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ENTER STAGE LEFT Theater Workshop Inc.


       Arthur Miller’s American Classic


      a staged reading  

Winner of the Drama Critics Award for Best New American play of 1947

Directed by Paul Champlin 


Thursday through Saturday, August 24th-26th, 8pm at 30 Main Street, Hopkinton

Ticket price $10

CAST LIST: Michael Geary, Nancy Gilarde, Steve Sullivan, Kelly Grill, Jean Vickers, Mark Laumeister, Phil Doherty, Jeff Brown, Dawn Anderson

Please call 435-2114 or email esltheater@comcast.net  for additional information, or to reserve tickets.

Kindly visit our website:  www.enterstagelefttheater.com

Dog House broken into

August 16, 2006 — The Dog House at EMC Park was broken into again last week, the work of vandals that the police are hoping to catch soon.

Ron Nation says Town killed Whitehall deal

Plans to build 40B project (100 units) • "It's the only thing I can do" ~ Ron Nation


August 15, 2006 —  In May, Hopkinton Town Meeting agreed to purchase 21 acres of Woodville land owned by Ron Nation for $2.75 million, with promises by its principal proponent, John Coolidge, Chairman of the Open Space Preservation Commission (OSPC), that the he had a signed Purchase and Sale in his possession, in fact, a document that was dated only the day before the Article came up for review. He could not share it with his fellow residents that evening, he said with a smile, because of a printer problem. Mr. Coolidge did not answer a request from HopNews for a copy of the P&S, but then Town Counsel Larry Faiman did provide one upon request.

      In that P&S, a rider stated that, at the option of the Buyer (The Town), the Buyer had to receive assurances of all of the funding, including $800,000 from third party sources by May 20, just 16 days after the money was voted at Town Meeting. The Town did not take advantage of that escape clause, even thought the funding was not, and has yet to become, available. OSPC member Jeff Doherty has recently blamed publicity for scaring away contributors.

     But now, an appraisal paid for by the Town has come in at $2,050,000, a full $700,000 less than the agreement reached on May 3, 2006.

      At the heart of the issue is the interpretation of Mass General Law, Chapter 44, Section 5(f) that states in part, "...for purposes of this chapter, no such real property, or interest therein, shall be acquired by any city or town for a price exceeding the value of the property as determined by such city or town through procedures customarily accepted by the appraising profession as valid.

      According to that statute, the Town is not legally allowed to purchase land for more than it is appraised.

     "I got a letter saying they were offering $2,050,000, and 'take it or leave it'. So I'll leave it," Mr. Nation said in an interview this evening. "See you later. I'm going to build," he said.

     "How are we ever going to do the Weston Nurseries deal?" he asked. Weston Nurseries land is under the protection of a Bankruptcy Court offering 615 to 966 acres for sale. The Town is engaged in various efforts to try to have a say in the future of the property, which is under Chapter 61A, giving the Town the right of first refusal of a bona fide offer.

     "Anyone with a piece of land they want to sell to the Town; who are they going to call? Look at how they handled this," he said, referring to the failed Whitehall deal.  FULL STORY




To see a video excerpt of the hawk presentation at the State Park last week, click here or on the picture.

Road... Open

August 15, 2006 — DPW Director J. T. Gaucher looks over some of the work on Saddle Hill Road today in preparation for paving a nearly 500' section that he said was frost-heaving and beyond patching.


August 15, 2006 — A chapter of the Appalachian Trail Club made Hopkinton their destination on a bicycle ride from Norwood Sunday. Above, they break for lunch.

Secretive Whitehall appraisal figures are now public

Figures fall short of need

Deadline for Whitehall is Friday ~ One last chance


by Robert Falcione

August 14, 2006 — In a lengthy and candid interview today, Ron Nation (File photo), the seller of the Woodville property that the Town Meeting voted to purchase and fund in May, said that the reason for the latest extension that he granted to the Town was to wait for an appraisal to come in. READ GRANT APPLICATION

     Even though Mr. Nation paid for the latest appraisal, which was delivered only last Friday, nearly two weeks after the grant was applied for, it came in at $2,685,000; $65,000 short of the purchase price.  And Mr. Nation said the negotiations for the price of the land are over. The Town will have to come up with the difference to make up the $2,750,000.

     "This thing originally wasn't for sale, but they [John Coolidge was Chair of the OSPC, Open Space Preservation Committee] kept asking me at the same time that they [Planning Board, Chair, John Coolidge] were charged with issuing me permits," he said. At the time, then Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Eric Sonnett, accused Mr. Coolidge of having a conflict of interest over the dual roles.

     "Finally, I told them $3 million," he said. "There was no gift-back from me.

