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The Perfect Dress

Over 350 gowns available on January 27


The Hopkinton Parent/Teacher Association (HPTA) and the Holliston High School Parents Group (HHSPG) announce the premiere of The Perfect Dress.  The two groups will be selling current, stylish, gently used dresses and accessories appropriate for all Middle and High School dances and proms, as well as weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, recitals, or any other formal or semi-formal occasion at the Hopkinton High School Cafeteria on January 27, 2007, 10am – 2pm.  The snow date is February 3, 2007 in the same location.  Dresses will be sold at a reasonable price - $20 - $30, as well as accessories like shoes, bags, and jewelry.   There will be multiple raffle drawings for prizes like make-up, jewelry, limo service, photography packages, manicures, flowers, etc.  Vendors will also be available and offering make-up, jewelry, and accessories.

      According to Hopkinton High School Senior, Megan Anderson, 2/3 of the money collected will go toward the  Andrea and Joshua Goncalves Memorial Scholarship Fund. The siblings died in a car crash in March last year.

     "I wanted to carry on their memory in a positive way," Megan said.    


First Day

January 2, 2007 — Anthony Troiano, Hopkinton's first Town Manager, began his first day of work at Town Hall today.

     "I met with the financial staff and with Muriel [Muriel Kramer, Chair of the Board of Selectmen] and talked about agenda items for the next meeting. We'll be having a department head meeting to talk about the budget.

     "I spent part of the day meeting with the Town Hall staff," he said.

Out on a Limb

January 2, 2007 — This chickadee, cracking open a seed, is taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather today.


January 2, 2007 — American Legion Post 202 escorted the casket carrying the body of fellow veteran James Danahy into St. John's this morning for a funeral mass.  Mr. Danahy served in both the Pacific and European campaigns in WWII.

Highway Department site of illegal dumping

 Violators are subject to fines of up to$5,500.00


To Residents from Highway Manager, Mike Mansir:


January 2, 2007 — Over the past few years we have noticed an increase in illegal dumping of items at the Highway Department garage located at 83 Wood St. With tight budgets and increasing costs of services and materials this is becoming a financial problem as we have to pay to dispose of the items left on our door step.

      I would like to remind everyone that we are open the last Saturday of every month to accept certain metal items such as dishwasher’s, stove’s, washing machine’s, dryer’s, hot water heater’s, etc but cannot accept refrigerator’s, freezer’s, computer monitor’s, tv’s, microwave’s, air conditioner’s, any oil’s or Hazardous materials. Many people are dropping off accepted and non accepted items at all hours of the day and night forcing us to sift through them 1 to 2 times a week. Please do not drop off any items until the last Saturday of the month. The Police Department will be watching for illegal dumping. Violators are subject to fines of up to$5,500.00, and the cost of properly disposing of the material, for a first offense.

      If you will not be around the last Saturday of the month please call the Highway Department and I will be happy to make arrangements to accept items at another time for you.

      The recycling center is open on Saturday’s and for a fee will accept tv’s, computer monitor’s, small and portable electronics. Please see our web page for the fee schedule.

      Items not accepted by the Town of Hopkinton can be disposed of for a fee by calling E.L. Harvey & Sons, Inc at 508-836-3000 or Millis Used Auto at 1-800- 962-4100.

      We also hold a Household Hazardous Waste day once a year usually sometime in June to dispose of items such as oil’s, paint’s, insecticides and propane tanks.

      I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in this matter.

 ~ Mike Mansir, Hopkinton Highway Manager

Friends (Win $50)

January 2, 2007 — Years ago these young friends growing up together gathered at Sandy Beach for a photo that is dated by their hairstyles, especially on the girls. Be the first to identify every person in the photo from left to right and win $50. Be sure to email from this link only and include your name, address and phone number.


Today, Tuesday, January 2, 2007


8:51 am A 911 caller from South Mill Street reported that someone had put a cat carrier up in a tree with an unknown animal inside of it...


10:48 am A caller reported to Officer Stephen Buckley that a trash truck was speeding and had knocked down telephone wires on Spring Street...


12:27 am A caller from Bull Moose Run reported a party at a neighbors house and stated that some of those people were coming on to her property...


Left, Officer Thomas Griffin had the Motorcycle out on traffic patrol Downtown today, January 2, 2007, the second week of winter.

Polyarts Committee to meet; seeks new members

     The Committee for the Hopkinton Polyarts is holding it's first meeting for 2007 on January 16th at 7 PM at the new Senior Center on Mayhew Street. 

