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From the desk of Ed Thompson, News Director, WMRC

Ted Kozak Lands Northbridge Town Manager's Position


January 30, 2007 —Northbridge selectmen appointed outgoing Hopkinton Executive Secretary Ted Kozak as their new town manager last night on a three to one vote. Mr. Kozak's position was eliminated by the creation of a Hopkinton Town Manager position mandated by the Town Charter.

     Site visits will be made to Hopkinton tomorrow to see first hand what Kozak accomplished in his 17 years as executive secretary and to meet with local officials to discuss his service.  Two Northbridge selectmen will make the trip to town.

      Kozak will be offered the job officially on Monday night.

State Police Dive Team Recovers one Individual from Sunken Vessel in Nantucket Sound 


January 29, 2007 — Today, at approximately 2:30 p.m. members of the State Police Dive Team recovered one individual from the sunken New Bedford fishing vessel (Lady of Grace).


State Police recovery efforts began today at approximately 6:00 a.m. when the Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit and Dive Team departed from the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Woods Hole. The Dive Team located one crewmember in the wheelhouse of the sunken vessel that was located in approximately 50 feet of water and approximately 12 miles off shore in the Nantucket Sound. That crewmember was recovered from the vessel and returned to the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Woods Hole before he was then transported to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Boston. U.S. Coast Guard officials contacted the four crewmember’s families and informed them that one individual was located. The identity of the located crewmember has not been determined at this time.


U.S. Coast Guard will conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident and will mitigate the environmental issues resulting from the incident.

ESL Youth Showcase Debuts with Sinai Tabak Feb. 9


January 29, 2007 – On Friday, February 9, Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop, Inc. will be debuting it’s monthly Youth Showcase series with a performance by 15-year-old musician Sinai Tabak (File photo).    The performance will take place at 8:00 p.m. at ESL studios at 30 Main Street, Hopkinton.  Tickets are $10.00.


“We are delighted to have Sinai as our ‘opening act’ for the Youth Showcase, which was designed to give the talented youth of Metrowest a welcoming and intimate setting where they can perform,” said Kelly Grill, a co-founder of ESL.  “Solo performers or small groups are welcome to audition their art, whether it be singing, performing music, acting, or comedy.  Those selected will perform at a future Youth Showcase.”   For more information about the Youth Showcase or auditions, visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com


About Sinai Tabak

Sinai Tabak, a sophomore at Milford High School, has been playing the piano for eight years, and has since become a piano teacher, solo performer, experienced accompanist, and songwriter. His first five years of piano were focused on classical music, but for the past three years, Sinai's attention has shifted to Classic Rock, particularly Elton John and Billy Joel.  Although he continues to study classical technique, Sinai has mounted an impressive repertoire of hundreds of popular 70's hits.  He also writes his own music, and has taken a piano-teaching course from a professor at UNH.   Visit www.sinaitabak.com for more information on this impressive musical artist.

CAA "Coffeehouse"

"Guests braved freezing temperatures to listen to folk guitarist Hannah McBride (above) at the Cultural Arts Alliance Coffeehouse. She entertained the audience with a set of original music before the opening act 'Alter Ego" took the stage. The CAA will be having a Jazz Night at the Hopkinton Country Club just prior to Valentines Day. Look at www.caahopkinton.org  for more information."

~ Janice Bogasky

SPEAC Hosts “Basic Rights” Workshop February 12


HOPKINTON, MASS. (January 29, 2007) –  It’s not easy for parents of special needs children to find their way in the sometimes confusing world of special education.  Who is eligible for special education?  What are their rights? How can they make sure these rights are being addressed? 


To answer these questions and more, Hopkinton’s Special Education Advisory Council (SPEAC) will be hosting a Basic Rights workshop on Monday, February 12, at 7:00 p.m. at the Hopkinton Middle School Lecture Hall.  Presented by the Federation for Children, this workshop will give families an introduction to their rights and responsibilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Massachusetts Special Education Law, and No Child Left Behind.  It is designed to teach parents how to be effective partners with the school, decide the child’s eligibility for special education, and plan, make decisions and monitor the educations process of their children.


The Basic Rights workshop is free and open to the public.  The snow date for the event is February 13. 


