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High and Dry

April 14, 2005 — Hopkinton natives Jeff Furber and Bill Nicols are unrecognizable as they stand atop an old mill foundation behind the Woodville Fire Station to lend scale to this photo of the falls which served it. There is a twin falls on the right of the photo, which is obstructed from view.

     Each of them fished in the pond and the stream when they were boys.

Hopkinton Historical Society would like to thank Phipps Insurance for donating the entrance fee for our Runner in this years Marathon. If you would like to sponsor our runner you can call Michelle Gates at 508-435-8288 or send a check to Hopkinton Historical Society P.O. Box 423 Hopkinton, Ma 01748. All proceeds will go toward our building restoration.  Help us preserve Hopkinton's History, send your check today. ~ Michelle Gates

Community Summer Band To Be Formed


The summer of 2005 will be the inaugural season for a new musical organization, the Hopkinton Community Summer Band.  The program is a collaboration between the Hopkinton Cultural Arts Alliance, the Hopkinton Music Association and the Hopkinton Schools Music Department, and is supported by a grant from the Hopkinton Cultural Council.  The program will consist of six weekly evening rehearsals and a concert to end the season.  Steve Yavarow, Director of Music for the Hopkinton Schools, has agreed to conduct the group. FULL STORY/DETAILS

Kenyans at Elmwood


April 14, 2005 — The elite Kenyan marathon runners came to the Elmwood School this morning to share marathon tales and a bit of their culture with 600 students who gathered in the gymnasium to see them dance their way in.

    Superintendent of Schools, Dr. John Phelan is quoted as saying, "It's also a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about another culture as well as good sportsmanship and a strong work ethic."

Photo by Eric Montville.

April 15, 2005, 7:30pm    Woodville Baptist Church

 Jackie Delliker presents a “Vault of Education”.

During the Holliston Town Hall renovation, Jackie was asked to clear out the town vault.  The artifacts found are wonderful.  She will show us a few Hopkinton surprises as well. ~Michelle Gates

Peter's Corner

by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton Hiller softball team were edged by the Holliston panthers 3-1 Wednesday in Holliston. The Hillers fought hard to stay in but fell short despite two hits by English and a great pitching effort by Junior Macintyre before a good crowd in Holliston. The Hiller played flawless defense but just couldn't get the big inning going. The girls will travel to Bellingham Friday to take on the hawks at 3:30.


The Hopkinton Hiller baseball team erupted for 12 runs in the 6th inning as they slashed the Holliston Panthers 14-2 in a tri-valley league baseball game at Holliston. The defending state champs won their 12th straight  game over a two year span. It was a team effort as junior Andrew Tarca picked up the win in a gutsy pitching performance (back injury) before a decent crowd in Holliston. The Hillers bats exploded in the sixth as the young panthers hung in their but the hillers were just to much and to good. The Hillers will get their first big game hype on Friday as they travel to Bellingham to meet a very good Bellingham team. 3:30

Peter's Corner

by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton Hiller softball team were edged by the Holliston panthers 3-1 Wednesday in Holliston. The Hillers fought hard to stay in but fell short despite two hits by English and a great pitching effort by Junior Macintyre before a good crowd in Holliston. The Hiller played flawless defense but just couldn't get the big inning going. The girls will travel to Bellingham Friday to take on the hawks at 3:30.

Poster contest results announced

1st Place K-First  Jillian Kellett

2nd Place K-First Elisabeth Kistner

3rd Place K-First Jennifer Manning

Marathon Poster Contest Winners: K-1st grade; 1st, Jillian Kellett, 2nd, Elisabeth Kistner, 3rd, Jennifer Manning; 2nd-3rd grade, 1st, William Powers, 2nd, Laine Crowder, 3rd, Samantha Milne; 4th-5th, grade1st, Angela Cole 2nd, Andrew Marceau 3rd, Tamara Mills; 6th-8th grade, traditional 1st, Katie Todaro 2nd, Nicole Anagnostaras 3rd, Tianna DiMare; 6th-8th grade, computer generated 1st, Tommy Sullivan 2nd, Gretchen Claffey; 9th-12 grade, traditional 1st, Alice Shin 2nd, Jasmine Dottin 3rd, Colleen Ottomano; 9th-12th grade, computer generated 1st, Kyle Lampert.

A message from LMPA





Lake Maspenock area and other Hopkinton residents concerned with maintaining a recreational water level are encouraged to attend an important meeting at the Hopkinton Fire Station on Tuesday April 26, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting is regarding the purchase of the Lake Maspenock Dam at Town Meeting.

                          Save our Dam –

Hopkinton Marathon Committee nears the Finish Line

Above, Dottie Ferriter, Chair of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee, and Dave McGillivray, Race Director of the BAA Marathon.

by Robert Falcione

April 13, 2005 — For some, like Race Director Dave McGillivray, the Finish is 26 miles 385 yards from Hopkinton, but for many people in Hopkinton, their work is nearly done when the gun goes off.

        The Hopkinton Marathon Committee works to the benefit of the Town of Hopkinton, according to their mission statement, " ensure that the annual running of the race is an exciting, successful, and safe event for all concerned."

        According to member MaryJo LaFreniere, "We coordinate everything to do with the town of Hopkinton at the Start of the race.

    "Dot (Ferriter) coordinates Ernst Van Dyke and Bob Hall's visit to the Center School," said Ms. LaFreniere.

     "We coordinate the bleachers, which we get from Ashland High School." FULL STORY.

