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Up and Away

January 17, 2007 — These workers from Pro Towers install a T-Mobile antenna at Cornell's Field today. According to their foreman, the photo on the left shows them just below the 130' high top.

Officials discuss legal fees, Weston Nurseries

by Robert Falcione

January 16, 2007 — The Selectmen met with Finley Perry (Above), Chairman of the Land Use Study Committee (LUSC) as well as other members — Town Manager Anthony Troiano, Executive Secretary Ted Kozak and Appropriations Committee member Ron Eldridge — to discuss ways to reign in legal fees that they expect to continue at the rate of $6,000 per month, mostly to keep on top of the Weston Nurseries Land Sale.

    Selectman Ron Clark objected to paying Attorney John Dennis, who charges $325/hour, rather than having the Town Counsel, Richard D'Angelis, at $125/hour, to monitor the sale. Mr. Dennis has been credited with keeping the town in the picture after a Weston attorney tried to assert that the town had no rights, according to the officials.

     "It seems to me to keep the attorney we've got," said Mr. Perry, arguing for Mr. Dennis. Mr. D'Angelis came in during the latter part of the LUSC work, taking over from outgoing Counsel, Larry Faiman, but does not specialize in bankruptcy law. Weston Nurseries is under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

     The town has 61A rights that allow it option of first refusal of a bona fide offer. Boulder Capital has come in with an offer to the Bankruptcy Court of around $21 million, with contingency for more money with 1,100 residential units, and escalating to multiples of that figure, something that would require rezoning of the land, a Town Meeting function.

     Boulder Capital has been defined as a stalking horse, a company that makes an offer to define the lowest offer a bankruptcy court would be expected to accept.

     Then other companies can tender their offers for the court to choose from, not necessarily choosing the highest bid, but the one most likely to satisfy creditors and succeed with the purchase, according to Mr. Perry.

     Getting back to the high cost of legal services, Mr. Troiano suggested that the Town Counsel be the gatekeeper, a person who controls the process and decides when an outside counsel is needed. "We need trigger points," he said.

     The town will continue to need legal representation to protect its rights in a land sale that many people believe will shape the future of Hopkinton.

    "However it plays out, it will greatly affect the town," said Selectmen Chair Muriel Kramer. " It will have a huge impact on the town," she said.

January 16, 2007 — Hopkinton Police Sgt. Joseph Bennett places the cuffs on a suspect while Officer Matthew McNeil looks on, the snow begins to fall, and the temperature dips to ten degrees while heading toward single digits.

ESL Celebrates the 60s with Groovy January 26, 27

January 16, 2007 – When hippies in the 1960s decide to put on a “free music festival” at Crumb Apples Farm, you know some hilarious and crazy events will ensue.  That’s the premise behind Groovy, a musical spoof being presented by Enter Stage Left and featuring 38 preteen actors.  The show will take place at 7:00 p.m. on January 26 and 27 at Hopkins School (104 Hayden Rowe Street) in Hopkinton.  Tickets are $10.00, or $5.00 for students.

     “We have many very gifted young actors in this community and thought Groovy would be a great vehicle for showcasing their talents,” said Kelly Grill, a co-founder of ESL.   “The music in this show is upbeat and fun and there are a lot of crazy characters.  I think the audience will enjoy seeing their friends and neighbors on stage in this celebration of love, peace and music.” For tickets or more information call 508-435-2114 or visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com

No ID required

January 16, 2007 — Carol Dowling, left, and Ruth Yeslow wait for their orders to serve to patrons at the Senior Center lunch today, which was a full house. The minimum official age to stop  by for lunch is 60, but no one was checking ID's. In fact, Director Cindy Chesmore was quick to point out that all are welcome.

 It's the Law! *


Question on estate...

Email your questions to: dtebaldi@tebaldiesq.com


Dear ITL: My father died last year, and in his will he left the home I grew up in to his second wife, my step-mother, in a life estate, naming me and my sister as remaindermen. My step-mother recently moved into a small apartment, and is renting the house to another family.  Can she do this?  B.R.

Dear B.R.:

Unless there are any special restrictions on the life estate your father created for his wife, yes, she can.  The only difference between the rights your step-mother has in your family home by way of a life estate and the rights she would have had with a fee simple (complete and unfettered ownership) is that, with a life estate, she does not have the ability to convey the home to another by terms of her own will.  When she dies, her ownership of the home ends, and that of the remaindermen begins. 

The holder of a life estate in real property is, unless the document creating the life estate states otherwise, responsible for maintaining the property in good repair, paying property taxes, and ensuring that no “waste” or other damage is allowed to occur with respect to it.  Your step-mother is entitled to any income received as the result of renting the home during her lifetime, just as she would be if she owned the home in fee simple, and, if she wishes, she may use this income to provide her with support while she lives in a less expensive apartment.


