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April 3, 2005 — The cast of  dozens of children performed Holy Moses today at the First Congregational Church on East Main Street, the second of two performances, for hundreds of family, friends, and churchgoers. The photo slides left to right, etc.

The bird is the word in Hopkinton

April 3, 2005 — The hawk with the red tail gives away his name as he glides over Lake Whitehall this afternoon. The wild turkey on the right was with a group that became camera shy at the first sight of the photographer today near the tracks by the Fruit Street railroad bridge.

Over the River

April 3, 2005 — Called Mills Falls by some locals, this roaring dam/cascade is on the Sudbury River upstream from Aiken's Park, where we took a photo yesterday. The opposite shore is Hopkinton. The falls are accessible from the T train station in Southboro.


April 3, 2005 — The rains, the spring thaw, and the melting snow brought out all sorts of animals, including this critter, apparently a rodent, who found a piece of nearly dry land in the overflow at Hopkinton State Park today, and feasted on the sprouting greenery. What is it? Give us a call. 508-435-5534.

April 3, 2005 — Sandy Katz Beauregard is flanked by friends Sandra Charteris to her left and Teresa Boyce on her right at he HPTA Silent Auction on Saturday.

$6,264 collected for family

"This is what Hopkinton is about" ~ Tom Carver

April 2, 2005 — Single parent Melissa Cooper, Department of Public Works employee, caresses the face of her son, 12 year-old Justin Silva, as he accepts a representative check for $6,264, the amount raised through ticket and raffle sales, and outright donations, to help him and his mom with the burden of his illness. Justin has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and is scheduled to begin radiation Monday.

      Some of the principals in the organizing of this evening's dinner/dance fundraiser at the Woodville Rod & Gun Club are onstage from left, Mary Carver, behind her partially hidden, Jean Scarlata, Jan Mackay, Justin, Melissa, Ken Swenson, Tom Carver. Totally hidden from view behind Justin is Frank Torento.

    According to Mr. Swenson, 25-30 people gave their time to the evening's success, 200 people attended and over 250 donated money. Cornell's, TJ's and Arena and Sons donated the food. 6 young people from St. John's Confirmation class as well as two of Mr. Swenson's children helped out also.

     "My son has been such an inspiration," Ms. Cooper said, in a voice filled with emotion. "I've learned not to take for granted my friends and family," she said.

     "This is what Hopkinton is about," said organizer and emcee of the evening Tom Carver.

     Those wishing to help further can contact Jean at the Water Department, Mary at the Fire Department or Heidi in the Accounting Office.

Road Trip 2005

April 2, 2005 — Rain didn't stop the throngs of people who turned out for HPTA's Annual Silent Auction this evening at the Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis. Silent Auctions took place at every table for such things as roof slates hand-painted (Photo below, right) by Center School students — which is where they came from — to the ever popular Red Sox tickets.

Below left looking at camera, Cheryl Lambert-Walsh of Project Just Because, one of dozens of volunteers, manning a table and helping a patron.

April 2, 2005 — More than one call came in for this car vs. tree on Cedar Street northbound shortly before 11:00 pm this evening. The male driver was examined in the ambulance but refused treatment and hitched a ride with the tow truck.

Ocean bound

April 2, 2005 — Rain is in the immediate forecast and flooding is predicted the early part of the week as rivers will crest from heavy rains and melting snow. Above, the Sudbury River in Hopkinton at Aiken's Park rages under the keystone arch bridge, which is a dry-laid bridge. This part of the river has actually gone dry some summers.

Likes HopNews coverage and Fin Perry's professionalism


While I agree with most of what was written by your correspondent, Mr. Zagars, I believe he omitted some important facts. To read full letter and more,  SEE LETTERS.

 HYSA is looking for its equipment! If you have any equipment, keys, etc. belonging to HYSA that you are no longer using, please call the office at 435-5523 to have it picked up.


Friday, April 1, 2005

Abuse Prevention Violation

2:56 pm Detective Patrick O'Brien arrested John C. Depietri, 41, 8 Darlene Drive, Southboro for Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order, which occurred on Appaloosa Circle. He is being held without bail at the Hopkinton Police Station until a Monday hearing.

