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The beach is that way!

August 3, 2006 — Bob Clausen directs his charges this morning during the Park and Recreation Department Tennis Camp.

State Park program cancelled due to heat advisory

Due to the heat advisory posted again for Massachusetts, the program "Women in the Outdoors" set to go today at Hopkinton State Park from 1-3 pm is cancelled.

Our 2 programs set for tomorrow, "Let's Talk to Turtles" from 1-2, and the "Summer Sky Star Party with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics" from 9pm-11 pm is set to continue as planned.

Hope everyone is staying cool comfortable.

Jennefer Marker
Interpretive Ranger (Massachusetts Department of Conservation)
Hopkinton, Ashland and Whitehall State Parks
(508) 435-4303

Driving to Brockton?

Traffic Advisory Regarding Route 123 and Route 24 in Brockton From Massachusetts State Police


    As of 4:00 a.m. on August 3, 2006, the following road closures in Brockton will remain in effect until further notice:

Route 123 West from the Carlton House to Pearl Street

The ramp from Route 123 West to Route 24 North

The ramp from Route 24 North to Route 123 West

     These closures took effect on the evening of August 2, 2006, after several utility poles were knocked down as a result of severe weather. 

These closures are anticipated to continue through approximately 10:00 a.m. today. 

Warning from the Board of Selectmen


     Due to the extreme heat that Massachusetts is expecting on Wednesday (8/2), the Board of Selectmen would ask any resident who might be experiencing difficulty due to the weather, to please contact the Police Department at 508-497-3401 or the Fire Department at 508-497-2325. Also, if anyone knows of a resident who might be affected by the extreme heat, it would be encouraged to check on them to find out if they are okay.

High and not dry

August 2, 2006 — Weston Nurseries is giving their crews the option of taking off at any time today, when the temperature has been forecasted by some to reach 100°F.

Neither hail nor Heat...

August 2, 2006 — Steve Fanueff and the other Mail Carriers of the Hopkinton Post Office will be is getting a little relief today from part timers, as the temperature is expected to reach 100°F.

Kitchen needs, done dirt cheap.

We would lend much credibility to the writer of this note on Hayden Rowe Street.

Community TV Auditions

Local man to produce local musical talent show






     "Studio Session Live" is a new program concept being developed by HCAM-TV Access Producer Bob Crownfield. This program, produced by volunteers, is a live concert performance recorded for television. The pilot will be recorded in September, with new episodes to be taped once or twice a month.

     Crownfield said "Upcoming styles include Folk, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Classical to start. We are interested in performers at several levels, from emerging new talent to established performers. We are specially interested in local talent."

     An open audition is scheduled for August 9th for performers who are interested but who do not have a performance in the near future, or a live performance CD available. Visit www.StudioSessionLive.com for information and to reserve a slot at the audition. Reservations are required to audition. Photo, Jim Cozzens, left, and Bob Crownfield in front of the "Green Screen."

     "Studio Session Live" is also interested in volunteers who would like to help produce the show. All technical training, including camera work, is available to interested volunteers.

Bob Crownfield 508-435-2186 Bob@StudioSessionLive.com


August 1, 2006 — Nathan Mezitt, 8, and sister Anna, 7, caught frogs on the Weston Nurseries property while dad, Peter, located plants to fill an order early this evening.

A lot of brass

August 1, 2006 — This group of musicians was called the "Trumpet Virtuosos" by their Conductor, Steve Yavarow, during the performance of the Hopkinton Music Association on the CAA lawn on Sunday.

Follow the diesel trail

August 30, 2006 — The Fire Department assisted the driver of this truck who called them after he found a bit of gravel behind the Mobil to stop at to repair his diesel fuel leak, after trying to pull over all the way from Wood Street on Monday.

Interested in helping shape youth baseball?  Come to an informational meeting to learn more about the Hopkinton Little League board positions.  The meeting will be held on Sunday, August 6th at 7pm in the Activities Room of Golden Pond on West Main St.  For more information, email Jennifer at kenzkyle@comcast.net

Hopkinton State Park

department of Conservation and Recreation



Thursday,  August 3rd 1:00-3:00 pm, Meet at the boathouse

Come join us in a fun, supportive environment geared towards assisting you in feeling empowered in the outdoors.  The August 3rd program includes activities such as tent and camp set-up, shelter building, hiking and many others.  Women ages 14 and up, but all ages welcome.



