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Memorial Day in Hopkinton

All Memorial Day photos by Eric Montville.

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Bubbler lessons

May 29, 2006 — Julia Markey gets help from her dad, recently elected planning Board member Joe Markey, while they waited for the parade to reach the Hopkinton Common.

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


11:39 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officers Linda Higgins, Matthew McNeil and Aaron O'Neil responded to a 911 call that reported a disturbance.  Someone was smashing out windows of a car on Yale Road.  Subsequently a 37 year old from Quincy was arrested for OUI Liquor, 4th Offense.


11:19 am A resident from Spring Street stopped by the station to report that sometime during the overnight after 10:00 pm someone knocked off his mail box.  He also stated that other mail boxes in the area were also damaged.

Burning bush

May 29, 2006 — On East Street in Hopkinton, the sound of the wind through the birches, masquerading as a downhill stream, was interrupted by an explosion at around 4:00 am this morning, according to a neighbor. A bread-delivery type of van parked under a giant hemlock was burned in what the company director described as act of arson.

Malicious destruction

May 29, 2006 — One or more vandals smashed truck windows in the Lake Maspenock area last night. This truck on Lakeshore Drive also had its rear window smashed. At least on other truck was damaged. Police are investigating.

State Police Respond to Andover Fatal Crash



 May 29, 2006 — Yesterday at about 8:15 p.m. State Police from the Andover Barracks responded to a one vehicle crash on Route 495 South, south of Route 28 in Andover.

     Preliminary investigation by Trooper Daniel Doiron indicates that Carlos L. Artica, age 33, of Chelsea was traveling on Route 495 South in a 2006 Toyota Tacoma Pick-up in the left travel lane when he lost control of his vehicle. The Toyota skidded across the roadway and struck a road sign in the breakdown lane causing it to then roll-over. Mr. Artica was ejected from the vehicle and sustained serious injuries. He was transported to Lawrence General Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries and was declared deceased.

     While the cause of the crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Recovery Section, speed is believed to be a factor. The State Police Crime Scene Section, Andover Fire Department and Mass Highway assisted at the scene.

Living in a Glassman house

May 28, 2006 — Stu Glassman held his decades-old Memorial Day lakeside weekend party today, drawing about 175 people at any one time, but through the course of the day, perhaps 1,000 neighbors, Townies, friends and coworkers spent some amount of time downing roasted turkey or pork, and fruit salads and cold beverages. Many people from around the lake arrived by boat.

Thanks, Angelo

Memorial Day Itinerary

May 28, 2006 — Angelo Colella, a Hopkinton icon who passed away last year, will be conspicuous by his absence at the Memorial Day parade this year, after having been in the last 50, and having had a role in keeping the graves of his fellow veterans catalogued for people to properly decorate.

    This year, his brother Joe, through the Joseph J. Colella Foundation, has donated medallions, in Angelo's name, to be placed at the grave of each veteran. The past two weeks Scouts and others have performed that task.

Memorial Day Itinerary

Paddles ahoy!

May 28, 2006 — These two workers get the paddle boats prepared for launch yesterday at the Hopkinton Reservoir.

Triple play crucial in win

by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton Hillers pulled of a triple play along with a crucial Homerun from Steve Knox on way to its final league victory in a game called in the seventh inning on Friday and continued on Saturday morning as Andrew Tarca saved the game in relief of Mike Preite who picked up the victory. The Hillers pulled of a triple play ( first in modern times anyway) 4-6-3-5. I have followed the Hillers for a life time and have never heard of one. The Hillers are now on a big winning streak . Brian Doyle went 4 for five in the suspended game as his bat is coming around. The Hillers are in route to the Metro-west invitational as they will take on Lincoln-Sudbury in a 4:00 meeting at Fino Field Milford. Happy Holiday!!!

New clear coat garage floor


     HopNews advertiser Eddie Provost believes people should know about a new offering in garage floor maintenance.

     Whether an oil or gas leak from a lawn mower or car, or a spill from wood stain or  paint, a preventative coating of epoxy can resist all stains and make cleanup a breeze. And while you're at it, ask him how you can add 1,000 square feet of living area to your home. Please choose the icon to get in touch with Eddie!

An improvement for Town Meeting


Dear Editor,

     Hopkinton’s charter has been approved by the townspeople, and needs to go through the final approval stages. I’d like to suggest amending the new charter.

     My sister has lived in the town of York, Maine for almost 30 years, and its character is much like Hopkinton’s. Here's how York organizes their meetings and votes their articles. They have been doing this since 1991. FULL LETTER


May 27, 2006 — Kevin Riess delivers the pitch to his brother, Scott, who turned 18 today, as they played Whiffle ball with friends in their downtown neighborhood today.

Andrew Carnegie plays Woodville Rod and Gun Club Hall

May 26, 2006 — Richard Clark brought his historical vision of Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist, to members of the Hopkinton Historical Society for their dinner/theater and election of officers at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club this evening.

Scouts place flags

May 26, 2006 — Julie McGuirl and son Justin, 7, of Pack 97, climb the last hill at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville  through this natural vignette of arborvitae trees, after placing flags and medallions on the graves of veterans.

Insect secrets revealed

May 26, 2006 — This moth appears to wearing an old style musical headset today on Main Street.

Scouts help out

May 26, 2006 — Leah Racznski seeks guidance from her mom while checking the status of a grave at the Evergreen Cemetery today, just before the downpour. The Hopkinton Girl Scouts put in a major effort, which veteran Mike Whalen said cut down the time they usually spend significantly.

Cheryl Perreault's Poets' Corner

Tom Coburn is a 9th grade student at Hopkinton High School. 

His teacher, Ms. Katie Saunders asked Tom’s class to write a sonnet for a creative writing assignment .

Tom chose to write about a past-time that many Hopkinton residents are likely “chomping at the bit” to do this coming weekend!

Coming together for veterans

Memorial Day Itinerary

Scouts will help decorate some graves today as the town comes together in a growing group of veterans and those who appreciate veterans. The Memorial Day Ceremonies, Emceed by graduating Hopkinton High School student Matthew Ellam, will begin Monday, May 29, at 9:30 am at the Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville. To see the entire itinerary, CLICK Here.


