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Upsurge in crime?

Or upsurge in reporting?

by Robert Falcione


February 5, 2006 —Some of the questions the media from around the world have asked lately revolve around the type of community Hopkinton is. HopNews has often been their introduction to the town, which has been thrust into the spotlight by the murders of Rachel Entwistle and her baby Lillian. This aberration that occurred in an otherwise quiet community should not define, in any way, the quality of life here. Unfortunately, the community never got to know Rachel and Lillian before an animal stole them from our midst.

     And as the media continues to monitor events in this town, nothing changes the fact that if it had not been such a particularly heinous crime, it would not gotten that much attention, or have risen to the level of a frenzy. But to people who live here, they were no more well known than as if they were passing through on Route 495, when the despicable crimes were committed against them. No one knows anyone with whom they may have spoken.

     They never had a passport photo taken or bought a bottle of wine in Hopkinton, or had a burger at Cornell's, as far as anyone can tell. But the horrible act against them has caused some outsiders to ask if here is a lot of crime in Hopkinton. But Hopkinton sees no more than the average town of its size, and perhaps less. FULL STORY

File photo above for illustrative purposes.


We lost the link below, so here is the video interview with James Bone of the London Times.


Luxury at 30,000 feet

Ride in style for "steerage" price

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

 February 4, 2006 — Why pay seven times the price of an economy airline ticket for a round-trip overseas flight in business class?
     After all, from any economy window seat you can marvel at laws of physics which allow tons of metal to balance like a tea tray in the sky or view distant coastal outlines which make you believe in maps.
     Moreover, all airline food is packaged for delayed service at 30,000 feet, turbulence is not class conscious and, though driving in Rte. 9 traffic may be more dangerous than soaring through clouds, the most expensive plane seats are in front rows for a nosedive crash.
      Nevertheless, for the flyer to whom comfort is more than a self-indulgent luxury, there are multiple amenities: check-in at an empty desk instead of shoving suitcases through the labyrinth to the counter. Rather than waiting near the gate on a skewered plastic shell that shakes when a nervous row-mate taps his foot, take the elevator to Scandinavian-style cushioning in the airline lounge.
      Help yourself to wine, hard liquor, olives, lemon, tea, coffee, cheese, crackers, shortbread, fresh fruit at the open bar. Enjoy wide-screen TV, or plug in your laptop at a table until the dining room next door opens its pre-flight supper buffet: turkey breast with cranberry, butternut squash with green beans and apples, eggplant with four cheese lasagna, sea bass nicoise, wild mushroom bisque, wines and mineral waters and roasted shallot vinaigrette for copious salad makings. Enjoy a liqueur or fresh coffee in the main lounge until the flight is called.
      Have you ever turned left to find your seat as you board? On one airline, tripping over no one, you can ease into your half of a sideways letter "S." A privacy screen separates the individual curves. READ FULL STORY

February 4, 2006 — A reader saddened by the lack of a memorial at the scene of the Entwistle murders left a small bouquet of artificial flowers and a balloon next to a yellowing newspaper on the front lawn. This scene contrasts with photographs of the funeral day where piles of flowers were stacked upon one another in Carver, where Rachel and Lillian Entwistle's family lived and had ties.

Woodville - Ruth I. (Braley) Ward, 96, died February 2, 2006 at the Willows in Westborough.  She was the wife of the late William M. Ward who died in 1983.


Mrs. Ward had been born in Westborough and attended Perkins School for the Blind.  She had been a long time resident of Woodville and for many years had been active in the Woodville Baptist Church. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE.

February 4, 2006 — Bernadette Markey is engrossed in the slide presentation at the Women's Art Forum Thursday evening at Main Street Specialties, as her distorted reflection in the deli case seems to be looking in the other direction.

     Rachel Entwistle's Certificate of Death became available today, after having been corrected from a previous version we were not allowed to see.

     A clip from the actual certificate is left, confirming that she was shot by a person(s).

     She was pronounced dead at 7:30 p.m. on January 22, 2006, but the actual time and date of her death are listed as "unknown."

     The manner of death is listed as a "homicide" and the cause is "gunshot wound to the head with perforation of brain."

      It also states that the death was immediate.

February 3, 2006 — Steve Spector got about 150 of his closest friends together for a fundraiser to benefit the CAA Barn project. Playing in the photo above are Bernadette Keane and Mary Cheney with their band Alter Ego.

Hillers fall from unbeaten ranks!

by Peter Marso

February 3, 2006 — Medfield pulls upset over girls, 41-38. Hopkinton boys lose 61-55 to Medfield.     The Hopkinton Basketball teams ran into bad luck as they both suffered tough defeats at the hands of the Medfield Warriors. The girls were tied with a minute to go but fell short in a barnburner at the Athletic Center.

 The Hillers trailed by 5 at the half but managed to actually take the lead going into the stretch. Kaitlyn Fraser kept up her all around play to keep us within striking distance. The Hillers were without the services of Kristen Baldiga (played sparingly) but she did make an all around effort to keep us in the ball game.

Brooke Anderson, Liz Tuite kept us alive and Cassie Rudden Nicole Driscoll played spectacular in the losing effort. The gals are currently 2 games ahead and are still looking after a league championship. In the boys gender they ran into a tough Medfield team who are currently the team to beat in the league. The Hillers bowed out 61-55 and have fallen out of a tie for first. The Hillers again got a great effort craig Sager who has kept them in check. The Hillers played aggressive but just couldn't get past the big blue warriors of Medfield.

February 3, 2006 — Adeline Stevens, her hair aglow from the setting sun, takes Kalea for a walk at the Hopkinton State Park.

 Kohrt Report

Econ 101 - Expenses on the minds of the School Committee


by Kevin Kohrt

The latest 2007 town budget worksheet seen by School Committee member Phil Totino this week showed a $2.9 million difference between expected tax revenue--sans override--and budgeted expenses. To get the additional $2.9 million in taxes would require a vote by the citizens of Hopkinton at this May's Annual Town Meeting to raise the tax rate by more than the 2.5% allowed by state law. 

Mr. Totino noted that even though town departments were asked to produce a level funded budget, "every department has come in with a higher number." 


This included the school system, who's minimum budget increased several percentage points due to such unavoidable factors such as contractual obligations and rising energy prices. The "level services" budget proposed by the schools showed an 11.2% increase. And the budget that would put them on track to meet their Strategic Plan goals came in at $670,000 more, or a 13.6% increase from FY 2006. FULL KOHRT REPORT

Women's Art Forum

February 3, 2006 — Vivian Podsiadlo shows off her work and talks about it, while Bernadette Markey's photos adorn the walls of Main Street Specialties last night at the Women's Art Forum, which meets the first Thursday of each month.



             CAMBRIDGE – February 3, 2006 — Authorities from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and the Hopkinton Police Department continue to investigate the deaths of Rachel Entwistle, age 27, and her 9-month-old daughter Lillian Entwistle.  Rachel and Lillian Entwistle were discovered in their Hopkinton home on Sunday, January 22, 2006.


            “As authorities continue to actively investigate the deaths of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle, no one has been ruled in and no one has been ruled out as the perpetrator,” said Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley.  “Neil Entwistle is still considered a person of interest in this investigation, however reports that we have indicated that he is the only person of interest are not accurate.  A person of interest is a person who we believe may have relevant information about the case that we are investigating.  There have been a number of individuals—friends, family, former colleagues, and other acquaintances—in both the United States and the United Kingdom, who may have information that could be helpful to police as the investigation proceeds.”


