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 Press Release from Chief Irvin

New 9-1-1 installations suspended after Hopkinton death

Failure of new generation 911 system being investigated

"Our confidence in our 911 system has been shaken by these events..."

~ Chief of Police Thomas Irvin

May 24, 2005 — At 7:12 am on Thursday, May 19, 2005 the Hopkinton Police Department received a 911 call. The telephone number and the address of the caller were not displayed on the 911 equipment. The caller was not able to communicate their location to the 911 Dispatcher. The Dispatcher repeatedly asked the caller for their location but could only hear labored breathing from the caller. The Dispatcher transferred the call to the Hopkinton Fire Department in the hope that the number or address information would appear on the 911 equipment located at Fire Department Headquarters. The information did not appear on the Fire Department equipment. The Firefighter stayed on the line, keeping an open connection, while the 911 Dispatcher called the Verizon 911 help line and initiated a trace of the call.


While keeping an open line the Firefighter heard what sounded like a train whistle in the background. Firefighters and Police Officers responded to the areas of Town that are near the train tracks and activated their emergency sirens in the hope that one of the sirens would be heard over the open line.

FULL STORY. (Editor's Note: Photo: Upon the inception of the new system, HopNews was invited to the Police Headquarters and given a demonstration.)

Cheryl Perreault's Poet's Corner



Looks like mist

Sounds like wind

Drifting quietly

In the forest


A deer gets lost

In the fog

But that’s okay


When the sun

Comes up

The fog is shattered

And the deer is free


by Aaron Lerman, 8

Grade 2

Elmwood School

Coolidge ousted as Chairman of Planning Board

Republicans vote one of their own

Whitehall Estates hearing continued


by Robert Falcione

May 23, 2005 — The first order of business of the Planning Board this evening was to reorganize; to vote a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The newly elected member of the board, RJ Dourney, sided with four fellow Republicans, including neighbor Brian Herr, to oust Democrat John Coolidge as Chairman and vote in Mark Abate. Mr. Herr, who nominated Mr. Abate, was voted Vice-Chairman. (Photo: Member Claire Wright speaking in favor of keeping John Coolidge as Chairman while Mark Abate watches.).

       Mr. Coolidge argued for his position saying that he didn't want to see politics brought into the Planning Board. Mr. Herr said it wasn't about politics, but the need for a change. Then after further discussion both Democrats voted for Mr. Coolidge and five Republicans voted for Mr. Abate. Claire Wright and Jamie Goncalves, also Republicans,  also voted for Mr. Coolidge. Once the dust settled, Chairman Abate made clear rules for the conduct of the continued hearing for Whitehall Estates, a subdivision of condos planned for a peninsula on Lake Whitehall by builder Ron Nation, and set fifteen minute time limits for alternate presentations from each side. The proponent of the project presented his experts, as did an opposition group, the Friends of Whitehall, which is largely made up of Woodville residents. Many abutters, among the 100-plus people gathered in the High School Auditorium, also spoke in opposition, but it was unclear if they were members of the group. (Photo, Gail Clifford speaking against granting a permit for Whitehall Estates. Teenager Alix Griben is behind her waiting a turn at the  microphone.).

     Immediately before arguments were heard, there was a minute of silence granted for sixty-three year-old Friends of Whitehall member Karl Mighton, who passed away at his home earlier in the day.

by Chris Crawford

May 23, 2005 – The Planning Board heard tonight from proponents of Wood Street Realty Trust and abutters of the Trust’s planned Whitehall Estates 37-condominium complex in a public hearing held in the Hopkinton High School auditorium. The hearing is a continuation from April 11th.

       The proponents include the applicant Ron Nation, his attorney Brian Levey, and John Thomas of Beals & Thomas, the design professionals for the site.

      Abutters include members of the organization Friends of Whitehall led by resident Brian Morrison, an abutter to the project. Other members of the public also commented and spoke.

      Both sides presented professional consultants to weigh the benefits and detriments of the site and its planned engineering.

     Debate overall divided into concerns with the viewshed of the condominium property, the septic discharge, and traffic; but other issues such as the historic preservation of Woodville and light pollution also came into mention. FULL STORY

FREE Blood Pressure Clinic,

Wednesday 5-6:30pm, Friday 10-11:00am


61 Main Street


Copied from the Discussion Page:

From: Truth somewhere in the middle
Date: 23 May 2005
Time: 09:54:19 -0400
Remote Name:

    Unfortunately, the rhetoric from those opposed to the plans proposed by the FSDC whether factual or not is really a by-product of the information vacuum. For whatever reason, the FSDC has not gone out of their way to disseminate information, especially now that the town purchased the property. This is often a chosen strategy. It can work in that if no one knows what's going on, then often no gets involved. However, at times it can backfire as it has in this case. I work in government and deal with the public so I know how it works.

    Two years or so ago I emailed the chair of the FSDC asking that a link to the committee be established on I received a call from the BOS's administrator in which I strongly urged they make a greater effort to be inclusive and also include the neighbors (of which I am not). He had no response and here we are. This was predicable. Maybe now the FSDC will consider some kind of community relations plan. We all need to know in detail what the committee is planning, how, when, and the costs. And responding that anyone who wants to know should attend a meeting is not legitimate. I always make every effort to keep the public informed in every way possible on the projects I work. The FSDC needs to do the same given the magnitude of this project.

     Read other comments on the Discussion Page.



Why can't we be like Wellesley?

Part I

by Robert Falcione

May 22, 2005 — Just because. That's why! Now stop crying.