      "It came time to sign it, and they said the Town wouldn't support a $3 million purchase. I told them to make their best offer," he said.

       "I reduced the price to $2,750,000 with a $250,000 gift that was all smoke and mirrors. I believe it has been removed, because you have to hold title for a year to qualify. They agreed and signed the agreement. And where are we now?" he asked rhetorically. File photo, John Coolidge, left, and Jeff Doherty.

        "They hired an appraiser who came in with a figure of $2,050,000. Under General Law 44B, the Town cannot buy a piece of land for more than the appraised value," he said. The appraisal was delivered last Friday.

        "I had it appraised at $2,685,000, based on [The approval of] a 9-lot subdivision and comparable values in town.    FULL STORY


Former Duxbury Principal John E. McCarthy chosen as the new

Principal of Hopkinton High School


“He is an outstanding communicator, and a knowledgeable administrator.” Dr. Phelan (File photo)


by Julie Brennan

August 15, 2006 — John E. McCarthy, the new Principal of Hopkinton High School, decided early in life not to follow in his father's footsteps.  Growing up with a parent who was both a teacher and a school administrator influenced his choice to pursue a path in business while attending Providence College.  He shortly realized, however, that he was unhappy in that field and visited his adviser for help.  John's adviser gave him an interest inventory test.  Ironically, the test results indicated that he was best suited for a career in education, so John decided to change his major.  In 1978 he received a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and Social Studies, and later returned to school to earn a Masters Degree in Educational Administration.


For fifteen years he worked in the Old Rochester Regional school systems as a teacher.  Because he enjoyed teaching so much, he never expected to become an administrator. While working there, however, an administrator became ill and John was asked to fill in.  He loved the experience and continued to pursue that career from then on. FULL STORY


POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE today, August 14, 2006

Several arrests, and...

• A caller again reported an ongoing problem with noisy neighbors on Yale Road...

• An Aprilla Farm Road resident reported that a gray Ford Escort was towing kids on skateboards...

• A caller reported that someone left a toilet in the woods on South Mill Street...

Help the American Cancer Society Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

Register for the 14th annual walk on Sunday, October 15 in Boston


(Boston, MA) – August 14, 2006 – Join the fight against breast cancer by taking part in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 6 mile walk on Sunday, October 15, 2006, starting at the MDC Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston.  Registration and rolling start are set for 8:00 -10:00 a.m.  Boston’s Making Strides is the nation’s oldest and largest one-day walk, raising more than $30 million to fight breast cancer since its inception in 1993. All funds raised support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research, education, advocacy and patient support programs.  To register or for more information, call 1-800-ACS-2345 or e-mail: strides_boston@cancer.org .

All Women football

August 14, 2006 — The New England Intensity, all women football team, beat the Empire State Roar Saturday night 20-0. The next home game is August 26 vs the Albany Ambush at Hanlon Field in Medway, with the afterparty at Cornell's. The team is now 2-1.



The wine and cheese open house at ofCourse Consulting was a smashing success.  People of all ages and communities from MetroWest took the time to see the facility, test drive the learning materials, and sample some fine wines and cheese. 

Leg power

August 13, 2006 — A bicyclist makes a silhouette on top of the Hopkinton Reservoir Dam as the sun set this evening, and the cheapest gas prices tickled $3.00 per gallon.

Common Purpose

August 13, 2006  — The young people in front are playing Frisbee Keepaway with a third person who is off-camera, while a boy in the background readies a giant red disc for flying, and a yellow ball seems to hover in the air. The Westwood Swing Band was the featured entertainment.

Is more always better?

August 13, 2006 — Matthew Clark, 12, holds a five-legged frog, see inset too, while his brother, Kyle, 10, right, and friend Evan Kutz, 10, look on. They discovered the frog in a pond behind the Fire Station, where the Clarks' father and uncles work.

Hello up there

August 13, 2006 — Three people are visible in this photo of Lookout Rock in Northbridge taken from  Rice City Pond in Uxbridge, about a mile away. The photo below was taken from that rock, which was renamed by the State from King Philip's Rock, in order  to be politically correct.

Meandering Loosestrife

August 13, 2006 — The roving HopNews camera took this photo from Lookout Rock in Northbridge, which shows purple loosestrife meandering the Blackstone River valley floor, as much as the river itself. The arch bridge at the end of the floodplain is where the camera was located when the previous photo, above, was taken.

Elliot Ness where are you?

August 13, 2006 — This 1932 DeSoto was a participant in the car show Sunday at the American Legion in Northbridge, which is run by former Hopkinton resident, Dave D'Amico.