            According to authorities, on Sunday, January 22, 2006, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Hopkinton Police responded to 6 Cubs Path to conduct a welfare check on the residents of that home.  Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered the bodies of 27-year-old Rachel Entwistle, and her 9-month-old infant daughter Lillian Entwistle.  They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Hopkinton Police immediately contacted State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and together they initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 


            “There continues to be an extraordinary level of media attention to this case, and as a result, there are rumors, speculation, and false anonymous information circulating.  For instance, information that activities relating to this investigation are taking place at a hotel in Rhode Island are completely inaccurate.” District Attorney Coakley said.  “This office has and will continue to provide accurate and up-to-date information as it is available and appropriate for release.”

Fact from conjecture in Entwistle case

Neil Entwistle went shooting with father-in-law

by Robert Falcione

February 2, 2006 — The public is starving for information about the Entwistle murders, and the whereabouts and movements of Neil Entwistle, not only in Hopkinton, but the entire country and in Europe, especially Great Britain.

     Entwistle never went into the American Embassy or answered questions, and HopNews reported that from one reliable source, who turned out to be valuable. Subsequently, it is believed by most people to be a substantive piece of fact. HopNews reported it because it was something that Neil Entwistle himself knew. On the other hand, if police had the murder weapon and HopNews had that information, we would not share it. It would be something he would not know, therefore, we wouldn't be telling our readers. But so there is no mistake about it, we have no information about a murder weapon.

     The Sun of London reported yesterday that Entwistle called his father-in-law saying he couldn't remember having gone to London, and supposedly asked if his wife and daughter were really dead. It is hearsay evidence, and likely paid for, according to a videotaped interview HopNews had with James Bone of the The Times of London on the subject in general. And that isn't to say it isn't true, but the nature of the information could encourage skepticism. Mr. Bone has some interesting insight and stories to share in that interview from several days ago.

       Many people  are saying he is setting himself up for an insanity defense with statements like that. That is conjecture, not fact. And it also presumes that he is guilty.

       Joseph Matterazzo has a gun collection, the Herald reported yesterday, the day of the funeral. HopNews had that information days ago, but did not report it while the authorities did their thing in the press, and we all waited to see if Neil Entwistle would return. In addition, we believed it when our source told HopNews that Mr. Matterazzo took Mr. Entwistle shooting, but waited until now, after the funeral, to share it.

       In a telephone conversation this evening with James Bone of The Times of London, he said,. "Guns are virtually banned in Britain."     

       Rachel Entwistle's father took Neil Entwistle shooting.

       Where they went to do so is simply conjecture at this time.      



February 2, 2006 — The driver of this van, who witnesses said was in his sixties, apparently lost control, slid off of the road, became airborne, hit the tree and landed in the snow. As can be seen in this photo, and other photos taken at the scene, the rear wheels had no skid or tire marks leading to them, which means at least part of the van was in the air prior to landing. The driver was taken by Hopkinton's A-3 Ambulance.

     The rear of the vehicle had 7 bags, more or less, of wood pellets, weighing about 280 lbs. total in themselves. A heavy load in the rear could lighten the front end of a vehicle's grip on the road.

 Ed Thompson News Tip

Charges dropped for Hopkinton Police Officer

No continuance of RO




~ Ed Thompson, News Director, WMRC.

  State Police News 

State Police Arrest Commercial Vehicle Operator for Operating Under the

Influence of  Alcohol


On Wednesday, February 1st  at 2:35 p.m. the State Police Danvers Barracks received information that  a 1998 Peterbilt Tractor  that was involved in a hit and run property damage accident on Rte 1 north, just south of Rte 99 in Saugus.  Tpr. Patrick Silva and Tpr. Genevieve Gibbons responded to the accident scene.


State Police  received information from motorists via cellular calls advising of  the erratic operation of this vehicle and current location information was relayed to area patrols.  Tpr. Ronald Baker located the suspect vehicle traveling on Rte 128 South in the Lynnfield area.  With assistance from Sgt. James Gilhooley, they stopped the suspect vehicle on Rte 128 SB Reading.


Investigation revealed the operator,  identified as David P. Mahoney, 46 years of age from Lowell, MA. was Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.  He was arrested and transported to the Danvers Barracks.  He was additionally charged with Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident, Negligent Operation and Failing to Stay Within in Marked Lanes.


The 1998 PeterBilt Tractor was loaded with 10,000 gallons of #2 fuel and was owned by P.J. Murphy Transportation of Methuen.  The vehicle was towed by Phil’s Towing.    


Subject was held on $2500.00 cash bail and will be arraigned in Lynn District Court today.REGION

Hopkinton - Thelma I. Cheney, 80, died January 31, 2006 at Marlborough Hills. She was the wife of the late Clifford L. Cheney who died in 1996. Born in Winchester, NH, she was the daughter of the late Harry and Dorris (Stetson) Shattuck. A lifelong resident of Hopkinton, Mrs. Cheney had worked for Roxbury Carpet Co. in Framingham and Fenwal Corp. of Ashland.


  Selectmen's Meeting

DA Letter Makes Nothing Better

Back and forth dampens entire meeting

by Kevin Kohrt

 February 1, 2006 — Chairman Sonnett (File photo) read aloud a letter from the Middlesex District Attorney’s office (found here:

http://www.hopnews.com/open_meet_da.pdf which came in response to an inquiry by Selectmen Muriel Kramer and Mary Pratt sent to the DA's office in early December 2005. Ms. Pratt & Ms. Kramer had alleged that "two members of  the five-member Board met with Town Counsel and/or the Executive Administrator" as well as "officials from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs" and "discussed topics within the jurisdiction of the Board." The DA's conclusion was that because only two board members were involved, the Open Meeting Law did not apply.


Mr. Sonnett then opened it up to the board for discussion.


Selectman Len Holden was the first to offer his comments, saying, "I  think it is a waste of the Board's time to keep dragging through all of this."


Ms. Kramer (File photo) reaffirmed her position on the issue, saying that, "Open Meeting Law was being used to preclude us." She pointed out that because the Fruit Street meeting at the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs was not posted publicly 48 hours in advance, she and Ms. Pratt could not attend without violating the Open Meeting Law. FULL KOHRT REPORT.

Hiller boys and gals win key tri-valley league games

by Peter Marso

      Girls remain unbeaten 13-0 boys keep pace for league race with wins over Dover-Sherborn. The gals are seeking what no other team has ever done and that's go thru the Tri-Valley League season unbeaten.

     They picked up another notch on Tuesday as they built up a 25-14 half time lead en route to a 63-49 victory keeping the streak very much alive. The Hillers once again got a big game out of captain Katlyn Fraser who stole the show with her tough defense (steals ) and offensively by setting up many Hiller scores.

     She has been the major force as she plans on attending the University of Connecticut in the fall. Captain Baldiga has been injured but will return giving the gals a shot of a perfect season. Brook Anderson is starting to come into her own as she controls the boards en route to the Hiller win.

      The girls will be home versus Medfield on Friday night. The boys kept pace in the league race with a 63-49 victory at the Athletic Center. The Hillers once again got a great game out of Craig Sager who is the engine for the Hillers. Shane Lavoie had a smooth game with 15 points followed by Joe Clark and Steve Taylor who are coming into their own.

