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Jim Harvey feted by Scouts

Front row, Janet Harvey flanked by granddaughters Julia Harvey, left and Victoria Harvey. Rear, Jim Harvey flanked by former Hopkinton Selectman Eric Sonnett, left, and Selectman Ron Clark.

October 26, 2006 — Jim Harvey, well known businessman and Treasurer of E. L. Harvey and Sons, where, among other things, the Hopkinton recycling is done, was honored for his work for the community by being chosen as this year's recipient of the Westboro Good Scout Award from the Knox Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America. This evening, 225 people showed up at the Indian Meadows in Westborough to join in honoring Mr. Harvey.

Garden Club treated to show

October 26, 2006 — Sandra Delbridge brought her Interior Design magic to the Garden Club and other interested people, nearly all women, in the High School Auditorium this evening to the delight of the audience, who saw her creations with a green theme become beautiful elements of decor. The latter part of the evening is devoted to the all-popular raffle, with donations from 25 companies. The Garden Club show is an annual event.

CPC discusses funding requests

October 26, 2006 — The CPC (Community Preservation Commission) met this evening to discuss funding requests, the largest of which was the recent Whitehall purchase. The only outstanding funding request that anyone brought up was the fountain ion the Common which member Jeff Furber said he is discussing the repair with a welder, who would like to remove the fountain to do the work.

     "I spoke with a welder who suggested taking the whole fountain and sandblasting and welding it. There is water [pipes] there, but it is so old," Mr. Furber said. "Then when the fountain is gone, they can fix the water."

     Chairman John Coolidge said that there had been no date set yet on the passing of the papers for the Lake Whitehall land purchase that seems to have cleared all hurdles with the latest news from the Superior Court denying a Restraining Order.

     A restriction for passive recreation was read into the Town Meeting Article, that Mr. Coolidge had said was necessary to get State funding, a grant that he would apply for. However, this week, the granting agency denied the request.

     In response to a reporter's question about the further need for the restriction, and the possibility to open the land for active recreation, Mr. Coolidge said, "We may look back at some of the uses, especially in light of some of the stuff we'd like to do.

    "We're going to get rid of the house, tie the land into Reed Park."

    The CPC account, which funds requests for active and passive recreation, historical and housing, has, according to figures given this evening, nearly $2 million budgeted.


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Veterans' Real Estate Exemptions Amounts Increased


     The Board of Assessors has received notification from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, that the increased real estate tax exemptions for certain veterans will be effective in the current fiscal year, rather than the originally scheduled Fiscal Year 2008.

     The new exemption amounts are: 10% Disability $400, an increase of $150. Purple Heart $400, an increase of $150. Surviving Spouse $400, an increase of $150. 100% Disability $1,000, an increase of $400

      These exemptions are funded from the Assessors Overlay Account

      Because these increased exemption amounts are mandated by Statute, the State will reimburse the Town for the increases.

 John H. Duffy, Chairman, Board of Assessors

Grade 8 Field Hockey

October 26, 2006 — There's heavy traffic here during the eighth grade field hockey game against Wellesley, as #20 goes after the ball. Photo by Ben Lewis.

On your mark...

October 26, 2006 — Most of the Middle School students above were in the "set" position awaiting the word to begin their game of dodgeball, as one student appears to be in the middle of a taunt with the opposing team made up of fellow students. The youngsters were enjoying an Early Release day at the First Congregational Church.

Alumni Notebook: According to d3football.com, their Team of the Week includes "Hopkinton graduate Michael Nicol, a Senior at Springfield, who  forced two fumbles and recovered a third against St. John Fisher. He also had five solo tackles, four tackles for a loss for 26 yards, and three sacks for 25 yards."  Thanks to Springfield graduate John Barclay for the heads up.


Today, October 26, 2006


12:20 pm A Main Street business complained that several youngsters game him some trouble...


9:01 pm Officer Stephen Buckley solved a past hit and run...


8:19 pm Ding-dong-ditch on Briarcliff Drive...


8:41 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested a 44 year-old male Worcester resident on Cedar Street...

What did you say?

October 26 — This mallard couple likely had to break a bit of ice this morning off of the causeway on West Main Street. The mallard appears to be cupping his webbed foot to hear better, but is more probably simply scratching himself

Whitehall Grant Denied

Court Denies Restraining Order

READ Court Decision here


by Robert Falcione


October 25, 2006 — Today was a bittersweet day for the town as the Self-help Grant that was applied for in the sum of $500,000 for the Ron Nation land in Woodville was denied by the granting agency, but the Restraining Order to halt the sale was also denied, clearing the way for the passing of papers on the $2.685 purchase.

