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Support for John Coutinho

Dear Fellow Hopkinton Residents,

As a 15 year resident, business owner, mother of three children, and fellow Town of Hopkinton elected official having served on the Board of Health for the past three years, I whole-heartedly endorse current Selectmen, John Coutinho for re-election. I’ve known John both professionally and personally over the last 15 years and can say without hesitation that there is no person better suited for this position. He has the experience necessary to navigate the oftentimes difficult sinews of politics. John’s unwavering commitment to the Town and its residents, is evidenced by his loyalty and dedication to the betterment of our Community. Please take a moment to look around; at local business openings, at sporting events, at political events, at countless Town meetings, at ribbon cuttings and the list goes on, and John Coutinho is present.


John is a father, husband, entrepreneur, teacher and leader. He is truly engrained in our Community and carries the spirit of Hopkinton in all that he does. His life is focused around his family and the Town; and his passion is evident.


I ask the residents of the Town of Hopkinton to join me in support of John Coutinho, as Selectmen, and please exercise your right to vote on Monday, May 15th.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Jennifer Belesi

24 Huckleberry Road

April 23, 2017

Your Home


Support for Two Candidates


Please join me in voting for Muriel Kramer and Amy Ritterbusch for Planning Board. Both candidates have demonstrated a strong commitment to Hopkinton through civic activities, education, volunteerism and would represent us well on the Planning Board. 

Muriel comes to this race having served on the Board of Appeals, member and chair of the Board of Selectman as well as Chair of the Master Planning Committee. She is currently our Deputy Town Moderator and is a Commissioner of Trust Funds.  Further, she has volunteered for a wide array school projects and was on the Strategic Planning Committee for Hopkinton Public Schools. 

 Amy has also given much to the town. Recently she organized and moderated two public forums involving Hopkinton Police, the DPW and the town's traffic consultant after several accidents on Hayden Rowe involving pedestrians. Residents were given the opportunity to express concerns, ask questions and suggest alternatives for dealing with increased traffic on this busy corridor. The result of this effort includes several articles on the Town Meeting Warrant designed to calm traffic and keep everyone safer. 

Hopkinton is fortunate to have such dedicated citizens as Muriel and Amy, folks who make this such a great place to live!  I can't think of two people more qualified to serve as Planning Board members and know that each will treat every issue that comes before them with the diligence and dedication that they have shown to other projects throughout their time in town. Thank you for considering Muriel Kramer and Amy Ritterbusch on May 15.  



Anne Mattina 

40 Eastview Rd.

April 23, 2017


Support for Muriel Kramer


We are happy and proud to support Muriel Kramer for a 5-year term on the Planning Board because of her strong and deep commitment to Hopkinton. We have known Muriel for almost 25 years, and have seen her devote countless hours of her time for the betterment of our town. Over the course of the past 15+ years, she has been a dedicated volunteer and has served us tirelessly on the Board of Appeals, on the Master Plan Committee, as a Selectman, and currently as a Commissioner of Trust Funds, and as the Deputy Town Moderator. She has developed a knowledge and understanding of the town’s issues and priorities that are second to none.

As a Hopkinton homeowner, and a parent of six wonderful children, Muriel understands the sometimes competing and conflicting needs and concerns of her neighbors, property developers, business owners and other stake-holders in the town, when it comes to development and growth issues that affect multiple factions. She is fair-minded and approachable, and consistently demonstrates her ability to not only listen, but hear and respect all sides of an issue. Her approach is always with an open mind, with no hidden agenda or pre-determined conclusions, and always with the goal of reaching logical and proper conclusions and decisions. Anyone that knows her will say she is honest, sincere, has unquestionable integrity, and WILL tell you what she thinks!

We have no doubt that Muriel will be an asset and leader on the Planning Board, and that she will serve with the same tireless energy and commitment that she has in the past, and that she always brings to the activities and endeavors in her life. Please join us on Monday May 15th in voting for Muriel Kramer for a 5-year term on the Planning Board.

Annie & Jeff Merzel

27 Alexander Road

April 23, 2017

Thomas McIntyre, 62


HOPKINTON - Thomas McIntyre, 62, passed away on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Beloved husband of Kathleen (Fahey), whom he married in 1986. Loving father of Thomas and his fiancée Madeline Mylett of Boston, and of Kelli and her fiancé Paul Mylett of Hopkinton. Born to the late Charles and Beverly (Welch) McIntyre of Hopkinton, on December 16, 1954. Brother of Charles and his wife Patricia of Indianapolis and of Daniel and his wife Eileen of Hopkinton. He is also survived by his mother-in-law Jacquelyne Fahey of Hopkinton, his aunt Kathleen Welch of Townsend, and his nieces and nephews—Colleen, Paul, Erin, Marissa, Kevin, John, and Kathryn.

A lifelong Hopkinton resident, Thomas graduated from Hopkinton High School in 1972. After graduation, he bought a truck and a piece of land on Wood Street and started his business, known today as McIntyre Loam. Thomas was a volunteer firefighter on the Hopkinton Fire Department since 1974. He served on the Hopkinton Chamber of Commerce and was a past president of Hopkinton Little League. Thomas enjoyed restoring pieces of Hopkinton history throughout the town, including the planter in front of Colella’s; two fire department bells—one at the Fireman Memorial on Mt. Auburn Street, the other at the Woodville Fire Station. He also created and placed the granite marker at the Pond and Winter Street intersection and the sign in front of the fire station, built from the foundation of the original gazebo at the Town Common. He loved antique fire trucks, the Boston Red Sox, and the Hopkinton Horribles Parade, which was started by his family over 80 years ago.

The funeral Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, April 26 at 10:30 a.m. at St. John the Evangelist Church, 20 Church Street, Hopkinton, with burial to follow at St. John’s Cemetery. Calling hours will be held Tuesday, April 25, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Callanan Cronin Funeral Home, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton.

Donations may be made to Dana Farber Cancer Institute or Hopkinton Ambulance Fund, 73 Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01748.


A Great Day for a Great Parade

April 23, 2017 -- It appears the end is nowhere in sight in this photo of the Hopkinton Little League Parade down Main Street on its way to Carrigan Park today.
Photo by Jonathan Goldberg.

Family Stuff

Support for John Coutinho



It may be odd that a candidate’s wife writes in to endorse her husband. What else would she think, right? Well, I feel I need to remind the voters how dedicated John Coutinho is to this town and speak to his character and his beliefs. I know him the best around here after all. If I had to choose 4 words to describe John it would be: selfless, generous, thoughtful and fair. I can attest that John spends many, many volunteer hours every week, thinking about, researching, vetting agenda items and town matters that come to the Board of Selectmen for consideration. He does not speak or act along party lines; he considers what is fair and right and timely for the town. He works in this town and has his finger on the pulse, he has excellent relationships with Town Hall staff, police and fire departments and business owners. He is readily available and often meets with or calls residents who have concerns or thoughts about town government. He has long time friendships with “townies” and works hard to keep this town authentic and as lovely as they all remember it. He has spent many years on different Boards and Committees to build good relationships with all walks of life in Hopkinton. His favorite day of the year is Memorial Day; a day he says shows the best of Hopkinton. The Common looks beautiful, green and in bloom, and the town turns out to honor and thank its veterans for the sacrifices they have made so that we may enjoy life in our small town in this free country. He likes it too, because youth organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts march in the parade and he knows that future generations are learning what Memorial Day means.