      The Hillers had another bright point as Justin Bitensky came off of a years injured reserve list to contribute with a great defensive play in the late stages. He is a transfer from Worcester Academy and is at full strength to contribute as the Hillers head down the stretch for a league championship. The boys play Medfield Friday night in a key league game which should be their biggest game to date. Nice job guys!!

 Selectmen's Meeting

Selectmen vote to have hearing to remove Brian Morrison.

Mary Pratt steps down during discussion.

by Kevin Kohrt


January 31, 2006 — ConCom (Conservation Commission) Vice-chairman Bob Murphy presented the Board of Selectmen with his commission's findings on the road maintenance done by ConCom Chairman Brian Morrison on Piazza Lane. After Mr. Morrison had the work done last October, his neighbor, Bob Shepard, wrote a letter of complaint to the Selectmen asking why no paperwork was filed for the repairs. Selectmen Chair Eric Sonnett assigned the issue to the Conservation Commission for review. Mr. Morrison stepped aside as Chairman of the Commission for the issue, and later filed a Request for Determination of Applicability with the Commission to place the proceedings under a defined set of review guidelines.


The Report


         Mr. Murphy reported that a Negative Determination with Conditions was issued. He explained that meant that in the Commission's eyes, there was no lasting impact to Lake Whitehall, but the work should have "required erosion control and other measures". The Conditions accompanying the Determination require that such measures be followed for any additional work done over the next three years. The full report on the ConCom meeting at which this was decided can be found here (http://www.hopnews.com/kohrt_1__22_06_concom.htm )     

READ FULL KOHRT REPORT  More on the Selectmen's meeting to follow.


Post from the Discussion Page:

From: London, England
Category: Baby Entwistle
Date: 01 Feb 2006
Time: 07:54:50 -0700
Remote Name:


I'm from London, England. I know I'm probably going to get shot down by all the people who use this site to sound off at each other but here goes. I heard about the Entwistle Murders last week and I've been following the developments ever since. I just wanted to say that it breaks my heart that anyone could ever do such a thing to baby, what an absolute tragic waste of a little life. I just don't understand. I will reserve judgment on the husband until things develop more suffice to say if he did do it may he never taste freedom again. There's not a lot of sympathy for him in England, I think everyone's a bit reserved, he sure is acting like he's got something to hide (ie fleeing the U.S.). May mum and baby rest in peace together.


One Answer:

Category: Baby Entwistle
Date: 01 Feb 2006
Time: 11:10:59 -0700
Remote Name:


Dear London, thank you for posting your heartfelt feelings. And if anyone should argue your position, then he is nothing more than a rabble-rouser. When asked, I let people know that this community has every right to feel cheated by these murders. Rachel and Lillian were here only 7 or so days when the crimes were committed, and we will never get to know them. The community is additionally robbed of our peace by having the crime committed in this family oriented town that pays great attention to its services, School, Fire and Police. We believe they are all top notch and we are proud of the investment the community has made in them. I have faith in the District Attorney's Office, the State Police Detectives, and the Hopkinton Detectives, who are surely taking this crime very personally and will not rest until the killer is behind bars.

Chairman Sonnett comforts community

"I know how empty many of you feel." ~ Speaking to the residents.

"The way you've conducted yourselves on our behalf is a tribute to your department." ~ Speaking to the Police Chief and department.


January 31, 2006 — This evening (Video at left), Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Eric Sonnett, led the community in a moment of silence for the families of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle, who will both be laid to rest tomorrow at 11:00 am in Plymouth.

    Mr. Sonnett also praised the Police Department, which has come under fire from some people who do not understand police procedure.  

    Today, the Boston Globe featured an interview with the mother of Rachel Entwistle, Priscilla Matterazzo.

Culpepper to run in 2006


American took 4th place in 2005


January 31, 2006 —John Hancock Financial Services today announced the return of two-time Olympian Alan Culpepper of Lafayette, Colorado, for the 110th running of the race scheduled for Monday, April 17, 2006. This is the 21st year that John Hancock is the major sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

"I had an incredible experience at last year's Boston Marathon, and I am excited to return in 2006," said Alan Culpepper. "John Hancock, the event organizers, and the crowds provided the support and environment that inspired me to return for this year's event. I learned a lot from my Boston debut and am looking forward to improving upon last year's fourth place finish." Photo of Coach Bill Squires and runner Alan Culpepper in 2005. To see a video interview with Alan on his first day coming to Hopkinton to drive the course in 2005, choose the video icon.

Recognized as one of the fastest American marathoners of all time, Culpepper debuted at the distance in Chicago in 2002 and his time of 2:09:41 tied Alberto Salazar's time for the fastest American debut ever. Culpepper's Boston finish last year
was the highest by an American since Dave Gordon's fourth in 1987.

"We are happy to have last year's top American return to Boston, and we're looking forward to seeing Alan improve on his performance," said Guy Morse, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association. "Thanks to John Hancock's ongoing support, race fans will again see the best U.S. marathon runners compete against a competitive international field."

The 2004 U.S. Olympic Trials winner, in only his second marathon, Culpepper ran to 12th place in the Olympic Marathon. A five-time U.S. National Champion in track and cross-country, the University of Colorado graduate has also competed on five World Championship and two Olympic teams. In 2000, he competed in the 10,000m at the Olympics.

Culpepper grew up in El Paso, Texas, and earned five high school state titles in track and cross-country. He is married to two-time Olympian track standout Shayne Culpepper, and says the 2004 Olympic experience was a highlight as both he and his wife (5,000m) won their U.S. Trials to qualify. Culpepper added that the Olympic Marathon gave him a lot more confidence in his abilities. "I felt like it opened my eyes to the fact that I can run on a tough course like Boston, despite being a track athlete, and be successful."

With Culpepper's commitment to run, the Boston Marathon will bring the top two U.S. marathoners together. Culpepper joins American Olympic silver medalist Mebrahtom "Meb" Keflezighi who announced his commitment to run earlier this month.

ESL (Enter Stage Left Theater) wants you to  audition for their Spring musical:


February 7th, 7pm at Hopkinton High School.

Performances will be the 1st and hopefully 2nd weekend in May with rehearsals to be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

There will be parts for Adults and Children 12 years and up.

Please come with a prepared song and be ready to read from the script.

We are excited to be collaborating once again with the CAA.  We hope to see you there!

This is a really fun show!!  ~ ESL

January 31, 2006 — Above is a pie chart with a snapshot of the origins of today's 3,000 or so visits. It is likely that the overseas visits have waned. We have no record of past summaries. Thanks to a daily reader for suggesting we share this.

Hopkinton resident arrested, 3 counts of assault with dangerous weapon, more...

Above, rain disguises the occupants of the cruiser as Officer Phil Powers brings Mr. McElhaney to the police station in custody.

January 31, 2006 — William Scott McElhaney, 21, of 3 Commonwealth Ave, was arrested today at a home on a small dead end street in the southern end of town after police received calls from a woman of her husband being threatened by a man. The reports from the caller escalated to say the man was trying to run over her husband, that he had a knife, and lastly, that he entered the home. Several units responded.

     According to the Hopkinton Police Department, Mr. McElhaney was charged with 3 counts of Assault With a Dangerous Weapon, 1 count of Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250, and 1 count of Threats to Commit Murder. He was released on bail.

