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Sunday, May 22, 2022

6:55 pm Responding to a two-car MVA on Hayward, Officers arrested 72 year-old Pauline J Bouchard of Varney Lane Eliot, Maine and charged her with Marked Lanes Violation and OUI Lquor or .08%.




Due to the near-permanent nature of information on the Internet, HopNews is limiting longevity of the arrest reports to one linear week. Each Monday, any remaining arrests in the Arrest Page, will be replaced by new ones, or will simply  be deleted. If there are arrests on this page, the Arrest title will appear on page One. An arrest is not a conviction, and does not assure guilt.  Arrests of 17 year-old individuals have never been included by HopNews in the arrests, and now that they are juveniles, they are not included by Police in their log. 18 year-olds, although adults, are not named on the Arrest page by HopNews if they are known to be in high school.

Anyone who has appeared on HopNews pages for having been arrested outside the stated limits can send us an email with your name, date of the offense and page url. We will delete the entry according to the policy above. Policy is subject to change without notice.

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