     Why can't we be like Wellesley? Let me count the ways.

     First of all, there's no room near the Hopkinton Public Library for a duck pond. Okay? Not okay? Alrighty then, how's this: There's no room anywhere downtown Hopkinton for a duck pond like there is in Wellesley. However, there is a duck pond at the Golden Pond, or as it is known to Townies, Ice House Pond. I suggest the goose, duck, great blue heron, and cormorant watchers go there instead of driving all the way to Wellesley. But instead of the free duck pond in Wellesley, pony up some greenbacks and check out the Southwick Zoo in Mendon where the kids can walk in the deer enclosure and feed them if they're lucky. Or go to the Hopkinton State Park, where I take a lot of my wildlife shots.

     Wellesley is also almost twice the population of Hopkinton, so there are more people to support the downtown, therefore more stores. Consider an additional 3,000 young women who pay almost $30,000 annually to attend Wellesley College, adding to the existing base of consumers — which is known in the business community as the Carriage Trade. By the way, Wellesley College is world renown, and occupies almost as much acreage as the Weston Nurseries land that is up for sale. Want to be like Wellesley? Start with duck pond and a college. Wait a moment, I almost forgot about Babson's.

       Babson College, also located in Wellesley, has over 2,700 total enrollment and charges over $55,000 annual tuition for graduate school. Not a bad demographic for businesses located in Wellesley. Put into perspective, Wellesley has almost 6,000 kids spending $30,000 a year each just for school. Should rich ice cream, fresh flowers, fine clothes or a fancy car be anything but necessities for those youngsters? That is potentially almost 6,000 veggie meals every lunchtime and a Starbucks concoction or a Ben and Jerry's treat après dinner.


Business Profile

Suburban Business Suites

by Chris Crawford

May 22, 2005 —

A sense of community draws tenants to Suburban Business Suites, a Milford-based office complex owned for three years by Diana Messier. Many Hopkinton tenants, including a golf business utilizing two offices, an identity client who sells commercial cleaning supplies, and two consulting businesses, occupy the complex.

     Tenants with home offices, who may commute from Westboro, Bellingham, Medway, and Franklin in addition to Hopkinton, say they enjoy the camaraderie of working in an office, rather than the isolation of home. FULL STORY

May 22, 2005 — Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Republican Eric Sonnett shakes hands with newly elected Selectman Democrat Muriel Kramer after the results were read by Town Clerk Ann Click in the Middle School Cafeteria last Monday.

Drive-by shooting

May 22, 2005 — We shot (Photographically) Dick Pockwinse this morning as he drove by unexpectedly in his WWII era jeep, which he used last year in Hopkinton's Memorial Day parade. Although we didn't catch up with him to ask, can we presume he was headed to Wellesley, because Wellesley held its Memorial Day parade today, and he was headed east?

   Although it's weapon is covered with cloth, the standard issue for that vehicle was a 50 caliber automatic machine gun. Those restorations are generally converted to fire blank rounds by compressed air at parades and shows.

Throw him back

May 22, 2005 — This couple from South Framingham, who decided to remain nameless, found the fishing, the company, and Lake Whitehall a perfect match for a Sunday in the "country."

    "It's so nice here," she said. "I don't even care if I catch any fish. It is really just nice to be here and away from it all."

     When told about the condo plans for the peninsula opposite their fishing spot, she said, "I hope they don't spoil the view."

     The man did throw the large mouth bass back in and told him to send his big sister next time.

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Junior scientists needed

Make sure the Baltimore orioles are safe at home


by Elizabeth Eidlitz

May 22, 2005 — Never stingy with her palette, Nature presents two spectacular seasonal displays of orange and black: in September, if you’re near their Metrowest flyway, you could witness a scarf of Monarch butterflies (Photo) migrating to Mexico; in May, if you look high in trees with new spring leaves, you could spot an adult male Baltimore oriole foraging for insects or spiders.

You might hear his rich, clear, loud whistle , typically including short, 2-note phrases, or his chatter call. You might see his mate, a pale gray or brown with yellow or orange on her breast and tail, building a pendulous sack woven of fibers, attached near the tips of outer branches usually 15-30 feet from the ground. READ FULL STORY.


WHPS Fantasy Food Drive

Choose the photo link to see a video of characters and people who took part in the 1st Annual WHPS Radio Food Drive on Hopkinton Common today, Saturday.

WHPS is a streaming radio station webcasting from the High School.

Hit and Run 9:00 pm ~ Arrest 9:08 pm

May 21, 2005 — Officer Scott Van Raalten checks the inventory of a vehicle, the driver of which had just been taken into custody and was sitting in another cruiser.

      The report of a hit and run on West Main Street by two cell callers sent the Police Department fanning in all directions, and catching up with the alleged driver of the vehicle with Connecticut plates on Cedar Street by the "S" curve about 60 seconds after the call.

      It was not much more than two minutes after the first responder reported that he was going to give sobriety tests that he declared, "I have one in custody." It was the female driver.

Two arrests

Friday, May 20, 2005

5:46 pm Officer Matthew McNeil pulled over Justin R. Green, 23, 118 Clubhouse Lane, Northbridge for a red light violation, and subsequently charged him with Failure to Wear a Seat Belt and Possession Class D Substance.


11:59 pm Two Hopkinton Police cruisers, the Hopkinton Motorcycle caught up with a junior operator heading west on West Main Street under the 495 bridge, who had been reported by a motorist as driving erratically and using both sides of the road for an extended period. One male juvenile was arrested and charged with Possession Class D Substance and Possession Class E Substance. A State Trooper also arrived on scene to assist.

