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Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection Holiday Schedule

 Curbside Trash and Recycling Collection will be delayed one day the week of February 20th in observance of the President’s Day Holiday.

 J.T. Gaucher, P.E., Director

Department of Public Works


The Lions Club is Recycling


     February 25th is the next date for the Hopkinton Lions Club recycling of bottles and cans at Colella’s Market on Main Street. Drop-off is between 9 am and 2 pm – rain or shine! Proceeds from these monthly collections provide on-going help for the needy in Massachusetts and around the world.



Milford Police to hold Citizens Police Academy

 Milford, MA.  The Milford Police Department will begin to accept applications for its upcoming Citizens Police Academy scheduled to begin Wednesday February 22, 2006.  The class will meet once a week for 11 times on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Milford Police Department’s Training Room.  The classes will be taught by members of the Milford Police Department to provide citizens an opportunity to learn more about the Police Department, daily operations and the criminal justice system.  Past Citizen Police Academies have been very popular and have successfully established a better relationship between members of the Police Department and the community.  Classes provide interactive instruction in many of the basic police tasks.  In addition participants will tour the police station, the jail and given an opportunity to participate in cruiser ride-a-longs with officers on patrol upon successful graduation.  A graduation ceremony will conclude the end of 11 weeks classroom instruction on Wednesday May 3, 2006.

      Citizens who are interested should fill out an application at the Police Station or contact:

      Training Coordinator Sgt. James Heron at (508) 473-1113 Ext. 624 (heron@milfordpolice.org)

      Academy Director Lt. James Falvey at (508) 634-2362 Ext. 649 (jfalvey@milfordpolice.org)

February 19, 2006 — The soft gradients from white to gray are enabled by the soft light of a cloudy sky. The bottom of the gull is lit from the reflections from the water, over Hopkinton Reservoir last week.

1996 Dodge Grand Caravan - $3000 <-----Reduced

Light Silver 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan SE
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Well maintained and ready to go.
Current Mileage 126,000
* 3.3 liter MPI V6 engine
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* Dual Front Air Bags
* Power Windows/Locks
* Stereo Radio/Cassette with 6 Disk CD Changer
* SE Package (28D)which includes 7 passenger seating (bench type)
* Climate Group III which includes Privacy/Sunscreen Glass, Rear Heat & AC, and Dual Temp controls
* Luggage Rack
* Keyless Entry
* Conventional Spare Tire
* Anti Theft etching protection on windows
Please call Peter @ 508-429-3995

peterah@comcast.net    Selling something? See  Ads

February 20 2006 — Reader Theresa Boyce shares her photo of icicles hanging, like bats in a cave, under the keystone arch, dry-laid bridge at Aiken Park over the Sudbury River.

February 19, 2006 — These Cross Country girls didn't let a few dozen TV cameras and satellite trucks keep them from their usual route last Wednesday afternoon during the Entwistle stakeout.

 State Police News  


State Police Arrest Subject on Narcotics Charges and Seize Marijuana and U.S. Currency


Worcester — On Saturday, February 18, 2006 the  State Police from  the Holden Barracks, Leominster Barracks and State Police Detectives from the Worcester County Narcotics Unit received information from a confidential source regarding illegal distribution of a controlled substance.


During the course of the investigation the State Police were able to ascertain an individual would be at specific location to sell a large amount of a substance believed to be Marijuana.  Troopers Ross Baker and Trooper Scott Irish, a recent graduate of the 78th Recruit Training Troop conducted surveillance on a specific location in the City of Worcester. At approx 8:00 p.m. during the course of their investigation they seized approx 3 pounds of marijuana along with smaller bags containing a green leafy matter believed to be marijuana.  They  arrested a subject identified as Daniel J. Carraher, 29 years of age, of 89 Sterling Street, Apartment 2, Clinton, MA. Subject Carraher was transported to the State Police Barracks in Holden


Troopers John Conron and Rob  Choquette conducted a  subsequent search of subject Carraher’s residence and seized the following evidence: Approximately 13 pounds of Marijuana, 19 Marijuana Plants, $6,500.00 in U.S. Currency, 3 rounds of live ammunition, packaging material and plant grow lights.


Subject Carraher was charged with Possession of Class D Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and Possession of Ammunition without an FID card. Subject Carraher will be arraigned in Worcester District Court on Tuesday, February 21, 2006. Troopers Michael Sonia and Alicia Pincince also assisted in the investigation.  The investigation into this incident is still ongoing.


6th, 7th and 8th graders



Early Release Day: Wednesday, March 1, 2006


a fun place to go with friends after school !!!!!!


TIME:        11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE:    First Congregational Church of Hopkinton

Fee:            $10.00  -  includes 2 slices of Pizza and a drink




Snack time

February 18, 2006 — Who is in charge of whom is a good question to ask when the bleating of these sheep goads the visitors to feed them some hay.

They're on the ice!

February 18, 2006 — These ice fishermen have been at the bend on Cedar Street most days this winter, warm or cold. People rounding the bend and seeing them when they are on what appears to be an ice flow during a warm spell, invariably call the police and say, "There are people on the ice!" They are on the ice and they are fishing.

     Today, someone called the police because they had a fire going. The man with the white bucket is going to get water to douse the fire, as Officer Gregg DeBoer requested.

The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee will hold a Caucus , Thursday April 6 from 6:pm - 8-pm in the upstairs meeting room at the Hopkinton Fire Station.  The purpose of this caucus is to elect Democratic candidates for the Town election in May.

All registered Democrats from Hopkinton are encouraged to participate in the caucus.  For more information, call Ed Mills, Chairman of the Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee at (508) 435-5864.

Thank you.

February 18, 2006 — The glacial rocks, wind-whipped waves, and a flock of playful seagulls make the Hopkinton Reservoir appear more like the ocean, yesterday during the windstorm.

Offices that will appear on the May 15, 2006 Town Election Ballot

Office                                                      TERM

Selectmen (2)                                            3

       Mary Pratt -D, incumbent

       Eric Sonnett -R, incumbent

Town Moderator                                      1

Board of Assessors                                  3

       John Duffy -D, incumbent

Board of Health                                        3

       Richard deMont -D incumbent

Cemetery Commissioner                         3

       Antoinette Kunicki -R

Commissioner of Trust Fund                  3

Housing Authority                                   5

Housing Authority          Unexpired term 2009

Parks and Recreation Commission (2)  3

Planning Board (2)                                  5

School Committee (2)                             3

       L. Philip Totino -R, incumbent

The names above in blue have taken out nomination papers from the Town Clerk.

2006 Election Calendar

 Friday, March 24, 2006             Last Date to Obtain Nomination Papers

Monday, March 27, 2006          Last Date to Submit Nomination Papers

Tuesday, April 11, 2006             Last Date to Register To Vote for T M, & Town Election

Monday, May 1, 2006               Annual Town Meeting 

Monday, May 15, 2006             Annual Town Election

Weds., August 30, 2006             Last Date to Register To Vote for State Primary 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006   State Primary   

Wednesday, October 18, 2006  Last Date to Register To Vote for State Election       

Tuesday, November 7, 2006      State Election

Hopkinton Boys 59, Millis 32

by Peter Marso


February 17, 2006 — Millis falls to a tough aggressive Hiller team! The Hillers have gotten a share of the Tri-Valley League title by beating the Millis Mohawks 59-32 in a game played at the Athletic Center. The Hillers came out smoking from the start as they dominated the boys from Millis. A celebration occurred afterward as the Hillers put on their Championship Shirts. The Hillers have done remarkably and made a tremendous turn around to grab a piece of the crown.

      The Hillers used a fast break offense and dominated the boards en route to the crown. The Hillers cleared the bench as everybody was used in the victory to give Coach Keane his 2nd Tri-Valley league championship. The Hillers now will be heading for the State Sectionals whose seeds will be coming out next week. The Hillers are now running on all cylinders and will be tough to bring down the rest of the way. Good job Guys!!!

February 17, 2006 — Ralph Edwards, Sr., a resident of Davis Road, gets ready to speak with Sean Hennessey of Channel 7 during the afternoon of alleged murderer Neil Entwistle's evening arrival at the Hopkinton Police Headquarters for booking and overnight accommodations.