Hopkinton Historical Society Dinner


     The Hopkinton Historical Society invites you to attend its Dinner Theatre/Annual Meeting on May 26 2006 at 6:30 PM at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club.
     Richard Clark will do his portrayal of Andrew Carnegie, known to the world as "The King of Steel".
     Admission is a dish to share. Bring a Salad, Main dish or Dessert to be shared by all. All are welcome and the "dish" is important as this is our Annual Pot Luck Dinner.

Retirement Income Planning: 

Why appropriate withdrawal rates matter.


By Bill Newell

May 26, 2006 —Accumulating enough assets for retirement may be the top priority for investors. However, the amount that is withdrawn from a portfolio each year during retirement is what may ultimately determine how long retirement assets will last. That is why calculating the annual withdrawal rate from personal savings and investments is so critical for retirees and people about to retire. It's also a helpful exercise for younger investors who would like to gauge how much they will need to accumulate in order to provide adequate income during retirement.

Something to Consider. Several factors will influence your choice of an appropriate with­drawal rate. These include your age, health, the potential impact of inflation on your assets and cost of living, and the likely variability of your investment returns. If you plan to leave a legacy to your heirs, you should also factor this into your withdrawal rate decision.

Age and Health. Although you can't predict for certain how long you will live, you can make an estimate. However, basing your estimate on average life expectancy for your age and sex may be unwise, particularly if you are healthy. Be sure to take into account your risk of living longer than a life expectancy table would indicate. As a rule of thumb, plan on your retirement portfolio needing to generate income for 30 years. FULL STORY

 School Committee Meeting

Hopkinton High School, a "School of Excellence"

May 25, 2006 — Hopkinton High School Principal Mrs. Dorothy Gould (Above) met with the School Committee, as did her counterparts, Mrs. Parson from the Center School and Dr. Lynch from the Middle School, to discuss improvement plans for their respective schools.

      Mrs. Gould also announced a scholarship fund in the name of Andréa Goncalves that is being funded in part from the sale of Voices (Inset), a literary publication of Hopkinton High School students as well as the sale of bracelets. A tree in memory of her is being planted at the High School, as is a tree being planted at Hopkins School in memory of her ten year-old brother, Joshua.

     Mrs. Gould proudly referred to a Newsweek article naming Hopkinton High School a "School of Excellence" because its ranking in art, placing above Needham, Brookline and Wayland to name a few.

     The School Handbook underwent many changes that were presented to the School Committee by Mrs. Gould, among them an added period, summertime, during which a student athlete could be disciplined for violating the drug and alcohol prohibition.

     Some School Committee members asked Mrs. Gould whether there had been any discussion on how to discipline non-athletes who were caught under the same circumstances as the athletes. "Like the Chess Club," suggested one member.

     "I think Kevin (Dr. Lyons) was talking about making them play without a rook or a knight," said Chairman Dave Stoldt to a roomful of knowing laughter.

See me see you

May 25, 2005 — Caitlyn Hoffman photographs Greg Perkins, who then photographed her on the dam at the Hopkinton Reservoir, while they took a break from trail riding.

New Director of Municipal Inspections

May 25, 2005 — On Wednesday, Chuck Kadlik, right, attended his second Board of Appeals meeting since being hired as the Director of Municipal Inspections. He appears before the Board of Appeals in his capacity as Zoning Enforcement Officer. On Wednesday, he appeared to discuss his "cease and desist" order to an applicant who wanted to market condos in her two-family. The order was to "Cease and desist marketing as a condo." On the left is Board of Appeals member Vascen Bogigian.

Tiny creatures

May 26, 2006 — These tiny butterflies are on tiny flowers the size of "buttercups." Look closely and see the remarkable face of the butterfly on the left. (Perhaps they are moths).

A beaver or not a beaver — that is the question!

May 26, 2006 — This creature came from the other side of the beaver pond from near the beaver hut to see who was taking photos of the beaver dam, and came no closer before disappearing under the water.

Bees without borders

May 26, 2006 — This resident of Weston Nurseries knows nothing about land ownership, boundaries or spotted turtles as it flits from flower to flower today at Weston Nurseries.

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9:03 pm A caller reported that she went to a lacrosse game at Hopkinton High School and filled her car with $50 worth of gas before the game.


6:49 pm A cell phone caller from Hayward Street reported that his vehicle had been broken into, the window was smashed and a laptop computer was taken at a South Street business.


9:16 am A caller from Elm Street reported that there was a man on the field with his dog.  He has been told several times not to walk his dog on the schools field.


Photo, Sgt. Joseph Bennett operating the radar gun.

Fire System Testing

      Please be aware that Liberty Mutual Insurance located on Frankland Road, will be conducting required testing of their fire sprinkler system on Saturday, May 27th  in the morning.

     This work will include the operation of the fire system, which could cause momentary fluctuation in water pressure and discolored water in the local area.

     The area affected will include East Main Street, Frankland Road, Cross Street and all other side streets along East Main to the Ashland town line. Other areas could notice these conditions as well.

     Please check your water before doing any dishes, laundry or other water related activities. If you do notice any discoloration, you should run your water for a short time to help clear the line. The discoloration is caused by the mineral build up on the inside of the pipe dislodging from the increase in water velocity.

      Please note that it may take a while for the water to return to normal and that there is nothing additional the water personnel can do to speed this process. 

      We are sorry for any inconvenience this required testing may cause.


Eric J. Carty

Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager, Hopkinton DPW, P.O. Box 171, Hopkinton, MA 01748

P 508-497-9765  F 508-497-9767 ericc@hopkinton.org




June 22, 23, and 24th

Parish Center, 20 Church Street


St. John’s Church will hold its Annual Rummage Sale on June 22, 23, and 24th in the Parish Center, 20 Church Street.  Clean, usable items can be dropped off at the Parish Center Hall weekdays beginning June 6th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  We can not accept televisions, computers, large appliances or luggage.  Last day for drop off is Monday, June 19th.  Need help for large items?  Call 508-435-4535.


Hours for Sale are 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM Thursday, 9:30 AM to 7:00PM Friday, and 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM Saturday.  Bag Night is Friday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Proceeds used to help those in need.