(Disclaimer:      The answers provided in this column are not in any way to be construed as legal advice.  While the author is an attorney admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the questions presented do not come from clients, but from anonymous members of various Massachusetts communities.  The answers presented merely describe what the law is, and do not contain specific strategies for dealing with the situations presented.  If you have questions regarding these or other legal issues, please contact Attorney Demian David Tebaldi at 508-435-5576.)

Conservation/Environmental Sciences Scholarship

Hopkinton Area Land Trust (HALT) is pleased to offer a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is interested in conservation and/or the environmental sciences.  Applicants must be residents of Hopkinton who are attending Hopkinton High School, Keefe Tech, St. Mark's, Marion High School, or Norfolk County Agricultural High School.  Application forms may be obtained from the Guidance Office of your school.  Completed forms must be returned to HALT by March 30, 2007.


 Registration for Football and Cheerleading


Registration for the 2007 Hopkinton/Ashland Raiders Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading season will take place on Monday and Wednesday evening January 22 and 24th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Ashland Middle School cafeteria.  Please check our website www.raiderfootball.org for further information. 

Check water before using


The water department worked late last night and into the early morning hours repairing a water main break on Wilson Street.   Residents throughout the town may notice some discoloration in their water today.  Please check your water before using it and if any discoloration is still present, let your water run to clear the pipe 

Eric J. Carty, Water-Sewer Manager Hopkinton DPW

85 Wood St., PO BOX 171 Hopkinton, MA 01748

www.hopkinton.org 508-497-9765 P 508-497-9767 F

 Knock your socks off at the HPTA’s SOCK HOP

January 20th   6pm – 9pm  Middle School Gym

·       Pizza, Sundaes and Drinks will be sold

 ·       Dance to the  50’s tunes of our DJ

 ·       Fun contests and prizes

 ·       $ 5.00 per child/ $ 20.00 family maximum

Fun for all ages! 
(this is not a drop off event) Tickets will be available at the door

What's with the Gigantic Calendar Icon?


by Robert Falcione

January 15, 2007 — Believe it or not, between the Police News and the Calendar, about one entire day's worth

of labor is put into them each and every week. Eric Montville's name can be seen on the Police News, but he is also the Calendar Editor, making sure that the dated information in all of the emails we receive, and all of the info from other means of notification, make it onto the Calendar in a timely fashion.

    "Oh really, you list events in the Calendar section?" replied one person too many this week, when she was asked why she hadn't checked the Calendar about an event she inquired of. Yes we do, and we list every event we can for every non-profit that emails us, and for our advertising partners as well, within reason.

    So, don't just let us know when your group is having an event, check the Calendar to find out what is going on with other groups in Hopkinton, and perhaps discover a real gem!

    Eric puts in a lot of time to keep it a valuable resource, and we'd like people to know it is there — and that is why we have enlarged its visual presence.

    Please use it and enjoy!   

Hopkinton 71, Millis 35


January 15, 2007 — Junior Paul Ostrander reaches high to come down with the prize during this evening's game against Mills. The scoreboard in the background was Hopkinton 71, Millis 35 at the end of the game.


     Registered Democrats in Hopkinton will be holding their annual Caucus at the Hopkinton Fire Station (rear entrance, up stairs) on Saturday February 3rd at 10:00 AM to elect Delegates and Alternates to the 2007 Massachusetts Democratic Convention. Delegates will be equally divided between men and women in accordance with Democratic Party rules. Any one, at least eighteen-years old and registered as a Massachusetts Democrat as of December 31, 2006, is welcome to attend the Caucus and run for a Delegate position.
     This year's Action Agenda Convention will be held on Saturday, May 19 at UMASS Amherst. All Massachusetts Democrats chosen at their caucuses, will gather to develop a new Action Agenda outlining grassroots, party building initiatives to prepare us for the Presidential election in 2008. This year's Action Agenda will incorporate strategies that led to our overwhelming victory in the gubernatorial election, and provide recommendations for attracting more people to the Democratic Party.

     Candidates for Delegate and Alternate must be present at the Caucus and consent to nomination in writing. Candidates may make a one-minute statement and may distribute materials on their behalf. All ballots will be written, secret and recorded by the caucus teller. Those people not elected as Delegate or Alternate may apply to be "add-on" Delegates in the following categories: youth (35 and under), minority and disabled.

     Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation or economic status in the conduct of the Caucus is strictly prohibited. Challenges to the Delegate-selection process MUST be filed with the Massachusetts Democratic Party, 56 Roland Street, Suite 203, Boston, MA, 02120 within ten days after the caucus.
     For more information, please contact the Democratic State Committee at 617-776-2676.



9:33 pm Officer Matthew McNeil spoke with a person who was riding a scooter in the roadway on Hayden Rowe Street...


9:55 am A woman in Revere called and reported that she had a greyhound dog at her house with a Hopkinton tag on it...


1:42 pm The manager of a Main Street business reported that a person was trying to possibly scam rebate for some alleged lost groceries...

January 15, 2007 — Here the Hopkinton High School JV Indoor Track Team showed great form today, above over the hurdles.







Cultural Arts Alliance

Presents A Winter Coffee House

    Barn Fundraiser

January 19, 2007     7:30 pm   Hopkinton Country Club

Starring Alter Ego with special guest Hannah McBride  tickets: $25*

include Coffee and desert Buffet  Cash Bar

For Tickets Call the CAA at 508-435-9222 or email tickets@caahopkinton.org


*Alter Ego is donating their performance

Recycle with the Lions


    January 27th is the next Lions Club recycle date. All recyclable bottles and cans can be dropped off at Colella’s Supermarket on Main Street between 9 and 2. The Lions will also be collecting outdated/unused cell phones for the  Hopkinton Senior Center during their recycling hours. Your help is appreciated.


January 14, 2007 — Please enjoy this reprise of a Barbara Kessler performance at ESL Theater last fall.

January 14, 2006 — Lt. Robert Bartlett hands over an air-pac while emerging from a basement on Briarcliff Drive this morning after receiving calls for a working fire and finding it under control.

State Police Investigate Route 495 Hopkinton Crash


January 13, 2007 — Today at about 9:45 a.m., State Police from the Millbury Barracks responded to a two-vehicle crash on Route 495 South, just south of the Mass Pike, in Hopkinton. 


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Anthony Kurgan indicates that 56-year-old Janice Trueman of Sturbridge was traveling on the ramp from the Mass Pike to Route 495 south in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, when she lost control of the vehicle, causing it to abruptly travel to the left across the southbound lanes.  At this time, 44-year-old Clare Curran-Ball of Northboro was traveling in the center travel lane in a 2003 Toyota Rav 4 and was unable to avoid colliding with the Cherokee.  Following the collision, the victims were immediately provided medical care by members of the Hudson/Marlboro Ambulance service, who were traveling southbound in that area at the time of the crash. 


Trueman, who had to be extricated from her vehicle using the Jaws of Life by members of the Hopkinton Fire Department, was transported by ambulance to Milford/Whitinsville Hospital and then airlifted to UMass Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.  Her passenger, 59-year-old Robert Trueman, and Curran-Ball were both transported by ambulance to Milford/Whitinsville Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 


The cause of this crash remains under investigation.  No charges have been filed at this time.  Hopkinton Fire and EMS and Hudson/Marlboro Ambulance assisted at the scene. 


The two left lanes of Route 495 South were closed for about an hour.

January 31 Bunco Night 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm @ Senior Center. 6:00 p.m. with appetizers and drink!   Ending with desserts! BUNCO from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Raffles and prizes throughout evening (bring your checkbook/credit card, please!) Ticket price is only $25 (the entire $25 will go to The Senior Center for computer upgrades.).

Hopkinton Historical Society Newsletter now Online


The following article is an excerpt from extensive research on the fountain’s history done by Paul Annunziata, formerly of Hopkinton, who played in its waters about 50 years ago:


The fountain was a willed gift to the Town by Charles L. Claflin in memory of his parents, Charles Winslow and Maria Valentine Claflin. Charles L. Claflin carried on and expanded the extensive coal business that his father had begun.


One of Hopkinton’s most esteemed residents at the time, he had financial interests in large coal yards ranging from Albany, New York, to Boston. He was the eastern agent of the Delaware and Hudson Coal Company and President of the Massachusetts Wharf Coal Company in Boston.


Locally, he was the president of the  Hopkinton National Bank, a trustee of the Hopkinton Savings Bank, president of the Local Board of Trade, a director of the Quinsigamond National Bank, and served on the Board of Selectmen of Hopkinton...

Read entire Historical Society Newsletter



Girl Scouts Cookie Kick-off


      The Hopkinton Girl Scouts held their annual Cookie Kick-Off Scout Skating Party at Roller Kingdom in Hudson Ma. on Wednesday January 10th.  This is an event geared toward celebrating the January 5th start of the Girl Scout Cookie sales.  But what Girl Scout celebration would go on with out giving something back to the community? 