 Kohrt Report


School Budget to be 11.2% over last year's budget of $28 million at level service

"The budget situation is pretty dire at this point," said Dr Phelan


by Kevin Kohrt

January 5, 2006 —


The School Committee, short two members, proceeded quickly through an abbreviated agenda Thursday night before moving to a more private session to hammer away some more on the school budget.


The two items covered that will impact every Hopkintonian who pays taxes are the progress made on designing a new school to be built in a few years, and the school's operating budget for next year.


New School Update


The current status of the new school design is the pending release of an RFQ (Request for Quote) seeking bids on the role of Owners Project Manger.


"The legislation now requires that a school district hire an Owners Project Manager (OPM)," explained Superintendent Dr. John Phelan. This requirement applies whether the town construct a  new school "the traditional route, under which the High School was built, or under the new methodology of Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)." FULL KOHRT REPORT

February 17, 2006 — This apparent news chopper has no markings, as it trails the cruiser carrying Neil Entwistle to court yesterday. However, the Federal Aviation Administration has a resource on its website to identify the owner and type of aircraft by inserting the "N" number into a search at www.faa.gov. Above is N206PL.

Sorry for the interruption in your outage

Words are used to sugarcoat and spin


by Elizabeth Eidlitz

February 17, 2006

It’s a calm, clear, winter morning. The kitchen lights suddenly turn themselves off, the stove coils fade, the TV voices are silenced.
    But the phone works.
    When I call NStar to report a power outage, a recorded message begins, "If you are experiencing interrupted service...," their linguistic way of minimizing the fact that I can’t hear the news at noon or heat my chicken soup.
    Curiously, their soft semantic stroking makes me feel better. Despite its unspecified length, "interruption" sounds less crippling than "outage."
    I’m reminded that truth and non-truth are in the use of language. We name things to make what is real intelligible. No true or false reality exists until something is said about it. FULL STORY



Open Mic at the CAA on Saturday




Saturday, February 18th 10:30 a.m.

The Poetry of Songwriters

With: Betsy Binstock, Mary Pratt, Terence Hegarty and John Boehmer

Saturday Morning Poetry at the Cultural Arts Center

With host Cheryl Perreault

98 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinton, MA

Free admission/Pass the hat for feature

Directions and information: ( www.caahopkinton.org )



Poll Results

The poll question to the left was inspired by Attorney Elliot Weinstein saying outside the courthouse yesterday that he would not partake of the media circus, and then, playing the ringmaster, proceeded to say his client would be freed because it is impossible for him to get a fair trial.

HopNews readers disagree with Mr. Entwistle's attorney in a poll that is less than a day old.

We shot a short video on Wednesday , while waiting for the arrival of Neil Entwistle. We'll do another one that takes more than an 15 minutes to shoot to show off the town at a future time, but this may show some people from far away a little of what Hopkinton looks like (There's also a bit of the Entwistle drama).

Police News up-to-date

Kids throwing snowballs

Erratic operator

Double murder

10:13 pm Police received a report of some type of flashing blue light on Walcott Street...

3:23 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer spoke to two youths he witnessed throwing snowballs at a school bus...

7:58 pm Neil Entwistle aged 27, of 6 Cubs Path Hopkinton was arrested upon his return to the United States at Hanscom Air Force Base By Detective Scott Van Raalten and charged with Two Counts of Murder...     Police News

Reader from  United Kingdom


     My name is Laura Spellman. I live in Leicester 26 miles from Nottingham in the United Kingdom. I would like to express my condolences to the family of Rachael and Lillian Entwistle and the town of Hopkinton.

    We all know this is a terrible thing that has happened and my love and prayers go out to the family that has been left with out a daughter and granddaughter may God help to guide you through this time.

    And I hope as I would think millions of us do that justice prevails on those who are guilty.

    God Bless you all, and be safe.

Laura Spellman

73 Blakesley Walk



United Kingdom.

February 16, 2006

Entwistle leaves Hopkinton

February 16, 2006 — Neil Entwistle is riding in the back seat of the cruiser, seated behind Detective John Porter, shortly before noon today, on his way to Framingham District Court to be arraigned on two counts of murder, one count of unlawful possession ammunition, and one count of  possession of a firearm. Sgt. Michael Sutton is driving the cruiser, and the arresting officer, Detective Scott Van Raalten is seated behind the driver.

Latest broadside in email wars

Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust demands 2.5 years of email and correspondence

by Robert Falcione


February 16, 2006 — The Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT), a group that monitors the Whitehall Brook, the Piccadilly Brook, which runs through the E. L. Harvey property, and other local water, and which has been a fly in the ointment for the E. L. Harvey expansion, has submitted an Open Records Law request from the Selectmen to "...review all records, communications and correspondence sent or received by one or more of the following Selectmen: Eric P. Sonnett, Ronald M. Clark, Leonard A Holden and (former Selectman) Paul Nelson, between October 1, 2003 and the present...."

       The letter specifies subject matter of its search as being the Harvey proposal, email or/and communications regarding conversations about CSCT, and any email or communications about people involved with CSCT.

     When asked what he was looking to find through his request, John Craycroft (Photo), President of CSCT said, "We are looking to see what correspondence took place between the members of various boards and members of the Board of Selectmen during the permitting process.

      "It has been our past experience when reviewing documents with the DEP, that we have brought our own computers, scanners and copy machines and have had a space made available to do out work," he said.

    "I would expect that other applicants or individuals or groups in opposition to applicants in other proceedings may file similar requests on other projects," he said.

     Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett said, "Whatever the law says we have to provide, we will."

Boys B-Ball come close to upset

by Peter Marso

February 16, 2006 — Hiller Boys came close to pulling of big upset with powerful Westboro team last evening.  The Hopkinton High-School Boys Basketball team came so close to pulling off one of the biggest upsets in hoop history only to bow out with only seconds left 80-78 in a non league game played in the Athletic Center. The Hillers were up against a powerful Westboro Ranger team (18-1) top team in Central Mass after being handled by 20 points in the first meeting.

     The club was ahead by as much as 8 points going into the last two minutes of the contest, but failed to pull out the game as the Rangers rallied to take the lead with ten seconds to go. The Hillers were down by 3 points and tried to set up for a possible 3 pointer but were unable to get the shot off and ended up going for a lay up and a quick time out with 0.4 seconds left. The Hillers will now try to wrap up a piece of the league title when they meet the Millis Mohawks on Friday night. It will be senior night and a league championship will be at stake!!  Good effort Hillers!!!

Entwistle spending the night in Hopkinton

February 15, 2005 — Neil Entwistle was arrested by Hopkinton Police Detective Scott Van Raalten before leaving Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford this evening, and brought to the Hopkinton Police Headquarters for fingerprinting and a mug shot, both parts of the booking process.

    He is expected to spend the evening at the Hopkinton Police Headquarters before being brought to Framingham District Court tomorrow for a 2:00 pm arraignment, according to a statement from the office of District Attorney, Martha Coakley earlier today.

    Mr. Entwistle was brought into this recently built and modern police station in a three-car motorcade from Hanscom led by Detective John Porter, and in a second car accompanied by Detective Scott Van Raalten, who rode in the passenger seat of State Police Cruiser 670 with Entwistle behind him. A third car was not identified.

     The mob of media people who were ushered behind a police line had waited for hours for a glimpse of Entwistle, who turned his face away from cameras as he was driven into the secure area of the police station.

     Although the police were not giving out any details, people gathered around the monitors of television reporters and saw, albeit from a distance, Entwistle being placed into the State Police cruiser in shots from television news choppers that followed them to Hopkinton.

     The first sign of his motorcade was inferred as helicopters could be seen flying slowly over Cedar Street toward the downtown. Then the cruisers rounded the corner to shouts. A reporter said a woman held a sign with "Baby killer" written on it, and was escorted off of the property.

      Neighbors and Hopkinton residents looking for some face time in front of the cameras spent the afternoon introducing themselves to reporters, or simply being there when reporters wanted local faces.

       The usual code for "dinner for the prisoner" was not heard on the scanner this evening.