On Friday, May 26, 2006, at 10:30 A.M., the Massachusetts State Police will honor 37 award recipients at a ceremony being held at the State House in Boston.  The award recipients include state and local police officers, local EMTs, and civilians.  The award recipients will be honored for contributing to public safety, for performing acts of bravery and for engaging in police work that was beyond the call of duty. 


The actions and events for which the recipients are being honored include: rescuing a fellow police officer from a burning vehicle in Bourne; several instances of rescuing civilians from burning vehicles; several acts of saving persons in medical distress; and numerous instances of preventing distraught individuals from harming themselves – including preventing an individual from jumping off the Zakim Bridge on Christmas Eve; two separate instances of restraining individuals who were actively attempting to jump from the Tobin Bridge; and an instance of a civilian preventing a combative individual from jumping from the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge. 

Above, standing, Frederick Merrill, a principal with Sasaki Associates who appeared before Hopkinton officials with several members of the team he plans to put together should they get chosen for the Master Plan.

May 24, 2006 — Members of the Land Use Study Committee and members of the Planning Board met with interested firms who answered a Request for Proposals in the proposed East Hopkinton Master Plan study.

Hopkinton Cub Scout Pack 4

May 24, 2006 — From left, Sean Bloomer is ready with the hook remover while brother Timothy holds the fish he caught and Mikie Karlis and Kyle Rector look on at Pack 4's Fishing Derby this afternoon.

Recount petition turned in

58 voters sign petition ~ Recount scheduled for June 10

Above, Board of Registrars, form left, Andrea Leonard, Judy Allessio, Barbara Wirzburger and Ann Click


May 24, 2006 — The four-member Board of Registrars met today to discuss procedures for conducting the recount of Ballot Question #4. The petitions were turned in yesterday with 58 signatures in favor of the recount, which was initiated by Tom Smith, a former Personnel Committee member and Chairman.

     The visual recount of the ballots will be done starting at 8:00 am on June 10th at a location, that is conditionally scheduled for either the Selectmen's meeting room, but could be moved to a school auditorium. A police officer will stand by while the ballots are counted, a process that will continue until its conclusion. This is not the first time that Hopkinton has faced a ballot recount.

      Records indicate that a recount of the ballots cast on April 6, 1974, in which Robert Cook had 8 votes more than Joe Pratt, ended with Robert Cook as Water Board Member.

    The recount of a vote on May 14, 1988, initiated by candidate William Reinertson, started out with his opponent, Margaret Weismantel, winning by 10 votes. The recount resulted in a tie. The petitioner, William Reinertson, was appointed by Selectmen.

     The only other recount of local results, a difference of 7 votes, according to Town Clerk Ann Click, resulted in the election of John Cowern, Jr. over Cheryl Richmond, as a Member of the Housing Authority.

     If the recount overturns Question #4, it would roll back the operating budgets of the Schools Police and Fire by almost $2 million, $1.6 million for the schools alone.

State Police Track Down Most Wanted Sex Offender


May 23, 2006 —Authorities arrested one of the Massachusetts State Police’s Most Wanted Sex Offenders in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

     Trooper Christine Pecevich of the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section (VFAS), working in conjunction with the Pennsylvania State Police Fugitive Unit, developed information into the whereabouts of 47-year-old wanted sex offender Luis Felipe Montijo.  Trooper Pecevich believed that Montijo, who was formerly living in Worcester Massachusetts, was now residing in Pittston, Pennsylvania. 

    Pennsylvania State Police located Montijo at his place of employment in Pittston.  He was arrested without incident and charged as a Fugitive from Justice. He is currently being held at the Lucerne County Jail on $100,000.00 cash bail pending extradition back to Massachusetts.

    Montijo, who is a level 3, high risk sex offender, was wanted in Massachusetts on a warrant out of Worcester District Court for failure to register as a sex offender. 

The Hopkinton Hillers Baseball pulled of a six run 6th inning with a big double on way to a 6-4 victory over the Medway Mustangs in Medway Monday afternoon. The Hillers got a full game out of Steve Knox on the mound and it was Steve who plated a terrific two out double to preserve the win for the Hillers. The Hillers scored 5runs in the big inning. The Hillers are one game away from making the State Tournament as their record is 9-7 and 8-6 in the league. The Hillers travel to Norton to play at 3:30 and a double header with Westwood on Wednesday.   

May 23, 2006 — Luci Wall, a junior and number two ranked Hopkinton player, shows off her backhand  yesterday at the Hopkinton High School tennis courts.

Station Tour

May 23, 2006 — Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ferguson's Kindergarten classes took a tour of the police station this morning, conducted by Police Officer Stephen Buckley. Photo by Kathy Laflash.

Hillers drop tough game


by Peter Marso

    The Hopkinton Hillers Baseball team dropped a tough game to the Millis Mohawks 12-7 in a Tri-Valley League game played Sunday before a good crowd of Sunday baseball fans.

     The Hillers sent Shane Lavoie to the mound but a number of miscues lead to unearned runs in the contest. Conor Berry hit a big homerun to center and Andrew Tarca plated a homerun.

     The Hillers are currently in a big position to play many games in the next week as rain outs have forced to plan make ups which means a tired pitching staff.

     Will Aronson is still pretty much hurt and it appears that he will be in full strength next week. The Stickney men will be in Medway on Monday followed by a ride to Norton on Tuesday followed by a double header home against Westwood on Wednesday. . 

Weston Nurseries process moves forward

Above right, abutter and neighbor Jane Moran turns toward Merylyn and Roger Mezitt, center, while her daughter Kim Brennan, red hair, listens. She referred to the land as, "The property that the Mezitt's have shared with us, and we have always been so grateful."  Kim grew up on the land her family owns on East Main Street, where they keep horses. Many equestrians have used the trails of Weston Nurseries for decades.


May 22, 2006 — The Mezitt family, first Wayne Mezitt, and then brother Roger, appeared in separate hearings before the Planning Board, with preliminary subdivision plans in hand by two different engineers. Each plan got disapproved in a process that really appears to be intended to open a dialogue with the Planning Board, with little expectation of an approval. Each brother can now reapply at any time, but only after submitting an Open Space Landscape Preservation  Development, which must be denied before a conventional subdivision plan is submitted.