Excerpts from Discussion Page postings from today


LHP: "...It is unfortunate that so many rumors based on misinformation are allowed to fly around and fester, POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT of rational discourse and honest investigation."


Walked the land too: "...It is the lack of public information that is giving every rumor that comes along legs."


Editor's Note: It is really good to see different points of view on the discussion page, some unfounded, and some which seemed to be based on reason, experience or intellect like the two positngs with excerpts above. However, LHP shouldn't be referring to the opinions of the less informed as "mindless drivel." It is not a way to gain consensus. The passion is entertaining, but not persuasive.

    The Discussion Page, although far from perfect, is not "crap" as one person recently said at a public meeting. It is a way for people to say to strangers, the things they usually say to their peer group, or to their circle of friends. When they do that in a vacuum, it tends to do nothing more than reinforce false claims and misconceptions, especially within that group.

     When they do that on the Discussion Page, it gets the idea, false or not, out in the open for others to agree with or to refute, if it needs that done.

    The Editor agrees there is a lot of false information and some red herrings dragged through the Discussion Page, but it is probably no more than goes on in this community among groups of people all day long; after all, it is the very same people posting those things. They are our neighbors and our friends.

    So, don't insult them and lose credibility if you feel you have important information to share, rumors to dispel, or misinformation to correct.

    I'll bet people will listen.   

May21, 2005 — Tess Bouvier, left, and Morgan Dieter had their faces painted at the "Fantasy Food Drive" on the Common today held by Hopkinton High School WHPS Radio, a streaming internet radio station. There was popcorn, cotton candy, and a "Moon Bounce" inflatable trampoline. The cold weather and implication of rain all day kept the crowd to a minimum, but it looked like a good time was had by all who attended.


I'm writing on behalf of some friends in need. Many of you remember John Gallivan, former legislative aide to MA State Representative Jim Leary.  In fact, some of you have known him for most of his young life.  Last year, John married his college sweetheart, a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful young woman, Gina Meneses.  


Now, less than one year into their marriage, Gina and John face one of life's most daunting challenges.  Last month, at the age of only twenty-five, Gina Meneses Gallivan was diagnosed with leukemia.  She has been receiving chemotherapy treatment at Dana Farber and now is in need of bone marrow/stem cell treatment.

Fundraiser tomorrow.


Police News updated

4:11 am A security guard from a Wilson Street business called in for a patrol car to come up to the guard shack and speak with a security officer that had questioned a male in a vehicle in the woods... 


1:38 am Officer Timothy Brennan heard on the scanner that the State Police had one in custody on West Main Street...


3:48 pm A resident from Riverbend Road reported that his young son was shot at ...

Water Break on Lower Hayden Rowe Street

Discoloration expected

Please be advised that people in the Lower Hayden Rowe, Chestnut, Teresa, and College Road area may notice some discoloration in their water due to a water main leak. The discoloration  is caused by the opening and closing of the water mains dislodging the mineral build up from the pipe.  

Please check your water prior to using it and if it is still discolored, you may need to let your faucet run to help clear your pipes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Eric J. Carty, Hopkinton Water/Sewer Manager, Hopkinton DPW, Hopkinton, MA 01748

P 508-497-9765 F 508-497-9767

Last day for seniors

Rodents, crickets and birds

Photo, Senior Mike Strickland expressed his joy at the last day of school by showing off his decorated car driving up and down Main Street downtown.

May 20, 2005 — Today was the last day of school for the Class of 2005, and the school was treated to a boisterous day — until about 11:00 am when the Administration asked all seniors with no classes to leave the property. According to more than one student, rodents — either rats or mice — were let loose in the Cafeteria, as were crickets and birds.

     "It is really a great group of kids," said one parent after hearing the news. "It only takes one to spoil things."

One-Act plays

Photo: Acting 2 Class Presentation of Blues; from left Luke Fraser, Valerie von Rosenvinge (the HHS drama teacher), Jeff Newland, Janine Stafford, Elizabeth Haroian, Rachel Haroian, Caitlin Kelley, and Brooke Anderson. HopNews photo by Chris Crawford.

May 19, 2005 – The Hopkinton High School One Act Play Festival, a selection of eight short plays (some of which are Acting class presentations, others student-directed), held its only showing tonight. While not sold out, the auditorium was nearly full with friends, family, and fellow students.
        The night was the effort of 55 students, some playing multiple roles as directors, writers, actors, and tech help

Summer Collection has arrived at Boutique Noelle

M. Sheryl Abbate, 48, died Thursday, May 19, 2005 at Milford Hospital. She was the wife of Thomas Abbate. Born in Framingham, she was the daughter of the late George and Rosemary (Doran) Medeiros. SEE ARRANGEMENTS.

Photo left, Rosalie Baker-Brown being read a proclamation by State Senator Karen Spilka.

May 19, 2005 — The Hopkinton Marathon Committee held their Post-Marathon Party this evening at the Laborer's Training Center in Hopkinton to honor those who work hard all year to make the race go smoothly. A special guest was Rosalie Baker-Brown, widow of Tom Brown who died on May 3rd of this year. Mr. Brown, a former Postmaster, has been credited by many as being instrumental in the success of the Boston Marathon. His wife was awarded proclamations from the state Senate and House, as well as the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. To read a story written on May 3, CHOOSE THIS.

No time to cook? Call Ciao Time

Diane Palihnich, Ed Golitko, Karen Golitko and Nancy Wilson enjoying an evening of art while Dora Garabedian (rear) plays the flute. ~ Photo by Janice Bogasky ©2005.

