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 It's the Law! *


Legal vehicle operation for 13 year-old?

Email your questions to: dtebaldi@tebaldiesq.com


by Demian David Tebaldi, Esq.

February 6, 2007 

Dear ITL: I saw a 13 year old riding a 4-wheeler across the ice on Lake Whitehall. My question was regarding the legality of the boy riding this motorized vehicle on the ice/public property. I thought that it was illegal to ride one of those ATV's and simply wanted to know what the laws were related to this. ~ Concerned


Dear Concerned: Chapter 90B, Section 25 of the General Laws of Massachusetts reads, in pertinent part, as follows:  “Snow vehicles or recreation vehicles may be operated on any way that is not maintained or used for the operation of conventional motor vehicles.” 


Title 323, Chapter 3.03 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations indicates that a person between the ages of 12 and 14, inclusive, may operate a recreational vehicle only if directly supervised by a person of age 18 years or older, and then only on property on which the operator of the vehicle is domiciled.  This chapter of the Code goes on to say that “snow vehicles” (I’m thinking snowmobiles here, not ATVs) may be operated on public property only with the permission of the owner of the property (in this case, the town, or perhaps the Commonwealth, I would imagine), but is silent as to the same use of “recreational vehicles” (including ATVs) on public property.  This ignorance of detail is not unusual with regard to legislation, and is a greater portion of the reason why legal questions are difficult to answer with any sort of specificity, at least without bringing the matter before a court. READ FULL STORY

<- News Tip form the Desk of Ed Thompson 

Ted Kozak wins vote for Northbridge Town Manager position

February 6, 2007 — According to the a report in the Worcester Telegram, Ted Kozak has won the position of Town Manager of Northbridge by a 3-1 vote. The sole holdout, Selectman Charles Ampagoomian, Jr., said that he would work with him, although Mr. Kozak was not  his first choice.

          Mr. Kozak, Hopkinton's Executive Secretary for 17 years, was selected as the final choice last week, but needed a formal vote to move the process along.

      "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with the people of Northbridge," said Mr. Kozak in a telephone conversation this morning.

      According to the report, contract negotiations for the Northbridge position will continue next week.

 Fruit Street WWTF Approval Appealed


February 5, 2007 — Today, the Selectmen's office received a copy of an appeal of the approval of the Waste Water Treatment Facility location by the Conservation Commission. The Commission had it on their agenda this evening, but their discussion is unknown at this time.

     In the space for the Person or party making request, "Residents' Appeal of Fruit Street Permit" is written as the requester. No individuals responsible for the action are named anywhere on the document.

    The major complaints are that the project is too dense, the WWTF is located in a wetlands buffer and near Whitehall Brook, that the travel time for the waste water is too short before entering the brook, and that the plant should have been located on another part of the property or another area in Hopkinton.

     Several people have opposed the placement of the WWTF discharge area as too close to the town's water supply.      Read the six-page document here.

 Brian Herr Takes out Papers for Selectman


by Robert Falcione

February 5, 2007 — Republican Brian Herr (File photo), Chairman of the Zoning Advisory Committee and former Planning Board Chairman, has taken out papers for one of two seats on the Board of Selectman, the only person to do so thus far in the election season.

      Mr. Herr is the New England District Manager of an electrical distribution company. "I manage an $80 million company similar to [Town of] Hopkinton."

      A father of five whose spouse, Mary Murphy, owns the successful Hooked on Books, Mr. Herr has a Master's Degree in Government.

     "There are several big issues before the town," Mr. Herr said this evening in a telephone interview. "I've always been drawn to volunteer efforts," he said. Mr. Herr recently played a role in the CAA Barn Project, which is underway.

      "I can help sift through some of the major issues over the next several months, if not the next several years. Weston Nurseries is a big opportunity for the  town and is one that needs to be handled well. It is such a big issue that the town needs to weigh on on it.

       "I am in favor of the process. I am more concerned about the process than the purchase. I personally would not support it, and that's where I stand. I think the best place to decide is at the ballot. I think the important issue is for the whole town to vote.

       "I manage people and an organization for a living.

       "I think I can help," he said.


NOTE: Two Selectmen seats are up this year: Ron Clark and Len Holden, both Republicans. Mr. Clark has said he would not run, and when asked following a Selectmen's meeting tonight if he had changed his mind, he said jokingly, "If drafted I will not run, and if elected I will not serve," quoting a well known phrase, but repeating his decision not to run. Mr. Holden was also asked, but said he had yet to decide.