     "It's the law," member John Coolidge said in response to a question about why the process must follow that procedure. Another planning Board member could not explain why either.

    Many abutters were present to air their views about Wayne Mezitt's plan, which called for the use of Curtis Road, an existing 1950's style development of ranch homes that abuts the Nursery property, to finish a necessary loop. Without the loop road, that part of the parcel may be unable to be developed, due to the restrictions on dead ends. That suggestion met with many objections from Curtis Road residents.

    The plans presented are understood to be a response to citizen petition articles submitted at Town Meeting that could have put the status of the land in limbo while the town developed a master plan. The articles would have required any building permits in East Hopkinton to go before the Board of Appeals, with no use by right.

    The property has been offered for sale, with the most recent formal offering made public on February 10, 2005. It is believed the suitors have walked away from the table, including Pulte Homes, which had proposed a master plan of the entire acreage owned by the brothers and Mezitt Agricultural. Pulte's plan was largely their Dell Web Brand of retirement and over 55 mixed use development.

    Weston Nurseries filed to reorganization last year for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. The sale of the land is under Federal Court jurisdiction, and without a proper offer, the land is slated to go to auction by the Court in June.

Amended Notice on

Town Manager Search Committee

The Charter that was recently approved at the Town election requires the establishment of a five (5) member Town Manager Search Committee consisting of one (1) member from the Appropriation Committee, two (2) members from the Personnel Committee, and two (2) at large members. The Board of Selectmen respectfully invites residents to submit a letter of interest and resume by WednesdayJune 7 to the Selectmen’s Office, 18 Main Street or via email: geri@hopkinton.orgInterviews will be held at the June 13 Selectmen's meeting.



Natural Habitat

May 22, 2006 — This fox pup, whose mother was nearby, looks at home among the broken granite and caves today, between two homes on Ash Street. A tip of the HopNews hat to Diana Messier, who told us where to find them.


AFFORDABLE CONDO - Price reduced!

Tastefully decorated 2 Bedroom 1 1/2 bath townhouse. Located in very desirable area. Three floors including walkout basement with sliders, central ac, gas heat, gas stove with over the range microwave, SEE CLASSIFIED.

Women’s Art Forum Guests: “The Stardust Show Chorus”

Thursday, June 1, 2006, 7:00 p.m.

The First Congregational Church in Hopkinton (146 East Main Street)


A workshop on finding the music in you! This group of women gives concerts of beautiful acapella music throughout Massachusetts. They will provide the Women’s Art Forum with a special end-of season gift of a fun and educational workshop on “Finding your voice and using it to sing a cappella-style.”  We appreciate their generosity since they only give a few of these presentations per year without charge. So bring your voices and be ready to have fun with this great group of women! For more background info, here is the bio section of The Stardust website: http://www.stardustshowchorus.org/bio.html

Congratulations to our Women’s Art Forum friends who recently exhibited their art at the Arts in Bloom Juried Art Show at the CAA including Nancy Bailey, Suzanne Bucceri, Karen Golitko, Kate Heyd and Peg Runcie. This was a beautiful exhibit of art!                PLEASE RSVP to the CAA (508) 435-9222 or

Cheryl Perreault: lip006@comcast.net or Geri Holland: geri@hopkinton.org.

The CAA extends this invitation to all women of Hopkinton and surrounding communities.

Englishman: Hopkinton seems like a great place to live

Dear Editor,


     I just thought I would take a few minutes to write to you in order to tell you how much I enjoy reading your website. I live in England and first discovered your site after the news coverage of the tragic events surrounding the Entwistle family. I have kept visiting your site as I find it fascinating to read about what happens in your town and gain an insight into the politics and daily life of the residents. From what I have seen Hopkinton seems like a great place to live. FULL LETTER

School Committee says thanks

Dear Editor,


The School Committee would like to thank the residents of Hopkinton for their continued support of the schools.  With your recent votes in support of the budget override and the capital article to repair the Middle School wall, you once again demonstrated that our schools are intertwined with the image and culture of the Town.  FULL LETTER

Burger King at the end of the rainbow?

May 21, 2006 — It appears that Burger King is at the end of the rainbow today, as a double-rainbow appeared in Shrewsbury immediately following the storm that charged through the entire area, while the HopNews camera was on its way back to Hopkinton.

Double rainbow

May 21, 2006 — It technically may qualify as a double rainbow because it is two photos stitched together, but although the camera didn't see it, it really is there. The second one is barely visible at the rear of Burger King's roof. To se a video where the double rainbow is more visible, to see a cormorant hang its wings to dry, goslings and geese in the pouring rain, and to see a turtle on a giant rock, choose SEE VIDEO. (It looks look like it could be a cement garden turtle.)


Master of domain

May 21, 2006 — The marshes of South Mill Street can look like the Garden of Eden on some select days. Above is a male red-wing blackbird. The female is neither black, nor has any red on its wing.

Peaceful coexistence

May 21, 2006 — The cormorant and the turtle, which never moved and is likely made of cement, got along splendidly at Blood Pond today, just before the torrent.

 The I-told-you-so Department

The article below was on this page April 24. The main thrust of the short editorial was that there were people on both sides of this volatile issue committing fraud on the HopNews poll; and neither of the exaggerated results, in opposition to each other, were  the sense on the street. At that time, your humble servant said, "The real vote count, the one at the Town Election, should be much closer, nearly even.  That is IMHO. ~ Editor "



(Originally April 24, 2006) — On the left are the results of a poll from two weeks ago where someone added numbers, primarily to the "Yes" votes, in a one-day event, the total response of which called to question its authenticity. The person who did it bragged about it, got caught, and will hopefully develop the type of integrity we expect from our friends, family and associates as he grows in years.

     The poll on the right is from Sunday, and shows more responses than the other, pointing to the possibility of one person perhaps voting multiple times, perhaps even over 100 times, because we never see that type of participation in a weekend.

