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The Birds

November 26, 2006 — This scene photographed during last week's rain, along with many surrounding trees also full of birds, is similar to a foreboding image in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller, The Birds.

Massachusetts State Police Announce Most Wanted Sex Offenders List

 Asks public's help in identifying

November 25, 2006 — As of today. The Massachusetts State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section (V.F.A.S.), working in partnership with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (S.O.R.B.), has located and/or arrested over 5000 Sex Offenders since 2003. 

     V.F.A.S. has previously released two "MOST WANTED - SEX OFFENDERS" lists and has arrested or located 23 of the 24 subjects on these lists. V.F.A.S. is now releasing a new list containing nine new and one carry over of the "Worst of the Worst" High-Risk Level-3 Sex Offenders. The ten individuals (Posted on the web-site below) are all wanted by V.F.A.S. for violation of the S.O.R.B. registration/notification law. MATURE CONTENT

Missing Parts

November 25, 2006 — Hopkinton Police arrived at the scene of this accident to find this vehicle, which is sporting a reject sticker, disabled after hitting the parked truck in the background, and losing a right front quarter as well as the tire off of the wheel-rim. The operator refused a field sobriety test and was taken into custody.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

November 25, 2006 — It's Joe Paradis cleaning the gutters at 25 Main Street on a ladder more than 5 times his height.

Joint effort smokes out marijuana transport

200 pounds seized


November 25, 2006 — Yesterday at 3:50 p.m. Massachusetts State Police Troopers from the Andover Barracks in a joint effort with New Hampshire State Police seized two hundred pounds of marijuana on Route 93 South in Andover.

  Trooper Kevin Bibeau and Trooper Joseph MacFarlane had received information that New Hampshire State Police were interested in a Ford Van. With the information received Troopers Bibeau and MacFarlane observed the Ford Van operating on Route 93 South in the vicinity of Route 133.  The vehicle was stopped for a marked lanes violation. During the stop an investigation was conducted and the marijuana was located.

   The operator of the van Teddy Ip, age 48, of 226 Burbank Drive, Willowdale Ontario was arrested and charged with: 

       1. 89-4 Marked Lanes Violation

       2. 94C- 32C Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drugs

       3. 94C-40 Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws.

   He is being held at the State Police Barracks in Andover and will be arraigned on Monday at Lawrence District Court.

Community Holiday Dinner and Concert

Senior Center, 28 Mayhew Street

December 3 at 1:00 p.m

The Cultural Arts Alliance and the Hopkinton Senior Center are co-hosting a holiday dinner and concert at the Senior Center, 28 Mayhew Street, Hopkinton on Sunday, December 3 at 1:00 p.m.  Following a baked ham dinner with all the trimmings and lots of homemade Christmas cookies, there will be a concert by the award winning women's barbershop chorus, Women of Note.  What a great way to kick off the holiday season and get that needed spirit going.  Tickets are $10 for senior citizens and children and $15 general admission.  Tickets or reservations may be obtained by contacting either the Senior Center at 497-9730 or the Cultural Arts Alliance at 435-9222.

Turkey Bowl 2006


The annual "Turkeybowl" is sponsored by the Hopkinton Boosters. Eight Teams of Hopkintonians competed for the championship trophy on Friday, 11/24/2006. Champs are the "Over the Hillers" - Left to right: Dave Corey, Rick Taylor, Justin Norton, Rob Taylor, Brian Kimball, Jeff Corey Front: Chris Camille

Count the Turkeys

November 24, 2006 — Lynn LePelley feeds someone's dinner before dinner, on thanksgiving morning.


Today, November 24, 2006


12:40 am The Ashland Police Department requested assistance with a small fight...


12:44 am A caller from Front Street reported hearing a loud crash and then a car horn sounding...


6:26 pm Officer Matthew McNeil arrested a 20 year old male from Milford, on West Main Street, and charged him with a Person Under 21 Possession of Liquor...


12:03 pm A caller reported that a large group of kids were breaking bottles in a parking lot on Main Street...

More powerful than a locomotive...

November 24, 2006 — Ted Schofield of S&S Masonry shows his crew how it's done this morning in front of the Drug Store as he turns the cement sidewalk into cement dust.

Warren Home


65 Clinton Street, Hopkinton, MA


Inspection Reports Include:

• Attic • Insulation • Ventilation • Roof & Flashings • Gutters • Basement • Crawlspace • Foundation • Grading •Retaining Walls • Siding & Trim • Driveways & Walks • Ceilings • Floors • Walls • Chimney • Doors & Windows • Fireplace • Major Appliances • Electrical Systems • Water Heater • Heating • Plumbing System • Air Conditioning

Gray Day

November 23, 2006 — The weatherman was on the money in predicting heavy rain. Above, not even the ducks were anywhere to be found on the Hopkinton Reservoir on Thanksgiving day.