Selectmen mull budget

Center School "decommissioned"


February 5, 2007 — Town Manager Anthony Troiano and Selectmen met his evening, and hosted School Committee Chair Rebecca Robak, to discuss budget shortfalls and administrative responsibilities under the new Charter form of government, as well as budget differences.

    "What happened to 1%?" asked Selectman Mike Shepard, referring to a vote by the Board of Selectmen to limit budget requests to a 1% increase. "How come we got 2.1% from the schools?" he asked. "I don't want someone to go without because someone's getting extra.

     "I don't want to get to the midnight override scenario."

      Mr. Troiano said, "Everyone's debating budgets but not showing funding sources."

     He said there would be a $100,000 deficit for the "Town" side of the budget, even with only a 1% increase, but that there is still $150,000 left over left over in the snow removal budget that could make up the shortfall.

     "Is the reality starting to dawn?" asked Mr. Clark.

     "We are going to need debt exclusions and an override," he said.

     "We are trying to present a budget without an override," contrasted Mr. Troiano.

     Ms. Robak said that $300,000 above last year is the lowest the School Committee wanted to come in at.

     There was a consensus that without revenue figures from the state, exact budgets were impossible.

     Ms. Robak presented five Articles for the Town Meeting Warrant; the first one was the vote on the school budget.

    The second Article is for a new Center School boiler and heating system at an estimated cost of $243,000, a figure that must be funded by a bond.

    "The School Committee has decommissioned Center School, we just don't know where to put the students," said Ms. Robak.

    "Don't let the SBA know that or you won't get any funding," said Vice-Chair, Mary Pratt.

     Article 3 requests funding of around $3 million for repairs to the Middle School exterior walls and roof.

     Article 4 is for bringing Hopkinton Schools into compliance with the Americans with  Disabilities Acts of 1990, but no dollar amount is known.

     Article 5 is for "stadium repair," but the $450,000 is supposed to be funded privately.

    "We are not going to spend any taxpayer's money," Mrs. Robak said.

     Mr. Shepard, referring to a need to engage the public said, "We really have to do a good education campaign this year."

     Mr. Troiano said he will know more about incoming revenues in the next few days.

Article revised 10:54 am.

MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton opening
Pre-Kindergarten Academy Discovery Center

Open House scheduled for Saturday February 10th


On Saturday February 10, 10am-Noon. Learn about our Pre-Kindergarten Academy, Discovery Center, Elementary Extended Day programs at our Hopkinton location.  Meet and greet teachers and staff, fill out enrollment forms, prepare for the new school year, and tour the NAEYC Accredited Early Childhood Center.  Our program is a wonderful place for your children to grow and learn. We offer a great variety of activities, as well as indoor and outdoor playtime with a dedicated, multilingual staff. We also offer financial assistance to qualifying families.
        School-Readiness Program for four and five year olds will be opening in September 2007. The Pre-Kindergarten Academy will focus on providing children the exposure to skills and experiences necessary to start kindergarten ready to learn and flourish.  Using a daily schedule and five day a week  commitment model frequently used in kindergarten settings, students will build on the social, emotional, physical, listening and other skills necessary to be successful in a  kindergarten environment. In addition, students receive support in developing their early literacy and numeric skills to promote their skills in language and mathematics. The program will provide a rich variety of learning experiences that touch all senses.  
    Students will be provided group and individual learning experiences including opportunities for creative expression, environmental education and movement education.
      An open house is scheduled for Saturday February 10th from 10:00am until 12:00noon. This will give parents and their children an opportunity to meet the staff, review the curriculum, tour the classrooms and have questions answered.  For more information on this program or the open house please contact the MetroWest YMCA at Hopkinton at 508-435-9345.

Hopkinton Youth Commission states goals


The Hopkinton Youth Commission begins the 2007 year with new members and ambitious goals. Comprised of representatives from key organizations that work with youth and members of the community at-large, the role of this appointed board is to advocate for Hopkinton’s young people.


After input from teens, teachers, and the community, the Youth Commission has identified five goal areas:

 1.      More Activities For Youth

       We’re continuing the after school/early release programs for middle school students because they love it and so do parents

·        We’re working with the YMCA, schools, churches and other community groups to expand opportunities for youth activities

·        We are supporting efforts by the Middle School and High School as well as community groups to expand volunteer opportunities for teens.


