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 Cheryl Perreault's Poets Corner

     Evan is a very imaginative and articulate eight and a half year-old  resident of Hopkinton who will be entering third grade at Elmwood Elementary School in September.

     He enjoys using the computer to create works of art and writing and to compose his poetry as well.

     This summer Evan has been spending his free time at cub scout camp and also reports enjoying camping outdoors with his family. ~ Cheryl


Welcome to ofCourse Consulting

Open House on Tuesday


     HopNews welcomes Geoffrey Grady and ofCourse Consulting to our fine family of supporters.

    The training facility at 7 Hearthstone Road is planning a kickoff event, a complimentary Internet Seminar from 9am - Noon on August 1, 2006. For more information, click on the icon or call Mr. Grady at 508.353.0626.

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Police Chief Thomas Irvin predicts warm weekend, suggests boat safety


Chief of Police Thomas Irvin has predicted warm weather for the upcoming weekend, and believes that people will find it an ideal time for people to enjoy water sports.


Chief Irvin would like people to enjoy our natural resources safely and suggests that people who use our lakes be responsible and brush up on boating and personal water craft regulations:


File photo, Officer Gregg DeBoer

July 27, 2006 — This gull at the Hopkinton Reservoir proves that beauty can be in the eye of every beholder.

Bugles Across America



Our Next Bugles Across America "Taps Vigil" will be Sunday August 6th at the cemetery on Granite Street in Hopkinton at 7pm.  Please join us in honoring our veterans.



~Evan Brooks, Hopkinton Veterans Celebration Committee

File Photo, Michael McCann, Jr.

Thrown rock penetrates windshield, striking driver and causing accident on I-290


Today at 4:45 a.m., State Police responded to a report of a crash on Route 290 East in Worcester.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Ryan Hodgdon indicates the following:  a 1992 Volvo, operated by Michael P. Porra, age 55 of Ludlow, was traveling in the left travel lane on Route 290 East in Worcester when it was struck by a rock which was believed to be thrown from the Laurel Street overpass.  The rock penetrated the Volvo’s windshield striking Porra in the face. The Volvo then swerved to the left, struck the guard rail and came to final rest along the jersey barriers on the left side of the roadway. Porra was transported to U Mass Medical Center in Worcester with serious injuries.


Two other vehicles were also struck by rocks which also preliminarily appear to have also been thrown from the Laurel Street overpass: a 2000 Nissan Xterra operated by Daniel P. Brooks, age 47 of Worcester and a 2005 Chervrolet Silverado operated by Matthew Gonyea, age 44 of Oxford. Neither Brooks nor Gonyea was injured in the incident; however both vehicles sustained damage when struck by the rocks.


Two rocks approximately 4 inches in diameter were recovered from the scene.  This matter remains under investigation by State Police with the assistance of the Worcester Police Department. ~ News from the Massachusetts State Police

Level 3 Sex Offender Community Notification

Soap box

July 27, 2006 — These water lilies at Blood's Pond are a captive audience for this great blue heron as he expounds on the virtues of fish. Or is he devouring some red flowers like some sort of avian PacMan? Actually, the red flowers, loosestrife, are part of the background; and the lilies have yet to develop the sense of hearing.


9:33 pm A caller reported hitting a deer on Grove Street...


7:26 pm A walk-in reported an unoccupied pick-up truck that rolled across the road and crashed into a stone wall on Cedar Street...


1:09 pm The Police Department received several 911 calls for a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle in front of the post office on Cedar Street...


5:48 pm A caller reported a road rage incident that took place on Cedar Street...  


9:00 am A walk-in reported an assault and battery...


Photo taken this morning, East Main Street at scene of accident, as Officers David Shane, left, and Stephen Buckley make sure there are no more accidents while the wrecker clears the vehicles.

Shooting Incident on Route 27 in Stoughton


Preliminary investigation reveals that on Wednesday, July 26, 2006, at 6:28 p.m., a trooper assigned to the State Police H Troop Community Action Team stopped a Nissan Maxima containing 3 male occupants for a motor vehicle violation on Route 27 South in Stoughton at the Brockton town line.  A second State Police cruiser stopped to assist.


During the stop, the front seat passenger identified as Ren Pho, age, 23 of Brockton, was exiting the vehicle when the trooper observed a hand gun. At the same time the rear seat passenger identified as Joshua Lewis, age 19, of Brockton, fled from the car to the adjacent parking lot. The trooper pursued the fleeing suspect into the parking lot.  As Lewis entered the parking lot, he turned and raised a hand gun pointing it at the trooper. The trooper ordered Lewis to drop his weapon.  The suspect failed to comply with the troopers request and fearing for his safety, the trooper discharged his firearm injuring the suspect.


