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Doing the Turkey Trot

April 16, 2006 — Birder Alan Kett has sent this photo to share. It is a male turkey fanning to attract nearby females.

495 armed Standoff ends with no loss of life

State Police STOP Team apprehends armed suspect

NEW! Suspect identified.


Trooper allegedly sees subject with firearm

April 15, 2006 — Hopkinton Police were asked to assist State Police this afternoon on Route 495 South in Southboro to apprehend a subject who allegedly had a weapon.

      According to State Police, at about 4:50 pm State Trooper Phil Dowd stopped a Chevrolet in Westboro for speeding and following too closely on 495 South. The subject, the male driver of the Chevrolet, Pedro J. Rivera, age 21, 238 A 37th Street South, Brigantine New Jersey, pulled into the breakdown lane and walked away from the vehicle.

      The subject failed to comply with verbal commands and Trooper Dowd observed a firearm while this was happening; and the driver began running from the scene.

      Trooper Dowd followed and the State Police set up a perimeter and contacted police departments from Southboro, Westboro, Marlboro, and Hopkinton to insure no residents wandered through the woods and onto the roadway out of curiosity. They also assisted by closing some of the adjoining and area roads.

    Members of the State Police STOP Team — which is similar to a SWAT team — canine units, and crisis negotiators went to the scene.

    At 5:50 pm members of the State Police used less lethal means and placed the subject under arrest.

Rivera was then transported to U-Mass Medical Center in Worcester for treatment of superficial injuries.  He is being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, assault & battery on a police officer, possession of class D substance, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of firearm without FID card, disorderly conduct, speeding, following too closely and failure to submit to a police officer.   

     State Police recovered two firearms, one of which is said to be a .22caliber pistol Beretta semi-automatic pistol and the other a .22 caliber North American Arms revolver.


      Editor's note: See the video, where the subject postures in the middle of the highway, and then is seen, from a distance, apparently doubling over from being hit with a non-lethal projectile, a bean-bag,  and then smoke from flash-bang device. Sources have revealed that the projectile hit the male subject below the belt.

Channel 4 uses HopNews video footage

Above, subject is photographed from across the highway while State Police had the southbound portion of Route 495 blocked off. Before long, they would block off the entire highway. Below, the photographer got moved and had to shoot from about 4,000 feet away. The subject is is in white. The brisk wind was blowing his jacket, making his girth appear larger.

Below left, the subject doubles over, apparently after being struck by a non-lethal bean-bag projectile. Below right, smoke from what is likely a stun grenade or similar non-lethal weapon, fills the immediate area.


Hiller Boys win second in a row

by Peter Marso

The Hillers scored nine runs in the 2nd frame on way to a 9-3 victory against Dover-Sherborn on Wednesday afternoon. The Hillers got a good pitching performance out of Adam Merzel and excellent closure from Paul Ostrander who retired the last nine batters to secure the win! The Hillers played flawless defense and executed offensively to nail down the victory. Te Hillers will travel to Medfield at 3:30 Thursday were they will continue to keep up their winning ways. Bryan Doyle will most likely get the pitching duties for the Stickney nine. 

Chamber of Commerce supports Town Charter

Above, the members of the Charter Commission as depicted by Hopkinton artist Ashley T. M. Jackson late last year when they completed their document.


April 14, 2006 — Voters will be giving thumbs up or down for a Town Charter at the polls on May 15. This past Wednesday, the Charter Commission met with the Executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce looking for their blessing and walked away with the brass ring. The Board of Selectmen also endorsed the document recently, laying to rest talk of dissent from some members of that Board. So, as it stands, there is no public organized opposition to the change to a Town Charter from the current form of government.

Hopkinton Sculptor to unveil Children’s Holocaust Monument

On Sunday, April 23, marking the start of the 2006 Holocaust Days of Remembrance, Hopkinton sculptor Michael Alfano opens his home studio to show the Children’s Holocaust Monument, which he just completed sculpting for the Temple Emanuel in Great Neck, New York. From 1 to 4 pm, Michael will answer questions about the monument and his other works.


In May, Michael transports the clay sculpture to the foundry for casting to create the finished bronze version. In the fall, when the casting is complete, the artwork will be installed and unveiled.


The Children’s Holocaust Monument consists of four lifesize children and was inspired by a photograph from the Auschwitz
Album. A girl, about four years old, and two boys, who might be seven and ten, have just disembarked from the transport train that brought them to the concentration camp from a relocation ghetto in Hungary.