     "We came in 19th," said John Coolidge, Chairman of the Community Preservation Committee (CPC), who added that he didn't know which 13 communities actually got the award (File photo).

     The absence of the grant means that the town will have to come up with the money for the closing which should be fast-tracked by the attorneys who have been working on the land deal for months.

    Selectman Ron Clark said in a telephone interview, "I am very disappointed that we are not going to get any grant funding.

    "And for me it is vindication that we were not given correct information at Town Meeting; and from Representative Loscocco.

    "He stood up and discussed at length everything he was doing," said Mr. Clark.

    "The motion was for passive recreation, but now we'll lose the grant. We were told there was a high probability of getting the grant, but that was more incorrect information," he said.

     "We'll have to close in 3 or 4 days as soon as we get the go-ahead from the attorneys," said Mr. Coolidge.

     "I am really disappointed. I have to make calls this afternoon to the Friends of Whitehall," he said.

     Mr. Coolidge said he expected only around $10,000 to have been raised by the group to try to help offset the cost of the Whitehall land to the town.

    "I am trying to get it set up in case it comes down, so I can borrow as quickly as I can," said Town Treasurer, Maureen Dwinnell, after hearing that the grant was not approved.

    "We're obviously disappointed," said Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Muriel Kramer. "And I think we want to find out why it failed.

     "We had a lot of support at the State level. I don't know what other properties were awarded a grant, so I don't know what kind of competition we faced," she said today.

     Reacting to the news from the Court, Mrs. Kramer said, "That's a piece of good news. And hopefully we won't face any more obstacles.. We'll just get this deal finalized and we'll purchase the property."



     Justice Nonnie Burnes of the Superior Court, had taken under advisement a restraining order to halt the sale of the 20 or so acres of Whitehall land after hearing the defendant, the Town of Hopkinton, and the Plaintiff, 20 residents represented by resident and member of the CPC, Jack Speranza, give oral arguments in Superior Court on October 16, the date the land was supposed have passed papers. Judge Burnes set Monday, October 23 as the day for the order to end. Today, she made it plain that the lapsed order was in fact denied by her.

     To approve the restraining order and hear arguments on its merits, the judge would have to believe that there was a likelihood of success on the part of the Plaintiffs. Apparently, she did not.

     In the Memorandum of Decision made public this afternoon, Judge Burnes did not find merit in the plaintiffs' claims that Chapter 44B was violated in two cases, one by Town Meeting's vote, and the other on the legitimacy of the appraisals.

     Mass General Law Chapter 40, Section 14, provides in part, that a city may not purchase land for more than 25% in excess of its its average assessed value for the three years prior to the purchase.

     The judge denied the claim  by the Plaintiffs citing case law that states a town has no restrictions, only a city.

     So, the sale will proceed as planned barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Two Sisters in Princess Plays


Abby Levy and Olivia Kent are rivals—and sisters—in The Princess Plays, which opens on Friday, November 3 and again on November 4 at 7:00 pm in the Hopkinton Middle School Auditorium. Tickets, available at the Middle School Office or at the door,  are $5 for students and seniors, and $7 for adults. Photo by Kathleen Culler


October 25, 2006 — The driver of this vehicle that skidded off of Saddle Hill Road took full responsibility for his actions, but a neighbor blamed the new road sealing process for making the road slippery.

     "Stop this process immediately," said Saddle Hill road resident Vincent Frascatore to DPW Director J.T. Gaucher who was in the area of the new road repair. The road repair, as demonstrated to a group of area highway department mangers last week, is touted as a patented system to seal cracks and prevent the material from coming out while curing by the application of a sand and wood mulch immediately on top of of the applied sealant.

      "This should be rolled," said Selectman Mary Pratt during the demonstration, worrying about the efficiency of relying on vehicles to press the mulch into the sealant.

      "There was a rainstorm and it was like driving on ice," said Mr. Frascatore.

      Mr. Gaucher explained in a phone interview that there is a 48 curing period and the material would have been swept up the next day, but after today's accident, he called the sweeper immediately.

      "We had 'Slow' signs in two places," he said.

150 Middle School Students enjoy Early Release Day

October 25, 2006 — Aaron Greene catches some air as he avoids being hit with a tennis ball in the Ga Ga Pit at the First Congregational Church during their Early Release Day sponsored by the Church, the Youth Commission and the Parks and Recreation Department. According to point person Kim Harvey, 150 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students came to enjoy the games, crafts and snacks at $10 per person.