The operator of the Nissan, Peter Le, age 21, of Brockton and Ren Pho were taken into custody and transported to State Police Barracks in Milton. Joshua Lewis was taken by medical helicopter to Boston Medical Center with serious injuries.


One firearm was recovered from the injured suspect Joshua Lewis and another firearm was recovered from suspect Ren Pho.  Peter Le and Ren Pho will be arraigned at Stoughton District Court on Thursday, July 27, 2006.

Whitehall Land not closing  on schedule


"I borrowed $9,862,000 yesterday. If they'd gotten me the legal requirements, we'd be closing on Monday." ~Maureen Dwinnell, Treasurer/Collector


by Robert Falcione

July 26, 2006 — When asked today if the Whitehall Land sale would close on the scheduled July 31, 2006 date, Treasurer/Collector Maureen Dwinnell said, "No."

     This May, Town Meeting voted to purchase approximately 21 acres of land on a peninsula on Lake Whitehall from developer Ron Nation for $2.75 million, land that had been approved for a subdivision in which 12 acres would have been open space.

     "I haven't borrowed the $700,000," said Mrs. Dwinnell. I am still waiting for the legal requirements:

     "Certified copy from the Chair or Committee that the $700,000 will be spent on the land.

     "A certified copy of the vote recommending the borrowing and the term of the $700,000.

     "Copies of the appraisals.

     "Have them [CPC, community Preservation Committee members] agree to what Heidi and I did to recommend the funds, because I have to certify the balance, and I won't until everyone agrees," she said.

     "They need to bring copies to the Town Clerk to be certified. I asked for them on June 7," she said.

     "If I don't have the legal requirements, I can't borrow. I would have had to set up a special sale and set up a Selectmen's meeting, but we've run out of time for the 31st," she said.

      "I borrowed $8,962,000 yesterday. It was all of the money voted at Town Meeting except for the Whitehall property. If they'd gotten me the legal requirements, we'd be closing on Monday," she said.

      The seller, Ron Nation, has asked for an unspecified deposit in exchange for an extension. However, in a telephone interview today, CPC member Jeff Doherty said that Mr. Nation is no longer looking for a deposit. However Mr. Nation did not return messages.

      "As long as the town has been involved in buying land, there's never been a deposit," said Mrs. Dwinnell.

      When asked about the extension, Mr. Doherty said, "We are working out terms on an extension. We are close to getting a deal signed to extend this so we can get our grant." FULL STORY

No ham and eggs here

July 26, 2006 — This dragonfly on the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam devours a breakfast of raw arthropod this morning. While dragonflies have legs and feet, they are not for standing, but for holding on. The dragonfly catches other insects by flying with its legs dangling, and the hairs of those legs making a net. Dragonflies seem to be more abundant in recent years.

Hopkinton Historical Society

Annual Yard Sale

Hello, Historical Society members!  We'll be holding our annual yard sale on September 9, at the home of Roger and Merylyn Mezitt (72 East Main Street). 


If you have anything to donate, please feel free to contact me (435-0074) or Merylyn (435-6740) for drop-off or pick-up. 


And if you'd like to volunteer your time and energy for the yard sale, please contact Michelle at 435-8288.  Time to clean out your attic!


Hope to see you there! Bill Shaw, HHS President (435-0074).


July 26, 2006 — The seagull and the man wearing headphone are each searching for treasures of sorts that others of their kind have left behind at the Main Beach of the Hopkinton State Park this morning. A high-numbered f-stop (aperture) is what keeps the man in the background from being thrown totally out of focus.

Exxon hit with "Cease and Desist" ~ Appeals Decision

Will continue to sell propane pending court order


by Robert Falcione

July 25, 2006 — Hopkinton Exxon's propane sales came to the attention of former Director of Municipal Inspections, current Selectman Michael Shepard, as he reviewed Special Permits in 2005. The Exxon's permit specifically excludes the sale of propane, even though they have been doing so for eleven years after being issued a permit in by the Board of Selectmen in 1995.  Mr. Shepard advised Jerry Lazzaro, owner  of the Exxon, that the situation could be remedied with a revision of that permit before the Board of Appeals, and that it would be a simple matter.

      A hearing was held on April 12 of this year where evidence was given for the sale of propane and the keeping  of two unregistered vehicles for the purpose of sale, and arguments were heard. No abutters complained or even attended.

      A Decision was received from the Board of Appeals by the Planning Board on July 7 that denied those requests. In that Decision the Board also directed the Director of Municipal Inspections, Charles Kadlik, to issue a Cease and Desist order within 20 days of the Decision. Mr. Kadlik issued that order on July 14, 2006, for the Exxon to cease the sale of bottled gas and the storage and sale of unregistered vehicles.