Within hours after arrival, they no doubt perished in the Birkenau gas chambers, along with thousands with whom they arrived, as part of the Nazi extermination campaign. The fourth youth, a modern girl, extends one hand towards the victims, and with the other raises a candle, which alludes to ner tamid, the eternal flame that represents God’s presence and love for his people.


A child can stand between the modern day and historical figures to join hands with both. This kinesthetic experience helps the child identify with the tragedy and envision themselves as key to remembering, to ensuring a future that prevents recurrence. ~ Michael Alfano


School Committee makes further plea for override


Submitted by the School Committee: David Stoldt, chair, Rebecca Robak, vice chair, Phil Totino, Lyn Branscomb, Nancy Burdick


With the vote of the Board of Selectmen on April 4, it’s now official.  Voters will have an opportunity to vote on an override at the May 1 Town Meeting and, if passed, at the May 15 ballot. 


For voters, residents of the community who may or may not have children in the school system, it’s important to know why the school committee supports an override and what the schools will gain from the dollars.  FULL LETTER.

Parent of second-grader concerned

Dear Editor --

I know well the frustration of Hopkinton voters, who are justifiably unhappy to be facing the $1.93 million override decision the town has put before us. However, I'm writing to voice my family's support for the override, and to urge others to vote at town meeting to put the override on the ballot and then to vote yes for the override at the May 15 town election.

See Letters to the Editor for FULL LETTER.

Parent senses stress


Are there any Middle School or Hopkins School parents out there who are feeling stressed out like me?  Is there anyone hearing what I’m hearing from my children? “I don’t get math, I must be stupid!”, “The teacher didn’t even explain it!”, “I left my homework assignment in class!”, “She never gave it to us!”, “This teacher is always so mad at us!”  Is the level of stress we’re feeling ordinary or is there something else going on? I understand that a certain amount of stress in life is normal and necessary, but at what point does it become so detrimental to our children that it hurts their ability to learn and crushes their self confidence?

See Letters to the Editor for FULL LETTER.

Parent of 2 Middle School students is concerned

To the editor,
      I know  that facing another override is discouraging or even worse, but we MUST PASS IT -   for our town, for our children, for our house values!   It will only cost the average homeowner about $330 or less than a dollar a day. Yes, we need to restructure things so that we don't have to increase taxes again and again (by bringing more business to town by adding water and sewer capacities) but that is not the issue today.  The issue is our town's reputation.  The issue is keeping the value of your house up.  The issue is keeping the quality of education up. See Letters to the Editor for FULL LETTER.

Blames business for town's woes

To the Editor,


When you cast your votes in May at Town Meeting and the Voting Booth, please consider the following observations and suggestions.

The 'vicious cycle' of escalating taxes is promulgated by the business community declaring "commercial and industrial growth is the answer" to lessening the household financial burden. They advocate the same tax rate for business and residents, then propose costly sewer/water infrastructures to support more business. The fact is unless Hopkinton becomes a significant commercial/industrial center, tax revenues will remain a small percentage of the whole.

See Letters to the Editor for FULL LETTER.

HPTA encourages informed voters



Our community has spent the school year ensuring that our children get a great education, and now it is time for us to educate ourselves.  There are several important choices we need to make as a community.   The choices that we make this year will impact all of us for years to come. 


This year the Selectmen are asking residents to approve a $1.93 million override to cover budget needs that cannot be met under the rules of Proposition 2 ½.  These funds would be used to fund the needs of all town departments, including the school department. 

 See Letters to the Editor for FULL LETTER.

Wheelchair champion in Hopkinton

April 14, 2006 — Ernst Van Dyk, left, Mike J. Mullins and Alex Danahy pose for a shot at the Respite Center, where Mr. Van Dyk stopped to speak after giving a speech at EMC. Mr. Van Dyk will be looking for his 6th straight win in the Men's Wheelchair Division, racing for South Africa in the Boston Marathon on Monday.


Dear Readers: In addition to the Marathon events eating up time, we had an email attack a few days ago, which has set us back tremendously. We'll spend much of the day Friday trying to respond to those emails from days ago, and posting the many Letters to the Editor we have received..



Editor's note: For those who have never seen this exciting event, check out some of the 20 minute video we edited from some of this morning's event.

Above, two Elmwood School students stretch to reach over their classmates to get "five" from a Kenyan guest athlete this morning.