      We are interested in having new members join us with fresh ideas and suggestions for our upcoming Polyarts Festival in September.  If you are interested we look forward to seeing you on that date or if you have additional questions, you may contact Mary Brown at 508-435-3550 between 6-8 PM. ~Mary Brown

 It's the Law! *


To ask, or not to ask...

Email your questions to: dtebaldi@tebaldiesq.com


by Demian David Tebaldi, Esq.

January 2, 2007

Dear ITL: I read your column about the immigration question, and it reminded me of something I have been thinking about.  I will be hiring a lawn service in the Spring, and I want to be sure that I don't hire a service that employs illegal workers.  How can I verify that the workers who will be performing the lawn services are legal?  Would I be breaking the law if I did not verify that the workers were legal?  A.F.K.

Dear A.F.K.: Section 274 274A(a)(1)(A) of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) provides that a person commits a federal felony when he: employs or assists an illegal alien he should reasonably know is in the U.S. illegally or lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him to obtain employment; encourages an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him to an employer or by acting as agent for an employer, or; knowingly assists illegal aliens because of personal or political beliefs.  If convicted under this section, an employer is subject to criminal fines, possible imprisonment, and even forfeiture of vehicles and personal and real property used in furtherance of the crime.  An employer may not remain willfully blind, either; anyone who employs an illegal alien without verifying his work authorization status commits a misdemeanor. FULL COLUMN

Women’s Art Forum Thursday, January 4th, 2007

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Cultural Arts Alliance Center, 98 Hayden Rowe, Hopkinton, MA.

 Art, Women and the Personal Essay


Judy Adourian              Glenda Baker

       Painter, sculptor, musician —no matter what your talent, writing adds an additional source of self-expression to your artistic life. But where do you start? 

      The personal essay can be your first step into writing fiction, nonfiction, or memoir.

      Bring pen and paper, and Glenda Baker and Judy Adourian will guide you through the elements, style, and possible markets for your first essay.                                               

PLEASE RSVP to the CAA (508) 435-9222 for adequate seating

A  3-5 dollar donation is requested to help with administrative expenses

The CAA and ESL extends this invitation to all women of Hopkinton and surrounding communities

 HopNews support for the arts

New Year's Eve in Ashland

A HopNews video on YouTube


January 1, 2007 — On New Year's Eve HopNews.com took the camera to Catch 22, a restaurant in Ashland, Mass, to videotape a two-man band who call themselves Back Pages, and who have been entertaining people in the area for decades, first as Apoplexy, a five-piece rock band featuring lead singer Inky Fair and lead guitar Doug Betschart, that played at the former Cricket Lounge in Ashland.

     They went on to form the band Moonfast, and even warmed up the Boston Garden for Aerosmith back in the day.

     Following that was a multi-year stint with the two-man core and a third member from Moonfast, Tom Yates, at Timothy Sprits in Framingham as the house band, Fair, Yates, and Betschart.

     Fast Forward to the last 20 years, and Doug Betschart and Inky Fair have been performing, as they do on this video, as a two-man act, which can include two voices, percussion, guitar, synth, harmonica, and  bass pedals. They also have a rock and roll act with a full set of drums and a dancing beat. Back Pages will be performing at Catch 22 in Ashland once a month. To get on their email list to find out when they play next, drop us a line: Editor@HopNews.com


Predictions that we didn't make


by Robert Falcione

December 31, 2006 — A black governor elected in 2006, the first ever in Massachusetts, Democrat Duval Patrick, would never had been on anyone's predictions list. And if he had lost the race, the governor-elect would be the first female elected governor of the state.

      The Big Dig fiasco, a manifestation of the reason why some people take the stairs, was not on anyone's list. A woman died as a result of a cement ceiling panel crushing the car in which she was riding in a tunnel that was built as part of the Big Dig. It also led to the push from power of Matt Amorello by fellow Republican, Governor Mitt Romney, who had been calling for the head of the head of the Turnpike Authority for a long while.

     Health Care for everyone mandated by a Republican Governor, Mitt Romney, took a lot of people by surprise. Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy has been proposing some sort of universal health care ever since he was a young man, and seems no closer for the effort.

       But at first glance the new proposal appears to be simply a means to extract some money from people who can't afford conventional insurance, but would qualify for Free Care if a serious illness befell them. It looks a little like mandatory automobile insurance, but for human bodies instead. Next there'll be UPC codes on people's foreheads that get scanned for up-to-date insurance when you pass a police officer. And the "sticker" on the windshield will actually be whether you've had a physical exam in a particular year.

