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Fire Chief

August 10, 2006 — Hopkinton Fire Chief Gary Daugherty grabs some materials from one of the fire trucks this afternoon at the fire on Downey Street that erupted after a lightning strike.

Special Olympics Softball

August 10, 2006 — Left, Special Olympics athlete, Chris Bryant, covers home plate, and in another frame, Scott Mackin winds up to fire one across home plate during the winning season finale on Monday.

House husband is no "Mr. Mom"

“He’s changed diapers, and defrosted my breast milk." ~ Mom

"The kids help in the kitchen, brush the dog’s teeth..." ~ Dad


by Elizabeth Eidlitz


August 10, 2006 — The 1983 Michael Keaton movie “Mr. Mom,” portraying Stay -At- Home -Dad Jack Butler as a bumbling do-nothing father who drinks beer in the morning, who can't iron or maneuver a wobbly-wheeled shopping cart through the supermarket, is outdated.

An arrangement where the father stays home while the mother works was unusual 25 years ago; in recent years, however, Stay-at-Home-Dads are becoming more common and accepted. Based on U.S. Census Bureau 2005 data www.rebeldad.com ,143,000 male parents are occupied in this untraditional role.

Unlike Jack Butler, Thomas F. Kalinowski of Uxbridge is the voluntary, competent primary caregiver of his children Sarah, 12; Julia, 10, and Jonathan, 7. Though some fathers, laid off or between jobs, are forced to take care of kids, Kalinowski chooses to be home and considers it his profession, though it’s demanding work with many unknowns.

In 1991, Kalinowski was marketing for Conrail in Philadelphia when his wife , Susan, a medical student at Hahnemann School of Medicine, was accepted for a residency at U. Mass Medical. The couple moved to Uxbridge and Kalinowski accepted an offer of three years of home office work. FULL STORY

Fire in progress (5:30 pm)

August 10, 2006 — Lightning from a fast moving freak storm struck this Downey street home at about 4:45 pm. Above, Lt. Ken Clark, left, and brother, Firefighter Robert Clark, battle a blaze pouring through the roof of this home as Firefighters from Ashland and Milford responded to requests for mutual aid. 

Poll Results


      It appears that at least of the HopNews readers who chose to participate in the poll, a majority would turn in an unemployment insurance cheat.

     The HopNews demographic is likely above average wealth, college educated, and single family home. What would happen if this poll were targeted in a less affluent neighborhood? Interesting to think of the results.



5:27 pm A caller reported a suspicious and possibly intoxicated individual roaming around their Hayden Rowe Street residence...


1:01 pm Sgt. Joseph Bennett spoke with the State Police in Bourne with regards to a domestic assault that was reported to his department...


12:12 am Officer William Burchard checked on a motor vehicle with three occupants parked on Rafferty Road.  Sgt. Charles Wallace responded as back-up...

Read the full POLICE NEWS


Walk a mile in my shoes...

August 10, 2006 — Henry Contreras has spent two days walking with a co-worker from the rotary in Westboro to Main Street in Hopkinton picking up trash along both sides of the multi-mile roadside in the employ of E. L. Harvey & Sons, whose trucks use the road all day long. Above, a car comes into view at the rise on Wood Street while a truck passes by on the 495 bridge in the background.

Hopkinton Special Olympics ends season with a win!


August 9, 2006 — Monday night, Hopkinton Special Olympics softball team defeated Natick in the final softball game of the summer.

     For some, this season marked the first time for playing the game of softball; for others it was the continuation of a year-long

training in a variety of sports.  Coach Alec Levine can be seen most Monday evenings on the field, court and diamond with

this group of amazing athletes.  Hopkinton's Special Olympics program to date has about 40 athletes and just as many volunteers on its roster at even given time. 

    To learn more about the program, contact Claudia Vanderpool at (508) 435-0104 or hopkintonspecialolympics@gmail.com


Above, Hopkinton Firefighters knock on Southboro Ambulance door at the Landing Zone in Southboro where the patient was transported by Life Flight helicopter to UMass Worcester


Video of last night's rescue now available.


The "screenshot" on the left shows a rescue worker straddling the patient who is laying down, feet toward the camera.

Choose the picture to see the video. If the download/video gets interrupted, it is because the server is too busy, and may be freed up later.

