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Fourteenth Annual Against The Tide

June 24 Fourteenth Annual Against The Tide one-mile swim, two-mile kayaking and three-mile fitness walk, benefiting the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, will be held again at Hopkinton State Park on June 24.  This fun and inspirational program brings together swimmers, kayakers and walkers of all ages and abilities who would like to join MBCC in eradicating the breast cancer epidemic. 

Participants must raise a minimum of $150 in contributions to benefit the MBCC. Visit www.mbcc.org/swim  to register or call 1-800-649-MBCC. For information call 617-376-MBCC.  For information call 617-376-MBCC or visit www.mbcc.org . Donations may be sent to Against the Tide c/o MBCC, 1419 Hancock Street, Suite 202, Quincy, MA 02169.

Check out the Calendar for more upcoming events.


 Jewelry Sale at Senior Center

The Hopkinton Senior Center is holding a jewelry sale Thursday, June 22 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  The Senior Center is located in the Town Hall.  They have a lot of very interesting items; vintage, sterling, costume jewelry, etc.  Drop in and take a look; you’ll probably find a great buy! ~ Cindy Chesmore

From Egg to Chick

Hopkinton resident Jim Cozzens, Station Manager at HCAM-TV, answered our request today for people to share their bird photos. After the page loads entirely, mouse-over each remarkable thumbnail image to see it larger, in place of the egg photo.

Selectmen discuss concerns over Holliston groundwater

Ron Clark grills John Coolidge over Whitehall

June 20, 2006 — The Board of Selectmen's meeting (File photo) began with Vice-Chair Mary Pratt sitting in for Chairman Muriel Kramer, who was at her daughter's softball game. Wastewater was the topic of two of the first agenda items.

     The so-called Bird property in Holliston came under discussion because of concerns that groundwater from that 200-unit 40B complex could reach Hopkinton. According to Holliston Net News:

     The [Holliston] Water Commissioners told developer Michael Norton that they consider this project high-risk because they do not have any solid information on which to think otherwise. The issue is that this 200-unit housing project will be built on a toxic site (the former Bird property on Marshall and Prentice Streets), which has a plume of contamination in the ground and the possibility of unknown contaminants elsewhere on the property.
     When built, the on-site treatment plant will release 60,000 gallons of treated water into the ground daily. The unknown is how will this water affect underground conditions? Will it force the plume to move and in which direction?

    Selectman Mary Pratt expressed similar concerns this evening leading the Board to vote to send a letter to the Holliston zoning Board of Appeals requesting monitoring wells in Hopkinton, paid for by the developer.

     Selectman Michael Shepard agreed saying, "The Planning Board and the Board of Health should all send letters.

     "I am personally disgusted that the DCHD is putting these 40B's on contaminated properties," said Selectman Mary Pratt.

     Chairman Muriel Kramer trumped her colleagues asking that the developer include the bearing the cost of sending water to those homes that could be affected in the Ravenwood area that are now on private wells, if the contamination moves. FULL STORY

June 20, 2006 — A lightning bolt split a tree in two today on Nicholas Road, send bark flying. The owner called Hopkinton Firefighters following the crash because an odor developed in the basement.

June 20, 2006 — The bird above scurried around the sands of the Fruit Street property on Sunday, playing cat and mouse with the photographer until it took to flight.


The sandman

June 20, 2006 —Monroe Youseff is a willing partner in the effort of his cousin, Sonjeh Youseff to bury him in the sand of Hopkinton State Park on Sunday.

Hopkinton Republican Town Committee elects Jim Coffey as new leader

Seeks fresh perspective


On Saturday, June 17, 2006, the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee (“HRTC”) elected Jim Coffey as its new Chairman. Jim Coffey was the Republican State Senate candidate for the Second Middlesex and Norfolk District in 2004. Governor Mitt Romney personally recruited Jim to run against State Senator, David Magnani, who ultimately dropped out of the race.  Although Jim lost the general election to Karen Spilka, he captured a clear majority of Hopkinton’s votes. In his first campaign for office, Jim received 43% of the overall vote in the District.