Above, on the left, Detective John Porter walks toward the garage area where Neil Entwistle was brought in, as Detective Scott Van Raalten exits the passenger seat of the cruiser in which Neil Entwistle is occupying the seat behind him. Both Detectives went to England with two State Police Detectives at the beginning of the investigation.

Below, Neil Entwistle is behind the front passenger, looking toward the garage, away from the phalanx of television lights.

     Playing a type of shell game for security reasons, the police would not say which of three garage doors Entwistle would be brought through. They did not use the sally port, a secure area they would ordinarily use, where nothing is stored. However, the amount of police present reduced the need for such measures.

To see a short video of Entwistle's arrival, choose this.

Below, camera crews and reporters started early in the day, pointing their cameras at the sally port of the Hopkinton Police Headquarters awaiting for word of Neil Entwistle leaving England,  arriving in Maine, and leaving Hanscom.

According to an email received from the office of Martha Coakley, Neil Entwistle will be arraigned tomorrow, February 16, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. in Framingham District Court.  Judge Robert Greco will preside.  The prosecutor assigned to the case is Assistant District Attorney Michael Fabbri.

Handicapped parking spot ~ Gone!

    Michael Torosian, above,  of JC Parmenter might have been the first to take advantage of the use of the former handicapped parking space in front of town Hall, which has reverted to regular parking.


Park here

by Kevin Kohrt

February 15, 2006 —

   Two "accessible" (i.e. handicap) parking spots on Main Street, one in front of the Town Hall and one in front of the Library, will become regular parking soon. Zoning Enforcement Officer Mike Shepard successfully argued that they were in excess of what is required by law and, in fact, are incorrectly marked and may prove dangerous to persons with a disability who would be entering and exiting their vehicles from parallel parking places located directly on Main Street. Especially since accessible entrances for adjacent buildings are in the rear, along with additional accessible parking, Mr. Clark made sure everyone knew this would be a net loss of handicapped parking, while Mr. Shepard argued for more consistent and better placement of signs in order to make the accessible parking easier to identify by everyone.

 Kohrt Report

Selectmen's meeting

Three resign

Parking issues

Ramp off Pike for Harvey

by Kevin Kohrt


February 14, 2006

Planning stop lights

    Mark Abate, Chairman of the Planning Board, came before the selectman seeking help in trying to get a stop light put in at School Street and West Main in anticipation of between 130 and 150 new housing units currently in the works over in that neck of the woods.

    Eric. Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, pointed out that even though he considered it to be "the worst intersection in town," the project did not qualify for a state grant. 

    Selectwoman Mary Pratt, who considered a light at that intersection "absolutely vital", noted that even if they did qualify for a grant, the state aid budget had been cut and they would probably not get funding anyway.

    DPW Director J.T Gaucher was asked to share his traffic study data with Planning Board Planning Director Elaine Lazarus and everyone would seek to work with the developers putting in new housing in that area to help fund traffic improvements.

Read FULL Kohrt Report

HCAM-TV Blossoming under the guidance of Jim Cozzens

Space tripled ~ new equipment



By Jennifer Prentiss


February 8, 2006 – How can a tiny community access television station with only three employees make a meaningful difference in a busy, suburban town like Hopkinton?  With the help of James Cozzens, the Hopkinton Community Access and Media (HCAM) is aiming to do just that.


            Seventeen years ago Comcast created HCAM as the result of a contract with the Town of Hopkinton, wherein Comcast would provide the full time personnel and equipment, and Hopkinton would provide the working space.  Over the years, that space has traveled all around the town, in the Middle School, in Milford, in the High School and even to 85 Main Street.


            In 2004 the agreement was renegotiated, so that Comcast would no longer provide the personnel, but would provide $212,000 in capital equipment over ten years plus 3.5% of the gross operating budget.   Upon agreeing to this, the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen created a nonprofit corporation with a Board of Directors. FULL STORY

 Search for 911 caller last night

February 14, 2006 — HopNews covered the story of a child calling 911 dozens of times early yesterday evening, an act that sparked a massive neighborhood search.

      The story is below, but the video is new, to the right. It shows a helicopter search and some of the public safety personnel out to help. By the time the video was shot, several places had been searched, and all local homes had been visited, but to no avail. The video shows the helicopter overhead as the police zero in on the source of the calls.

    Sgt. Michael Sutton advises parents not to give old cell phones with terminated service to children, because the 911 feature continues to work.

Media Mecca

February 14, 2006 — Media from around New England, and perhaps the world, converged on Hopkinton today, camping out to catch a glimpse of Neil Entwistle's expected arrival at the Hopkinton Police Headquarters.

     The latest report from Channel 4 claims that Entwistle will arrive tomorrow. A Police source explained that if Entwistle arrives after the Framingham Judge leaves the Framingham Court, then Entwistle will spend the night in a Hopkinton holding cell, like any other prisoner.

      To see the scene at Police Headquarters today, choose the video icon.

Another Town Official resigns

Michael Shepard, Director of Municipal Inspections, is the third in a week!


February 14, 2006 — Michael Shepard, Director of Municipal Inspections, a position formerly known as the Building Inspector, today resigned his three and a half year run in Town Hall. Known as a hard worker, and always the last vehicle to leave Main Street at night, Mr. Shepard has taken a position that he plans to begin on or about March 29, 2006. Mr. Shepard is the third person of stature to leave service to the town on a week.

      Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen said, "We're going top miss Mike big time. He has been incredibly hard working and efficient — and always had the best interests of the town in mind."

     "He is a perfect gentleman," said Maureen Dwinnell, Treasurer/Collector for Hopkinton.

      Selectman Ron Clark said today, "This is an excellent opportunity for Mike. He ran an effective and efficient department.

       "It is good to see him grow and develop and go on to bigger and better challenges."

      Mr. Shepard is the third town official to resign in a week. Brian Morrison, Chairman of the Conservation Commission resigned his position after coming under fire for work he did on a gravel road without filing for permission, and for conduct following that act. A hearing had been scheduled to remove him on Thursday, but his resignation makes that moot.

      Friday, Town Counsel Larry Faiman handed in his resignation, citing personal reasons. His position has been a bone of contention between some of the town boards and the Selectmen, and his workload for the Town of Hopkinton seems to have increased dramatically in recent years.

Golden Retriever missing $1,000 reward

Please return Mickey ~ No questions asked

During the snowstorm, Bill McCarthy's 3 year-old golden retriever became missing on Linden Street. It is likely that someone took the dog in. Call 508 435-0492 if you have seen this dog or taken this dog in. Description: Looks like a golden Retriever.

Poll results

February 13, 2005 — Fifty-seven percent of people responding to the 24 HopNews poll on the left feel that Neil Entwistle should be processed through the Hopkinton Police Station for the charges of murdering his wife and baby. Many people feel it is only fitting after the black eye the crime has given the town.

     In addition, there are police officers involved, charged with protecting the lives and safety of Hopkinton's residents, whose trauma may be eased somewhat by Entwistle's march through the booking process.

     Although his stay will be short, some believe it will be cathartic,  not only for the police, but for the town's residents.

     He will likely be brought in a U.S. Marshall's vehicle with tinted windows, and driven directly into the Sally Port, a secure garage area of the Police Headquarters. Not much of a photo opportunity — that will be in Framingham, where there is no garage, and he will have to do the "perp walk" past all of the TV cameras, presumably under very heavy guard.

     Many people in the know say that Entwistle could be processed in Hopkinton before being brought to Framingham to face initial proceedings there, or he could go directly to Framingham for the booking.

     Hopkinton needs him to come here so that the place where the crime was committed can be the place where the justice begins (Opinion).

Above, Eric DeWolfe battles an opponent recently.

103 lbs placing 4th, Freshman Emerson Stoldt

112 lbs placing 3rd, Freshman Dan Fortin

119 lbs placing 4th Junior Derek Grant

125 lbs placing 2nd Junior Scott Carlson

130 lbs placing 4th Senior and team Tri-captain Dan Hurwitz

145 lbs placing 1st Senior and team Tri-captain Eric DeWolfe

152 lbs placing 3rd Senior Dan Caltaldo

160 lbs placing 2nd Junior Brian Kramer

189 lbs placing 1st Junior Marty Racenis

This is a school record high number of Hopkinton wrestlers going to States.