     The Exxon, through Attorney Thomas Nealon, fired back with an appeal in Superior Court naming the members of the Board of Appeals in their capacity as members, a copy of that appeal being filed with the Town Clerk today.

      It asked only four things in the Appeal filed yesterday with the Court:

1. Annul the July 7, 2006 decision of the Board;

2. Direct the Board to grant the requested amendments to the Special Permit;

3. Issue an order staying a Town of Hopkinton Cease and Desist Order; and

4. Grant such other relief as justice and equity may require.

     "Where else do they want propane to be sold?" said Mr. Lazzaro upon hearing the news. "This is a natural. It is sold in gas stations everywhere," he said.

     Another gas station in Hopkinton sells propane, but has not received any type of order, even though it is a well known fact that they do so.

     Mr. Lazzaro and his supporters may introduce a zoning article that would allow the sale of propane in a business district in Hopkinton.

     And although a future by-law change may allow it, the issue of the Exxon being in the new Town Meeting-approved WRPOD (Water Resources Protection Overlay District) which covers most of the downtown, was specifically mentioned in the Board of Appeals' Decision as not being addressed in that Decision.   

    The storage of liquid petroleum is specifically prohibited in the new WRPOD, but ironically, the storage of liquid propane above ground is.

Summer in the City

July 25, 2006 — Jeff Ward, right, and his friends used his home and his Dad's barbershop as a base camp for their skateboarding and other downtown adventures today.


July 25, 2006 — Ray Murphy and the 1850's style building at Hitchings Hardware could be from another era in this photo taken today and colored in a sepia tone.

Man injured in motorcycle accident

July 25, 2006 — On Cedar Street at 1:00 p.m. today a mature man, perhaps in his fifties, was struck while driving a motorcycle, according witnesses, by a woman in an SUV backing out of Country Farms convenience store. It appeared that the man suffered a substantial leg injury.

July 25, 2006 — As the lead vehicle of funeral procession for 14 year-old Tyler Lary reached the Mt. Auburn cemetery, many of the 1,000 mourners were still leaving the First Congregational Church.




WESTBOROUGH – The 495/MetroWest region’s legislative delegation has succeeded in overriding a veto by Governor Romney of a $250,000 state appropriation for the 495/MetroWest Corridor Partnership.

     The funding authorization on behalf of the Partnership was endorsed by both the full House and Senate as part of their deliberations on the Fiscal Year 2007 state budget, and was included in the conference committee report that was enacted and sent to the Governor for his consideration.  Despite the Partnership’s strong record of accomplishment; history of public-private funding; endorsement by both Republican and Democratic members of the legislative delegation; and strong support by regional leaders, Governor Romney vetoed the appropriation when he signed the state budget into statute.

     In order to restore this funding authorization for the Partnership, an override vote for this particular veto had to be conducted in each legislative branch, with a two-thirds margin required for passage.  To do so, the legislation delegation worked together to show the depth of support for the Partnership by sending joint letters to the House Speaker, Senate President, Ways and Means Committee Chairs, and Majority Leaders urging an override of Governor Romney’s veto. 

     In the House of Representatives, these letters pointed out that “this earmark is crucial to the Partnership’s continued work on behalf of thirty-two communities, over half a million residents, and twenty nine legislators in the 495/MetroWest region,” and were coordinated by State Representative Stephen LeDuc.  In the Senate, this effort argued that the override was necessary “to demonstrate to the Governor our support for the continued growth and well being of the Metrowest region, a region crucial to the state’s economy,” and was led by State Senator Pamela Resor.  Thirteen other legislators signed these letters, and made the Partnership funding authorization one of their top priorities during the Legislature’s consideration of potential veto overrides.

     Throughout the legislative process of developing a state budget for Fiscal Year 2007, many of the state legislators representing the 495/MetroWest region endorsed the Partnership’s request for state funding and worked tirelessly to secure the needed authorization.  These legislators included State Representatives Cory Atkins, Deborah Blumer, James Eldridge, Geoffrey Hall, Stephen LeDuc, David Linsky, Paul Loscocco, Marie Parente, Alice Peisch, George Peterson, Karyn Polito, Susan Pope, Thomas Sannicandro, and James Vallee; and State Senators Edward Augustus, Scott Brown, Harriette Chandler, Richard Moore, Pamela Resor, and Karen Spilka.

      As a result of this leadership from the legislative delegation, as well as many shows of support from municipal officials, business executives, and other regional leaders from the Arc of Innovation, both the House and Senate have voted to override the veto of Line Item 7003-0702 and restore $250,000 in funding to the Partnership during Fiscal Year 2007.