      Asked why a change in leadership on the HRTC came about, Jim replied “as Republicans, we succeed on Election Day when we demonstrate to the voters a clear, positive vision for our town. The HRTC recognizes this fact, and believes that a fresh perspective is sometimes necessary in order to bring about real and positive change”.

      Under Jim Coffey’s new leadership, the HRTC will seek out candidates for office who’ll reach out to all of the voters in Hopkinton: fellow Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike. Jim noted “all of these groups include our friends and neighbors. We need to recognize this fact, especially on the local level, and unify the electorate around a common approach towards achieving our goals”.

     HRTC member Wayne Davies, who is a  member of the Board of Appeals and its former Chairman said today, "I am looking forward  to Jim's leadership at the HRTC and I am confident that the Republican Party will continue to reach out to the diverse interests of the electorate in the Hopkinton community.

     "The Republican Party has a substantial amount to offer and we look forward to meeting the needs of the community."

     Jim Coffey is a partner at the law firm of Verrill Dana, LLP in Boston where he concentrates in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy reorganizations. Jim lives on Rocky Woods Road with his wife, Christina, and their three daughters, Bridget, 9, Caroline, 8, and Meredith, 5. ~ Contributed content.

Do as I do

YMCA Open House on June 24

June 20, 2006 — Some staff members being trained at the ropes course area of the sprawling Hopkinton branch of the YMCA. The facility will hold and Open House on Saturday, June 24, 10:00 am - noon at 45 East Street, Hopkinton.

 Learn more here.

Got Pictures?

June 20, 2006 — We are told this is an American goldfinch, according to Susan Ranney, hanging around the feeder this morning. Perhaps you have a feeder and can take a photo you'd like to share? Send it along via our email with your name address and phone number. To see a different bird, scroll down one image.  Editor@HopNews.com

Up and away

June 20, 2006 — Above is a whirlybird belonging to Tennessee Gas, apparently flying over the pipeline today.

On Golden Pond

June 19, 2006 — This intricate creature was enjoying meeting others of its kind at Ice House Pond yesterday during the heat while human beings were gathering around watering holes everywhere locally.

Two sports in one

June 19, 2006 — These young humans were also at the Ice House Pond yesterday, one of whom combined the sport of the balance beam, or is it  tightrope walking, with fishing. It is apparent that the young man has snagged a tree branch.

Athletes honored

On Sunday, June 18th, Jodi Dolan, center, was recognized by the Boston Globe as the Division 2 Girls Lacrosse Coach of the Year. In addition, Kaitlyn Pettengill, right, was recognized as an All-Scholastic for lacrosse. Kristen Baldiga, left, was awarded a scholarship and named as a Boston Globe/Richard Phelps scholar athlete. She was nominated by Athletic Director Eric Karjel and Principal Dorothy Gould and was one of only 14 students so recognized in Massachusetts.

Fruit Street

Above, a vignette of a trail at the town-owned Fruit Street property on June 18, 2006.

Below is one of several nature photos taken yesterday on that property by photographer Robert Falcione.

 Positively Hopkinton

Main Street Specialties has new owner

Former Executive Chef at Waltham's Tuscan Grill


June 19, 2006 — A Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich for $2.00? Grilled Cheese for $3.00? Are these kids prices for real?

     "We're honest with our prices," says Shawn O'Leary (Photo, left), new owner of Main Street Specialties, when asked if some of the prices, like the Caesar Salad with marinated anchovies for $4.50, are introductory.

     "We may add some things with the sandwiches, like a 50 cent bag of chips," he explains, but he doesn't plan on changing prices.

      His business acumen stems from a degree in business from Northeastern University.

       "I am not under pricing," he explains. "I am giving the best deal I can.

