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Today, August 31, 2006


11:54 am A caller reported that three motorcycles (two of which were unregistered) were operating erratically on West Main Street and then turned onto South Street... 


5:24 pm A caller from Erika Drive reported that one pane on his double pane glass door was shattered...


12:52 pm A walk in reported that a vehicle was circling the Davis Road area several times...

Poll Results

August 31, 2006 — It is a definite slam dunk that takes the media to task for overreacting in the matter of John Mark Karr's arrest in Thailand and his return to the United States.


It is the propensity of the news media's obsession with getting the story, and sometimes at all costs, with accuracy as a victim in many cases.


And it is with reference to the speed that TV needs to report things that we ask the question, "Do you remember when there were no TV helicopters?

Just Cruisin'

August 31, 2006 — This turkey vulture and another were riding the thermals in the downtown, starting at roof top levels. It is unsure what they thought they'd find, but some good advice for residents to take is to keep the poodle indoors. ;-)

Junior Rangers program graduates 10 !

 2006 Junior Rangers: (clockwise from left to right starting with Ranger) Ranger Deanna Collins, Anna Charteris, Olivia Charteris, Harry MacDonald, Rachel Hamilton, Rachel Guen, Interpretive Ranger Jennefer Marker, Jessica Hamilton, James Morningstar, John Morningstar, Madeline Boyce, and Gabrielle Boyce.  The new Junior Rangers are holding up their newly awarded badges and certificates.


August 31, 2006 — After meeting once a week for four weeks, these participants, ranging in age from six to ten years-old, each received a badge and certificate after reciting a pledge in which they promise to care for, protect and enjoy Massachusetts State Parks. 

What's the fuss?

August 31, 2006 — Residents of East Hopkinton wondered what the fuss was about this afternoon, as ambulances and fire engines from Ashland, Hopkinton and Holliston converged at a crash scene in Ashland at the intersection of West and Spring Streets, just over the Hopkinton line. The vehicle failed to stop at the end of West Street, and crossed Spring Street, hitting a telephone pole. Above, the CBS4 chopped circled the scene as did helicopters from several news agencies. More below.

Van vs. tree

Bumper sticker asks appropriate question

August 31, 2006 This van registered to the Department of Mental Retardation slammed into a telephone pole on Spring Street in Ashland this afternoon — a continuation of East Street in Hopkinton — sending six adults, of which at least four were clients of the Department, to Milford and Framingham Hospitals.

Preschool in your crosshairs?

Wondering what the best preschool for your child is?  On Wednesday, September 27 at 7:30 pm, the MOMS Club of Hopkinton will offer a workshop of preschool options and how to evaluate them.  Roxy Leeson, an expert in child development with over 20 years of experience, will cover topics like what to think about before looking at preschools and what questions to ask when you call and visit, descriptions of the various types of preschools, and what to consider if your child’s birth date is near the kindergarten cut-off.  Cost is $15.  Pre-registration required (directions will be sent to those who pre-register).  To pre-register, please contact Christine Coffman at cddcoffman@comcast.net or 508 497-9948.  

Reader worries about safety issues

Dear Editor,

I drive down Elm Street everyday and for the past 8 years, wondered about the eyesore of an abandoned trailer on what used to be High Street.  I was curious and looked it up - it is property R23 33 0 - it is 3 High Street. 

     As an abandoned building, I fear it is potentially a magnet for kids, animals, vandals, etc. I don't know what the town policy is on abandoned buildings.  I've never gone over and looked at it, so I don't know if there are really any safety issues.  

    As a concerned citizen, I thought you might be interested in looking into this further.


Kristi Allen

11 Oliver Lane

August 31, 2006   Read more Letters

Dictionary We have many more resources coming online, all because readers have made it clear what they want.Dictionary

Selectmen vote to move forward with Whitehall land purchase


by Robert Falcione

August 30, 2006 — This evening, three members of the Board of Selectmen voted for the town to move forward with the purchase of open space in an area of town in which they live, Woodville.

     The town voted to fund the purchase to the tune of $2.75 million at Town Meeting in May, even though the appraisals for the land figured it worth much less than that figure.

     Although the land has been appraised for the town by two firms, one at $2,050,000 and the other at $2 million, the problem is that Chapter 44, Section 5f of the Massachusetts General Laws prohibits a municipality from purchasing land for more than the appraised value.