Alcohol related charges  and more

2:19 pm Officer Philip Powers caught up with a driver on Hayden Rowe Street who was being followed by a cell phone caller who reported a driver driving into the wrong lane. Rebecca Hutchinson, 44, 1 Reed Avenue, Westboro, was charged by Officer Powers with Marked Lanes Violation, OUI Liquor, Second Offense, Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Drinking Alcohol from an Open Container.

April Madness

April 1, 2005 — Students and staff of the Hopkinton Middle School and the Hopkins School entertained a full house at the Brown Gymnasium this evening to benefit Special Olympics.

HOPE hosts town officials - hammers away at ideas

Activist group wants active role in Weston Nursery sale


By Dustin Zagars

April 1, 2005 —

The organization HOPE (Hopkintonians Organized to Preserve and Enhance) held a meeting last evening in the First Congregational Church to give citizens their first chance to talk with town government officials concerning the use of the Weston Nursery land that is up for sale. The governmental group studying the Weston Nurseries situation, the Land Use Study Committee, has met several times, but at 7:30am,  and members of HOPE have complained that it is too early a time for them and most other interested residents. That claim rings true, as usually no more than two residents show up at the early meetings; but dozens attended this evening meeting.

      HOPE is a one hundred member group founded by Liisa Jackson that aims to work with the town government and developers to make sure whatever happens to the Nursery land is in keeping with the character of Hopkinton. READ FULL STORY


Extended to April 6, 2005


Click here for full details

One Jeep Cherokee just sold today! But another one becomes available:

1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. 4WD, 4.0L 6 cyl., Auto; AC, Power windows & locks; Roof rack, Alloy wheels w/new tires. 169K miles, but still runs great. See FREE ADS.

Arrest for Domestic Assault and battery

Profanities yelled at senior citizen

Woman dragged out of vehicle - false alarm

All this and more in Police News

Marie L. (Moynihan) Murphy, of Hopkinton and formerly of Somerville, died Monday, March 28, 2005.  She was the wife of the late William J. Murphy.  She leaves her children, Madonna L. Roux and her husband, Ron, of Hopkinton.

Marion T. Harris, 92, Former Hopkinton teacher. Softball and basketball Hall of Fame Coach. See Arrangements.


(Save a life)

Change your clock, change your battery

March 31, 2005 — This sign is hanging from the front of the Hopkinton Fire Station. Daylight Saving Time begins for most of the United States at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of April. Fire Chief Gary Daugherty believes that in addition to changing clocks, this is a good time to change the batteries in smoke detectors also. Although new homes and renovations must be upgraded to hard-wired electrical smoke detectors, many older homes still  have battery powered ones, and even some-hard wired ones have battery-powered features.

      A battery-powered smoke detector chirps when the batteries are getting low. A good rule to follow is to replace the battery immediately with a brand new one when it chirps. When the portable CD player needs a battery, don't take it out of the smoke detector. And test them once a month.

     We can't say it enough. In order to save lives, Change your clock, change your battery.

Holy Moses!

March 31, 2005 — The cast of Holy Moses, which is playing at the Congregational Church this weekend, had a rehearsal this evening. Please see Community Calendar for complete details.

Partially dressed rehearsal

March 31, 2005 — Most of the cast members of the Enter Stage Left production, Hooray for Hollywood, came to this evening's rehearsal with proper attire. The original play is to begin April 8 in the Hopkinton High School Auditorium. See HopNews' Community Calendar for full details.

CAA High School Honors Art Exhibit


From left seated: Sarah Garrett, Amber Offir, Danielle Corey, Tiffany Chen. Standing Danielle Campbell, Matt Lorenc.

High School Honors Art

March 31, 2005 — The CAA High School Honors Art Exhibit began this evening at the CAA building on Hayden Rowe Street. Students of Mr. Sterling Worrell and The students were chosen by Art Director Marian Strangfeld and Photography teacher Sterling Worrell for their advanced standing, level of commitment and quality of work. The exhibit continues through Sunday.

Left, "Clock" by Danielle Campbell.

Greyhound Friends having sale

     Greyhound Friends Inc., located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is a small non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the plight of racing greyhounds and finding loving and responsible homes for them.  Since its inception in 1983, Greyhound Friends has found homes for thousands of dogs.  Greyhound Friends is supported by people who have adopted greyhounds, other individuals interested in the work of the organization and foundations who contribute to animal welfare.

