Hopkintonians Organized to Preserve and Enhance, a local grassroots Organization, came together through the efforts of residents, Liisa Jackson and Mavis O’Leary (File photo, left to right).  These two women bonded in their effort to respond to the sale of Weston Nurseries land in a way that would make the change good for neighbors to the Weston Nurseries property, and also for the property value and quality of life for all Hopkintonians. Mavis and Liisa called a meeting for all interested, and the HOPE committee was formed.


The committee now numbers at least 50, with more attending each meeting.  Liisa and Mavis are also members on the Land Use Study Committee and keep the committee informed about the progress and issues being raised.


People are unaware that this land represents 5 % of the entire town of Hopkinton.  This is important since this issue affects the whole town, not just the abutters.  Development of this land into single family homes would require additional water from an already strained aquifer, and additional town services. A new school and fire sub-station would have to be built which would cost $50 million or more altogether.  The HOPE committee is concerned that elders in town and lower income residents could not afford the higher taxes resulting from residential development of the property.


A little known fact is that to provide town services to single family residences built on this land will cost the taxpayers $1.13 for every $1 generated in tax revenue. Commercial/industrial use is a rate of $0.61 for every $1 generated and open space is only $0.29 for every $1 generated.*  Many of the state’s wealthiest towns, such as Weston, Lincoln, and Wayland, have preserved their open space, and the committee feels that this would be best for Hopkinton.  This open space could take the form of playing fields, as well as providing trails for biking, horseback riding or walking to the center of town.  Additionally, there are wetlands to be preserved and historical features such as the 1863 railroad bed that runs through the area.


The HOPE committee invites all of Hopkinton and interested residents in neighboring towns to join them at their next informational meeting, held

at the Congregational Church at 146 E Main St (rt 135) at 7 PM on Wednesday, July 20th. This will be a question and answer session with the Land Use committee and they all interested to attend.

*based on most recent available data

HOPE  PO Box 533 Hopkinton, MA 01748


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