Edith Mae (Davis) Minkle, 84, of Kennebunk, Maine, formerly of Hopkinton, died peacefully after a long illness Sunday, Oct. 22, 2006, at the Medway Country Manor Nursing Home in Medway.
She was the wife of the late Henry F. Minkle for 64 years. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE






P.O. BOX 171


Ph. 508-497-9765 Fax 508-497-9767




Recent Tests Showed Coliform Bacteria in The Hopkinton Water System


Our water system recently violated a drinking water standard. Although this incident was not an emergency, as our customers, you have a right to know what happened and what we did to correct this situation.

READ FULL NOTICE     NOTE: According to Water/Sewer Manager Eric Carty, this is the same notice distributed previously, but is necessary to satisfy statutory requirements.


Veterans' Day Dinner


Thursday, November 9, 2006

Woodville Rod & Gun Club

Doors open at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm


The 5th annual Veteran's Day Dinner co-sponsored by the Council on Aging and the Hopkinton Veteran's Celebration Committee will be held at the Woodville Rod & Gun Club on Thursday, November 9th, 2006.  The doors will open at 5:30 pm, with the dinner starting at 6:00 pm.  The dinner is free to all Hopkinton veterans.  Last year we had over 95 attendees, this year we hope to have more.  Veterans only, please call the Senior Center at 508-497-9730 to RSVP.  The Woodville Rod & Gun Club is located at 252 Wood Street, Woodville. File photo.


The Hopkinton Veteran's Celebration Committee will also be holding our next Bugles Across America "Taps Vigil" on the Hopkinton Common, November 5th at 7pm.  Please join us in honoring our Veterans!

 Thank you -Hopkinton Veterans Celebration Committee


Selectmen vote to recommend

against new wine licenses


by Robert Falcione

October 25, 2006 — The Selectmen, by 4-1 this evening, voted to endorse a "No" vote on ballot question #1, that would create a new class of liquor licenses to allow stores that sell certain types of food to also allow them to sell wine. Given the population criteria, Hopkinton alone would get 7 of the new licenses if the measure passes, in addition to the existing types of licenses. The vote is not binding, but sends a message to the community that their leaders are not in favor of the further proliferation of alcoholic beverages.

      Selectman Ron Clark, looking over the requirements of the types of food that a store must sell in order to apply for the new license said, "Subway doesn't sell apples," apparently refuting the argument that convenience stores will be able to sell wine if the measure passes.

       "They will," said a chorus of voices in the room.

      "Massachusetts is 48th in terms of drunk driving fatality rate," said Clelland Johnson (Left in photo), owner of Hopkinton Wine and Spirits, who said he was asked by Dale Danahy of Colella's to appear and speak against the measure.

    Joining Mr. Johnson in opposition to the ballot question was Peter Turlo of Hopkinton, who owns Natick Wine and Spirits, and Chief of Police, Thomas Irvin.

    "Many families are in trouble because of substance abuse, and we don't need to increase it," said Chief Irvin.

    "I have a "vote no" bumper sticker," said Vice-chair Mary Pratt.

    "I urge anyone listening to vote 'No'," said Selectmen Michael Shepard.

E. L. Harvey & Sons FULL STORY

Poll results


In an act inspired by the possible incorporation of Devens, the former Fort Devens, as a town, we asked readers to tell us whether they would vote to separate Woodville and Hopkinton.


A surprising number, almost 40% voted yes. Although it is a poll, a proper survey would have asked the residence of each person responding, because as it stands, we don't know if it was Woodville people who voted to separate or the rest of Hopkinton, or a little of both. Perhaps next time.

Tickets, Two for One

      The Hopkinton Volleyball game against Holliston is at 5:00 pm on Friday at the High School Athletic Center, with both teams evenly matched. 

      It is also Senior parent night, so it should be very exciting for everyone.

      Anyone attending the volleyball game will be able to get into the football game with their ticket stub. Or inversely, any football fan wanting to support the volleyball team could enjoy the game, and then attend the football game with the same ticket (stub).


10th Annual

Toys for Tots

Open House Toy Drive

                          Photographic Images

24 Main Street, Hopkinton

     Monday October 30, 2006   

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bring your child in costume with a new toy

and get a complimentary keepsake portrait*

Must be new and not gift-wrapped

No toy weapons

Photographic Images will remain a Toys for Tots drop-off center until December 15, 2006.

*Complete packages will be available

The USMC will do their best to have a Marine at the event.

 Background donated by Angel's Garden Center and Chip Plourde.




Teacher travels to India


Students donate books



October 24, 2006 — At the Hopkinton Middle School, sixth graders from the Stymiest team donated books to an orphanage for HIV positive children in Hyderabad India.

Last week HMS Special Ed teaching assistant, Claudia Vanderpool, traveled with a small team of women to the orphanage.  Her  responsibility was to photograph these children for a fundraising event here in the states to raise money and awareness. 