May 19, 2005 — Art Works Studios "Meet the Artist" reception on Thursday night drew close to 200 people.   Over 40 talented artists displayed their original art at the Cultural Arts Alliance.  All are students of Suzanne Bucceri and work in pastels, oils, pen & ink or oils.  Dora Garabedian, played the flute as guests mingled and enjoyed refreshments while viewing the art.  Fresh flowers donated by Elizabeth and Wayne Mezitt of Weston Nurseries scented the air. Many left with note cards and original art from the local artists.  The art show and sale will be remain open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22 from 2 - 4 PM. ~Janice Bogasky

Police Chief of the Day

May 19, 2005 — Police Chief of the Day Michael Cuthbert, 7, gets assistance onto the Police Department's Motorcycle from Chief of Police Tom Irvin today during a personalized tour of the station. Michael got the station tour as well as explanations about what place each area had in the grand scheme. He was allowed to turn on the flashing blue lights, as well as the sirens in the cruiser and motorcycle.

     Chief Irvin offered this special title and his time as an auction item at the HPTA Silent Auction.

     "Michael even put in his own birthday money so he could win," said his mom Chris.

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Take your office out of your home and into Suburban Business Suites.

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Take your office out of your home and into Suburban Business Suites.

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No time to cook? Call Ciao Time

Summer Collection has arrived at Boutique Noelle

Click on Colella's button for their daily specials, weekly flyer— and more!


Click on Colella's button for their daily specials, weekly flyer— and more!

 Present from the past

Ecce Woodville!

May 19, 2005 — Well, it isn't as old as that Latin title, but this undated snapshot of Woodville, perhaps 100 years ago, portrays not only a different era, but a different landscape. The road is Wood Street, and the  open area is the pond on its southern side, where a decrepit foundation is highly visible today. The building on the left of the photo is the old Woodville Fire House, which is sitting on that very foundation. The pond is apparently much higher than presently, and factories long since gone occupy much of the area. On the opposite side of the street behind the current Woodville Fire House, are located double water falls and foundations of other factories that are no longer there.

Thanks to Jeff Furber for sharing this photo from his collection.

Get engaged

Civic Engagement Committee wants people involved

Town-wide forum May 25 — All citizens are welcome


by Chris Crawford

May 18, 2005 - Members of the Civic Engagement Sub-Committee of the Master Plan committee met this evening for two hours to discuss logistics and organization for the “Hopkinton Crossroads: After Town Meeting” town forum, convening on Wednesday, May 25th from 7:00 to 9:30 pm at the First Congregational Church on East Main Street. The Civic Engagement subcommittee hopes that the forum will help establish guidelines and criteria for land-use planning over the next five years. Present at tonight’s meeting were Trish Perry, the chair of the Civil Engagement subcommittee; Civil Engagement Vice-Chair Stephen Rathmill; and Civil Engagement members Christina Coffey, George Donovan, Julie Burke and Pamela Duffy.

      The subcommittee hopes that the upcoming forum will reflect the previous successes of the “Voices for Vision” forum of March 2003.

    One of the goals of tonight’s meeting was to condense and select the facts that the subcommittee finds most appropriate to present to members of the forum. The subcommittee expressed a need


to explain the town’s situation in necessary detail, but without losing sight of the Forum’s central goal.

     “It’s about land-use planning,” Stephen Rathmill and Trisha Perry agreed.

     George Donovan expressed a need for the forum to receive “high-level recommendations” and avoid “too much detail that may lose people.” But Chairwoman Trish Perry stresses that the difficulty of the situation cannot be avoided, “I hope people will start talking to each other about how complex the situation is; that they will be more aware.”

     The meeting determined tonight that facilitators will begin the forum by asking Hopkinton citizens what they consider, out of a list finalized at tonight’s meeting, to be the most important dilemmas that will affect the over the next five years.

     The committees tonight sought to make this list as concise, yet as encompassing, as possible. Using the "unscientific" town survey given in the 2004 election as a guideline, the subcommittee worked toward determining what issues will be imperative to forum-goers in their proposal of dilemmas and selection of facts about the community.

     Under examination will be topics including land use, ownership, and availability; population growth; budget proposals; and downtown revitalization.

     At the forum, groups of attendees will be broken up into groups with a facilitator leading each group in discussions about what they think to be the most important dilemmas facing the community. Then the lists will be compiled, and the list will be further narrowed.

     Subsequently, these groups will rejoin and work together to find solutions to their dilemmas, using facts selected and narrowed at tonight’s meeting.

    Through discussion, the Master Plan Civic Engagement Sub-Committee wishes to boost understanding on both sides of the town, government and citizens, and avoid the trappings of politicization.

     “It’s the process of dialog rather than debate,” explains Vice Chair Steven Rathmill.

Elder Tea

May 18, 2005 — Mary Foss shows of the latest spring fashions this afternoon at the Elder Tea held at the Senior Center, which is located in the basement of Town Hall. Senior citizens 85 years-old and up where invited to attend. Some younger people where invited to attend if they accompanied a qualifying senior citizen. Apparently, the subject above accompanied someone who qualified.

     According to Cindy Chesmore, Director of Senior Services, at least 40 people 85 and older attended the event. Susan Keir from Baypath Elder Services read a Robert Frost poem to the gathering.

   The Seniors were pleased with the outcome of the ballot question which funded the construction of the new Senior Center, which some say will be complete in a year.

