Unfortunately, our Classic Town Talk has been infested with a couple of cowardly people who are mean toward other people, and their reputations.

Therefore, rather than let them poison the well for even a minute, Classic Town Talk will be Classic once again, put on hold until the posters causing the problems either grow up or become incarcerated.

We now ask that readers, and especially the fine people who posted here prolifically in the short time it was up, to please use Quality Conversations, where people like that can be easily banned, and the good, honest people can have their say. Please give it a shot. We can't let people like that stifle us. The registration is open to all. I have a suggestion or two:

When people sign up, please use a handle that can be pronounced. "jklvbnm" will get deleted without much time passing.

Please do not sign up with a spoof email address, such as me@tensecondemail.com. Although we will never make anyone's email address public, and we have never "outed" the identity of anyone on that page, we do want real email addresses used so that people who want to say things to defame or hurt other people, will be held accountable.