      "You can go to Waltham and pay $20.00 for every one of my entrees," he said, perhaps referring to the Tuscan Grill in Waltham, where he worked under Chef Jimmy Burke, after having earned yet another degree, this time in Culinary Arts, from Johnson and Wales University. The Tuscan Grill would eventually name Mr. O'Leary, Executive Chef.

      He does offer two entrees for $15.00 each, Pan-seared Scallops or Grilled Local Striped Bass, as well as many soups, salads, and other items for much less. FULL STORY

POLICE NEWS up-to-date


1:20 am A caller reported that he was holding a teenage male who entered his residence via his doggy door... 


9:07 am A caller reported suspicious activity on Lilac Court... 


8:45 pm Sgt. Charles Wallace and Officer Matthew McNeil responded to a report of two suspicious males on a bike and drinking alcohol on Grove Street...

 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

Tim Jenis is a third grade student at Elmwood Elementary School.  This poem was submitted by his teacher Mrs. Paula Tangredi. In this poem, Tim makes a powerful plea to keep our rivers and oceans clean and pollution free. We thank Tim for caring about the earth. ~ Cheryl.

I Believe!

June 19, 2006 — Rev. Mark High, Pastor of the Woodville Baptist Church, pulls up Thelma Kerrivan of Hopkinton out of the water at Lake Whitehall during the ceremony of Baptism, which in fundamentalist Christianity, occurs following a person's profession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and the symbolic washing away of sins.

     Roman Catholics are usually Baptized as infants, with two Godparents standing in place of the child.

Intruder alert in Ashland

Above, Ashland Police with shotguns in a safe position after exiting the building.

June 18, 2006 — Hopkinton's Sgt. Charles Wallace answered Ashland Police Department's call for assistance in securing their Town Hall this evening around 10:00 pm. An anonymous caller allegedly witnessed an intruder with a firearm in Ashland Town Hall. The perimeter was cordoned off while other police offers swept the building, secured it, and declared it clear.

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of...Spring!

June 18, 2006 — A great place to cool off today could also be a very bad place to fall asleep. Whitehall Dam, view from Highland Street. The photographer chose not to disturb the repose of the woman, so she remains inidentified.

Sunday, sunny Sunday

June 18, 2006 — Stonemason Nick Reyes works up a sweat today putting in a stone wall on Eastview Road.

No Fear

June 18, 2006 — This rodent had just emptied his filled cheeks before coming out and pausing for a photo on top of this wooden structure at the model train setup behind Weston Nurseries Garden Center today.

Grass hugger

June 18, 2006 — This tiny and delicate moth hugs a blade of grass off of Pond Street today, as the morning dew continued to cling and the sun rose. The spot on its wing could give a predator the false impression that it is an eye on a much larger face.

State Park aficionados

June 18, 2006 — Dozens of "bass boats" on Lake Whitehall today, and the method of fishing, can only mean a bass tournament. This group is from the Webster Lake Anglers.

June 19, 2006 — This is a scale train in a scale landscape at Weston Nurseries today. The chipmunk above would be about the size of an elephant next to this train.

No fish story here

June 18, 2006 — Bob Fournier watches as son Nicholas, 13, removes the hook from a small fish that his younger sibling snagged.


The Hopkinton Public Library held its Annual Book and Plant sale today, after two previous postponements.

 "There doesn't seem as many people as usual, " said one staff member. Nonetheless, the books were leaving by the bagload. According ot one volunteer, the library made about $1,200.

  CAA Talent Show Photos by Julie Brennan


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Michael Spector


Erik Fliegauf


Cheryl Melody



A little help from Troop 4

June 17, 2006 — Justin Diercks and Drew Dawson load up Peter Dittmann's trailer with donations from Colella's customers to the Council on Aging for transport to the Woodville Baptist Church, where the pantry is stored. According to Marlene Troupes, the food pantry will move to the new Senior Center in November.