Friday, August 4th 1:00-2:00 pm, Meet at the Upper Beach bathhouse

What animal has scales, long claws, a hard or soft shell, and is cold blooded? If you guessed a turtle, you're right! Learn about the habitat, range, and life cycle of the ten species of pond and mud turtles native to Massachusetts on Friday, August 4th.  Great for ages 5-12, but all ages are welcome.

  :-) Theater :-( 

Dog could inherit $6 million

Greyhound Friends on hand at performance


July 31, 2006 — Newton’s Turtle Lane Playhouse will be supporting pet adoption during this summer’s presentation of LUCKY STIFF the musical.  Representatives from The Greyhound Friends will be at performances throughout the engagement of this canine themed production to promote awareness for abandoned and neglected animals along with pet placement with loving caretakers.  Exuberant, energetic, and impeccably crafted, LUCKY STIFF is a night of fun for the entire family with a chance to learn more about how to support and help these great organizations.

     Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty’s, the authors of Ragtime, Seussical, Once On This Island, My Favorite Year and the animated film Anastasia exploded on the musical theatre scene with LUCKY STIFF, a zany, offbeat comedy/murder mystery farce about an unassuming English shoe salesman forced to take the corpse of his recently-murdered Atlantic City croupier uncle on a week-long vacation to Monte Carlo. Should he succeed, Harry Witherspoon stands to inherit $6,000,000. If not, the money goes to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn. 

     The proceedings are sheer lunacy as Harry comes up against his uncle’s insanely jealous and legally blind mistress, her much put-upon optometrist brother and Annabel Glick, a zealous representative from the Universal Dog Home determined to see Harry’s inheritance “go to the dogs.”

     During the entire production run of LUCKY STIFF, The Greyhound Friends will be on site providing audience members information about adoption, rescue and how they can provide support for this worthy cause.  Turtle Lane Playhouse has always been a supporter of animals, particularly dogs, as the playhouse owner shares her home with 5 lovable canines--most of which were rescued or adopted as well.

     LUCKY STIFF runs through August 14th, Thursday through Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm at Turtle Lane Playhouse, 283 Melrose Street, Auburndale, MA.  Tickets are available online at www.turtle-lane.com or by phoning 617-244-0169.

Reader checks out HopNews while away

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Busy weekend


• 30 + teens flee police from party in woods in Alprilla Farms area...

• Fireworks keep resident up on North Pond...

• Alleged Illegal alien snagged...

• Driver flips Jeep, flees, escapes dragnet...

• Threatening calls from a pay phone...

• Several arrests...





If you see Nancy Nash on Tuesday, August 1, 2006,

wish her a Happy 60th Birthday!!

(Believe it or not, it's true.)

Familiar places

July 31, 2006 — The bee, the loosestrife, and even the gazebo at Ice House Pond, although nothing more than an inference, are fairly recognizable to most People in Hopkinton. The pond has recently taken on the name of the namesake of the building next to it, Golden Pond.

Concert on the Common

July 30, 2006 — Katherine Gates was on the Common to help out with concert support, enjoy the music and add to her artist's portfolio today.

Athlete in training

July 30, 2006 — Shane Arrandale gets some pre-concert fun in while the other early birds get situated in anticipation of the classic hits sound of the band Double Play.

Safety first

July 30, 2006 — Officer William Burchard chats with a concertgoer. Officer Burchard was on Bicycle Patrol, making sure the downtown is safe and assisting residents cross the streets safely near the Common.

And a one, two...

July 30, 2006 —The Hopkinton Music Association played for their second season on the lawn of the CAA on Hayden Rowe this afternoon. Above, Steve Yavarow, Hopkinton Music Director, conducts the band.

Leaning Tower of Hopkinton

July 30, 2006 — Good thing the silo at the CAA property, the former Terry Farm, is leaning in the other direction today as the band played on, and the sky played a symphony for the eyes.

Tipsy turvy

July 30, 2006 — The crowd appears upside down on the concave surface of this tuba today.

Sharing music

July 30, 2006 — These flute players are not only sharing their sounds with the audience, but they also shared their sheet music with one another.

Hopkinton Woman Competes Internationally

Captures Third Place

July 23-Inverness, Scotland — The City of Inverness Highland Games was recently host to the biggest ever Masters World Championship in Scottish Heavy Athletics.

    Over 70 Masters athletes from the US, Canada, Scotland, England, Germany, Norway and Switzerland competed in 8 traditional Scottish Heavy Events.

      The athletes, ranging in age from 40 to over 70, competed over 2 days in stone putting, throwing weights for distance, Scottish hammer, throwing weight for height and the caber toss.