Before they left India, the team outfitted a much needed playroom for the children.  Claudia's luggage was filled with over 80 lbs of books (!!) thanks to the kids on the Stymiest team.

Found: Pair of eyeglasses left at 10/11 Planning Board Meeting at  Fire Station Meeting House.

"If you see Tom Pratt this week, wish him a happy 45"

Arc of Innovation hosts Deval Patrick

October 23, 2006 — The Arc of Innovation, a group of business, educational and governmental leaders devoted to advocating for the 32 cities and towns in the 495 corridor it serves, played host today to Democratic candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, who came to the Sheraton Tara Framingham to pitch a message of multi-lateral cooperation, streamlined town permitting and dense development to the gathered Hopkinton and area Legislators and municipal employees, as well as students and interested voters.

     The Arc of Innovation represents the area in an effort to promote traffic and housing solutions with a regional perspective. To see a video featuring Arc Director Paul Matthews as well as Senator Karen Spilka and Deval Patrick, choose this.

Previous video of Kerry Healey.

Gather your tattered and weary American Flags


Do not throw away flags


    On Saturday, October 28, 2006, at 10:00 am American Legion Post 202 Commander, Peter MacGregor, will be retiring American Flags in a decommissioning ceremony at Garner Bros. Sawmill.

     For the uninitiated, American Flags must not be thrown away or otherwise discarded, but retired by a burning ceremony dedicated to that purpose.

     People whose flags may have seen better days, are free to call Legion member Mike Whalen for a no-charge pick up at 508-435-2397.


Today, October 23, 2006


9:23 pm A caller from Blueberry Lane reported that someone or something was in her garage, knocking over cans...


7:35 pm A caller from Jackson Street reported that cars were squealing their tires...


4:50 pm A caller from Wilson Street reported that her dog was attacked by her neighbors dog on Sunday...

Train Depot

October 23, 2006 — This is the old train depot in the last stages of exterior refurbishing at Ice House Pond, and in fact, residing inside the old foundation of the ice house that existed there. The Hopkinton Historical Society has gathered volunteers for the effort, such as newly crowned Eagle Scout Christopher Barry, who received his rank in a ceremony on Saturday for those very efforts.

Early Birds

October 23, 2006 — These Democrats were not the first, but the only partisans holding signs at the main intersection in town on Saturday morning.

Pop Warner A Squad

Front (L-R): Amy Romanello, Ashley Siden, Sophie Cramer, Ashley Haworth, Stepahnie Navarro, Karissa Collins, Allison Cameron

Middle (L-R): Taylor Tognacci, Hillary Waite, Nicole DeMore, Alison McNay, Brianna Stratton

Back (L-R): Shannon Motyka, Mary Kate Shanahan, Olivia Caputo, Jennifer Boothby, Michaela Forbes, Laura Melanson, Kelli Filippone


The Hopkinton Ashland Pop Warner A Squad Cheerleaders placed second in the morning session Large Midget Novice Division Hockomock Competition at the Ryan Center at the University of Rhode Island on Saturday, October 21st. The girls are from Hopkinton and Ashland and are in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They will compete again on Saturday, November 4th in the Hockomock Championships.

Picture taken by Kathy Tognacci

State Trooper Struck on Route 25 in Bourne


October 22, 2006 — At about 10:10 a.m. this morning a State Trooper who was working a paid detail was struck by a passing motorist on Route 25 East, at the base of the Bourne Bridge, in Bourne.

     Preliminary investigation by Sergeant Henry Bushfan indicates that Trooper Michael Burgess of the State Police Barracks in Yarmouth was working a paid detail on Route 25 East in Bourne.  He was positioned outside his cruiser when he was struck by a 1996 Subaru operated by 64-year-old John W. Normington of Putnam, CT. 

     Trooper Burgess was transported by ambulance to Cape Cod Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Normington was uninjured in the incident.

      Normington was cited for Failing to Use Care for Men and Equipment on a Highway. 

Tennis Tournament wraps up for 2006

Above, Hal Whitehouse and Lyn Calkins, who won the advanced mixed doubles. Photo by John Gallant


The winners of 2006: 

  • Women’s Singles Advanced: Lyn Calkins def. Lauren Delong 6-2 6-2

  • Women’s Singles Intermediate: Sarah Keeley def. Ana Gallagher 6-2 6-4

  • Women’s Singles Beginner: Irina Gabechiia def. Makiko Forward 6-4 4-6 7-6

  • Women’s Doubles Intermediate: Teri Gallant and Anne Schneider def. Diana Lindon and Bobbie Toth 6-3 6-0

  • Men’s Singles Intermediate: Tim Titcomb def. Peter Marconi 6-1 6-0

  • Men’s Doubles Intermediate: Eric and Will Jonassen def. Todd Abrams and John Giusti 6-1 6-3

  • Men’s Doubles Advanced: Art Faden and Rick Jacobs def. Hal Whitehouse and Scott Lane 6-3 2-6 6-3

  • Mixed Doubles Intermediate: John and Amy Frederick def. Diana and Steve Beck 6-0 6-2

  • Mixed Doubles Advanced: Hal Whitehouse and Lyn Calkins def. Rick Jacobs and Caroline Bolick 6-1 6-1

      We had over 50 participants in 36 matches. We had some really terrific matches this year, particularly in the very hotly contested men’s singles, intermediate category, which had the largest draw.