If you don’t know John personally, please make a point to get to know him in the next couple of weeks. If you don’t know him, please don’t assume that you do. We have raised our two daughters in a multicultural, multilingual, multiracial and multi spirited family. Politics make odd bedfellows. I know that; John and I don’t always agree on national politics and issues. Nationally, he votes in line with one or two issues that are important to him. You may feel swayed one way or the other because of his party affiliation. I would respectfully ask you to look at his service, his diligence, his dedication, his affability and his integrity when you vote on May 15th.

Thank you for your consideration and your vote for John Coutinho on May 15.

Brenda Coutinho, MD, FACOG

1 David Joseph Road

April 23, 2017


Candidate Statement


My name is Muriel Kramer and I am asking for your vote for Planning Board on May 15th. When I participated in the first Voices for Vision in 2003, trends emerged that still hold true today nearly fifteen years later. We value our strong school system, want a vibrant & revitalized downtown, appreciate preserving open space and sites of historical significance, and seek to find ways to encourage increasing our commercial and industrial tax base in ways that both support the local economy and maintain our small town rural feel.


The Town’s Master Plan does a credible job capturing our shared vision for Hopkinton and creating broad goals; what is still needed is a strategic implementation approach to measure development, prioritize preservation, and manage growth in terms of that vision and that plan. We need prioritized goals with benchmarks that help us measure progress towards those goals. I hope we can find ways to be more proactive in working towards our shared ideals and less reactive than we now seem to be in the planning process.


When weighing your vote on May 15th, I want you to know that I am invested in Hopkinton and our shared values for great schools, sound fiscal management, preservation of beautiful open spaces & important historical sites, as well as managed growth. I believe the essential work of the Planning Board is to help find the best solution, that necessary middle ground, for all stakeholders when considering a particular project or development. I will listen to everybody and work hard to address the concerns and priorities of residents foremost while working also to respectfully and professionally address developers and their plans for Hopkinton’s future growth.


I will earn my Masters Degree in Social Work at Boston College in May this year. As I look forward to my next career in social justice advocacy, I find I am ready to re-engage more actively in town government. I have served on the Board of Appeals (2002-’04), chaired the Master Plan Committee (2004-’06), and served as a selectwoman including two years as chair (2005-’08). I am currently serving as the Deputy Town Moderator (2009-present) and as a Commissioner of Trust Funds (2014 – present).


I respectfully ask for your vote for Planning Board on Monday, May 15th


Muriel Kramer

39 North Street

April 22, 2017

Your Home


Thomas McIntyre, 62


HOPKINTON - Thomas McIntyre, 62, passed away on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Funeral arrangements are entrusted to Callanan Cronin Funeral Home (www.callanancronin.com), and are incomplete at this time.  (file photo).


Wants More Trees on Common


As Arbor Day approaches (April 28) the town should move forward with the shade tree planting program that was proposed by the 2010 Weston and Sampson report. This report, paid for by the town, suggested that yearly 4 shade trees should be planted on the Common to replace the 29 trees that were removed. It has been 5 years since any shade trees have been planted. The Common is a town treasure and a green oasis in the downtown. The shade tree planting program should not be ignored.


Rick and Beth Kelly

5 Ash Street

Hopkinton, MA

April 22, 2017

Live! on Main with Amman Haidri, candidate for Selectmen. Click below for video


Fay School Farmers' Market
   Saturday, May 13, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fay is delighted to announce the launch of the Fay School Farmers Market! The market, which will take place on the Fay School campus, is open to all and will feature local produce, prepared food, and handmade goods by local vendors and Fay School faculty and staff. Join us, and bring your neighbors, as we celebrate our local farmers, delicious food, and a sustainable community! Opening day is Saturday, May 13 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm—and this fall, we look forward to an eight-week season of Saturday morning markets. An event for the whole community, the Fay Farmers’ Market will also feature activities for children, including an Animal Adventures Show and Touch program with various farm and exotic animals.

       Know a vendor who might like to participate? Contact Nicole Casey at ncasey@fayschool.org or 508-490-8204. 

The event will take place at Harlow Circle on the Fay campus at 25 Middle Road in Southborough. Visit www.fayschool.org/farmer for more information.

Family Stuff


Happy Together, Again!

April 20, 2017 -- These turtles at town-owned Pratt Pond were caught off-guard this afternoon. They often jump into the water by the time the photographer breaks a 15-foot radius.

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Hopkinton to the Rescue

April 20, 2017 -- Hopkinton public safety officials responded at the request of Westboro to this 495N accident just past the Pike this afternoon.

Support for Muriel Kramer


Muriel Kramer is running for a five-year seat on the Hopkinton Planning Board. Over the years, Muriel has served Hopkinton in many capacities including chairing the Master Plan update and Chairman of the Selectman,

While Muriel currently is finishing up her Master’s Degree at Boston College, and raising a large active family, she still is out many week nights doing the town's business. Muriel has what seems a relentless well of energy. She always finds time to research her project, do the homework, and come to the table well informed and ready to participate.

Muriel is one of the most dedicated and honest people I’ve ever met. She would be a brilliant addition to the Hopkinton Planning Board. I feel the Planning Board is at a point where it needs diversity and new energy.

Please vote for Muriel Kramer for Planning Board.

Thank You,

Sandy King Altamura

33 Elm Street

April 20, 2017

The Joys of Whitehall

April 20, 2017 -- This young male mallard is enjoying the overflow to the north of Lake Whitehall Dam this afternoon, as much as his human counterparts.


Growing Tree

April 20, 2017 -- This "Tree of Hope" -- it's location is apparent -- has been sprouting ribbons since its official opening on April 15. Each ribbon can be purchased inside the Garden Center for a suggested donation of $5, and put onto the tree to fill it in before the June deadline. The proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund.

Family Stuff

John J. Beale, 81

HOPKINTON - John J. Beale, 81, died Monday, April 17, 2017 at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough after a brief illness. He was the husband of the late Barbara (Smith) Beale, who died in October 2002.

John was a 1954 graduate of Natick High School and A US Marine Veteran. He was employed by the Framingham DPW until his retirement. An avid sports fan, he enjoyed the Patriots and Red Sox. John also enjoyed and had the pleasure of extensive travel.

John is survived by an extended family including many nieces and nephews whom he mentored over the years. He also leaves a close friend Dorothy Meehan and her family of Hopkinton.

The funeral will be held Tuesday, April 25 at 10:00 a.m. from the Callanan-Cronin Funeral Home www.callanancronin.com, 34 Church Street, Hopkinton. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, Hopkinton. Burial with military honors will follow at 1:45 p.m. in Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne. Calling Hours at the funeral home are Monday, April 24 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Memorial donations may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105.