     Admittedly, the two polls are not entirely analogous, because money was added in the interim between them. However, in this writer's humble opinion, individuals have committed fraud in each case. The real vote count, the one at the Town Election, should be much closer, nearly even.  That is IMHO. ~ Editor

May 20, 2006 — All ages took part in the picture posing as parents lined up behind their cameras.

 Sophomore Mark Sanborn belts one over the fence today against Medfield, who won in extra innings. Photo ©2006 Anne Pouch.

 by Peter Marso

May 20, 2006 — The Hopkinton Hillers lost a thrilling 11 inning affair to a stubborn Medfield Warrior Team Saturday after the annual alumni game. The Hillers sent Brian Doyle to the mound who fell behind early but the team managed to tie it up with the help of a big homerun by sophomore Mark Sanborn. Doyle gave way to Mike Preite who took over in the ninth inning. Frosh Dan Muscatello made some super plays from the shortstop position as the momentum shifted towards the Hillers. The Annual Alumni Game also was a thriller as the odds broke a 2-2 tie to win in the bottom of the sixth. The game was highlighted by the presence of Coach Ken Burt who was reunited by many former Hillers who played for Ken many years ago. The players received a shirt and stayed after for pizza and reunited with many old memories. The Hillers will play Millis at home on Sunday at 12:00 in a make up game from last week. 

May 20, 2006 Tom Marquedant, left, won a fishing rod for capturing the largest Bass from Pratt Pond in Woodville Rod and Gun's Club's Fishing Derby. Isabella Montuori won her rod for wrestling the largest trout to the shore at Pratt Pond.

Turtle kisses

May 20, 2006 — Two turtles appear to mimic human behavior on a log in Ice House Pond today, or as it is known to Hopkinton's more recent citizens, Golden Pond.

May 20, 2006 — Michaela Rogers, 9, above, shows off her fish, the largest fish caught during the 9th Annual Hopkinton Police Fishing Derby at the Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club this morning. Below, Josy O'Keefe, 9, shows off the golden fish she caught this morning.

John De Vincentis Sr., 73, died Thursday May 18 at his home in Hopkinton after a courageous battle with multiple illnesses including Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer. Born in Marlborough, he was the son of the late Nicola and Mary (Cofelice) De Vincentis.  Arrangements complete.

Hopkinton Garden Club Plant Sale


    Saturday May 20th, tomorrow at 8 am sharp on the Town Common

Buy all these fantastic looking plants.

Be there or be square!

     If you don't find what you're looking for there, check out Weston Nurseries! Photo left, tulips at Weston Nurseries.

May 19, 2006 — The gosling above was one of three today at the Lake Whitehall Dam. They appear to be the same goslings that once numbered five.

NOTICE: Residents of Roosevelt Farms may return home now per Hopkinton PD

Mass Pike: All lanes of travel opened




Photo, Officer Tom Griffin at neighborhood

UPDATE: The tanker was uprighted at 4:45 pm.


 It is anticipated that the closure of Route 90 [both directions] due to the earlier crash of a tanker truck loaded with liquid methane, will continue and will have an impact on this evening’s rush-hour traffic. Public safety officials are working diligently to safely remove the vehicle and to restore traffic flow in this area.



May 19, 2006 The scene after the fog lifted on the Mass Pike at 3:30 pm today, as the Hopkinton Fire Department stands by while the liquefied gas from an overturned tanker is transferred into the one shown below. A Turnpike employee believes it will be another 3-4 hours to transfer the gas. The evacuated neighborhood will be put up overnight if the transfer takes into the evening. While the transfer takes place the Fire Department will stand by with a thermal imaging camera, which will detect and possible leaks during the operation.

The empty TRANSGAS tanker below is escorted to the scene of the rollover at 10:43 this morning by a State Police cruiser on an empty and closed eastbound Mass Pike. The Hopkinton Fire Department ambulance returned around the same time after bringing one patient to UMass Worcester.

Entire neighborhood evacuated

12:24 p.m. "Cubs Path has been evacuated."

May 19, 2006 — The entire neighborhood of Cub's Path and Roosevelt Lane have been evacuated due to the rollover of a tanker carrying liquefied methane gas in the westbound lane of the Pike, right behind those homes. The all clear was given for Cub's Path at 12:24 p.m., and for Roosevelt Lane at12:51 p.m. The neighborhood has had its share of police and press presence in the past. 6 Cub's Path was the scene of the Entwistle murders. The Mass Pike has been closed in both directions since noon.

From the Massachusetts State Police:

     This morning at about 8:35 a.m., State Police from the Weston Barracks responded to a crash involving a tanker truck and a 2003 Infinity Sedan on Route 90 Westbound, just west of Route 495, in Hopkinton.

    The preliminary investigation by Trooper David Pressman indicates that the driver of the tanker truck, carrying liquefied methane gas, made contact with the Infinity Sedan. Subsequently the tanker rolled over onto its side blocking all three Route 90 westbound lanes. Both drivers sustained minor injuries and were transported to Umass Medical in Worcester by ambulance.

    In the aftermath of this crash Route 90 has been shut down completely in both directions. The closure is at Exit 10 Auburn [Route 290] eastbound and at Exit 12 Framingham [Route 9] westbound. This closure may impact this evening’s commute. WE ARE ADVISING MOTORISTS TO SEEK ALTERNATE ROUTES AND AVOID THIS AREA IF POSSIBLE.

     The cause of this crash remains under investigation by troopers assigned to the Weston barracks, with the assistance of the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section and other area barracks.  State Police are also being assisted by the Hopkinton Police, Hopkinton Fire and EMS, Turnpike Maintenance and  The Department of Environment Protection. The Hopkinton Fire Department incident command are working with State Police personnel assigned to the State Police Mobile Command Post.

Mass Turnpike closed!!

May 19, 2006, noon — This photo taken from almost a mile away through the fog is the scene near what has been described as a Tractor Trailer rollover on the Westbound lane of the Pike. The cargo, described as liquefied methane gas, will take 2-3 hours to transfer, according to sources.

Seniors' Golden Tea

May 18, 2006 — The exclusive Senior Golden Tea, open for those over 85 years old,  was held at the Senior Center on Wednesday afternoon. Above is participant Mary Foss on the left with her friend Betty Campbell, who is not eligible, but attended as a guest.