Former  Hopkinton resident traded Lady slippers for manatees



How nice to know you have a new Police Station. I remember the old one in the Town Hall, and when we were in the 5th grade (at the town hall) we were given a tour of the jail cells.  A horror to think about these many years later.  I too remember Jerry Bowker, and also Ross Anderson, who was called Hoss.


Although I've been away from the area since 1957 and now live in Florida part of my heart is still on the Big Rock, Sandy Island and I can't help but remember the May flowers and Lady slippers each spring and of course the foliage each fall.  These things I've traded in for living on the Indian River where I can watch dolphins, manatees and shuttle launches.



Sandy Durgin Bushnell

310 South Riverside Drive

Edgewater, FL, 32132 

January 31, 2006   More Letters



Stop into the Senior Center, located in the Town Hall, on Saturday, February 4 from 9:00 - 3:00 p.m.  They will be holding one of their yard sales which raise money to support the senior bus.  As usual, there are a lot of items of interest, something for everyone.  The prices can't be beat. 

From 2:00 - 3:00 you can fill a bag for a dollar!  Stop in for a visit, have some fun and get a bargain!




Entwistle said to leave parents' home ~ Boston Globe

Lillian's cause of death — Gunshot wound of abdomen


            CAMBRIDGE – Authorities from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and the Hopkinton Police Department continue to investigate the deaths of Rachel Entwistle, age 27, and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Entwistle.  Rachel and Lillian Entwistle were discovered in their Hopkinton home on Sunday, January 22, 2006.


            “This is a very active investigation.  Authorities continue to follow up on a number of leads on several different fronts, and are making consistent progress,” said District Attorney Martha Coakley.  “As we have said, it is important that investigators not jump to any conclusions, but rather develop all the evidence through a thorough and exhaustive process.”


            According to authorities, on Sunday, January 22, 2006, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Hopkinton Police responded to 6 Cubs Path to conduct a welfare check on the residents of that home.  Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered the bodies of 27-year-old Rachel Entwistle, and her 9-month-old infant daughter Lillian Entwistle.  They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Hopkinton Police immediately contacted State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and together they initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 


            Investigators in Massachusetts have received and continue to receive cooperation from authorities in the United Kingdom.  Police have been in contact with both Scotland Yard and local police, who have provided investigators with updates as to Neil Entwistle’s whereabouts in the United Kingdom.  Investigators in Massachusetts do not believe that Mr. Entwistle will attend local services for his wife and daughter.  Mr. Entwistle is still considered a person of interest.  No arrest warrants have been issued in connection with this investigation.


            “We ask the news media to respect the privacy of Rachel and Lillian’s family as they mourn the loss of their loved ones and celebrate their lives,” said District Attorney Coakley (HopNews file photo).


            The Boston Globe is reporting that Neil Entwistle left his house today with his parents. They have also reported that the Nottinghamshire Police refused to say where they were going. Globe Report.


          The Death Certificate of Lillian Entwistle was available today, but not of her mother, Rachel, whose certificate had an error, and needed to go back for correction.


          The notice placed the hour of death as unknown, but the day as January 22, 2006, the day the bodies were discovered. It is likely that the Sunday date was listed, because that was when the body was discovered, and the infant was pronounced dead at the moment the Medical Examiner examined them.


           The immediate cause of the death of infant Lillian as listed on the official copy of the Record of Death was "Gunshot wound of abdomen with liver and kidney."


           A contributing condition listed was "perforation."

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


3:41 pm An Ash Street resident called to report suspicious activity. A man stated that when he arrived home an unknown person was in his driveway...

2:15 am A resident on Sylvan Way called to report a lost kitten...

1:57 pm A caller reports two men on Church Street in a black or dark green Jeep Cherokee tried to sell them some paintings...

SOLD OUT!      Calendar

The Cultural Arts Alliance


 Steve Spector and Friends

Friday, February 3 at 7:00 pm

at the Hopkinton Country Club


The CAA is thrilled to announce an adult evening of entertainment featuring Hopkinton's own Steve Spector and friends.  Steve will be joined by Tim Leavitt and Tom Miller and Ray Elwood.  Amanda Maffei will open with an acoustical set and be followed by a performance by Carol Cheney and Bernadette Keane who will be performing with "Alter Ego".  The $25 donation toward the Barn Restoration Fund will include light appetizers and a cash bar will be available.  Seating is extremely limited so we suggest you reserve your seat now by calling the CAA at 508 435-9222 or by responding to the CAA at tickets@caahopkinton.org .  For more info http://www.caahopkinton.org/stevespector.shtml.


To see an archived HopNews video of Steve Spector, Choose this.


January 30, 2006 — Keith Rowe played the part of Lawrence Welk last Friday at St. John's Appreciation dinner. Once a year, the parish fetes its volunteers with a dinner and entertainment, which is put on by parish members. See photo of singers below.

 POLL RESULTS ~ greatest participation ever!

January 30, 2006 — At this time, there is little to report. Channel 4, Channel 7, FOX and the Boston Globe have been in town today.


     The poll results on the left are not meant to prejudice anyone's opinions, nor is it meant to implicate anyone in a crime. It is only to sample the public's opinions.


     The HopNews polls are unscientific and for entertainment purposes only.


     Channel 4 taped an interview with the Editor today. If it makes the cut, it will be on the 11:00 pm news.


     Food for thought: Why did Neil Entwistle take the only car the family had and leave it at Logan Airport?

Scholarship for conservation or/and environmental sciences

     Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) is pleased to offer a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is interested in conservation and/or the environmental sciences. 

     Applicants must be residents of Hopkinton who are attending Hopkinton High School, Keefe Tech, St. Mark's, Marion High School, or Norfolk County Agricultural High School.  Application forms may be obtained from the Guidance Office of your school.  Completed forms must be returned to HALT by April 7, 2006.

Hopkinton Area Land Trust
     PO Box 56
     Woodville, MA 01784


Women's Art Forum

February 2,

7:00 pm at

Main Street Specialties


Thursday, February 2nd the Women's Art Forum will host its first panel presentation on photography with a number of local women photographers including Bernadette Markey, Jeanine Vitale (File photo), Vivian Podsiadlo and Stephanie Rosseel.  The panelists will give a 10-minute presentation  on their unique styles of using the camera to portray artistic images. They will also offer pointers on photography and participate in a  follow-up q & a session. This program is intended to be of interest to all women who practice the art of photography for profession or hobby as well as those who dabble or have been meaning to get started...now is the time to catch "the bug!" ~ Cheryl Perrault

Salamander causes alarm

January 30, 2006 — The Fire Department responded to the new Senior Center, which is under construction, this evening after a nearby resident called to say there were flames inside the building.

    "It's a salamander," said one of the responding Fire Fighters.

    A salamander is a device that produces a flame, usually from oil, and is shaped like a torpedo. It likely gets its name from an original device with a similar name, like Kleenex.


Detectives return

Family offers statement

January 29, 2006 — Detectives Scott Van Raalten and John Porter returned to Hopkinton today in an unmarked State Police Detective's car (Above), arriving at the Hopkinton Police Headquarters this afternoon at 4:40 p.m. to pick up their personal vehicles and go home to their families. They were seen inside the station, spending around 5 minutes there, but left without making themselves available to answer questions.