Child dials 911 dozens of times~ sparks massive search

Parents should not give old cell phones to children ~ Sgt. Michael Sutton

Above, a thermal imaging camera used by the Fire Department to locate people, or matter, in the dark was used this evening in the woods off of College Street in the search for a 911 caller. Fire Lt. Ken Clark is in the dark where the "X" is shown. However, he can be seen in the screen image as a bright figure. Over a year ago, the camera was used to find a gas leak on Wilson Street, because the gas was much colder than the air as it escaped and vaporized, and showed up distinctly different from its surroundings.


February 13, 2006 — A child playing with a discarded cell phone given to her by her parents sparked a search that brought out dozens of public safety personnel this evening, some from more than one shift, under freezing temperatures to find the source of 911 emergency calls numbering in the dozens that were routed to the State Police, as are all 911 calls from cell phones. The phone did not accept return calls from the State Police, but kept calling out nonetheless.

    "I hope no one is out there freezing," said a concerned Fire Lt. Robert Bartlett.

    State Police called Hopkinton Police with latitude and longitude coordinates that changed slightly with each call, but remained in the neighborhood of Jackson Street, within a 500' radius, or a 1,000 diameter.

     Hopkinton calls were being handled by neighboring towns as all public safety personnel converged on the Command Post set up by Fire Chief Gary Daugherty.

     The neighborhood looked like a scene from a television crime show as a State Police helicopter lit the area with light, and moved its beam from place to place as it mostly circled, a method used to conserve fuel, according to one Firefighter on the scene.

     Fire and police knocked door to door in an effort to find the person presumably in trouble.

    After more than one hour of investigating, and the ground crew searching, State Police traced the number to a Jackson Street residence, and Officer Stephen Buckley approached the residents for a second time. After being persistent about the phone, Officer Buckley discovered a child in possession of a discontinued cell phone. The parents had given the deactivated cell phone to their young child who apparently had been taught to dial 911, and who was practicing that procedure several times this evening; or perhaps the phone had a speed button for State Police. 

     "I want people to know that old cell phones still work for 911," said Sgt. Michael Sutton.

     "Parents should not give old cell phones to children," he said.

February 13, 2006 — this is a either a sharpshinned hawk,or coopershawk, both hawks are very hard to distinguish from one another.
     He landed right on top of this small tree, which is right next to our bird feeders very close to our kitchen window.  This type of hawk ,which differs greatly from the soaring type hawk (red tailed), often sits in tree's and try's to ambush small birds near feeders. He is always in the back yard flying in and out of the tree's looking for a meal. Its also very good at flying thru the woods.
     There are three hawks, that generally sit in tree's and ambush birds, the smallest is the sharpshinned, next is the coopers and finally, the norther goshawk, which is quite large. When I was 12, I shot a northern goshawk, which was killing one of my fathers chickens, I had been after this one for the whole summer as he or she was raiding my dad prized egg layers in the back yard. ~ Jeff Furber

 State Police News

State Police Remind Parents of Importance of Booster Seats


February 13, 2006 — Every year children suffer needless injuries in motor vehicle crashes.  According to a study by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, children ages 4 to 8 who use booster seats are 59 percent less likely to be injured in a car crash than children restrained only by a safety belt. 


The Massachusetts State Police are joining with the Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Ad Council and others around Valentine’s Day this year to commemorate National Child Passenger Safety Week (February 12th through 18th, 2006).  The primary goal this year is to remind all parents and other adults responsible for children traveling in motor vehicles: if the children are less than 4’9” tall, they need to be in a booster seat.  Only an estimated 10 to 20 percent of children ages 4 to 8 use booster seats.  


State Police Child Passenger Safety Technicians will be involved in the following events during Child Passenger Safety Week:

·        February 14th - Child Passenger Safety Checkpoint held at the Sears Automotive Center at 75 Middlesex Turnpike in Burlington from 10 am to 1 pm, hosted by the Burlington Police.

·        February 18th & 19th - Boston Kids Expo held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday the 18th and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday the 19th.  Troopers will be demonstrating seatbelt/child safety seat effectiveness with the “Rollover Simulator” and talking to parents about child safety seat issues.


In addition to these special events during Child Passenger Safety Week, the State Police currently have 30 nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians available throughout the year to conduct child safety seat checks for parents who request them.  To schedule an appointment with a State Police CPS technician, call the State Police CPS Hotline at 508-988-7090. 


For more information about Child Passenger Safety Week and the proper use of booster seats, visit www.boosterseat.gov.


Two people ejected from vehicle ~ Not wearing seat belts


On February 12, 2006 at about 12:30 a.m., State Police from the Bourne Barracks responded to a one-car rollover fatal crash on Route 6 East, east of exit 2, in Sandwich. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Gregory Porter indicates that 24-year-old Wesley M. Famigliette of Hyannis and 23-year-old Kristal L. Manning of East Sandwich were traveling on Route 6 East in a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus when the operator lost control of the vehicle, causing it to rollover and crash.  Famigliette and Manning, who were both unbelted at the time of the crash, were ejected during the rollover. 


Famigliette and Manning were transported by ambulance to Cape Cod Hospital.  Famigliette was subsequently pronounced dead.  Manning is being treated for serious injuries.


The cause of this crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section.  It is uncertain at this point in time who was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.  Additionally, it appears as though Famigliette was run over by two separate vehicles as he lay in the roadway following the crash.  The identities of those operators are unknown to police.  If anyone has any information regarding this crash, please contact the State Police Barracks in Bourne at 508-759-4488. 

Town Counsel Larry Faiman resigns

Effective June 30, 2006


by Robert Falcione


February 13, 2006 — Town Counsel Larry Faiman has resigned his position, effective June 30, 2006, citing personal reasons.

    "...my wife and I have decided that the time has come for me to reduce the day to day commitments in my law practice and to explore new avenues of interest.  Time passes quickly and we are hopeful to be able to take advantage of some good time before our window of opportunity closes," he wrote in a letter Friday to Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

      Former Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Dick Gooding (Photo, right) expressed sadness and said, "It will be a huge loss of continuity for the town.

      "Politicians come and go, as they have during the time Larry has served.

      "Larry was a close friend of mine during the two terms and six years I served. His knowledge and advice to the Board of Selectmen has been sound, based on law, and factors out all political influence," Mr. Gooding said in a telephone interview today.

      Responding to the news of Mr. Faiman's resignation, Attorney Wayne Davies, Chairman of the Board of Appeals said, “I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Attorney Faiman as he represented the interests of the Board of Appeals on various matters over the past 10 years.    Our Board has recently had to deal with many multifaceted and complex matters, and his assistance, guidance, and counsel has been invaluable.  Attorney Faiman’s knowledge, expertise, and dedicated service to our Board shall be greatly missed.”

    The town has needed the services of town counsel frequently during the tumultuous E. L. Harvey hearings and the Fruit Street processes. Although Mr. Faiman has designated June 30, 2006 as his final day, he has made it clear that he would leave earlier if a successor were found.

 From the Discussion Page





I did have to drive last night, the roads were passable with no problems. When returning home around 7pm. The roads in Hopkinton (RT 85 and Main St.) were by far the best roads to travel on in the area. If fact they were the only roads that were down to the pavement. Kudos to DPW for another great job. Discuss

So many hydrants — So little time!


The Water Department requests your assistance, in maintaining accessibility to the town's 600 fire hydrants, for the safety and protection of everyone. During the winter hydrants can become buried by snow during a storm. If you have a fire hydrant that that is near your home, please help us make it visible and accessible to the Fire Department for use in an emergency. Precious seconds can be lost searching for the hydrant or removing snow to gain access to it. Help make your neighborhood safe for everyone!

Please be aware that it poses a major fire safety hazard to bury a fire hydrant by shoveling, plowing or snow blowing. It is also prohibited by Chapter 148 Section 27B of The Mass. General Law and can incur a fine of $100.

The Water and Fire department would like to thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain fire safety.