ZAC seeks to amend zoning


November 23, 2006 — Last Monday, ZAC (Zoning Advisory Commission) held court with Finley Perry (White shirt), Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, to hear his recommendations on zoning changes, and to get his feedback on ZAC initiatives.

    Mr. Perry supported ZAC's idea of having a separate downtown business district that would allow the industrial areas to have their own zoning, such as four stories and an increase to 60'for Industrial IA areas.

    The Elmwood Park area also came up for consideration for changes that would make it easier for a developer to build along the Route 495 part of the property.

     "Elm Park is an excellent place for a Waste Water Treatment Plant," said Board of Health Chair and ZAC member Nancy Peters, who has long been a proponent of siting the WWTF somewhere other than its approved Fruit Street location.

     "We are trying to sell investors and business people to come to Hopkinton — we should try to make it more appealing," said Chairman Brian Herr (Photo, left).

     "If we want to improve our tax base, we need to take those steps to show we're serious. We have to be pro-active." Neither Mr. Perry nor Mr. Herr could provide figures on what the impact on the tax base would be.

     A reporter asked why retail has not been considered.

     "The question of retail," said ZAC member and Chamber of Commerce member Joe Strazzulla, "they were opposed to intermingling," he said, referring to an unnamed business person from South Street who he met with who did not want to see any retail on South Street which is presently largely industrial and office space.

     "They were concerned with what we did," said Mr. Strazzulla, referring to the zoning changes at the corner of South and West Main Streets from Industrial to Business, which will allow retail to be built there, that were passed at Town Meeting in May of this year.

      The group would like to see the changes in place for the completion of the Fruit Street Waste Water Treatment Facility to make it easier for business to expand.

      The Committee will present their recommendations to the Planning Board, which will take them under advisement.

What's on the Horizon

November 23, 2006 — The photographer is pretty certain that it is Mount Wachusett on the horizon in this photo taken from the south side of Hopkinton with a zoom lens this week. The image above has been cropped and sized, and represents only 5% of the original image. What street was this taken from? Be the first to send in the correct answer and win $25.00. It's that simple. Email from this link only: You must include your full name, address, and phone number in the email

Woodville Rod & Gun puts on the feedbag

No-charge turkey dinner

November 23, 2006 — Mary Brown, above, said, "This is the first time in 48 years I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't make one this year because there's just the two of us.  

     "My son and granddaughter went to Florida to visit another son. If I could have gotten them to pay the airfare, I'd have gone too," she said.

     "It was very nice," she said. "It sure beats cooking!"

     Frenchy Remillard, whose fellow Club members credited with organizing the meal, said "...all the food is local." The turnips as well as 8 24-pound turkeys were provided by Ed Grant, and the squash was provided by Joe Pratt. CLICK THUMBNAIL FOR PHOTO of Betty Pratt and Frenchie Remillard.

      Many of the Club's patrons were senior citizens, and many of them were brought by bus form the Senior Center.

      More than a dozen of the Club's members helped cook and serve, as did their children of all ages.

Hopkinton 20, Ashland 13 in

rain-soaked Turkey Day game


by Peter Marso

November 23, 2006 — The Hopkinton Hillers beat the Clockers of Ashland in the Annual Turkey Day Classic 20-13 before a large crowd in Ashland. The Hillers, using the running of Senior Brian Doyle and the pass catching of Paul Ostrander, actually came from behind to beat Ashland for the 6th straight time.

     The Hillers got on the board first when Kevin Cassata thru a 69 yard scoring pass to Ostrander. The pats failed and Hopkinton took a 6-0 lead. Ashland battled back and tied the score and Brian Doyle scored the touchdown to naught the game at half time 13-13.  After a tough defensive 3rd quarter the Hillers moved ahead for good 20-13. Doyle getting the tiebreaker running around right end. The game was exciting played in a driving rain storm.

     The Hillers got a great contribution out of Will Morningstar and Anthony Tomasz. Brian Doyle received the offensive players M.V.P., and Marcus Hayes won the Annual Award named after Ed Hayes, his grandfather and former Hiller coaching legend in the 1960's who did a lot for Hopkinton football.

      Thanksgiving is a special day for most. The alumni comeback and support the team — the old faces share and bring the the memories back.