May 18, 2005 — Scuba diver Edward Ternosky from Mass Highway inspects the bridge over the Sudbury River on Route 85 from the surface, just before he submerged to check the footing.

The smell test

May 18, 2005 — The decision may be hardwired, but nonetheless, the gosling in the center, still wet around the ears, has sniffed out a grassy flower to choose as its next nibble at Hopkinton State Park. Their mother's breast is barely visible in the top left corner of the photo, as she alternately protects and patterns behavior by example.

They're off

May 18 — Photo: " The Student Mile" at the Mini-marathon on May 1 of this year. The smoke from the starter's gun can still be seen drifting in the middle of the shot as the students, like their adult counterparts did two weeks prior, take their first steps. Andrew Johnson, wearing all black toward the right of the photo and sharing Lane One, was the eventual winner. Editor's note: We used a different photo when we presented it as fresh news (See Page 2).

4 Tickets to KISS108 Concert 2005!  This Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. at Tweeter Center.  Face value for tickets plus Premier Parking Ticket.  Section 12--Center.  $65 seats.

Contact: or 508/435-0592.

Harveys and Town Officials meet to discuss upcoming Planning Board hearings


by Robert Falcione

May 18, 2005 —  Officers of E. L.  Harvey & Sons, Treasurer James Harvey and his son Vice-President Steve Harvey, and their engineer Gerry Cushing, and Attorney Stephen Richmond, met with Zoning Enforcement Officer Mike Shepard, Town Planner Elaine Lazarus, and Planning Board Chairman John Coolidge this morning for approximately one hour. The Harveys are expanding their Westboro facility and received a permit from the Board of Appeals last September approving six of seven permits, which they took to court. The Court ordered negotiations, which has resulted in a Public Hearing in June. The next step in the standard approval process is for them to apply to the Planning Board. File photo from left, Gerry Cushing, Jim Harvey, and Stephen Richmond.

    "The Harveys have to go before Site Plan Review," said Zoning Enforcement Officer Mike Shepard. "It (Today's meeting) was each party explaining their position, to set the ground rules for the hearing," he said. "The Conservation Commission is the step after that."

     Planner Elaine Lazaraus said, "They wanted to come in with a pre-submittal for their site plan application for the Planning Board.

     "We talked about the process and organization.

     "Perhaps at the first hearing, we will have an overview; then we'll talk about traffic, landscaping. building design, and then we'll get to the details. It's so we can be efficient and thorough (At the Planning Board hearings)," she said, explaining the purpose of the morning's meeting.

     A hearing is being scheduled for mid-late June.

    "It is a hearing of site design and layout," Ms. Lazarus said, "because the ZBA approved the use.

    The Board of Appeals has been remanded to meet with the Harveys and hold a Public Hearing "to consider amendments to the Decision issued by the Board of Appeals dated September 22, 2004 and filed with the Hopkinton Town Clerk on September 23, 2004...."

    That hearing with the Board of Appeals has been scheduled for June 15, 2005 at 7:30 pm at Town Hall, likely in the Selectmen's Meeting Room.

     At that meeting, only evidence relating to the Decision Amendments will be heard. It is further stipulated according to the Public Announcement by the Board of Appeals, "Pursuant to said Order, the Board of Appeals shall consider only the approval of the Decision Amendments, without further amendment, or the denial of the Decision Amendments." READ THE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT.

File photo from left, Gerry Cushing, Jim Harvey, and Stephen Richmond.


     HopNews had almost 1500 visits today, May 17, 2005. And those are only the visits, which do not count another set of eyeballs that may be looking at the screen. The reasons for the interest are undoubtedly the election yesterday, and the results we had up immediately — and what has been called our "edge." The previous record, although unannounced, was during Town Meeting.

     In addition, HopNews readers were able to see and hear the candidates for the main contested offices on HopNews video, and were able to see the candidates campaigning at the street corner and near the polling place — also on video.

     Thank you for reading. It is humbling. ~ Editor.

Board of Selectmen reorganizes

Sonnett Chairman, Holden Vice-Chair ~ Kramer's first meeting

Len Holden criticizes own Board over behavior at last week's meeting


by Robert Falcione

May 17, 2005 — The Board of Selectmen met this evening and voted in Eric Sonnett as Chairman and Len Holden as Vice-Chairman, each for the second year in a row. The vote, Muriel Kramer's first as Selectman, was unanimous. The irony of a 5-0 vote after a political campaign to "Bring Balance Back" because of complaints of 4-1 votes, was not lost on some people.

   Mark Abate was on hand to offer some alternative, "flexible" health care options for Town of Hopkinton employees, and was warmly received.

   Eighty year-old resident and armed forces veteran Dick Brault presented the Board with some creative solutions for the predicaments senior citizens find themselves in by trying to pay increased expenses on fixed incomes. He suggested raising the income cap and eliminating the asset exclusion qualifications for real estate exemptions, which, according to Assessor Chairman Dr. John Duffy, would cost about $81,000, $35,000 of which he estimates will be reimbursed.

    Mrs. Kramer expressed an interest in continuing her exploration and study of elder issues, whereupon Chairman Sonnett made it an official responsibility and asked her to report on her findings to the whole Board. Later, Mrs. Kramer expressed an interest in the Historical District Commission and was awarded yet another task, whereupon Mr. Holden said, "And people wonder why I don't say much," to laughter in the room.