2.      Safe, Central Place to Hang Out

·        Working with Parks and Recreation, we’re currently talking with the Selectmen and other leaders in the community about a close, safe, supervised place kids can hang out after school. FULL STORY


ESL Holding Auditions for USO Musical Tribute on

February 13 and 15


HOPKINTON, MA (February 4, 2007) – Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop Inc. will be hosting auditions for A Musical Tribute to the USO Shows of WWII on February 13 and 15 at 8:00 p.m. at ESL’s studios at 30 Main Street in Hopkinton.   Auditions are open to adults and teenagers 14 years of age and older, and participants are encouraged to prepare a 1940s style song to sing.  Performances will be May 18 and 19th, and rehearsals will be held twice a week in the evenings.

      A Musical Tribute to the USO Shows of WWII is being produced in collaboration with the Cultural Arts Alliance and proceeds will go towards the renovation of the CAA barn.   

      Enter Stage Left Theater Workshop, Inc. is a performing arts center in Hopkinton offering theater education, training and performances for students of all ages.    For more information call 508-435-2114 or visit www.enterstagelefttheater.com

Category: Comedy 

Over two years ago, in the fall of 2004, Annie and Leah went on camera to promote Annie's parents' eatery. Although we've had it on a couple of times before, new readers might get a kick out of it too — and besides, it's worth seeing again. Just try not to hurt yourself laughing along with these two cute girls. (Remember, Main Street Specialties is now Sauce on Main). Click twice.

Police News UP-TO-DATE 

Today, February 5, 2007


12:47 am A 911 caller reported a structure fire on Hayden Rowe Street...


6:39 pm Officer Matthew McNeil conducted a motor vehicle stop on South Street.  Sgt. Joseph E. Bennett and Officer Aaron O'Neil responded as back up and subsequently a 35 year old male from Southbridge was arrested...


7:24 pm The State Police reported that they had a motor vehicle pursuit on 495 south, passing Route 9...


6:38 pm Officer Matthew McNeil conducted a motor vehicle stop on Main Street.  Officers Thomas Lemon and Gregg DeBoer responded as back up and subsequently a 39 year old male from Framingham was arrested and charged...

Hopkinton Wrestlers

The Hopkinton Hiller wrestling team had three guys place first in each of their weight classes. Derek Grant, Brain Kramer and Marty Racenis. Placing 2nd was Andrew Beaver, 3rd Dan Fortin and 4th Scott Carlson. This was the Dual County league tournament and the team placed 4th out of eleven. All of the wrestlers have been doing great with the guidance or coaching from coach Tim Nelson and Coach Robert Nee. This took place Saturday at Newton South High School. ~ Photo by Kim Grant

New Arrests February 4

Armed Robbery (Feb 4, '07; est. 5:30 pm)

Milford and area police are looking for three Hispanic males, all wearing black hooded sweatshirts, who are suspects in an  Armed Robbery at the Off Track Bedding in Milford, during which it is alleged a gun was shown and an employee tied up with duct tape.






Locks of Love

Feb 13 - Feb 17

Call Ann-Michele for an appointment.

Give 10" of hair or more, and get a complimentary  cut. Choose the "Locks" button and learn about this great program that collects hair for prosthetics for kids.

Fire Update

David K. Beck, 51,  the sole occupant/owner of the property at 24 Hayden Rowe that caught fire early this morning, was airlifted by LifeFlight medical helicopter UMass Medical, after being treated in the Ashland ambulance by a medical team who came with the chopper to UMass Medical, where he was evaluated.


After a quick evaluation for his burn injuries, he was flown to Brigham and Women's.


The cause of the fire is being investigated by Hopkinton Detective Scott Van Raalten and Massachusetts State Police.


Air Hockey

February 4, 2007 — Dillon Malloy gets ready to slap down this puck shot by his Dad, off-camera, at the Ice House Pond this afternoon.

It's a Family Affair

February 4, 2007 — Left, Tyana Vaz, 11, gets ride from Dad, Mario, while her cousin, Patrick Moutinho, 13, rides his own 4-wheeler on Lake Whitehall today.

Camera shy

February 4, 2007 — This denizen of the Downtown, a turkey vulture, got a little camera shy and flew away when the second person with a camera showed  up and gawked at him and his mate last week.

Hopkinton Meets Hollywood


Last week, Hopkinton residents Ellen Mace, Kelly Loring, and Karen Abrams took out their friend Lisa Giusti for a birthday dinner at Grill 23 in Boston.  It was a nice surprise to have Robin Williams at the next table! 