Photo below, Jacques LeDuc with daughters, from left, Jeannie and Laura after finishing painting the Start line for the BAA Marathon today. This was his 25th Start.

April 13, 2005 — The overexposure of the background in this shot robs it of its color saturation, making it look like another part of the world as Rob Alexander fishes at the Hopkinton Reservoir.

      "I saw a carp about four feet long," he said. Sounds like a fish story.



By Ann Di Leo

 April 13, 2005 — Spring has finally arrived in the fields and woods of Davis Road....In the forest, Over the hill, On a Maple, In a nest; With folded wings, Sweetest trill; Open mouths wait to be fed.

               Plants are budding. My neighbors are outside. I can take a walk and talk to someone. It's wonderful...

               I have some interesting information for seniors and their families; a computer website, called "Savvy Senior;" containing information for seniors about health, living conditions, things to do, medications, and much more. But you must have patience. IGNORE the ads!

               In the past year computers have turned into an advertising machine just like television, radio, and newspapers. So, beware and don't get too annoyed, because you can find a lot of worthwhile information on 'Savvy Senior.'

                On Friday, April 15, at 5 p.m. there will be a pizza party in the Brampton Circle community room. The cost is $5. FULL STORY.  

Stop for pedestrians

April 13, 2005 — Officer Scott Van Raalten set up radar on Church Street at the Main Street intersection and kept an eye on the crosswalk for violators. While he watched, three vehicles proceeded on Main Street over the crosswalk while it was occupied by a pedestrian. In fact, as he was trying to proceed after one of the first two vehicles the car above not only passed over the occupied crosswalk, but did not let him proceed. Officer Van Raalten caught up to it at the Common and wrote a citation.

Draggin' the Line

April 13, 2005 — Bill Sayman of Needham, owner of Accurate Lines, paints the base coat of the Start line while chatting with Jacques LeDuc the designer of the Start prior to Mr. LeDuc painting it.

Behind the scenes

April 13, 2005 — Mike Fredette and Matt Gogan of the Water Department check all of the water shut-offs to be sure they are accessible in an emergency during the marathon on Monday.



 Hopkinton and Marathon, Greece Joined By Magical Marathon Moment



BOSTON, April 12, 2005 -- New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. announced today that it has commissioned a second bronze statue, entitled “The Spirit of the Marathon,” of 1946 Boston Marathon winner Stylianos Kyriakides, the champion Greek runner whose victory helped bring food, medicine and world-wide attention to his famine-wracked country after World War II, and Spiridon Louis, his mentor and winner of the 1896 Olympic Marathon.  The 10-foot high statue will be unveiled in Hopkinton in April 2006, the 50th anniversary of Kyriakides’ victory, and will be located at the Mile One marker of the Boston Marathon route. 


“The Spirit of the Marathon” statue will be identical to the one commissioned by New Balance last summer for Marathon, Greece which was the starting point of the marathon event during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.  The statue was created by legendary sculptor Mico Kaufman of Tewksbury, Mass.


Photo of Hopkinton's Robert Foster in Marathon Greece last year to discuss sister city relationship with municipal officials. FULL STORY.

Hopkinton over Norton 15-1

by Peter Marso

The Hopkinton High-School Baseball team beat up on the Norton Lancers on Monday 15-1 to win their third straight and eleventh overall in a game played in Hopkinton. Lefty Brian Doyle won his first varsity game and the Hillers produced a big offense to take the lead in the tri-valley league. The Hillers are up and running and are starting to remind everyone that they are a team to be reckoned with. The Hillers used their entire bench and got some great defensive plays on way to the win! The hillers host Holliston Wednesday at 3;30 in Hopkinton.

Three more days

until spring cleaning

Clothing drive Friday 5:00 -7:00 pm

at Common


April 12, 2005 — Judy Pitasi, whose passion for helping has created a position on the  Marathon Committee which assures that the clothing discarded by the runners at the Start of the Boston Marathon gets into the hands of a charity, is bringing a Big Brother/Big Sister truck to the common to accept donations of clothing from the Hopkinton Community.

     On Friday, April 15, 2005 between the hours of 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. a truck will be at the Hopkinton Common to accept clothing donations from Hopkinton residents and others.

     That makes spring cleaning just a little easier this year.

Hopkinton Marathon Committee welcomes Bob Hall and Ernst Van Dyk to Hopkinton

Friday, April 15 at 1:30pm at the Center School



April 12, 2005 — On April 21, 1975, Bob Hall a 24 year old Belmont Massachusetts native made history by being the first officially recognized athlete to race the entire course of the Boston Marathon in a wheelchair.  He was promised an official race certificate if he completed the race in less than three hours by race director, Will Cloney.  Hall finished the race in two hours, 58 minutes with a full two minutes to spare.  Bob Hall went on to win in 1977 with a time of 2:40:18 setting the world record.  Bob was a pioneer, who created the path for all those athletes’ who followed him to pursue their goals of wheelchair racing.  He has continued to encourage and support the athletes’ with disabilities over the years.  Bob will be honored for his 30 years of commitment to the sport of wheelchair racing. File photo, left Ernst Van Dyk shaking hands with Hopkinton's Alex Danahy. Center, Bob Hall and standing, Dot Ferriter, Chair of the Marathon Committee at last year's event. READ FULL STORY.

National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week

"The reputation and image our department enjoys is due in large part to the excellent manner in which they perform their duties."

 ~ Tom Irvin, Hopkinton Chief of Police commending his dispatch team



April 12, 2005 — The United States Congress has designated April 10th to April 16 as National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week and Hopkinton Chief of Police Tom Irvin joined police chiefs throughout the nation as he recognized the importance of Hopkinton Police dispatch team in the overall effort of a well coordinated department which must function in a technologically advanced environment.

