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Power trio

July 13, 2006 — This solid sounding trio, from left, Justin Cobb, Tyler Radcliffe and Christopher Cartier, took their repertoire right out of the Rock 'n' Roll Handbook, playing AC/DC type chords and beats to the sounds of vocalists singing about Biblical Scripture and Jesus today at the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton during their Christian Bible Celebration.

Police News up-to-date

11:03 pm The Police Department received a report of a suspicious person on a bike sitting in the middle of the road on Front Street...

12:46 pm A caller reported a vehicle on West Main Street that was tailgating him and almost hit his car...

1:36 am Officer Jacob Campbell responded to a Hayden Rowe Street location to speak with a group of youths.  The group was yelling at the officer to "keep driving"...

9:25 pm While performing routine traffic monitoring, Officer Gregg DeBoer stopped one vehicle and arrested two individuals for a narcotics violation on South Street...

Hopkinton House for Rent

Great 3/4 bedroom, 3 full bath house, on large lot. Master bath with Jetted tub, two family rooms, awesome fireplace, large Deck, large kitchen, dining room. 2-car garage. 2000 sq ft unfinished basement. All appliances included. Available August 15th or September 1st. Easy access to Ashland T station, 495, 135. See Totally Free Classified for more info!

Notes differences between types of adjusters

Dear Editor,


     I read with interest the letter from Lee Wright regarding his reaction to Elizabeth Eidlitz's article about her kitchen fire.

    Having worked in the insurance industry for 34 years, I feel that I must make a distinction between an independent adjuster and a public adjuster.

            Public adjusters represent NO insurance companies. They work for themselves on a fee or percentage basis. They use scanners to locate fires and other disasters and appear on the scene, to "sell" the homeowner when he/she is still in shock over his/her loss. FULL LETTER


Selectman Ron Clark calls for John Coolidge to resign one position


Sees problems with Whitehall purchase, and with process in general


by Robert Falcione

July 12, 2006 — In a telephone interview this afternoon, Selectman Ron Clark (File photo) expressed displeasure with the town's process of land acquisition, and called for the resignation of John Coolidge from at least one of his positions as Chairman of the Community Preservation Commission (CPC), or Chairman of the the Open Space Preservation Committee (OSPC). Mr. Coolidge was instrumental in moving the Town Meeting purchase of the Lake Whitehall property abutting former ConCom Chairman, Brian Morrison, on two sides.

     Mr. Coolidge read the motion for the Town Meeting Article, although he had said that he was no longer involved in the negotiating process after being accused of conflict of interest by former Selectmen Chairman Eric Sonnett for also being on the Planning Board. At that time, the Board was conducting hearings on a formal submission of plans by owner Ron Nation for a subdivision of that very land at the same time that Mr. Coolidge was negotiating to purchase it for the Open Space Preservation Committee.

    "To me, him being Chairman of both is an issue, because the CPC is a reviewing board; and you've got special interest committees requesting funding, and the chairman of the reviewing and requesting [committee] is the same person," he said.

     "At Town Meeting Mr. Coolidge said that the Whitehall property was high on their priority list [...of land the committee desires to purchase]. Mrs. Holland [Executive Assistant, Geri Holland], has difficulty getting their meeting minutes and their priority list," he said.

     "I have asked for a copy of the written agreement that Jeff Doherty said he had in hand during the Selectmen's meeting on June 20." FULL STORY

Exxon Poll Results


July 12, 2006 — The Board of Appeals has determined that Hopkinton Exxon does not have a right to sell propane, after the Exxon applied for a revision of their Special Permit at the Board's urging. Jerry Lazzaro, owner of Hopkinton Exxon, will likely appeal the Decision, and presumably have the right to continue to sell the product, something they have done since the Selectmen granted them a license 11 years ago, while the appeal is in process.

      The poll results represent the most lopsided results since we have been doing the polls, as well as the shortest run, basically a 5 hour poll. HopNews has terminated the poll because there is no way the "no's" could catch up, even if we ran it for another week.

     HopNews readers have overwhelmingly voted to allow the Exxon to continue selling their propane gas product.