Pictured in photo (Lisa Giusti and Robin Williams)

New Arrests February 3

Fire on Hayden Rowe

February 4, 2007 — The call came in for a structure fire early this morning, bringing in Firefighters from Hopkinton and Ashland, as well as several pieces of equipment and several Hopkinton police officers to Hayden Rowe, where the smell of burning upholstery or a burning mattress filled the air.

     One person was taken to UMass by LifeFlight (Photo below) for treatment of burns. The Fire Marshal was called, and Hopkinton detectives as well as the Chief of Police arrived on the scene of the fire.


February 4, 2007 — The LifeFlight Helicopter from UMass Memorial Medical Center starts its takeoff with a fire victim from this morning's fire, from behind Center School early this morning.

HEF Gala

February 4, 2007 — No, this isn't a beauty pageant, but seven of the  partygoers last night at the 14th Hopkinton Education Foundation Gala at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Framingham. Couples danced to the tunes and bid on some great items with a live auction.

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger photo


Didn't go to the Gala? See the movie above.

Check Water before using

The water department worked from 2:00am until 4:30pm on the water main on Wood Street. Conditions were extremely difficult due to the destruction the water caused to the road and the amount of ledge that the main was sitting on. Repairs have been made to the water main and the water has been turned back on. Some people may still notice low pressure and/or discoloration. Please check your water before using it. ~Eric Carty, Water/Sewer Manager

 Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner

Will Yaggy is a third grade student who attends Elmwood Elementary School.  He wrote this haiku after his teacher Paula Tangredi taught his class about haiku poetry and then asked each child to write a poem about winter. Will had to use his imagination since there wasn’t any snow on the ground at the time.  However, Will and his classmates are less apt to be spending their time pondering poetic thoughts about snow this weekend since they are most likely out there finally playing in it!  ~ Cheryl Perreault



Town Clerk Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday    8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Tuesday 8:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.



To avoid a $25.00 late fee, any dogs six months or older owned or kept by Hopkinton residents must be licensed by April 1 each year. Licenses may be obtained in person or by returning the mail-in form included with the annual census. To apply by mail include the form, the fee and a copy of the rabies certificate.


Wood Street residents lose service

• Service to be restored 3-4 hrs. [current time 10:30am]

•When water comes back, run until clean before using

February 3, 2007 A water main break near TLC has shut down service to Wood Street residents. Above, Water Department employees devise a strategy. Residents have phoned HopNews saying their service is off. ~ A tip of the HopNews hat for this news tip from the coffee shop.

 Groundhog Day at Center School

February 2, 2007 might have been just another day except it was GROUNDHOG DAY and two first grade classes at the Center School did a fabulous job of celebrating with family and friends.  Mrs. Kanes' and Mrs. Jacobs' classes memorized FACTS about Groundhogs and asked the crowd to listen to the questions and answer the facts, the pressure mounted as everyone knew if ALL the questions were answered correctly both classes could celebrate with an extra 15 minutes of recess on the first day of spring.  The crowd cheered when Principal Mrs. Parson answered the last question correctly!!  They also performed many hit tunes like "I Wish I Was a Punxsutawney Groundhog" and the ever famous, "Here Comes the Sunshine" and the biggest hit of all, complete with dance moves "You Ain't Nothin' but a Groundhog!".  A good time was had by all and Groundhog day will be remembered in the hearts of many forever.  Good job by ALL!

PS  Punsxutawney Phil says that SPRING is right around the corner. ~ Kathy LaFlash

First (Real) Snow

February 3, 2007 — David Sheahan shares his unique perspective of Spring Street this morning.

Sticker Shock at Colella's

February 2, 2007 — To see video interviews at Colella's for the Sticker Shock campaign taped earlier today, click the play button twice.

Hopkinton 33, Dover-Sherborn 35

February 2, 2007 — A nail-biter to the end, the Hiller girl basketball team fell one basket short in giving Dick Bliss his 300th career win in the last four seconds of the game.

February 2, 2007 — Coach Dick Bliss gives the Hiller ladies some tips during a break in tonight's game against Dover-Sherborn.