     Five women competed, including Nancy Baker Fowler of Hopkinton. Ms Baker Fowler placed 3rd in six of the eight events, taking 3rd place over-all. The events for women included the Braemar Stone; a 13lb stone put from a stand, Open Stone; a 9lb stone put with an approach, 28lb and 14lb weights for distance, 16lb and 12lb Scottish Hammers, 28lb weight over a bar for height, and a 14' long 65-70lb caber (small tree) that the athlete tries to flip end over end.

      The men use heavier weights than the women: 16 and 22lb stones, 28 and 42lb weights for distance, 22 and 16lb hammers, 42lb weight over bar, and longer and heavier cabers. Ms. Baker Fowler began competing in Scottish Heavy Athletics only ten months ago and has traveled all over New England to compete at various Highland Games Festivals.

Up and away

July 30, 2006 — This great blue heron had no choice but to fly toward the camera, because it was in Little Pond at the end of Lake Whitehall, which is surrounded by trees, making it necessary to circle to gain altitude.

Honor system

July 30, 2006 — People like Kathy Hervol looking for fresh produce were pleased to discover Pratt's Farm Stand open for business on Fruit Street this morning. No cashier on duty.

Pause that refreshes

July 30, 2006 — This butterfly took pause from its erratic operation to sip nectar on the shore of Lake Whitehall this morning. The water is in the background, blurred by the qualities of the telephoto.

Water sports

July 20, 2006 — View of "Elephant Rock" and Sandy Beach from the causeway on West Main Street. 

Downtown maintenance

July 30, 2006 — Firefighter Robert Clark, left, and Lt. Robert Bartlett, as well as his wife Rachel Bartlett, spruce up the front of the Fire Station this morning.

Poll results

The poll on the far left was done on Friday, and had more than twice the response that the one had on the following day, Saturday, a day of fewer readers.


The first poll was straight forward with no conditions, but the second poll, with one variable, threw the entire thing in reverse.


Conclusion? Readers want to save money with a merger, but keep the same services too. Can it be done? We'll probably know someday. After all, the MDC is a distant memory after the merger with the Mass Parks into the DCR.

Tip over

July 29, 2006 — The driver of this vehicle, who told neighbors that he was 24 years-old, allegedly fled the scene of this rollover on North Mill Street with a wrist injury. Neighbors said he seemed disoriented.

     Firefighters with thermal imaging cameras, and Hopkinton Police assisted by Holliston Police, cordoned off the neighborhood but were unable to locate the young man, whose residence is presumed to be Uxbridge.

No more waiting

July 29, 2006 — Photographic hobbyist Steven shows a group of teen-agers a digital display on the back of his Canon Digital Rebel of the photo they had just asked him to take at the Hopkinton State Park. No more waiting for film to be developed.

    "Take one of me. I need a new MySpace," said one of the boys.

Summer delight

July 29, 2006 — These wild flowers on the shore of Lake Whitehall are drenched in sunlight as a cloud cast a shadow all around them

ICE Warrant

July 29, 2006 — Cristiano DeOlivira Rosa of Milford was placed in custody by Hopkinton Police on an outstanding ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) warrant on Grove Street today after being in a vehicle pulled over for traffic violations.

  HELP WANTED  ---> Preschool Director-- Fall 2006

The Nursery School & Kindergarten at Temple Beth Am in Framingham, MA is a unique, non-sectarian preschool providing programs that are geared towards cultivating the cognitive, social, emotional & physical growth of toddlers & pre-kindergartners. We offer both Judaic & non-Judaic classes, & summer camp. SEE the full ad under "Employment" in the Totally Free Classified.

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"Apartment rent-free for handyman"

July 28, 2006 — This Claflin Place resident was caught carrying a large twig while building a new home today although no building permit was visible. And the structure will be less than 20 feet from the property line at the newly approved recreation trail, clearly a violation of zoning setback requirements.


July 28, 2006 — The westward sky took on some of the colors a Maxfield Parish painting today after the storm.

July 28, 2006 — This rainbow appeared briefly over Church Street after the storm. It appears the pot of gold would be somewhere near St. John's.

Car fire

July 28, 2006 — Hopkinton Firefighters responded to this car fire over the town line in Upton because the caller was unclear of location of the border. Upton Fire also responded.

Investigation continues

July 28, 2006 — Officer Matthew McNeil stands by securing the crime scene while a Sergeant with forensic tools is en route after multiple threatening phone calls were made from this phone.

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