      The organization is having a sale in their doggie boutique at 167 Saddle Hill Road in Hopkinton this weekend, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saturday, April 2 and  Sunday, April 3, 2005.For more information call 508-435-5969.

     To see a dog who needs a home, please choose the picture or this link.

Charter Commission proposes 5 year wait for

Town Manager position

A former Selectman could not be Town Manager if having served

within a 5 year waiting period. ~Proposal


Photo by Muriel Kramer

by Muriel Kramer

March 31, 2005 — The Charter Commission, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and Ted Kozak, the Executive Administrator met last evening to begin discussing in detail the Charter as it begins to take its final shape.  Charter Commission Chairwoman Marie Eldridge emphasized for the audience that nothing is finalized, but the draft is starting to take shape and decisions are being made.

            “Nothing here is set in cement; anything can change, but we have started making decisions,” said Eldridge.

            The Charter Commission has a goal of June 1, 2005 to have a preliminary report submitted to the State Attorney General for review and to publish for review by the voters in town.  They intend to hold a Public Hearing on the Preliminary Report, as required by law, before school gets out for the summer at the end of June.  The final report will be prepared in the fall and will be on the ballot in May 2006.

            At last night’s meeting the Charter Commission members and the BOS discussed in detail the Commission’s work to date to include in the Charter a Town Manager position, a Finance Department and a Finance Director.  FULL STORY(REVISED)

Almost Real

March 30, 2005 — Police Officer Officer Timothy Brennan sits at the controls of an emergency vehicle simulator in a trailer brought to the grounds of the Hopkinton Police Department and administered by MIIA (Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Agency) to train emergency responders to look for warning signs while responding to emergencies.

     Driver Trainer David Bastien worked the controls of a simulated dispatch system and tested the responses and reaction times of the Officers.

      He also tested their ability to react on the fly by offering new information such as, "The suspect has a pistol," while the officer was simulating a response. 

      He also tested the participants' responses to having their attention divided by communicating at critical times during the test, such as when the driver is approaching congestion or vehicles going around other disabled vehicles.

     At one point, Officer Brennan lost a suspect fleeing in a stolen car because he followed the rules and guidelines while in pursuit, but the suspect did not. When he radioed that he was breaking off the pursuit, he was commended by the instructor David Bastien, who has been an emergency driving instructor for thirteen years.

    "It was a good decision to terminate the pursuit since you lost sight of the car.

    " Do we want to pursue in a school district? Absolutely not," he said, answering his own question.

    Mr. Bastien said that the new technology had its roots in professional flight simulators. 

Tea for You


Photo, above from left NHS Treasurer Erica Hendry, Jean McIntyre, Sadie Drapeau, NHS Vice-President Laurie Monahan. Rear, NHS President Andrew Chan and Secretary MJ Clark

Hopkinton High School Honor Society hosts "tea" for Hopkinton Senior Citizens

March 30, 2005 — The Hopkinton High School National Honor Society served up Hopkinton's Senior Citizens this afternoon with pastries, fruit and song in an annual event.

Photo, left, playing piano, Simon Tao, rear from left, Caitlyn Shea, Katie Frost, Mike Strickland.

And the walls...

March 30, 2005 — Peter LaJoie operates this H C Larter Company machine to drop this house on Grove Street to the ground in preparation for its removal. The property, owned by Colella's Supermarket, will be part of the new parking area for the expansion of the store.

    Colellas had offered the building to the town at  no charge, but the town could find no use for it.

Selectmen's Quarterly

NOTE: World Series Trophy to ride in Little League Parade

Treasurer/Collector Maureen Dwinnell, standing, draws a laugh from those present when she explained that the "Good news" she promised is that the taxes are coming out. Seated from left, Ron Clark, Mary Pratt and Chairman, Eric Sonnett.


by Muriel Kramer           

March 29, 2005 — Reporting to the Board of Selectmen for the Appropriations Committee, past Chairman Ron Eldridge, summed up the financial picture this way, “It’s basically a replay of what I’ve said in past years, everything is tight and getting tighter.”

            Eldridge explained that the incremental revenue increase each year barely covers the increase in contractual salary obligations.  According to Eldridge, the town realizes an increase of about 1.5 million more in revenue each year and that doesn’t come close to covering the annual increased costs of the operating budget.       