Based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, SPEAC is made up of parents and guardians working to ensure all children with special needs are educated effectively.  SPEAC believes in the worth and importance of each child’s education and strives to continually enhance the quality of Hopkinton’s special education programs.  In addition to hosting workshops and education roundtables, SPEAC also annually awards scholarships to graduating students who have benefited from special education or related services and are pursuing higher education.  For more information or to become a member, contact Karen Weiskerger at 508-497-3959, Amy Lincoln at 508 497-0172, or visit the SPEAC Web page listed under Support Organizations on the Hopkinton School District web site www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us/.

Message from Ben Cammarata, TJX founder


TJX, a Framingham-based company, has been the victim of a major intrusion into their computer systems that held customer data. The story has been widely publicized. Following is the introduction of a letter to customers on the company's web site. At the end of the paragraph is a video of Ben Cammarata speaking to his customers.

To Our Valued Customers:

In light of our recently announced unauthorized intrusion into our computer systems, as the Founder of our Company, I want to say how deeply I regret any difficulties our customers may experience due to this incident. Since the inception of our business thirty years ago, our customers have been our top priority and I can assure you that you will always come first. As a Company of 120,000 dedicated associates, integrity is at the center of everything we do. Our business is about relationships – with our customers, our associates, our shareholders, and the thousands of communities we serve around the world. SEE VIDEO




HOPKINTON, MA (January 26, 2006) –  Due to popular demand, Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop, Inc. will be presenting an encore performance of the comedy hit ESL Live!  at the Nipmuc Rod and Gun Club in Upton at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 10.  ESL Live!, which played to sold-out crowds in October, features comedy skits, live music, and fake commercials in a format borrowed from the popular Saturday Night Live comedy show.  This is the second consecutive year that the cast has been asked to do a repeat performance of this show. 

      “ESL Live! is an adult show that pokes fun at politics, current events, and human nature,” said Kelly Grill, co-founder of ESL. “Don’t be surprised if your sides ache after the show from laughing so much!”

      Tickets for the show are $15.00 in advance or $20.00 at the door.  Tickets are available by calling 508-435-2114.  Judging from past performances, this show is expected to sell-out, so people interested in attending are encouraged to purchase their tickets early.  The Nipmuc Rod and Gun Club is located at 88 Fiske Mill Road in Upton.

      Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop, Inc. is a performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages.    For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com See video of Part I of last year's event.

Save your discussions


January 29 — Well, the robot has found the Discussion Page again, and has been posting things that may or may not be proper for that page. I recommend that anyone seeing a strange nom de plume to avoid clicking on it .

    And inasmuch as the robot will eventually post several times a day, it means it is time to make a new page. The current page was installed in August, 2006 after a similar incident, and has had over 100,000 visits since then. The counter on that page, unlike the conservative counter on the first page, will count a "refresh," giving a higher figure than is true, because people often refresh the page after letting sit idle.

    Incidentally, the counter on the front only needs about 72,000 more visits to reach one million!* (We reached the actual 1 million long ago) And when that happens, as promised, HopNews will award a $500 check to the person closest to the time and date of the event. The names of people who emailed  with their guesses are on a calendar here at the office and will be closely monitored. But getting back to the Discussion:

    We will be putting up a new page soon, and it will be a blank slate, so anyone who believes they posted or saw a unique post that they want to save, please do so today. By the way, there are several ways to do a discussion page, and we have tried more than one, but this one gets the most looks. Thanks for reading.


* As anyone can see, the report copied and pasted below, generated today, shows the number of requests to the server for content and for pages. The counter on the very bottom of the front page counts visits, but not all. However, we are just using it as a definitive and visible way to give away $500.00. And although the one just below this text counts those sneaky Petes who do not accept cookies and hide from the front page counter, it also counts revisits, so we don't use these figures for advertising sales, because it would overstate our visitors.

Year Number of requests Number of page requests
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3. 2007 5,971,655 292,394

Police News UP-TO-DATE

Today, January 29, 2007


2:08 pm A caller from Hidden Brick Road reported that there was a woman walking in the woods behind his house with a rifle...


8:56 am There was a 911 caller who reported that there were three horses galloping down East Main Street towards town...


6:38 pm A resident from Clinton Street reported hearing some noises, which possibly sounded like a young child, in the woods behind his home...

 It's the Law! *


Exercise your rights, but at your own peri1!

Email your questions to: dtebaldi@tebaldiesq.com


by Demian David Tebaldi, Esq.

