like the newer lighter ones; it takes about four guys to lift it." Contact HopNews via confidential email with information. Email

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Color of stolen machine is gray and black.

Woman with local ties takes ill during visit

Canoga Park, CA - Mary E. Smith, 58, formerly of Holliston, died unexpectedly, Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2006, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  She had taken ill while making a visit to the area.

Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late Chester and Elizabeth (Payne) Smith.

She had been a resident of Holliston until 1993 when she moved to California.  ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

EMC Reports Record Earnings


Plans to cut 1,000 jobs


January 6, 2006 — EMC unsheathed a double edged sword today, announcing record earnings, and at the same time, the separation of 1,000 employees.

    In a press release issued today, Joe Tucci (Photo), EMC Chairman, President and CEO, said, “With a great finish to a tremendous year, the people of EMC exceeded revenue expectations in the fourth quarter and delivered record results. We achieved our tenth straight quarter of double-digit revenue growth largely because our customers’ enthusiasm for information lifecycle management has never been stronger. Organizations around the world are investing in our portfolio of systems, software and services to capture greater value from their information infrastructures and accelerate their businesses to capitalize on the vast opportunities of this information-rich age.”

    Although it is unclear exactly where these jobs will be cut, it apparent that the jobs may be coming at the expense of out-sourcing.

    "During 2006," Tucci stated, "approximately 1,000 positions will be affected as the company expands its sales coverage the world and grows its development team."

      Read the entire press release on EMC's website. File photo ©2001 Robert Falcione.

Doctor Love a great treasure


        I just wanted to reiterate on the comments that Jeff Furber made regarding Hopkinton's beloved Dr. Love  He truly was a compassionate and trusted Doctor.  He cared about his patients and always explained thing in a way that was understood. 


 Kohrt Repohrt

School Committee lays out harsh realities

 School Committee member Lyn Branscomb estimates 10.3% increase to keep things "as is."


by Kevin Kohrt

January 5, 2006 — The school budget dominated the School Committee Meeting tonight. Over the holidays, committee member Phil Totino “put in a lot of work getting budget projections on target” according to fellow member Lyn Branscomb, who helped put together the presentation she and Dr. Kevin Lyons (Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Operations) gave to the board.


Mr. Totino started by stating that, “for the past three years we have been under funded.” Each year, according to Mr. Totino, the schools have resigned themselves to the thought: “it’s only one year.”


“But”, he added, “we’ve said that three years in a row.” Noting that it did not make sense to continually have a “strategic plan up here, while funding it down here,” he stated that one of the goals for the presentation was to lay out the 5-10 year budget scenarios to the board and to the public in order to “get our strategic plan in line with what the town is willing to fund.”


The presentation laid out three options, or paths, that the school system could take going forward. The choices to be presented to the voters were summarized as:

  1. Keep the business running as is

  2. Improve the quality of instruction and learning

  3. Expect less


“The road we choose will decide if we keep up with the strategic plan, or revise our thoughts,” according to Ms. Branscomb, referring to the first and third of the options presented which would require that the plan be scaled back. “As a community we can choose to expect less.” FULL STORY

Starr Power


Hopkins School Principal a hit at Women's Art Forum


"This is my 15 minutes of fame" ~ Martha Starr


by Robert Falcione

January 5, 2006 — Cheryl Perreault quoted Hopkins Elementary School Principal Martha Starr in her introduction this evening at the Women's Art Forum, held the first Thursday evening of each month:

     "Martha said, 'Everything connects, even when it doesn't.' I love that quote," Mrs. Perreault said of Mrs. Starr's Vonnegutesque philosophy.

    "I feel like this is my 15 minutes of fame," said Mrs. Starr as cameras from the press and from the group flashed and clicked away, quoting the late artist, Andy Warhol, who said that everyone will get 15 minutes of fame.

      Although her art has been on the back burner for a while, "I heard this show was coming up for grabs and I got quickly back into it," she said.

      Mrs. Starr told the group that she would talk about her creative passion for art and music, but first she spoke of her love for her work.

     "I've been in the school system for 8 or 9 years. Sarah," she said, turning the High School Senior, who was working at the Main Street Cafe this evening, "You came in the second year. When was that?"

     After a bit of collaborative mathematics with attendees, Mrs.Starr came to the conclusion that this is her ninth year in Hopkinton Elementary Schools.

     The art major who attended Skidmore College, said, "This is a big deal for me," referring to her month-long gallery showing at the cafe.

     The Principal, wife, and mother said to the gathering of women, "I hope something I say will spark an image in your mind."

   "I have a real passion for my work [as Principal] as well as singing, painting and other things," she said. I didn't know if I'd be a happy principal.

     "There are direct connections to being a happy principal, and being a happy writer, and being a happy singer.

     "I was born into a family that valued the arts.