Dr. Kenneth Blanchard


Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, of Newton, April 15, 2017. He is survived by his wife Dr. Rita (Campbell) Blanchard, two sons, Brian Blanchard and Scott Blanchard, three grandchildren Grace, Rose and Cole Blanchard and his brother Fred Blanchard. Born in Perth Amboy New Jersey, he was the son of Fred and Edith Blanchard. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a PhD from Princeton University and after a brief teaching stint at Vassar College where he married his wife of over 50 years, Dr. Rita (Campbell)Blanchard, he then entered medical school.


Both Rita and Ken graduated from Cornell Medical College with doctorates in medicine. Ken then interned at New York Hospital followed by a fellowship in endocrinology in Boston. After completing his Fellowship, he entered private practice in Newton Massachusetts. At the time of his death, he was still seeing patients and had earned a worldwide reputation for his success in treating those with thyroid disease and had authored two books on his methods of treatment. A Memorial Service will be held in the Newton Cemetery Chapel, 791 Walnut St, Newton, on Saturday, April 22nd at 2:30. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to your favorite charity in Ken's memory. NOTE: Dr. Blanchard became known to Hopkinton Drug Lecture series patrons. Some became his patients.


Police Incidents - Updated 4/19/2017
for 4/18/2017 

Family Stuff

Terese McElhaney was the first to properly identify the photo of the tent at Athlete's Village to win $50 .
Thank you to the overwhelming number of readers who took part ~ Robert


Middle School Presentation


Don’t miss the boat! The Hopkinton Middle School Drama Club will present Children of Eden, an emotional and ultimately joyous musical about all of us, on Friday, April 28, and Saturday, April 29, at 7:00 pm, and on Sunday, April 30, at 2:00 pm. Performances will be presented in the Hopkinton Middle School Auditorium, 88 Hayden Rowe St, Hopkinton MA 01748. Tickets can be purchased at the Middle School from 6:00-7:00 pm each day during the week of the performance (around rehearsal pickup) or at the door.


Prices are $12 for adults and $10 for students. Receive a $2 discount for each donation (up to $2 per ticket purchased) of a NEW, unused school supply item, toy, or children’s clothing item to support the child-focused programs of Project Just Because. Senior citizens are welcome to attend for free, but donations to support the unique drama program at Hopkinton Middle School are greatly appreciated.

Family Stuff

Candidate's Statement, Amman Haidri


My name is Amman Haidri and I am running for the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. The rapid acceleration of residential development now underway in Hopkinton is a concern I've heard from many people who've spoken with me. As Selectman, I would bring substantive contributions to the Board, aimed at ensuring Hopkinton pursues the right growth in the right places - focused first and foremost on meeting our community needs and goals, not only the bottom lines of developers.  

Currently I serve as VP of Finance and Business Development at an Acton based life sciences company. Over my career in capital investments and small business development, including many years at Bank of America and Eastern Bank, I have gained experience and perspective that would help the Board of Selectman successfully lead the town through this latest wave of growth. 

After living in New Hampshire and Michigan, my wife Alizah and I feel very fortunate to have found Hopkinton, where we have lived the past 12 years. Like many, we moved here for the natural surroundings and great schools. We have found Hopkinton a great place to raise our two beautiful daughters, who both have attended Hopkinton Public Schools. Our eldest daughter, Momina, graduated from Hopkinton High School in 2016 and now attends Merrimack College, and our youngest daughter is currently a student in Hopkinton Middle School. Hopkinton has always been very welcoming to me and my family. 

Beyond professional and family life, I have volunteered on Hopkinton’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board the past 4 years. Now I am eager to give back to Hopkinton by volunteering on the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. 

In both my career and personal life, I have always listened to people's concerns and worked collaboratively to help people resolve challenges. As Selectman, I will take the same approach to listening and working together, with a focus on delivering the transparency, oversight and execution that the people of Hopkinton deserve from town government. 

I humbly request your vote for Amman Haidri for Selectmen on May 15th.


To send questions or reach out to help, please use:

Sadie E. Benson, 91

Sadie E. Benson, 91, of Hopkinton, passed away Friday, April 14, 2017. Born in Milford, she was the daughter of the late Jane (Robson) and Oscar Riedle. She was the wife of the late Estley M. Benson who passed away in 2002.


A lifelong Hopkinton resident, Sadie was an active member of Faith Community Church in Hopkinton and was a member of the former Joy Fellowship group. She was also active with the Milford Pine Street Baptist Church Women’s Group. She enjoyed time spent at the Hopkinton Senior Center.


She is survived by her brother, John I. Riedle and his wife Arlene of Hopkinton, and her nieces and nephews, the Benson, Melvin, and Riedle Families. She is predeceased by two sisters, Florence Riedle and Doris Melvin.


Visitation will be held on Monday, April 24th from 5-7 pm at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. www.ChesmoreFuneralHome.com


A memorial service will be held at Faith Community Church at 11:00 am on Tuesday, April 25.  Burial at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Hopkinton will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations in her memory may be made to Faith Community Church, 146 East Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01748.

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April 18, 2017 -- A woman drove her car onto the side of this garage shortly before 2:00 pm today in the central part of town. It is unknown if solar glare, a medical condition or some other reason was behind the accident.

Friends of Whitehall Spring Clean-up April 22nd 2017


The Friends of Whitehall ‘s 13th spring lake and trail clean-up will be held on Sat. April 22nd 2017 from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. We will gather at the boat landing at Whitehall State Park on Wood St. (rte.135) and be assigned areas of trails and shoreline around the lake to clean up debris and the refuse from the windy winter. The trails have been damaged due to the weather and some will need to be cleared. We will also clean up some of the roadsides near the lake. Gloves, trash bags, tools and water will be provided. Coffee and refreshments will be available. We will be working with the Department of Recreation and Conservation that day in conjunction with Earth Week. This is a wonderful opportunity to help your community.


The Friends of Whitehall started in 2005 and our main mission is to preserve, protect and improve the wonderful natural resource of Lake Whitehall and its environs. We are proud of our many accomplishments which are cited on our website www.friendsofwhitehall.org. Each year we send an appeal letter for membership to residents in the immediate vicinity of the lake and its watershed. We would like to expand our membership to all residents of Hopkinton and surrounding towns who enjoy and use Whitehall, whether for boating, fishing or hiking. Membership forms can be downloaded from our website. We are also on Facebook.


We hope you will help with the clean-up on April 22nd and that you will consider becoming a member. We are a non-profit 501c (3) organization.


