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 Cheryl Perreault's Poets' Corner


Catherine Kelley is 11 years-old and attends fifth grade at Hopkins Elementary School in Hopkinton. She rides a horse named Skye 4-5 times a week on the back roads and trails of Hopkinton. Catherine has been encouraged in her writing of poetry and fiction by her parents and her teacher Lorraine Logan. Recently one of her poems was accepted into The Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans which will be available in late August 2006. ~ Cheryl Photo ©2006 HopNews.com

NOTE: The horse is Lion Heart, the Florida State Pleasure Carriage Driving Champion who lives in Northbridge.

April 23, 2006 — State Representative Paul Loscocco extends a goodbye to Margaret Mighton after giver her a legislative recognition for the Friends of Whitehall during the memorial ceremony for her late husband, Karl, at the Lake Whitehall Dam on Saturday.

Cast away

April  23, 2006 — These young men chose a bass boat as their method of transportation. Shiners are likely their bait. Near  Lake Whitehall Dam today.

Spin the mood

April 22, 2006 — A couple, unidentified at this time, dances to the band Tailspin playing a Glenn Miller song, In The Mood, at the Policemen's Ball on SaturdayThe woman twirls her hair and skirt, an advantage she will always have over her partner.

Bridging time and space


Above, Freeman Alfano,6½, demonstrating the interactive technology created by the artist, by touching the modern girl and the historical Holocaust victims at the same time. His father created the sculpture.


April 23, 2006 — Hopkinton sculptor Michael Alfano opened his home today to preview the clay figures for a sculpture he created for Children’s Holocaust Monument, which he is now completing for the Temple Emanuel in Great Neck, New York.

      Mr. Alfano says that the characters for his sculpture were inspired by a photo (Excerpt of photo on left) in The Auschwitz Book, which portrays children and others who have recently disembarked a "cattle car" railroad train, that transported those victims of the Nazis to their ultimate demise, which Mr. Alfano believes happened within hours.

       He has modeled his figures after three of the victims, two boys and a girl. One of the boys uses a cane both in the photo and in the sculpture.

        Mr. Alfano spoke of the terrified look in the eyes and on the faces of the boys in the photo.

       "This is not movie horror they show. It is not dramatic, but subtle and real," he said today.

      In the sculpture, the victims look toward a girl who resides in modern times, and faces them reaching her left hand toward them. In the other hand she raises a candle, according to Mr. Alfano, that "...alludes to ner tamid, the eternal flame that represents God's presence and love for his people.

     "A child can stand between the modern day and historical figures to join hands with both. This kinesthetic experience helps the child identify with the tragedy and envision themselves as key to remembering, to ensuring a future that prevents recurrence."

Policemen's Ball

April 22, 2006 — Michele Piane Lenk and her husband Greg Cook joined other couples on the dance floor of the Portuguese Club in Milford this evening, digging the sounds of the band Tailspin at the Annual Hopkinton Police Association Dinner Dance, commonly referred to as the Policemen's Ball.

Karl Mighton memorial celebration


Above, piper Amy McGlothlin playing pipes today on the Whitehall Dam



April 22, 2006 — The life of the late Karl Mighton was celebrated today at the Lake Whitehall Dam by his widow Margaret and dozens of friends, neighbors and relatives, as they remembered him, spoke of his spirit, and dedicated a granite bench in his memory.

    Mr. Mighton, a longtime Woodville resident, was a founder of the Friends of Whitehall, a group dedicated to preserving the character of Woodville and opposing development in the Woodville area of the lake. He was active in saving the Woodville Dam Gatehouse from destruction. The group also hosted a lake cleanup on this day.

    His passing at the height of the debate over the proposed development in Woodville was untimely at 62 years old.

    To see clips from the celebration, choose this VIDEO link.

April 22, 2006 These children were among the families attending the Karl Mighton dedication today, throwing flower petals into the overflow pond of Lake Whitehall Dam.

Field of dreams

April 22, 2006 — Like flowers in a field, these political signs touting Republican newcomers and incumbents sprouted on West Main Street today.

Lake Whitehall Clean Up Day

April 22, 2006 — Residents gathered from around Hopkinton to volunteer for the annual clean up of Lake Whitehall, meeting at the boat ramp on Wood Street. Above from left, Gail Clifford, Matt Zettek, David Goldman and Ken Johnson. The event is organized by the Friends of Whitehall.