Eric J. Carty

Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager

Hopkinton DPW

P.O. Box 171

Hopkinton, MA 01748     P 508-497-9765 F 508-497-9767 ericc@hopkinton.org www.hopkinton.org/gov/dpw

Neil Entwistle exonerates Hopkinton Police

Should return to America this week

by Robert Falcione

February 12, 2006 — Neil Entwistle, by all accounts, is supposed to arrive back in the United States this week to face charges that he murdered his wife and baby on January 20 of this year. The affidavit to support the charges, filed in Framingham District Court last week, details a twisted tale of cruel betrayal and treachery. Rachel Entwistle and her baby Lillian were allegedly killed with Rachel's father's own handgun, one that Martha Coakley alleges Neil Entwistle "secured" from his father-in-law.

   The Hopkinton Police took a lot of criticism over the fact that they did not discover the bodies on their first visit to the crime scene, empowering a defense attorney to suggest that they were put there by someone else, raising a reasonable doubt, so said all of the pundits.

    But according to the affidavit, Neil Entwistle said he saw the bodies on Friday, two hours after he left them to do an errand. 

    Not much "reasonable doubt" there.

   When Mr. Entwistle arrives in the United States he could be processed in Framingham or Hopkinton, say people in the know.

    Given the toll on the community and especially the Hopkinton Police department, some say it would be fitting if he were processed in Hopkinton.

    What say you?  Please vote ---------------------------->>>>    

Poll has ended 

Those were the days

February 12, 2006 — Picturesque Highland Street, with its new dam, new road, wooden guard rails and old gate house, looks like a scene from a bygone era during today's storm. Conspicuously absent from the road are salt and sand.




Live Auction Items Bring in Lion’s Share of Funds Raised with Help of Hometown Media Celebrities Steve Burton and Chuck Nowlin


Choose a thumbnail to see larger sized photo 

            FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Feb. 12, 2006 -- This year’s Hopkinton Education Foundation (HEF) Annual Winter Gala, held at the Sheraton Framingham, broke their own fundraising records by raising $55,000 which will be used to fund Hopkinton school program grants submitted by local teachers.  The 13th Annual HEF Winter Gala was attended by 530 guests who enjoyed an elegant evening of dinner, dancing, and a game room with blackjack and Texas hold ‘em tables, sponsored by JC RE/MAX Executive Realty.

           The highlight of the evening was the live auction in which local media celebrities, Steve Burton of CBS4 and Chuck Nowlin of 100.7FM WZLX, served as auctioneers for the evening.  Together, Nowlin and Burton entertained the guests by comically prodding them to up the ante for the eleven deluxe items including weekend getaways to the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Boston, and Florida, Vermont and Cape Cod vacations, and tickets to major sporting events along with a private pre-game tour of Fenway park and entrance onto the field for batting practice.  Continuing the sports theme, bidders rallied for an opportunity to have one-on-one court time and lunch with rising USTA tennis star Mary Gambale at the Hopkinton Country Club.  Another popular item of the night was a backyard BBQ bash for twelve with i-Que Team, Pitmaster Chris Hart and The Fearless Chef himself, Andy Husbands of Tremont 647/Rouge.

There was plenty of action to be had as guests danced to the tunes of band Radiance, played poker in the JC/REMAX game room, or mingled with neighbors in the Sheraton’s pub, Molly Malone's.  According to HEF president, Elaine Rosen, “The Winter Gala is the HEF’s largest fundraiser each year.  This year we are elated that we exceeded last year’s total dollars raised, thanks to the overwhelming support of our generous sponsors, Star Realty, EMC Corp., JC/REMAX, Verrill Dana Attorneys at Law, and the many local businesses, Gala guests, and Friends of HEF.   It is so gratifying to see so many folks enjoying themselves, while also making a significant positive impact on our local schools.”

             The Hopkinton Education Foundation is a volunteer, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing grants to teachers that support the goals and enhance the curriculum of the Hopkinton public schools. Through fundraising events, such as the Annual Winter Gala, and the generous donations of the Hopkinton community, the HEF funds high-quality programs affecting all grade levels and all educational disciplines.  Since its inception in 1992, the HEF has funded more than 230 educational grants totaling over $538,000.

             Next up for the HEF is a family-focused fundraising event featuring The Tanglewood Marionette’s production of “Sleeping Beauty.”  Two shows (11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.) will be held on Saturday, March 18th, at the Hopkinton High School Auditorium.


More information about HEF can be found at www.HopkintonEdFoundation.org.


Pre-storm prep

February 12, 2006 — This seagull swoops down to grab something thrown into Hopkinton Reservoir by a fisherman yesterday. The gull slapped the water with its feet and flapped its wings to enable a momentary hovering action while it grabbed the prize with its beak Beautiful and gracious in flight, they are often called rats of the sea by those who make their living there.

Kudos to the DPW

February 12, 2006 — Ed Thompson, News Director of WMRC 1490 AM Radio, snapped this photo while taking his daily constitutional at the height of today's Nor'easter. Not much can be seen past the Hallmark sign on the drugstore, but one thing is very noticeable: The sidewalks downtown have been very well taken care of during this storm. Thanks!

HEF Gala 2006 a smashing success

Celebrities pitch in too



February 12 — The Hopkinton Education Foundation, a group "...dedicated to providing grants to teachers that support the goals and curriculum of the Hopkinton Public Schools" held its Annual Gala event at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham last evening, drawing 530 people to this formal event. Their website boasts that the organization has given $500,000 toward those purposes.

      In addition to a sit-down dinner, and dancing to the sounds of the band Radiance, a live auction punctuated the evening as celebrities — television personality Steve Burton and radio personality Chuck Nowlin — entertained the group with quips and entreaties for their fellow Hopkinton residents to pitch in to the cause as they did their best to up the bid on every item, getting thousands of dollars toward the fund from the pockets of the attendees.

     To see video clips of the auction and the band, choose the icon on the right.

     HopNews hopes to have a photo gallery of the event later today.

See Martha Coakley News Conference on WHDH-TV 7 web site. Video link here.

Six year-old did not commit a crime


The Brockton School system reported a six year-old boy to the Plymouth District Attorney for sexual harassment for touching the skin of a girl's back. The District Attorney's office did not consider the incident a crime.


According to a report in the Boston Globe today, Superintendent of Schools Basan Nembirkow said that he would "tend to" agree that no six-year-old could be accused of that type of offense. The school system apologized to the boy and his mother.


87% of HopNews readers, in their collective wisdom, also deemed the incident ridiculous, with 57% saying plain and simple that a six year-old cannot be guilty of such an offense, and another 30% seeing a visit to the woodshed as fit punishment for the adults who fostered the idea that a child that young should be responsible.


Thank you, readers.




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Hiller Girls Win

Tri - Valley League Championship!

by Peter Marso

February 10, 2006 — The Hopkinton High School girls basketball team put an end to a historic season by beating the Holliston Panthers 53-40 to win our first ever league championship. It was a great night, one that will always be remembered.


The Hillers were tested until late in the second half when Nicole Driscoll's driving lay-up with 5:49 left to play gave the Hillers a 42-37 lead and iced with a stolen ball fast-break by Captain Kaitlyn Fraser to make it 44-37.


Fraser (UConn bound) also put adding spice as she hit a jumper to all but put the trophy to the Hillers. The Bliss ladies got another great game out of Brooke Anderson (rebounding and tough "D" under the boards. ) and contributions out of seniors Elizabeth Blaylock, Liz Tuite, and Erika Wheeler.


The Hillers are now 15-1 in the league and will be preparing for the State Tournament which games with Millis Bellingham and our own tournament ahead.  The Hillers cut down the nets after the game in which there was a ceremony and jackets handed out to the girls and coaches. Congratulations to Coach Bliss and his coaching staff and all the players ,fans and Hopkinton Basketball supporters. Good Job!!



Dismal February to be brightened with Valentines!


By Ann Di Leo

February 10, 2006 — February is the shortest month; I guess they knew what they were doing. With the dismal, short days and folks glued to television…I hardly see anyone walking past my apartment. But, Glory Be!!!!!! There is Valentine’s Day…And we do have some Valentine celebrations scheduled.