Liberal media

August 13, 2006 — Former Town Moderator and well known and highly respected member of the Republican Party, Charles Zettek, found solace in reading the Boston Sunday Globe this morning, on one of the recently installed benches on Main Street.



A boy and his grenade

August 13, 2006 — Xavier Thibault, 5, grenade and shiv in one hand, holds onto his helmet while going for a ride in "Marco" Dendonnen's half-track armored vehicle on Lakeshore Drive.

She ain't heavy...

August 13, 2006 — These youngsters had a grand time at Woodville Rod & Gun Club's get together on Saturday, which included horseshoes and pony rides.

Country and Western

August 13, 2006 — This young woman at the Woodville Rod & Gun on Saturday delighted the crowd of 100 or so patrons who came for the Clambake, singing karaoke, as John Villa, background, spun  the tunes.

Where the buffalo roam

August 13, 2006 — Sporting a Buffalo Bill Cody coiffure, moustache and goatee on Saturday, this anachronistic patron of Woodville Rod & Gun Club's old-fashioned clambake was aptly attired.

Testing the water

August 13, 2006 — This bird didn't stray from the edge of the water on Friday, as Sandy Beach was closed due to a high bacteria count.

 Hopkinton Public Library

With a little help from friends


On Friday, Stephen Baird delighted the audience at the Hopkinton Public Library with some help from some aspiring musicians.


His performance was funded by an Arts Lottery Grant from Hopkinton and Massachusetts Cultural Councils.

Swimming okay at Sandy Beach

August 11, 2006 — These lifeguards had little to do this morning at Sandy Beach due to the Board of Health closing it to swimmers due to a high e-coli bacteria count (See inset sign). According to a Board of Health spokesperson, tests done this morning came back clean as a whistle and the beach will be okay for swimming on Saturday — and perhaps ice skating if the weather gets any colder.

HE: My car is out back.

SHE: (Thinking) It must be a horrible car if he parked it out back.

August 11, 2006 — ESL Theater's (30 Main Street) Friday Night Improv brought these actors out tonight as well as a rapt audience. Above, the teens, Tyler Mikulis and Delaney Dion, played the part of a young couple meeting for the first time and testing each other's social status. Their unspoken thoughts were played by the adults behind them, Joe Gammal and Dawn Anderson.

Make your own rules

August 11, 2006 — The roving HopNews camera caught these scofflaws, the Jeep followed the Audi, driving on the wrong side of the road today by Pratt Pond in Upton, rather than wait in line like everyone else. They turned left and headed toward Hopkinton, most likely to get on the highway. ;-)

     Earlier, the photographer was passed on the right by a rapidly accelerating  vehicle as he stopped for a group of people, including several children, at the crosswalk at Main and Church. One observer emailed this:


hi Bob:

Can you believe that idiot today at the Crosswalk??  Did you get his plate number??  I was so upset I didn't get it all.  I actually saw him when I was coming back up E-Main towards town and he was zipping into Wilson Street, couldn't get it then either, he cut me off.  

Birds of Prey

August 11, 2006 — Emily, an interpreter with the Blue Hills Trailside Museum presented a program at Hopkinton State Park this afternoon, Birds of Prey. Above is a red-tailed hawk showing off the reason for his name. Emily pointed out to the gathering that that hawk and the owl below are partially camouflaged by having a top body, to blend with the land, and a light upper body to blend with the sky.

August 11, 2006 — This owl is showing its wings as Emily from the Blue Hills Trailside Museum encourages that behavior from him by moving the him up and down.

One if by land...

August 11, 2006 — North Pond resident Mark "Marco" Dendonnen took some families for a ride on Lakeshore Drive this morning in his WWII era halftrack, a vehicle with armor in the rear to protect troops being transported, and rubber tracks to respect the streets of Europe where they were deployed. Mr. Dendonnen is a neighbor of the home that was struck by lightning on Downey Street yesterday.

    "I was dumping a cooler of its water when the lightning bolt actually went over me. I could feel my hair stand up," he said.

Two if by er... um... air!

August 11, 2006 — This WWII era airplane (Corsair?) is seen descending over Sandy Beach this morning. Its occupants, although not known, are nearly identifiable.


34% are less likely to fly


     In this 15 - hour poll, we asked people if they would be  less likely to fly as a result of the uncovered terror plot.

     However this is  not a poll where there is a winner. Although the majority of people participating said they would not change their habits, a surprising 34 % said they would be less likely to fly.

     This poll took place over 15 hours today, but on last night's late news on Channel 7, with fear at its height, their poll turned out to be about 50-50 with a similar question. If this figure were to last, although it is highly doubtful, the airline industry would suffer severely.

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