2004 Boston Marathon Champion Discusses Kenyan Culture and Training

April 13, 2006 – Today at the John Hancock Financial Services Running and Fitness ‘Adopt-a-Marathoner’ program, close to 600 students from Hopkinton’s Elmwood Elementary School greeted and met with top Kenyan marathon runners. John Hancock’s Running and Fitness ‘Adopt-a-Marathoner’ program, now in its 14th year, gives students an opportunity to learn first hand about Kenya’s culture, and training and daily life in Kenya.
       The runners included 2004 Boston Marathon champion Timothy Cherigat and 2003 Boston Marathon champion Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot. The Kenyan marathon team, which includes a total of nine athletes, will be participating in the 110th Boston Marathon on April 17, 2006.
        Some of the Kenyan runners this year could end the race in the top three. Wilson Onsare who finished runner-up in last year’s race returns, while Benjamin Maiyo placed second in 2005 at the Chicago and Los Angeles Marathons.
       “The Hopkinton clinic is part of the John Hancock’s overall commitment to develop innovative youth programs which strive to teach children about the benefits of health and fitness,” said Robert L. Friedman, assistant vice president, Sports and Event Marketing, John Hancock. “This event also serves as an opportunity to thank the elite Kenyan athletes who return regularly. You can always feel the excitement and energy in the gymnasium as the children cheer on these world class runners.”

"Kenyan runner William Kiplagat races with students from Hopkinton's Elmwood School Thursday morning during John Hancock's 'Adopt-a-Marathoner' program, now in its 14th year.  Kiplagat and other members of the Kenyan team attended a rally and met with students, who had an opportunity to learn first-hand about Kenya's culture and daily life."

Kenya meets Greece

April 13, 2006 — Dimitri Kyriakides explains the intricate meaning of the statue dedicated  to his father to Kenyan runners after their party at the Elmwood School. His father was the winner of the 1946 Marathon, and New Balance Athletic Shoe commissioned sculptor Mico Kaufman to build one in Marathon Greece, as well as Hopkinton Massachusetts, setting up a "Twin City" relationship. See a video of the meeting at the statue.



April 13, 2006 — Elmwood School students, teachers and staff played host to the Kenyan runners as part of the 14th year of the Adopt-a-Marathoner program. Mr. Keane's third-grade class met with the runners and exchanged cultural ideas before the entire student body greeted them in the gym to high energy music. VIDEO and MORE PICS TO FOLLOW

FUTON BUNK BED FOR SALE: Twin size bed on top and double size futon  on bottom. Made from dark wood and black metal. Asking price: $125.00. Please call Nancy  at 508-435-4667.

Hopkinton Middle School Drama Club





 Wizard of  oz


Friday, April 28th at 7:00 PM

Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 PM and at 7:00 PM

Hopkinton Middle School Auditorium


Tickets are $5 for students/seniors, $10 for adults and may be purchased in the Middle School Main Office or at the door.

Photo of Dylan Bushe by Kathleen Culler

Kudos to the DPW

April 12, 2006 — The first image that shows one right-turn only arrow is the recommendation  by a consultant the town paid to study and redesign the traffic. HopNews presented this photo and said it would not work. Apparently others had the same reasoning for its doomed future, as did DPW Director, J.T. Gaucher, and Highway Supervisor Mike Mansir, who immediately redesigned it. Mouse-over the single right arrow to see their new design.

It actually all starts here

April 12, 2006 — Painter and designer of the Boston Marathon Start line, Jacque LeDuc, poses with his creation and his daughters, Jean, his left, and Laura.



April 12, 2006 — Above is the closeup of the Mico Kaufman sculpture Spirit of the Marathon unveiled today at its final place at Weston Nurseries on the route of the Boston Marathon.

To view a video (22 minutes) of the dedication, choose this.


The Unveiling

Above, Robert Foster unveils the statue as dignitaries and principals look on.

April 12, 2006 — The Mico Kaufman statue, Spirit of the Marathon, was unveiled today at Weston Nurseries before over 100 people. On the statue are depictions of Stylianos Kyriakides, 1946 Marathon winner from Greece, as well as the winner of the first Boston Marathon in 1896. On hand were a Councilman, Spiro Zagaris from Marathon, Greece, Dimitri Kyriakides, His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and Jim Davis, CEO of New Balance, the company that commissioned the statue. A VIDEO AND MORE PHOTOS WILL FOLLOW.

Who's watching HopNews.com?


Both Jacque LeDuc, painter of the Boston Marathon Start line and local live color commentator at the start on Marathon Day, and Jeff Glor, Anchor and reporter at Channel 7 are running the Marathon.