Water problem could be solved with an odd/even shower ban


I was one of the thirty-five town residents that attended last night’s review of the Weston Nursery development options. I noted in a news article today that the writer mentions that the Planning Council felt that both the water supply and traffic in town would be “stressed” no matter which option is chosen.  FULL LETTER

Home for Sale        Asking Price: $687,500.00     ~   52 Ash Street                                                 Approximately 2900 square feet

Hopkinton, MA                                                                Convenient Location

 Tel. 508-497-2522



52 Ash Street, Hopkinton, Massachusetts


Walking distance from downtown Hopkinton, schools, athletic fields and the town playground, this home is loaded with upgrades.  Two year old gourmet kitchen, granite countertops, stainless appliances, open work area. 3 recently remodeled bathrooms, completely painted interior and more.  This 9 - room colonial, with 3 baths, 4 bedrooms, family room, study, dining room, great room with fireplace and built-in bar, and a partially finished basement has a fenced in backyard, patio, deck and screened porch. Town water and town septic. Recent home inspection by seller.  Lot is approximately 30,000 sq feet.

See more Classified

June 16, 2006 — The winners of the Kindergarten Ice Cream stroll, both morning and afternoon kindergarteners, met their teachers in front of Center School at 3:30 on the today for a walk down to Brigham's at Hopkinton Drug for some ice cream. The winners were drawn at the HPTA Silent Auction on March 25th.

Yard Sales in our Totally Free Classified

Check them out or upload yours, now!

Hair today, gone tomorrow



June 16, 2006 — Madison Abbott, 7, got her hair cut yesterday to donate to the Locks of Love organization. She grew her hair for a year so that she could donate 10.5" inches to Locks of Love. She mailed in her donation immediately following her trip to Ann-Michele's Uptown Hair Design yesterday.


Madison plans on growing her hair every year and donating it to the cause of disadvantaged children under 18 with a medical condition called alopecia areata. Her mom, Tanya, said Madison was inspired while watching the Today show.


More can be learned at the Locks of Love website.




Formerly rare reptile is "spotted"

June 16, 2006 — The Nixon family has spotted this formerly endangered species, the spotted turtle, in their yard. The species has apparently become emboldened after being taken off of the state's protected list and can now be expected to flaunt its presence everywhere.

      The presence of the turtle on the former Pyne property, now owned by the town and called the Fruit Street property, is credited with  scuttling plans for a world-class private golf course, because the changes needed to accommodate the reptile's lifestyle would alter the plan drastically and make it unworkable.

      The whispered joke at the coffee shops around town is that NIMBY's purchase the turtles in pet stores, paint spots, and then place them on lands to stop development. One point a developer recently made is that the turtles are apparently abundant and not rare in Hopkinton because they show up at every planned development.

     As the above left photo shows, it appears the paint was not yet dry on the turtle on the left, when perhaps some rain caused the spots to run. Actually, it is the result of a slow shutter speed and flash exposure in an automatic camera. ;-)

Open Space and Smart Growth concepts aired

June 15, 2006 — This evening the Land Use Study Committee (LUSC), headed by its Chairman, Finley Perry, played host to the  Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), which was fueled by a grant form the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA) to present an overview of basic zoning concepts and how they could be applied to the Weston Nurseries land being offered for sale. An auction is scheduled, according to an ad in Sunday's Boston Globe, with bids due by July 17. The minimum bid is $29.5 million.

     The MAPC presented three conceptual plans with variations on the theme of residential development and mixed use, but with two having a golf course component. All plans included the entire 966 acres of the property, of which only 655 is officially up for sale.

     This plan was in the works when the two Mezitt brothers submitted preliminary subdivision plans shortly before Town Meeting. But Land Resources Planner for MAPC, Joan Blaustein, photo above, said that it would have made no difference in their presentation if the submission had occurred earlier.

     Of the three plans, the one with the least number of units figured in 920 units, and the most was 1158.

     Board of Appeals member Robert Foster, who attended as an observer, countered that with figure in the 300+ range as being the  most units that could be permitted for that 920 unit plan. However, Ms. Blaustein did not agree, adding that her group considered private wells as a source of water. Those permits would be issued by the Board of Health. However, a draw of over 100,000 gallons a day, according to one speaker, would involve a state permit.