            There are three options:  reduce budgets, use stabilization fund monies and pursue a general override.  “All three are on the table this year,” says Eldridge.


Tsunami changed attitudes — but not travel plans

Son of Hopkinton family lends hand, reaches out

by Dustin Zagars

March 29, 2005 — The day after last Christmas Jack Welsh-Armer  heeded a call to service that rang throughout the world.

            The infamous tsunami left Southeast Asian countries so crippled that they could not handle the massive effort needed to rebuild their homelands without charity.  Currently visiting his mother, who lives in Hopkinton, this New Hampshire native was more than willing to take up this cause. 

            Welsh-Armer  is always looking for new adventures.  Last year he spent the summer commercial fishing in Alaska. And having saved up a chunk of money, he decided to spend the off-season traveling. 


Benefit for Justin Silva, Melissa Cooper's son almost sold out!

Woodville Rod & Gun, 252 Wood Street

April 2, 2005 7:00 pm Roast Beef, Live Band. $15.00/person

Tickets: See Mary in Water Dept., Mary in Fire Department, Heidi in Accounting.

Several arrests from Dangerous Weapon to Breaking and Entering

Fishing on unsafe ice

White powder, fireworks in mailboxes

All this and more in Police News

Maureen E. Cunningham, 74, died Saturday, March 26, 2005 at the Milford Regional Hospital. She was the wife of the late Almon “Sid” Cunningham who died in 1983. Arrangements now complete.

The Hopkinton DPW water and sewer division will be conducting Inflow and infiltration inspections on the sewer system in the Lake Maspenock area beginning this Thursday and lasting approximately one month. The Department of Environmental Protection requires these tests to be done between the hours of 12am and 6am. Savin Engineering will be performing the inspections one to two nights per week with minimal noise being generated.  The Police department has been notified of the work.  If you have questions please contact the water and sewer division @ 497-9765. Eric J. Carty Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager P 508-497-9765 F 508-497-9767. Hopkinton DPW P.O. Box 171 Hopkinton, MA 01748

Holy Moses!

A musical


First Congregational Church presents “Holy Moses!” on Saturday, April 2 at 7 pm and Sunday, April 3 at 3 pm. This musical, presented by the Kids’ Choir involves over 50 kids in Grade 2 – 8. The story of Moses is presented in song through lively choreographed numbers, clever lyrics, memorable music and accompanied by a live band. Admission is a donation of a canned or dried food item to assist local food pantries. A complimentary reception for the entire cast and audience follows each show.  A great family event.

Busy night for Planning Board

Above, John Thomas from Southboro Engineering group Beals and Thomas answers questions for the Planning Board during tonight's public hearing.  Seated, from left, Planning Board members Brian Herr and Sandy Altamura. Bottom red arrow points to Cedar Street Extension, larger arrow points to Wedgwood Drive (Added by HopNews).

March 28, 2005 — John Thomas presented a new conceptual plan that met sound opposition from some members of the Planning Board and from neighbors and abutters who came to the Public Hearing for Sudbury River Townhouse. Tonight's conceptual plan was for construction of 27 two bedroom units on 20 acres of land on land uphill from its 600' plus frontage on the Sudbury River on the northern side of Cedar Street Extension.

     The evening was filled with objections from some members of the board and neighbors and their representatives. A previous plan for fewer single family homes had been approved by the Planning Board, but was later withdrawn in the shadow of a certain defeat by the Conservation Commission.

   Tonight, Vice Chairman Jaime Goncalves said, "We are going to overload that section of town."

    Member Sandy Altamura said that the Sudbury River had gone dry before, and that was a concern of hers.

    Member Mark Abate said, "We're trying to fit a round peg in a square hole."

    When it appeared that a rejection was imminent, member Brian Herr suggested that the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission meet jointly to address the concerns each board had in order to come up with an acceptable plan.

    The board concurred unanimously and continued the hearing.

Finley Perry, left photo, Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee, came before the Planning Board this evening to update members on his group's effort on behalf of the town in light of the offering for sale of 615 acres of Weston Nurseries land now in the hands of the Mezitt family.

    He said that his group has stated two goals: To be sure that whatever develops there is revenue positive and that it improves the quality of life.