Joshua Goncalves Honored

Photo by John Copley

On April 5th, approximately 35 fourth grade boys gathered at Project Just Because to recognize and honor Joshua Goncalves; their team mate, opponent, and friend.  Joshua played on the Hopkinton gray recreational basketball team last season.  His entire team along with members from the other five recreational teams and the two Hopkinton fourth grade travel teams each came with a new basketball or a cash donation.  The basketballs were stamped with “JG” to dedicate each one to Josh.  Josh’s team members said a few words remembering their team mate, then the group joined together for a unified cheer for Josh.  In total, 40 basketballs were donated.  The donation will allow boys and girls in the area to enjoy a sport that Josh so enjoyed. ~ Margie Sellman

Writer, sick of "shenanigans," urges fellow Republicans to cross party lines

To the Editor,


As a lifelong registered Republican, I urge my fellow Republicans to cross party lines and vote for a Democrat and an Independent in the upcoming Selectman’s race at May’s town election.  First of all, there really is no place for partisan politics at the local level.  The reasons that I most often choose to vote Republican in State and National elections have very little to do with the issues we face here in Hopkinton.  After having lived in Hopkinton for the past seven years, the one criterion that now stands out far beyond all others is trust.  I could care less if I agree with every position a candidate takes.  I just need to know that the person will conduct themselves with integrity and honor and will respect the opinions of others.  This is not the case among the Republican majority that currently controls our Board of Selectman and it is time for a changing of the guard. 


All about the arts

April 11, 2006 — These High School students were winners in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards, and received recognition from the Selectmen this evening.

April 11, 2006 — The winners of the Boston Marathon Poster contest gathered in the Selectmen's room tonight to receive awards for their achievements.

My Space

April 11, 2006 — The red rooster facing the setting sun atop the steeple at 7:00 pm today competes with the Moon for attention. The steeple is part of the former St. Paul's Church, which is now part of the Hopkinton Public Library.


April 11, 2006 Selectman Ron Clark was first in line to greet Dimitri Kyrikides at this evenings meeting. He and Dyna and Spiros Zagaris, who is a Councilman in Marathon Greece, were guests of the Selectmen this evening.

April 11, 2006 — Student artists and family members jammed the Selectmen's Meeting Room, top and bottom, to receive their recognitions from the Selectmen, while HAA President Tim Kilduff introduces Dimitri Kyriakides, standing in the doorway.


Sprucing up for the Marathon

April 11, 2006 — Workmen from Baker Fence Company installed a new fence today on Main Street by the cemetery across from the Common.


Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John Phelan, showed Dimitri Kyriakides, son of 1946 Boston Marathon winner Stylianos Kyriakides, around the Hopkinton athletic facilities today, and told him of the pride he had in opening the new High School. On the wall of the Athletic Center is a rendering of Marathon runners made up of thousands of smaller photos.

Results Are In

QUESTION: Do you support the $1.68 million override for the schools?

YES=84 NO=58 Not Sure=2


For coed Softball League

Call Terry 508-435-1229

Whole lot of love

April 11, 2006 — David Hamacher and daughter Emily, 10, share a warm embrace upon greeting each other at the Common awaiting the Little League parade.


Volunteers wanted

...and Be careful of phone scams

By Ann DiLeo

               In my Easter Bonnet and with my Easter Basket. I’ll be the grandest lady watching the Boston Marathon. On Easter Monday, April17…

               April promises to be a fairly quiet month even with major holidays, Easter, Passover. And the Marathon. But the marathon is never quiet, with thousands of people running and thousands more watching the runners along the route from Hopkinton to Boston. Our town will be on the map for years to come because of that major race and all the stories that are part of it. Long after the short lived bad news is forgotten.

               George Gross, president, would like to see the new Davis Road residents become part of the activities here.. And there are many new residents. So let’s get together.

                  Pictured is Doris Carver making a fun Easter Basket full of goodies for the ice cream party. Doris is the President of the tenant Association at Davis Road.

               Congratulations, to our outreach worker, Amy Wilson Kent.  She will be the coordinator at the new senior center on Mayhew St.., in Davis Road’s back yard.

              Amy has put out a call for volunteers to help with all the activities she expects to offer. One doesn’t have to be a senior to volunteer. But there are many jobs that seniors could qualify for; i.e.  welcoming person at the front desk, secretary work in all areas, kitchen jobs, filing and placing things, rides, cleanup….A person may sign up for a just a few hours per week, or for one day or whatever works.

               We are still being troubled by ‘telephone scams.’  Whatever they ask or try to tell you, just say ‘NO’.  Never give any information on the phone. If the person calling is for real, he will be willing to see you, or put you in touch with people you know.  No business should be conducted over the phone.

               Have a wonderful holiday, Easter, a time of new beginnings. I hope there is sunshine for outdoor chores and that healthy walking. That is what I miss so much.