       Presuming that HopNews readers are a fairly representative sampling of the community, this proves that Hopkinton is indeed a business friendly community.

       Mr. Lazzaro hopes that a bylaw change at Town Meeting would make the bylaws become business friendly also.

 Selectmen's Meeting

Town Hall landscaping to get a makeover

Questions about 40B project on top of old dump ~ And 500' road over wetlands

by Kevin Kohrt

Town Hall trees to come down.


July 11, 2006 — Deb Brug and Scott Richardson (Photo) from the Downtown Revitalization Committee presented sketches for a Town Hall Landscaping project. It involves improvements to the walkway outside of Town Hall, as well as removal of the two large trees that currently obscures the front face of the stately building. Weston Nurseries will be supplying replacement trees.

      “Not a magnolia—they are a dirty tree,” commented Selectman Mary Pratt.

      Selectman Len Holden noted that there have been complaints about the “leaves and bird droppings” from the current trees.

      “I love trees,” opened Selectman Ron Clark, but then asked, “Why would we want new trees?” Noting that in 25 years he’d expect the same problem, but also noting that the BOS should not be landscape architects.

     Selectman Mike Shepard reminded everyone that Weston Nurseries donated the current trees, and “they looked really, really great for the first 10 years.” Shepard was really interested in seeing a proper address on Town Hall. “You need a number on this building,” he pointed out.

     The Downtown Revitalization Committee has its own funding to get started, so the Selectmen simply voted to approve the plan as drawn up, and leave the details to the experts.

     The first step will be to install blinds in the street-side offices in town hall to replace the shade from the trees. Tree removal and landscape improvements will take place in late summer and into the fall.

    The ambitious plan includes an embedded town seal in the walkway, and, taken to completion, exceeds available funds, so donations will be accepted. FULL STORY

Perhaps Eidlitz is the insensitive one

Dear Editor,


     I have been away for the last week and have been catching up on the news.

I just finished reading Elizabeth Eidlitz’s article of her kitchen fire,  “Fire... bad ~ Fire... good” and was disturbed to read her bad-mouthing three independent insurance adjusters, by name. These people were unfairly maligned, they offer a service that not everyone knows about, or most would begin to think about when a crisis occurs. Additionally, the author goes on to question “Banned from reentering your home, perhaps for weeks, where do you take your disrupted life? To friends, family, a motel, or the Red Cross?”.

     An insurance adjuster is knowledgeable about these and many other questions that a home owner may have and can explain, and help decide, what would be the best course of action for them. I would have to believe that most home owners welcome these people during these times testing times of crises, otherwise these tactics would not work and these people would not have approached the author. FULL LETTER

Suggestion could win you $200.00


Calling all techies


     As has been the practice of HopNews, we are open to suggestions from readers, and have implemented them on occasion to improve the look or function of HopNews. And now we're paying for the best ones.

     The best five suggestions will win $25.00 each, providing the technology to implement them  and an example of that is provided. Simple requests for design changes are also honored.

     The single best will instead receive a $200.00 check from HopNews, but must also include the technology and means of implementation to achieve the desired results, and be easily carried out on our server. In other words, pie-in-the-sky suggestions do not count, but the proof is in the pudding.

      Click on the suggestion box when you are techie-enough.

James C. "Connie" Lukey of Athol, formerly of Woodville, died peacefully Sunday, July 9, 2006, after a brief illness.

He was the husband of Marilyn (Farrar) Lukey for 55 years.

The son of the late Thomas Earl and Maria Oma (Webber) Lukey, Mr. Lukey worked for 35 years at Farrar Co. in Woodville, 10 of which he was president and general manager. ARRANGEMENTS COMPLETE

 Planning Board meeting

Toll Brothers blasted by homeowners

"Toll Brothers should be ashamed" ~ Mark Abate, Chairman, Planning Board

July 10, 2006 — The Planning Board this evening considered two major issues. First, the expansion of the property next to the Golden Pond Healthcare facility on West Main Street.

       Joe Marquedant presented plans for a day care, educational and religious uses of a proposed 19,700 sq. ft. building next to the existing one at 50 Main Street. Without stating who the owner is, he said it was not the same as the Golden Pond facility.