     "And my father is the one who made the difference in my life artistically," she said.

     Mrs. Starr's art can be seen at Main Street Specialties for the remainder of the month.

     NOTE: The painting above is reflecting the hanging room lights in the cafe.

Officer Michael Hamilton's

Retirement Party

Friday January 20, 2006


7:00 - 8:00 pm Reception

8:00 pm Dinner

9:00 pm - Midnight Entertainment


Milford Radisson Hotel

Beaver Street Milford

Only $40 per person

Call to reserve a seat and save the date


Ask for Marilyn Palmer or Pat O'Brien

File photo of Michael Hamilton at Sept 11 remembrance

Thin ice?

January 5, 2006 — Police Officer Stephen Buckley speaks to some ice fishermen were who reported to be dangerously near the open water by a cell caller who was concerned for their safety. The fishermen claimed to Officer Buckley to have checked the depth of the ice with their "spuds" and found it to be 6" thick. A spud is a metal device that ice fisherman use to chip away the ice, measure its depth, and traverse a hole that an unlucky ice fisherman might fall through, to give him something to grab onto.

     It is a yearly ritual that passersby unfamiliar with the sporting life report sportsmen who ice fish on lakes and ponds, or others, who hunt with shotguns in Hopkinton.

     The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers this website with an ice-strength table, and life-saving tips. Thanks to Lee Wright for this website tip. 

Theft at South Street business ATM

January 5, 2005 — According to people at the scene, a woman who left her wallet in an ATM at a South Street business quickly returned to the ATM before leaving the premises to find her wallet there, but her money and ATM card missing. A box carrying full unopened coffees was lying on the ground next to her vehicle, and several people who were milling around and had been there during the theft speculated that she put them down quickly after remembering where she left her wallet.

      While the police and staff were reviewing the surveillance video, a reporter, after offering to broadcast the video, was asked to leave the building by a woman behind the counter. "Let no good deed go unpunished," the reporter thought to himself.

      Patrolmen Stephen Buckley and Patrick O'Brien are on the right of the photo questioning a suspect whose face was intentionally obscured by the cruiser's light bar.

      No arrests have been made at this time.

      The Police Department would make no information available saying that the matter is still under investigation.

Reader will miss Doctor Love



I was sorry to hear about Dr. Loves death on Monday. My family was Dr. Love's first family of patients in Hopkinton, in the early 50's. In those days Dr.'s made house calls and it wasn't unusual to have him drop by at 7:30 in the evening or on his way out of his house in the morning.

As the years passed, he treated me for double pneumonia, after basic training. He later went on to work on the Heart Study in Framingham but continued to treat me occasionally for minor problems, as I had complete faith in him and trusted him.




Early Release Program in Children’s Room

 The Children's Room at the Hopkinton Public Library announces an early-release program for children in grades K-3.

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 2:30 pm

Location:                      Children's Room

Program:                      African Folk Tale and Craft

Please register in person or call 497-9779.

Hopkinton woman loses battle


HOPKINTON - Muriel Anne (McKenna) Palmer, 62, died Wednesday, January  4, 2006 at her home after a long and courageous battle with ovarian  cancer. She was the beloved wife of Jess S. Palmer for 37 years.

Born in Camden, NJ, she was the daughter of Jennie W. (Fuller) Mckenna  and the late Martin F. McKenna, and had been a Hopkinton resident for 37 years. She was a National Merit Scholar and a graduate of Robert E. Fitch Senior High School in Groton, CT and Boston University.


She was a stay-at-home mom until her son entered second grade and then pursued a career in banking. She began her career at Framingham Trust Co., and rose to the position of Commercial Credit Manager. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE.



by Cindy Chesmore

January 4, 2005 — The new building is weather tight and the interior is well under way.  The building looks beautiful and the contractor is doing an excellent job.  The building is on schedule, so the contractors should be done in July.

We have to do some fancy foot work to raise more money to furnish the “great room”.  I never thought tables and chairs could possibly cost as much as they do.  We have been very fortunate to have received some grants to help out with other rooms.

The Crossroads Foundation has provided the funds for shelving in the thrift shop, the Framingham Union Aid Association provided the funds for the wellness office and the Golden Age Club has purchased the gas fireplace for the lobby.

      We still have the food pantry, craft room, computer room, conference room and game room to fill.  We will be applying for grants and donations from the business community.

During the past few years we have gathered some office furniture donated by different companies that no longer needed the items; however, the storage area they have been kept in for three years is damp.  We are not sure what will still be in usable  condition.

     We will be in need of things like hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, pliers, hoses, rakes, shovels, etc., everything you need to maintain a building.  If you find items around that you don’t need anymore, please let us know.  We are so used to having those everyday items but the garage will be bare when we move in.  It’s like building your first house.