One of Massachusetts’s and America’s “MOST WANTED” Persons Arrested in Louisiana          


On Tuesday, August 8, 2006, the Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section (VFAS) acted on a tip received from the America’s Most Wanted television program regarding a wanted person.  The Massachusetts State Police subsequently worked in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service in Boston and provided newly developed information to the United States Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force in New Orleans regarding the whereabouts of Marlon Morris, age 30, formerly of Framingham.


Marlon Morris was listed on the State Police’s Most Wanted Persons List.  He was also profiled on the Americas Most Wanted television program.  In 2002, Marlon Morris was arrested and charged with 5 counts of Rape of a Child w/ Force and 4 counts of Indecent Assault & Battery on a Child under 14.  While on trial in Middlesex Superior Court and out on $5,000 bail Marlon Morris fled while the jury was deliberating.  When the jury returned, finding Morris guilty in 7 of the 9 counts, he was already a fugitive.  As a result, a warrant was issued out of Middlesex Superior Court for his arrest.


Today at about 6:30 a.m. (Central Daylight), six members of the United States Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force based in New Orleans conducted a surveillance of the 700 Block area of Franklin Street in Gretna, Louisiana. At about 7:30 a.m., Marlon Morris was observed as he exited his apartment and approached the vehicle of a coworker. Marlon Morris was then arrested without incident. Upon his arrest, a New York State driver’s license bearing the alias identity that Marlon Morris had assumed was located on his person. He was asked to furnish his real identity and he revealed that he was in fact the Marlon Morris wanted in Massachusetts. Preliminary information has revealed that Marlon Morris had been living in the New Orleans area since January of 2006 and was working as a laborer in the construction field.


Marlon Morris is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow as a fugitive from justice at the Magistrate’s Court in Jefferson Parish.  He is currently being held in the Jefferson Parish Jail in Louisiana.  For further information you may check the following website address www.mass.gov/msp and click on the “Wanted Persons” icon listed on the bottom right side of the screen. 

Man falls from moving train

Above, rescue personnel place the victim on a board for transport to the waiting ambulance.

August 8, 2006 — Shortly before midnight, Hopkinton Fire and Police were asked to give aid to Southboro for a man who had fallen from a westbound train. The man was located a few hundred feet westbound of the Southboro T station. There was confusion by passengers over whether he had jumped off because he missed his stop, or that he tried to board the moving train because he was late arriving to the station.

   He was taken by Life Flight helicopter to UMass Worcester, said to be seriously injured.

Board of Selectmen Spars Over Town Manager Selection Process

“Most Important Issue of the Year” ~ Selectman Ron Clark


by Laurann Ransom


August 8, 2006 — Progress towards selecting a Town Manager became contentious at Tuesday's Board of Selectmen meeting. At issue were timing of the selection process, salary for the position, and the process of finding applicants. Members also argued over whether attendance at the July 25 Selection Committee meeting by Chair Muriel Kramer, Vice Chair Mary Pratt, and Selectman Michael Shepard was legal and appropriate under Open Meeting law.

            At that meeting Mrs. Kramer had adjourned the meeting with her, Mrs. Pratt, and Len Holden voting so, after having adjourned an Executive Session in the Selectmen's office across the hall. Mr. Holden then left the room.

             However, after the adjournment, Mr. Shepard walked into the Selection Committee meeting, making a quorum once again. Mrs. Kramer apologized for the mix up this evening 

            Selectman Ronald Clark was critical of the process thus far, complaining that the Selection Committee was proceeding too slowly, that requests for an advertising budget and a hiring consultant were unnecessary, and that attendance by Kramer and Pratt at Screening Committee meetings was “de facto putting [them] on the committee by constantly being there”.  Pratt conceded that her attendance at one Selection Committee meeting was handled “inelegantly” and stated that “I won't do it that way again”, but maintained that the meetings were appropriate, and that while there they “did no business” and “took no votes”. She pointed out that as liaison she needs to know the thinking of the committee, that other board members were also welcome to attend, and that she has only been to two of the five meetings thus far.

            Selection Committee members Fred Hoskins and Michael Neece reported their aim to present three to five qualified candidates for Town Manager to the Board by November 15th, but stated that they are unable to guarantee an absolute deadline. They also asked the Board for a salary range of $110,000 to $130,000 to present to applicants. Clark replied that “the entire screening committee should either commit [to the November 15th deadline] or resign” and asked for “a matrix” of qualifications on which to base offered salary. The entire board agreed that the November 15th deadline should be firm, but some members added that they would rather see the deadline missed than have to start the whole selection process over from scratch if a qualified applicant is not appointed in time.