     In a letter to Selectmen, Chief Irvin stated, "The men and women of the Hopkinton Police Department who perform telecommunications duties serve as an indispensable link between our officers and the public."

     The dispatch area, which is part of the new station that was dedicated last year,  is equipped with a dual dispatch workstation for emergency situations and events like the Marathon — and a newly installed E911, which can identify a cell caller who needs rescue, and when conditions are right, locate the caller with GPS.

     Dispatch Supervisor, David Clemons, said there is a ceremony at the State House on April 14.

     "But we're too busy with the Marathon preparations to attend the ceremony recognizing us," he said.

Photo, front from left to right: Meghan Deraad, Jane Goodman, Tania Alibrandi.

Rear from left: Kyle Rielly, Jarrod Seely, Dispatch Supervisor David Clemons, Luis Gonzalez, Evan Brooks.

Not pictured is longtime employee, Dispatch Supervisor Marilyn Palmer.

A run for the money

Hopkinton man in it for the Respite Center


by Robert Falcione

April 12, 2005 — Volunteering for a multitude of duties such as Voices for Vision, Revenue Enhancement Committee, CPA Study Committee, Parks and Recreation, Marathon Committee, and currently the Appropriations Committee, isn't enough for Ron Eldridge. Now he wants to run 26 miles 385 yards for nothing more than personal satisfaction — and some pledges for a worthy local cause. 

     "I've sent a letter out to friends, family and business associates both in town and out of town to let them know I am running for the Respite Center."

    The Respite Center is a facility at 112 Main Street in Hopkinton dedicated to the support of families with children or adults with disabilities, giving the parents needed time off from their consuming emotional and physical dedication to their children.

     "I'd like to see if I could raise $5,000," he said. [People wishing  to contribute may call 508-435-1222]

      Mr. Eldridge, who will be one of 59 runners, said he ran his first Marathon in the mid-eighties and made it 18 miles.

     "The 100th is the only Marathon I finished. The older I get, the better I get," he said with his trademark smile. He said he is 59 and a half years old, emphasizing that he is still in his fifties.

     "Marie and I have been supporters of the Respite House from the beginning. Marie was an original Board member," he said of his wife, who is also the Chair of the Charter Commission.

     "I have total respect and admiration for Mary (McQueeney) and Sharon (Lisnow) for their dedication to the function of the respite Center and the service they provide their families," he said.

     Mr. Eldridge will sport Bib #13,739.

1:48 am Officer William Burchard arrested a 17 year old male from Milford, on South Street for Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle, the use of a Motor Vehicle without Authority and for a Motor Vehicle Lights Violation.  Officer Linda Higgins then put a 22 year old male from Milford in protective custody.


5:09 pm A Main Street business called and stated that they think someone may be attempting to pass a false prescription.  The party was stopped at the business by Officer Aaron O’Neil who subsequently arrested Scott W. Dyan, 44, 28 Cedar Street, and charged him with Uttering a False Prescription.

See More Police News

Protect this wonderful area

Editor, please post this letter,

My name is Ken Johnson of 31 Parker Point Rd., and I am speaking on behalf of The Friends of Whitehall.  I would like to ask all The Friends to stand up…Thank you for coming tonight, and thank you for all your time and effort.  I am very proud to have you by my side as we try our best to avoid this potential tragedy. Continued in Letters.

Planning Board considers Whitehall Estates

A night of theater in Middle School Auditorium

Photo, John Thomas, engineer for Ron Nation presenting plan.

April 11, 2005 — The stage of the Middle School Auditorium was an appropriate setting for the media presentations and dramatic pleas this evening as Ron Nation and his experts offered their amended proposal for Whitehall Estates to the Planning Board, and Friends of Whitehall, an opposition group, offered their take on the matter.

    Mr. Nation's people presented a plan for a 37 unit garden apartment development which addressed many of the concerns voiced at a previous meeting and responded to them, such as a smaller development, a gift of land, more open space, redesigned buildings and a horse trail. (Previous story, illustrations).  See also Letters. and previous hearing.

    The opposition, which appeared to account for the majority of the 150 people in the audience, presented their concerns about water quality, road sight distance and "viewshed." Also in the audience were known property rights advocates, apparently there to support Mr. Nation.

   The only expert to speak who was unconnected with the neighbors or the Nations was Mike Gildesgame, Director of the Office of Water Resources of the DCR, which owns the entire shoreline and the contents therein of Lake Whitehall.

    He said, "The Department has serious concerns with the water," and went on to repeat some points made earlier about the lack of statutory limits for certain nutrients in a septic system. "Title 5 does not control nutrients or viruses," he said.

     He closed by offering to be available to the developer.

     The public hearing has been continued to May 23, 2005 at 7:30 pm.   

EDITOR'S NOTE: The next Planning Board hearing on Whitehall Estates is as stated above — May 23, 2005

Town of Hopkinton awards plaque to Laborer's Training Center


April 11, 2005 — Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen (On the  left in photo), presented a plaque to the Laborer's Training Center today, praising them for being good citizens and for the contributions they always make in lieu of taxes. As a school Laborer's has a tax-exempt status.

     This year, when the server for the Assessor's computer system went down, Laborer's stepped up and donated $15,000 for an upgrade, according to Mr. Sonnett.