     It was apparent that they came back to the United States without Neil Entwistle, a person who the District Attorney's Office has called a "person of interest" in the deaths of his wife and baby daughter.

     Reports from Great Britain stated that Mr. Entwistle met with Hopkinton Detectives in the American Embassy, a report that was repeated around the globe. However, HopNews was the first to quote a source close to the investigation who told us that Neil Entwistle never met with investigators, and never went to the Embassy.

    The Matterazzo and Souza families released the following statement to the media today through a spokesman, Joe Flaherty.

     “The entire family is overwhelmed by the loss of Rachel and Lillian, and the events last weekend. We are also grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love and support offered by family, friends and strangers alike.
     "Rachel was a wonderful wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister and mother. She was always first to share her beliefs, her love and her support for others. She made close friends a part of her family, and she always kept her family at the center of her life.
     "With the birth of Rachel’s daughter, Lillian Rose Entwistle, last April, Rachel shared her greatest love, that of being a mother. As the family continues to grieve, we also celebrate and are thankful for the time we had with Rachel and Lilly. The family asks for your continued prayers. They are also asking that you respect their privacy during this most difficult time.
     "On Wednesday, we will take Rachel and Lillian to their rest. Your willingness to allow us the room to grieve quietly and out of the spotlight will be one more kindness our friends and neighbors have shown in recent days.
     "The family has every confidence that Middlesex Country District Attorney's Office, Martha Coakley’s Office, the Massachusetts Police, and the Hopkinton Police Department will solve this case and bring to justice those responsible.”

Greetings from the South!


    After hearing of the double homicide in Hopkinton on network news, It intrigued me to seek out more information on my computer.

    How excited I am to discover HopNews.com! You see I'm from Hopkinton. I graduated from Hopkinton Jr. Sr. High School back in 1969. In fact, my parents still reside in our old Woodville home. They've been there over fifty years now.



From the Editor:


January 29, 2006 — These are not the best of circumstances for readers from around the world to be seeing HopNews for the first time, but we will try to be the most accurate and timely source for the Entwistle murder case and the developments that will surely follow. Our hearts go out to the families, who have had a despicable act committed upon their loved ones. We hope the killer has the rest of his life to think about what he did, while in confinement.

     Welcome to our new international readers, and we know there are many, not only from the visit counter we use from a vendor that shows our visits have tripled, but a program that tells us the country of origin of a visitor. We have had people logging on literally from around the world.

      It is the first time this organization has been besieged by national and international media; print, radio and television. It is new for this writer, and has been a fascinating learning experience to see how people work at that level and to be in the company of such talented people.

     The Entwistle case may be long on the telling. The DA's office is putting together pieces of the puzzle, as they have said. It is expected that the Hopkinton, and likely the State Police, detectives will be returning Sunday sometime after 3:00 pm.

     As stated below, the Times of London has reported that Neil Entwistle will be returning for the funerals, but most reasonable people would have trouble believing that scenario will play out.

     The Police are working hard to gather evidence in this murder case. Please keep logging on. We will be letting our readers know what is going on, when we feel it will not jeopardize the investigation.    

Entwistle Update


• News outlets, after apparently reading HopNews, are now reporting the story HopNews ran last night about Neil Entwistle never having entered the United States Embassy, and refusing to answer questions.


• The Times of London, in a news brief dated January 29,  is reporting that Neil Entwistle has vowed to return for the funerals of his wife and daughter. We have not seen it anywhere else. It is not a likely scenario, given that he was not mentioned in their obituaries.


• Hopkinton Detectives will return from England on Sunday afternoon.

Pick a number, help a charity


Members of Team Hopkinton 2005.

January 19, 2006 — The Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) has a number of invitational numbers available for runners who are interested in running the Boston Marathon. These numbers are provided by the Boston Athletic Association to nonprofit organizations that in turn allocate them to runners who agree to raise money to support their charitable programs.
     The program gives people who otherwise might not be able to qualify for the Boston Marathon an opportunity to participate in the race and, at the same time, raise money for a worthy cause. The runners must raise a minimum of $2,200 and are provided benefits including training and coaching from experienced marathoners, access to training runs offered by the Hopkinton Running Club, an indoor location to relax and warm-up on the morning of the Marathon, a "Team Hopkinton" singlet, and an opportunity to meet with elite, Kenyan runners when they visit Elmwood School several days prior to the race.
     The HAA promotes health and fitness initiatives through innovative, multi-generational programs.  Past beneficiaries include the town's Special Olympics Track Program, youth sports leagues, and the Hopkinton Education Foundation.  Future initiatives under consideration include establishing fitness programs for senior citizens and children. 

    One recent initiative by the HAA established a fund to help pay for a much needed specially equipped van for Dick and Rick Hoyt, the father-son racing team who are preparing to run the Boston Marathon for the 25th time. Interested parties should contact Stephanie Whelan at stephaniewhelan@verizon.net as soon as possible. 

 Rural character

It's a day

January 28, 2006 — The setting sun casts long shadows behind this man and woman who are calling it a day after fishing with a group in the cove at the southern end of Lake Whitehall today.

 Rural character

January 28, 2006 — These mallard ducks add welcome color to the browns of winter today. The female blends in well with the reeds of Little Pond, making her survival from predators more likely than the male's.

A picture is worth a dozen words.

HOPKINTON - John W. Rousseau, 85, died Saturday, January 28, 2006 at Milford Hospital. Born in Framingham, he was the son of the late Albert and Elizabeth (Morey) Rousseau. He was the husband of Florence (Caliri) Rousseau, to whom he was married for 18 years.
         He was employed by Dennison Manufacturing for 42 years and was a World War II veteran, serving as an aerial gunner on B24s.

Neil Entwistle not named in daughter's or wife's obituary!

Entwistle Obituaries

Excerpt from Rachel and Lillian Entwistle's obituaries

"Memorial donations in Lillians memory may be be made to Special Olympics of Mass. 450 Maple St., Building#1, Danvers, MA."

Entwistle NOT questioned at Embassy


January 28, 2006 — From London to Framingham, print and television outlets yesterday reported that Neil Entwistle went to the American Embassy and met with American detectives there and was questioned. However, as HopNews reported last night, our sources close to the investigation say that he did not meet with detectives, has refused to do so, and is "all lawyered up."

     And at this time, we are sticking to our story.

     Geraldo at Large was in Hopkinton today doing a taping for the Tuesday show. below is an interview with correspondent Phil Keating from that show.


To see an interview with Phil Keating of the Geraldo at Large television program, please choose the player controls, or follow the instructions at the bottom. Mr. Keating was in Hopkinton to report on the Entwistle case. His take on it, and an interview with HopNews Editor Robert Falcione (If it makes the cut) will air Tuesday on FOX 25 at 6:00 pm. 

Download the video here. Left mouse to open a Windows Media Player, or right mouse click and choose download.


Our Next Bugles Across America "Taps Vigil" will be Feb. 5th @ 7pm.  on the Town Common. 

-Evan Brooks, Hopkinton Veterans Celebration Committee

Entwistle Obituaries in Patriot Ledger

Photo from couple's web site

What season is this?

January 28, 2006 — St. John the Evangelist fed their volunteers this evening in the Parish Center with a meal put on by TJ's in Ashland. Playing the part of the Lawrence Welk Singers from the 1950's are from left, Ron Remillard, Carol Cheney, Bernadette Keane and Mary Scarlata-Rowe.