      “These state legislators do a terrific job advocating for the region’s needs and deserve our heartfelt thanks and appreciation,” commented Paul Matthews, Executive Director of the Partnership.  “A renewed commitment of state funding was key to continuing the Partnership’s public-private collaboration addressing the needs of this economically crucial region.”

~Contributed content from the 'ARC of Innovation.

Wisconsin Cheese Rollover on Route 495 in Bridgewater ~ Highway reopened

Driver unhurt, charged ~ Diesel spills

July 25, 2006 — Today at about 5:50 a.m., State Police from the Middleboro Barracks responded to a tractor-trailer rollover on Route 495 North, just north of Route 24, in Bridgewater.

     Preliminary investigation by Trooper Jeff Whitehead indicates that 62-year-old Gary Bindert of Waukesha, Wisconsin was traveling on the ramp from Route 24 South to Route 495 North in a tractor-trailer when he lost control of the vehicle causing it to rollover in the roadway on Route 495 North. Bindert was uninjured in the crash.

     The tractor trailer was carrying 38,000 pounds of cheese, but it all remained inside the trailer. The gas tanks on the tractor ruptured during the crash, spilling about 60 gallons of diesel fuel on the roadway.

     Bindert was charged with speeding and failing to stay within marked lanes. Route 495 North was initially closed with the exception of the breakdown lane for about 2 hours. After moving the tractor-trailer to the left travel lane shortly after 8:00 a.m., they were able to then open all lanes of traffic, with the exception of the left travel lane. As of 10:45 a.m., the left travel lane remained closed while workers continued to off-load the trailer.

     The Massachusetts Highway Department, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Rayham Fire Department all assisted at the scene.

Bee careful

July 24, 2006 — This bee found the loosestrife at Lake Whitehall irresistible.


  Senior Moments          

Surprise party to be Summer highlight

Ray Drawe sprucing things up

by Ann DiLeo

July 23, 2006 — A very quiet summer for seniors who aren’t on a happy vacation somewhere…

                Very few events are planned, Sunday concerts in the park seem to be the main attraction, drawing more crowds than ever…..

               She sat alone in the swing., No one was outside walking,  No one was on a patio, No one was there! She prayed for a friend, For a party she could attend, Nothing to do, Isolated and blue…….

               She decided to go for a walk to look at her home surroundings. So many people in Hopkinton still didn’t know that Davis Road Senior Housing was there!   Strolling around the area on the lanes and paths is an enjoyable experience.

               So many tenants have fixed their patios and yards with personal goodies. Some have flowerpots and plants, and small gardens. There are wind chimes, garlands, a variety of beautiful lawn chairs, benches and yard tables. The lawns are well tended by the maintenance staff, always mowed, clean, and ready for people to pull up a few chairs for a friendly chat.  

                Ray Drawe, a long time resident and a very talented fellow has been making personal name plaques for people to hang on their patios, very attractive and personal. So far he has created about 38 plaques.             

                Ray is pictured here tending to a smaller plaque that he put on his porch to show the year the Drawe's moved to Davis Road, 1994..               

                 One event is scheduled for the Davis Road community room on Aug.4 starting at 10 am; an Arctic Circle Adventure, with stories and songs and a brunch…all presented by the Grace United Methodist Church. That sounds like a proper subject for these super hot days.            

                 I have also been informed that there might be a surprise party for us before the end of the summer. I like that kind of surprise…..

                 Of course when the new Senior Center opens, we won’t have to worry about the town folks knowing we are here. I expect Davis Road will become well traveled along with several streets off Main.  The new Senior Center is nothing less than majestic. And I hope it serves us well.

               We shall soon find out. In the meantime  maybe we will see you at a Sunday concert. Or the Arctic festival, or meandering along our handsome paths and enjoying senior place….

Love, Annie

It's summer, lose the coat!

July 24, 2006 — This is the adult Highland cow the Larter's have trimming one of their fields.

     "You don't need to cut the grass with them," said Pam Larter.

4H Horse Show

July 24, 2006 — Melissa Lukey beams after riding past the judges and winning a ribbon in the Woodville 4H Horse Show on Sunday, something she has been doing since she was six.

State Police Respond to Single-Vehicle / Single-Occupant Crash on Route 495 in Middleboro

Driver not wearing seat belt, ejected 

July 24, 2006 — Today about 8:15 p.m., State Police from the Middleboro barracks responded to a single-vehicle / single-occupant crash on Route 495 in Middleboro.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper David Lemar indicates that a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu was traveling north on Route 495 North when the operator lost control of the vehicle; the vehicle traveled off the road to the left and rolled over.  The Chevrolet continued through the median and came to final rest on the southbound lanes of Route 495.  The operator, who was not wearing a safety belt at the time of the crash, was ejected from the vehicle and landed in the left travel lane of Route 495 South. 