Post-Marathon Party

Above, State Senator Karen  Spilka speaks to the gathering of Hopkinton Marathon Committee members and their supporters at the Laborer's Training Facility for a post-Marathon party. The facility let the Committee use the hall. Laborers also puts up runners on the weekend of the marathon.

Time to plant the perennials

May 18, 2006 —Garden Club people working on the CAA garden. They came yesterday to plant the perennials.

They are clockwise-Kathy Yankee, Ruth Langh, Ruth Gorman, Joan Luciano. Photo by Sandra Livis. 

Live within the budget

Letter to the Editor:


     I give Tom Smith a great deal of credit for stepping up to the plate and initiating a recount of votes cast for the school override, remember the margin was extremely slim and the recount will answer a lot of questions about how votes are counted in this town.

     As for the school committee they must learn as we all have to do to live within their budget appropriation. FULL LETTER


MetroWest School of Government

1st Annual Leadership, Training and Networking Day

 Saturday, June 10, 2006 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

at BOSE  on The Mountain, Framingham    



     8:00 – 8:30 AM            Registration and Networking 

     8:30 – 8:35 AM            Welcome and Bose Housekeeping Guidelines       

     8:35 - 9:00 AM             Opening Remarks - David Magnani

     9:00 – 10:00 AM           Open Meeting Law - Loretta Lillios

     10:00 – 10:15 AM          Break

     10:15 – 11:15 AM          Conflict of Interest - Carol Carson

     11:15 – 12:00 AM          Being an Effective Board Member - Mike Rourke / Brooke Lipsett

     12:00 – 1:00 PM            Lunch and Round Table Break Out Sessions


Leadership MetroWest is a non-profit community leadership development organization. With over 400 alumni since 1986, our mission is to create and maintain a network of leaders to address the complex issues in MetroWest.

Our principle program, The Leadership Academy, is designed for established and emerging leaders from business, education, nonprofit, government and grassroots sectors of our communities, to empower them with the knowledge, skills and vision necessary to actively participate in civic life in the MetroWest region. For one day a month you'll join with fellow participants to explore the issues, resources and challenges facing the region through site visits and discussions with local leaders and experts. If you have any questions, please contact Rick Flannery via email: rflannery@hopkintonpd.org or call him at 508-435-2123 x 229.

Chair of School Committee asks for apology

Dear Editor,


      With respect to a recent article about a possible recount of the town override election results, there were several quotes from Mr. Smith that should be addressed:

      "It will send a message to the schools that they need to be more honest with their numbers, their figures," he said.

     The School Committee, school administration, school councils, and the Appropriation Committee all carefully review and disclose their data and make it publicly available. FULL LETTER.

Disputes Mr. Smith



This letter is in response to the article that quoted Mr. Tom Smith regarding his petition to have a recount for the override that was passed by the town this last Monday. Mr. Smith needs to get his facts straight. He is quoted as saying that we have let the middle school wall go unrepaired while we "put money into an administration building that we do not own". That information is categorically untrue. FULL LETTER.

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


 7:42 pm A 911 caller reported a male party banging on her vehicle's windows and will not leave her alone...


6:53 pm A Greenwood caller reported lawn and sprinkler damage done by a motor vehicle...


11:42 am The owner of a Main Street business reported that someone has stolen a controlled substance from an employee...

Stamp of Approval

May 18, 2006 — We are not entirely sure who is responsible for this reprehensible behavior of a senior prank in placing this disparaging sign at the High School this morning. What's that? Oh, the Administration approved it?

    An "approved" senior prank. Doesn't that take some of the fun out of it? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Anyway, congratulations to the Class of 2006. Please email any photos of other pranks..

 Andrew Tarca winds the pitch during yesterday's loss to Bellingham. Photo by Ann Pouch.

by Peter Marso

May 18, 2006 —The Hopkinton High-School Baseball team lost a key game to the Bellingham Black Hawks 11-2 in a Tri- Valley League baseball game played in Hopkinton on Wednesday . The Hawks, using a big inning and lefty Matt White, held the young Hillers at bay. Andrew Tarca, playing with a bad back, did well but miscues were happening. The Hillers Steve Knox pitched in relief and fell to a couple of tough grounders. The Hillers, after a tough drought with rain, are finally back playing. The team is closing in on another run at a state title and will be very competitive. The Hillers are at home on Friday with the Millis Mohawks and they should be back to their winning ways. The Annual Alumni game will be this Saturday at 9:30 with the odds playing the evens. 

Beautiful rains

May 17, 2006 — The overflow aqueduct at Hopkinton State Park pays testimony to the above normal  height of the reservoir following several days of rain that quenched parched forest floors and raised water levels everywhere locally.

Recount Petition in the works

It will send a message to the schools... ~ Tom Smith



May 17, 2006 — Tom Smith, a former twenty-year member of the Personnel Committee and ten-year Chairman, has taken out a petition to recount the votes from Monday's election. As the machines have been put away, the recount would have to be done by hand.

     "It is possible the count was wrong, because of the optical scanner," he said.

      "If the line [on the voting ballot] is not drawn all the way across, the machine will count it as a blank. There's no telling what the outcome will be. They [the budget override] may even get more votes," he said

       Referring to the operating override ballot question #4, he said, "The main reason I am doing it is because so many people are against it, as the vote shows." The question won by 11 votes, 2229 in favor, and 2218 against, in a near 50-50 vote, with a large lobby of organized school override supporters, but no organized opposition.

     "It will send a message to the schools that they need to be more honest with their numbers, their figures," he said.

    "The school's going to have a tough time in the future. They shouldn't be exaggerating some figures. We shouldn't keep rubber-stamping what they say they need.

     "I want kids to have a good education, which is what they've been getting all along anyway.

     "What got me was the crack in the rear wall, a safety issue that they've let go for three years, and then they put money into the administration building across the street, that they don't own," he concluded.

     Mr. Smith needs ten signatures form each of four precincts, with the last on each page notarized and turned in before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 24, 2006.     

Family affair

May 17, 2006 — The goslings, with developing wings, forage near their mother, while their father fends off photographers with a hissing bill, and an extended neck.