They're off!

April 22, 2006 — Board of Appeals Chairman Wayne Davies makes his choice for Selectman very clear at the corner of Main and Cedar Streets this morning, having the distinction of being the first out of the gate, in this election race, to carry signs, and for the first person to display them. Mr. Davies is a Republican supporting Mr. Shepard, a former Republican, now listed as an unenrolled voter.

Recycled grain

April 22, 2006 — Sam is doing his Earth Day participation at Lake Whitehall today by recycling a sweet pastry while getting a ride from Dad, Peter LaGoy.

Hiller 9  rally


by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton Baseball Program took a major boost when it came from behind to upset the Boys from D1 St. Johns Prep (Danvers) 11-7 on Friday. After trailing by five the Hillers railed to tie the game and then went on to score four in the seventh. Programmed by a big sacrifice fly by senior Conor Berry. Steve Knox also chipped in with a big hit and pitched outstanding. The Hillers faced Michigan bound lefty DeCarlo after he retired the first twelve batters the Hopkinton Hitters managed to pick up and pull of the big upset. The Hillers are 4-1 overall and will host the Holliston Panthers on Monday at 3:30 at the Hiller Athletic field. It was a big win for the Stickney nine as Hopkinton beat the Prep for the first time in School History. Good job Guys!!


Hopkinton Veterans Honored

Above from left, Ralph Edwards, Joe Martin, Paul Cyr, Mike Whalen, Charles Zettek.

April 21, 2006 — Five veterans were honored for their service before the start of Monday's BAA Marathon.


Over a week and a half of POLICE NEWS

8:36 am A Wood Street resident reported a domestic rabbit that was very friendly and appeared to be lost...


9:20 pm A caller on Priscilla Road called to report that his deck was on fire...


12:05 pm A resident on Pheasant Lane reported toilet paper in their trees...

No bullying allowed

April 20, 2006 — Hopkinton resident, performer Cheryl Melody, brought her distinctive message of tolerance to the Hopkinton Public Library today, teaching children with rhyme and verse about conflict resolution and bully-free environments. 

     Autism has its causes

My fourth child stopped developing and started to regress after his 22nd shot ~ Janet Sheehan



by Janet Sheehan

April 20, 2006 —I recently visited Washington, D.C. to participate in a rally called the "Mercury Generation March".  We are a large group of parents who have children with autism, and also with mercury poisoning.  The autism epidemic begin in the early 90's with the tripling of the vaccination schedule, and the addition of the Hepatitis B shot given within just a few hours of birth.  The current rate is 1 in 166 children developing autism, and that number is as high as 1 in 98 in other states.  Some parents began to look into symptoms their children were experiencing, and realized they were identical to mercury poisoning.  The American Academy of Pediatrics responded to this by recommending that the mercury preservative, called "Thimerosal" be removed from most of the shots, however pediatricians had the option of using up their existing stockpiles.  

    The American Journal of Physicians and Surgeons reported last month that since the removal of most of the mercury from the immunization schedule, the rate of autism and other neurological disorders has decreased by 35%.  The CDC claims that currently 1 in 6 children have some kind of developmental delay.  The CDC also is maintaining that the injected mercury was safe, and that autism is a genetic disorder, even though they have unsuccessfully spent billions trying to locate the responsible gene.  Many other scientists and researchers have determined that these children are deficient in an enzyme that regulates heavy metals and they were not able to excrete the mercury, and as the levels built up in their bodies they became poisoned.  FULL STORY    Video

Car meet moved

A group of auto enthusiasts who had planned to meet at Hopkinton State Park, had to reschedule it for Sunday, April 23rd at Cochituate State Park in Framingham, MA (same time...11am-4pm). This is going to be a casual event where people from all car forums come together to enjoy an afternoon talking about each other's cars and what we've done; and also a nice day to BBQ and relax.

Mass Turnpike Authority Board to hold court in Hopkinton Saturday


     Mary Z. Connaughton, Director of the Mass Turnpike Authority Board will be in the Reference Room of the Public Library from 10:00 to 11:30 on Saturday. 