       Thanks go to the committee members who helped organize this event. They are Hal Whitehouse; Lyn Calkins; Teri Gallant; Medi Servat; Dexter Siglin; Rick Jacobs; and Mike and Mary Schwartz. Also, thanks to Mike Preite and the Hopkinton Parks and Recreation team for their assistance in pulling this off. ~John Gallant

Twin City Mayor-elect

October 22, 2006 — State Senator Karen Spilka shares a photo of herself with the Mayor-elect of Marathon, Greece, Spiros  Zagaris in front of the statue by Mico Kaufman, Spirit of the Marathon, of which there is a "Twin" statue at Weston Nurseries on Route 135, to go along with the endeavor to promote culture and commerce in a Twin City relationship between Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Marathon, Greece.  

Barn in a Box 

by Elizabeth Eidlitz

October 22, 2006 — Picture a scenic Hopkinton road, a wooded knoll on it, and a 22 x 34 foot yellow barn with three stalls and hay loft.  Made with lots of nails in sturdy oak and pine facing, the barn is 35 years old.

     Imagine a builder who buys the acre lot, plans to raze the barn, lower the berms, and put up a million dollar house.

     Then, appreciate that the seller, who has issues with trashing a perfectly serviceable barn and adding to landfill, wants the barn to have another life and will sell the structure, assessed at $15,000, for a nominal dollar.

     A bargain? Or a white elephant? 

     Neither, actually.

    Advertised on equine.com, the barn might have drawn more interest had it been an antique, or of post and beam construction, with pegs rather than nails, less than half as much wood, and easier to take apart.

    Moreover, the barn was too long for a flatbed. Sitting on four-inch frost blocks, the sides of the barn would collapse without     bolstering.  If moved in one piece, it would mean payments to the electric company to disconnect and drop overhead wires as the barn traveled through towns, permits over roads, DPW approvals, certificates for debris, and, though nothing was being destroyed, a demolition permit fee. Without it, the invisible barn would still be taxed until charges and penalties were paid.

    The solution?  FULL STORY

The imperfect storm

October 22, 2006 Geoff Grady shares this photo of  his neighbors, Benjamin Ralston shoveling, with mom and dad helping out.  The debris is from a large tree that was knocked down late Friday night during the heavy storm which passed through the area.  Wind gusts close to 50 mph and heavy rains were recorded knocking down trees and power lines.

Two Fatal crashes

Fatal Crash on Route 2 in Athol - UPDATED 9:30 pm


October 22, 2006 — At approximately 3:10 am today State Police from the Athol Barracks responded to a two-car fatal crash on Route 2 West, west of Pleasant Street, in Athol.

      Preliminary investigation by Trooper Daniel Riopel and Trooper Paul O’Connor indicates that 29-year-old Steven P. Harte of Easton was traveling on Route 2 East in a 1997 Buick Riviera when his vehicle crossed over the center lane marking into the westbound side of traffic and struck a 1997 minivan head-on. 

      The driver of the minivan, 86-year-old Frank W. Wozniak of Dracut, was transported by ambulance to Athol Memorial Hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead.  Harte was transported by ambulance to Athol Memorial Hospital for treatment of serious injuries.  He was then airlifted to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. 

      Harte was placed under arrest at the hospital on the following charges:  Motor Vehicle Homicide by Operating Under the Influence (OUI) alcohol and Negligence; Motor Vehicle Homicide by OUI Alcohol by Recklessness; and Failing to Stay within Marked Lanes.  Bail was set at $10,000.00 cash.  He will be arraigned at a time and location as determined by the court.      

      Route 2 was completely closed for about 4 hours.  Traffic was diverted through a weigh station on Route 2 in that area.


  Fatal Crash on Route 195 East in Fairhaven UPDATED 9:30 pm


October 22,2006 — Today at about 1:00 a.m. State Police personnel responded to Route 195 East, near Route 240 in Fairhaven for a three-car crash that resulted in one fatality.