Love, Annie

Hiller Boys give coach Stickney his first win

by Peter Marso

Hopkinton's own Mark Stickney won his first varsity baseball game as the Hillers put together a great effort offensively and got some excellent pitching on way to a 10-2 trouncing against rival Ashland in a game played in Hopkinton Monday afternoon.


It marked the first game under new head coach and hall-of-famer Mark Stickney. The Hillers struck early as Bryan Doyle doubled to knock in the first Hiller score and Mark Sanborn hit an enormous home run to keep the offense in gear. Will Aronson doubled in a key run in the 4th followed by a Dugan triple to put Ashland all but out of it! The Hillers started Andrew Tarca who thru three innings of shutout ball followed by Steven Knox who picked up the win in relieve. Knox had good stuff and was never in any real danger as the Clockers were unable to get any offense generated.


The Hillers are up and running and should be another threat to challenge for the league crown. The boys had a great preseason and are ready to do some heavy damage. Congratulations to Coach Stickney recording his opening win!!

Hopkinton - Edward H. McCormack, Jr., 67, died Tuesday April 11, 2006 at the Metrowest Medical Center, Framingham.Born and raised in Hopkinton, he was the son of the late Edward H. and Mary C. (Fecteau) McCormack.  He lived most of his life in Hopkinton.


Hopkinton - Anne M. Cook, 90, died Sunday, April 9, 2006 at the Franklin Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Franklin, MA. after a short illness. She was a Hopkinton resident, for 24 years, and former resident of Patchouge, Long Island, New York for 35 years.

Above, Keefe Technical High School students from the J.E.T. (Job Entry Training) Special Education Program cleaning up the CAA garden that The Hopkinton Garden Club is restoring for the CAA.  They are donating their time and labor to remove shrubs, invasive plants, and top soil.  Later in April they will amend the soil and plant new shrubs. 

Hopkinton Garden Club members will be planting perennials in late April. ~Ruth Gorman

April 11, 2006 — Barbara Wirzburger watched the Little League parade while Annie kept her eye on the photographer.

From the office of Martha Coakley




            CAMBRIDGE – This morning, Neil Entwistle, age 27, formerly of Hopkinton, was arraigned in Superior Court in connection with the January 2006 deaths of his wife, Rachel Entwistle, age 27, and their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian, in their Hopkinton home.  Entwistle is charged with murder (2 counts), illegal possession of a firearm, and illegal possession of ammunition.

            Entwistle was arraigned just after 9:00 a.m. this morning before Judge Peter Lauriat on in courtroom 10B of the Middlesex Superior Court in Cambridge.  Pleas of not guilty were entered on his behalf by defense attorney Elliot Weinstein.  He is due back in court on May 23, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. for a pretrial conference.  The prosecution team assigned to this case includes Assistant District Attorneys Michael Fabbri, David Cunis, and Stephen Loughlin. FULL STORY



A Walk in the Woods for Andy, Luke and Liz


1st Annual Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Walk

3-Mile Trail or Paved Road Walk & Family  Fun Day!


Sunday, April 30 - 9:00am

Hopkinton State Park - Split Rock Site (X)


Sponsored by the Hopkinton Running Club and friends of Andy Welzel


To register,  please visit  www.runhopkinton.org  .  Registration forms are also available at Colella's Market in Hopkinton.

For more information contact Kathleen Karpe  Karpes@comcast.net or Laura McKenzie at laurabmckenzie@yahoo.com


A reminder from Selectman Muriel Kramer

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 is the Last Date to Register To Vote for T M & Town Election

Board of Selectmen reverses position

Adds $250,000 to override question

Edited Video of meeting

 by Robert Falcione


April 10, 2006 — The Board of Selectmen voted, in a hastily called Monday evening meeting, to increase the size of the town’s override from the original School Department figure of $1.63 million to $1,933,119, adding $250,000 to keep level services for Fire, Police and DPW.

     Last Tuesday, the Selectmen voted 3-2 to not put an override on the ballot to support the Town departments, but to support the School Department’s request for an override of $1.63 million. Selectmen Muriel Kramer and Mary Pratt had voted the negative question in the negative, which means that they were voting for an override for the Town Departments.

    In the last few days, letters went to the Selectmen from the Police union, Dispatchers and DPW, and today, letters from the Firefighters Union and the Chief of Police — all asking for reconsideration. The Firefighters used the strongest language, writing, “The Fire Union believes that you have made a poor decision in regards to the needs of public safety.”

    These letters had to have had an impact on the three Selectmen who voted against the Town override last Tuesday, and who this evening voted in the affirmative to support the addition of $250,000 to the override ballot question.