     Chairman of the Assessor's, Dr. John Duffy, pointed out that the Laborer's Training Center donated an updated sound system at the Center School last year. Additionally, the Laborer's Training Center workers refinished the sign, It all Starts Here, which gets displayed on the Common this time each year.

      Armand Sabitoni (On right in photo), Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the center, accepted the keepsake from Mr. Sonnett and thanked him on behalf of all laborers in the region, which he numbered at over 68,000. A similar plaque will be on display at Town Hall.

April 11, 2005 — Jill Greenleaf gets some orange slices for Daniel, 2 1/2, after he ran the Mini-Marathon which the MOMS club sponsored on the Hopkinton Town Common.

Reader Searches for missing links in Hopkinton family tree

Dear Editor and HopNews Readers:

My name is Lori Springer, and I have been living in Central Florida for 12 years. I'm originally from Vermont. I'm writing this letter today, because I have been searching my Ancestors on my Maternal Grandfather's side and have found that they mostly were born and raised in Hopkinton, MA. I thought, just maybe, there would be still some family still living in Hopkinton and/or the surrounding area and would see this. SEE LETTERS.

 Positively Hopkinton

The Joy of Music

Hopkinton performer Barbara Kessler appearing in Framingham

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

April 11, 2005 — What will someone who grew up on Long Island, graduated from Cornell University in the 1980s as an Industrial and Labor relations major, took a first job with Shell Oil Company, and later drove a Cape Cod Ice Cream truck be doing 20 years later?

If she’s Barbara Kessler, who asked herself, “how do I want to spend my days,” she’s raising two children, pursuing her career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, living on Hayden Rowe with her husband, a drummer, who has worked with her on all her albums, and preparing for an April 30 benefit concert at Sudbury Valley school (see )  [2 Winch Street, Framingham MA 01701. Tickets can be reserved by calling 781-772-1945, or by calling the school directly at 508-877-3030. The show starts at 8PM. Singer-songwriter Stephanie Corby is the special guest opening act.].


Kessler began playing guitar in 4th grade, took a few lessons, but as a teenager would “hole up in [her] room and just try to figure out the chords to [her] favorite songs. I played and sang in two different duos in college, performing in the campus tavern. I never took it too seriously or felt very much like a ‘real musician.’ It took till my late 20's to gain any real confidence.” READ FULL STORY .

April 10, 2005 — Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen, appears pleased as he places the World Series Trophy in front of the gathering of Little League players and others at Carrigan Park on Sunday. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

NOTE: Photo scrolls left to right, up and down.

Above, State Senator Karen Spilka addresses the multitude at Carrigan Park after the Little League Parade. The World Series Trophy, brought in especially for the event, is in the background. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

NOTE: Photo scrolls left to right, up and down.

Build it and they will come...

April 10, 2005 — Literally thousands of people — players, parents, relatives and spectators — took part in the Little League ceremonies today. This perspective is from the area of Phipps Insurance Agency looking east. Over 1300 children are registered for Little League. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

There has been a rumor circulating since the end of last summer, when Rosemary Lynch stepped down from organizing the Sunday Concerts on the Common. Rather than repeat the rumor, we will simply state the facts.

The Sunday Concerts on the Common will continue to be on the Common.

In fact, here is a note from Michele Gates, Parks and Recreation, which now runs them:

Non-profit food vendor needed

Hopkinton Parks and Recreation is looking for any Hopkinton based non profits that would like to sell food at the Sunday concerts on the common as a fundraiser for their group.

If your group is interested please contact Michelle Gates, Parks and Recreation commissioner at 508-435-8288 to schedule your concert date. Thank you, Michelle Gates.

April 10, 2005 — Auxiliary Police Officer Evan Brooks was the first in line this morning at Main Street Specialties for a book signing by father-son Team Hoyt, Dick and Rick Hoyt. They will be at Main Street Specialties until 11:30 am. Mr. Brooks has run the BAA Marathon three times.

One year later — trees are growing, but are the vandals?


by Elizabeth Eidlitz
April 10, 2005 —After two teenagers vandalized 39 ornamental trees lining the entrance to Hopkinton High School and part of the parking area one year ago, the cost of overnight destruction was estimated at $32,500.

In Letters to the Editor, Metrowest residents defined penalties for the unidentified juveniles, who were protected by state and federal law because they were only 16.

Suggested punishments included writing Kilmer’s poem “Trees” 100 times to develop respect for the victims; personally paying for new trees; physically replanting them.

None of these things happened. Full Story.

The Boys (and Girls) of Summer


by Michael Torosian 

April 9, 2005 - Here it is folks, the first real sign of Baseball in Hopkinton. Today was the official Little League field clean up day before the season’s games are to begin. The Hopkinton Little League is getting ready to kick off their 51st season. Over 60 Board Members, Coaches, Parents and Players were on hand raking leaves, picking up trash, spreading infield dirt and cleaning up the doghouses. Field Coordinator Jon Cook supervised the efforts at EMC Park and Carrigan Park. “The fields don’t clean themselves,” said Cook, “This is just the first big push.” Cook continues to explain, “This is always work in progress for us. We constantly rake the fields, pick up trash and make improvements through the season.” Some new improvements are being done at Carrigan Park. A new roof will go on the Dog House and a brand new tool shed and Press Box is being built. Full Story.

Light the way

April 9, 2005 — Friends of Whitehall, a group which has been active and vocal in their opposition to a proposed development in Woodville by Ron Nation, staged a "luminary display" this evening by placing hundreds of candles along the roadway to bring attention to their perspective. People stopped and asked the volunteers  what's up with the lights. Three over-forty men, who said they lived there, approached the photographer with beers in cozies and asked what was going on. After explaining the display, the photographer asked them why they thought it was okay to drink alcohol on town property (Within three feet of the edge of the roadway.) . They changed their minds, said they were really from Framingham, and began calling each other fake names.