     One of the options his group his discussing is the possibility of the town purchasing the land for municipal and other purposes and selling the excess for development. His group also wants to "partner" with a developer to move toward a town-friendly use.

     He said that a purchase of the land would cost each taxpayer .27 per thousand on the tax roles, or $270 per household for the first ten million borrowed. If the land cost $40 million, that means another $1080 per year per household.

    Treasurer/Tax Collector Maureen Dwinnell has recently stated that the tax load would decrease each year, assuming a rise in values.

    Mr. Perry's Committee meets next in Town Hall at 7:30 am Wednesday, and he will meet at 7:00 pm Thursday for an informational meeting with HOPE (See Calendar) at the Congregational Church.

Hopkinton Once  Proposed Site for World’s Largest Airport

Grass-roots efforts enlisted politicians

Sparked NIMS attitude (Not In my State)


by Ron DiMichele 

March 28, 2005 —The prospective din of low-flying jumbo jets and ensuing blanket of aircraft exhaust threatened to become a reality for Hopkinton and the surrounding area in 1970, when an interagency report pushed for an East Hopkinton site for a second Boston metropolitan airport. Convinced that air transportation needs would soon outstrip Logan Airport’s capabilities, the interagency committee placed Hopkinton at the top of a short list of potential jetport candidates. Hopkinton citizens organized against the plan and fought to convince then Massachusetts Governor Francis W. Sargent and the state legislature to put the brakes on this MassPort initiative. Graphic below: Bluish area was the area of influence and land taking needed to build the airport and have industrial zones at the end of each runway.

     Any marathoner knows Hopkinton lies 26 miles, 365 yards east of downtown Boston. This cozy proximity to the Hub was a main selling point to interagency committee members. Hopkinton was conveniently close to Boston for travelers, but far enough away to avoid air traffic snafus with Logan. Just south of the Penn Central Railroad line and the Mass Pike, and east of Route 495, the proposed Hopkinton Jetport had easy access to major transportation links. Plymouth and the Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod were also under consideration as jetport sites, but distance from Boston detracted from the plausibility of these locations. READ FULL STORY

 Present from the past

New Soda Fountain at Hopkinton Drug?

March 28, 2005 — Image circa 1950 of Hopkinton Police Officer Harry McManus, brother of former Chief of Police, Ed McManus, posing on Main Street. The car is facing east, and Hopkinton Drug is in the background; its neon sign says "Sealtest Ice Cream." As part of the ongoing renovation plans, according to Contractor Dick Pockwinse, there is a proposal for an old time soda fountain inside the building. The building in the rear, left made way for what is now the Exxon station.

    In addition to the ongoing inside renovation, the outside (Proposed) will get an entire facelift with a new type of siding and new picture windows all around.

    According to Mr. Pockwinse, "Dennis (Dennis Katz, owner) wants to do his part in improving the look of the downtown."

Photo: Courtesy of Hopkinton family who we will divulge when the series, of which we plan many more,  is done. Judging from the familiar roof shape and blue-green color of a vehicle in the background (1954 Chevy?), this photo was not taken prior to 1953.

"The ATM is spitting out money uncontrollably" ~ Dispatch


March 27, 2005 — Yesterday at 4:30 pm the call came  over the scanner that the Bank of America ATM Machine was "...spitting out money uncontrollably." The closest HopNews news reporter was twenty minutes away, so we didn't get the story until today.

    "Actually," said Police Officer Aaron O'Neill, "a man came  to the station and reported that he got an extra $20 bill in his withdrawal. It wasn't the way it sounded."

8 Honor students arrested in house owned

by Police Department employee


7 young adults, 1 juvenile charged with B & E


March 27, 2005 — A routine call Friday night from an alert neighbor who noticed people where they shouldn't be led to the arrest of eight young people, who were charged with breaking and entering and alcohol related charges.

    According to Police Officer Matthew McNeil, the vacant home of Police Dispatcher Kyle Reilly on Leonard Street was entered illegally by 8 young people from the area, none from Hopkinton. Some of the young people who knew Mr. Reilly's younger brother knew that the family had moved to Westboro, leaving the house vacant.

     Officer McNeil said that the students, who were from Milford and Franklin, were honors students whose parents were shocked at their behavior. Breaking and Entering is a felony.

     "Going into a place, whether or not something is broken, is called Breaking and Entering," Officer McNeil said.