      The preliminary investigation by Trooper Stephen Fortin indicates the following: The female driver of a 2005 Honda Accord, Kathy J. Chamberlin, age 26 of Plymouth was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Route 195 near Route 240 in Fairhaven when she struck a 1998 Ford Escort that was traveling eastbound.  A third vehicle, a 2002 Honda Accord that was also traveling eastbound was then involved in the crash.  Daniel P. Bergeron, age 21 of Fairhaven was driving the 1998 Ford Escort and Bradford E. Ross, age 45 of Mattapoisett was driving the 2002 Honda Accord at the time of the crash.

      Kathy J. Chamberlin sustained serious injuries and was transported by ambulance to St. Lukes Hospital in New Bedford.  Daniel P. Bergeron sustained serious injuries at the scene and was transported to St. Lukes Hospital in New Bedford where he was later declared deceased.  Bradford E. Ross sustained minor injuries.

      Members of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, the State Police Crime Scene Services Section, the Massachusetts Highway Department and the Fairhaven Fire Department assisted State Police personnel at the scene.

      The cause of this crash remains under investigation.

   Hopkinton Matters 



• Chris Barry awarded Eagle



• Christina Coffey takes 30 of her closest friends to the Ballet


• Lake Maspenock hosts its friends at Sandy Beach


To see these Hopkinton featurettes, click the play button twice.


Mozilla Users, click here to see video.

To the Ballet

October 31, 2006 — Christina Coffey won 31 tickets from WBOS Radio to see Don Quixote and decided to take 30 of her favorite ballet-loving friends today in this rolling lounge from AA Transportation of Shrewsbury. See Video above.

A-OK at Maspenock

October 21, 2006 — Tina MacConnell gives the thumbs up as she is flanked by her husband Jon, and friend Jill Savignano during this windy Saturday at Sandy Beach for the Lake Maspenock Preservation Association annual picnic (And lake cleanup). Featured in video above.

New use of beach

October 21, 2006 — The Hopkinton Reservoir Dam looms large over the main beach at Hopkinton State Park, which has been drained, and today is the realm of humans with metal detectors, rather than geese with appetites, and kids with goggles.

Historical Society hosts Historical Commission


October 21, 2006 — Hopkinton Historical Society played host to the Hopkinton Historical Commission last night with a "Pumpkin Social, " at the Woodville Baptist Church, that featured cookies, muffins, and pies made of pumpkin baked to perfection, as well as tubs of whipped cream large enough to fill anyone's sweet tooth.

     The members were treated to a presentation of the work on the Dempsey House — which they now call the McFarland-Sanger House after its original occupants — on Lumber Street that is being restored, as well as the Whitehall Gate house, which is complete, and the old Railroad Depot that is being restored at the Ice House Pond and is nearing completion.

     Chris Barry earned his Eagle Scout rank, which was awarded in a ceremony at St. John's this morning, in part for work he did at the depot. Chris Barry is featured in an interview done today in the video above.

      Above, excerpt from painting of railroad depot on Main Street where Hopkinton Lumber is presently located. The painting is in the possession of the Hopkinton Historical Society.


Esther H. Bailey, 91, of Westborough and Marshfield Hills died Thursday October 19, 2006 at Beaumont of Westborough.

Born in Cambridge, she graduated from Cambridge Latin.  Esther worked in advertising before leaving to raise her family. A 56 year resident of Marshfield Hills, Esther enjoyed visits from friends, having her children and grandchildren around her, walks in the woods and on the beach, reading and volunteering at South Shore Hospital. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

SAT Scores Outpace State Averages

Report Offers Important Information for Juniors and Seniors


By David Hamacher


October 20, 2006 — In her college admission report to the School Committee at last night’s regular meeting, High School Director of Guidance, Ms. Lee Greco, shared tips and strategies in several different areas to improve the process of and reduce the stress for the families of high school juniors and seniors when it comes to enduring the college admissions experience.

     “Last year, 86% of the graduates went on to four year colleges, 7% went on to two year schools, 1% went to preparatory schools, 3% went to vocational schools while 2% found employment,” Ms. Greco reported. “While our college admissions are relatively flat, the national average has seen a 72% increase in applications nationwide, and current projections show increases until 2014.

     Last year, Hopkinton graduates applied to 257 colleges and the total number of transcripts being requested from the guidance office grew 64% to 1,390. Ms. Greco explained these numbers, “In the past, students would routinely apply to four to six different schools. More recently we’ve seen an increase to six to eight applications per student, and now we’re not surprised to see eight to twelve applications.” 52% of all requested transcripts were for schools outside New England, “and we see this as a positive trend,” she said.