Why is Gibson Grill empty?


     Sorry to see your story about Main Street Specialties. It is a cute shop and nice place to meet. I recently heard that one of the owners wanted to leave because they were in over her head, the fun had gone out of it, and the work was just too hard.

     For Main Street to announce this they probably have an interested buyer in hand. FULL LETTER

Hillers win double header in hoop


by Peter Marso


January 27, 2006 — Gals remain unbeaten 43-37 and boys win in double overtime 68-62. Ashland falls to Mighty Hillers in tri-valley league hoop.

    The Bliss ladies remained unbeaten as they took a big lead going into the final stanza but the Clockers made a last minute bid only falling short as Captain Kaitlyn Fraser sealed the deal as she drove in for a big fast break icing the game for the Hillers.

      The Hillers are playing excellent hoop and are still with out the services of all-star Kristen Baldiga (injury) Fraser has picked up the slack and is the go to player offensively and the spark on defense. She is a true captain leading by example.

     Brooke Anderson has kept the teams honest as her under the boards talent has only added a great plus for the Hillers.

    In the boys' game played in Ashland, Captain Craig Sager hit a big three to tie in regulation to give the Hillers a chance to win as the team upset the Clockers in double overtime, which will go down as one of the most exciting games in recent memory.

The final was 68-62 in a big thriller which gives the Hillers a chance at the Tri-Valley league crown.  Both teams are picking and will be tough to bring down from here on in!!
This game will be played on HCAM-TV. Check the button on the top for times.

Fashion 2006 to benefit

Project Just Because


Heather Pyne and Nicole Faletra both Hopkinton High School seniors, aspiring fashion designers who plan to begin attending Lasalle in the fall, have collaborated their talents with fellow classmates and faculty to coordinate a fashion show. 

     The proceeds of the show will benefit Project Just Because outreach programs.  Outfits have been donated by Marshall's and even a couple surprises of these young women's own fashion designs will be highlighted on the runway. 

     Tickets are $10, $6 for students and young ones under 7 are free.  Fashion 2006 that both Heather and Nicole hope will continue as an annual community & stylish outreach with their underclassmen next year will be on February 10, Hopkinton High School.  For more ticket information please call 508-497-0959.

Project Just Because founder Cherylann Lambert Walsh in center, left Heather Pyne and right, Nicole Faletra, taken in front of Cherylann's angel tree representing the volunteers that make Project Just Because outreach programs in our communities a success. ~PJB

ENTWISTLE UPDATE: According to sources close to the investigation, and contrary to previous reports, Neil Entwistle never made it to the American Embassy. Photos have shown him at his home town, but none have shown him entering or leaving the Embassy, and it appears that information we received directly from national news sources earlier today were speculation that originated in Mr. Entwistle's home town.

    Channel 7 Dan Hausle is in England and reported on the 11 O'clock News that Neil Entwistle was questioned by investigators and even said what questions were being asked. However, when he confronted American detectives leaving the American Embassy, they said, "No comment."

     HopNews sources are saying he never made it to the Embassy and that he is "lawyered up."


From Martha Coakley's Press Secretary: "To save everyone the phone calls, this office does not have any information regarding any travel arrangements for Neil Entwistle.  He is not in police custody.  Neither this office, nor the State or Hopkinton Police, are involved in or aware of any travel arrangements for Mr. Entwistle, nor do we expect to be." 

Martha Coakley's office finds no violations

Open Meeting Law only applies to quorum

"Consequently, this office is closing our inquiry into the matter at this time."


January 27, 2006 — A letter from Assistant District Attorney Sheryl F. Grant of Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley's office, has found that charges from Selectmen Muriel Kramer and Mary Pratt of Open Meeting Law violations by two of their fellow Selectmen were unfounded. They had charged that Chairman Eric Sonnett and Ron Clark met with State officials and Rep. Paul Loscocco and Senator Karen Spilka to discuss the Fruit Street project without telling them about it, even after they inquired of the staff in the Selectmen's office.

      The letter also charged ethics violations, but Ms. Grant's office said that they have no jurisdiction in that matter.

      The entire letter may be read here.

HOPKINTON - Ludmila (Lucy) Kovalenko, 57, died Friday January 27, 2006 at her home after a long battle with a difficult disease. Born in Russia, she was the daughter of the late Alexander and Ekaterina (Esina) Kovalenko. She was employed by UNICCO of Auburndale as a billing systems administrator. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Murder gains

international interest

January 25, 2006 — The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio called HopNews today and broadcast a live interview with HopNews Editor Robert Falcione. We videotaped the interview in which Mr. Falcione was asked to give the listeners in Great Britain some insight on the kind of community that Hopkinton is.

   To see a video of the live telephone interview, choose the player controls.

 Kohrt Report


Conservation Commission votes 4 in favor of requiring

conditions for its Chairman Brian Morrison


by Kevin Kohrt


January 24, 2006 — The official topic on the agenda for Monday’s Conservation Commission (ConCom) meeting was a review of “RDA 2005-26”, the Request for Determination of Applicability for repair work on Piazza Lane completed last October by a contractor working for the ConCom Chairman Brian Morrison. The work had caught the attention of Mr. Morrison’s only neighbor on Piazza Lane, Bob Shepard, who wrote a Nov. 15 letter to the Board of Selectmen complaining the work was done without permits.


After reviewing the letter with Mr. Morrison at that evening’s Selectmen’s meeting, Chairman Sonnett had the complaint sent on to the ConCom for evaluation with the understanding that Mr. Morrison would recuse himself. But as reported by HopNews on Nov. 28, the ConCom meeting saw confusion arise over the advice Mr. Morrison received from the ConCom office, and repeated complaints as to the seriousness of the work from Mr. Shepard and Mr. Nation, a local developer in the process of purchasing Mr. Shepard’s land. A final decision was postponed until the following meeting, but was later called off when Mr. Morrison filed the RDA in question, even while contending that the RDA is both unprecedented and unnecessary. FULL KOHRT REPORT

Police in contact with Entwisle

Cause of death gunshot to the head 


January 24, 2006 — The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME) has completed its autopsies on the bodies of a 27-year old woman and her 9-month-old daughter, who were found dead in their Hopkinton home Sunday evening.  While initially investigators only detected one gunshot wound to Rachel Entwistle’s torso, autopsy revealed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head.  The ME found the cause of death of 9-month-old Lillian Entwistle to be a single gunshot wound to the abdomen.  Both deaths were ruled homicides.


            According to authorities, on Sunday, January 22, 2006, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Hopkinton Police responded to 6 Cubs Path to conduct a welfare check on the residents of that home.  Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered the bodies of 27-year-old Rachel Entwistle, and her 9-month-old infant daughter Lillian Entwistle.  They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Hopkinton Police immediately contacted State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and together they initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 


            Additionally, investigators located a BMW belonging to Neil Entwistle (Photo), Ms. Entwistle’s husband.  No detailsare being released at this time as to where the vehicle was found.   In addition, police have been in contact with Mr. Entwistle, who is out of the country.  No further information as to his whereabouts is being released at this time.  At this time, Mr. Entwistle is still considered a person of interest in the investigation.


            The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and Hopkinton Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding these deaths.  At this time, authorities do not believe the shootings to be random.  No arrests have been made at this time.