Shake hands, and when you hear the bell...

April 9, 2005 — Democrat Muriel Kramer and Republican Ken Weismantel, candidates for Selectmen for their respective parties, shake hands at the Hopkinton Athletic Association Mile 1 Celebration where father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt were feted by the HAA and luminaries from the BAA and town government, and local runners. The event was held at Weston Nurseries.

April 9, 2005 — Dick Hoyt is flanked by his son, Rick on his right, and Hopkinton's Alex Danahy on his left. Alex has expressed an interest in competing in the Wheelchair Division of the Boston Marathon.

April 9, 2005 — Joe Tomaski of the Hopkinton Post Office is happy to see a cat waiting in the window of this home on Walcott Street as he makes his rounds. He said the animals on his route enjoy seeing him

      "There's one home where a dog starts whining when he hears my truck, and doesn't stop until I reach the door," he said.

Offers different explanations for Nations

Dear Editor,

Thank you for spending your time with Ron and Chris Nation. You have provided us with a real insight into their thought process. Please allow me equal print to convey my thoughts on the article. Let’s start with the alterations. SEE FULL LETTER Editor's Note: Although we have been posting letters — and large ones at that — we gave this its own page due to its size. Read other letters here.

 Tales of Whitehall



by Jeff Furber

April 9, 2005 — The lake Whitehall area was popular for fishing, boating and skinny-dipping. It was also sparsely populated, especially along the back roads of  Elm, Pond (called "Tunnel Road" by residents) and Spring Street. A trip down those roads in the dark evening hours was always an adventure. Should the car break down or have a real flat tire, you were in for a long night.
     The Ghost Town was located just off of Pond St. approximately in the area of Stewart St., Donna Pass and Jamie Lane. The only reference left these days is the old Bear Hill Cemetery, just off of Pond St.
      In the 50's & 60's, there was a dirt road leading to the cemetery on which you could "go parking". In those days we used it to park our cars on the way to the Ghost Town. Illustration by Ashley T.M. Jackson.

     The Ghost Town was a couple of old houses way back in the woods. It was rumored that it was a hotel left over from the 30's, when the end of Lake Whitehall was famous for its mineral springs and spa's. To young eyes any house that had a large walk around porch and  two stories and was inhabited with bats was a hotel. READ FULL STORY

Softball 10-6

over Dover

by Peter Marso

April 8, 2005 — The Hiller softball team won their first victory 10-6 at Dover-Sherborn on Friday. The hillers are now 1-1 as they are up and running towards another league title and a run at the sectionals. The girls received a big production off runs something they did not have in their opener on Thursday against Medfield. The defense was together and the run production was outstanding. The Hillers lost a lot thru graduation but seem to be playing in top shape. The Hillers will be home against Norton on Monday 3:30.

Photo by Ron DiMichele.


by Peter Marso

April 7, 2005 — The Hopkinton High-School Hiller softball team was shutout by the Medfield Warriors 7-0 in a tri-valley league contest Thursday on the road in Medfield. The Hillers struggled most of the afternoon but the warriors pitching totally dominated the young softball nine. The hop towners who lost the services of many veterans through graduation ,are up and rebuilding for the future! The girls will travel to Dover-Sherborn on Friday. Game time 3:30. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

2nd straight for baseball team

by Peter Marso

April 8, 2005 — The Hiller baseball team won their 2nd straight tri-valley league baseball game at the hands of the Dover-Sherborn raiders Friday in Dover. The Hillers came out like gang busters as they built up a big lead 9-0 at the end of the 2nd inning. The Hillers once again got a big production from Tom Macintyre as he knocked in 5 runs and held the raiders to one hit in five innings. The Hillers will know be marching in the little League parade on Sunday as the state champs of Massachusetts. The Hillers are off and running and have left a good note to the rest of the league. The team is very much in total command as they defend the tri-valley league crown. It was the 10th straight victory over a two year span!!

Baseball team 13-1 romp over Warriors

by Peter Marso

April 7, 2005 — The defending state baseball champions started off were they left off last year with a 13-1 victory at the hands of the Medfield warriors. The Hillers behind veteran Andrew Tarca limited the warriors to 3hits on way to the win. Tarca who retired the first 13 batters pitched near perfect and Captain Tom MacIntire went 4 for 5 at the plate as the Hillers pretty much totally dominated the hapless warriors. The Hillers will travel to Dover-Sherborn on Friday were they will take on the raiders at 3:30. It was the 9th straight win for Hopkinton over a two year span! Photo by Ron DiMichele.


Board of Selectman

The Town of Hopkinton Board of Selectman acting as the Board of Water and Sewer commissioners will be holding a public rate hearing to discuss the adoptions for new water and sewer rates.

                The scheduled date is April 19th 2005 at 7:30pm in the Selectman hearing room.

12:24 am Officer Linda Higgins, while conducting a school check, checked and spoke with a woman who was searching for frog and salamander specimens on Hayden Rowe Street.

7:03 pm Officer Matthew McNeil came upon a vehicle with two people inside it on West Main Street.  Officer Matthew McNeil requested a portable breathe tester, an ambulance for a female that was not responsive and subsequently put a 44 year old male in protective custody.

3:02 pm A caller reported a male yelling and screaming on Davis Road.  Officers Aaron O'Neil and Philip Powers checked and spoke with the male and he was just thinking out loud.