               On Monday, Feb. 13, the Brampton Circle Club will meet at 3 p.m. in the Davis Rd. community room followed by entertainment with the Barbershop Quartet singing romantic songs, and the Boy Scouts serving valentines and goodies.

               Meanwhile outside a group of CCD youths from St. John’s Catholic Church, will be visiting Davis Rd. seniors with handmade Valentine baskets, sure to liven up the day.

                On Feb. 14, The big day, a special lunch will be offered at noon in the Senior Center. Favorite love songs are included on the menu with the ham dinner.

                 And a few surprises.

                Before seniors get too comfy on the couch again, another Valentine party is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 18, at 5:30. Pizza will be served. A sign-up paper is in the community room.

               Pictured are Ralph Edwards giving his wife, Pat, a Valentine balloon. They have been married 56 years and have 6 children. They know what Valentines are all about.

                Ralph is the fellow who started the Senior Chorus. They have recently begun to sing at various events around Hopkinton. Perhaps we will all get to hear them in the park when summer comes.

                The senior outreach workers have advised me that the prescription plans are beginning to fall into place. Still many people have so much to learn. Amy Wilson Kent is our authority. Seniors should call her for appointments.        

                A rumor has been whirling around town that there might be a scooter race-obstacle course soon. But I don’t think that would be approved even though the scooter folks have been all over town on sidewalks and the streets. WOW…In the meantime, March winds are on the way, perhaps with longer days and more sun. I’m looking forward to walking weather.  Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday, George!

Love, Annie

 State Police News  

State Police Arrest Suspected Vermont Kidnapper After Pursuit and Brief Armed Standoff


REGION On 02/10/2006 at about 2:30 p.m., State Police from the Springfield Barracks arrested a man after a motor vehicle pursuit on Route 91 South in Springfield. 


It was at around noontime this date that Vermont State Police put out a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a suspect wanted in connection with a kidnapping of a woman in their state.  About 2 and ½ hours later, the State Police received a call from the alleged victim, who gave further details about her assailant and the vehicle he was driving.  A short time later, Massachusetts State Trooper Daniel Gale, who was working a paid road detail on Route 91 in Springfield, spotted the suspect vehicle traveling southbound.  Trooper Gale attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused to stop.  A pursuit ensued and continued down Route 91 South into Longmeadow.  Trooper David Podworski was able to successfully deploy a tire-deflation device, causing the operator to lose control of the vehicle and crash into the guardrail. 


When Troopers attempted to affect an arrest, they observed the driver, 32-year-old Justin J. Durphey of Springfield, VT, level a .22 caliber rifle at them.  After a brief standoff, Durphey surrendered to police and was taken into custody without further incident. 


Durphey was transported to the State Police Barracks in Springfield where he was booked on the following charges:  Armed Assault With Intent To Murder (2 Counts), Illegal Possession of a Firearm, Rape, Kidnapping and numerous motor vehicle charges including Failure To Stop For A Police Officer.  Additionally, there was an outstanding misdemeanor warrant on Durphey for motor vehicle violations.  Durphey will be arraigned in Springfield District Court on Monday. 

Garden Club Scholarship


The Hopkinton Garden Club has 2006 Scholarship Applications available to applicants maintaining legal residence in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for at least one year.  Scholarships are available for students interested in the fields of Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Forestry, Conservation, Environmental Sciences and related fields.  Applications may be obtained from the Hopkinton High School Guidance Department, the Joseph Keefe Technical School Guidance Office, the Hopkinton Public Library or by calling 508-435-5115.

Entwistle admitted seeing bodies

February 10, 2006 — An affidavit to support a criminal complaint was filed by Hopkinton Police Sgt. Joseph Bennett with the Framingham District Court late in the day on Wednesday, substantiating the reasons for the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of Neil Entwistle. the British authorities picked him up yesterday, and the latest reports have him waiving extradition to return to the United States to stand trial for the murders of his wife and baby.

      Today, attorney's for the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and Channel 4 pressed for the release of documents in the case resulting in the release of the following:



On January 22, 2006, the bodies of 27-year-old Rachel Entwistle and her 9-month-old daughter Lillian were found next to each other in bed in their home in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Rachel was last heard from by a friend on the evening of January 19, 2006. An autopsy revealed that Rachel died from a single .22-caliber gunshot wound to the head, and Lillian died from a single .22-caliber gunshot wound to the chest (which passed through her body and into her mother's left breast). There was no sign of a forced entry or break-in to the home, and no shell casings were found. The husband and father Neil Entwistle and the family's sole car were missing from the premises. The car was located by police in a parking garage at Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts. It was locked and unoccupied with the keys inside. Airport records revealed that the car entered the garage at approximately 10:49 p.m. on January 20, 2006. Airline records show that Neil Entwistle purchased a one-way ticket to London, England, at approximately 5:00 a.m. on January 21, 2006, and flew out of Logan at approximately 8:15 a.m. without any luggage.


On January 23, 2006, police called Neil Entwistle at the home of his parents in Worksop, England. Entwistle told police that on January 20, 2006, at approximately 9 a.m., he had left his Hopkinton, Massachusetts, home to do an errand. He said his wife and daughter were in bed when he left. He said he returned at approximately 11 a.m. and found his wife and daughter dead from gunshot wounds. He said he did not call for emergency assistance, but instead covered them up and got a knife to kill himself, but could not go through with it. He said he left the home in the family car and drove to his in-law's home in Carver, Massachusetts, to get a gun from his father in-law so he could kill himself. He said he could not get into the home so he drove to Logan Airport because he wanted to go home to his parents in England. Police discovered keys to the Carver home locked inside the Entwistle car at the airport. A forensic examination of a .22-caliber revolver (to which Neil Entwistle had access and had previously used, but one which Rachel Entwistle had not previously handled) belonging to Entwistle's father in-law revealed that DNA matching Neil Entwistle was found on the grip of the firearm and DNA matching Rachel Entwistle was found on the muzzle end of the firearm. Further police investigation has revealed that prior to January 20, 2006, Neil Entwistle had accumulated debts in the tens of thousands of dollars, had been unable to secure employment since his arrival in the United States the Fall of 2005, and had recently expressed a dissatisfaction with his sex life.


A check with the Criminal History Systems Board reveals that Neil Entwistle has neither a license to carry a firearm or a firearm identification card.


The information contained herein is based upon my review of documents and reports as well as conversations with state and local police officers directly involved in this investigation.


Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury this 8th day of February 2006


Sgt. Joseph Bennett, Hopkinton Police Department.

Hopkinton - Elizabeth "Betty" A. Garner, 80, died February 7, 2006 at the Westborough Health Care Center.

She was the wife of Daniel A. Garner for 56 years.

Born in Newton, she was the daughter of the late Asa and Helen (Leonard) Hall.

     Mrs. Garner had been a beloved and well respected teacher for many years at Elmwood School in Hopkinton where she had earned the distinguished nickname of Sergeant Garner. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Marlboro- Emile L. Dumais, 86, formerly of Hopkinton, died Thursday February 9, 2006 at Parlin House in Wayland following a long illness.  He was the husband of Eleanor K. (Lunna) Dumais.

Arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton, are incomplete at this time.

British reader shares story of rescue at sea


by Robert Falcione

February 10, 2006 — The Entwistle case has brought many new readers to HopNews from not only all over the country, but around the world; people hungry for any news or alternate perspective of the horrible murders of a  mother and her baby.

      James Bone of the Times of London explained that under British law, a speaker must be careful about even implying someone's guilt, although that person may be suspected of a crime, or even arrested for that crime. Thus, the ground rules for the interview Mr. Bone granted HopNews was void of any mention of any suspects or opinions of a guilty party.

     Prior to one of two interviews with the BBC yesterday, this writer was given a set of ground rules and examples of "do's" and don'ts." I was advised not to use the pronoun "he" when referring to the murderer, or even that a "man" committed the crime. I replied that this would be a good subject for a Monty Python skit as they all tried to avoid the subject.

     It would be reasonable to assume because of these restrictions in speech,  that British readers in particular would be interested in foreign sources. We know from a service provider, that many people from Britain and associated countries are looking at HopNews.