Hopkinton Historical Society Dinner


     The Hopkinton Historical Society invites you to attend its Dinner Theatre/Annual Meeting on May 26 2006 at 6:30 PM at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club.
     Richard Clark will do his portrayal of Andrew Carnegie, known to the world as "The King of Steel".
     Admission is a dish to share. Bring a Salad, Main dish or Dessert to be shared by all. All are welcome and the "dish" is important as this is our Annual Pot Luck Dinner.

 Senior Moments

Many May activities

Robert Grow remembered

By Ann DiLeo

              In the merry, merry month of May, I was taken by surprise by  the bright and sunny skies….We certainly haven’t seen many of those sunshine days this year….but seniors have a few good times coming this month. Weather or not.

        A meeting, a spaghetti dinner, Mothers’ Day, a homemade breakfast, Memorial Day, and a military memorial service for Robert Grow…who lived on Davis Road for several years and passed away on August 23rd, 2005.

              To start the month, May offered the national day of prayer on the 4th.. and Americans needed that,. and the Brampton Circle Club meeting on May 8th with a party  afterward. 

               There was the Lion’s Spaghetti Dinner on Wednesday,  May10th at 6 p.m. in the Senior Center…Mothers’ day, the14th;…A homemade breakfast in Davis Hall , Saturday  May 20th at 9:30 …American Red Cross Day, the 21st ….. Memorial Day, the 29th..    

Pictured enjoying the new swing are (L to R )Ray Drawe, Marge Water, Barbara Wirzburger, and George Gross.  The dog belongs to Marge and didn’t get a seat on the overloaded swing , which actually holds three .

     Our own Military Memorial Service for Robert Grow will be on Friday the 26th.               

     Robert Grow’s family is providing all the details. The military funeral service was Robert’s wish. It will be held at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery , off Mayhew St., Hopkinton, May 26th  at 11 a.m.. Afterward a gathering of Robert’s family, friends and neighbors will meet in the Davis Road community room  for talk and refreshments. Everyone is welcome to attend both occasions.

      There is much to remember about Robert Grow. He helped his neighbors, enjoyed the community activities, and would really enjoy seeing the new senior center. As an architect, he was a major contributor to the new building. Robert met with the architects after they delivered their original drawings to Davis Road and he described the need for larger hallways and doorways  for wheelchair and walker access.

      During the past year the Brampton Circle Club has been receiving gift money from Robert’s friends and relatives around the entire nation. The club was able to purchase a swing  and a bench in his memory.

      Robert enjoyed the one swing we had. He said it relaxed him. Now there is a new swing with a memorial sign bearing his name. The comfortable bench will also be a welcome addition to the area where neighbors like to sit outside and chat.

      Well, have a happy, thoughtful May.

Love, Annie     

Town Manager Search Committee

Town needs volunteers

The Charter that was recently approved at the Town election requires the establishment of a five (5) member Town Manager Search Committee consisting of one (1) member from the Appropriation Committee, two (2) members from the Personnel Committee, and two (2) at large members. The Board of Selectmen respectfully invites residents to submit a letter of interest and resume by Friday, May 26 to the Selectmen’s Office, 18 Main Street or via email: geri@hopkinton.org.

Tree is found

May 17, 2006 — Lauren Hazzard, 8, points to the tree featured in the HopNews contest that she and her Dad, Rob,  found after the hint we gave that the tree is on Saddle Hill Road. They win $25.00. And they described its very location as being to the left of the parking area for the Duck Pond.

The Ritucci's go for the Basics

Lynne Ritucci, right, recently spearheaded a food drive to benefit the Basics Food Pantry in Hopkinton. Lynne teamed with her daughter, Leigh, left, to collect 30 bags filled with groceries for Basics, which helps hundreds of local families in need. The outpouring of support from Hopkinton residents has inspired Lynne to conduct another food drive in the coming months.

Alien tree?


HINT #1: It can be seen on Saddle Hill Road.


May 16, 2006 — This growth is visible from the street with the naked eye. Take a photo of it and email to Editor@HopNews.com . Be the first and win $25.00. If no one wins the first day, we'll give a hint until someone does.


Next hint on Thursday if no one comes through.

Instant Karma at Selectmen's meeting

Unanimous votes

Police receive citation ~Steven Dry gets proclamation

Above, Hopkinton Police Department members and employees as well as members of the Board of Selectmen


by Robert Falcione

May 16, 2006 — The Board of Selectmen reorganized this evening, voting Muriel Kramer as Chair, and Mary Pratt as Vice-Chair, in the first of an evening of unanimous votes.

     Hopkinton Chief of Police Thomas Irvin presented his department and many of its men with citations for  distinguished service and  bravery, among other accolades, for their professionalism during the unusually large number of tragedies and crimes that the department had to respond to since January 22, 2006, when the discovery of a double homicide thrust Hopkinton into the international spotlight.

       Then, on March 24, 2006, Officer Stephen Buckley was the first responder to the intrusion of an armed suspect into the High School, after which Officer Philip Powers pulled the young man off of the roof of the school. Officer Tim Brennan also received an award for his participation in the capture.

       And then only two days later, a tragic crash took the lives a the 17 year-old driver and her 10 year-old brother, which several officers received citations for.

Photo, Scoutmaster Andre Griben and Chief Thomas Irvin applaud Steven Dry for his achieving Eagle Scout.

       Lost during the highly publicized tragedies were two achievements  that went largely unnoticed until this evening:

      Officer David Shane was commended for apprehending "an armed and dangerous" suspect on January 31, 2006.

      On March 27, 2006, Officer Matthew McNeil detected and apprehended a subject who allegedly fled and had a handgun in his possession.

      "We all owe a great debt to the Police Department," said newly elected Selectman, Michael Shepard

     The Selectmen issued a proclamation to Steven Dry for his reaching Eagle Scout status. His ceremony is scheduled for 2:00 pm on May 20, 2006  at EMC, 228 South Street. FULL STORY

Selectmen to reorganize tonight

Video of election results

Above, Editor and HCAM-TV producer Robert Falcione interviews a jubilant Mary Pratt following the announcement of the results in the Middle School Cafeteria last night. HopNews photo by Eric Montville.