What is a Pharmacy Benefits Manager?
Sponsored by Hopkinton Drug:


Family Stuff

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from April 10, 2017 - April 18, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
Off Elizabeth Road parcel C-1 Kristina-Maria Parsons $1,261 April 14, 2017 Emidio J. DiCarlo, Joseph DiCarlo, Judy J. DiCarlo
2 Aikens Road Curtis Smithson, Glennda Smithson $765,000 April 12, 2017 Jean Garlisi, Judith Bottomley
9 Old Farm Road Christopher Marsh, Allison Marsh $564,000 April 10, 2017 Robert W. Cummings Jr., Estate of Margaret P. Cummings
24 John Hancock Drive unit 80C Jason R. Duke, Jessica A. Duke $425,000 April 14, 2017 Freedom Village Realty
54 Monroe Drive unit 8 Wayne A. Lussier, Karen A. Lussier $525,000 April 13, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
175 Captain Eames Circle unit C Adam J. Fohlin, Marissa A. Kimball $345,000 April 12, 2017 Mark Kanieff, Madeline Kanieff
25 Hilldale Road Charles H. Wentworth, Maria D. Wentworth $432,000 April 11, 2017 Richard P. Barbieri, Judith Barbieri
8 Endicott Street Thomas Dealmeida $243,000 April 10, 2017 David E. Duffy, Carol A. Duffy
8 Ashley Road Benjamin Gavin, Stacy Strait $662,500 April 18, 2017 Brian C. Roche, Alison Roche
87 Turnpike Road Nancie E. Dimanno $300,000 April 18, 2017 Ferris Development Group LLC
12 Brook Lane Velocity Rei LLC $209,000 April 14, 2017 Estate of Laura J. Linera, Joseph H. Baldiga
95 Carriage Hill Circle Anne S. Rubenstein $643,125 April 14, 2017 Edward P. Lopes, Janice L. Lopes
3 Metacomet Lane Lindsay Bishop, Evan Bishop $730,000 April 14, 2017 Todd A. Dutton
18 Leonard Drive Daniel Murray $336,000 April 14, 2017 Ian B. Murphy, Cassidy N. Murphy
154 Boston Road Ravan Nagalla, Mohana Siri Kamineni $680,000 April 14, 2017 154 Boston Road Realty LLC
61 Rockwood Lane unit 8 Madhu Kumar, Pradeep Kumar $628,597 April 14, 2017 LLD Land Development Corp.
60 School Street Smart Development LLC $75,000 April 14, 2017 Sheila M. Black, Maureen B. Guido
43 Rockwood Lane unit 17 John E. Campbell, Nancy J. Campbell $546,818 April 14, 2017 LLD Land Development Cor.
59 Williams Street Benjamin R. Potter, Aline Potter $360,000 April 11, 2017 Joseph B. Stoopack, Janice G. Marsh


Police Incidents - Updated 4/18/2017
Into The Woods: The meaning and muse behind the art. 
An artist talk and demo  with Catherine Weber.

Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m.

HCA Gallery, 98 Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton, MA

Catherine Weber is a visual artist and poet. She has explored many mediums and produced a great deal of work that includes photography, sewn textile art, bees wax, acrylic, printmaking and, perhaps most prominently, wood.  While these many mediums might seem disparate, her work does, however, have a very strong thread: her connection with the forest and trees. 

In this talk, Catherine will demonstrate encaustic painting and share her creative process, and how her body of work has evolved over time and always remains deeply connected to her love of the woods. Encaustic painting is an ancient medium of painting with molten bees wax, mixed with resin and pigment.

$5 at the door.

Filling the Gaps

The Artwork of Catherine Weber

On display in the HCA Gallery

April 20 - May 17


All District Staff New Director of Finance & Operations announced

April 18, 2017 -- The Hopkinton School Committee and Superintendent, Dr. Cathy MacLeod, are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement with Ms. Susan Rothermich for the position of Hopkinton Public Schools’ Director of Finance & Operations. Our current Director, Ralph Dumas, will retire at the end of July.

Ms. Rothermich is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over seventeen years experience in financial management, including six years as an auditor for major corporations. She is a licensed School Business Administrator, and a designated MA Certified Public Purchasing Official (MCPPO) for Goods & Services. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Connecticut, as well as a Certificate in Management & Finance from the Suffolk University Moakley Center for Public Management.

She is currently the Director of Business and Finance for Sudbury Public Schools, and will assume her new role in Hopkinton on July 1st, upon the retirement of Ralph Dumas. Ralph will be working with Susan during the month of July to ensure a smooth transition. We look forward to welcoming her to Hopkinton!

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Men's Start of the 121st Boston Marathon

April 17, 2017 -- The eventual winner in the Men's Division, taking his first step toward Boston  is Geoffrey Kirui, second from far right, who finished at 2:09:37.
 Six of the top ten finishers were from the USA.

Women's Start

Edna Kiplaget of Kenya, the Women's Winner, is designated by black arrow in center, top of the photo. Her time was 2:21:52.

Family Stuff

Top Brass

Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, fires the starter's gun for the third wave of runners today.
See many more great photos taken by Jonathan Goldberg HERE


Protection from the Air




April 17, 2017 -- At approximately 9:10 am a witness observed a body in the eastern end of Charles River at the locks. The Massachusetts State Police Marine Unit several minutes later recovered the deceased body of an adult male. In an update, he has been identified as Michael Kelleher, 23, of Southborough


The victim was transported to the MSP Marine Unit base. State Police detectives and Crime Scene Services troopers have responded to continue the investigation.


A preliminary identification has been made but official confirmation of that identification is pending. Until that time, State Police will not release the victim’s identity.


The manner and cause of death will be determined by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The investigation will be led by state troopers assigned to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, with assistance from State Police Troop H.


No Brush Fire

April 16, 2017 -- Firefighters and police responded to the area of the Hopkinton State Park Car Top Boat landing following the report of a brush fire. One individual among the group concluded the caller probably saw the tower at the gas plant burning off impurities as they often do. The inset photo was taken immediately following the main photo, but from Legacy Farms North Road, where it is clearly visible.

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The first person to email editor@HopNews.com with the correct definition of what is in the photo, and where it is, will win $50.

Stopping Traffic

April 15, 2017 -- Officer Arthur Schofield stops traffic at the Start Line after sunset for a family from Holliston, who were visiting for the first time.
Respite Center Celebrates 20 Years

April 15, 2017 -- From right, Mary McQueeney and Sharon Lisnow introduce some of the people who will run on behalf of the Michael Carter Lisnow Respite Center on Monday at a 20-year anniversary party at DellEMC this afternoon. Below, click on a thumbnail to enlarge. See video late Monday.


Food Delivery

April 15, 2017 -- An adult osprey brings a meal home to  its young, yesterday in Hopkinton. Thanks to Christine St. Andre for the great photo.

Family Stuff

Assault Suspect Captured


CARLISLE – April 15, 2017 -- Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Carlisle Police Chief John Fisher have announced that William Baafi, 36 of Lowell was arrested last night and charged with assault, accosting and annoying a person of the opposite sex and breaking and entering a vehicle in connection with an alleged assault on a female jogger in Great Brook State Park on April 12, 2017.

“This arrest is the result of the cooperative work of several local law enforcement agencies to identify and locate the defendant. I applaud the Carlisle Police Department for their comprehensive investigation and their collaboration with our Office which led to resolution in this matter,” said District Attorney Ryan.