      "Excuse me, but I see you haven't had a checkup this year," says the police officer to the citizen. FULL COMMENTARY

Samaritans, an ounce of prevention

Listening is key, not judging


by Elizabeth Eidlitz


December 31, 2006 — Carolers sing joy to the world and sleigh bells jingle as folks head home for the holidays. Yet winter months can be psychologically menacing for those who feel lonely, depressed, suicidal, or isolated like the elderly woman who apologized for calling The Samaritans when she wasn’t suicidal, but said she was all alone in a nursing home and wanted to wish someone Happy New Year.

“Society tells us we’re supposed to be happy and together,” notes Eileen Davis, Framingham site director of the merged Boston/Framingham Samaritans. “The highest incidence of the 80,000 calls we receive each year come in December, and then in March, when people who feel they’re meant to be better find they’re not coming out of their depression.” In 2004 there were three times as many suicides as there were homicides.”

 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

A Winter Blanket

 By Brittany Power


On a windy day

Leaves blow away from the trees

To make room for snow 


Brittany Power is 8 years old and attends the third grade at Elmwood Elementary School in Hopkinton. Her teacher, Paula Tangredi has been teaching Brittany's class about haiku poetry in anticipation of a December snowfall. ~Cheryl

State Police Investigate Hit and Run on Ocean Ave. in Revere, ask Public's Assistance


December 31, 2006 — Today at about 12:25 p.m., State Police from the Revere Barracks responded to a crash involving a car and a pedestrian on Ocean Avenue, at Shirley Avenue, in Revere.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Robert Carter indicates that 61-year-old George Azarian of Revere was attempting to cross Ocean Avenue at Shirley Avenue in Revere in the cross walk.  As he entered the second southbound travel lane on Ocean Avenue, he was struck by a vehicle which was traveling southbound at the time.  The vehicle fled the area after the crash. 


Azarian was transported by ambulance to Mass General Hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead. 


This crash remains under investigation and police are actively seeking to locate the driver and vehicle involved.  This crash was caught on a surveillance camera located nearby.  The tape was reviewed and thus far revealed that the suspect vehicle was a small, light colored, 4 door.  It should have damage to the right front end and right side windshield.  The tape will be further processed to enhance the video quality and it is expected to yield additional information about the suspect vehicle.  Anyone with any information is asked to contact the State Police Barracks in Revere at 781-284-0038.


The State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS), State Police Crime Scene Services Section, State Police assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Revere Fire and EMS, Revere Police and Transit Police all assisted in this incident. 


Ocean Avenue was closed for about 2 hours.

 New Year's Resolutions from Downtown


BREAKING NEWS CBS News has learned that Saddam Hussein has been executed.

The HPTA Proudly Presents the Movie

Saturday, January 6th

3:00 – 5:00pm (doors open @ 2:30pm)

 Hopkinton High School Auditorium


Refreshments will be sold:

Chips, Candy, Water and Juice Boxes

 ** Proceeds will benefit Hopkinton Schools **


Cost: $ 5.00 per child - adults free ($20.00 family max.)

Children must be accompanied by an adult

**One lucky movie guest will go home with the movie !


E-mail Cindy Bernardo at cindybernardo@hotmail.com to make a reservation with the total number of adults and children in your party that will be attending. Space is limited.


Hopkinton 58, Westborough 65

Above, Matthew Collins, #32, does a high jump on D this evening.

by Peter Marso

December 29, 2006 — The Hiller boys varsity fell from the unbeaten ranks as the Westboro Rangers came from behind to beat the Hillers 65-58 in a non-league tussle last night in Hopkinton.

     The Hillers were actually running the show as they built up a lead midway in the 2nd half only to fall victim to a very strong Westboro team. The Hillers had a great running attack along with a persistent defense and actually looked as if they would pull the game out and win their 5th straight game.

     The Hillers will try and overcome their first loss when they host the Norton Lancers next Friday night.  It was a great match for the home town team.    Photo by Ben Lewis

Below, Thaddeus Dlugolecki turns the corner on his Westborough defender. Photo by Ben Lewis

Spoken word with Cheryl Perreault

        Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop Inc. will be hosting an evening of spoken word with Cheryl Perreault and singer-songwriters Steve Sanford and Steve Rapson on Saturday, January 13 at 8:00 p.m.   