     The girls were asked to bring breakfast cereal donations for the Hopkinton Food Pantry.  We delivered some 93 boxes of breakfast cereal to the Hopkinton Food Pantry the next day.  We are all very proud of the girls and their adult leaders for helping make this all happen. ~ Troop 3799


Photo, Colleen Malloy, 3rd Grade Brownie Troop 3799.


State Police Crime Laboratory CODIS Administrator Suspended Pending Investigation



January 13, 2007 —In mid-November, 2006, Colonel Mark Delaney, Superintendent of the State Police launched an internal review and investigation into allegations that a Combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS) administrator at the Massachusetts State Police Forensic and Technology Center had failed to follow clearly established professional practices within the laboratory. 


Specifically, a CODIS administrator failed to make timely and/or accurate notifications of DNA “hits” or matches in several old but still open criminal cases. As a result, in many of the cases, a suspect was identified prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations, but neither the police investigators nor the District Attorney’s Office of jurisdiction were notified in a timely manner. In some cases, a lack of prioritization by the CODIS administrator resulted in the statute of limitations expiring before final verification of the DNA match was made.  Lastly, in a few cases, the CODIS administrator made notification to law enforcement officials of DNA “hits” on old cases when in fact, no match had been made.


Colonel Delaney assigned a member of his senior command staff in the Division of Investigative Services to lead the internal investigation as well as a comprehensive review of administrative practices.  In addition to, and in furtherance of the investigation, Colonel Delaney made a formal request to the FBI Laboratory in Quantico Virginia for an independent, external audit of the administrative practices at the Massachusetts State Police CODIS DNA Unit.  The FBI Laboratory, who has agreed to conduct the audit, has management and administrative control of the National DNA Indexing System (NDIS). This independent review will provide a more detailed and thorough analysis to the investigation and assist the investigators in making final conclusions and recommendations.


Affected District Attorney’s Offices were notified of the DNA discrepancies, expiration of the statute of limitations, and the pending internal investigation. In those cases involving reported “hits” that in fact were not “hits”, notifications were made to the appropriate District Attorney’s Offices as well as the police investigators assigned to those cases.


Following the discovery of the DNA discrepancies, Colonel Delaney ordered that an FBI qualified DNA Unit Supervisor be assigned to conduct a full, formal review of all CODIS DNA “hits” made to date and provide oversight of the entire CODIS process at the State Police Crime Lab.  This supervisor will continue providing oversight until the matter is fully resolved.


The investigation remains open and ongoing. The CODIS administrator has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Who is in the suit?



Jeff Leal 5th grade at Hopkins school went to school dressed as a penguin on Friday Jan 12, 2007.


He got high fives on the bus, and was a real hit during dress up day at the school.

David Laquidara won $10 for knowing who was in the costume.

Same-sex marriage?


When HopNews conducted a poll on whether a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage should be put on the ballot for the general population to vote on, almost 53% were in favor. Today, David Sheehan asked people on Main Street on video how they felt about same-sex marriage. All of the people had reasons to be downtown: they live there or were doing business there, even though we advertised the time of our intentions 15 hours in advance. The sample was very small, so there is no way we are promoting this as a scientific, or any other kind of poll. It is just for entertainment. Despite our efforts, we could not more than one viewpoint.


January 13, 2007, is national AMBER Alert Awareness Day.   The day honors the memory of Amber Hagerman, the 9-year-old girl who was abducted while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas in 1996.  Her abduction and murder led the nation on a crusade to protect our children from harm by predators.  The AMBER Alert Plan unites law enforcement, media outlets, state agencies and members of the public in working together to save an abducted child from harm.  The goal of an AMBER Alert is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and safe recovery of the child. Due to the consistent and meaningful manner in which it operates, the AMBER Alert program continues to be a most effective tool in recovering an abducted child. Since its inception, 308 children nationwide have been saved from an abductor and brought home safely to their loved ones.  In Massachusetts, a Child AMBER Alert has been activated on eight occasions and every child associated with these activations has been successfully recovered.


The Massachusetts Child AMBER Alert Plan is a voluntary partnership between the Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Chiefs of Police, Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, MassHighway, the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, the Massachusetts Port Authority, MEMA and two new partners – the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission and the MBTA Transit Police. The goal of this partnership is to quickly disseminate information on an abducted child and/or perpetrator to the public via: radio and television announcements, roadway and public transportation message boards, and lottery machines.  FULL STORY

The Bay State Games offer a winter fitness challenge for adults called the Mass Shape Up (www.massshapeup.org). Hopkinton Schools Take Part in Fitness Challenge


What is Mass Shape Up?