The operator of the Chevrolet was transported with serious injuries by medical helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital.  The name of the operator is being withheld pending proper next of kin notification.


Though the crash remains under investigation at this time with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, it would appear that speed was a factor in the crash.


Members of Oak Bluffs EMS, who were heading south on Route 495 to catch a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, stopped to assist troopers at the scene.  The Middleboro Fire Department, the Middleboro Police Department, Middleboro EMS, the Massachusetts Highway Department and the State Police Crime Scene Services Section also assisted troopers at the scene. Route 495 was shut down in both directions (North & South) for about an hour and forty minutes.

MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton Pre-School and School Age Program has openings


     The MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton still has openings in its Pre-School and School Age Programs.  Serving ages 2.9 to 5 year olds, the Pre-School program offers social, emotional and educational skill development through theme bases curriculum focusing on caring, respect, honesty and responsibility.  Students enjoy indoor fun as well as exploring our 116 acre outdoor environment. Full day and half day options are available along with two, three and five day options.

      The YMCA School Age Program offers a caring, experienced and fun staff.   Age- Specific program include: Homework assistance, outdoor explorations, creative arts, cooking, and small group interaction.  Both morning and afternoon care is available, with two, three and five day options. Transportation is provided to and from Hopkinton and Ashland Schools. 

      More information or registration information may be obtained by calling the MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton at 508-435-9345

Capeness Monster

Above: (Inset, Scott Van Raalten) Deckhand Clint, Lou Gonzalez, William Burchard, Thomas Lemon, Patrick O'Brien, Scott Van Raalten, Howie Moran.

Some of the Hopkinton Police Officers and employees had a holiday this weekend and fished out of Rock Harbor, Orleans. 

The fish is a 52lbs 8oz 52" Striped Bass apprehended by Det. Scott Van Raalten. This writer speculates that if Det. Van Raalten had thrown the fish back, it be taller then him next year.


MOMS Ice Cream Social

August 16th, 10:30 am

Hopkinton Common


The MOMS Club of Hopkinton is a support group for mothers of young children in Hopkinton. We offer playgroups, kids' activities, moms' activities, service projects and many other ways to get to know other moms in town. More information about the club can be found at:  www.momsclubhopkinton.org . If you are considering becoming a member please join us for a morning of music and ice cream. You are invited to the MOMS Club Ice cream social on August 16th at 10:30 on the Hopkinton Town Common for a performance of children's music by Ed Morgan followed by an ice cream treat.  At the social we will be collecting new backpacks and school supplies to help support children in need in our area for Project Just Because.  If you would like to support this Hopkinton based charity, please consider bringing a new backpack and/or school supplies listed below: to the Ice Cream Social: New backpacks (preschool through High school), Trapper Keepers, binders, notebooks, Pens, crayons, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, Glue sticks, Index cards, sticky notes, Math compass, protractors, Clip boards, Dry erase boards, new clean socks, dry erase markers, Scissors, Tissues, paper towels, bacterial wipes, RSVP to icecreamsocial@momsclubhopkinton.org . Or call 508-625-1383.






5:22 pm A caller on Saddle Hill Road reported that a dead opossum was in the roadway.  They also stated that a baby opossum that was still alive was next to it...


4:36 pm A caller reported that a man pulled her over on West Main Street and issued her a warning.  The caller thought the situation was very strange.  Dispatch confirmed that no recent stops were made in that area...


10:01am A resident on Jamie Lane reported that a skunk was swimming in her pool...


7:38 pm Officer Timothy Brennan responded to a report of a home on Frankland Road that was possibly struck by lightning...  


Message from Hopkinton Police

     The Hopkinton Police Department has received an inquiry regarding the legitimacy of the Mass Association of Police, which has called one or more residents asking for donations.

     The Hopkinton Police is not familiar with this association, nor is it affiliated with that organization, nor can it attest to its legitimacy or existence.

     The Hopkinton Police never telephones residents asking for donations.

Elusive flight

July 24, 2006 — This Monarch Butterfly took a pause from its fanciful, flitting, flight for a drink of nectar from this flower on Main Street this morning.

Richard J. "RJ" Penney III, 21


HOPKINTON - Richard J. “RJ” Penney III, 21, died July 22, 2006 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.. Born in Framingham, he was the son of Richard J. and Kathleen (Cousineau) Penney of Hopkinton.

He was a 2002 graduate of Hopkinton High School. He was employed by Barry-John Chimney Services of Franklin. Arrangements complete

NOTE: The funeral of Tyler Lary will be held at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday July 25, 2006 at the First Congregational Church, 146 East Main Street, Hopkinton. Burial will follow at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Hopkinton. Calling hours at the Congregational Church are Monday, July 24, from 4 to 8 p.m. FULL ARRANGEMENTS (The time had been omitted from the original announcement).