     Since 1998, the total number of Advance Placement (AP) courses offered at the high school has increased 60% and the number of AP tests being administered has increased by more than 326%. “Obviously, these are strong trends and a good reflection on the curriculum being offered,” Ms. Greco stated. Other data in the report showed average Hopkinton SAT scores were more than 25 points higher than state averages in all areas (reading [29], math [27] and writing [26]). READ FULL REPORT

October 19, 2006 —Fire Fighters responded at about 11:30 pm Thursday night to 42 South Street, a magnificent but vacant EMC building, after the report of smoke coming from it from a caller on his way home to Milford; but there was nothing there. Police Officer William Burchard, while investigating the neighborhood, did see white vapor at 171 South Street, a by-product of nitrogen delivery that has fooled other people in the past.

October 19, 2006 — Jeff Doherty shows a certain poise as he assists the police at the scene of an accident on West Main Street. His regular day job is running his family's business, Angel's Garden Center, which is across from where the accident took place.

October19, 2006 — Alexander Dwyer has the moves to get by this Medfield defender this evening at home.

Score, Hopkinton 0, Medfield 3.

Girls over Medfield, 3-0

October 19, 2006 — Jacklyn Somadelis gets ready to drive one down the field this afternoon against Medfield. Photo by Ben Lewis.

Police News up-to-date Today,

October 19, 2006



9:15 am A West Main Street business requested an officer to remove a customer who had a dispute...


8:36 pm Detective John Porter as well as Officers Aaron O'Neil and Stephen Buckley investigated a reported hit and run at West Main and Lumber Streets...


5:00 pm A caller reported Solicitors on Main Street reporting party stated the the men seemed suspicious and had a lot of "goods".


1,000 lb catch

October 19, 2006 — Likely the largest trophy the boat "Trophy Hunter", will ever land, taken in about three feet of water, Mr. Steve Kelley, above,  wrestled this large leather beast to shore, with the help of Steve Warren and me.  Thanks to all of the Friends of Whitehall for their efforts.  Helping to bring the total to over 13,000 pounds of trash and debris removed from the lake and surrounding woods, since the start of our mission, two years ago. ~ Ken Johnson

Saturday, October 21, 10:30 a.m.

Poetry at HCAM Studio

Featuring the poetry of Elizabeth Lund and Susan Richmond

Music by Amanda Maffei


HCAM -TV Studio

77 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA.

Free admission/pass the hat for feature

Open mic for poems, stories and songs

For information: www.hcam.tv


CD Cover photo by Robert Falcione

Hiller Varsity Field Hockey unbeaten  9-0-5

Today, Hopkinton 4, Westwood 1

Above, Co-captain Cassandra Rudden makes a statement slapping one hard toward the goal.

October 18, 2006 — The Hillers won 4-1 today to make their record 9-0-5. They have qualified for tournament as of today.  Sarah Davin (#44) the Goalie, has 6 shutouts thus far this season.

No losses

October 18, 2006 — Senior Megan Prall drives toward Westwood's goal this afternoon, helping maintain a season without a loss.

Cross Country wins meet

October 16, 2006 — Michael DiPietro and Aaron Kollmeyer (sophomores) ran today in a team meet against Dover-Sherborn and walked away with a 28-27 victory. Photo by David Sheehan.

Whitehall Cleanup two year total = 13,000 lbs

Gail Clifford of the Friends of Whitehall manned the welcome station during last Saturday's cleanup.

October 18, 2006 — The Friends of Whitehall conducted their Second Annual Lake Whitehall clean up day last Saturday, bringing their two-year total amount of rubbish taken out of the lake, and from around the lake, to 13,000 lbs.

     "We couldn't do this without the Harvey family's generosity," said Friends of Whitehall principal, Ken Johnson. The Harvey's supply an unlimited dumpster for the event.

    Mr. Johnson said that Genzyme supplied workers, each with a tee shirt for the day, and will give an amount, as yet undetermined, to HALT (Hopkinton Area Land Trust), according to the amount of time each worker spent, that will go toward the purchase of the Whitehall property that the town voted to purchase at Town Meeting in May.    

Spooky stuff

This Spider which has taken up residence outside my home - for the past eight weeks now.  It's a pretty cool Halloween shot with the web.  She's there most days.  My kids are calling her Charlotte. ~ Karen Webb

Hi - Just logged on and saw the new, large photo of the spider with a caption that identifies it as a Banana Spider.  It's not. It is a very common Black and Yellow Argiope, or more commonly known as a Garden Spider.  Banana Spiders only live it semi-tropical or tropical climates and are larger than dinner plates! If there was one in Hoptown, it would have to have been imported and would never survive the fall temps!   Not a big deal; just wanted to correct the inaccurate info in the caption! ~ Maureen Wright Spring Street

Fall slipping away

October 18, 2006 — The leaves on the trees looking north in St. John's Cemetery today, will suffer the coming rains and winds, like the approaching storm, that send the last hangers-on to the ground over the next few weeks.