Mass Shape Up is a health and fitness initiative for Massachusetts residents who would like to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This four month competition will enable you to assess your daily routine and find a healthier way to live. The program aims to help you stay on track to reaching your personal health and fitness goals.

There are 2 categories to choose from: weight loss and activity. Faculty, staff and administration from all of the area schools have chosen to take part in the activity contest.

In the activity minute division, each team member keeps track of how much time each month is spent taking part in physical activity. Each person’s minute total is then added into a team total for each month. Teams will be given a chance to view the progress of other team’s in their division, and see where they stand in the competition each month.

At the HS, we have designed a bulletin board so that not only the teams can track their progress, but the students will be able to monitor the faculty, staff and administration as well. (pics attached) We are hoping to be role models to all of the students. Other schools have also chosen ways to track their progress.

Here are the teams and their captains: SEE THEM HERE

Francis “Manny”John Deiana, 62, of Hopkinton, died Thursday, January 10, 2006 at the Milford Regional Hospital. Born in Framingham, he was the son of Helen (Bernard) and the late Francis John Deiana.
   He was the owner and operator of FJD Masonry. He was an avid sports fan and a huge football fan. He was a family man and a proud grandfather. ARRANGEMENTS


Beverly Jo (McGreevy) McSkimming, 71, died peacefully on January 10, 2007 in Westborough, MA. Beverly died from complications of a stroke suffered in October, 2005. Born in Springfield, MO, Beverly attended Drury College and graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She spent her adult life in St. Louis, MO, where she taught at the elementary level in the Hazelwood and St. Louis Public School systems for 43 years. ARRANGEMENTS

Same-sex marriage. Yea or nay?

The HopNews camera will be around downtown asking that question on Friday, Jan 11 at around 3:00pm


Schools’ Budget Becomes More Austere

“Every cut from here on will be very painful” ~ Superintendent John Phelan

 “I’m not going to support $300K, and $1.5MM is too much” ~ Member Phil Totino

Multiple Capital Articles Probable at Town Meeting


By David Hamacher


January 12, 2007 — The second phase of budget discussions for the Hopkinton School District was held last night and focused on Special Education, Buildings and Grounds, and Central Office.

            Director of Special Education, Dr. Trudy Sack began the discussions with an overview of how her budget may be impacted by what Superintendent Dr. John Phelan has called the “most austere budget he has ever presented to the school committee in his 6 ˝ years in Hopkinton.” His original FY ’08 proposal, presented on December 21st, showed an increase over the FY ’07 of 4.9% or about $1.5 million (MM), which is less than level funding for all services. The Appropriations Committee has asked every Department to present budgets for next year which do not exceed 1% increases over this year. 1% increase for the schools represents approximately $300,000.

            Dr. Sack indicated that each year Special Education (SPED) “gives back to the town between $60,000 and $70,000 a year,” generally from Medicaid reimbursements for medical and other needs of the SPED population. There are currently 12 students who are out of town placements who go to Keefe Tech and other vocational schools,” she continued. There are other students who need placing in residential facilities. FULL REPORT

Get away!

January 11, 2007 — Ed Harrow shares this photo from his trip to New Zealand of two penguins, one who is much less social than the other.

January 11, 2007 — Betsy Roughan propels forward with her breast-stroke in this photo.

HOPKINTON-MetroWest YMCA Summer Day Camp Registration begins February 1.  Traditional Camp, Specialty Camps, Sports Camps, and Teen and Leadership programs.  Youth ages 3-16.   June25 through August 24, 2 week sessions.  Summer Camp info nights, Feb 13, March 6, March 13, and April 10.  Camp brochure and forms available online at www.metrowestymca.org or by calling 508-435-9345.

Numbers available for Boston Marathon

      The Hopkinton Athletic Association (HAA) has several invitational numbers available for runners who are interested in running the 2007 Boston Marathon.  These numbers are provided by the Boston Athletic Association to nonprofit organizations that in turn allocate them to runners who agree to raise money to support their charitable programs. 

     Runners must raise a minimum of $2,250 and are provided myriad benefits, including training and coaching from experienced marathoners, access to training runs offered by the Hopkinton Running Club, an indoor location to relax and warm-up on the morning of the Marathon, a "Team Hopkinton" singlet, and an opportunity to meet with elite, Kenyan runners at their annual visit to Elmwood School several days prior to the race.  