“I would like to thank the officers for their hard work in apprehending the suspect involved in this case. It is my hope that bringing in the person responsible for these alleged actions will bring a sense of security to the residents of Carlisle who regularly visit the park,” added Chief Fisher.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on April 12, Mr. Baafi allegedly approached a female jogger in the Visitor Center parking lot at Great Brook State Park. He allegedly approached the victim’s vehicle, standing behind her car, blocking her from pulling out. The man then allegedly came up to her car window and began yelling at the victim before putting his hands on the car window attempting to assault the victim and enter her vehicle.

This incident was investigated by Carlisle Police with assistance from police departments in Billerica, Concord, Lincoln, Lowell, Nashua, NH, and Westford.

Mr. Baafi was arrested without incident at his home in Lowell. He will be arraigned on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 in Concord District Court.

Live! on Main
Guest Michael Karlis, Editor Robert Falcione, Spar over Journalistic Conventions

Weston Nurseries Launches Tree of Hope on April 15, 2017, benefiting the Jimmy Fund

Above, Marketing Manager Liz Mulder shows Weston Nurseries President Peter Mezitt the best way to tie a Hope ribbon to the Tree of Hope

HOPKINTON, MA - There is a good chance you know someone who has battled cancer and the impact it has on families. There are teams of medical professionals working to eradicate the disease, and families hoping it happens soon.  What holds it all together is hope. Hope for a cure, and hope for loved ones who endure this battle.

Directly on the Boston Marathon®’s route, as runners are cheered on by crowds this coming Monday, you will notice Weston Nurseries’ Tree of Hope. We have chosen a visible tree in front of our Hopkinton store to display our enthusiasm for the participants and hope for a cancer cure.

Starting on April 15, during our Weston Nurseries Welcomes Spring Day, ribbons will be available to in our store until June. We invite you to dedicate a ribbon to honor your loved one. We will hang ribbons daily through June.  On April 15th, we will provide opportunities to give to our Weston Nurseries Jimmy Fund Walk team or join our team!

A suggested donation of $5 per ribbon will benefit Team Weston Nurseries for the 2017 Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk presented by Hyundai held on Sunday, September 24. We will be offering fun incentives to team members!  Visit www.WestonNurseries.com     to learn more about our upcoming events and visit http://www.jimmyfundwalk.org/2017/westonnurseries   to register or support the Weston Nurseries Jimmy Fund Walk team.

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The Kenyans at Elmwood
Law Enforcement Response Surprises Youths

April 14, 2017 -- At 6:42 pm yesterday, a Woody Island caller reported to police that some youths had lit a fire on a nearby island. Police dispatched an officer, and the Fire Department sent personnel. But that isn't all.

          A nearby State Police Airwing chopper that was monitoring Hopkinton's police frequency flew to the location immediately and hovered over the scene for a time, according to witnesses, a response that undoubtedly surprised, and possibly shocked the youths.

          Police spoke with the offenders and their parents, the firefighters boated to the island to put out the fire, and the chopper resumed its patrol of the skies in the area.

   Lt. General to Start 3rd Marathon Wave

Lieutenant General James C. McConville became the U.S. Army’s 47th Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 on August 4, 2014.


 He is responsible for developing, managing, and executing manpower and personnel plans, programs, and policies for the total Army. Prior to this assignment, he served as the Commanding General of the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) and Fort Campbell, KY. Lieutenant General McConville hails from Quincy, MA and was commissioned as an Infantry officer in the U.S. Army upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1981.


He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the United States Military Academy, a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and was a 2002 National Security Fellow at Harvard University. LTG McConville’s command assignments include command of an Aero-Rifle Platoon in D Troop, 2-10 CAV from 1984 to 1985 and C Troop, 2-9 CAV from 1986 to 1987 in the 7th Infantry Division (Light) at Fort Ord, CA; command of 2-17 CAV from 1998 to 2000 in the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) at Fort Campbell, KY; command of the 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, TX from 2002-2005 with service in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM; and command of the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) and Fort Campbell, KY from 2011-2014 with service in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. (Above, speaking to Currahees). ~ Contributed content.

Family Stuff

Search Ongoing After Personal Items Found Near Charles River

Updated Info 9:02 AM:
 We are attempting to locate TAMIKA DANIELLE JEUNE, seen in this photo, a missing person. Ms. JEUNE is 26, lives on Beacon Street in Boston, and is from Dorchester. She is black, relatively tall, with a slender build. Ms. JEUNE attends Boston University School of Law.  Anyone who sees her or has information about her is urged to call Massachusetts State Police detectives at 617-740-7544 or State Police Communications at 508-820-2121.


Original info from 4/13/17 at 7:06 AM:
State Police are searching the Charles River near Boston University and the surrounding area after several personal items belonging to a young woman were found by the river overnight.  The young woman is a BU student and she was not located at her dormitory or her home. At this time there is no reason to believe the young woman entered the river but Troop H and our Marine Unit is conducting a search given that she has not yet been located and the proximity of the personal items to the river. Will provide updates when available. Contributed content.


Police Incidents - Updated 4/13/2017

Town Hall Closed for an extended Period


The water damage at Hopkinton's Townhall caused by a failed water pipe valve on the third floor is substantial. At this time, we have been advised that the Town Hall building will remain closed for at least two and one half months. The Town is relocating town hall based offices to separate town facilities to be able to serve the public as early as this Thursday (4/13) afternoon.
· The Town Clerk’s office is now located at the Police Station lobby, 74 Main Street
· Human Resources is at Hopkinton Public Schools Administration Building, 89 Hayden Rowe.
· Land Use, Permitting, Board of Health and Town Manager departments are at Hopkinton Fire Station, 73 Main Street.
· Youth and Family Services, Finance, Accounting and Treasurer-Collector offices are at Hopkinton Senior Center, 28 Mayhew Street.

The Town’s investments in technology and facilities over the past years will allow the Town departments to set up offices at the temporary locations with minimal interruption of service and to use the same phone numbers. Postal mailing and email addresses will not change.

Last night the Board of Selectmen designated John Coutinho as its liaison to the Town Hall Repair and Relocation project. John is uniquely qualified for this role. He has 35 years’ experience as an engineer and is a licensed construction supervisor. He is currently Facilities Director at Golden Pond where he restored that facility from a similar event a few months ago. “Town Hall is closed right now to allow the remediation and repair teams to do their work and town staff to set up their offices in the new locations. We are doing our best to ensure that town offices are up and running by this afternoon,” said Mr. Coutinho.

We will continue to post updates  to Hopkintonma.gov twitter.com/hopkintonma  and Facebook.com/hopkintonma.gov  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to be back up and running to serve the residents of Hopkinton. ~Press Release

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Kenyans Visit Elmwood

April 13, 2017 -- Following the introductions and program at Elmwood School today, the Kenyans runners visiting joined Hopkinton runners from Elmwood and the high school in a couple of laps around the traffic Island. Below, the Kenyan runners are introduced into the Elmwood Auditorium amid deafening cheers and pounding music. Check back for video later.