       The Board brought up many issues that they felt should be addressed at the next meeting, including parking, traffic, lighting, building size, screening and landscaping to name a few.

Toll Brothers

       Toll Brothers, Inc. came before the Board of request an extension of time to complete their work at Hopkinton Highlands II, and several homeowners came to the meeting to express their frustrations over individual and group issues. Toll Brothers, Inc. is often called the largest luxury home builder in the nation.

       Showing his earnestness to complete the work, Toll Brothers representative Bryan Weiner said, "We don't want to own the roads anymore." When the project is complete, Town Meeting will vote to accept the roads. The Planning Board and some homeowners were treated to a site-walk by Toll Brothers on Friday. Toll Brothers submitted a list and timeline for completion of issues raised by the group. FULL STORYand to review the performance bond at that time.     


July 10, 2006 — This is neither Mad Max at Thunderdome nor a scene from Easy Rider, but a group of motorcycle enthusiasts on a charity bike ride coming  up East Main Street by the Common on Sunday around noon. They are riding only two abreast, but the camera, with the aid of the curving lane, compresses the distances.

Double your drummers

July 10, 2006 — Russell Metcalf was one of two drummers in the band, the Barnstormers, which played at the Common on Sunday to a record crowd of families, young and old.




by Julie Brennan


12:17 am A caller on Pleasant Street requested that an officer respond to speak with his son's friend who may be a victim of domestic assault...


9:58 pm A caller on East Main Street reported hearing a suspicious party roaming around her yard.  She also reported that her dog's rope that was hanging on a tree had been cut...


9:22 pm A caller reported drum playing at a nearby residence on Wood Street...


6:55 pm A caller on Victory Lane reported having an altercation with a man on a motorcycle in Woodville while going home from Bill's Pizza.  The motorcycle followed the reporting party home...


12:55 pm A caller on Meserve Street reported youths on a dirt bike "buzzing up and down the road".  The caller also stated that the dirt bike riders were almost hit by another vehicle because of their reckless operation...


Read the Full Story



         Colonel Mark Delaney announced that “Sobriety Checkpoints” will be implemented by the Massachusetts State Police on Secondary State Highways.  The purpose is to further educate the motoring public and strengthen the public’s awareness to the need of detecting and removing those motorists who operate under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from our roadways.  They will be operated during varied hours, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, safety will be assured, and any inconveniences to motorists will be minimized with advance notice to reduce fear and anxiety.

        Thanks to a grant by the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau, a Sobriety Checkpoint will be held in Middlesex County from Friday, July 14, 2006 into the following day.


July 9, 2006 — Chris Nation walked the length of the Common during the music on Sunday with his daughter, 2 month-old Kate.

     "She wants to look at that Jeep over there," he said.

     Parks and Recreation Commission Chair, Michele Gates remarked at the youthfulness of the audience and credited the earlier start and the more modern music for the record sized crowd on the Common Sunday Evening.

     To see some of the crowd and hear some of the band, watch this video.


July 10, 2006 — These children are full of joy as they are led in play with a sheet looking a bit like a parachute at the concerts on the Common, which enjoyed a record attendance Sunday.

July 10, 2006 — Avi Seri, 2, listens to his grandmother, Ines, as they enjoy the Concert on the Common Sunday with a performance by The Barnstormers.

Top dog

July 10, 2006 — This gander, the tallest and largest of the group, is certainly on top of his game, as he gets to eat a bounty first while the others watch. The photo was taken with an f5.6 aperture, causing a shallow depth of field, intentionally throwing the background out of focus.

Reunions can bring joy or sorrow

Don't forget the name tag



By Elizabeth Eidlitz
July 10, 2006 — Known as the month of weddings and graduations, June is also the season for school reunions. These staged occasions produce enough anxiety to keep some from returning to bittersweet scenes of their youth. Classmates to whom, in an earlier time warp, we were bound by shared experiences and attitudes as well as the songs and clothes that defined us, may prove unrecognizable without nametags. The classic greeting, "You haven't changed a bit," is nonsense. There are staggering transformations beyond physical appearances: The homely and shy student has morphed into a handsome and effective CEO; the valedictorian voted in the yearbook most likely to succeed is an alcoholic. Reunions can surprise us, as Penny discovered by an ultimate crush.