     However, Mr. Holden spoke seriously this evening regarding the previous week's cross-examination of a Historical District Commission member who was up for reappointment. The twenty or so minute grilling ended up in raised voices which were heard at the front door of Town Hall, a hallway and a floor away. The vote was 3-2 against reappointment. Mr. Holden had voted in favor of reappointment.

    "I want to talk about the last meeting with the Historical District Commission. I was upset how it went.

     "We've got to do something. We expect other committees and boards to respect us and we should do the same.

     "It's been bothering me this week. I think we should work together more," he said.

    "I think we have a responsibility in the reappointment process," said Mr. Sonnett, one of the votes against.

    "Some of it should be done offline," said Mr. Holden. "We should talk about it," he said, alluding to discussions off camera and out of public meeting.

     "Personally, I think it wasn't fair. I know tempers got out of control. I don't think someone should get grilled for a half-hour," he said.

     Mr. Sonnett referred to an incident three years ago where an appointment was not made in abstentia, and that was the reason "the process was put in place last year."

     "It is very important we treat people with respect. People get involved because they have a passion," Mr. Holden said.

     "Some measure in the process, like a business, where there is a known question or problem that all of us engage in a fact-finding process," said Mrs. Kramer. "So that the person involved understands the objections."

      "Why don't you work on that?" said Chairman Sonnett to Mrs. Kramer.

      "Anything else I can do?" she said with good humor, having been given her second task.

      "And people wonder why I don't say much," said Mr. Holden, joining in the amusement.   

HopNews works magic


Robert, once again HopNews works its magic!  The play set just sold.  Please remove the ad, and thank you. John, Jane and Andy Ritz.Erika Drive May 17, 2005

 3,448 ballots were cast in Monday's election

Congratulations to Craig Campbell who guessed 3,251, the closest guess without going over, and won the $50 prize we offered. Thanks to the other contestants.

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Check your footing

May 17, 2005 — Sharon Begley writes down data as Edward Ternosky submerges to take measurements under the bridge on Route 85 which traverses the Sudbury River separating Hopkinton and Southboro. They inspected the bridge footing, exposure and undermining to report to the state and federal authorities to see if there is a need for repair. Tip of the HopNews fedora to Mike Torosian for the photo tip.

Hillers win 12-run slugfest

by Peter Marso

May 16, 2005 — The Hiller baseball team exploded on the Mohawks of Millis 12-5 in a slugfest at Millis on Monday. The win puts the Hillers still 1 game in front of Ashland. Sophomore Adam Merzel picked up the win on the mound for the Hiller nine. Will Aronson hit his first varsity home run in the 2nd inning this evening.

    It was a big win because the hillers are closing in on a tri-valley league championship and an excellent seed in next month's State Tournament. The Hillers are winning on all cylinders and will tough to bring down! The Hillers travel to Medway on Wednesday at 3:30.

Photo by Tim Wright.

Police News up to date


7:57 pm A resident from Hidden Brick Road thought that she was being scammed by a person trying to buy a vehicle from them...


5:09 pm The Post Office reported that there were a bunch of kids in their dumpster...


Sunday, May 15, 2005

9:11 pm A female from Hayden Rowe Street called and reported that she was being threatened by her older brother.  He has her and her friend locked in her bedroom...

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Photo, Mark Newton, 40, gets picked up on warrant charges at the Mobil Station.

Hit and run

May 17, 2005 — The Milford Police came to Hopkinton to investigate a hit and run which allegedly occurred at Wendy's in their town. Hopkinton Police cruisers pulled the vehicle over by J. C. Parmenter this morning, and asked the accused and the victim (Above) to wait for the Milford PD.

It's official!

May 17, 2005 — Muriel Kramer became one of five Hopkinton Selectmen this morning after taking the oath of office at the office of Town Clerk, Ann Click. She will sit at the Selectmen's desk this evening for the first time. it is customary for the Board of Selectmen to vote a Chairperson immediately following the election. The meeting begins at 7:00pm.

May Calendar

May 17, 2005 — Looking a little like an image for a New England calendar for the month of May, this photo of a Canadian goose flying to court his female counterpart at Hopkinton State Park this morning betrays its location. Substituting a seagull for the goose would make it look like a scene from an ocean inlet on Cape Cod.

    Please visit our Calendar button at the top and see coming events. Please send your group's events for posting.

Muriel Kramer snags Selectman's seat

by 116 votes

Dourney ousts Duffy for Planning Board

Override squeezes through by 24 votes

School plans & Senior Center win

Photo: Muriel Kramer gives her daughter a hug after the tally was read by Town Clerk Ann Click. Sandy Altamura, Planning Board winner is on the right.

by Robert Falcione

May 16, 2005 — A hard-fought race for Selectman that has dominated local politics has ended in a close victory for Muriel Kramer with little more than a 2% margin of the total votes cast for that position, 1738 to Ken Weismantel's 1622.

     When asked what the difference was between this election and the year before when she lost by about 76 votes, Mrs. Kramer said, "A lot of hard work, positive attitude and the truth.

     "We had more help this year and we worked harder than ever.

     "My people were talking about what this town needs," she said. "Now the hard work begins."

     She was asked by a reporter if she had any worries.

     "I was worried. It was a hard-fought campaign and I really wanted the job."

     When asked her plans for her role on the Board, she said, "Mostly helping include everyone in the discussion; about Fruit Street, Weston Nurseries and the new school."

      Ken Weismantel, reached at the home of Dave Edson where a victory party had been planned said, "We ran a pretty good campaign, but fell a little short. I hope the Board gets a lot done," he said.

     Republican RJ Dourney won a seat for the first time on the Planning Board, as did incumbent, Sandy Altamura.