 More in an up-to-date Police News.

Voter Registration Notice

Hopkinton residents wishing to vote at the May Town Meeting and Election need to register to vote by April 12th.  The Town Clerk office hours are Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri. 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and Tues. 8:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.   On April 12th the office will be open from 8:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.  Please contact the Town Clerk with any questions, Tel. 497-9710.


This our first Rumor Mill. Hopefully we'll have a graphic soon.

Rather than repeat rumors, we will investigate them and check their veracity.

1. Colella's will have a Dunkin' Donuts inside their new expanded facility.

2. There are no plans for a McDonalds in Colella's, nor has there been any discussion.

The Cultural Arts Alliance and Enter Stage Left Theater present a collaborative musical revue,


Friends of Whitehall Light the Way: See historic Woodville and Lake Whitehall shine.  Luminary display through Woodville to Lake Whitehall, Saturday April 9th,  7:30pm - 10:00pm.

April 7, 2005 — The female passenger of this pickup truck was found unconscious and unresponsive at dusk today on West Main Street in a routine police check of a suspicious vehicle. In this photo, she is being taken to the hospital in the ambulance. This police activity is a repeat of the same thing that happened yesterday in Northbridge with the same woman. The male driver of the vehicle was taken into protective custody. Her condition was believed to be drug related.


 Project Just Because, which is having a fundraiser on May 6, 2005 (SEE CALENDAR) has gotten New England Patriot Steve Nelson to appear and give autographs during the fundraiser.

  "He said to bring anything and he'll autograph it," said founder Cherylann Lambert-Walsh.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have been deluged with Letters to the Editor either taking exception to our piece on Ron Nation or with his development itself. We often tease a letter with a few lines from the letter on the front page, but these have become too numerous for that. To read many letters on this subject, see the Letters page.

April 8, 2005 — Last evening both major parties held their caucuses to elect their chosen candidates. On the left placing a ballot in the box is Ken Weismantel, Republican choice for Selectman voting for himself among others.

    On the right holding 4 month old Kailee Kohrt at the Democratic caucus is her mom April Kohrt voting for Muriel Kramer for Selectman as well as other choices.

     The fact that the Republicans had 20 people show up and Mr. Weismantel had 20 votes — and the fact that the Democrats had 42 people show up and Mrs. Kramer had 42 votes — supports the claims made in the first two paragraphs.

School Committee cuts $500,000

 “State of the Schools” presentation next Thursday April 14th


by Muriel Kramer

April 8, 2005 — Despite snow on most fields as late as last week, the spring athletic season kicked off right on time with baseball, softball, lacrosse and more competing on fields that are in excellent shape despite the long winter.  Athletic Director Eric Karjel (File photo), speaking at the School Committee meeting last night, thanked the field maintenance crews giving them credit for their hard work making sure the season started right on schedule. FULL STORY

April 7, 2005 — The 2005 Hopkinton 6'th Grade Girls Hopkinton Basketball team posted a 12-0 undefeated regular season with a 21-2 overall record within the Metrowest Travel league. Additionally, the team were finalists in the Metrowest Tournament and Co-Champions of the Ashland Tournament.

 From Left to Right: Coach Jack Phelan, Paige Phelan, Karly Biggs,Paige McDermott, Emily Blake, Nicole Anagnostaras, Coach Evan Anagnostaras.

Front Row: Chelsea Adams,Sarah Kennedy, Nicole Willet, Marissa Peoples,Sara Riordan,Kendall Burton, and Coach Bill Riordan.

The Friends of Whitehall will hold a lake clean up day.

 When:  Saturday, April 30, 2005   10 AM

Where:  State Boat Ramp, Wood St. is Rte. 135

Friends of Whitehall will provide trash bags, refreshments and roadside trash pickup from around the lake.  You and your family provide the pride.

April 7, 2005 — Here’s a quite rare sighting……. It’s a Pileated Woodpecker (about the size of a crow and quite rare). We have a nesting pair on Pond Street (where I won’t say!). They’re very shy, but I got this photo earlier today as this one was excavating a half-dead tree for carpenter ants. ~ Alan Kett

Thank to Alan Kett for this rare photo of a rare woodpecker. 

Ron Nation acquiesces to Woodville concerns

"I don't want to build a monstrosity." ~ Ron Nation

Above, Builder Ron Nation, standing, and son, Chris at the edge of the property about 250' from the shore of Lake Whitehall.

by Robert Falcione

April 7, 2005 — Ron Nation, builder of proposed garden style condo development Whitehall Estates, has answered his critics by altering his plans to meet most objections brought to him by Woodville residents and others. Some have criticized his planned town tennis court on the development's private land as disingenuous. He has answered them by offering to donate the land outright; and made it part of an altered proposal that he intends to present to the Planning Board meeting, which starts on Monday evening at 7:30 pm April 11, 2005 at the High School Auditorium .

     Some have criticized his offer of a gift of land to the town at the end of the soccer field as a donation of unusable land.

     "Take a look at it," Mr. Nation said during a site walk with HopNews. "It's high and dry," he said, refuting critics. "It will need some fill to extend the soccer field to a regulation size, but it's still good land."


Summer rental in beautiful Wells, Maine. One bedroom condo (sleeps 4) at Nautical Mile Resort.$500.00. Full Kitchen & Bath, Air Conditioning, Screened-In Porch overlooking the swimming pool area and Heated Jacuzzy.  Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard, Basketball Court, Gas Grill  & Picnic Tables. One Mile From Beach. On Trolley Stop to Beach or to nearby Kennebunk or Ogunquit. Please call Tina @ 508-435-4190 or 508-875-7110 or email SEE FREE ADS.