            Anyone with information regarding the deaths is encouraged to contact Hopkinton Police at (508) 497-3401 or State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office at (617) 679-6600.

The 15 minute video of yesterday's Press Conference is offline for the moment.

An American Marathon winner?














Mebrahtom Keflezaighi, Olympic Silver Medalist and Marathon hopeful, speaks with President of the Hopkinton Athletic Association, Timothy Kilduff,

 this morning at Cookies Corner. To see a video of Mr. Kilduff interviewing this young start, please choose the video controls.

Main Street Specialties

for sale


Owners saw different vision


by Robert Falcione


January 24, 2006 — In a surprise announcement yesterday morning, Jack Speranza, who, with his wife Meg, are partners of Main Street Specialties with friends and neighbors Carol and Paul Nathan, unveiled plans to sell the business. HopNews sat on the story all day, giving the partners a chance to spend the day thanking their loyal customers personally, before they heard or read it elsewhere.

    "The decision has been something we've been entertaining for a long time," said Mr. Speranza. "The business has become something other than what we envisioned.

    "It has become more of a cafe than the market we envisioned. None of is really have the expertise or the passion to take the cafe where it can go. We'd like someone to continue what we started," Mr. Speranza said.

    Mr. Speranza was asked if he expected a national brand to move in.

    "It'll be a combination a combination of the right price and the right personality.

    "We're not looking to sell to a Starbucks or different type of restaurant," he said.

    Partner Paul Nathan said that he was spending too much time at the business and would like more time for his family.

    Mr. Speranza, who owns the property itself, did not mention any plans to sell it, just the business. The property leases the second floor to Kel Partners, a marketing firm, that occupies the entire floor.

     The cafe has become a meeting place for many people and a luncheon place for "uncommon tastes," as the motto on the sign proclaims. It features a monthly Women's Art Forum, where women artist can gather beside the warmth of a gas fireplace,  and incandescent lighting, to hear their peers talk about their lives and their work, or to listen to a singer/songwriter play her life in steel and wood, while sipping a specialty coffee and munching some freshly made cookies.

     Early on, and the cafe has been open since October 2004, Geri Holland and Sue Pelletier have brought a gallery showing of local artists to grace the walls of the cafe, and give exposure to people who have had no other local venue.

     Customers have had an eclectic choice of luncheon fare, from soup to grilled sandwiches made of fresh foccacia bread, or a torta rustica, layers of fresh salami, spinach and artichoke hearts.

     Mr. Speranza would like to see that fare continue. (Read archived story from October 2004).

Conservation Commission votes 4 in favor of requiring

conditions for its Chairman Brian Morrison

Above, friends and foes of Brian Morrison gathered to hear and give testimony this evening in the Town Hall.

January 24, 2005 — The Conservation Commission voted 4 in favor of a "negative determination with conditions" for its work already completed by its Chairman, Brian Morrison, this evening, with member Jack Speranza abstaining. A letter from Jonathan White, Mr. Morrison's attorney requested that Mr. Speranza recuse himself, and offered press reports quoting Mr. Speranza allegedly showing a bias against Mr. Morrison. Mr. Speranza refused to recuse himself, but did not vote on the matter. 

     Editor's note: We look toward a full report from Kevin Kohrt in the morning.


Poll results

and, over

3,000 RECORD VISITS to HopNews!


January 23, 2006 — A couple of interesting graphics, right off of our vendors' web sites. First, the poll results from easy-poll.com shows that 78 % of HopNews readers who took part in the poll wear their seat belts all of the time. It would interesting to compare that with a state average. Are HopNews readers wiser? Likely so!

    The other graphic, right off of Sitemeter.com's site, shows a graph of the last week's visits to HopNews. It only counts about 80% of the actual visits, so do the math and add 20%.

    The corresponding numerical display showed 2,783 visits to HopNews by 11:45 pm (Over 3,200 real visits) today. We know that it was because word spread about the tragic double murder, and people emailed their relatives around the country to take a look at HopNews. We had the capability to put Martha Coakley's entire press conference online. It was very informative.

     What these kinds of statistics mean is that our advertisers are getting in front of hundreds or thousands of pairs of eyeballs as a result of HopNews' dogged determination to supply fresh local content every day, all day. The average weekday visit total is around 1,200, but today was nearly triple the usual.

     A visit is when a computer logs on to HopNews' front page. We generally don't muddy the issue with other statistics, but people should beware that others do. For instance, HopNews had over 5,000 page views today, which means that people clicked on an additional page to view after the front page. 

     Some people reference hits when they try to sell their advertising reach, and that is just wrong, and any professional should know that. Our SiteMeter doesn't even count hits, because they are irrelevant.

      A hit is when a piece of content gets downloaded with the page. HopNews' front page can generate around 200 hits each time someone logs on. Another service we use counted over 1 million hits in the last seven days prior to today. But it means nothing when assessing readership or advertising value.

      In summary, a visit is an honest assessment of use and value. Someone using hits as a value is either ignorant of the term, or is not being forthright. Ask to see their statistics.

     A thank you is in order to our readers for looking as often as they do, some every day, some several times a day, and some less frequently. Our contributors are all local people who care about their town, and a thank you is in order for them, too.

     And as we all know, in a capitalist society, people determine what a business does, because the customers pay for the goods or services in a supply and demand economy.

     In the case of HopNews, the advertisers provide this service free by paying for the content to be produced. And as far as feedback we get every day from our readers, they value what we are doing, even though they don't pay for it.

     So we ask our fine readers to please do business with those who are paying for this service when they need something offered by our advertisers.

     We'd all be doing something else without if it weren't for them.

Double-homicide in Hopkinton

Mother and infant killed ~ Believed not to be random

"There is no reason for us to believe the residents of the neighborhood  or the community should be in fear of a repetition of this."

~ Chief Chief of Police, Thomas Irvin


January 23, 2006 — Authorities from the Middlesex District Attorney's Office, State Police, and Hopkinton Police are investigating as apparent double homicide. According to authorities, on Sunday January 22, 2006, at approximately 6:30 p.m. , Hopkinton Police responded to 6 Cubs Path (Photo below) to conduct a welfare check on the residents of that home at the request of the woman's mother.

        Upon arrival at the scene, police discovered the bodies of 27-year-old Rachel Entwistle (RMV Photo), and her 9-month-old infant daughter Lillian Entwistle.  They were pronounced dead at the scene.  Hopkinton Police immediately contacted State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, and together they initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 

         The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME) is expected to perform autopsies on the bodies tomorrow.  At this time, investigators believe that both victims were shot.

           The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and Hopkinton Police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding these deaths.  At this time, authorities do not believe the shootings to be random.  No arrests have been made at this time.   

          The husband, Neil Entwistle, 27, is believed to have been traveling since Friday and has not been located. Police would like to talk to him.

       According to Middlesex County District Attorney, Martha Coakley,the police initially thought the fully clothed bodies had been the victim of carbon monoxide poisoning or other type of death, because there also were no blood stains on the bed where both bodies were found. Photo, Hopkinton Chief of Police Thomas Irvin and Middlesex County DA, Martha Coakley.

       The family moved to Hopkinton about ten days ago, according to Martha Coakley. It is believed Mr. Entwistle was in Hopkinton to find employment in his IT field.

       The police initially believed the death was not a homicide, as there was no sign of trauma, but upon removing the bodies, the Medical Examiner discovered the entry wounds.