      Its tough for the seniors as they have played their last game, and tough for the parents to see them leave. It all boils down to Thanksgiving morning, and despite the sadness, it is such a lift of spirits to go home with a victory on Turkey Day.

      Nice job players; we certainly will miss you.

      Congratulations Hillers!

Family out of town? Visiting from afar?

Don't pass up a free Thanksgiving Day dinner at the

Woodville Rod and Gun Club

252 Wood Street, Route 135, Woodville (Hopkinton)

11:00 till 3:00      

       Woodville Rod and Gun Club will be continuing the Thanksgiving tradition of opening it's doors to senior citizens and others in the community who would like to join them for dinner on Thanksgiving day,

      Thursday, November 23, the club will again offer a complete Thanksgiving meal. A choice of traditionally cooked or deep-fried turkey will be available. There is no charge, but donations will be accepted. Phone 508-435-4148, Wednesday through Sunday afternoons for more information.

File Photo, Lee Wright.

Turkeys in the News


by Robert Falcione

Thanksgiving, 2006 — Rep Charles Rangel, Democrat of New York, who introduced a bill to reintroduce military conscription to let the rich see what war is like, takes the raisins right out of the stuffing. It's a great way to get attention, but come on, drafting the wealthy as well as the poor didn't work from the first draft in this country and didn't work in Vietnam. More Baby Boomers stayed in school longer than kids of any generation before them, because students didn't have to go.

      In fact, in the 19th Century, people were able to purchase their way out of conscription. Wealthy get drafted? Sorry, Chuck, that bird ain't gonna fly.

     The most ridiculous piece of national news this week was the on again off again O. J. Simpson book and TV special, If I Did It. It purportedly had O. J. hypothesizing how he would have killed his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, If He Did It!!!  Of course the entire world knows that O. J. was found not guilty in a sensational criminal trial, so his story would have been sheer fantasy. Oh, wait a moment, I believe he was found guilty in a civil case brought by her parents. They won an enormous award, but O. J. hasn't paid a penny. Ah, cause for a new book, If I Had Paid Them.

      Rupert Murdock, owner of the TV network and book company, reportedly withdrew the movie and book after Fox network viewers — okay that's stretching it — after people with integrity across the country were outraged at the news of the pending show. What could O. J. write about now?

     At least two of his attorneys, F. Lee Bailey and Johnny Cochran, have died since the trial. Don't Even Think I Did It could be a good story. But seriously, it is beneficial that the Fox killed its plans, because it could have spawned a plethora of even more morbid book and movie deals.

      If I Killed Tens of Thousands of Kurds would be a great title for Saddam Hussein to explain how he would have used helicopters to spread poison gas in villages to kill his political enemies. Oops, sorry to give it away. The list goes on.

      If I had crossed the Alps to Seek Revenge, by Hannibal.

      If I Had Killed Caesar by Brutus.

      If Thy Would Hast Slew My Brother by Cain, who was accused by God of killing his brother, Abel, in a field.

      If I had Eaten the Apple, by Adam and If Snakes Could Talk by Eve.

      Got one of your own? Post it on the Discussion Page.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

Wel-don Windows*

by Weldon Interiors

7 Greenwood Road
Hopkinton MA

Phone: 508-523-4988


• Window Treatments

• Real Estate Staging

• Holiday Decorating

• Interior Design

• Gift Certificates

*During the Holiday season, 5% of all sales will be donated to the Hopkinton Education Foundation.

XC Captains

November 22, 2006 — Cross Country Captains Mary Bumiller, Lauren Lodge, Drew Clark, Patrick Olson and Connor Sheridan. Superimposed is Nicole Driscoll, who was a huge force on the team. ~ David Sheehan

David Harold Bowman, 55, of Hopkinton, died Monday, November 20, 2006. Born in Waltham, he was the son of the late Catherine (Fair) who passed in 2005 and Harold Bowman.
     A lifelong resident of Hopkinton, he was in the Marines from 1970-1973. He enjoyed fishing, Darts and playing Keno. He was one of the owners of Bowman and Banforth Construction. He was a member of the Hopkinton Sportsman Club and enjoyed being active with his grandchildren. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

Lens Flare, a Work in Progress

November 21, 2006 — A group of about a dozen Hopkinton students have gotten together to film a movie about, well,  filming a movie.

    Written and directed by Owen O'Neil and Jim Tripp, Lens Flare is a dramatic comedy about amateur filmmaking - and  exactly what it takes to make a movie. Starring Mike Dwyer, Caitlin Shea, Miles Bett, Connor Sheridan, Andrew Knox and Kristin Knox as well as other people behind the camera, and behind the scenes.