Overflow Crowd

April 12, 2017 -- The Planning Board met this evening in HCAM-TV studios due to a flood at Town Hall that is not fully mitigated. The group overflowed into the second studio, to where the audio and video were fed. What brought out the overflow crowd was the issue of a 34-lot residential sub division proposed by REC Hopkinton, LLC (Paul Mastroianni) that would be accessed by driving down Chamberlain Street, a scenic road according to one speaker, and also a dead end, and/or Whalen Road also a current dead end.
          The Planning Board presented three possible plans, to which Brian Herr, current Chair of the Board of Selectmen, and former Planning Board Chair, had an objection. He suggested narrowing the focus down to one with which people could agree. No one championed the road that goes all of the way through, which would connect Hayden Rowe with West Main.

          Most people have expressed a desire to have two roads, one from Whalen and one from Chamberlain at either end of the development instead.

          Individuals leading a community activist group spoke about about the amount of people who joined as members and what their concerns were.

          The Planning Board will lead a site walk of the property at 9:00 am on April 22, meeting on Chamberlain Street.

             The hearing was continued until May 8.


April 12, 2017 -- A driver phoned police to report an erratic operator "all over the road" on Main Street entering Downtown. Officer Buckley tracked him down and activated his blue lights, at which time the operator struck a pole lightly while pulling over. The driver was administered field sobriety tests, as well as a portable breath test, and was taken into custody.

Family Stuff

Candidate Statement

Hi Hopkinton Community! I am running for re-election to Parks and Rec. I have really enjoyed serving the community the past two years and I have spearheaded the free summer concerts, the fun at Sandy beach and now I am working on getting the dog park up and running! I would love to keep working for this community so please vote for me on May 15th!

~ Laura Hanson

The Line King

April 12, 2017 -- Well known local personality Jacques LeDuc, a Hopkinton native, has painted the B.A.A. Start line for the 36th time this year. Below, as Jacques works in the street, his daughters, who also help with the line, enjoy a picnic with their mother and daughters. In addition, Mr. LeDuc is the co-Master of Ceremonies on the reviewing stand, leading up to, and during the race.

Please speak out for the dogs


As the town of Hopkinton considers what to do about the many complaints it has received about animal care at Greyhound Friends (GHF), I’d like to share my experience rescuing a dog from there. As a volunteer with the foster-based rescue PittieLove Rescue, we were asked to help find a home for a pit bull named Emma, who had been at GHF for roughly two months. A GHF volunteer had quietly reached out to see if we could help Emma, because she felt the dog was not getting the care she needed there.

Were were surprised to find that GHF had no record of Emma being tested for heartworm disease prior to being brought into the state or during the nearly 60 days she was at their kennel. It is a very bad idea to skip a test like that, since heartworm disease can be spread from dog to dog. The disease can be fatal. PittieLove asked that the test be done prior to Emma being moved into our care. We then learned that Emma was suffering from heartworm disease, as well as a tick-borne illness.

We were fortunate to be able to find an amazing foster home where Emma could live while she received treatment for her disease. When I arrived at GHF to pick her up, I found that all of their kennels were full and Emma was stuck in a back room with three hound dogs, and they were all in crates that were far too small for them.

I got Emma out of there and brought her to her foster home. She arrived dirty, too skinny, embedded with engorged ticks, and scratching at her ears from an infection. These are things that we expect when a dog is rescued from living on the streets, or from being in a bad home. Those are not things you expect when you get a dog that has been in a rescue for two months.

Emma also had an awful cough — which is a symptom of heartworm disease. PittieLove immediately scheduled an appointment with a veterinarian, who found that Emma showed signs of permanent heart damage.

The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture recently wrote about Emma (formerly named Diamond) as part of an extensive report about the conditions at the GHF kennel. Emma’s tests revealed “an enlarged and misshapen heart, indicative of prolonged heartworm infection” and that the disease “appears to have been unnoticed, undiagnosed, and untreated while she was at GHF.”

Although heartworm disease can occur in any shelter, responsible rescues take steps to minimize these cases through testing and preventative medication. These are critical steps that help save lives. It seems apparent that GHF did not take steps to protect her from this serious disease – and did not get her the medical help she needed when she was began showing symptoms. GHF’s defense is that Emma came to them from an emergency situation. However, that does not make it acceptable to not provide her with necessary medical care.

Emma’s story is not an isolated case. There have been many disturbing reports from other rescue groups that have helped take dogs from GHF.
I am sure that GHF has successfully placed dogs into homes in the past, but at some point, some of the dogs in their care were not being treated appropriately. On behalf of Emma and those before her, I felt it was important to share this story with the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen.

I hope you will read the report and learn what has been happening in this Hopkinton kennel.



Please join me in reaching out to the selectmen (selectmen@hopkintonma.gov ) and speaking out on behalf of the dogs.

Thank you
Stephen A. Bassignani

15 Lee Street
Franklin MA

April 12, 2017

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Sasha Fomin, 8th grade HMS student, placed sixth overall at the state finals for the National Geographic Bee which was held at Elms College in Chicopee on March 31.  He competed against 100 peers who advanced to the finals after winning their respective school bees and taking an online test used to determine eligibility.  He will not advance to the national finals, his effort/achievement deserves recognition.

The Starter

April 12, 2017 -- Sculptor Michael Alfano touches up his sculpture of George V. Brown, "The Starter," yesterday on the Hopkinton Common.


Town Hall Closed Wednesday
Management Director and Fire Chief Slaman is coordinating the efforts of Hopkinton Fire and remediation crews. In conjunction with Safety Inspectors, Chief Slaman will advise when the building is safe to reopen.

The Board of Selectmen's meeting that was scheduled for Tue 4/11 has been tentatively rescheduled for Wed 4/12 at 6pm. Location TBD.

Contributed content
Due to an emergency (flooding), Hopkinton Town Hall is closed for the remainder of the day Tue 4/11/17. All scheduled meetings at Town Hall including Board of Selectmen are canceled. 
Update from Fire Chief is that flooding was caused by a broken water pipe. 
Town Clerk has committed to accept voter registration until 8pm at Hopkinton Police Department. 
Below, Town Hall employees and visitors who evacuated the building, await the investigation by the Fire Department.
HopNews photo by Eric Montville.

Family Stuff

Making Safe

April 11, 2017 -- This Department of Energy helicopter flew over the Downtown in several passes today. It is equipped to map the radiation signature of an area, presumably to create a baseline to compare against the possible movement or appearance of radioactive material at a later date.

Fay School's Free Speaker Series, May 2: Dr. Rob Evans on Raising Healthy Children in Challenging Times


On Tuesday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. Fay School welcomes Dr. Rob Evans to its "Ideas&Insights" Speaker Series with a presentation entitled "Raising Healthy Children in Challenging Times." Dr. Evans will address the challenges that parents face in today's fast-paced, media-drenched world, and he will offer concrete suggestions for resisting negative influences and raising competent, caring children.