     Mrs. Connaughton, a resident of Framingham, was appointed to the board of the Mass. Turnpike Authority by the Governor last September to the seat that must be filled by a resident of one of the towns that abuts the Turnpike between Routes 128 & 495 . 

     There will be informal office hours (no presentation, just opening a dialogue) to hear what local resident have to say regarding concerns about the Mass Turnpike, tolls, governance, maintenance.

St. Paul’s Spring Rummage Sale April 29



Looking for some great deals on clothing, toys, and other miscellaneous items?  Then come to St. Paul’s Spring Rummage Sale on Saturday, April 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  You’re sure to find some great bargains on adult and children’s apparel and accessories, books, and other items for your household!

 Anyone wishing to donate items to the Rummage Sale is welcome to drop off items (with the exception of computers, TVs or air conditioners) at the church between 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, April 28.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 61 Wood Street (Rte. 135) in Hopkinton.  The mission of the church is to minister unconditionally to all in the name of Christ through shared worship, teaching, healing, and service.  For more information or to donate any items call 508-435-4536 or visit St. Paul’s website at www.stpaulhopkinton.org  ~ St. Paul's

  From the Radical Middle  

Job openings in Westboro

Work is in the eyes of the beholder...


by Robert Falcione

April 20, 2006 — Television and print media have reported the successes of the ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers in cracking down on illegal immigrants in the last 24 hours, arresting people from all over the country who were working for IFCO Systems,  a German firm that has a branch in Westborough.

    According to news sources, the arrests were in the hundreds nationwide, and in Westborough, 20 workers were supposedly taken into custody, along with a member of management, who allegedly knew he was violating laws against such hiring practices.

    IFCO Systems is a maker and recycler of shipping pallets. A shipping pallet is like a moveable floor. Made of wood, they accommodate the stacking of boxes or goods for transport and storage, similar to the way a person would do so on a stationary floor. However, if a person stacks things on a pallet instead of a floor, the goods may then be moved easily whenever their owner deemed necessary, or just for no reason whatsoever.

      The top part of a pallet is made of wooden slats, similar to a floor, but with substantial gaps between each slat, and with much cheaper wood than a floor. It also has supporting sides, a sort of exoskeleton, and a bottom made of more slats that are even farther apart than the ones on top. The bottom is engineered to keep the whole thing from simply spreading apart.

      Using a forklift truck, the driver of which would be a higher pay grade than the operator of the table saw cutting the portable flooring, would be the most common method to place the pallets onto shelves, or to move them quickly from one place to another. It would be pertinent to note that the forklift driver is likely a relative of someone important in the company. After all, who wouldn't want a cozy job driving all day instead of cutting wood or banging nails, or taking splinters out of the flesh of people cutting wood or banging nails? There will be a bounty of jobs available to Hopkinton residents, now that those job-stealers have been placed under arrest.

    Residents will undoubtedly jump at the chance to fill those positions that had been unjustly robbed from them by people trying to make it big on the backs of otherwise hard working American patriots, as if a 12 hour work day at below minimum wage is some sort of entitlement.

    And of course, after working the 12 hour day, those illegals undoubtedly went to their next job, without showering, serving food at some Framingham eatery, taking yet another job that should have been available for local Americans, who might show up for work if they're not too hung over or otherwise busy. What about the weekend?

    As if 16 or 17 hours of employment per day snatched from the dreams of the hard working families of this great nation weren't enough, those people probably had the brass to work on the weekends, too, doing auto body work or landscaping, again at below minimum wage, robbing some earnest American of his or her right to show up for work whenever the mood fits them, or when their parents run out of money, and whose only qualification is a basic knowledge of the English language.

     Hopefully, Chinese restaurants will be the next target. Perhaps then we can get some Americans placed in strategic positions in those establishments so we can finally get a cup of java with our egg fu yung.

      Whenever they feel like showing up for work, that is.


Friends of the Library annual book/plant sale

June 3, 2006  


Hopkinton Public Library Showcases Full Range of Services


by Tracy Favre

April 2 – 8 was National Library Week and Hopkinton Public Library celebrated by inviting the public to attend a week-longopen house.  Library staff worked hard to make the event special, with prizes, contests, give-aways and refreshments available to all who braved the rainy Spring weather to visit.