     The non-profit HAA supports multi-generational health and fitness-oriented programs in Hopkinton and the Metrowest area.  The HAA has awarded grants to a variety of organizations, including the Hopkinton Senior Center, the Girl Scouts, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association, the Hopkinton Education Foundation, several youth sports programs, and the Hopkinton Special Olympics, who received a multi-year commitment enabling them to offer new athletic/fitness programs to athletes in Hopkinton and other Metrowest communities.  One recent initiative by the HAA raised money to help pay for a new van for Dick and Rick Hoyt, the iconic father-son team who have run the Boston Marathon 25 times. 

     Interested parties should contact Stephanie Whelan at stephaniewhelan@msn.com  as soon as possible.

Hopkinton Public Library

Two new members 

     Hopkinton Public Library is excited to introduce two new members of the Library team. Rebecca McCaffrey will lead our adult services while Denise Kofron will lead the Children’s services.  Both Rebecca and Denise hold Masters Degrees in Library and Information Sciences and bring public library experience to Hopkinton Library.

     Denise joined us as the Children’s Librarian as of January 2nd.  Her many years of professional expertise and her creative approach will truly enhance the library experience for the children of Hopkinton. We are looking forward to an exciting year as she begins this month evaluating the story hours, arts and crafts, special events, school vacation programs and other event driven programs for the Children’s Room.

      Rebecca McCaffrey joined us in September of 2006 as Assistant Librarian. Our patrons will enjoy Rebecca’s friendly, relaxed approach to taking care of patron needs in the reference room and warm welcome as you enter the library.  If you need help with internet searches, e-mail, help with home work, tax forms, looking for articles or other information, Rebecca is here to provide assistance.

      The Library staff invites you to stop by and say hello to these two new members of the team.

      As we move forward, we hope to make the Library a hub of the community with great services and dynamic programming!

      Visit our site www.hopkintonlibrary.org or send e-mail to rownak@hopkinton.org

Trooper/truck accident story updated below. Driver charged.


Today, January 11, 2007


6:02 am A caller reported that home made signs were put up with slurs and profanity about town officials...


6:12 pm A caller from Spring Street reported that on two separate occasions, in the last couple of weeks, her children have arrived home to observe a blue pick up...


12:18 pm A bus driver reported that a man was at the corner of Saddle Hill Road and Greenwood Road spray painting on the road...

Francis John "MANNY" Deiana

Francis John "MANNY" Deiana, 62, of Hopkinton died Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at the Milford Hospital. Son of Helen and the Late Francis J. Deiana. Arrangements are incomplete at this time and under the direction of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.

ESL Coffeehouse Series

Celebrating the Joy of the Everyday,
and other interesting phenomena
an evening of spoken word along with singer/songwriters Steve Rapson and Steve Sanford
Saturday, January 13, 2007, 8:00 p.m. $15


Cheryl Perreault is a spoken word artist and poet who performs in the Boston and surrounding area (see www.cherylperreault.com).  She is often accompanied by guitarist Steve Rapson, who has produced a cd of their collaboration of music and poetic storytelling, titled On Ants, Sandwiches and the Meaning of It All.  She currently hosts and co-produces a
monthly poetic and music venue at HCAM TV Studio, known as
Wake Up and Smell the Poetry, which  is aired on HCAM cable television.  In addition, she co-facilitates the monthly CAA Women's Art Forum with Geri Holland, and is poetry columnist and free lance writer for local news sources. Cheryl also works as a hospice volunteer/memoir writer for U-Mass Memorial Hospital and has worked as a part-time instructor for Northeastern University, where she has taught many courses in psychology.

Steve Rapson, of Boston, is a singer-songwriter who performs in the Boston area, and has produced six cd's, as well as the book The Art of the Solo Performer.  A master guitarist, he mentors/teaches others, accompanies other musicians, and works as a producer and performance coach.

Steve Sanford is a songwriter, guitarist, singer and percussionist who grew up in Brazil and now lives in Jamaica Plain, working as a certified interpreter of Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole.  Steve has studied, written and played many styles of music.  He currently divides his musical life between performing Brazilian music, his own compositions, and composing for musical groups, including The New World Guitar Trio and Hourglass. As a musician, he has been described as showing his passion "for Brazilian tradition and popular music with a true poetic spirit for a unique and powerful artistic vision all his own."  Steve's two cd's of original material can be heard or purchased at www.cdfreedom.com



     Channel 7 News at 11:00 pm last night had a similar poll as the HopNews Poll on the left, and likely with a similar amount of participants.

     25% of Channel 7 viewers agreed with sending more troops, and 32% of HopNews readers agreed. 75% of WHDH viewers said no, and 63% of HopNews readers said said no more troops. However, the third HopNews question actually drew away from the total and should probably be added to the no column, bringing that from 63 to 68%.