Relay for Life


Relay for Life is an 18 hour event in which teams of 8 to 15 people walk around the track in order to celebrate survivors of cancer and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The event itself is on May 18 from 6 pm until May 19 at noon. There is food, beverages, and live entertainment throughout the night. There is an informational meeting on Thursday, February 8 at Hopkinton High School from 7-8:30 pm for anyone interested in creating a team. Teams can be made up of family members, friends, clubmates, sports teammates, co-workers, or any group of people. If anyone has any questions they can contact Carly Boyce at hopkinton.relayforlife@hotmail.com  or Laura French at laura.french@cancer.org . This is a great opportunity for our community to unite together in order to celebrate the survivors of cancer and to raise funds to fight cancer.

February 2, 2007 — JV Goalie Mike Richardson is about to make a save against Grafton last night.



Public Comments Impact Proposed

FY '08 School Budget


Committee submits ‘preliminary budget’ for $31,230,877 to Town Manager

“We always seem to be in the cutting mode” ~ Jeff Crum, Resident


 By David Hamacher


 February 2, 2007 — In what was termed the ‘largest public audience’ to ever attend a public hearing for the School Committee budget hearing last night, several public comments that impacted the school budget were taken to heart by the committee.

            Resident Jeff Crum (Photo) started the public comment section by asking, “Why is it that after the override last year, we are back in this situation? We passed an override last year that was supposed to get us back on track. We always seem to be in the cutting mode.”

            Karen Webb wanted to know why cutting teacher head count was not the last result when it came to making budget reductions.

            Barbara Berke (Photo) stated, “There does not seem to be a balance in the cut in services. It seems like the Middle School and High School are taking it on the chin. There will be an increase in students in both schools, yet we reducing teachers. I’d like to see you balance the budget across the board. Why can’t we extend fees to the elementary school population? It doesn’t look like they pay bus fees. Could there be fees for chorus and other activities in the elementary schools?

            Denise Rao Monaghan focused on the first three stated strategic goals. “My bottom line is teacher face time with the kids. And I’m extremely, extremely concerned that you’re cutting a seventh grade reading teacher.

            Mary Pratt voiced concern about the proposed reduction in special education. Please don’t cut special needs.”

            Paul Dietz expressed frustration that there had been, “No back and forth conversation,” with the public during the budget process. “We have not been able to see the final copy of the budget, so I’m not sure that we have wisely allocated our resources. Why don’t we start the cuts with administration? We used to share Assistant Principals in the elementary schools, why can’t we look at that?”  FULL REPORT Revised Feb 2, 2007 at 3:37


Murder suspects on the loose




Jose DeLima, 29 years of age, was murdered at his home on Main Street, Milford, on Monday, January 29, at about 11:00 P.M..


Milford Police Detectives and the Massachusetts State Police are investigating this tragedy.


We need YOUR HELP!!!


The suspects are believed to be two Hispanic males,

If you know why someone would want to harm Jose DeLima, or anyone else, please contact us:


ANONYMOUS TIP LINE:                              508-473-3800

MILFORD POLICE:                                        508-473-1113, ext “0”

MASSACHUSETTS STATE POLICE:          508-832-9124

From: Thomas J. O’Loughlin, Chief of Police 250 Main Street * Milford, MA  01757 *

Tel. (508) 473-1113 * Fax (508) 473-5087

Arrests updated today, February 2, 2007

Weston Nurseries buyer chosen by Court

Boulder Capital wins bid


by Robert Falcione


February 1, 2007 — Fin Perry, Chairman of the LUSC (Land Use Study Committee), prefaced this evening's joint Planning Board/LUSC meeting at the High School by saying, "The stars are aligned."

     He announced that on the same day (today) that his group is rolling out a study of East Hopkinton, the Bankruptcy Court awarded the bid for Weston Nurseries' property to Roy S. MacDowell Jr.'s (Photo, center) Boulder Capital, which led the bidding as a stalking horse. Boulder won over the only other bidder, National Development, which actually offered $1 million more than Boulder. However, the court considered not only  just the money, but the ability to commit to the purchase and follow through with it.

       Mr. Perry, after giving a short history of his committee, explained that the town could decide whether to purchase the property and then assign its rights to a conservation group or a developer. The town has the ability to form an EDIC (Economic Development Corporation), a powerful entity that could buy and develop the property on behalf of the town. An EDIC must be voted at Town Meeting. The land would have to be rezoned to maximize any developer's potential, and Mr. Perry reminded the gathering that a 2/3 vote is required at Town Meeting for  zoning changes.

     The town will get formal notification of the land use change within days, according Fin Perry, which will trigger the 120 day period in which the town must exercise its right of first refusal if it so chooses. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Perry was asked by an attendee what his committee intended to recommend to the Selectmen, whose choice it will be to vote to purchase the land or not.