Tennis Tournament

finals on Saturday


* Irina Gabechiia v. Maki Forward in women's singles, beginners (10:30)

* Lyn Calkins v. Lauren Delong in women's singles, advanced (10:30)

* Rick Jacobs and Art Faden v. Scott Lane and Hal Whitehouse in men's doubles, advanced (12:00)

Semifinals and finals in:

 * Men's intermediate singles: Timothy Titcomb v. Will Park and Ezat Parnia v. Peter Marconi, with the winners facing off for the title. (9:00 and 1:30)

* Men's intermediate double (wth the winner of Medi Servat and Todd Abrams v. Stephen Rathmill and Bob Snyder playing Will and Eric Jonassen for the title). (10:30 and 1:30) Lots of great tennis action for free! Bring a chair and some snacks and enjoy!

Photo, Debbie West firing a serve last weekend.

The HPTA proudly presents

Movie Night in Hopkinton, Walt Disney's The Wild

Friday, October 20th 6:00-8:00pm (doors open @ 5:30pm)

Hopkinton High School Auditorium


Chips, Candy, Water and Juice Boxes will be sold

Proceeds will benefit Hopkinton Schools

  Cost: $ 5.00 per child - adults free ($20.00 family max.) Children must be accompanied by an adult

 One lucky movie guest will go home with the movie!


Contact Cindy Bernardo at cindybernardo@hotmail.com or (508)-497-9458 to make a reservation with the total number of adults and children in your party that will be attending. Space is limited.

 Volunteers are needed. If you volunteer you get a free ticket to the movie for yourself.

Harlem Wizards return

November 12th

5:30pm (Doors open at 4:30pm) HHS Gymnasium




File photo by Paul Dietz

You forgot something

October 17, 2006 — The "Keep Right" sign (White triangle is part of it) that got knocked down in the rainy darkness at Lumber and Elm Streets this evening extracted its revenge on the driver who drove away from the scene by latching on to his bumper, which coincidentally had the license plate attached. The Police investigation only lasted about ten minutes.

Child Care Provider - After School

Start 10/01/06. Child Care Provider needed in our home in Hopkinton. 3 days a week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3pm - 6pm. This is somewhat flexible. Needed for 2 boys ages 13 and 10. Responsibilities include homework supervision. Drive to activities 2x week. Light kitchen and laundry chores. Must have references and excellent driving record. Excellent compensation. Please call 508-272-0168.

Check our Totally Free Classifieds


October 17, 2006 — Steve Sullivan and Mary Scarlata-Rowe brought the house down with their Archie and Edith Bunker last weekend during their ESL Live performances at the Woodville Rod and Gun Club.

Story sound familiar?

     Katie Boissy, 26, a teacher, said she grew up in Hopkinton but now will likely have to leave [Because of rising taxes]. "I've lived here for 21 years, I went through the school system, and I wanted to raise my kids here," she said. "This is ridiculous. You're running people out of town." ~ Concord Monitor Read Story

   To read a story about your former hometown, where you went to school, or where you wish you lived, choose the NewsCity.us link for the news about nearly every city in the country, any time of he day!

The LMPA Picnic is on Saturday, October 21st . See more Details below.

Selectmen vote $250,000 from Open Space Preservation Funds


October 16, 2006 — This evening the Selectmen voted to approve the spending of $250,000 in Open Space Preservation funds toward the controversial purchase of the Woodville property from Ron Nation. The Selectmen had deferred this vote planned for last Friday morning after receiving notification on Thursday of a restraining order and temporary injunction filed on behalf of 20 residents to stall the actions of the town.

       Superior Court Justice, Nonnie Burnes gave the town the green light today to proceed with the activities involved toward the sale, but not to consummate it.

     Selectman Ron Clark voted against the authorization because of "incorrect and missing information" at Town Meeting, and said, "We have a a fiduciary responsibility."

     Len Holden also voted against the measure saying, "Mary [Pratt] will remember I voted with her to keep the open space where it belongs."

     Selectman Mike Shepard said, "I am going to vote yes. I am for open space. I've got a bunch of it myself."

     Vice-chair Mary Pratt said, "I would save every piece of Whitehall if I could."

     "It is a no-brainer," said Chairman Muriel Kramer. "The attorneys have assured us the Town Meeting vote is legal...it passed Bond Counsel — I am satisfied we have done our homework."

      Mrs. Kramer cut Mr. Clark short during the discussion on the motion, saying that he was giving a speech that has been heard before. They exchanged some words at the end of the meeting and promised to meet next Monday.     

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