    Penny, who resists looking backwards, has consistently avoided reunions. "I've never been thin enough, rich enough or successful enough," she's announced.
    "But you've absolutely got to come this year," Kate, Penny's friend since third grade, insisted recently. "It's our 40th." Then Kate added the news that ignited Penny's interest: "Oli's going to be there. And he's divorced."
    Oli Eliassen, an Icelander with Nordic good looks, stunning wolf eyes, and a lyrical name had graduated two years ahead of Penny and Kate. Because he'd played football, Penny had become a cheerleader. She was the skinny one balancing atop human pyramids.
    Penny and Oli would have failed marriages in common. Kate imagined it could be the second time around for each of them.


Hideaway a secret no more

July 9, 2006 — Reader Gregory Wright captured this young great blue heron hiding out he was while canoeing Lake Whitehall today with his brother, Kevin. A tip of the HopNews hat to Greg.

 HCAM-TV Channel 8 Presents a reprise of:


Saturday Morning Poetry at the Cultural Arts Alliance

All-Student Poetry Event of June 10, 2006 Featuring Singer-Songwriter Ellen Schmidt and Hip-Hop Poet Walnut


Tune in to see young local talent at the following prime times:

Sunday, July 9 at 7:00 pm

Friday, July 14 at 7:30 pm

Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 pm

Sunday, July 23 at 7:00 pm

Thursday, July 27 at 7:00 pm


Visit www.hcam.tv  to view Early Bird and Night Owl air times.http://www.hcam.tv/

Real horse sense

July 7, 2006 — Poise, style, form, gradients, light and shadows make up this photo of Melissa Lukey by Paul Dietz at the Horribles Parade on Tuesday.

Moonlight through the pines

July 7, 2006 — This waxing gibbous Moon was photographed at lake Whitehall today after the sun sunk below the horizon.


July 7, 2006 — Mark Joslyn, 15, framed by pine trees, coasts to the shore in his birthday present, a kayak, at the Lake Whitehall boat landing this evening, as his dad backed down the ramp to secure his own boat. The trees reflected in the water are on the shore where the land that the town is supposed close on is located.


Northbridge, MA Sunday, August 13, 2006


     American Legion Post 343, 198 Church Ave., Northbridge Mass will be holding the 2nd Annual Charity Car Show on August 13, 2006 The Rain date is August 20, 2006. All Cars will be on the grass. 60 different trophy classes or awards. Gates open at 8:30 AM, registration from 9-12 AM, judging from 12-2 PM, trophy ceremony at 3 PM. $10.00 registration per show car, $5.00 for your 2nd car.  

     Flea market/swap meet, 50-50 drawing for cash, several raffles, special raffles & giveaways for owners, participant voting for trophies, music by radio station WROR &  Local  DJ. Goody, bags and dash plaques for 1st 200 cars. Sponsored by American Legion Post 343; Admission: Donations for 12 and older. After the trophy ceremony we will be heading to Bangma's Farm  for a cruise; and then food, drinks and live entertainment. For more information please contact Dave D'Amico or go to our web site at www.post343.cityslide.com or email us at post343@aol.com.


Upload your yard sale to our Totally Free Classified and we'll put it on the front page.


Tour Hopkinton's fastest growing company


You are invited to a presentation and tour of Caliper Life Sciences by its President, Hopkinton resident and Chamber member, Kevin Hrusovsky.


Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce members as well as Hopkinton residents are invited, but reservations must be made by emailing Tim Kilduff at tkilduff@att.net . Coffee & Refreshments will be Served


July 14, 2006 at 8:30 AM

Caliper Life Sciences

68 Elm Street

Hopkinton, MA 01748


New School not needed

Center School to remain open


by Julie Brennan


July 7, 2006— The Hopkinton School Committee met last night to discuss plans for a new elementary school during which  plans to accommodate future growth of the community weighed. 