    Mary Pratt (File photo) and Muriel Kramer voted to have separate override ballot questions, but were trumped by the others — Chairman Eric Sonnett, Selectman Ron Clark, and Selectman Len Holden — who voted to combine the two amounts.

    “I got a lot feedback from the community…it would be divisive to have two overrides,” said Mr. Clark.

    Mr. Holden said, “There will be people who think the $250,000 will take care of everything.”

    “I too come down for one override. I’ve been consistent since I’ve been a selectman. We don’t segregate departments,” said Mr. Sonnett.

    An email received after the meeting from Dr. John Duffy, Chairman of the aboard of Assessors, said that the additional impact of the override will be $353 per average household, up from $309 last week. If there is no override, the increase will be $252 per average household, but the increase with an override will be $605.00 yearly for the average household.

 Edited Video of meeting

Police News up-to-date


6:04 pm Police responded to a disturbance on Hayden Rowe Street when two parties were fighting after a dog attack...

 3:02 pm A caller said his brother was approached by three males and asked if he wanted to buy some drugs...

11:25 am A resident on Morse Lane called to report a male teen with a ski mask who appeared to be trying to break into his house.

More Little League photos

See the VIDEO  of opening day

Above, Orioles team members and others await the proceedings at Carrigan Park on opening day.

Below, four members of the Astros put the Gazebo to an uncommon use.

Firefighters Union, Chief of Police weigh in on override

Selectmen meeting called for 6:00 pm tonight, Room 211

Chief of Police asks for consideration of smaller override


"The voters are the ones who will be calling for help, so they should be the ones who decide on a public safety override." ~ Firefighters Union (File photo of Hopkinton Firefighters)


"The information I provided in the past in unchanged." ~ Chief of Police Tom Irvin


The following is a letter to Eric Sonnett and the Selectmen from the IIAF (International Association of Firefighters)

Dear Mr. Chairman,
     I am sending this letter in regards to the decision that the Board of Selectmen made at their April 4, 2006 Selectmen's meeting. The Fire Union believes that you have made a poor decision in regards to the needs of public safety. The voters are the ones who will be calling for help, so they should be the ones who decide on a public safety override. I recall a statement which was made by Chairman Sonnet to the Boston Globe on January 30,2005, and I quote "We'll cut almost anything before public safety." The only thing that has been cut is public safety. Therefore, if you are going to ask your departments to level fund then make it equal to all departments. It would be a lot easier to handle and show the towns people you are trying to rectify the problem.

     We would also like to thank Mary Pratt and Muriel Kramer for their support.

James Frederick, President IAFF local 3772


The following letter is from Chief of Police Tom Irvin (File photo) to Executive Secretary Ted Kozak

    Good morning Ted,

    I would like you to ask the Board of Selectmen if they would consider putting a smaller Town override on the ballot.

    The information I provided in the past is unchanged.

    It will take an additional $50,803.00 in FY 2007 to keep the Police Department at the staffing and equipment levels we have in FY 2006.

    I believe that if other Town Departments are asked how much more money they need in their budgets to stay at their FY 2006 staff and equipment levels the overall Town override amount will be considerably smaller than the amount considered by the Board last Tuesday night.

    If the Board feels that amount is still to large I would like them to consider an override that would keep staffing levels at FY 2006 levels.

    It will take an additional $23,805.51 to keep the Police Department at the staffing levels we have in FY 2006.

    I believe that if other Town Departments are asked how much more money they need to keep their staffing at their FY 2006 levels the overall Town override amount will be much smaller than the amount considered by the Board last Tuesday night.

    Thank you for your consideration,


Jr. Hillers a "Wrecking Machine"

Championship game on Friday (See Flyer)

     The Hopkinton Jr. Hillers, a team of 6th through 8th graders from Hopkinton, will skate in the Championship Game of their tier in the South East Mass Hockey (SEMHO) Jr. High league this coming Friday, April 14, 2006 at 7:30 PM.   

      The Jr. Hillers beat Franklin 5-1 on Sunday night to advance to the finals.   Matt Manzella led the scoring with a 3 goal “Hat Trick”.   The Jr. Hillers, in only their 2nd year in existence, post a 13-6-0 record and will face Middleboro (12-7-2) for the title. 

      A young team by league standards, the Jr. Hillers took to the ice last August and dropped 4 of their first 5 games of the season, but have been a “wrecking machine” since November, winning 12 out of their last 14 games, including their last 3 playoff games to earn the right to skate for the Championship.   