     "If I had to make a prediction, I would recommend that the town does buy it and trigger a Town Meeting; that would give Mr. MacDowell a definitive answer," he said.

      Fred Merrill of Sasaki Associates (Photo, left) was the principal presenter of the East Hopkinton Master Plan his company was hired to develop. The area includes the Weston Nurseries property. He offered a few scenarios.

      One scenario demonstrated that 1168 new homes built in the East Hopkinton area would show a deficit between town revenue and expenses of over $7 million — and that did not include the cost of a new school or other municipal capital needs. But many of the questions following the presentation centered around possible uses of Weston Nurseries.

      Margo Roman pleaded for wind turbines and compulsory solar panels on any homes built in that area.

      Others asked why the costs of building schools were not included in the scenarios.

     Another scenario that was revenue positive shrunk from a $1.6 million gain to a 168k gain when the supposition of a major expansion by Liberty Mutual was removed form the equation.

     "These are just possibilities," answered Mr. Merrill.

     A road system throughout the property was envisioned with many positive elements, such as a bypass to route 85 and a road on the boundary of landlocked Liberty Mutual land.

    The scenarios all had an element of open space, something that the townspeople have made it clear they favor.

    Trish Perry's Civic Engagement Committee, which planned and promoted this event, will be sponsoring smaller gatherings to get more input from residents on their perspectives.

    Sometime on Friday, the entire Sasaki presentation will be here for viewing in a PowerPoint format.

Colella’s Supermarket Supports “Sticker Shock Campaign”


February 1, 2007 — Colella's Supermarket, Inc. is partnering with Hopkinton High School students, the Hopkinton Prevention Coalition, and the “beFree!” Project in Hopkinton’s version of the “Sticker Shock Campaign,” an effort to raise awareness about alcohol abuse by youth in our community.  At approximately 2:30 on Friday, February 2nd, a team of Hopkinton High School students will visit Colella’s Supermarket; and, with adult supervision, place stickers that remind purchasers of legal drinking age that is illegal to provide alcohol to minors on all multi-packs of beer, wine coolers, and other alcohol products that might appeal to underage drinkers.

            According to Renee Cammarata, project director of the “beFree!” Project, a recent survey indicates that underage drinking is the greatest substance abuse problem facing Hopkinton’s youth.

            HHS sophomore Pat Maruska chairs Hopkinton’s “Sticker Shock Campaign”.

            The first “Sticker Shock Campaign” was designed by a group of youth in Pennsylvania in 1998, which started locally in their community and then expanded the project statewide in subsequent years.  It has been implemented in numerous other states and communities in Massachusetts. 

CAA Jazz Night

February 9


Join the CAA at the Hopkinton Country Club on February 9 for an exciting evening of vocal jazz. Renowned local jazz vocalists Jean Mancini Gough, Kaoruko, and Kris Adams will perform their stylized interpretations of the jazz repertoire from Tin Pan Alley to bebop to boss a nova and beyond.


Accompanying the ladies will be the MetroWest Jazz Project, with Tom Phelan on vibes, Brett Baker on guitar, Steve Conahan bass and Ed Conley drums. Tickets are $25. A limited menu and cash bar will be available. For tickets call 508-435-9222 or e-mail tickets@caahopkinton.org.

For more info see www.caahopkinton.org/blueladies.shtml.

Car catches fire on Pike, good Samaritans pull man from vehicle 


February 1, 2007 — Last night at approximately 8:00 p.m. troopers assigned to the State Police Barracks in Charlton responded to a single vehicle crash on Route 90 East at mile-marker 61.3 in Palmer that resulted in one serious injury.

     Preliminary investigation by Trooper David Perreault indicates 87-year-old Thomas Kelly of Springfiled was operating a 2002 Buick Lesabre on Route 90 East at mile-marker 61.3 in the right travel lane. Kelly lost control of the vehicle and it crossed the left lane striking the media guardrail. The Buick rolled over and came to rest on its roof in the left lane and a small fire began in the engine compartment.  Two passing motorists, Gary Taylor of Albany, New York and Special Agent James P. Martin of the ATF in Springfield, stopped and removed Kelly from the vehicle. Kelly suffered serious, but non-life-threatening, injuries and was transported to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield by ambulance. It is unknown if he was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash.