            Hoskins and Neece also suggested hiring a consultant with experience in finding applicants for Town Manager.  Clark said he had confidence the committee could handle the task without a consultant.  Neece replied that “the amount of confidence” Clark has shown in the committee thus far is “insignificant”. 

            All present agreed the issues were critical, with Selectmen Ronald Clark and Michael Shepard both calling appointment of a Town Manager “the most important issue” the Selectmen face this year. Discussions will continue at an August 16th joint meeting of the Selection committee and the Board.


            Also on the evening's agenda were an update on the town's new election tabulators, appointment of members to various committees, and discussion of Board of Health negotiations with the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority over salt damage to two local household's water supply. The planned Whitehall land purchase update was discussed in executive session, but tabled for the public meeting.

In for a landing

August 8, 2006 — This great blue heron has its flaps down and landing gear extended — see legs stretched horizontally just above copyright notice — as it glides to a landing on the island, right, at Ice House Pond, aka Golden Pond, yesterday morning.


August 30th is the last day to register in order to vote in the Sept. 19th State Primary:
August 30th Hours 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Absentee Ballots Are Available; Contact the Town Clerk’s Office or

                    Download applications on the Town Clerk's website.

Hopkinton Summer Slammers has room for a few more players


Youth baseball summer league, Hopkinton Summer Slammers for boys 7-9 years old, has room for a few more players. Anyone interested may contact Maura Stanley maurastanley@comcast.net.  This group is sponsored through the Hopkinton Little league and plays on Sundays from 9:00 to 11:00 at both Carrigan fields.



            Colonel Mark F. Delaney, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, announced that “Sobriety Checkpoints” will be implemented by the Massachusetts State Police on Secondary State Highways.  The purpose is to further educate the motoring public and strengthen the public’s awareness to the need of detecting and removing those motorists who operate under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from our roadways. 

           They will be operated during varied hours, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, safety will be assured, and any inconveniences to motorists will be minimized with advance notice to reduce fear and anxiety.

       The State Police will be conducting a Sobriety Checkpoint in Berkshire County, Friday, August 11, into Saturday, August 12.

POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE Today,  August 7, 2006

Two arrests for OUI and...


3:43 am Sgt. Michael Sutton and Officers Gregg DeBoer and Jacob Campbell assisted the Westborough Police Department in looking for a male subject who attempted to gain access into a house on route 135...


7:37 pm There was a 911 call for a six year old female that had fallen off her horse and had some head injuries on South Mill Street...


5:30 pm The Marlboro Police Department called and stated that a woman had fallen off a horse on East Main Street and had possible broken ribs and shoulder injuries...

Read full stories.

Reader praises veterans


While doing yard work yesterday evening (8/6/2006) I found my self listening to a Bugle that was playing Taps in the Cemetery on Granite Street.  It sounded so beautiful I had to walk over and see what was happening.  FULL LETTER

State Police Search for Missing Swimmer at Quabbin, Discover Body


     On Sunday August 6, 2006 at 7:55 p.m. the State Police Shelburne Falls Communication Section received a call regarding a missing person at the Quabbin Reservoir. Troopers from the State Police Athol Barracks responded to Gate 35 on the New Salem side of the reservoir, and located a subject who stated one of his friends went into the water and had not surfaced.

      On Monday at approximately 12:10 a.m. divers located a male victim in the Quabbin Reservoir.

The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. He has been identified as Scott W. Bever, age 22, of Fitchburg. File photo.

      This case remains under investigation by the Hampshire County District Attorney’s Office.

      Troopers at the scene were assisted by New Salem Fire Department, Petersham Fire Department, Orange Fire Department, Department of Recreation and Conservation, State Police Underwater Recovery Unit, State Police Air Wing, State Police K-9, State Police Belchertown, Hampshire County State Police Detective Unit.

Computers, of course

Above, ofCourse instructor Teri Banerjee demonstrating some advanced internet browsing techniques to Pam Campagna (right) of Hopkinton

August 7, 2006 — ofCourse Consulting held an Open House last week to introduce its broad range of  services to the community.

Taps Vigil

August 7, 2006 — Glen Layton salutes during the Pledge of Allegiance, as do his fellow veterans, at the cemetery on Granite Street last night. The veterans hold a monthly Taps Vigil, organized by Evan Brooks. Mr. Brooks read the prayer above during the gathering.

Still no calls!!

Still no $300 winner!!