All horse sense here

July 23, 2006 — These young riders and their steeds are awaiting for their turns in the round at the Larter's Farm today during the Woodville 4H Club Horse Show and Competition.

Shaggy Cow

July23, 2006 — Pam Larter tries to entice one of her young distinctive Highland breed of cattle at her farm today with an apple. According to Mrs. Larter, because of its thick coat, the breed does not need the amount of fat that domestic breeds are known for. For that reason, she said, the breed is becoming more popular in the United States.

Fourth anniversary

July 23, 2006 — The family of  toddlers Violet and Iris Carey gathered at 65 Main Street this evening, the scene of the horrific house explosion on July 24, 2002 that took the lives of those children, who were 5 and 4 years-old respectively at the time.

Whirly bird

July 24, 200 — An unidentified dad takes on the role of an amusement park ride during the music on the Common this evening.

Say, bye!

July 23, 2006 — Maggie McCarthy, 1, knows how  to say goodbye as her dad, Steve, carries her across the Lake Whitehall Dam today.

Splish splash

July 23, 2006 — Daniel Griben, foreground, his brother Alex, and their friend Jon Wood, who is surrounded the first facial mini-cyclone ever recorded, enjoy a carefree time in an undisclosed area of Woodville.

Intensity wins

July 22, 2006 — The New England Intensity all-women football team stopped by Cornell's this evening to celebrate their 26-0 win over the Albany Ambush today. Above from left, Cornerback Val Monaco, Head Coach Michael Correia, Tailback Stephanie Samuelson, Swing Back & Free Safety Lauren Menford, Coach Ken Gikas.

Seven Deadly Sins, a heavenly performance

Photo taken from outside on sidewalk, the glass showing a reflection of the streetscape.

July 22, 2006 — Enter Stage Left Theater held a sold out performance this evening with their very special brand of irreverent Catholicism, which could be construed to be more devilish than angelic, tonight at 30 Main Street.

Water main on Grove Street shut off during repairs

The DPW was on Grove Street to repair a water service today, and had to shut down the water main on that road. The leak started yesterday, well before the storm.

Freak storm • Floods • Lightning

July 22, 2006 — A freak storm barreled through the area yesterday, causing lightning strikes and flooding, like this photo of a storm drain today on Frankland Road that was filled by silt, resulting the flooding of the street and build up of silt and gravel on the road. It appears the sweeper and perhaps a loader from the DPW cleared the road earlier.

    This writer's trip through Ashland at about 5:45 p.m. last night came to a screeching halt when a freak wind bent the trees across the road ahead and one snapped, falling onto the roadway about 75 feet away. Then another crashed down from the weight of the wind about half the distance of that, putting the next projected fallen tree right on top of the car. I drove in reverse on the wrong side of the road past the waiting line of cars that had been behind, and to the next driveway to escape the onslaught, and then found open land on Oregon Road to wait out the killer wind. Lightning struck no fewer than two homes in Hopkinton, neither of which caught fire, and roads flooded all over town, as rain drops the size of golf balls fell from the sky. ~ Robert

No Big Dig here

July 21, 2006 — Brian Prescott, left, and Mike Hayward prepare the rear of Hopkinton Drug parking lot for new pavement earlier in the week, as part of a total renovation of the exterior.

Magic Bus

July 21, 2006 — George Robinson, who can usually be seen driving the Senior center bus, is at the helm of his boat, but still driving senior citizens during their outing at Sandy Island Beach.

Chef Jack

July 21, 2006 — Jack McInerney was the chef at the grill for the Seniors' Day trip to Sandy Island Beach this week.

Hopkinton – Doris G. Irvine, 75

Hopkinton – Doris G. Irvine, 75, died July 20, 2006 at her home following a long illness. She was the wife of Joseph F. Irvine for 35 years and enjoyed a wonderful marriage. Born in Rickford, Vermont, she was the daughter of the late Albert and Bernice (Childe) Wright. Mrs. Irvine was the vice-president and co-owner of  J. C. Parmenter.

      A resident of Hopkinton for 52 years, she had been a member of the First Congregation Church of Hopkinton and had been a member of the choir, Joy Fellowship and the Women’s Fellowship.  She had enjoyed extensive travel throughout the country. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Heidi Kriger rides again

"This year is for me" ~ Heidi


by Robert Falcione

July 20, 2006 — Pan Mass Challenge participant Heidi Kriger, known locally as Hopkinton's Town Accountant, will be participating in her seventh Pan Mass Challenge on August 5 and 6 of this year to raise money for the Dana Farber Institute and the Jimmy Fund. The bicycle ride, from Wellesley to Provincetown, is 170 miles, and has raised $145 million since its inception in 1980.