     This crash remains under investigation. The Palmer Fire Department, Palmer EMS and Mass Turnpike Authority personnel assisted troopers at the scene.

     Both lanes of Route 90 East were closed for approximately 40 minutes during the investigation and vehicle recovery.

Arrests updated February 1, 2007

Did you take a cat in?

Does it look like this? ---->


    "Look at the cat we found!" is an all-too-frequent theme heard from people who take in other people's animals.

    "It was lost and meowing at my door," another might say.

    Guess what! The cat is likely not lost, just wandering the neighborhood and saw heard or smelled something good at your location. If you feed it and keep it in your house all day, it can never go home. It is an animal and will likely find its way back if you drop it off at its home, or simply call the number below. If you have given shelter to a cat that is not yours, and it looks like the  one on the right, please consider the following notice from the cat's owner, the mother of two children who have been crying for days:

     A black and white male 2 year old cat is missing from the Maple Street & Pleasant Street area. Please call 508-435-4807 if you should see him. His name is PawSox and weighs around 18 pounds. He is very friendly and a family pet.

Check the Calendar Daily

Events for February 1, 2007:

HCEP hosts Introduction To Ceramics @ Hopkinton High School Ceramics Room C202*

MetroWest YMCA Summer Day Camp registration begins*

Women's Art Forum presents Cheryl Melody 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm @ CAA Center*

Drop off donations of yarn for American Cancer Society 7:30 am - 2:00 pm @

*See the Calendar for more detail.

Get Your Motor Runnin'...

January 31, 2007 — Tyler Arnold, 16, looks over the shoulder of brother Max, 13,  today at the Woodville Rod an Gun Club property as Max makes adjustments on his gas-powered, all-terrain, super-charged, better-than-an-ipod, remote vehicle.

A lot of Bunco

January 31, 2007 — Ralph Edwards Sr. appears to enjoy the company of several women during the Bunco Night at the Senior Center tonight. Mr. Edwards was one of only three men playing in a room of 50 people. The event was held to help purchase up to date computers for the Senior Center Computer Room. According to organizer Lida Arakelian, tickets were $25, making the kitty for the present players alone at $1,000, not counting the tickets purchased by people who did not attend.

Photo Finish

January 31, 2007 — The cars have passed the electronic finish line and into the pit where they will be retrieved, while excited parents and scouts cheer. Then the winner may be pitted against another car in another race, all at the Pine Wood Derby at Hopkins School this evening.

Missing CAT



      A black and white male 2 year old cat is missing from the Maple Street & Pleasant Street area. Please call 508-435-4807 if you should see him. His name is PawSox and weighs around 18 pounds. He is very friendly and a family pet.


     The cat does not have a collar on it but it does have a microchip implanted between his shoulder blades.


     He is a neutered male cat that is up to date on all shots and vaccinations.

School Budget: A word from the School Committee

 Public hearing on the proposed budget on Thursday, February 1 at 7:30 PM in the Middle School library


“Austere” is the word the Superintendent used to describe this year’s school budget.  It’s more than austere.  At this point in the budget process, with an eye toward the projected revenues for the town, the School Committee is looking at possibly cutting over 18 full-time-equivalent positions, plus making cuts in program areas. File photo


Last year, the Town narrowly passed an override that saved nine full-time equivalent positions.  The proposed budget would undo what was saved by the override and bring the services that our system provides to a lower level than we had in the 2005-06 school year.  The impact will be primarily increased class sizes and less remedial help for students not on IEPs.  It is also likely that fees will be increased across the board.  READ FULL LETTER

Clifton Lewis Gilson 85


Hopkinton- Clifton Lewis Gilson 85, passed away January 30th, 2007.He was the husband of Mary (Prifty) Gilson for 45 years. Born in Gardner, MA son of the late Bertha Forristall and Walter L. Gilson, he went to Mt. Hermon School in Northfield, MA as a member of the Class of '39, and graduated from Cushing Academy Class of '40. He received his associate business degree from Becker Jr. College and his bachelor degree in Business from Clark University.
     He was a member of the Westborough Congregational Church for more than 30 years, where he served as a deacon.


Woodville Rod and Gun moose and deer presentation

February 6, 2007, 7:00 pm


Woodville Rod and Gun Club will be hosting Mass Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife biologist Bill Woytek on Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00 pm.

Bill will do a presentation on the growing moose population and will entertain questions on moose and deer.

The public is welcome and there is no charge.