The postcard to the left was sent to thousands of Hopkinton homes, but in black and white.


Reaching new readers was our goal, and our web stats have proven the campaign to be successful.


Part of the campaign was to give away $300 to the first qualified person to call to say they have received the postcard in color, and not black and white. As of this writing, no one has called to say they received one of the eight color postcards we mixed in. Post Office tells us they have sent all of the cards.


Help us give away $300 by asking your neighbors if they received the color postcard. Ask a co-worker or a friend, a fellow parishioner or team member: Did you get a color postcard from HopNews? PLease Help us give it away.

Public Forum to Meet the HHS Principal Candidates

Wednesday, August 9, 2006 ~ High School Library

6:30 PM - Mr. John E. McCarthy
7:30 PM - Mr. Michael T. Cournoyer

If you can attend this forum, please RSVP to Ms. Sharon Williams at (508) 417-9380 or swilliams@hopkinton.k12.ma.us. All participants at the forum will be asked to complete a feedback form.

August 6, 2006 — Stephen Campbell and son, Teddy, enjoy the activities on the Common on Sundays, which is in their front yard.  

      "Teddy likes to dance to the music," said Mr. Campbell.

August 6, 2006 — Chris Duffy chases the ball thrown by his Dad, Bill, while enjoying the music on the Common on Sunday.

Better safe...

August 6, 2006 — Selectmen Chair Muriel Kramer applies some insect repellent to son, Ethan, 5, prior to the start of Saturday evening's Drive-in Movie behind the Doyle Gym. Mrs. Kramer pointed out that this activity was being done away from people who might object to the chemicals.

1911 Model T

August 7, 2006 — Marcia and Don Rising from Stow, visited with Steve Cook Sunday as Mr. Cook played host at his Hopkinton home to a vehicle association for people with vehicles circa 1914 and older.

Appreciation Day for Father Jim Degnan

Sunday, September 17, 2006


     St. John the Evangelist Church will be hosting an appreciation day for its former shepherd of 26 years, Father James Degnan, who retired earlier this season.

     Fr. Jim will celebrate Mass in the Church at noon on Sunday, September 17, followed by a reception in the Parish Center from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, where refreshments will be provided.

    Fr. Jim will be the Guest of Honor at an Appreciation Dinner at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, with a Social Hour at 3:00 p.m. and Dinner at 4:00 pm. Tickets may be purchased for $40 by calling Louise Donahue, 508-435-6077 or John Palmer, 508-435-4955 or 508-435-3313, Ext. 207. Or, see Parish Secretary Dorothy Meeske M-F, 9 am - 4 pm.


New Fruit Street use

August 6, 2006 — Adam Fitzpatrick, 11, white shirt, and friend Christopher Parent, 12, couldn't wait for the snow as they put the Town owned Fruit Street property to good use today.


John Coolidge denies HopNews request for information

"private citizen" Ron Clark also denied, files complaint with Assistant DA

Above, returning kayakers in the center of the photo play second fiddle to the Moon and the sky as the Sun set last week, but lit the sky over the Whitehall land, inland left, that the town voted to purchase at Town Meeting this year.

 August 6, 2006 — Selectman  Ron Clark, making it clear he was acting as a private citizen, called OSPC (Open Space Preservation Committee) Chairman John Coolidge, "...a man of integrity and honesty" as he asked Assistant District Attorney Loretta Lillios for her help in resolving Mr. Coolidge's refusal to provide documents pertaining to the purchase of the Whitehall property owned by Ron Nation.

      Mr. Clark's complaint was centered around recent requests for a copy of a written agreement to extend the closing date past July 31 that Mr. Coolidge told the Board of Selectmen existed. OSPC member Jeff Doherty has since said the agreement was under negotiation, but would not involve the Town putting up any money.

     Mr. Clark also asked for a copy of an agreement referred to in the Power Point presentation made at Town Meeting. Mr. Doherty has told HopNews previously that abutter Brian Morrison, who opposed Ron Nation's plans to develop the land,  has promised not to build in return for Ron Nation shelving his plans for developing the land and instead selling it to the Town. File photo, left, John Coolidge, Ron Clark.

     In addition, Mr. Clark requested minutes from the CPC (Community Preservation Committee) meeting when the vote was taken to purchase the property as well as the minutes from the voting session as well as copies of all the appraisals.