“We had a wonderful time meeting with patrons,” said Library Director Rownak Hussain.  “Everyone was supportive and enthusiastic, and I think they left the library with a new appreciation of all that the library offers.”


During various days during the week, community and business groups, seniors, Town government, educators and safety workers all were honored with special interests materials and customized displays prominently featured in front of the main circulation desk.


“We had a good turn-out for our open house.  I think people left with a new perception of our services.  Most of our patrons only think of the library for books or videos/DVD’s.  Yes, the library has books and DVD’s.  But we also have large print books, audio books and computer and Internet services. We also have a pretty full calendar of art programs and special events throughout the year,” said Assistant Librarian, Kathleen Keenan.  FULL STORY/PICS

Grab the horns by the bull...

April 20, 2006 — Another photo from Paul Dietz's collection; a man with a fringed tee shirt and varnished bull horns made himself noticeable as a bandit near the rear of the pack on Marathon Day.


Saturday May 6, 2006

10:00 am - 2:00 pm


MetroWest YMCA in Hopkinton will be holding Day Camp Tours on Saturday May 6, 2006 from 10:00am until 2:00pm.  For more information people may call the YMCA at 508-435--9345.



Click on the icon to visit the YMCA website, or click here to read the Day Camp Brochure.


“A Day in Hopkinton” Hopkinton Women’s Club

Photography Contest

Deadline for entries is April 30, 2006 

The Hopkinton Women’s Club is sponsoring a town wide contest.  We are looking for a creative photo for the cover of the Hopkinton 2007 Community Register and Telephone Directory.  If you are an aspiring photographer or even an accomplished one, please enter our contest.


Submissions must meet the following criteria:


       1.    “A Day in Hopkinton” Theme

       2.    Black and white or color photo 5x8  (may be larger with same proportions)

       3.    Must be vertical in orientation


Traditional or digital photos are acceptable and they can be realistic or artfully enhanced.  If you are submitting a computer created photo, you will also need to submit a print for judging purposes.  The winning photo will not be returned.


There will be an award of $50 for photo that is chosen for the 2007 Phone Directory.  The Hopkinton Women’s Club members will select the winning photo at their May meeting.


Deadline for entries is April 30, 2006.


Entry forms are available at the Hopkinton Library, the High School Art Department, Hopkinton Women’ s Club web site (www.hopkintonwc.com), or by e-mailing Kathy Yankee at ryankee@comcast.net.  Any questions please call Kathy Yankee at 508-435-6471 or Pam McPherson at 508-435-3596.  Good luck!!

~ Hopkinton Women's Club



There are two options..  The first is to go to the Cultural Arts Alliance Website and click on the tickets link.  You can purchase them by credit card on line, and choose your own seat!  Please be aware there is a $1.75 per ticket fee.


The second option is to email the caa at info@caahopkinton.org with the night and number of tickets you are looking for.  Then, drop a check in the mail to CAA, 98 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748.   You may also call them at 508 435-9222.


General Admission price is $15 per ticket.  We are expecting a sell out this year so get your tickets now!


The dates are Friday May 5th 8pm,  Saturday May 6th at 8pm, Sunday May 7th at 2pm  and Saturday May 13th at 2pm and 8pm. 


See you there!!


Hopkinton Public Library To Host Children’s Concert Thursday April 20, 1:30 pm


On Thursday, April 20, at 1:30 PM, the Hopkinton Public Library and the Friends of the Library   will host an innovative children’s concert entitled “Peace Begins With Me – We’re Bully Free!” by Performing Arts Educator, Cheryl Melody.  This lively concert will feature interactive storytelling and original music and is designed to encourage, inspire and empower children to live with respect for others.  Suitable for children Pre-school through Grade 5, the concert is a fun way for children to learn about non-violent conflict resolution and bully-free environments, all while having a great time singing and laughing.


The concert will be held in the Main Reference Room of the Library and will last approximately one hour.  Come join the festivities and help children learn some valuable life lessons.


Other Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendars for Hopkinton Public Library’s upcoming Wildflower Presentation, May 31.  Watch here for details coming soon.