January 29, 2007


Dear ITL: If I am a passenger in a car that is pulled over by police do I have to submit to a request for identification information?  Many years ago (1969) during the Ted Kennedy-Chappaquiddick car accident incident it was revealed that there is no law in this state that requires you to report a car accident to police.  I believe the law just says that the accident must be reported; in other words I could tell my neighbor or my attorney but I am not compelled to tell police.  Has this oversight ever been rectified to require that police be notified of a property damage or personal injury accident?  Thanks, I thoroughly enjoy your column. E.T.

Dear E.T.: Any time a question is asked about the relationship between police officers and private citizens, the answer is nearly always locked in the Fourth Amendment.  The Fourth Amendment is that amendment which circumscribes police action, and is the one to turn to when the reasonableness of a police search or seizure of private persons or property is called into question.

     As to your first query, the answer depends upon how much trouble you are looking to get into.  To put it succinctly, no, you do not have to submit to an officer’s request for identification.  Your refusal, however, READ FULL  ITL

Peace and quiet

January 29, 2007 — Sixteen year-old Erin Shea found some solitude in the sanctuary of the Community Covenant Church while the other members feasted on the pot luck dinner in the new Fellowship Room.

Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. Scholarships

For the 2007-2008 academic year, the Garden Club Federation of MA, Inc. (GCFM) is looking for qualified students to apply for the eleven  GCFM Scholarships that are given annually to deserving High School Seniors, College Students and Graduate Students. The GCFM offers scholarships up to $1000.  Deadline for submitting applications for 2007-2008 scholarships is March 1, 2007.  The applicant must be a resident of Massachusetts, have a minimum "B" average ( 3.0 on a 4.0 scale), good character, and financial need. Only one application is needed per student.

In the 2006-2007 academic year the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. awarded ten $1,000.00 scholarships.

Scholarships are available for students majoring in Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Conservation, Forestry, Agronomy, City Planning, Environmental Studies, Land Management, Botany, Biology, and allied subjects. Students attending or entering accredited colleges and universities may apply for these funds for the 2007-2008 academic year. 

The application and financial aid forms can be obtained at
www.gcfm.org/scholarships .  For further inquiries, please email gcfmscholarship@aol.com or contact GCFM Scholarship Secretary Kathie Jones (413-458-2886).

Celeste A. Wilson, First Vice President, Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, Inc. and Trustee Massachusetts Horticultural Society

First Congregational Church


Teddy Bear Picnic


Monday, February 19 (President’s Day) Tuesday, February 20

Wednesday, February 21  10:30am – 12:30 pm

Crafts, music and movement, games. Ages 0 – 7, $1 per child

 Bring a picnic lunch, a beach blanket, a parent/grandparent, and a teddy bear!

Tickets on sale at the church office 146 E. Main St. Hopkinton www.fcch.org


Up and down

January 28, 2007 — This lone swan decided to put some distance between itself and a woman walking on the ice toward its location this afternoon on Hopkinton Reservoir. Like the Cormorant, this swan slapped the water with its feet to assist in takeoff. It only flew about 100' from a colony of gulls to a paddling of ducks (Note: Thank you Google).

Community Covenant Church Dedicated

January 28, 2007 —Reverend Howard K. Burgoyne, left, Superintendent of the sixty-four churches which comprise the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, joined Pastor Reverend Bruce Johnson (Right)for the dedication of the expanded and updated Community Covenant Church this morning, a project that doubled the 3,000 square foot facility.

     The project that broke ground in March of 2006 has added 5 new classrooms, a fellowship room, new office space, and a larger study totaling 6,000 square feet of space. The heating system, insulation and carpeting have been upgraded throughout the entire structure.

     Rev. Burgoyne was elected Superintendent by a delegation of all of the 64 churches served by his office.

     "Some people liken the position to a Bishop," said Rev. Johnson. "However, it is not a position of power over the churches, but power for the churches. The Superintendent helped us with a renewal."

     "A 1885 Scandinavian movement coming out of the Lutheran Church formed this movement," said Rev. Burgoyne, explaining the roots of the church. "But now, some of our greatest growth is multi-ethnic," he said.

     Pastor Johnson pointed out that the person who decorated the tables with the colors of the Swedish Flag was reminding fellow parishioners of their heritage.

     The congregation is planning a community open house in April, 2007.