     The team is made up of 8th graders Jack Daly, Brandt Davies, Slater DeMont, Will Juffras, Bill Poillucci, J.P. Sriberg; 7th graders Connor Burdick, Mitch Corsi, Colleen Finnerty, Joe Fujiyoshi, Eric Lindquist, Matt Manzella, Alex Peterson, Andrew Preite, Alex Puig, David Ramsey, J.T. Riga, Andrew Surman, and 6th graders Sean Carnes, Mike Decina, Teddy Doherty, Eric Guilmette, and Alec Strain.   Head Coach Leo Squatrito is assisted by Ed Doherty and Ned Surman.   This will be the final Jr. High School game for the veteran 8th graders, as next year Daly, DeMont, Poillucci, and Sriberg head to Hopkinton High School, while Davies and Juffras will attend St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury.    Go Hopkinton Jr. Hillers!

Opening Day

 See a Video Here.

April 9 — Hopkinton Little  League, said to be 1259 strong showed up for the annual parade today and brought a parent or two with them.                                             See a Video Here.

April 9, 2006 — Graysone Spitzer. left, and Jared Koster climb a memorial stone at the Hopkinton Common while waiting for the parade to begin.

 Discussion gone. Talk City back.

     Anyone looking at the discussion page lately, can't help but notice the level of immaturity that has invaded the page. Therefore, in order to save the quality discussions or the simple expressions of opinions, we have reposted the Talk City link. Some people registered before, but more people got involved in the Discussion lately, so perhaps some of that interest will carry over to Talk City. The difference with Talk City is that people must register to post. And they can use whatever username they wish.

      Talk City asks questions when a person registers, but never shares them with HopNews. We have no clue who people are unless they use their own name, which is not necessary.

      Someone skewed the poll on Friday,  so it got taken down and an email poll put in its place. Then someone, perhaps the same individual, attacked HopNews email, and all the while someone is posting nonsense on the Discussion Page.

      It's time to give it a break. Discussion is gone, Talk City is back.

$100.00 REWARD!!!

    HopNews was the victim of a denial of service attack Sunday by someone using the email address yourmomma@hotmail.com . We received over 5,000 emails from that address bogging down our computer, denying us the capability to do business through email, and denying others their right to express themselves through the HopNews medium. It also took a few of hours to sort it all out, costing valuable time.

     Please check your incoming mail to see if this person has sent you email and if it is someone of whom you know the identity. Information leading to the identity of the person who did this that leads to a prosecution is eligible for a  $100.00 reward! ~Editor

April 9, 2006 — Becky Robinson and Kathy Yankee spent part of their Sunday morning helping to beautify the downtown as part of the Hopkinton Garden Club.

A bird in the bush

April 9, 2006 — A robin's beauty is undiminished by its familiarity.

April 8, 2006 — ESL (Enter Stage Left) Theater children's group put on their best acts at the Congregational Church today.


April 8, 2006 — Cynthia Zhang feels exalted over her balloons at the Easter Egg hunt today on the Common.

 Peter's Corner

Stickney's first game on Monday

by Peter Marso

     Mark Stickney era halted as the Hillers and Norton Lancers baseball game was postponed due to heavy rains, which occurred after 2:00 Friday afternoon. It would have been the inaugural game for long time Hiller assistant coach Mark Stickney. Mark, a Hall of Fame outstanding three sport athlete, will have to wait until Monday when the Hillers host the Ashland Clockers at 3:30.

     This will be Marks first game as head Coach of the Hiller 9 . Stickney was an outstanding Baseball Football and basketball player during the early 70s when the hillers were actually the smallest school in the Tri-valley league. Mark later went on receiving a scholarship to the University Of New Hampshire to play football. He has been a varsity assistant head coach for the Hiller Baseball and Football teams.

     Mark will replace long football and baseball coach Steve Simoes who has recently taken a coaching job as a hitting instructor at Holy Cross College in Worcester Mass. Stickney was inducted in the charter year of Hopkinton's athletic Hall of Fame.

Note from the School Committee:

The School Committee presentation given at the Public Hearing on April 6th is posted online at www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us.  Additional information is also available at the superintendent's office and at the public library.

Financial Forum postponed indefinitely


     The Financial Forum was inadvertently scheduled on Passover, and has now been postponed indefinitely due to the upcoming Town Meeting.

     A letter from the Appropriations Committee Stuart Cowart targets next fall or winter. "This will allow everyone time to focus on the long term, the financial challenges we face and the choices  to be made without the impending pressures of balancing the budget for Town Meeting," writes Mr. Cowart.

     "Instead, we invite the public to attend our scheduled meeting on April 26 for a financial update.  Please join us in Room 211 at Town Hall at 7:30PM for a preview of the FY07 budget," he wrote.