      While her motives seven years ago were valid and worthy — some friends who had lost loved ones wanted company — this year's reason for training and riding are more personal and compelling.

      "A friend asked me to join her and her brother because they had lost a parent to cancer. It sounded like a good cause and lots of fun, so I said, 'I'll do it'. This year is different. My how things have changed," she said. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of this year.

      "I have had surgery, chemotherapy, and  now I am in the middle of radiation," she said.

      "Luckily, due to an early diagnosis, and the treatments that are available as a result of fundraising efforts of charities like the Pan Mass Challenge — and the research that they fund — I received treatments that were not available perhaps ten years ago."

      When asked what she did to prepare, Ms. Kriger said, "Ride, ride, ride — and ask people for money." The minimum fundraising commitment is $3,300, but Ms. Kriger is looking to nearly double that with a $6,000 goal. People wishing to contribute may go to her contribution page. There are only two weeks left.

     The training Mrs. Kriger undergoes with her husband, 15-20 miles on weekdays and 25-45 miles on weekends, is done  near their Clinton home, where the terrain is very hilly.

     "I kept hearing that I would be tired from the radiation, but I thought, 'I don't have time to be tired. I have biking to do.'

     "A doctor made an analogy to a marathon runner when all of the carbs have been burned toward the end of the race, but I actually have more energy at the end of the PMC. I am wondering when I am going to become tired.

      "I' m feeling pretty good," she said.  

      "This year is for me." 

Hopkinton - Tyler Jay Lary, 14


Hopkinton - Tyler Jay Lary, 14, died at home Wednesday July 19, 2006. Born in Worcester, he was the son of Jody and Vickie (Hamilton) Lary of Hopkinton.

     He was a graduate of Hopkinton Middle School. He enjoyed bicycling and playing guitar.

     He was a member of the Hopkinton Congregational Youth Group and the American Motorcycle Association and he helped out the Tin Can Sailors at Battleship Cove in Fall River. He also enjoyed spending time at the beach in Maine with his grandparents.- Arrangements complete.


 Community Preservation Committee makes progress on projects

"...he will be depriving the Town of $500,00."

 ~ Roger Mezitt


July 20, 2006 — The Community Preservation Committee made headway on a few projects this evening, including the Hopkinton Trails Club's Center Trail project, which will upgrade the former railroad bed from across from Hopkinton Lumber to Chamberlain Street.

      The neighbors abutting the first part of the trail off of Main Street should receive a proper screening from trail users with trees or shrubs that of currently undetermined type.

     According Liisa Jackson of the Hopkinton Trails club, that part of the trail, which is well overgrown, will be renewed by Scott's Landscaping, which will do the job for the cost of materials, about $3,000.

     Part of the work needed to upgrade the trail where it passes through wetlands will have to be approved by the Conservation Commission .

The Fountain

     The Fountain on the Common, bequeathed to the town by Charlie Claflin over 100 years ago, is slated for repair. Although the money for the repair was appropriated at a Town Meeting, no action has been taken because there was a third tier people were looking for. But that assumption was laid to rest this evening.

    Hopkinton native, Paul Annunziata, whose father was known to natives for decades as "Doc Joe," shared the fruits of his research on the history of the fountain on the Common, bringing light to the "missing" tier."

    Mr. Annunziata showed a pictorial history proving that the fountain had only two tiers as he reminisced his childhood romp through its waters and lamented its current disrepair.

    "It's like a clock on the wall that doesn't work. It's useless," he said.

     Mr. Annunziata offered some solutions that the Committee discussed pursuing.

Whitehall Land Purchase

     Advocates of the Town Meeting purchase of the Ron Nation land near Lake Whitehall were put a little at ease this week as the Department of Revenue confirmed that the Treasurer Maureen Dwinnell can count Fiscal Year 2007 revenues as part of the funding mechanism for the property that is surrounded by land owned by former Conservation Chairman Brian Morrison, who has promised to never develop his land as a stipulation to the sale, according CPC member Jeff Doherty in a previous interview.

     Chairman John Coolidge said that he had the required three appraisals for the land to qualify for the use of CPC funds, which are matched by the State. But at a previous meeting, Mr. Coolidge said that the high appraisal was not yet in writing. Mr. Coolidge has refused to produce the written appraisals for other Town officials claiming Executive Session privilege. The State will not allow CPC funds to be used to purchase land at a price higher than appraised.