     In any case, HopNews readers and WHDH TV viewers seem to be on the same page.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts fundraiser raised $800 last Sunday for St. Vincent Senior Heat program


 Sunday, February 11th @ 4:05 pm



$5 of the ticket price supports the Hopkinton schools

 Choose this for more details and ordering info

Trooper, driver injured in Route 495 Middleborough crash


January 10, 2007 — Today at about 1:40 p.m., State Police from the Middleborough Barracks responded to a three-vehicle crash on Route 495 South, just north of exit 4, in Middleborough. 

      Preliminary investigation by Sergeant Douglas Lynch indicates that 43-year-old Duane Sylvia of Middleborough was traveling southbound on Route 495 in Middleborough in the right travel lane, north of exit 4, in a fully loaded, 1995 Mack tractor trailer.   At this time and south of that area, a State Police cruiser operated by Trooper Michael Fitzgerald was stationary, just south of a Mass Highway “crash truck” in the right travel lane.  Mass Highway was engaging in road repair work and Trooper Fitzgerald was providing assistance to that detail.  Both vehicles had all emergency lights activated.  The tractor trailer was traveling directly towards the Mass Highway truck and the cruiser.  Upon observing the impending danger, the driver of the Mass Highway truck, 59-year-old Kevin Sullivan of Carver, repositioned his truck in an attempt to protect the trooper.  The tractor trailer struck the rear of the Mass Highway truck, forcing it over the right side guardrail, where it rolled over in a wooded area.  The tractor trailer then continued southbound and struck the rear end of the cruiser. 

      Trooper Fitzgerald, a one year veteran of the Department and assigned to the Bourne Barracks, was airlifted to Beth Israel Hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Mr. Sullivan was transported by ambulance to Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton for treatment of serious injuries.   Mr. Sylvia sustained minor injuries in the crash.    


Although this crash remains under investigation with the assistance of the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section, the operator of the tractor trailer, Duane Sylvia was cited for:

·        Operating to Endanger;

·        Impeded Operation;

·        Failure to Yield to Men and Equipment in the Roadway;

·        Speeding in a Construction Zone.

  State Police Crime Scene Services, Middleborough Fire and EMS and Mass Highway all assisted at the scene.

      Route 495 South was completely closed for about an hour.  The left travel lane was then reopened to traffic.  It was completely reopened at about 5:00 p.m.  Route 495 North was closed for a brief period to accommodate the medical helicopter (File photo). 

Auditions for Here We Sit Being Held for 6-9th Graders January 15 and 17


Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop Inc. will be hosting auditions for Here We Sit, a comedy featuring actors in grades 6 – 9, on January 15 and 17 at 8:00 p.m. The auditions will be held at ESL’s studios at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton and will consist of readings from the script.  Performances will be on March 24 and 25 and rehearsals will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, although not all actors will be required to be at all rehearsals until close to show time.   Because this is a workshop production, there will be a $150 participation fee for those actors who are cast. 


About Here We Sit

Here We Sit is a comedy that puts the audience on the hot seat through a series of sixteen quick-paced scenes, all illuminating the joys and tribulations of the modern theatre-going experience.  For instance, in An Audience of One, a single theater patron delivers an impassioned monologue to convince the actors to perform the show just for her.  What the Crowd is Thinking allows us to hear the real thoughts of an audience sitting through an uninspired performance, and Uber Ushers is about a band of ushers driven to the brink of madness by the boorish behavior of the audience.



The proponents of a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman only have won on this poll.


What it means to some people is that gay marriage, a concept that was legitimized by a Massachusetts Court, will become illegitimate if the measure makes it before the voters and passes.

Selectmen, Town Manager Ponder New Legal Expenses Practices

Above, Selectman Ron Clark, Vice-Chair Mary Pratt, Town Manager Anthony Troiano, Selectman Len Holden, Selectman Mike Shepard, Chair Muriel Kramer.

by Robert Falcione

January 9, 2007 — The Selectmen honored Hopkinton's new Town Manager Anthony Troiano's first Selectmen's meeting by wearing moustaches that rival his. Actually, Mr. Troiano trimmed his down yesterday. Nonetheless, it was hilarious.

     First year college student at Temple University and HHS grad Sarah Levy (Right, with Mom, Rhonda) was honored with a proclamation this evening for achieving the Girl Scout Gold Award, which she will officially receive in a May ceremony.

    Ms. Levy was credited with starting a Book Club Library at the CAA and for designing, and building with the help of a local carpenter, bookshelves at the CAA building.

     The Selectmen appointed Melanie Smith to the Historic District Commission, Carol Walsh to the Council on Aging, and Don Keavany to the Housing Committee.