The clubhouse is located at 252 Wood Street (Rt. 135) in Woodville, a village of Hopkinton bordering Westborough.

For more information call 508-435-4148 Wednesday through Sunday between 4:00 and 7:00.

Selectmen, Town Manager discuss Town Meeting Articles


Will recommend vote to rescind elected DPW Board

Recommend Personnel Committee to be advisory body only



January 30, 2007 — The Selectmen and Town Manager met this evening to discuss the Articles they will present for Town Meeting's consideration in May. Outgoing Executive Secretary Ted Kozak also attended. They first addressed a change in the DPW.

      In May, 2006, Town Meeting voted, after a verbal presentation by Thomas Nealon, to form a three member elected DPW Board. However, the measure, which had been languishing at the state level for about five years, had not taken into account the Charter-created position of Town Manager, who started January 1, 2007.

     "Paul [Rep. Paul Loscocco] had trouble getting this through, because they all said, 'Why are they doing this when everyone else is going in the other direction?'" said Vice-Chair Mary Pratt.

      Town Manager, Anthony Troiano, file photo right, said, "We would need a 2/3 vote to rescind Act 262 of the Acts of 2006, and then it would go to the ballot for a simple majority." The change would revert to the original legislation that formed the DPW. The Selectmen will need to decide whether or not to keep the current, appointed DPW Advisory Board. Under the proposed change, the DPW would report to the Town manager.

      An apparent conundrum is that there are three slots for a new, elected DPW Board on the ballot, the same ballot that would roll back last year's vote and nullify the board. There was a consensus that if the change passed and the people were elected, that they would be elected to nothing.
      Another change the Selectmen plan to offer to Town Meeting would make the Personnel Committee an advisory committee, making all paid staff, with the exception of school, fire, and police report to the Town Manager.

     "We are making the Town Manager form of government structurally sound," said Selectman Mike Shepard.

     Selectmen Chair Muriel Kramer, file photo right, brought up the discussion of the possibility of a procurement bylaw.

     Mr. Shepard suggested it is a policy matter and Mr. Troiano said it is a management practice.

     "I want some rigor in the process," said Mrs. Kramer. "That's what I did for the biggest company in the world, the U.S. Military. It makes sense that we have a Town Manager who needs to be the Chief Procurement Officer."

     The group also discussed proposing an EDIC (Economic Development Investment Corporation) that would be a powerful quasi-official legal entity that could purchase Weston Nurseries on behalf of the town and then sell pieces of it to recoup its investment. A town itself cannot develop property.

     Last year a proposed EDIC went down in flames at Town Meeting after several voters rose to speak against the onerous language in the Article that described supposedly dangerous areas of Hopkinton. It also gave the EDIC the power to identify properties that could be improved economically, and then presumably taken by the town.

     The new measure would likely specify Weston Nurseries only.

Only 26 miles 385 yards to go

January 30, 2007 — MIT Fellow, Evelyn Yi Lu asked the photographer where the Boston Marathon Start line was and got her photo taken as a bonus. She planned to walk the entire distance today.

New Cover

January 30, 2007 — Brian Dolliff, foreman of LaRosee LLC, gives the entire roof of John's Barber Shop, which is also the Ward residence, a new roof from the plywood on up.

Beauty Contest

January 30, 2007 — Only its mother would vote for this creature, a turkey vulture, perched in the downtown with its presumed mate today. To avoid crowds, we will refrain from specifying their location. Thanks to the Macmillans of East Main Street for the tip.



January 30, 2007 On Monday, January 29, 2007 at 11:12 P.M., officers of the Milford Police Department responded to a 911 emergency call indicating that a fight involving a firearm was occurring at 20 Main Street in the Town of Milford.


Upon arrival minutes later, responding officers discovered a 29 year-old male resident of 20 Main Street, who is also a native of Brazil, had suffered gunshot wounds. 


The victim was treated at the scene by firefighters from the Milford Fire Department Rescue and para-medics from the Milford Regional Medical Center and then he was transported by EMT’s from the AMR Ambulance Service to the Milford Regional Medical Center where, a short time later, he was pronounced dead by the attending physician at the Emergency Room.


The homicide investigation is being conducted under the direction of District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. and Detectives from the Milford Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police.


The identity of the victim is not being released pending notification of his immediate family. ~ Milford Police

Milford Chief of Police Thomas O'Loughlin at 8:00 am Wednesday speaks with Ed Thompson on WMRC-1490 am radio

See the video report on Channel 7 website.   7

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