     Mr. Coolidge, answering Mr. Clark's request for documents regarding a "priority list" Mr. Coolidge has referred to, wrote that he would provide his personal copies, "...and will bill you accordingly for my time to do so." FULL STORY


Two Vehicle Crash Route 195 Dartmouth fatal for motorcyclist


      On Saturday August 5, 2006 at 9:00 p.m. Troopers from the Dartmouth Barracks investigated a two vehicle crash on Route 195 West, east of Faunce Road in Dartmouth.

     Preliminary Investigation by Trooper Walter Baiardi indicates the following: A 2005 Suzuki GSX operated by Scott J. Zychowicz, age 37, of New Bedford,  traveling on Route 195 West attempted to change lanes, he struck the left side of a 2002 Dodge Neon being operated by Melinda Caven, age 21, of New Bedford. Zychowicz lost control of the motorcycle and struck the guardrail. He sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Caven sustained no injuries

     This crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis Reconstruction Section, State Police Crime Scene Services Section and the State Police Bristol County Detective Unit.

      Dartmouth Fire Department and Mass Highway assisted troopers at the scene.

      During the investigation the 2 right lanes of Route 195 west were closed for approximately 3 hours.

Walk in at the Drive-in

August 5, 2006 — The Parks and Recreation Department hosted a successful "Drive-in" movie behind the Doyle Gym, attended by all ages, shortly after dusk.

August 5, 2006 — These two sailors took their time on North Pond at dusk today.

Fixed bricks

The Middle School Gym is getting the long awaited repair this summer, and should be ready by the start of school.

In with the new...

August 6, 2006 — The landscaping continued today at the new Hopkinton Senior Center, which is expected to open in October.

...and out with the old

Above, Jack McInerney and Marge Wright.

August 6, 2006 — The existing Senior Center, which has been nothing more than the basement of Town Hall, held its final "yard sale" before their planned move into the new center.

Science without the fiction

August 4, 2006 — Hopkinton State Park played host to the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and others who brought telescopes for an astronomy-fest for a group of 75 or so spectators exploring the summer skies that featured a partial Moon and Jupiter with a couple of its own moons. Above, a group gathers around a telescope as a slow shutter speeds captures motion and a vehicle's headlights illuminates the edge of the people.

Star power

August 4, 2006 — A visitor at Hopkinton State Park this evening collaborated with the photographer and made a star with a laser pointer, a very appropriate figure to see during an astronomy exhibit.

Turtle Time

Above, Jennefer Marker, Interpretive Ranger (Massachusetts Department of Conservation) Hopkinton, Ashland and Whitehall State Parks, teaches some youngsters about turtles, leading to the release a a young turtle this afternoon. Photo by William Duffy.

HOPKINTON - Mary C. Ward, 96, of Hopkinton died Wednesday, August 2, 2006. Born in Roxbury, she was the daughter of the late Catherine (Garry) and James Purvis. She was the wife of the late John Ward who passed away in 1983.

     A longtime Hopkinton resident, she had lived in many places the last several years including, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia where she was cared for by her daughters. She was a member of the St. John the Evangelist Church of Hopkinton, the Hibernians and the Catholic Women’s Guild. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Next Generation Children’s Centers Of Hopkinton
In partnership with
The Molly Bish Foundation
Is offering a FREE Child ID Program
Saturday, August 5th
10:00 AM — 1:00 PM
2 Wood Street in Hopkinton


     Your child will receive a safety booklet with their photograph & fingerprints along with important safety information for parents!

     Come and enjoy snacks, games, prizes and FUN at this important event for all children!
Enter the Drawingfor a Toys R Us Gift Card!
     NGCC Hopkinton is conveniently located at the junction of 135 (South Main Street) and Wood Street 1.5 miles from 495. 508-497-0110.

POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE  ~ August 3, 2006


• 4 kids taken into custody at rope swing...

Suspicious man living in unoccupied house...

• Caller on a cell phone reported that a man threatened him with a machete at the traffic light in Southborough near the train station...


August 3, 2006 — The Hopkinton 8 year old baseball team completed an undefeated summer season by going 10-0 and winning the Ashland Sparkler Tournament.  The tournament included 8 year old teams from Ashland, Blackstone, Holliston, Southboro, and Westboro and was played during the month of July.

     While playing through hot summer days - which included a double header - the Hillers displayed strong pitching, excellent defense, and timely hitting while finishing the regular season without a loss. After earning a bye in the first round, the Hillers defeated Westboro 12-2 in the semi-finals. 