      "I am proud to have the opportunity to serve," he said after the results were given.

      Hopkinton native Brendan Doyle drew the most votes for two seats on Parks and Recreation Commission, with Michele Gates a close second.

       Lynn Fournier won the only other contested race, for Commissioner of Trust Funds.

    Question #1 asking $600,000 for an override to fund budget shortfalls passed by a slim margin of 24 votes, which brought a sigh of astonished relief form the proponents gathered in the Middle School Cafeteria when the figures were announced.

     School Superintendent Dr. John Phelan was on hand to see Question #2, a debt exclusion for school plans for the Fruit Street elementary school, early childhood development center, and improvements at the Elmwood School pass by over 200 votes, 1805 - 1573.

     The Senior Center debt exclusion, Question # 3, won overwhelmingly, 2073 - 1310, getting more votes in favor than any question.

     Question #4, a debt exclusion to fund plans for athletic fields on the Fruit Street property, of which hours were spent debating at Town Meeting, failed by 195 votes.         

Update on Hazardous Waste Collection Day — June 4, 2005

UPDATE: E-Waste will now be accepted on Hazardous Waste Collection Day. Monitors, computers, printers, fax machines, telephone equipment, and video/audio/DVD equipment will be accepted free of charge. Televisions will be accepted for a fee of $4.00 for plastic cased and $8.00 for wood cased/console televisions. See flyer.

2K5 Water Assault game

You're out!

May 16, 2005 — Mike Strickland and Jenn Page, who both work at Main Street Specialties, have been eliminated as participants in the 2K5 Water Assault game being played by Hopkinton High School Seniors, Class of 2005. According to Strickland, DJ Moore and Adam Smith started the game with two pages of rules. The prime objective is to squirt players of opposing teams in order to eliminate them, hiding, lurking and chasing opposing team members.

   Each of 39 two-player teams put in $20 each into a kitty. According to Jenn, First Place takes 70% of the prize money, Second Place 20%, Third Place 10%.

    According to these folks, there are only 8 teams left, in a game that will go on until there is one standing.

May 16, 2005 — Politicians, candidates and their supporters lined the entrance to the Hopkinton Middle School where voting is taking place today. To see what each had to say, choose the video camera icon below.

WIN $50.00

Guess the total number of voters casting ballots at Monday's election and win $50.00.

Exact or closest without going over wins. Email now! Contest closes at 6:00pm May 16.

Only voters qualify. Vote Monday, May 16, 2005, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm. at the Middle School.

Note: We had to add absentees to the total because they were put into the machines at the beginning of the day.

Charity nets over $30,000

"It's a good start" ~ Cherylann Lambert-Walsh

May 16, 2005 — Project Just Because founder Cherylann Lambert-Walsh announced today that the charity's fundraiser on May 6, 2005, brought in "in excess of $30,000," which she hopes will get them, at the very least, a rental property to house their efforts and service their clients.

     "It is the start of a dream," she said. "So many people came that night; from the $1 raffle to the auction items."

     The charity provides food and other necessities to Hopkinton families and people from other areas, with no questions asked, "From the heart," she says.

    It was the first event the charity has held where they could collect money, having recently been approved as a 501 (3)c not for profit corporation. In the past, the charity had to rely on gift cards and donated items.

File photo, Cherylann Lambert-Walsh, State Rep. Paul Loscocco, State Senator Karen Spilka at the Project Just Because fundraiser on May 6.

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From the Editor: The Discussion Page will open again Monday evening after the election. Please keep it civil. The irony of an Editor's position is that of a defender of freedom of speech, and yet we want to set a level of discourse within our community. Therefore, as Editor, I will continue to be the Taste Police, deleting ad hominem attacks and snide personal remarks meant to hurt or deride.

    Other than that, let's have fun.


May 15, 2005 — This young man's character had no idea that a little tug on a pretty girl's pigtails would earn a smash on the head with her writing board. The Hopkinton Middle School Drama Club concluded its three-run performance of Anne of Green Gables with a 2:00pm matinee today.

Correct guess


  As always, a great job on your Internet news site, it's is truly wonderful.  The copper cupola in the background of the fence picture on Main Street is the steeple at the Korean Church on Main Street, the former Congregational Church.

Ed Thompson

News Director, WMRC Radio, 1490 AM, Milford

(See photo Mr. Thompson refers to here.)

Neighbors need to live together


    Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate the way you have kept Hop News as a civil and fair town newspaper. There is too much nastiness going around in town politics. I think that in our passion for our opinions we sometimes forget that we are neighbors who need to live in community with each other. We also forget that we don’t always have to agree.
Thanks again,
Cathy Bradley
186 Pond St

May 15, 2005    MORE LETTERS

Ship ahoy!

May 15, 2005 — Andrew Macconnell, 15, grabs dog Max as dad, Dale, shoves off from the Lake Whitehall boat landing on Wood Street.

The race is on

May 15, 2005 — Slater deMont stretches neck in neck in a sprint for the ball with  a Wellesley player this afternoon at Pyne Field during a Hopkinton Youth Lacrosse game..

Down to the wire

May 15, 2005 — Candidate Ken Weismantel, the most visible of the Selectman candidates, was in his own race at the lacrosse field today, visiting, according to his count, one of more than three dozen youth sports games he has stopped at during this election campaign.