      The seller, Ron Nation, obtained an appraisal for $2,685, 000 and told the town he would agree to drop the price to that figure. So a majority of the Selectmen agreed this evening to hire Mr. Nation's appraiser to get a higher appraisal, as stated by Chairman Muriel Kramer.

     Selectman Ron Clark called it "appraiser shopping" and asked if anyone purchasing land privately would accept the higher appraisal when their own two appraisals came in lower.

     Selectman Mike Shepard disclosed that it was his brother, Bob, who sold the land to Mr. Nation. Mr. Nation purchased the land for $1.8 million on April 3, 2006, one month before the town agreed to pay nearly a million more.

     State Rep. Paul Loscocco was on hand and lectured the Selectmen twice about the roles of Town Meeting as a Legislative body and the Selectmen as an Executive body.

     Rep. Loscocco explained that the town sets the value and then gets appraisals to support the price they have set.

     Mr. Clark insisted that the appraisals have been submitted and that the work has been done. However, Mr. Nation rejected an offer the town made based on the appraisals the town had done. 

     Selectman Mary Pratt said that the land is priceless, which may have been what prompted Mr. Clark to say later, "This isn't a MasterCard commercial."

     The next step, after an agreement to extend the deadline past the current one ending August 31,  is for the town to get another appraisal, and if it doesn't come in as high as Mr. Nation's, then the town will likely make a final offer.

     When asked if there was a limit on the amount of appraisals the town could get, Town Counsel Richard D'Angelis said no.

Is your Community Group represented?

Check out our Community Page like the Special Olympics did. See if you belong there, and if you are not there, get in touch with us so we can get you linked!

Survival of the biggest

August 29, 2006 — If the dragonfly in this spider's clutches is a normal size one, then the spider in this photo is huge. The thorax appears to have scary eyes and other markings that would surely ward off many predators.

     "I found this huge spider in my garden last week.  He is pictured here eating a dragon fly.  Yuck!!  Does anyone know what type of spider it is?  I hope he isn't poisonous, because he got away!" ~ Ellen Mace

Woodville Appraisals made public

Selectmen to discuss Land Purchase this evening

August 29, 2006 — The appraisals for the Whitehall land became public without fanfare last week, while the Selectmen seem to have gotten into the act of the land purchase of 22 or so acres in Woodville for $2.75 million from developer Ron Nation, who has been looking to close on the Purchase and Sale agreement that is slated to expire on August 31, 2006, after a second extension.

      At issue is the value of the land, which has been appraised from a low of $1.8 million by an appraiser for the town, to the high appraisal of $2.65 million by an appraiser hired by Mr. Nation. According to Open Space Preservation Committee member Jeff Doherty, the town cannot legally, under any circumstances, purchase the land for more than the appraised value, even if no Community Preservation Act funds are used.

      The appraisals all seem to consider some sort of development being approved and an infrastructure of roads in place, with consequential deductions if the conditions are not met.

      The Selectmen have it on their agenda for this evening.

Community, Church, Scout, and Teen Spirit


by Robert Falcione

August 29, 2006 — How many people can boast of creating a stone monument in their lifetimes — and especially at just fifteen years-old? Sean Donahue (Rust-colored jacket), a sophomore at Hopkinton High School, has chosen to build, at St. Paul's Church, a contemplative labyrinth out of slate moved from an old quarry at Boy Scout Camp MacGregor in New Hampshire, as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

      The labyrinth is not just seven circular circuits of laid stone, but according to Sean's dad, Patrick, a place where a person's troubles can be shed, renewing their life.

     "A person can meditate and supposedly find God in the center," said Sean. His dad was more certain.

     "On the path in, you walk slowly and empty yourself of burdens, and you reach the center empty of these things. And then on the path out, you are free to have a closer communion with God," Patrick explained.

      Sean found the design on the internet, where he learned that several cultures throughout history came up with the idea of a labyrinth independently.   

       The labyrinth is not the only part of his Eagle Project.

       In addition to organizing, researching and directing fellow teens in building it, Sean must have demonstrated a high level of leadership, and must have character elements that make up Scout Spirit, or Scout Oath and Law.

       Sean has been involved in scouting since he moved to Hopkinton eight years ago with his family, which includes a younger sister.

        The entire community will be welcome to attend an opening ceremony in September, and to visit and contemplate anytime thereafter.