     But the most time was spent with Finley Perry, Chairman of the Land Use Study committee (LUSC), which racked up thousands of dollars more in legal fees than were authorized, while it investigated the town's rights in the announced sale of the hundreds of acres of former nursery land owned by brothers Wayne and Roger Mezitt, Wayne's son Peter, and Mezitt Agricultural.

     The Town Counsel at the time, Larry Faiman, sat in at all of the Committee's meetings, but deferred to a specialist, Attorney John Dennis, when Weston Nurseries filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to allow them to reorganize, and sell land to pay creditors, and to realize a gain from the sale of Hopkinton land that has been in the family for five generations. FULL STORY

Contest Winner

January 9, 2007 —Marissa Nagel poses with her art teacher, Ms. Bonnie Muir, and displays her artwork that won the contest in her art class, work that will be used on promotional materials for the HEF Gala scheduled for February 3, 2007 at the Framingham Sheraton Tara, as well as the "paddles" that auction participants will display when placing a bid at the live auction.

     Marissa used a mixed medium to draw the assigned penguin with chalk, pastels and black markers. "I came up with them on my own," she said today during interviews with the local press.

     "I like to draw flowers," she said when asked her favorite subject. "I like to draw at home, too," she said.

From the Discussion Page:

Oil vs. Renewable Energy


From: bgh  Date: 09 Jan 2007 Time: 11:11:42 -0700 Remote Name:


     Having read the long string of emails regarding Global Warning, I simply could not resist putting up this post regarding renewable energy. Being from Europe, I have taken many trips overseas and seen how efficient they are when it comes to renewable energy.

     I would love to see the day when America embraces this technology to its full potential. I know there are some wind mill projects in the infant stages, but many of these projects are stalled by the not-in-my-backyard groups’ opposition. Being a parent, I fear we leave our kids with a soiled and dirty world to inherit if we don’t start doing something about the oil dependency.

     Historically, the US has been tied into oil both as consumers and also as people profiting directly from oil sales. Time to change this. Problem with this is that the people sitting on the oil have also managed to elevate themselves into powerful political positions.

     European countries have oil production as well, but not at a scale as grand as the US. Maybe that is why they have made it a priority to become less dependant on oil. Instead of buying foreign oil, they decided to turn to wind power at a greater up-front cost, but with very little future expenses.

     I am in no way a “tree hugger” but do take pride in my recycling efforts at home. I am simply concerned about the future we are setting for our children and our children’s children if we don’t start being a bit more responsible when it comes to the environment. The US simply cannot afford to continue the overall “use and discard” mentality if we are to leave anything good behind. Did I forget to mention that many of the world wide conflicts these days are due to....oil??? It is time to drop the oil dependency in this country, or at least, reduce the dependence.

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Book donations accepted for sale

The Book sale sponsored by the Friends of the Hopkinton Library will be Saturday, Jan. 27, from 9AM - 1PM. Help to haul books from storage will be welcome Friday evening at 7 and at the breakdown at 1 on Sat.
Donations of books will be accepted until the day before the sale.
Marjorie Spencer 508 435-6427, Friends of the Library

WWTF passes last two Hopkinton hurdles

Planning Board and Conservation Commission approve plans


 January 8, 2007 — The Planning Board held a Public Hearing this evening for the Waste Water Treatment Facility planned for the town-owned Fruit Street property, and took testimony from DPW Director J.T. Gaucher, Earth Tech representatives, and the public before approving the plans to provide up to 350,000 gallons per day of waste water treatment, a need that the Chamber of Commerce and other town leaders have said the town desperately needs for commercial growth, especially in the South Street and Lumber Street areas.

      Planning Board Vice-Chairman RJ Dourney proposed the motion to approve the project as presented, but did accept one amendment from Board member Joe Markey to include additional lighting that was suggested by public safety officials.

       In contrast to the planning Board meeting that lasted almost two hours, the Conservation Commission hearing took only a matter of minutes before approving the project, subject to conditions written by the Commission's Scientist, Ellen Chagnon.

      "We're done with local approvals," answered Selectman Ron Clark to a reporter's question. Mr. Clark is the Chairman of the Fruit Street Development Committee who championed purchase of the property, and its approval for various uses.

      "It was a good evening for Hopkinton," he said after the conclusion of the Conservation meeting, which had followed the Planning Board.

      "J. T. Gaucher and Earth Tech deserve all the credit for bringing this before the boards tonight," he said.

     Mr. Clark said that the next steps would be DEP approval of the contract drawings, a Public Hearing for the discharge permit, and review of construction bids.

      "Affordable housing will probably be up next, or Parks and Rec for the fields," he said.

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