    One British reader has sent a Letter to the Editor and attached a story he wrote regarding a rescue of Americans from three weeks adrift in a lifeboat. Read it here.

POLICE NEWS now up-to-date


9:04 am A caller on West Main Street reported being involved in a hit and run accident. After being hit the caller pulled into a parking lot and the other driver left the scene...

8:01 pm Police received a walk in report of suspicious activity on Main Street. A woman stated that she thought she saw a man beating an infant while driving...

2:51 pm Detective John Porter and Officer Thomas Irvin received a piece of property for safe keeping pursuant to an ongoing investigation.


Cubs Path a Highway

Like the faithful facing Mecca, a half-dozen television satellite dishes appear to be bouncing their transmissions off of the same object late this afternoon at Cubs Path.


February 9, 2006 — The arrest of Neil Entwistle has brought relief to the community of Hopkinton, and a sense of satisfaction among townspeople that someone was charged with the murders of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle.

     To see and hear Hopkinton residents express their feelings this afternoon after hearing the news, choose the video icon on the left.

Editor's Note: Video is working now. Sorry. My bad.

Six year-old guilty of sexual harassment?


February 9, 2006 — The results of yesterday's poll are to the left.

     The most common answer to the question, in fact a clear majority at 57%, believe a six year-old is not capable of sexual harassment.

     The next most common answer at 30% was that the adults involved needed to be taken to the woodshed. In other words, the adults were wrong to make as big a deal out of it as they did and should get taken to task for it.

     12% believe that a six year-old can be capable of sexual harassment.

     All this 24-hour unscientific poll means is that most, in fact an overwhelming majority, of HopNews readers disagree with the actions taken by the authorities in Brockton.


Brian Morrison resigns



Enclosed herewith please find a letter from Hopkinton Conservation Commission Chairman Brian Morrison to the Board of Selectmen in which he resigns his position as Chairman and member of the Hopkinton Conservation Commission.  Also enclosed herewith is an Open Letter to Residents of Hopkinton in which Mr. Morrison explains the reasons for his decision.

Jonathan White


Dear Sirs/Madams:
     I hereby resign my position as Chairman and as a member of the Hopkinton Conservation Commission, effective immediately.
     I am also a member of the Land Use Study Committee and the Open Space Preservation Commission. I would like to continue to serve with those Committees, but if requested by the Selectmen, I will and do hereby resign from those groups as well.
     I have chosen not to participate in your public hearing to remove me as a Conservation Commission member and Chairman, for the reasons stated in the open letter to residents of Hopkinton dated February 9, 2006 and which is attached hereto.

Brian Morrison

To read Mr. Morrison's Open Letter, click here.

Neil Entwistle arrested in England

Rachel's father's gun allegedly used to kill her and baby

Hopkinton's a nice town to live in ~ Martha Coakley


by Robert Falcione


February 9, 2006 — Neil Entwistle was arrested today in England at a Tube stop by British Police after an arrest warrant was issued at Framingham District Court late yesterday for two counts of murder and one count each of possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition. A Provisional Arrest Warrant was issued through the Department of Justice, according to Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley at a 10:00 am press conference today.

    He was arrested by police with the assistance of Scotland Yard and Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit.

    District Attorney Martha Coakley (HopNews file photo) expressed belief that Neil Entwistle was pressured by financial difficulty. She explained the timeline: Thursday night, January 19, 2006 Rachel was alive. Neil Entwistle is alleged to have killed his wife and baby on Friday morning, January 20, 2006 with a .22 caliber weapon obtained from the collection of Rachel's father, Joseph Matterazzo; a weapon he is believed to have returned to the parent's home that morning in Carver while they were at work. Mr. Matterazzo's weapon was registered and locked, according to Coakley.

      According to Martha Coakley, he obtained a one-way ticket to England with a credit card at 5:00 am on Saturday.

     Ms. Coakley said that Mr. Entwistle was first informed of the deaths by Mr. Matterazzo on Monday morning. She said that media reports of him calling someone and expressing amnesia of his whereabouts were not credible.

     She said that the mother and baby were lying on their sides in bed when shot, the baby Lillian in front of her mother Rachel.

     "We don't know when he got the handgun," Mrs. Coakley said.

     In addition, she said that the fact that at the time someone fires a handgun at someone, they are pre-meditating and that satisfies the law for first degree murder.

      From Martha Coakley's office:

            After an exhaustive three-week investigation by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and the Hopkinton Police Department, investigators sought and obtained a warrant for Neil Entwistle’s arrest from Framingham District Court on Wednesday, charging Neil with two counts of murder in connection with Rachel and Lillian’s deaths, as well as illegal possession of a firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition.  With the assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice, authorities then obtained provisional warrant for Entwistle’s arrest from British authorities.


            At this time, authorities believe that Neil Entwistle shot and killed his wife and daughter in the house that they were renting in Hopkinton on Friday morning.  Investigators have determined that Neil left Massachusetts for his family’s home in England on Saturday morning.


            Neil Entwistle was placed under arrest without incident at approximately 11:50 a.m. local time (6:50 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) at the Royal Oak station, part of London’s underground public transportation system, by the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit, which is affiliated with Scotland Yard.  He is being held at a police station in London pending a court appearance in London, most likely tomorrow. 


            The prosecutor assigned to this case is Assistant District Attorney Michael Fabbri.

Ed Thompson News tip

Neil Entwistle arrested in England

February 9, 2006 — According to several sources, including News Director of WMRC 1490-AM and the Boston Globe, Neil Entwistle was arrested last evening in England.

   District Attorney Martha Coakley has scheduled a press conference for 10:00 am in Cambridge this morning. More later.

Turkey vultures seen over Hopkinton

February 8, 2006 — This turkey vulture seen over Cedar Street near the Sudbury River was one of a group of about ten such birds circling  together and moving over the land swiftly. The bird is a good distance from the fir tree, throwing the tree in the foreground  out of focus.

Photo tip: There is less depth of field in front of a focused subject than there is behind the subjects. If the tree were the same distance away from the bird on the opposite side, it would be in focus.

Waxing gibbous seen over Hopkinton

February 8, 2006 — This Moon, coming to full term, is called a waxing gibbous in  its current state Next, it will be full, and after being full, it will become a waning gibbous, a third quarter, and then a waning crescent.

Hopkinton - James E. Keefe, 63,

died February 7, 2006 at his home following a long illness. Born in Framingham, he was the son of the late William and Pauline (Bouret) Keefe.

His greatest joy was using his native intelligence to explore all avenues of life.  He first challenged his mind while attending and graduating from the Hopkinton school system.  He was especially proud of passing with flying colors Miss Harris' chemistry class.  He attended the University of Connecticut as a philosophy major. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

February 8, 2006 — Mallards on Little Pond on Monday. Judging from their closeness lately, it is reasonable to assume there will be little mallards before long.

A tip of the Parks and Rec hat


Hopkinton Parks and Recreation would like to thank some great Hopkinton kids for their help in cleaning out the basement of the gazebo this weekend.  Alex Comfort, Mike Abbott, Dave Holmes, and Katie Gates all pitched in to clean out the freezer and refrigerator.  They did a lot of heavy lifting for me and I really appreciated their help. ~ Michele Gates 

Boys steamroll Lancers 64-44

by Peter Marso

February 8, 2006 — Hopkinton Boys rolled  over the Norton Lancers 64-44 last night in Tri-valley action at the Athletic Center 64-44. The Hillers built up a big lead at half time and then coasted to the victory.

     The Hillers used up their entire bench in the victory as Jeff Branz scored 11 points followed by Steve Taylor 10 points, Shane Lavoie 10 points, and Craig Sager 10 points.

     The Hillers are now 11-4 in the League and are currently in second place a game behind Medfield. The Hillers will travel to Holliston on Friday night to play the Panthers. 

Letter from Nottingham



     I live in Nottingham, England and would just like to offer my Condolences to the Family of Mrs. Entwistle and the Hopkinton Community as a whole.

     I am sure your town is usually peacefully and loving, and does not need the type of attention that these tragic events bring with them.

     I wish you, the Family of Mrs. Entwistle and the Community of Hopkinton all the best. I am sure you will come through this.

     You are in my thoughts.