Appropriations Committee to recommend funding budget shortfall and other items with $600,000 override on ballot and $400,000 from Stabilization Fund

Will also recommend $3,000,000 debt exclusion for School Dept.


by Robert Falcione

April 6, 2005 — The Appropriations Committee this evening wrestled with the best way to tell their fellow residents that there is a budget shortfall and will continue to be one on the future.

      Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Eric Sonnett, said, "Last year $3.8 million was not a problem for Town Meeting. It was with the voters. And we talked about it at every meeting."

      The committee agreed that it would be best to put an override of $600,000 out this year, rather than take the entire amount out of the stabilization fund, to educate the residents to the need  for an override in the future. They voted $400,000 to come out of the Stabilization Fund.

      Member Ron Eldridge showed some apparent frustration over some funding mechanisms.

     "The rollback taxes on Chapter 61A was passed in 1998 prior to CPA (Community Preservation Act). CPA far exceeds anything we could get from Open Space," he said, referring to the OSPC (Open Space Preservation Committee), which receives the rollback taxes. Land designated as farmland pays a lower tax rate. When property has an offer to purchase, the town has the right of first refusal. If the town does not exercise that right and it is sold privately, then the prior five years of tax savings are returned to the town.

      At a recent Selectmen's meeting, Mr. Sonnett offered an article for inclusion on the warrant to remove the funding for the OSPC and return the rollback taxes to the general fund. It was defeated in a rare 3-2 vote.

     "I applaud you and Ron (Clark) for your efforts and I would hope you would convince your fellow members," Mr. Eldridge said with conviction.

     The $3 million debt exclusion is for funding for architectural plans for a new school and early development center at the Fruit Street site, and improvements at the Elmwood School.

First Annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament

Friday through Sunday on June 10-12 and 17-19

Entry fee is $15 per person per event. Maximum events per person is 2.

The first annual Hopkinton Tennis Tournament is open to all Hopkinton residents 18 years or older. The tournament will take place over  2 weekends at Hopkinton High School tennis courts. Levels of play are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Events are Men's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Use the entry form in the Parks & Recreation Dept. Activities Brochure. If you don't have the brochure, you can get one at the P & R office at Town Hall or go online to You cannot, however, register for this event online. If you have any questions, email the event organizers at Check our Calendar for more events.

Editor: I have been enjoying your recent nature and travel photos and wanted to share one of my own. This is a photo of seals resting on a small island in the middle of a sea-fed loch in Ballachulish, near Glencoe, in the Scottish Highlands. My family and I were touring the loch in a small motorboat with my husband's mother, who lives in Edinburgh. Thanks for your photos as well.
Sheila Zarba-Campbell, 76 Ash Street.  April 6, 2005. Editor's note: Thank you for sharing that.

April 6, 2005 — As punctual as the robins in springtime, Peter Curry of Brockton comes to Hopkinton prior to each Marathon and spruces up the statues and plaques on and around the Hopkinton Common. On Monday, he worked on the Doughboy Monument in the background at Cookie's Corner. The flag is at half staff out of respect for the Pope.


3:10 am A female reported that on Chestnut Street a young male jumped out in front of her car and intentionally tried to hit her vehicle.  Sgt. Joseph E. Bennett responded and the young male jumped out in front of his vehicle as well.  Subsequently the 26 year old male was put in protective custody.


Selectmen's meeting

Schools may look for $1 million+ override


"Folks don't like hearing about a general override."

 ~ Stewart Cowart, Chairman Finance Committee


April 5, 2005 — The Chairman of the Finance Committee opened his presentation to the Board of Selectmen this evening with those stark words above.

    "The more stabilization funds we use, the deeper the hole gets," he added. All of the departments have been cooperative; they have been level funded for years," he said, to the exclusion of the School Department. The Chairman of the School Committee, Dave Stoldt, also spoke in favor of Special Town Meeting articles, which are to pay for last year's expenses, but spoke of this year's situation too.

     "We are grateful we have a budget we can work with. We will have fewer teachers but 129 more students," he said.

     His articles will total about $3 million for plans for an elementary school and early childhood development center on Fruit Street; and improvements at Elmwood School.

     Eric Sonnett, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen lamented the high cost of insurance at 13% increase, while revenue only goes up 2.5%.

     The evening became animated when a member of the audience, Dave Adelman (Photo), who is a member of the Master Plan Committee, said, "As a resident, I appreciate a good education, however, we're putting too much money into the schools." FULL STORY Photo above, Dave Adelman, left TJ Dlugolecki, who was appointed as a High School representative to the Youth Commission.

In with the new

Above, from left, John Ianni, Jason Walker, Lou Fennelli, Sean Perry.


April 5, 2005 — These craftsmen on staff at the Laborer's Training Center show off a sign holding the flags of 73 countries, which they refurbished with paint and 24K gold leaf. The sign was placed atop the base of the sign which reads, "It all starts here," which they are uprighting in the photo on the left.

     "It was all peeling and faded," said John Ianni.

     "Dottie Ferriter sends us 40-50 runners who stay over at the dorms," he said. Dottie Ferriter is the Chairman of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee.

    "We have a fully staffed kitchen that takes care of them," he said.

    The Marathon runs on Patriots Day. See our calendar for street closing information.     

Eighth grade student writes letter in favor of salamanders.