May 16, 2006 — The Board of Selectmen will be reorganizing at this evening's meeting as Michael Shepard joins Mary Pratt, Ron Clark, Len Holden, and Muriel Kramer in his first evening on the Board. Mr. Shepard won his first election victory last night with more votes than any other candidate for any office, including those who ran unopposed. To see and hear the excitement of the results being announced, watch this video.     

It's Pratt and Shepard
Charter is a Mandate ~ Override wins by 11 votes

May 15, 2006 — Michael Shepard being congratulated after the winning announcement for Selectmen.

HopNews Photo by Eric Montville

Winners of contested races

Selectmen - Michael W. Shepard.....3,580    

                     Mary C. Pratt.....2,614
Planning Board - Joseph M. Markey.....2,561    

                             Claire B. Wright.....2,532
Cemetery Commissioner - Thomas F. Pratt.....2,242
Commissioner of Trust Fund - Thomas J. Garabedian.....2,188
Member of Housing Authority - Nancy E. Kelleigh.....2,131
Member of Housing Authority (for unexpired term-2009) - Ruth M. Ziglear
Parks and Recreation Commissioners - Al Alfred Rogers Jr......2,145    

                                                                  Brian E. Eberlin.....2,002
Question #1 - Yes.....3,379  Charter Commission
Question #2 - Yes.....2,465  Prop 2 1/2 School repair, Fire, DPW
Question #3 - No.....2,247   Fields override
Question #4 - Yes.....2,229  Operating budget override.

For instant Hopkinton election results

Tune in to HCAM-TV, Channel 8

 Live from Election Central, the Hopkinton Middle School

Monday, May 15, 2006, starting at 8:30 pm.

Candidates encourage voters


May 15, 2006 — Candidates from all sides encouraged voters to come out today, setting aside their differences in the driveway of the Middle School, sharing pizza and coffee, while their supporters manned the phones trying at the eleventh hour to sway voters to vote for their candidate or issue. Watch Video


May 14, 2006 — This gosling's mother was not far away today as it foraged near the banks of the raging and swollen Sudbury River.

 Memorial Day Ceremony


by Mike Whalen 

      Memorial Day is May 29th this year, and the Veteran's Celebration Committee has planned activities starting at 9:30 AM in Woodville, and continuing until noon at the common.

        Traditionally, many people use this occasion to visit cemeteries and plant flowers there. This is also the time when the local American Legion Post 202  places flags at the graves of veterans. The Legion feels that it is very important not to miss or overlook any veteran buried in Hopkinton.

        Angelo Colella was one of those who kept this custom alive, especially at the cemeteries where some of Hopkinton's oldest veterans are entombed. Time takes it's toll on these gravestones, and not all  veteran's graves are easily identifiable. However, Angelo kept records  and he passed the information on, in a notebook, to legion member Mike Shepard shortly before he died.

         Recently, the legion received a gift from the Joseph J. Colella Foundation [Angelo's brother] which has enabled them to purchase veterans' grave markers. Now all the locations can be permanently marked  with this   metal disk, which also holds a small American flag.

         Starting this week, legion members and the scouts will be placing the flags and markers at the cemeteries.

If we miss anyone, please let a legion member know, or call Mike Whalen at 508-435-2397.

Raging river

May 13, 2006 — The Sudbury River at Aiken's Park in Hopkinton was in a rage today after all of the rain. A purposefully  slow shutter speed, 1/20 of a second, was all it took to blur the raging waters.

May 14, 2006 — This couple prepared to slide down the dam at the Hopkinton Reservoir last week, when there was sun. This photo has been altered for effect.

Alien or ghoul? Win $25.00

May 14, 2006 — This growth out of a tree looks a little like the birth of an Alien baby, or some faces from the chest of Freddie from Friday the 13th. This growth is visible from the street with the naked eye. Take a photo of it and email to Editor@HopNews.com . Be the first and win $25.00. If no one wins the first day, we'll give a hint until someone does.

May 14, 2006 — Hopkinton Drug has presented concept plans for improvements to the outside of the building to the Planning Board. They have been working on the inside for over a year. The view above is from Cedar Street.

Watching the river flow

May 13, 2006 — Installation of a 'stream gauge' in Whitehall Brook by Jeff Furber and two State DEP employees. Stream gauging is used by the State DEP and Riverways Program to monitor stream levels and flow volumes, and to help identify and restore rivers and streams suffering from abnormally low flows. ~ Brian Morrison



Candidates corner at the intersection of Main and Grove/Cedar Streets was hopping this morning. To see some candidates, your neighbors, and so on, choose the icon. Hint: It is a large screen video so if it doesn't want to download, try right-mouse and "save as..."


Due to expected heavy rains, the Hopkinton Police Association Fishing Derby scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2006 has been postponed until next Saturday, May 20, 2006.

May 12, 2006 — Members of the Robotics Team showed off some of their contraptions to the School Committee on Thursday. Above are Kyle Lampert, Matt Surka, and Greg Jesanis.

Town Meeting voted for Map with less protection for water


To the Editor:


     Last week at Town Meeting two Articles relative to the Water Resources Protection Overlay District (WRPOD) passed.  The passage of those articles result in a change of policy regarding this Town’s resources.

     The Map, “based on Science”, was not a map that reflected the intent of our bylaw.  Dick Jubinville, our Earth Tech representative, stated he drew a well head protection map.  Who asked for that?  Statements were made that this map offered more protection.  More protection for what?  Ashland? You bet! Milford, Absolutely!  Hopkinton? No. FULL LETTER

It is time!

3:11 p.m. Friday, May 12, 2006 is hereby the cutoff for Letters to the Editor regarding the election or candidates or ballot questions. We will be looking for any that may have come in up to that date that we overlooked.


Who played Harry McAfee in the 1963 film version of Bye Bye Birdie?

Be the first to answer correctly and win 2 tickets to Saturday Matinee of Bye Bye Birdie.

Matt Younis has won the tickets. Congratulations! (It was Paul Lynde)

Down to the wire

May 12, 2006 — Candidate for re-election, Selectman Eric Sonnett, was not deterred by the pouring rain on Friday as he knocked on doors on Pleasant Street.

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