     We are all so anxious to move into the new facility, don’t forget that this is YOUR building.  We want the entire community to be proud of it; it couldn’t have been done without their support.


Notice from the







   The Town Annual Census Forms have been mailed. Please sign, date and return the form within 10 days, even if there are no changes to the household. New residents please provide the requested information.


      Town Clerk Office Hours:

 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.; Monday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Passport Applications Accepted

Tuesday thru Friday 8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.; Monday 8:30 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

 Positively Hopkinton


Saturday Morning poetry at the Cultural Arts Center

Beginning January 21st 2006, 10:30 a.m.- noon

CAA building, 98 Hayden Row, Hopkinton

With poets, Polly Brown and Susan Donnelly

Feature and open mic hosted by Cheryl Perreault


      On Saturday, January 21st, Hopkinton resident and poet, Polly Brown and Cambridge poet, Susan Donnelly will share their words of poetry at the Cultural Arts Alliance Center in Hopkinton.  Polly Brown’s poetry has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies and she also has a published book of her poetry titled Blue Stone Heron. She received the Worcester County Poetry Prize in 1986.

       Polly has taught workshops to youth on writing poetry and also works as a teacher at the Touchstone Community School in Upton. She resides with her husband in Hopkinton and is about to expect her first grandchild. To see a video from last summer of a poetry reading at Hopkinton State Park featuring Polly Brown choose this , the photo of her or the video icon.

       Susan Donnelly is the author of two books of poetry which include Transit and Eve Names the Animals which won the Samuel French Morse Prize from Northeastern University.  Susan also has three chapbooks of poetry, has been published in numerous magazines, textbooks and anthologies and her poetry has been recorded and set to music on the CD One Side of the River  which was performed at the Lincoln Center.  She teaches poetry in Cambridge and is the founding member of the 25 year-old Boston poets’ workshop called “Every other Thursday.”  

       An open mic will precede the feature where songs, stories and poems (originals and favorites by others) are welcome. For advance sign-up or more information call (508) 435-8638 or see www.caahopkinton.org.

January 3, 2005 — Fire Chief Gary Daugherty walks the icy driveway to a home on Blueberry Lane after receiving the report of a chimney fire shortly before midnight.

ZAC moves toward Town Meeting Articles

Landscaping businesses, off-premises signs discussed

by Robert Falcione

January 3, 2006 — The Zoning Advisory Committee met this evening to discuss issues that they may bring to the Planning Board to propose as Town Meeting Articles. One issue brought up by the Director of Municipal Inspections, Michael Shepard, was to find a way landscaping businesses could operate with a Special Permit. Currently, according to Mr. Shepard, there is no provision allowing that type of business in a residential area, or any other area for that matter.

      "We're trying to provide a place for the kid who has outgrown his mother's home with their mowers, plows and trucks," he said. He said neighbors have complained about some of the current operations. Photo, Brian Herr, Sandy Altamura.

      Another major issue was that off-premises signs are not allowed in Hopkinton as they are not allowed in many towns.

     The type of sign he was referring to can be seen at many locations around Hopkinton directing people to businesses, such as in from the front of the Exxon and at the Golden Spoon, that are not on the property they advertise. They are not allowed by statute.

     The Committee,  under the direction of Brian Herr, asked member Ron Roux, who is also the President of the Chamber of Commerce, to canvas its members as to what types of remedies can be agreed on, such as a kiosk type of sign found in other towns, containing standard sign sizes and directional information available to all businesses. Member Evan Ballantyne suggested an all or nothing approach, as did Mr. Shepard, who said he did not want to be deciding which sign looked good and which sign did not.

     Mr. Herr suggested that Mr. Roux let Chamber members know that, "At some time, we're going to ask you to take these signs down."

   One piece of business that appeared to have unanimity this evening was to allow parking facilities in the business district by Special Permit from the Planning Board. As it stands, a business such as Hopkinton Drug could have a parking facility as an accessory to its operations, but a business that operates solely as a parking facility, such as a municipal lot or garage, such is not currently allowed. The proposed Article will change that.

    The group also listened to additional proposed changes to the downtown from from Scott Richardson, Chairman of the Downtown Revitalization Committee, to allow mixed use buildings, for residence and businesses together, to be built, something that is currently not allowed. In fact, many residences on Walcott Street are in the business district, and are available for purchase and conversion to business use, but not for mixed use or for new residential construction.

     Regarding the mixed use development, the group agreed on one parking space per bedroom, residence or office on the second floor, and residence only on the remaining floors, whether there remains the current three story limit, or four floors are allowed, as Mr. Roux favors.

      Member Sandy Altamura told him, "Four stories will be a difficult sell at Town Meeting."

     That subject will be discussed again at the January 11, 2006 meeting of ZAC.

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