 State Police News

State Police remove another gun from the streets.

Arrest Two Subjects on Assault, Stolen Weapon and Narcotic Charges


     On Friday, April 7, 2006, at about 11:30 p.m., State Police from the Yarmouth Barracks arrested two male subjects on assault, stolen weapon and narcotics charges after a motor vehicle stop on Route 6 Eastbound in the Town of Yarmouth.

      Tpr. Marc Powell stopped the operator of a Isuzi pickup truck for a defective equipment violation.  Tpr. Gary Turgess arrived on scene to back up Tpr. Powell.  A check with the Registry of Motor Vehicles revealed the vehicle to be unregistered, uninsured and improper plates were attached to the vehicle.  While waiting on the arrival of a tow truck, Tpr. Powell began an inventory of the vehicle. As  Tpr. Powell picked up a duffel bag, the passenger identified as Michael Rivera 24-years of age, 26 Steven Street,  Hyannis, MA exited the vehicle and struck Tpr. Powell in the face.  As a struggle ensued between subject Rivera and the Troopers, a loaded semi-automatic handgun with fell out of the bag.  The passenger grabbed the handgun and tossed it in the direction of the operator.  The operator smartly declined to retrieve the weapon and immediately assumed a prone position. The operator was identified as Michael Knight, 26-years of age, 74 Cedar Street, Hyannis, MA    Subject Rivera was subdued and placed under arrest.  Both subjects were transported to the State Police Yarmouth Barracks for booking. 

      A further check of the contents of the duffel bag revealed approx. 79 grams of a white substance believed to be cocaine and green leafy matter believed to be marijuana. A computer check on the 9 mm. Sig-Sauer semi-automatic handgun revealed that it had been reported stolen.

      Subject Rivera and Knight were both charged with: 

Possession of a Stolen Weapon, Trafficking in Class B, Possession of Class B, Possession of Class D Marijuana

     Subject Rivera is additionally charged with: Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.  Rivera  is being held on $100,000 cash bail.

      Subject Knight is additionally charged with: Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Attaching Plates and Defective Equipment. Knight  is being held on $50, 000 cash bail.    Continued on next page.

       Both subjects will be arraigned in Barnstable District Court on Monday, April 10, 2006.

Selectman Mary Pratt endorses Mike Shepard for Selectman

"He would be a breath of fresh air,"

Above, Michael Shepard, left, appeared at a fundraiser for Mary Pratt, right, and other Democrats last night at the home of Eva and Charles Beede.

April 8, 2006 — Selectman Mary Pratt, a Democrat, who is in a three-way race for one of two seats on the Board of Selectman, has endorsed fellow candidate Michael Shepard, a former Republican who is now unenrolled, for the Board of Selectman. Mr. Shepard recently resigned his position as Director of Municipal Inspections in favor of a similar position in Brookline.

       "I think he might be able to balance the Board a little and get a vote that isn't so lopsided," Mrs. Pratt said in a telephone interview today.

       "Mike would be more courteous to people. He is honest and has great integrity. He won't make a decision based on what someone else wants. He is his own man," she said.

        "He would be a breath of fresh air," she said.

        Mrs. Pratt said that she is also endorsing herself.


Selectmen to reconsider "Town" override

Voted to not put public service override on ballot


April 8, 2006 — The Selectmen have scheduled what one called an "Emergency meeting" for Monday at 6:00 pm to reconsider their 3-2 vote last Tuesday to not put a $315,000 plus override on the May 15 ballot for the Fire, Police and DPW, because, as Chairman Eric Sonnett said, "They have not made their case." They voted at that same meeting to place a $1.68 million override on the ballot for the School Department.

       "We called the meeting to discuss the override," said Eric Sonnett today, after being reached by telephone.

       "The feeling was the Town Departments had not made their case.

       "Since then, they have come forward with more information that warrants discussion," he said.

       The Police Union sent Mr. Sonnett a letter last Thursday asking them to reconsider their vote. And yesterday, the Dispatcher's Union sent a letter, which was also signed by two DPW employees, asking Mr. Sonnett to reconsider and allow the question to go onto the ballot for the voters to decide.


File photo, Eric Sonnett at last year's Little League parade.

Where's the nearest bank?

April 7, 2006 — Above, Officer Matthew McNeil places handcuffs on an operator who was charged with OUI Liquor. He had seen him driving erratically and decided to pull him over, when the operator drove behind Sovereign Bank this morning around 12:15 am. The operator spent too much time allegedly asking members of the crew painting the road how to negotiate around the traffic cones. Officer William Burchard looks on to provide backup.

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