Kindest Regards,

Adrian Wright

30 Gunn Close

Bulwell, Nottingham


United Kingdom

February 8, 2006

It's Official!

Eric Sonnett throws hat in ring

February 7, 2006 — Eric Sonnett, accompanied by Chairman of the Republican Town Committee Ken Weismantel,  took out papers from the Town Clerk this morning as a Republican candidate for re-election to the position on the Board of Selectman, of which he currently serves as Chairman.

     "I'm running for re-election to continue the direction the town is headed — providing infrastructure to handle the needs of the population; schools, water and sewer.

    "I want to continue working on solving our affordable housing issues.

    "I want to study the traffic issues in town and work with the state to fix our major traffic issues on Main, Grove and Cedar Streets," he said.

    "I want to insure fiscal responsibility  in an era of escalating costs for benefits like insurance and medical. Everything is going up more than 2.5%," he said.

    The only other candidate for Selectman who has declared is Democrat Selectman Mary Pratt, who has also taken out papers.

Latest on Neil Entwistle

February 7, 2006 — HopNews received a call today from Sky News television in Britain. According Producer Shirley Lewis, Neil Entwistle has not left the house for five days, but has been seen looking through the window.

      Sky News has reporters at the scene, and have seen Mrs. Entwistle hanging laundry today. In addition, in the past five days, Nottinghamshire Police have visited twice, but the nature of their visit is unknown.

Poll Results

February 7, 2006 — The results from the poll are on the left. Since the poll has begun, some new facts have come to light:

   The hearing to consider the removal of Conservation Chairman Brian Morrison will take place in the same room that the Selectmen's Meetings are held, in the Town Hall, and not the in the High School Auditorium as previously stated, because of a scheduling conflict.

    The hearing will take place on February 16, 2006 at 7:00 pm, and according to Chairman Eric Sonnett, it will be done in one evening, and will not use much of Town Counsel's time.

    According to the unscientific poll, only 16 % of responders want to see the full hearing as previously described, one that was thought to be longer than one evening and perhaps costing the town a lot of money.

     The poll should not be considered scientific for many reasons: We do not know if there is a cross section of the community responding, therefore  the sampling may be too small to make a qualitative conclusion.

    The poll is also susceptible to fraud. There may be sneaky and dishonest little trolls bypassing the security system and chalking up votes for their own agenda. There is really no way of stopping that.

    However, the first two questions were designed with mutually exclusive purposes, and even if half of the answers for either are honest, it still adds up to people not wanting a hearing.

     But even in light of those answers, the hearing room will undoubtedly be packed — and attended by a police officer or two!

Editor's Note: This poll was only up about a half day.

Two deaths today — Arrangements incomplete

Hopkinton - James Keefe, 63, died February 7, 2006 at his home following a long illness.  He was the husband of Judith (Gillet) Keefe. Arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, Hopkinton are incomplete at this time.


Hopkinton - Betty Garner, 79, died February 7, 2006 at the Westborough Health Care Center.  She was the wife of Daniel Garner. Arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, Hopkinton are incomplete at this time.

Speranza files ethics complaint against Morrison

Commission plans to oust Morrison as Chair

"...that's just plain wrong, and  illegal" ~ Jack Speranza


February 7, 2006 — The Conservation Commission came to a "consensus" last night to remove Brian Morrison as its Chairman after a presentation by Jack Speranza of his filing of a complaint with the State Ethics Commission against Mr. Morrison and a discussion by the members of the Commission. He brought a one-inch thick binder of documents for his fellow Conservation Commission members to read, filled with a chronology of events surrounding work done by Mr. Morrison on Piazza Lane, a State-owned gravel road over which Mr. Morrison has access to his home.

     Mr. Morrison, through his contractor, filled in large, washed-out areas of the road with gravel, which was then graded to be level. Since then, under pressure, he applied for a hearing in front of his commission, after which they ordered conditions for further work.

    Mr. Speranza said he had been ".. expressing concerns over conduct on what occurred on Piazza Lane, but more important, what occurred after the activity was completed on Piazza Lane."

    The Selectmen have scheduled a hearing for February 16, 2006 with a list of witnesses and volumes of documentation in an effort to remove him from office  for reasons they have specified that deal with the work he did. READ FULL Kohrt Report  .

    "The state has passed minimum standards of conduct for public officials," said Mr. Speranza.

    "Before we had our first hearing on Piazza Lane," said Speranza, " the documents in the office [Conservation Office] demonstrated there were at least ten private exchanges between Mr. Morrison, the staff or Mr. Murphy relative to his matter.

    "The law is pretty clear. You're a public official and have official business before your own board, you have to conduct yourself in a manner that removes the possibility of any appearance of undue influence, bias — whatever you want to call it. That wasn't followed here.

     "...that is by far the most troubling aspect of what happened, continued to happen."

     This part of the meeting took overt 30 minutes, and ended with the members wanting Mr. Morrison to be present at the next meeting to hear his testimony before they reorganize.

     To listen and watch the entire segment of the meeting, choose the player controls. To open a Windows Media Player in a separate window and have the capability to watch and save the video, choose this link.

ESL (Enter Stage Left Theater) wants you to  audition for their Spring musical:


Auditions February 7th, 7pm at Hopkinton High School.
Performances will be the 1st and hopefully 2nd weekend in May with rehearsals to be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
There will be parts for Adults and Children 12 years and up.
Please come with a prepared song and be ready to read from the script.
We are excited to be collaborating once again with the CAA.  We hope to see you there!
This is a really fun show!!  ~ ESL

HOPKINTON - Mildred Erkander, 93, died Feb. 5, 2006 at Wingate-Sudbury. Born in Hopkinton, she was the daughter of the late Frank and Anna (Gildon) Prikachi.

     She is survived by her sisters Lillian Pratt of Worcester, Isabel Pratt and Frances Bowler of Boston, as well as her brothers Joseph Pratt of Hopkinton and Albert Prikachi of Westborough. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


Hopkinton Police Department


warns of Phone scam


February 6, 2006 — Hopkinton Police Headquarters issued a warning today to residents warning of a phone scam involving a caller asking for banking information over the telephone. Following is the text of the letter:



Hopkinton Senior Center & Davis Road Residents


Dear Residents:

    As part of our continued crime prevention efforts we would like to inform you about a recent scam that has been targeting residents throughout the area.

    This scam involves a phone call being placed to your home; this person states that your bank accounts have been accessed and it is urgent that you take the proper steps to fix this problem. The person on the phone then proceeds to ask you to verify your address and then your checking account number. Once these people have this personal information they can create a fake check and can possibly cash it against your account.

    Please remember not to give out any personal information including account numbers, credit card numbers, social security number etc.

    If you have any questions or concerns, if you receive any suspicious calls, or if you receive any scam calls, please call the Hopkinton Police Department at 508-497-3401 or you can leave me a voice mail message at 508-435-2123 Extension 304.

     Remember to always take the necessary steps to stay safe. A legitimate company or business would never ask for this information over the phone. Make it your personal policy to refuse to give out this type of information.

~ Officer Stephen F. Buckley #32, Hopkinton Police Department

NOTE: Officer Buckley also cautioned about throwing sensitive information in the trash that contains banking receipts or account designations.


POLICE NEWS up-to-date

4:28 pm An Elm Street resident called to complain about an unwanted person at a gathering she was having...

12:25 pm A caller stated that he saw two men on the ice as he was driving on Cedar Street and he did not think the ice was safe...

9:43 pm A caller reported a suspicious van in the Cumberland Farms parking lot...

2006 Election Calendar


Friday, March 24, 2006             Last Date to Obtain Nomination Papers

Monday, March 27, 2006          Last Date to Submit Nomination Papers

Tuesday, April 11, 2006             Last Date to Register To Vote for Town Meeting And Town Election

Monday, May 1, 2006               Annual Town Meeting 

Monday, May 15, 2006             Annual Town Election

Weds., August 30, 2006             Last Date to Register To Vote for State Primary 

Tuesday, September 19, 2006   State Primary   

Wednesday, October 18, 2006  Last Date to Register To Vote for State Election       

Tuesday, November 7, 2006      State Election

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