     For now, the Center, Elmwood and Hopkins schools have a total capacity of roughly 1478 students with ideal class sizes.  Currently, there are about 1638 students enrolled in these schools.  The committee estimates needing between 69 and 71 classrooms to accommodate these students.  Currently, there are 67 classrooms between the three buildings.  Data collected from various experts does not predict enough growth to require an additional school at this time.  However, with plans for properties such as Fruit Street and Weston Nurseries still being unknown, predicting the town’s growth rate over the next few years is incredibly difficult.  The committee’s general opinion is that there is not enough solid data to justify the need for a new elementary school at this point in time. Photo, from left, School Committee Chair Rebecca Robak, members Lyn Branscomb and Phil Totino. HopNews photo by Julie Brennan.

     They explored the option of closing Center school, due to the fact that it does not quite meet current state standards for public education buildings, and building a new school as a replacement.  The committee, however, determined that the members of the community would not support a decision to decommission Center School, eliminating any further justification for a new building.  The committee voted to wait another year before continuing with plans for the new school in hopes that there will be more statistics to substantiate its construction. FULL STORY

WOW, check out the Totally Free Classifieds

NEW LISTING IN HOPKINTON: Charming 4 bedroom colonial on a private lot set back with over an acre of land. Fireplaced country kitchen, formal living room, huge family room over looking large deck with a great yard. This home has all new windows, new baths, atrium doors, ceiling fans, an over sized 2 car garage that has a potting area and workshop, with a loft for only $533,900. Move in before school starts.

Preaching to the choir

July 6, 2006 — Parade participant Lori Kelley knows first hand that what the horse taketh, the horse giveth.

Young entrepeneurs


Campbell Dunne, Matthew Laflash, Justice Dunne and Pippa Dunne at their July 4th lemonade stand.


First concert on the common Sunday, July 9th at 5:00.  Parks and Recreation welcomes The Barnstormers.


The Barnstormers, have been together for a little over a year.  They are a cover band with 2 full set drummers and a wide range of influences from Rock & Roll, Blues and Southern Rock stemming from the 1920s to the present. The band plays music for all ages to dance or just kick back and enjoy. ~ Michele


Bird attack

July 6, 2006 — This bird, along with its mate, is apparently protecting its young, charging toward the face of anyone nearing the tree. Then it hovers above the person and swoops down again (Inset). A close up can be seen further down the page.

A tip of the HopNews hat to Susan Ranney who identified the bird as an  Eastern kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus)


10U Champion Red Sox


Congratulations to the 10U Red Sox for winning the championship game against the 10U Blue Jays on June 20th at McIntyre Field.  It was an exciting game between two well matched teams.  The Blue Jays, head coached by Karen Cooprider, had impressive fielding, pitching, and hitting.  The Red Sox, head coached by Dickran Babigian,  played a solid game and ultimately won by a score of 10-4.  Both teams displayed great sportsmanship.  Congratulations to all!

Back row- Asst. Coach Steve Radel, Head Coach Dickran Babigian, Asst. Coach Dave Lowell

Third Row- Cassidy Lowell, Kelsey Babigian, Stephanie Moffat, Jenna Bogan, Julia Macchi, Shannon Moffat, Taylor Sokol

Second row- Kelbi Magnuson, Casey Dwyer, Jill Tomlinson

Front row- Alexandra Radel.   ~Mary Babigian




4:06 pm Officer Gregg DeBoer reported that the construction site on Mayhew Street needs attention.  The trench had been washed out due to rain.  The Department of Public Works was advised and contacted the Water Department to repair the problem.


2:34 pm Officer Philip Powers received a report of a fight on the main beach on Cedar Street.  Officer David Shane responded to assist.  Ashland Police Department was notified and assisted.


1:06 pm A 911 caller on a cell phone called in a medical emergency at the Hopkinton State Park.  The caller was on the lower beach, well into Ashland.  The Ashland Police Department was advised of the situation and responded along with their Fire Department.


9:38 am A walk-in reported a man mowing his lawn on East Main Street was throwing rocks into the road, one of which almost hit him.

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