Library Trustee Position Open



The Trustees of the Hopkinton Public Library, are seeking candidates to fill an open Trustee position. The Trustees are a seven member board that are responsible for running of the Library building. Interested candidates should submit their resume to the Trustees c/o of the Hopkinton Public Library, 13 Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01748

April 19, 2006 — This telephone pole was broken in two by this Toyota that got severely damaged upon hitting it, on Front Street this afternoon. The wires were nearly touching the ground and the high voltage wires were low enough to reach. The driver and passenger refused transport to a hospital.

Fire Chief for a Day


     Madison Abbott, a first grader at Center School had the winning bid for the Fire Chief for a Day at the HPTA Silent Auction. On April 12th, Madison and her family spent 2 hours with Chief Daugherty and Fire Fighter Jurasek learning all the works of the fire station.

     The day was capped off with a ride around town in one of the fire trucks. Madison received a Fire Department certificate honoring her "Chief for the Day.'' The family had such a great educational experience Madison's younger brother is looking forward to being a fireman. Contributed photo.

April 19, 2006 — Dining out on Pond Street.

Meet The Candidates Night


     The Hopkinton Women’s Club presents the 19th Annual Meet The Candidates Night on Wednesday, April 26th from 7p.m. – 9 p.m. at HCAM-TV Studio – 77 Main Street – Lower Level. 

     The public is invited to meet the candidates for the upcoming town election.  Following their presentations, the candidates will be available for questions from the audience.  The forum will be broadcast by HCAM-TV.

File photo.

Override discussion can get ugly

Dear Editor,

       Honestly, I am sick and tired of all the override information being thrown at us.  We get it in backpacks, emails, and just about every where you turn these days.  People can get downright ugly if you don’t agree with them, no matter which side they are on.  It gets to the point where you go to a social gathering and hope no one brings up the override. 

     So are we averaging an override every 2 years now here in Hopkinton?  We are all concerned about class size and keeping the wonderful teachers we have here in town but doesn’t the root of our problem lie in the number of new homes and new families that have moved to Hopkinton in the past 8-10 years?  SEE FULL LETTER


Endorsement for Mary Pratt and Mike Shepard

Dear Editor,

The town has some easy decisions to make on May 15, 2006. Do we want to move forward in a more positive direction? Do we want to have a say in major decisions facing the town? Do we want a more open government that puts our best interests at heart instead of the interests of a few? Do we want Hopkinton to maintain its appeal?

I do and that’s why I’m voting for Mary Pratt and Mike Shepard for Selectmen. Mary Pratt and Mike Shepard are trustworthy, dedicated and loyal citizens of Hopkinton. SEE FULL LETTER

It all started here

To see an album of photos from HopNews, choose this.

NOTE: Due to the large number of photos and thumbs, the album may take a couple of minutes to load.

April 19, 2006 Paul Dietz shares one of his great photos of Monday's race with HopNews readers. It appears that this was taken from near the one-mile mark. Notice the two Americans.

To see an album of photos from HopNews, choose this.

"The flame that burns twice as bright, burns half as long."  ~ Unknown

April 18, 2006 — These magnolia blossoms are yearning to open fully as they seek the sun at the intersection of Frankland Road and East Main Street on Weston Nurseries property. They no sooner open fully, it seems, when they begin to fall. But the short time that the petals remain on the branch is counterbalanced by their unmatched beauty.


April 18, 2006 — Matthew Morrison, 3½, and his sister Genevieve, 15 months, enjoy the mom-power provided by Maryann as she nears the top of the Grove Street hill.

Could it bee springtime?

April 18, 2006 — Not many of this bumblebee's brethren were out working today, but perhaps it is because the flowers of this PJM Rhododendron are blooming earlier than their adjacent counterparts.  The PJM Rhododendron, a rhody/azalea cross, was hybridized at Weston Nurseries by the late Ed Mezitt who so named it for his father, Peter J. Mezitt. It is at the corner of Frankland Road and East Main Street.

     Choose the left icon below to view a get together celebrating Greek involvement in the Marathon, and in particular, Stylianos Kyriakides, who won the 1946 Boston Marathon, and for whom a bronze sculpture has recently been dedicated. Former Governor Michael Dukakis has some great stories in this clip.

     The right icon leads to a perspective of Hopkinton leading up to the marathon and race day, along with the starts of all of the races and some interesting characters.