"I was a little embarrassed to find out that the School Committee didn’t keep their promise to close the road even after a legal agreement was signed in 1999."



My name is Keith Love. I’m an 8th grade student at Hopkinton Middle School. All my life I’ve been exposed to environmental biology and ecology. I’m especially interested in vernal pools.


I read in the paper recently about the discussion between the Conservation Commission and the School Committee regarding closing the Hopkins Loop Road in the spring to protect migrating salamanders. I was a little embarrassed to find out that the School Committee didn’t keep their promise to close the road even after a legal agreement was signed in 1999. The article in the paper said that the School Committee was interested in getting volunteers to search the area for salamanders crossing the road in the spring, so my mother and I decided to go poke around a bit during the last week to see what we could find. READ ENTIRE LETTER  Photo by Keith Love.

Miss Harris remembered


     All twelve years of my public education were spent in the Hopkinton public schools.  At that young age, I simply did not appreciate the excellence that surrounded me and guided me during those years.  Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, I am able to recognize and fully appreciate those people in my past who helped shape my life.  SEE FULL LETTER.

April 5, 2005 — These mutes swans seen through the reeds this morning at Hopkinton Reservoir unwittingly form a heart with their necks and beaks and display their feathers in a spring ritual.

These Geese

by Cheryl Perreault 

How soft they fly

calling out reminders

for hope of shift

as they glide

back into our spring

when surroundings

finally awaken.

These geese,

giving patient reveille

to the shaky tufts of newborn grass READ FULL POEM

Photo taken April 5, 2005 ©2005 Robert Falcione

Special Permit will surely be denied

Dear Editor,
Developer Ron Nation will not be having a "showdown with angry neighbors" at next Monday's Planning Board meeting, READ FULL LETTER.

Project Just Because accepting monetary donations

Needs assistance from neighbors. Fundraiser/silent auction May 6


by Robert Falcione

April 5, 2005 — On May 6, 2005, Project Just Because will have its first real fundraiser since gaining its non-profit status last summer as a 501(c)(3) corporation, which enables it to collect money. For six years, this group of dedicated individuals has worked hard at securing clothing, food and basic need items for the disadvantaged in Hopkinton and surrounding towns. In the past, the group has held events to collect these items as well as gift cards from local merchants to distribute to their clients. They were limited to those types of contributions, because of their status. The new status as a non-profit corporation now allows them to collect money.

      To herald their new capabilities, Project Just Because has scheduled a fund raiser and silent auction for May 6, 2005 to be held in the Reception Hall of the Congregational Church on East main Street in Hopkinton at 5:30 -8:00 P.M .

    According to coordinator Beth Malloy (Photo), "The money raised at this event will go toward obtaining a building/residence for the project to call home. This would help us consolidate items now stored in garages, and attics basements into a central location, thus helping us to better serve our clients.

    "Also, having a location would allow us to schedule volunteers and provide a place where community service projects could be performed. I feel there is a need for this type of opportunity for young people to become involved in community service," she said.

     Cherylann Lambert Walsh concurred.

     "The heart of the project for six years has been the children and their families contributing to these programs through community service. This facility will give people who want to do community service year-round," she said.

    According to Senior Center Outreach Worker Marlene Troupes, Project Just Because founder Cherylann Lambert-Walsh has been there through thick and thin.

    "Her energy level is boundless, and infectious" Mrs. Troupes said.

    "She's reliable. She is such a good resource for Hopkinton and the surrounding communities

    The Congregational Church has donated the hall for this event.

    Volunteers will be on hand at the event to answer questions about existing programs.

    Checks and credit cards will be accepted for donations and auction items. People and businesses wishing to contribute items for the auction may call 508-435-6511

Wants project denied


What noble gesture for the developer of this project to offer a strip of unbuildable land to the town as he recently said in a recent article. He has also offered the town access to Reed Park with the boulevard entrance on Wood Street similar to Rocky Woods. That’s not a plus in my estimation because of poor sight lines east and west. SEE LETTERS

PROJECT JUST BECAUSE, INC. FUNDRAISER May 6, 2005. See Community Event Calendar

April 4, 2005 — High speed film-equivalent can freeze the wings of a duck in flight, even in low light. Taken today at Hopkinton Reservoir.

Bye, bye, ice

April 4, 2005 — The last vestiges of winter are carried down the overflow at Hopkinton State Park today leaving us with only memories of a stubborn season.

Two correct guesses for Mystery Animal

It's a muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus). ~ Susan Ranney

It’s a musk rat. We had those all over Idaho. ~ Liisa Jackson

Thanks Bob, now I have the song "Muskrat Love" running over and over in my head. ~Keith Rowe
Muskrat Susie, Muskrat Sam
Do the jitterbug out in muskrat land
And they shimmy
And Sammy's so skinny

NOTE: We were not sure what it was until we were told. It can also be seen in the encyclopedia.

Richard J. Dunphy, 75, died April 3, 2005 at home after a brief battle with cancer. Born in Worcester, he was the son of the late Thomas and Elizabeth (Robinson) Dunphy. SEE ARRANGEMENTS
Community Calendar Item
Team Hoyt at book signing

Main Street Specialties

Sunday, April 10, 2005

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Starting line favorites Dick & Rick Hoyt, commonly known as Team Hoyt, will be at Main Street Specialties to sign  books on April 10, 2005.

One reviewer says, "... prepare for an emotional saga about the tremendous accomplishments of a handicapped person surrounded by a family motivated by love for one another and for humanity in general!"

Reminder: Mile 1 celebration Saturday.