      New England’s weather again changed, and rain forced what was to be a best 2 out of 3 final against Ashland into a one game winner-take-all championship.  Hopkinton rose to the occasion and continued their strong play in the final game, winning 10-1 verses a very good Ashland team. 

      Head Coach Rick Decina, assisted by Don Lehman, Tim Simi, and Ken Vaccari led a team of hardworking players who used teamwork and showed sportsmanship throughout the tournament.  The players on the team were Matt Decina, Jake Doherty, Matt Hand, Calvin Holland, Alex Kosheff, Jonathan Kwateng, Sam Lehman, Gwil O’Rourke, Peter Schiloski, Andrew Simi, Jack Vaccari, and Will Yaggy. 

     Congratulations Hillers!

Look familiar?

August 3, 2006 — If you went to school here, your classmates would like to have you join them on Saturday, September 16, 2006, at Woodville Rod and Gun Club for cocktails beginning at 5:00 pm and until 6:00 pm with a buffet to follow. Beverages will be available until 11:00 pm. For more information or to purchase tickets, call Mary Harrington at 508-435-3850.

FREE = 25¢ ??

August 3, 2006 — Richie Contreras, left, and Mike Torosian Jr. do a twist on the youthful idea of a lemonade stand with two of their friends who are off-camera.

      "We're doing it for school supplies," said one.

      "Come get a sweaty hug," said another to a passerby.

Totally Free Classifieds

• 205 yamaha silverado classic 650 cc •

• Preschool Director-- Fall 2006 •

• Household gardening help wanted •

• After School Nanny •

Got a yard sale this weekend? Upload yours today!

Who you gonna call?

August 3, 2006 — Jamie Griffin of JAG Landscaping looks more like a character from Ghost Busters as he trims the sidewalk by 25 Main Street in yesterday's heat.


Everything must go!!


     The Friends of Seniors will be holding the final yard sale out of the old Senior Center in the basement of the Town Hall on Saturday, August 5 from 9:00 – 3:00.

     There is an exceptional amount of good quality items for this sale, so don’t miss out.  EVERYTHING MUST GO!  From 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. it’s fill a bag for $2.00.

     The new Senior Center, which will be opening to the public approximately the beginning of October, will have a store.  This is an exciting endeavor for us.  Yard sales at the new Center will not have to be held as frequently as in the old.  Lack of space made frequent sales necessary. 

     We are asking that donations of yard sale type of items only be brought to the new Center when yard sales are announced, however we will be welcoming donations for the store on a continuing basis.  Our sales are necessary to keep our transportation system operating.  The yearly cost is approximately $27,000 and with the exception of a couple of thousand for gas from the Town budget we must depend on donations and fundraisers. 

     Hopkinton residents, businesses and organizations have been a lifeline for our program and we are so fortunate to be in a caring and supportive town.  Thank you. ~ Cindy Chesmore

Photo and digital Imaging by Robert Falcione/Photographic Images

Sail away

August 3, 2006 — This windsurfer uprights his wind sail board after a fall at Lake Whitehall yesterday.

Mobile Cam

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Live streaming video by Ustream 
NEW! Live Random Mobile Webcam
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
HopNews: Over 12 Million pages read since 2003

As we investigate the actual tree in question, we rest this story here until we get more info.


by Robert Falcione

November 1, 2017 -- On July 27 of this year, the Planning Board held a hearing to determine if a tree on Ash Street in the Town's right-of-way should come down to make way for a small parking area and access to the former Abbott Farm land now owned by the Town. The Tree Warden, Paul Gleason,  was absent from this particular meeting, but did submit a letter in favor of removing the tree, due to the presence of fungi.
     "That would make it unstable and dangerous in the near future,"  Mr. Gleason wrote regarding the effect of the fungi.

      In response to the letter, one attendee called it, "... a bunch of bunk."

      Another, claiming expertise, said he " challenged the Tree Warden" on the presence of fungi.

    Mr. Gleason did attend the following meeting, armed with not only his expert opinion and testimony, but the written opinion of another expert who examined the photographic evidence and came to the same conclusion. The detractors were absent from that meeting.

     Mr. Gleason passed away suddenly on  August 28 of this year.

     The tree he condemned broke at the base and came crashing down two days ago (Above), on October 30, 2017, during a very strong wind storm, in what an insurance company might call an act of God.

     But those who knew him and loved him, believe that somehow, from his just and righteous place in the afterlife, with no malice aforethought, it was actually an act of Paul. 

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