     NOTE: As policy, HopNews reports incidents, but does not identify people under the age of 18 who get arrested. HopNews policy also states that people placed into Protective Custody, although also reported, remain unnamed.


March 27, 2005 — No, this is not a tightrope act, but Everett Bradford in midair jumping off of the retaining wall and into the overflow at Hopkinton State Park today. He was practicing athletics with fellow outdoor enthusiast Bryan Benson (Not shown). The park grounds, which has been the nearly exclusive domain of dog owners and their dogs since the first snowfall, also played host to families and others today as temperatures neared 50F.


March 27, 2005 — This mallard couple has returned to Lake Whitehall and enjoys their own private water and shore for the time being.

Does not favor Whitehall condos


In regards the proposed condominium project on Whitehall.  This has been brought to my attention just within the past two days. I find it difficult to understand the thinking of anyone planning such an undertaking. Having looked at the sketches of the proposed buildings, it is obvious the builder has no recognition of fine New England architecture and certainly not anything suitable for such a location.


Friends of Whitehall have reported they now have 1,210 signatures of people opposing a proposed development by Ron Nation in Woodville and are continuing to gather more.
Hopkinton - Maureen E. Cunningham, 74, died Saturday, March 26, 2005 at the Milford Regional Hospital.
Arrangements, under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home, 57 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton, are incomplete at this time.

Milford Hospital employee arrested for Larceny of Medical Equipment from Hospital.


(Milford, MA.) PRESS RELEASE On Friday March 25, 2005 at approximately 3:37 p.m. Jose Cruz age 28 of 44 Intervale Road in Cranston, Rhode Island was arrested on a warrant issued from the Milford District Court for Larceny Charges involving the alleged theft of high tech medical equipment from the Milford Hospital.  The suspect was placed under arrest by Patrol Officer Paul Moffi after he was stopped on Main Street at Green Street shortly after he left work from the Milford Hospital.

      Milford Police Detectives began an investigation approximately one week ago after Hospital Officials notified police of the missing equipment that was posted for sale on the internet.  As a result of the investigation Milford Police Detective Dustin Testa obtained an arrest warrant from the Milford District Court for the suspect, recovered some of the stolen property and arrested the suspect.  The stolen equipment included 3 Karl Storz Image 1 Camera Heads which are high tech instruments used in endoscopic surgery that retail at approximately $14,000.00 each.  One such camera was learned to have been for sale over the internet using Ebay for $1800.00 and was purchased by someone in Tequesta Florida and another camera and scope was recovered by Detective Dustin Testa.

       The suspect was booked and released on personal recognizance and will be arraigned in Milford District Court on Monday March 28, 2005 for larceny charges.

     Don't take the Wood

out of Woodville


March 26, 2005 — Having received information that a history of Woodville is being compiled by the Friends of Whitehall, I would like to offer my services.
    My name is Brandon Wood Caswell, born in Woodville, May 5, 1920, and lived at 33 Wood Street until I got married in 1938 and moved away. As evidenced by my middle name, I am a member of the Wood family and a direct descendant of one of the men that founded and settled in Woodville. To my knowledge, I am the only living direct descendant.
     I have the original Wood Genealogy which gives an accurate description of the beginning of the village by the two brothers John and Jeremiah Wood from England in the 1600's. If I am figuring it correctly, I am an eighth generation descendant of Captain John Wood.

     My father was Milton Wood Caswell, an artist. Two of his paintings are displayed on a wall of the Woodville Rod and Gun Club. Of course I have many of his paintings including a beautiful painting of the pine grove next to the gate house up at Whitehall. (A favorite place for us when we were teenagers!). Note: Photo of painting by Milton Wood Caswell.
     In the past I have heard various stories about Woodville, most of which were erroneous. I'm afraid there are well-meaning individuals who really don't have the facts but nevertheless are trying to provide information about the village. Certainly I can talk about my years growing up there and listening to my family talk about the Wood family, etc., and of course, the account in the Wood Genealogy is accurate. I would be honored to provide whatever help you may need. Just give me a call or e-mail. My cell phone is 863-255-2193. My address: 2425 Harden Boulevard #136, Lakeland, FL 33803. Brandon Caswell

Thanks to Gail Clifford for sharing this letter from Mr. Caswell (With permission).