Pot Luck

January 28, 2007 — Julie Hendrikson gets playful with son Isaac, 16 months,  during the potluck dinner at the Community Covenant Church this morning.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

New England Chapter www.asthmaandallergies.org 781-444-7778
Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 7:00 PM - Free
"Taming Mold and Mites at Home, School, and Work," Jeffrey May (indoor air quality expert and author.)
Metro-West Allergy & Asthma Support Group (Framingham, MA)
Meets at Allergy & Asthma Treatment Specialists, 475 Franklin St., Suite 206, Framingham (near intersection of Mt. Wayte Ave.)

Hopkinton Public Schools

Day with the Providence Bruins

Join us for a day of fun & excitement!

 Sunday, February 11th @ 4:05 pm



$5 of the ticket price supports the Hopkinton schools

February 11, 2007

 Hopkinton Public Schools Day with the Providence Bruins

@ 4:05 pm. Join us for a day of fun & excitement!  Providence Bruins vs. Lowell Devils. All tickets only $15. $5 of the ticket price supports the Hopkinton schools. One member from out group attending will receive two tickets to a Boston Bruins game! To purchase your tickets, please complete the form, make checks payable to the “HPTA” and mail with self-addresses stamped envelope to Cindy Bernardo, 5 Susan Drive, Hopkinton by Jan. 26th. For more information, please contact Cindy Bernardo at 508-497-9458 or cindybernardo@hotmail.com


     Today, Saturday, January 27, 2007, a new fundraiser, ‘The Perfect Dress’ was held at the Hopkinton High School. The fundraiser was a combined effort between the Hopkinton PTA, Holliston High School Parent Group, and Megan Anderson, who donated all of her proceeds to the Andrea and Joshua Memorial Scholarship Fund. The event raised over $6000, which will be split by the three charities.
     We would like thank the following individuals an organizations for their support, without which we could not have offered such a wonderful event: Gayle Gonthier-Bell, Children’s Orchard in Milford and Westboro for serving as drop off locations; Tracey Moran, Allegria Bridal in Belmont for a generous donation of new dresses; Kate Lamontagne, Kamala for a generous donation of new shoes and bags; Kathy Doherty of TJX Corporation, the Hopkinton High School and Middle School Drama Departments, Holliston High School Drama Department, and the Hopkinton Music Association for loaning us racks; Coffee Haven in Holliston for their donation of food; Value Dry-Cleaner, Milford for their donation of dry-cleaning bags; and The Anderson and Mastovsky families for storing our dresses.
     We would also like to thank the vendors and many raffle donors who made our event so successful. Finally, we are very grateful to Hopnews for such wonderful press coverage.

Thank you all for your support,
Jean Bertschmann, President, Hopkinton PTA
Michele Goldberg and Karen Mastovsky, Co-Chairs, The Perfect Dress Event, Holliston HS Parent Group
Megan Anderson, Andrea and Joshua Memorial Scholarship Fund Representative and Hopkinton HS Senior

Perfect Ice

January 27, 2007 — Future hockey star Bobby Petracca, 6, showed his best style at Ice House Pond, joining dozens of other people on the ice today.

The Perfect Fish

January 27, 2007 — A low turn out didn't deter these fishermen from participating in the Woodville Rod Club and Gun Ice Fishing Derby this morning on Lake Whitehall.

The Perfect Dress

January 27, 2007 — Mandi Bravo And Pamela Romano (Inset) are looking for a perfect bargain today in the High school Cafeteria during the Perfect Dress event, which offered 400 pieces for sale at reduced prices.

The Perfect Book

January 27, 2007 — Hopkinton public library was buzzing with bookworms, who poured over their vast offerings today at the book sale.

Perfect dress for someone (else)

January 27,2007 — Matt Dolan gets a reaction from Megan Ryan who is greeting people in the lobby to direct them to the Perfect Dress sale in the Cafeteria.

 Senior Moments

Stay in the chair!

by Punky Drawe


This week I’m going to tell you about an awesome activity at the Senior Center; Chair Volleyball.  If you haven’t already tried it, you are missing such a fun time!

A few weeks ago, while I was at the center, I heard some people talking about “Chair Volleyball.”  I had seen it listed on the schedule before and didn’t quite know what it was all about.  I thought it was a game you played only if you were in a wheelchair, so I asked Amy Wilson-Kent (Volunteer Coordinator of the Senior Center) about it and she said, “Oh nooo, anyone can play!  The rule is that you have to be sitting in a chair to play; you’re not allowed to stand up.”   She then told me that everyone is welcome, no matter what age and it’s FREE!    I said I’d have to go watch sometime and she said, “Watch?  Why watch when you can play?”   

            Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to check out “Chair Volleyball” on it’s regularly scheduled day of Friday at 12:30.  I went with the intentions of only watching the game, but before I knew it, I was taking my place in a chair on one side of the net.  I met Kim Wach, the coach—YES, there is a Chair Volleyball Coach; she even has a whistle!  Kim was wonderful; welcoming everyone (the regulars by name) and explaining the rules to those of us who were “newbies.”  FULL STORY

Frank E. Wylie Jr., 69

HOPKINTON -Frank E. Wylie Jr., 69, died at his home Friday, January 26, 2007. He was the husband of Lillian (McNally) Wylie, to whom he was married for 48 years.
      Born in Medford, he was the son of the late Frank and Helena (Merrigan) Wylie Sr. He was a resident of Hopkinton for over 46 years and an employee of the Hopkinton Water and Sewer Department. He Was a member of the Woodville and Southborough Rod and Gun Clubs. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE.

Readers remember friend


Our good friend, Kim Cahill, passed away last Friday morning. While only in her thirties, she succumbed to a malicious cancer just a few short weeks after it was discovered wrapped around some of her vital organs. Many others fall victim to this this insidious disease every year. This year, this month, it was Kim's turn.

What is most special about Kim is not how she died--though she did even that with an exceptional grace and devotion to her family--but how she lived. Kim was, above all else, a giving person. She gave so much to her family, her friends, her patients, and her community. All with a jaunty little smile and infectious laugh, too.

During the first part of any given week, Kim dedicated her time to raising her two young children: doing projects, going on adventures, visiting friends, and preparing them to enter elementary school. You may have even seen them having a ball at EMC park, dancing at the Concerts on the Commons, quietly exploring the library, or hiking the trails around Lake Whitehall.


Passion Plunge

January 26, 2007 — Emma Sweetapple and friend Olivia Kent embrace for a photo this morning to bring awareness to the Passion Plunge that they are taking part in on February 3, 2007. Last year the girls collected about $2,000 combined for the Special Olympic in Hopkinton and will be setting a similar goal this year as they dip more than just their toes in the waters of Nantasket Beach.

What is beFree!? 

Delay first use

January 26, 2007 — In the video above, Renee Cammarata explains what the beFree! Project is and what effect it has had on the Hopkinton student population.

Senior and Freshman

January 26, 2007 — Senior citizen David Dobson gets instruction from Hopkinton High School Freshman Justin Strout this morning at the Hopkinton Senior Center as he and other Hopkinton students gave tips on surfing the internet and using email.

Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce

2006 Citizen of the Year, Michael Scanlon

Above, Michael Scanlon surrounded by family, friends and colleagues.

January 25, 2007 — Retired Hopkinton teacher and track coach Michael Scanlon was honored twice this evening, first by the Chamber of Commerce, which named him Citizen of the Year, and then by the School Department, which named the Hopkinton track as the Michael J. Scanlon Track, an honor that apparently took him by surprise.

     High School Junior Conner Sheridan, one of several speakers who paid tribute to Mr. Scanlon told a story of a run that he did, hoping that as he came up to Coach Scanlon, it would be the end of the run, but the Coach suggested he do one more.

     "So now, I always run one more for Coach Scanlon — and from what he taught me, I always run one more for me. Thank you sir," said Connor Sheridan.

     Mr. Scanlon illustrated how when he first started students, "Students came to school with mud on their shoes, but now come with Lexus'."

     According to organizer, President of the Hopkinton Athletic Association, Tim Kilduff, about 140 people came to share dinner and the program.

     "I regret that Dave Stoldt isn't here tonight," said Mr. Kilduff before the program began, "because he has been the moving force since a discussion in 2005 that started this."


$350,000 in grants for High School "Stadium" 


     In the photo below, Tom Grilk, President of the Boston Athletic Association and Scott Richardson, Chairman of the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce,  display a representation of a check for $242,000, that represents a ten-year commitment to helping upgrade the main sport fields behind the Middle School by the BAA.

    Not to be left out, Stephanie Whelan, Secretary of the Hopkinton Athletic Association, presented a similar gift for $108,000, bringing the total to $350,000 of the combined commitment of the two sports-dedicated organizations.