      The students have already put this trailer up on YouTube and expect a finished product next summer. In the meantime, they are working on a Zombie movie.

Greyhound Friends Launches Online Boutique, Showcasing Greyhound and Other Merchandise for the Dog Lover

 New Website also Offers information on Greyhound Adoption and Ownership

St. Paul's invites you to rediscover the meaning of Christmas at their Nativity display December 9

Bring Your Kids to the 5th Annual

“Drop and Shop”

A morning of great crafts, decorate your own snacks, and fun games for your children while you shop —

sponsored by the HPTA in conjunction with the HHS Leo Club

Saturday December 9th, 11-3pm at Hopkinton Middle School Cafeteria

A Pizza Lunch will be served. Cost: 1 for $15, 2 for $25, 3 for $40 (due at drop-off). Any age child is welcome, must be “potty-trained”  There will be a limited number of spots, So reserve yours now! Please provide:

Name/Number of Children, Ages, Parent’s Name, Telephone Number, Emergency Contact Information and Allergies (if applicable).

 Please e-mail this information by December 1st  to Cindy Bernardo at cindybernardo@hotmail.com . or call at 508-497-9458


Uptown Hair Design

1 Claflin Common, Hopkinton




Tues, Wed, Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday, 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday, 9:00 am - 5: pm


Holiday Open House

     Please visit Ann-Michele and her angels during the inaugural Downtown Holiday Stroll on Saturday, December 2, 2006 from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm, for Refreshments, raffles, and special holiday packages. A great opportunity to shop for the stocking stuffer goodies & gift certificates she really wants!

State Ethics Commission summonses Lake Whitehall Documents

John Coolidge complies with demand


by Robert Falcione

November 20, 2006 — The State Ethics Commission has sent a Summons to the Chairman of the Community Preservation Committee, John Coolidge (File photo), demanding all of the records in the custody of the CPC regarding the deliberation of the proposed purchase of the Lake Whitehall property, due by November 27, 2006. The letter threatened enforcement proceedings in Superior Court for failure to comply.

     Mr. Coolidge said that he sent the Commission "the Superior Court case documents, the Decision from the Court, and the entire set of minutes from the Town Clerk" this afternoon and "they'll get them tomorrow." Mr. Coolidge was asked what the documents prove.

     "The same thing the Inspector General's Office and the Town's Attorney said, to the cost of $50,000 — nothing new that we don't already know," he said.

    "We followed Town Meeting process. There are checks and balances in the process with the appraisal issue — we went to Town Counsel and we were going by the letter of the law," he said.

    Selectman Ron Clark, at Town Hall this evening for a meeting at the Conservation Commission regarding Fruit Street development, said he knew nothing about the letter sent to Mr. Coolidge. Mr. Clark has been a vocal critic of the process of the purchase, a process that saw the seller's appraisal, one that was hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than the town's own appraisers, used as the purchase price.

    When asked what the Commission was investigating, Mr. Coolidge said, "I have no idea what it is about. It could just be the general displeasure with the purchase."   

Senator Spilka Honored as Legislator of the Year


BOSTON – November 20, 2006 — Senator Karen E. Spilka (D-Ashland) was honored this month by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) with their Legislator of the Year award in recognition of her outstanding efforts as a true champion of public schools and long-standing commitment to reform state education aid, known as Chapter 70. 

      Senator Spilka is a former member of MASC and as Chair of the Ashland School Committee in 1999, she founded the ‘Chapter 70 Roundtable,’ a recognized state-wide work group of many organizations which advocated and lobbied to increase adequacy, equity and predictability in state educational funding to our cities and townsHer respected consensus building approach and advocacy helped elect her to the State House of Representatives in 2001, where her reputation earned her a seat as the only MetroWest democratic Representative to be a member of the Joint Committee on Education

Our next Bugles Across America "Taps Vigil" will be Sunday December 3rd at 7pm on the Gazebo at the Hopkinton Town Common.  Please come and honor our Troops!!!

 -Thank You, Hopkinton Veterans Celebration Committee

State Police Located 56-Year-Old Woman in Shutsbury


November 20, 2006 — Yesterday at approximately 10:25 p.m. the State Police Barracks in Belchertown received a call that reported a 56-year-old female hiker was missing in the woods near Montague road in Shutsbury. A search for the woman was conducted to locate the individual.