     Donna Jacobs, Director of the Metro West Growth Management Committee, said after the meeting that this type of exercise is to let a potential developer or buyer get a feel for what the town wants. There were about thirty-five Hopkinton residents in attendance.

     In May, Town Meeting approved $200,000 for the LUSC to hire a company to master plan the entire East Hopkinton area, including the one-third that the Mezitt's own. The group chosen by the LUSC and the Planning Board was Sasaki Associates, which came in at $15,000 over the appropriation. However, the committee is earnestly seeking help from other town departments to fund the additional money for a company they believe offers value that the other two bidders cannot.

     The MAPC said they would turn over their work to the Sasaki group, who had two representatives in the audience this evening.  

      Most pundits seem to agree that despite all of the most well intentioned plans by the community, a developer who buys the property cannot be forced to adhere to a Master Plan. 

Tickets on sale

Above, some members of robotics team.

Tickets for the Mk Haley presentation will be on sale in front of Colella's on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the afternoon. They're $5 for students and $8 for adults -- all proceeds are donated to the Robotics team to help pay for future competitions.

     People can also just pay at the door, same price. It's on June 19th at 7pm in the High School auditorium, and it's expected to run for about an hour and a half.

     For anyone interested in the electronic arts, this is a great opportunity to learn a lot from one of the most connected Disney insiders around -- she's even willing to look at portfolios after the presentation and provide feedback.

     For others, this presentation should still be very interesting, as Mk is a talented presenter, and she usually brings a good amount of animations and other media to show. Anyone who likes Disney, wants to know what it's like to be an Imagineer, or just in general wants to learn hands-on about brainstorming and problem-solving should come. ~ Matt Surka

Coach Thomas retires

June 15, 2006 — Ernie Thomas is leaving coaching softball after many years on the fields. He appears above with some of his students, from left: Kylie Wyman, Johanna Berton, Michelle Betron, Suzie Whalen, Ruthie Richardson, Ernie Thomas, Dihanna Thomas and Nicole Cooprider.

Garden Club thanks contributors 


    This spring, the Hopkinton Garden Club was fortunate to collaborate with the Cultural Arts Alliance on two projects:  the Arts In Bloom juried art show and the reclamation and restoration of the CAA gardens along the side and in front of the CAA house.  On behalf of the Hopkinton Garden Club we would like to thank all those companies and individuals who helped so generously in bringing these projects to fruition!  Thank you to Sunnyside Gardens, Hopkinton; Whole Foods, Framingham; Beckongreen Gardens, Ashland for the donation of flowers and greens to the Art In Bloom Show. FULL LETTER.





June 22, 23, and 24th

Parish Center, 20 Church Street


St. John’s Church will hold its Annual Rummage Sale on June 22, 23, and 24th in the Parish Center, 20 Church Street.  Clean, usable items can be dropped off at the Parish Center Hall weekdays beginning June 6th, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  We can not accept televisions, computers, large appliances or luggage.  Last day for drop off is Monday, June 19th.  Need help for large items?  Call 508-435-4535.


Hours for Sale are 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM Thursday, 9:30 AM to 7:00PM Friday, and 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM Saturday.  Bag Night is Friday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Proceeds used to help those in need.

POLICE NEWS Up-to-date


6:18 am A caller reported heavy equipment being operated on Greenwood Road...

10:14 pm Sgt. Michael Sutton responded to a report of a suspicious motor vehicle that was shining a light into a location on Hayden Rowe Street...

7:46 pm A walk in reported threats that took place on Fruit Street...


Rita C Fecteau, 89, died Monday May 29, 2006 at St Patrick's Manor in Framingham. She was the wife of Ernest F. Fecteau, who died in Jan. 1998, to whom she was married for 51 years. Born in Hopkinton, she was the daughter of the late Mary (Phelan) and Martin P Danahy. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE.

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