August 28, 2006 — Many readers have asked about the missing sign at the High School and Middle School. We also asked over a week ago and were told it is out for repair. The Police Department also confirmed that. So, stop what ever rumors have started and get ready for another great school year!


The Children's Room will be accepting registration for story time beginning Tuesday, September 5th. Registration must be made in person for the first week. Phone registration will be accepted beginning Wednesday, September 13th with registration continuing throughout the month. Story time will begin the first week in October with 8 meetings in each session. Two and three year olds meet Monday or Wednesday from 10:30 to 11:15 AM. One and two year olds meet on Thursday from 10:30 to 11:15 AM. Three, four, and five year olds meet on Thursday from 1:00 to 1:45 PM. Please register for only one story time session per child. Call the Children's Room at 497- 9779 with any questions.  ~ Dinny Potenza


You Tube Video link excerpt of RJ Penney Ride provided by Stephanie Carver.


Annie M. Hager, 89, of Hopkinton died Saturday, August 26, 2006. Born in Acton, MA, she was the daughter of the late Matilda and Ole Granberg. Annie and her husband Sterling lived in Hopkinton from 1939 to 1958, moved to Holliston and returned to Hopkinton to reside with their daughter, Betty Wyckoff, a year ago. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Open House at YMCA 

The MetroWest YMCA of Hopkinton is hosting an Open House on Saturday Sept. 9th, from 10am until noon time.  

Come out and tour our NAEYC Accredited Early Childhood Center, Challenge Course, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball courts, winterized Lodge and the rest of the 116 acre facility at 45 East Street in Hopkinton. For more information call (508) 435-9345 or visit www.metrowestymca.org and click on Hopkinton.

POLICE NEWS UP-TO-DATE Today, August 28, 2006



1:44 pm A caller from Amherst Road reported a young male, perhaps 8 or 9 years old, operating a dirt bike on the roadway... Officer Stephen Buckley responded and, upon negative find, was told by a citizen that the biker went into the woods.


12:21 pm Police responded to a possible domestic dispute on West Main Street...


1:00 am Police received call of two suspicious persons walking around the area of a South Street business... 

Poll Results


The poll results after a half day of voting show an interesting turn of public opinion. The first reports of John Mark Karr's arrest in Thailand had everyone believing the killer of JonBenet Ramsey had been caught and confessed.

But now, after people have had time to digest what was said and what wasn't said, the public's opinion appears to have shifted. Only 13% believed Mr. Karr guilty in the HopNews poll.

Over 50% believe he was looking for attention or needed a ride home. Thanks for voting.

Three deaths ~ Arrangements complete

HOPKINTON - William E. Cousineau, 78, died on August 21, 2006 at Carlyle House in Framingham.  Born in Newton, he was the son of the late James and Anna (Troy) Cousineau... 

HOPKINTON- Donald R. Simpson, 81, died Wednesday August 22, 2006. Born in Washington, PA, he was the son of the late Charles and Harriet (Kennedy) Simpson...

HOPKINTON - Charlotte Cookingham, 89, died August 23, 2006. She was the wife of the late Howard Cookingham. She is survived by her daughter Sandra J. Pryke and her husband John of Orleans, MA...

Snake Hill

August 27, 2006 — Snake Hill on Winter Street was too much for this motorcycle rider who slid for over a dozen meters after laying the bike down. The man, appearing over 50 years old, appeared to have a broken bone or two in his extremities and perhaps a torso injury.

High speed lane

August 27, 2006 — This self propelled, scaled down train at Weston Nurseries, is in clear focus while the background is blurred, as a result of panning (Moving side to side)  the camera with the moving train, and using a relatively slow shutter speed.

Stronger than granite

August 27, 2006 — This antique automobile, apparently British, was parked on Main Street for a spell this afternoon. Its showroom quality contrasts sharply with the deteriorated granite curbing and asphalt streets of downtown Hopkinton.

Power ride

August 27, 2006 — Friends and family of R J Penney, who lost his life in a motorcycle crash in Holliston on July 22 of this year, a few weeks before his 22nd birthday, ride down Grove Street today in a Memorial Bike Run for his immediate family's benefit. The line of bikes is much longer than seen here, obscured by the crest in the road.

Always remember

August 27, 2006 — Friends and family of RJ Penney gathered at the Body Shop in Milford to prepare for a Bike Run in his memory. Top left inset is group photo of family members wearing commemorative tee shirts.

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