       However, after finding gunshot wounds, the authorities are treating this as a homicide. According to Ms. Coakley, the autopsy should be complete tomorrow.

     Anyone with information regarding the deaths is encouraged to contact Hopkinton Police at (508) 497-3401 or State Police assigned to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office at (617) 679-6600


The 15 minute video of Martha Coakley's press conference will be put up again after we assess the overwhelming requests on our server.

ATTENTION: The HPTA/SPEAC program on study skills for grades K-6 originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 24 has been cancelled.  It will be rescheduled next fall.

Curbside Collection Storm Schedule

Week of January 23, 2006

 Due to the Storm of Monday, January 23rd, the Town’s Curbside Collection Contractor, Allied Waste (Formerly BFI), has cancelled service for the day. Residents should continue to put out trash and recyclables on their regular collection day as the contractor will attempt to get back on schedule through the week.

 J. T. Gaucher, P.E., Director, Department of Public Works

World’s Five Premier Marathons Unite to Form
“World Marathon Majors”

First World Marathon Majors Series will commence in April 2006 and culminate in November 2007 with a $1 million prize.

BOSTON and LONDON (January 23, 2006)—The world’s five premier international marathons—the Boston Marathon, the Flora London Marathon, the real,- Berlin-Marathon, the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon, and the ING New York City Marathon—have joined forces to collectively present the top echelon in the sport of marathon running. These five events now present themselves as the World Marathon Majors® (WMM).

     The directors of the five races also have formed and will launch the World Marathon Majors Series (WMM Series) this spring at the 110th Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. The series will culminate at the 2007 ING New York City Marathon on November 4 with the award of a total $1 million prize purse split evenly between the top male and female series finishers.
     Over the two-year scoring period, the world’s best marathoners will earn points when they finish among the top five places at the individual WMM races, the IAAF World Marathon Championships, and the Olympic Marathons.
     “This is one of the most significant changes in the history of our sport,” said Dave Bedford, race director of the Flora London Marathon. “The World Marathon Majors Series marks the start of a new era of growth and excitement for our sport.”

Senior Democrats get recognition

Above, Rosemary Lynch received awards presented by Democratic Town Committee Chairman, Ed Mills.

January 22, 2006 — The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee honored their senior citizen Democrats on Saturday with a dinner and awards ceremony at Carbone's Restaurant. Selectman Mary Pratt announced that she had taken out nomination papers from the Town Clerk on Friday, making her campaign official.

Live from Hopkinstown



January 22, 2006 — Enter Stage Left Theater introduced themselves to some new fans Saturday at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club after their first skit, saying in unison, "Live from Hopkinstown, it's Saturday Night!" Above, a resident of the "Happy Endings Nursing Home" gets helped offstage after the group took an irreverent, very irreverent, look at the elderly.


Properly marked?

January 22, 2006 — The driver of this truck was not in the vehicle a the time the photo was taken, but inside ordering a sub, while his emergency flashers revealed, with every blink, that he knew he was not in a proper spot. Some people on the discussion page have taken the photographer to task for photographing these types of scofflaws. ESL lightheartedly dubbed him the Village Vigilante during their skit Saturday Night. Please join the discussion. Discuss

 Kohrt Report

Tear Down The Wall

by Kevin Kohrt 


January 22, 2006 — While our schools generally got good marks for maintenance when they were reviewed recently, there was one glaring exception: the crumbling exterior of the gym wall at the middle school.


According to Al Rogers, Director of Building & Grounds, at last Thursday's School Committee meeting,  the back wall of the middle school gymnasium is actually part of the original building and was build in 1954. When asked why it was in such bad shape he explained, “there are two ways to build a brick wall: Allow water to pass through and drain out the bottom; or seal off the top. Neither one of these methods was followed in 1954.”


The result, explained Mr. Rogers, is that water gets into the brickwork and stays there for a long time, freezing in the winter. Coupled with heat expansion in the summer and the fact that there are “no expansion joints in the wall,” according to Mr. Rogers, the wall has become unstable. But, he added, “the foundation is fine.” FULL KOHRT REPORT

Photo for reference only.


Sign up for Babe Ruth Baseball, now!

Hopkinton Babe Ruth Baseball wants you to know that applications for the 2006 season are available at www.hopkintonbaberuth.com. This will be the only location these forms will be available from. Interested players need to fill out the forms and mail in as soon as possible.

The league will be made up of Hopkinton residents only and is for players aged 13-18 years old before 5-1-06. This age requirement has changed from August 1. For more information please see the website.

Brian Giusti gets the checkered flag

by Beth Malloy

January 22, 2006 — The Pinewood Derby has been an annual Cub Scouting event since 1953. Each scout gets a kit with a block of wood, four nails for axles, and four plastic wheels. Based on the rules, he cuts, shapes and paints his block or wood into a form to race down the track.  

     Since then, it is estimated that 40 million fathers and sons have participated in races. Millions of parents, den leaders, Cubmasters and committee members have been involved in various ways.   Pack 97’s annual Pinewood Derby kicked off Saturday at noon at St. John’s Parish Hall.  Each of the Cub Scout levels — Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos — compete separately.  The winner of each for the levels then race against each other for the over all winner.  

     This year Pack 97’s tiger cub winner was Brian Giusti.   Wolf level winner was Trevor MacDonald.  Bear level winner was Michael Ready, and the Webelos winner was E.J. Picozza.    The over all winner was Brian Giusti, his first Pinewood Derby!  Way to go Brian.  Congratulations to all the scouts who participated.

January 22, 2006 — Kelly Grill plays dead while Keith Rowe, playing the part of Funeral Director Tom Cronin, does a spoof embalming makeover at ESL Live last night.

POLICE NEWS up-to-date January 20

2:19 pm A caller reported an erratic operator on Fisk Mill Road in Upton, about to cross the town line onto School Street.  The caller said that the vehicle was varying speed and was all over the road...

11:08 pm A caller from Whirty Circle reported that she was having a problem with her phone.  A phone company worker checked it and stated that her phone had been "tapped."...

2:49 pm A caller reported that a suspicious male was at the front door of his home on Lilac Street attempting to speak with his 13 year old daughter who was home alone...  

In the skit above, ESL performers Paul Champlin and Mary Scarlata-Rowe do their best Donnie and Marie type of act in front of a staged nursing home group, where being old held no taboos.


January 21, 2006 — Enter Stage Left Theater group put on their second ESL Live to a packed Woodville Rod and Gun Club this evening, bringing a local flavor to their satire and comedy.

HopNews taped the first half of the show, excerpts of which will be prepared for showing on Sunday night.

January 21, 2006 — Michael Hamilton gets a standing ovation at his retirement party Friday night. He expressed surprise at the full house at the Radisson to see him off, saying he didn't know he made that much of an impact.

      "And you all paid to come!" he said to laughter.

January 21, 2006Hopkinton resident George Carey retired from the Framingham Police Department after 36 years on Friday. Here is shown with his wife, Gail, at Officer Michael Hamilton's retirement party Friday evening.

Springtime sports

January 21, 2006 — J. R. Howard found the middle of January a great time to bike ride today at the Hopkinton State park beach.

Rocky road

January 21, 2006 — This couple at Hopkinton State Park is dwarfed by the boulders due to the low angle of the camera and the long zoom  lens.

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