Dinosaur Rock sparks imagination

by Keith Rowe

March 25, 2005 — Local folklore says that these impressions in the granite ledge along Pond Street are footprints from a dinosaur, thus it's nick-name, Dinosaur Rock.   About 1/3 of a mile up Pond Street from West Elm, just past the entrance to the Town Forest Trails, stands this steeply inclined rock.

       Although the true cause of these indentations is speculative, children interested in dinosaurs may find it fun to "walk in a dinosaur's footprints" while the family enjoys a stroll around the 84+ acres of the town forest.  Incidentally, this section of Pond Street is also known as Tunnel Road by locals who equate driving down this tree covered, canyon-like road, to going through a tunnel.

      A note of caution though, for those who decide walk along Dinosaur Rock: the bottom of the rock meets Pond street; watch for cars! Photo by Keith Rowe.


Bring to Photographic Images, 24 Main Street — NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

March 25, 2005 — When Middle School Teacher Craig Hay returned from vacation, he was disappointed to find his personal alto horn missing from its case in the music storage closet. This rare find instrument has been stolen or misplaced by whomever took it from its place without authority.

    Whoever did that is encouraged to mend their ways and return it now. It may be brought to Photographic Images, 24 Main Street in Hopkinton and left with no questions asked. Please wrap it nicely to avoid damage and lean it flatly and against the door. If you can, give us a call at 508-435-5534 or email to let us know you have done so.

     The Police Department and the victim have agreed to this.

     Please return the horn; and then do good deeds.

Woodville Baptist Church


Easter Sunday   March 27th, 10:30 am

Easter Sunrise Service - March 27th, 7:00 am 

With Community Covenant Church, we invite you to join us at the head of Lake White Hall on Pond Street for our Sunrise Service. Breakfast following the service at Woodville Baptist Church. All are welcome to attend! ~Woodville Baptist Church


One arrest for assault with dangerous weapon — victim cut and bleeding

Man reports kidnap attempt — can't be found

Man peels out of driveway after visitation

All this and more in Police News


Photo, left, firefighter brings materials to contain and sop up a truck diesel spill  on Weston Nurseries property. Inset, above, truck driver speaking with Fire Lt. Bob Bartlett. Inset, below, Fire Chief Gary Daugherty checking his assets and setting up a command post.

Drivers use both sides of road


Rita's letter on people who drive on both sides of the a narrow road is "spot on". I travel on Pond , School and Winter St. very often and this sort of thing happens all the time. SEE LETTERS

Land Use Study Committee makes first move

Plans an RFI for Weston Nurseries land

(Request for Interest)

by Robert Falcione

March 24, 2005 —The Land Use Study Committee, formed in light of the offering for sale of 615 acres of Weston Nurseries land owned by the Mezitt family, met at their favorite 7:30 am time today and took a step toward formulating a plan.

     The group played host to two conservation groups, Brandon Kibbe from the Sudbury Valley Trustees and Christopher Rodstrom, from The Trustees of the Reservations. The groups help others to acquire CR's (Conservation Restrictions) and funding for open space type of parcels.

     Mr. Rodstrom said his group owns 26,000 acres on 95 different properties and 236 CR's on 15,000 acres. Mr. Kibbe said that the Sudbury Valley Trustees own 2,700 acres.

     The Committee's newest members, Lisa Jackson and Mavis O'Leary, came armed with the results of their research after being appointed to the committee by the Selectmen last week. Ms. Jackson also tape recorded the meeting for later broadcast on HCAM-TV.

    Chairman Finley Perry, in answer to a reporter's question, insisted to other members that the committee must communicate openly.

     "People have to trust the process," he said.

     Member Andrew Branz, who is also Vice-Chair of the School Committee said, "It's good to know what people want."

    The committee voted to send out an RFI (Request for Interest) to see what developers might be interested in that type of property and how the town, the conservation groups and interested parties may formulate a plan.

     "Single family homes would be the worst scenario," said one member, alluding to the number of children traditionally occupying new homes and the burden it would place on the school system.