     Preliminary investigation indicates the 56-year-old woman entered the woods at approximately 3:30 p.m. on November 19, 2006 intending to take a 3-5 mile hike with a German Shepard. When she did not return home her family reported her missing. A search began with the assistance of troopers from the C-Troop area, State Police K-9, State Police special Emergency response Team (S.E.R.T.), Shutsbury’s Police Department and Volunteer Fire Department, Leveritt’s Volunteer Fire Department and Environmental Police Officers. The State Police Airwing was unable to respond due to weather.

     Today, at approximately 5:30 a.m. the State Police Airwing (File photo) did respond and assisted with the search.

    Today, at approximately 8:20 a.m. the woman was located and returned to her residence. She is well and did not need any medical attention.

Hopkinton Garden Club

November 20, 2006 — Members of the Hopkinton Garden Club show off the bird houses they constructed.



      Despite overwhelming support that American troops have from citizens, it appears from the poll results that most of those same people would not want to go to war themselves, or to see their children go to war.

      Or is there another reason people voted the way they did? Got an idea why? Try airing it in the Discussion Page.


Hopkinton Residents Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

     On Sunday October 16, 2006, Hopkinton residents, Lois Hauske and Sue Bednarek, rounded up their "Grow Strong" team members, many of whom are friends and former colleagues of Lois from EMC2 in Hopkinton, for the second consecutive year and headed into Boston for the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.  Sue formed the team for Lois, after learning of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2005.
     More than 36,000 breast cancer survivors, their families, and volunteers from around the state converged along the Charles River Esplanade and raised $3.1 million for the American Cancer Society's breast cancer programs of research, education, advocacy, and service.  Boston's Making Strides is the nation's oldest and largest one-day walk, raising more than $33 million for the fight against breast cancer since its inception in 1993.  Making Strides is the American Cancer Society's signature event during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. (Contributed content.)
Pictured:   Lois Hauske (center in pink jacket), Sue Bednarek (immediately to right of Lois, third from right in the back row)

Home Development

Hopkinton Boy Scout Troop 4 led a hike of Webelos from Pack 97 and Pack 26 to recruit  future Boy Scouts to their troop.  As part of the hike they hung 5 birdhouses on the Red Trail of the Cameron/Phipps Trail System. Photo by Kathleen Regan.

State Police Arrest Fugitive From Justice

Deploy Stop Sticks 

(Enfield, MA) November 20, 2006 — Yesterday at approximately 5:30 p.m. Troopers out of the Springfield and Northampton Barracks were able to successfully deploy Stop Sticks and end a pursuit that began in Enfield Connecticut. Jesse Cox a 20-year-old man from 283 Tuthill Street West Haven, Connecticut was arrested and is currently being held without bail at Hampshire County House of Corrections

     Preliminary investigation indicates the Enfield Connecticut Police Department informed the Massachusetts State Police that they were pursuing a 1986 Honda Civic on Route 91 North and were about to enter Massachusetts. The Enfield Police Department was pursuing the vehicle for larceny and injuring a police dog in Enfield. After the vehicle entered Massachusetts Trooper Eric French became the primary cruiser in the pursuit. The Honda continued north on Route 91 and prior to Routes 5 & 10 (exit 21) Trooper Matthew West was able to successfully deploy Stop Sticks, from the breakdown lane, striking the Honda’s front right tire. Due to its flat tire, the Honda stopped north of Routes 5 & 10 in Hatfield. Cox was taken into custody without incident and charged with 1) Receiving Stolen Property less than $250, 2) Failure to Stop for a Police Officer, 3) Unregistered Motor Vehicle, 4) Uninsured Motor Vehicle, 5) Attaching Plates and 6) Fugitive From Justice. Cox was booked at the State Police Barracks in Northampton, and is being held without bail at the Hampshire County House of Corrections. He will be arraigned at Northampton District Court this morning.

Totally Free Classified


Roommate Wanted - $750/month. Available as one bedroom in this nice END unit town home at "THE PRESERVE". Features open floor plan with fireplaced family room, dining room with hardwood floors & crown moldings, spacious oak kitchen with walk-out bay window, fantastic large bedrooms with their own private baths & cathedral ceilings, 2nd floor laundry, central air & vacuum, and all carpets are two years old.

See more details in our Totally Free Classified.


Town Hall Evacuated

November 20, 2006 (4:15 p.m.) — As of this writing, the Town Hall has been evacuated, its workers still outside, awaiting the results of the investigation of a natural gas odor. Update: 4:50 p.m. The Fire Department Red-tagged the boiler because a small leak was detected. A red-tagged boiler must be shut down and not run until it is repaired and the Fire Department gives the go ahead to remove the tag.


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