      A $500,000 Self-help grant, toward the $3 million purchase price, that Mr. Coolidge promised to apply for at Town Meeting, cannot be applied for until after the closing date. Mr. Coolidge agreed this evening that the grant will not reimburse part of a purchase, but will only "reduce" the cost to the Town if is applied for before the purchase. The closing is slated for July 31, 2006, meaning that in order to qualify for the $500,000, the Town needs an extension to the closing date to give it time to apply for the grant. Mr. Doherty said tonight that he is in negotiations with Mr. Nation for an extension, but he also said the Town will not pay for it.

      "If Ron Nation insists on closing on July 31, he will be depriving the Town of $500,000," said member Roger Mezitt.

Tyler J. Lary, 14, arrangements incomplete

Tyler J. Lary, 14, of Hopkinton, died Wednesday, July 19, 2006 at his home. Funeral arrangements, under the direction of the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, are incomplete at this time.

Doris G. Irvine, 76, arrangements incomplete

Doris G. Irvine, 76, died peacefully this morning at her home surrounded by her loving family. Arrangements, being prepared by Chesmore Funeral Home, are incomplete.

YMCA Kid's Carnival

MetroWest YMCA & neighbors get mixed judgment from Court

July 20, 2006 — In typical YMCA fashion, it was more about execution than glitz, as the facility hosted a Carnival today, but with no rides, just loads of fun games.

     The Metrowest YMCA was recently given a mixed judgment in their years-long plans to expand their facility with an indoor pool and exercise area.

     On June 10, 2006, Judge Gordon Piper of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Land Court ruled that the Metrowest YMCA did not meet the standards of an educational institution as spelled out by the so-called Dover Amendment, which would have exempted them from going to a site plan review before the Planning Board, and instead allowed them to get a comprehensive permit from the Board of Appeals with less strict standards.

     The controversy began when the Building Inspector advised MetroWest that they qualified for the Dover Amendment. The Board of Appeals overturned his decision but agreed with his determination that the educational/recreational purposes were a use by right.

    The Court, while turning down the YMCA determination, also turned down the appeal by neighbors of the determination by the Hopkinton Board of Appeals that the proposed uses were permitted by right.

    Although it is unclear at this time what the YMCA plans to do with the lawsuit, but it appears they will not move forward with their plans to expand in the direction they planned.    

It only smokes...

...after they shift.

The HopNews camera caught this smoke machine on the way to the fire in Milford, where there was none.

No 10 here

July 20, 2006 — This young man found the water inviting at the Hopkinton Reservoir yesterday as he did his best dive.

Swimming in a sea of balls

July 20, 2006 — One of the few rules of this game at the YMCA Carnival today was to raise your hand when another person got into the box of balls.


State and Local Police Apprehend Bank Robbery Suspect


July 20, 2006 — Today at approximately 9:30 a.m. the Boston Police Department issued a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) for a vehicle wanted in connection with a possible robbery in their city.

     At approximately 9:50 a.m. Trooper Franklin Davis was on patrol on Route 95 South in the town of Needham in the vicinity of Great Plain Avenue when he observed the vehicle described in the BOLO.  Trooper Davis attempted to stop the vehicle at which time the vehicle failed to stop.

    The State Police initiated a pursuit with the assistance of the State Police Air Wing and several local police departments.  The subject exited his vehicle in Canton and fled on foot.  A short while later, State Police and Milton Police Detectives apprehended the suspect. 

    The suspect was identified as 41 year-old Trent J. Miller of 24 Chestnut West  # 3F, Randolph.  Miller was taken to the Milton State Police Barracks for booking. He is being charged with

1. Armed Bank Robbery 2.Assault and Battery on a Police Officer 3.Operating a Motor Vehicle to Endanger and various other motor vehicle violations. The vehicle was seized by the Bank Robbery Task Force.

     Miller was transported to Boston Police Brighton Station were he will be held pending his arraignment.

     Milton Police, Canton Police, Wellesley Police, Randolph, and Newton Police, the State Police Crime Scene Service, and the Bank Robbery Task Force assisted in the apprehension. File photo

Out with the old

July 20, 2006 — Billy Prairie, 11, got a little work from Country Plus on Main Street pulling weeds from the Garden Club's planters in front of the store. Although gardening may not be in his specific future plans, he does want to become a builder like his dad.




10:15 pm A 911 caller reported a man who was trying to put a young boy into a car on West Main Street.  The reporting party stated that all she could hear was screaming...


5:29 pm A caller reported seeing a man perform a lewd and lascivious act on Rafferty Road...


3:19 pm A woman came into the station to report her car stolen...


7:10 pm A walk-in from Mayhew Street reported that his son's go-cart

was stolen.

Interested in helping shape youth baseball?  Come to an informational meeting to learn more about the Hopkinton Little League board positions.  The meeting will be held on Sunday, August 6th at 7pm in the Activities Room of Golden Pond on West Main St.  For more information, email Jennifer at kenzkyle@comcast.net

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