       The performance, which will take place at ESL’s studios at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton, will address the theme Celebrating the Joy of the Everyday and Other Interesting Phenomenon and will include funny and touching observations on parenting, middle age, driving on the back roads of Metrowest, and the immortalization of the little black dress.  Admission is $15.00.  To order tickets call 508-435-2114.

Kay Ann Carty (Forbes), 73

Kay Ann Carty (Forbes), 73, formally of Hopkinton, died Thursday, December 28th, 2006 after a long illness. Born in Milford Massachusetts, she was the daughter of Katherine Forbes (Wilson) and Herbert Forbes. Kay was a standout athlete at Milford high school and enjoyed being outdoors, especially on Lake Maspenock. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

James Robert Danahy, 88

James Robert Danahy, 88, of Hopkinton died Wednesday December 27, 2006 at the Metrowest Medical Center in Framingham. Born in Hopkinton he was the son of the late Mary (Daley) and Dennis Danahy. He was also the husband of the late Margaret (O’Connell) Danahy who passed away February of 1982.ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE


Passport, INS, ID photos

Picture Framing

Copies and Restoration

Framingham resident digs HopNews.com


    I just loved your show [Sheehan Family's A Christmas Carol]. I have all of my Framingham friends as well as myself watching HopNews. I even have my family Bonita Springs, Pembroke Pines, and New Smyrna Beach watching it.

    The kids came form Sudbury moons ago and their home, their country tastes, are still with them.

    A blessed Christmas and holy New Year.

Dee Sheehan
6 F JJ Brady Dr
Framingham MA 01702

December 26, 2006

CBS4 News at 11:00 pm Thursday ran a story about JB Service Station (Formerly Kenney's) ending the sale of gas, a feature HopNews presented Wednesday. If you missed the report by Christina Hager, then check out their website — which we always have available on the line under the masthead — or click here to see the story.

Hopkinton 4, Assabet 1

December 28, 2006 — Above, T. J. Elder raises his stick in triumph after stuffing one into the Assabet goal, the second of four goals an a 4-1 game at  the new England Sports Center.

Below, goalie Mike Curtain makes a save as teammate Taylor Farley, #13, has a word with an Assabet player.

Recycle with the Lions

December 30th


    Is it time to critique the contents of your garage or cellar? Time to get rid of those stored bottles and cans? It’s no big surprise that the Lions Club can help.  December 30th is the date of the next Lions Club recycling drive at Colella’s Supermarket on Main St. Recyclable donations can be dropped of between 9 am and 2 pm.

     The group will also be collecting outdated/unused cell phones for the  Hopkinton Senior Center during their recycling hours.

      The Lions Club is a hands-on service organization.


2:10 am ... OUI Liquor, 5th Offense and Drinking Alcohol From an Open Container in a Motor Vehicle...

8:39 am A caller from Elm Street reported minor vandalism to their vehicle.  Officer Philip Powers viewed the writing on the windshield which said, "cheater I found you", written in lipstick.

5:52 pm A resident from Gibbon Road reported having troubles with her daughter...

     2006 in Review

Poll Review 2006


      Following are poll results from 2006, with less than a handful from 2005. Most of the poll questions were inspired by news stories, either locally or nationally. The polls are basically from three different vendors, as evidenced by their style of presentation.

      Ironically, the most aesthetic presentation was the one with the least participation. The poll was in the interior of our Talk City site that took a click or two to find. We no longer use that vendor for either chat or polls.

       The one with the blue background was a vendor that simply disappeared. The current vendor is the one with the variety of color schemes that displays the results at the end of the bar graph.

       The average vote during a politically charged time is around 275 votes. That is more participation than a Boston TV station gets on a poll during a newscast. SEE POLLS

Imre H. Halmos, 60, died December 26, 2006 at home.  Born in Budapest, Hungary, he was the son of the Maria (Peres) Halmos and the late Dr. Imre A. Halmos.

     He was a 1964 graduate of Summit High School in NJ and a member of the 1961 NJ State Soccer Championship team.  A Marine Corp veteran serving in Vietnam, he was a survivor of the Hungarian Revolution, escaping Hungary on December 26, 1956.ARRANGEMENTS, CALLING HOURS, NOW COMPLETE


Amletto Picozza, 94, died Thursday December 21, 2006 in Framingham.Born in Italy, he was the son of the late Augusto and Josephine (Polone) Picozza. He was a self-employed tailor and a member of the Knights of Columbus, Stamford CT and the Seta Fra Tise Club. He is survived by his wife of 58 years, Fosea (Macari) Picozza.  He is also survived by his sons Enrico and his wife Linda of Hopkinton... ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

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