Jean Vickers supports Muriel Kramer

Dear Editor

            I am writing this letter in support of Muriel Kramer for Hopkinton Selectman.  I am disappointed in the opponent’s portrayal of Kramer supporters as obstructionists.  I, as many others, have come to support Muriel after meeting her and hearing her passionate support for the Hopkinton Schools and her equally passionate support for the natural and historical resources that make up the character of Hopkinton. READ FULL LETTER.

Outgoing Selectman, Paul Nelson, endorses Ken Weismantel for successor

Dear Editor,

    Hopkinton is facing challenging times, and we need highly qualified people in our key positions.  I am honored to have served Hopkinton as one of your Selectman for the past three years, and I am humbled by the town's support for my tenure.   I know how time consuming and complex the job is.  Unfortunately I must step down due to significantly increased demands on my time from family and business responsibilities. READ FULL LETTER

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2pm Anne of Green Gables at Middle School*

Annual Town Election


Post Marathon Party. N.E. Laborer’s Training Center*

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Balance, focus and determination

May 14, 2005 — Undeterred by the threat of rain early Saturday, Richard Nolin of Sutton, MA scales the chafed surface of Hopkinton's College Rock, a very popular location listed in Rocks of Boston, a climber's book. Photo by Ron DiMichele.

Write likes Muriel Kramer, Pam Duffy, Sandy Altamura, and Nancy Peters.

Dear Editor,
I would like to envision Hopkinton's future as one of open, honest and balanced government by intelligent, caring individuals dedicated to making this wonderful town the absolute best that it can be.  I imagine that future to contain forward-thinking elements, such as excellent schools and sports programs, technological advances that give residents the best possible services through our fire, police, public works, and other departments, and a quality of life that incorporates true "pursuit of happiness". SEE LETTERS.

Endorses Kramer, Altamura, Duffy and Peters


I would like to express my concern over the upcoming Town Election. I feel that the Town is at a Crossroad that will change the nature and image of the Town forever. Not since the late 1980's has the Town been faced with an a potential growth explosion. When I moved here in 1989 the Town had just overhauled the School system giving us the quality schools we have now, also there was a Building Moratorium which help curb the rapid growth of the Town, and give us the rural flavor that we enjoy now. SEE LETTERS

Weismantel endorsement


           Once again we are facing a critical time in Hopkinton and the upcoming election for Selectman is extremely important.  Who we choose to represent us on the Board of Selectman for the next three years will have direct impact on decisions made about our future and our children’s future – both short and long term.  We are supporting and whole-heartedly endorsing Ken Weismantel in his bid for election and would like to share with you our reasons why. SEE LETTERS

Cape Cod Rental – South Yarmouth/Bass River. 3 bedroom home close to beach. Sleeps 7. Screened in porch, large fenced yard, spacious deck, cable TV. $900/week.508-435-3980. Only one week left: 7/9-16. SEE FREE ADS

Likes Altamura and Duffy


My vote for the upcoming planning board candidates are Sandy Altamura and Pam Duffy. They are long time Hopkinton residents and bring experience and knowledge to the board. They provide balance and thoughtfulness to the planning process and they are fair with their opinions and decisions. SEE LETTERS

Wood Playset 

Creative Playthings Lookout Lodge.  Well maintained and in good condition.  4 foot high play platform with a canopy, rope climbing ladder and wave slide.  Built-in sandbox below.  Attached 3-position swing set with two sling swings and a trapeze bar.  Great for small children (listed for ages 2-10).  It came with a 20 year warranty on the wood and is only 10 years old, so do the math!  Originally valued at $1000, now selling for $300.   Call John at 435-0908 or email FREE ADS

May 14, 2005 — Muriel Kramer engages in a time honored political tradition last week at her fundraiser.

In with the new!

May 14, 2005 — It didn't take much more than a day for the crew to remove the old fence, which was much higher, and install the new one, which accents the home at 92 Main Street perfectly. This stunning fence is reminiscent of one that might surround a similar antique colonial on an island homestead. What is the copper cupola in the background?

Search for the Golden Grail

May 14, 2005 — The Hopkinton Police Patrolmen's Association hosted its Annual Fishing Derby at the pond behind the Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club on Lumber Street this morning, with a tee shirt for every participant, as well as buttons, prizes in many categories, and one "Golden Trout" which will award a top prize if caught.

True Colors

May 13, 2005 — Trumpeting a message of springtime, this rhododendron beside the gazebo on the Hopkinton Common provides a colorful frame for the plant sale conducted by the Hopkinton Garden Club today, as well as strong competition for attention.

Be on the lookout for hit-run driver

Grey pickup truck with severe rear-end damage

May 13, 2005 — "Use extreme caution. There are cars all over the road!" is what the first responders advised other emergency personnel who were headed for this multi-car collision on Route 495 South this evening shortly after 10:00pm. One male victim of this hit and run collision, involving up to four vehicles, was taken to Milford Hospital by Hopkinton Ambulance. The vehicle said to cause the collisions is a grey pickup truck which, according to the State Police, has "extensive rear-end damage." In these photos, Hopkinton emergency personnel take command of the scene in assisting State Police. There is another vehicle on this side of the road that was involved, and two more vehicles on the other side of the road, which had apparent damage. Other Hopkinton Police officers were scouring the areas near the exits for the culprit.

Pot luck

May 13, 2005 — Patrick Corbett of Greenwood Road was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Hopkinton Historical Society after a pot luck dinner at St. Paul's Parish house.

Grand indeed!

May 13, 2005 — Members of the Class of 2006, their dates, and members of their families gathered in the Hopkinton Field House to engage in the Grand March, an annual pre-prom ritual. The school bus parking lot was filled with limousines of all types.