Dr. Evans is a nationally recognized psychologist, family therapist, and Executive Director of The Human Relations Service in Wellesley. He is the author of many articles and three books, including Family Matters: How Schools Can Cope with The Crisis in Childrearing. This event will take place in Fay's Root Meeting Room; parking will be available at Fay's East Entrance, at 23 Middle Road in Southborough. Ideas&Insights is free and open to the public, and no registration is required. Contact Nicole Casey at ncasey@fayschool.org or 508-490-8204 with any questions.


Taking Advantage of an Existing Situation

April 11, 2017 -- Upon the photographer's request, Michael Alfano took a break from preparing his statue on the Common, The Starter, to take part in a visual pun, holding a piece of his art at the unfinished marathon start line that is more than halfway to spelling "Start" today.

And as we are finding out, "Marathon Monday" isn't always all about the marathon this year. The Spoon will be opening their ice cream parlor, The Spoonery, at One Lumber Street at 2:00 pm, after the fastest runners have already crossed the finish line on April 17, 2017. Its entrance can be seen from the rear exit of the Spoon, on the opposite side of the pergola. They will have more than 20 flavors.


Twin Sister Personal Chefs Create Healthy Dishes as Well as Allergen-free Meals
These young ladies are familiar to the patrons of the former Pizza Villa, which left Main Street a couple of decades ago.
On the counter was a jar marked "College Fund" with a photo of the daughters of the owner, Bill Hart.
"And we did go to college and graduate," said Sabine in a short, impromptu discussion this afternoon.
See if you agree that their show is the best cooking show you've ever seen!
(And please watch it in full screen. Please!)

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Rare Bird

April 10, 2017-Thanks to Christine St. Andre for sharing this photo she took down the Cape of this King Eider, a bird that is more likely to be found in colder waters, according to the Cornell Lab.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from April 3, 2017 - April 10, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
16 Lakepoint Way unit 8 Barry Ober, Heidi Edwards $650,280 April 7, 2017 Bruce D. Wheeler, Maspenock Woods Realty Trust
155 Cherry Street Alexi I. Caffelle, Tyler D. Caffelle $346,000 April 10, 2017 Denise M. Comeau, Susan A. Atherton
48 Strobus Lane Svetlana Alekperova $515,000 April 10, 2017 Susanne P. Sweeney, James P. Sweeney
1 Foxhill Road Benjamin Mohlie, Alicia Ling $620,000 April 7, 2017 Daniel Aho, Cordaville Nominee Trust
232 Prospect Street Katherine A. Crowe, Kathryn M. Costello $352,132 April 7, 2017 Colin McKenzie, Corinne McKenzie
52 Arrowhead Circle unit A Diana Asriyan, Vitaliy Akopdzhanov $355,000 April 5, 2017 David E. Wazer
423 America Boulevard unit 4 Elizabeth Escobar, Oscar Escobar $189,100 April 5, 2017 Louisiana Purchase Realty LLC
218 Cordaville Road Colleen M. Hoppe $169,000 April 6, 2017 Stephen W. Whynot
10 Grafton Road David Archie, Renee Archie $510,000 April 10, 2017 Chris Pirie, Johanna C. Cooper
31 Prospect Street Megan M. Caruso, Jeffrey T. Caruso $580,000 April 7, 2017 Simon Beylin, Mona Danesh
133 Main Street Sharon R. Carlino $312,500 April 7, 2017 Richard Jeffrey

Police Incidents - Updated 4/10/2017

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Governor Visits CommonWealth Kitchen

BOSTON – Today Governor Charlie Baker toured CommonWealth Kitchen, a Dorchester food business incubator and commercial kitchen that provides shared commissary space and manufacturing capacity to entrepreneurs with food-based ventures. CommonWealth kitchen hosts over 55 businesses, employing over 200 workers. Since 2015, the Baker-Polito Administration has supported CommonWealth Kitchen’s growth by providing the nonprofit organization with over $300,000 in capital equipment grants from the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. CommonWealth Kitchen and the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative are also core partners in a $200,000 project, funded through the administration's Urban Agenda Economic Development grant program, to facilitate the launch of small local food manufacturing businesses.

“Our administration is focused on creating more jobs through community-based entrepreneurships by building off local assets in every corner of the Commonwealth,” said Governor Baker. “We are grateful for the passion and commitment of our partners in these efforts, CommonWealth Kitchen and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, as we continue to advance economic development in neighborhoods across Massachusetts.”

“Entrepreneurship strengthens neighborhoods and creates new economic opportunities,” said Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash. “Through our support for shared workspaces, business mentorship, and access to capital, we are unleashing the unmatched creativity of our residents.”

“By providing jobs that support fresh, locally grown food, CommonWealth Kitchen is an important economic driver,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “The Baker-Polito Administration and the Department of Agricultural Resources are committed to ensuring the future of Massachusetts urban farming by promoting local and youth engagement in sustaining our food supply through grassroots efforts.”


Pike Crash in Hopkinton Under Investigation


Troopers from the State Police Barracks in Weston and the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section continue to investigate this morning’s crash on the eastbound side of the Massachusetts Turnpike in Hopkinton. The scene was cleared at 12:22 p.m.

The crash occurred at 8:08 a.m. and involved five vehicles:

  • A 2015 Freightliner 999 tractor with New York registration, operated by a 54-year-old Pittsfield man;

  • A 2007 International 94001 tractor with New York registration, operated by a 40-year-old Gloversville, N.Y., man;

  • A 2016 Hino box truck with New Jersey registration, operated by a 31-year-old Belchertown man;

  • A 2011 Chevrolet Terrain with Massachusetts registration, operated by a 32-year-old Worcester woman; and

  • A 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer with Massachusetts registration operated by a 32-year-old Agawam man.

Two drivers were transported to UMass Medical Center in Worcester. The driver of the Freightliner suffered incapacitating injuries not believed to be life-threatening at this time. The driver of the Hino truck sustained non-incapacitating injuries.

The sequence of events and cause of the crash remains under investigation by State Police. Contributed content.


Candidate List from Connor Degan, Town Clerk


The following is the list of candidates that will be on the ballot for the Annual Town Election on Monday, May 15th, 2017.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the list or any thing else with the process.