Unconditional Surrender

Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust drops appeal of Harvey Decision

"We will continue our opposition in other forums." ~ John Craycroft, CSCT


by Robert Falcione

March 24, 2005 — The Cedar Swamp Conservation Trust (CSCT), a conservation group opposed to the expansion into Hopkinton of E.L. Harvey's business of recycling, has dropped its lawsuit appealing the Decision by the Board of Appeals granting six of seven Special Permits which E.L. Harvey had applied for. The Harvey's filed suit first, followed by the CSCT the next day. Those stories are here. HopNews reported exclusively on this impending development two weeks ago.

     A press release today from Wayne Davies (Photo, right), Chairman of the Board of Appeals, makes it clear that this action by the CSCT is not as a result of any negotiations between them and the Board.

    "The execution of a Stipulation of Dismissal was not negotiated as the result of settlement or concessions granted by the Board," reads the statement in part.

      He further states, "The Board believes that its Decision was fair, balanced, and the result of reasoned judgment.  The Board of Appeals continues its discussions with E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc. with respect to other issues currently pending under separate appeal." The entire letter from Mr. Davies can be read here. The actual court document can be read here.

    Mr. Davies refused to comment on the remaining suit by EL Harvey and Sons saying, "I am not at liberty to discuss ongoing litigation matters."

     E.L. Harvey Treasurer, Jim Harvey (Photo, above left), said in a telephone interview, "They didn't have a case to begin with.

     "It was a frivolous lawsuit that they had thrown at us. They thought they'd make us spend money; but when push came to shove, and they found out they had to spend money, they folded up their tents and went into the night. FULL STORY.

Hopkinton climber mending 19 broken bones

Falls seventy feet

"...his left boot lost its footing and he began the fall that would drastically change his life."

by Dustin Zagars

March 24, 2005 — Most people encountering a wall of ice 300’ high would never even consider climbing it.  But Hopkinton’s forty-three year-old Dennis Maher isn’t like most people.

            For the past eleven years, this Gillette Company engineer and one time Rock Climbing Program Director of the Boston Chapter for the Appalachian Mountain Club, has been conquering peaks all over the western hemisphere.

            “I’ve been as high as 21,000 feet in South America,” Dennis recalls. He has also climbed in Canada, the Rocky Mountains, and even Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which can be seen in the film Close Encounter’s of the Third Kind.

            “I even met my wife climbing,” he said.

            Dennis and Cindy Maher got engaged at 11,500 feet on Mount Rainier, and were married at the peak of Mount Cannon.

Climbing has been much more than a hobby for Dennis, but on January 16, 2005, it took on a much more serious role.  While scaling a two hundred fifty foot, grade four, five being most difficult, ice wall at Lake Willoughby in Vermont, photo, tragedy struck.  Dennis Maher fell a total of seventy feet, hitting the ice all the way down, breaking a total of nineteen bones.  READ FULL STORY AND PICS.

The next Women's Club Meeting on April 11, 9:30 am will feature Scott Richardson,  Chairman of the Downtown Revitalization  Committee. See HopNews new Community Event Calendar for further details.

Stanley Such, 69, of Framingham, died Sunday, March 20, 2005, at Oak Knoll Healthcare Center, Framingham, following a period of declining health. SEE ARRANGEMENTS.

MILE 1 Celebration with the Hoyts


March 23, 2005 — Marathon wheelchair favorites, Dick and Rick Hoyt (Above), always get a cheer from the crowd at the start of the Boston Marathon as soon as they hit the pavement. But this year, Hopkintonians and other fans will be able to get more than a fleeting glimpse of this father and son racing team. 

      The Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) in collaboration with the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a very special evening to kick-off Marathon Week with extraordinary guests Dick and Rick Hoyt.  The Massachusetts father-and-son team is known worldwide for competing together in marathons and triathlons. The event will be hosted at Weston Nurseries, on April 9th at 6:30 P.M. The Mile 1 celebration will include more than 200 guests from the MetroWest area.

       All proceeds raised at this charitable event will help fund Hopkinton athletic, recreational and health related programs. The HAA collaborates with international, national and local fitness professionals, organizations, and local schools to create program for kids, families and seniors to encourage overall fitness and health.

      Tickets are $55 per person and can be purchased/ordered through the following means:

Action Copy Plus, Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 508-497-8918 or Lise Baker at 508-435-5128 or by completing the form below and returning it to the HAA, PO Box 820, Hopkinton, MA 01748. HopNews file photo © 2004.