Slow Down, you're moving way too fast...

January 25, 2007 — Officer Thomas Lemon gives a verbal warning to a driver for driving above the speed limit while he conducted traffic enforcement duties in the Downtown this afternoon with an unmarked cruiser. The Police Department has stepped up traffic enforcement in the area recently.


Pine Wood Derby



Hopkinton Cub Scout Pack 4 is having it annual Pine Wood Derby Wednesday, January 31st at the Hopkins School Cafeteria. The race starts at 6:30 pm and will most likely run to about 8:00 pm.  Tigers will be receiving their awards at about 7:00 and older den members will receive awards around 8:00.


File photo

State Law

January 25, 2007 — A 47 year-old driver was taken to Metrowest Medical Center for possible neck injuries after being struck from behind while stopping for a pedestrian in the crosswalk at the Main/Church intersection. The second ambulance was called after a problem opening the door of the first  one that responded.

Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop Presents


A Musical Celebration of the 1960’s!

 Friday January 26th and Saturday January 27th at 7pm

Hopkins School Hopkinton!


Tickets $10 Adults and $5 Students and Seniors

Call 508 435-2114 to reserve your ticket!

Visit our website at  www.enterstagelefttheater.com

Dedication Sunday

January 28th 10:00 AM

Community Covenant Church

Hopkinton, MA


      This Sunday, January 28th, Community Covenant Church, located on the corners of West Main and South Streets in Hopkinton (21b exit 495), will be celebrating a 10 am Service of Worship & Dedication.

     This family of faith will be dedicating to the glory of God a newly completed addition which doubles their present facility; allowing greater opportunity for Christian formation and fellowship.

     The Reverend Howard K. Burgoyne, Superintendent of the sixty-four churches which comprise the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, will be bringing the morning message. Following the service, a potluck dinner will be served. Visitors are welcomed to join in this celebration!

      A community-wide Open House is being planned for April, as it is the prayer of this congregation to have their facility available for community needs. Photo of groundbreaking in March, 2006.

The Spiegels' Photography show at the CAA

January 24, 2007 — Steven Spiegel — above with friends — and his wife Susan played host to friends, co-workers and associates at the CAA building on Hayden Rowe Street this evening kicking off their photography exhibit, Faces and Architecture of China, which will continue into February. Mr. Spiegel also exhibited photos from a trip to Alaska in a separate room. Photo, below

Crafts at the Library

January 24, 2007 — Jennifer Blasko demonstrates the finishing touches on making a necklace to Liza Pandolfi at the Library this evening. Library Director Rownak Hussain said that the program attracted twice as many students as the facility could handle.


Women's Art Forum
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
• 7:00-9:00PM
Cultural Arts Alliance Center  98 Hayden Rowe St. Hopkinton, MA

Cheryl Melody will talk about the places that music has taken her including work as a nationally recognized children’s peace activist,  a performer of folk and spiritual music for adults and more recently  performing sound healing with voice and Tibetan bowls. Cheryl will share her stories as well as some of her songs  during this presentation. She will also talk about the process of songwriting and finding ways to share the songs that are waiting within all of us.

PLEASE RSVP to the CAA at 508-435-9222 or info@caahopkinton.org  for adequate seating.
A 3-5 dollar donation is requested to help with administrative expenses.  The CAA extends this invitation to all women of Hopkinton and surrounding communities.

Teens target sales to underage

January 24, 2007 — Hopkinton High School Juniors Miguel Londono and Colleen McBride, seen through the glass door of the cooler, were not customers of Hopkinton Wine and Spirits today, but two of many participants in a program that targets people who would buy for someone underage. The Sticker Shock program brings young people together to place stickers on alcohol containers that say, "Hey You! It is illegal to buy alcohol for people under 21!!

     According to Hopkinton Wine and Spirits owner, Clelland Johnson, an enthusiastic participant in today's event, the MADD program originated in Pennsylvania and has been picked up by the state of Maine.

     According to Renee Cammarata, Project Director of beFREE!, the entire Sticker Shock campaign was sponsored by the youth in the Hopkinton Prevention Coalition. Chaired by Sophomore Patrick Maruska, they have been planning for this first part of the Sticker Shock with Hopkinton Wine & Spirits since early December.

    To see and hear the young people in their own words, check out the video below.


See Miguel Londono and Colleen McBride in the video above.

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