Is the video failing to play entirely? Please email us Email and let us know who your service provider is (For example, Verizon, Comcast. AOL). Thanks.

Celebrating Greek Marathon involvement

Above, former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, left, Chris Papadallis of Ashland, and Dimtitri Kyriakides of Greece.


April 17, 2006 — Former Governor Michael Dukakis and his wife Kitty were at Caffé Italiano in Hopkinton this morning for a breakfast that highlighted Greek connection to marathons, and in particular, the participation of Greek Stylianos Kyriakides, who won the 1946 Boston Marathon and brought the plight of his war ravaged country to the consciousness of the American people.

Men's start


The men's race began without event today. Winner Robert Cheruiyot cannot be seen in this shot of the start. Mr. Cheruiyot broke the course record by one second.

Women's start

April 17, 2006 — Women's winner,  Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, can be seen here at the start in Hopkinton wearing bib #5.

April 17, 2006 — The Wheelchair Division was won by Ernst Van Dyk of South Africa. He can be seen here at the start of the race wearing the red helmet. He went on to Boston to win his sixth Boston in a row.


Above, Men's Division winner Robert Cheruiyot and and Women's Division winner Rita Jeptoo, warm up in Hopkinton immediately prior to their respective races.

Father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt on their way to Boston from Hopkinton for the 25th time..

Hair + color = Cool

April 16, 2006 — These Hopkinton teens mug for the camera by fawning over their friend's excellent hair in the downtown this evening.

Say, "It all Starts Here!"

April 16, 2006 — Officer Bill Burchard, on duty at the Hopkinton Common today, helps this tourist to get a photo of himself, as he and others did countless times today.

Closeup of suspect


April 16, 2006 — The suspect in yesterday's standoff on Route 495 has been identified as Pedro Rivera, 21, of 238 A 37th Street South, Brigantine New Jersey. In this photo taken from across the median, above, he is facing State Police who have stopped traffic on Route 495 South. They eventually did the same for northbound traffic as well.

Below, a Hopkinton Police cruiser is in front of this line of cruisers facing the suspect. Scroll further down for full story.


School is still in session for these fish

April 16, 2006 — These fish are not in an aquarium or some South Sea barrier reef, but just off the side of the road on Pond Street in Lake Whitehall. Their small size makes them likely victims of prey, so instead, they stay in this shallow, protected area near shore where really large fish cannot get to them. The fish were photographed from above the water without the use of filters.

I saw the sheriff...

April 16, 2006 — Sheriff Di Paolo sent his Motorcycle unit to help out in Hopkinton over the weekend. Several Deputies were on hand to direct traffic in the downtown area.

Respite Center given $148,000 from two sources

VIDEO of party

April 16, 2006 — Team Respite is in the foreground, however their leaders, Sharon Lisnow and Mary McQueeney are on the deck with Team EMC. EMC donated $110,000, matching the runners' pledges and adding their own donation. Natick Firefighters donated $38,000 toward the Respite Center. To see these events and music from yesterday's party, choose the video.

 Hopkinton Jr. Hillers are Champions !

 Defeat Middleboro Chiefs 3-2 in Nail-Biter for Title


Bridgewater – The Hopkinton Jr. Hillers, a team of 6th to 8th graders from Hopkinton, are the 2005-2006 Champions of their tier in the South East Mass Hockey (SEMHO) Jr. High league.   The Jr. Hillers defeated a tough Middleboro Chiefs (12-8-2) team 3-2 on Friday night to win the title and finish the season at 14-6-0.  The Jr. Hillers needed to come from behind to win their 13th game out of their last 15.   To earn the crown, they also had to beat an adversary that prevailed both times (6-4 & 5-2) in the only two previous meetings between the teams this season.   Middleboro was also the defending 2004-2005 Champion.


The Bridgewater Ice Arena was packed with Hopkinton fans, as at least 60 to 75 traveled to Bridgewater to attend this classic Championship Game. Hopkinton High School Varsity Hockey Head Coach Paul Hogan was on hand to show his support for the team and Hopkinton’s Jr. High program. The Hopkinton faithful were treated to the most exciting game in this young team’s 2 year history. FULL STORY, PICS.

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