  • John M. Coutinho of 1 David Joseph Road (R) for the Board of Selectmen (Incumbent)
    Stanley D. Pulnik of 11 Downey Street (U) for Library Board of Trustees 3 year (Incumbent)

  • Claire B. Wright of 28 Hayden Rowe (R) for Cemetery Commission (Incumbent)

  • Christina M. Anderson of 7 Meserve Street (D) for Parks and Recreation Commission

  • Jennifer A. Devlin of 12 Cunningham Street (D) for School Committee

  • Amy K. Markovich of 235 Lumber Street (R) for Parks and Recreation Commission (Incumbent)

  • Amy B. Ritterbusch of 54 Grove Street (D) for Planning Board 5 year

  • Laura W. Hanson of 19 North Mill Street (D) for Parks and Recreation Commission (Incumbent)

  • Meenakshi S. Bharath of 213 Ash Street (U) for School Committee

  • Irfan Nasrullah of 211 Winter Street (D) for Planning Board 1 year

  • Jessica A. King of 189 Hayden Rowe (D) for Board of Library Trustees 1 year

  • Michael J. King of 189 Hayden Rowe (D) for Board of Health 1 year
    Kenneth R. Weismantel of 145 Ash Street (R) for Planning Board 5 year (Incumbent)

  • Elizabeth B. Whittemore of 118 Hayward Street (D) for Board of Health 3 year

  • Gary B. Trendel of 31 Chamberlain Street (R) for Planning Board 5 year

  • June A. Harris of 185 Saddle Hill Road (R) for Library Board of Trustees 3 Year (Incumbent)

  • Muriel E. Kramer of 39 North Street (D) for Commissioners of Trust Funds (Incumbent) and for Planning Board 5 year

  • Susan Kurys of 29 Forest Lane (D) for Library Board of Trustees 3 year

  • Margaret Wiggin of 5 Cross Street (D) for Library Board of Trustees

  • Amman Haidri of 7 Spring Lane (D) for Board of Selectmen

  • Rebeka Hoffman of 12 Mount Auburn Street (D) for Housing Authority

  • Lesley Ficaria of 57 Greenwood Road (D) for Board of Assessors 1 year

  • Lya Batlle-Rafferty of 5 Meadowland Drive (D) for Board of Assessors 3 year

  • Kelly Karp of 23 Nicholas Road (D) for Planning Board 3 year

  • Al Rogers of 4 Laurel Avenue (R) for Planning Board 1 year

  • Edward Mills of 37 Woody Island Way (D) for Constable 3 year

  • Francis D'Urso of 173 Saddle Hill Road (D) for Constable 1 year

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   Support for Amy Ritterbusch

   Dear Editor,


I am happy to endorse Amy Ritterbusch for one of the two open positions on the Hopkinton Planning Board. I am fortunate to have worked with Amy in several capacities over the last 12 years. I continue to be amazed by the breadth of her knowledge and her commitment to each group, to each task. I have so much respect for her and all she gives to our community.

Amy has never needed a fancy title to be the backbone of an organization. I have witnessed the Hopkinton Moms Group, Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts all benefit from Amy’s tireless work on their behalf.

Amy is passionate about Hopkinton’s future; she does her research, is well-spoken, even-keeled and most of all, dedicated to our town and its residents. At a time when Hopkinton is quickly growing and developing, we need Amy’s thoughtful, fresh and impartial approach. We need someone who can question the status quo and make informed decisions for the long term.

As an unenrolled voter, I do not look at the political affiliation of candidates or view town elections as popularity contests. I vote for a candidate based on his/her own merits. I ask you to do the same. Look at everything Amy Ritterbusch has already done for Hopkinton and know that her potential to help guide Hopkinton into a prosperous and vibrant future, makes her the best candidate for Planning Board.


Beth D’Alleva

43 Blueberry Lane

April 10, 2017



April 9, 2017 -- The B.A.A. unicorn peeks out of the B.A.A. second floor window of One Ash Street at dusk today.


The Moon

April 9,2017 -- This evening.

Family Stuff


April 9, 2017-- Yes, this beaver is close to 100' from the camera, but even so, it can be distinguished from a muskrat by its leathery tail, and by the small piece of wood in its mouth, as it swims toward its future lodge in a wildlife sanctuary on the French River in Oxford. The creatures do not last long in populated areas like Hopkinton, where their activity always affects humans, and results in them being euthanized.


Below, and in the same sanctuary, a young turkey vulture glides over a meadow, its perfect wings betraying its youth.

State Police Investigating Fatal Car Fire in Mansfield


April 9, 2017 -- At 3:45 p.m., numerous 911 callers reported a car fire in the Mansfield Rest Area on Route 95 northbound, prior to Route 495. Troopers from the State Police Barracks in Foxboro responded to the scene with members of the North Attleboro Fire Department. A single male occupant had been inside the vehicle and was pulled from the vehicle by Good Samaritans.



North Attleboro Fire Department extinguished the fire. The man, who is not being identified at this time, was pronounced deceased at the scene. Troopers from the Crime Scene Services Section, Fire Marshal’s Office, Troop H Detectives and the Bristol State Police Detective Unit responded to the scene to assist with the investigation into the cause of the fire and the death of the occupant of the vehicle.

Live! on Main with Hopkinton Marathon Committee Chair Dottie Ferriter-Wallace
Good Friends, Good Prizes, Good Pasta

April 9, 2017 -- St. John's Youth Group held a Spaghetti dinner fundraiser last evening, offering prizes, 50/50 drawing, and yes, pasta. Photo by Denise Antaki.

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 State Police Investigating Fatal Crash in Boxford

At 9:52 p.m. on Saturday April 8, 2017, numerous 911 calls reported two vehicles apparently racing on Route 95 southbound in Boxford. Moments later, 911 calls advised of a serious multi-car crash on Route 95 northbound at exit 53 in Boxford. Troopers from the State Police Barracks in Newbury immediately responded to the scene with Boxford Fire Department and EMS. Trooper Kevin O’Niel arrived on the scene of a three car crash and advised that one of the operators had life-threatening injuries. Trooper O’Niel’s initial investigation indicates that a 1997 BMW convertible, operated by 38-year-old Michael Espinola of Peabody, was traveling at a high rate of speed and crossed into oncoming traffic, striking a 2012 Acura MDX and a 2009 Honda Civic.

Espinola was transported to Beverly Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The operator of the Acura, a 64-year-old North Hampton, N.H., man, and his passenger, a 64-year-old North Hampton, N.H., woman, as well as the operator of the Honda, a 43-year-old Georgetown woman and a 12-year-old girl who was a passenger, were all transported to Beverly Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

MassDOT responded to the scene to assist with marking the lane closures. Troopers from the Collisions Analysis and Reconstruction Section and the Crime Scene Services Section responded to assist with the investigation. The Essex County District Attorney’s office was notified of the crash and will also be assisting with the investigation. Three northbound lanes of Route 95 at exit 53 were closed during the crash response and investigation. The left lane remained open during the investigation and  all lanes were reopened at 1:03 a.m. this morning.

Break with the Bunny

April 9, 2017 -- DPW workers took a break from sprucing up the Hopkinton Common yesterday as the Easter Bunny got ready to hide 7,000 eggs, 20 special Easter baskets, and help with face painting and photos. Hopkinton Drug partners with Parks and Recreation, donating candy and transporting the Easter Bunny.
Photo compliments of Hopkinton Drug.


Republicans Caucus

Above, Hopkinton Republicans pause to pose for a photo during their caucus last evening. We still have not received their results. We have no photo of the Democrats, because upon entering the room, the reporter was ordered to leave amid shouts of "no press."

Family Stuff


Democrats Contest Selectman Race, Planning Board, and more

Please choose the "Town Election 2017" banner above to see who the Democrats chose in their caucus this evening, as well as the ones who qualified with nomination papers prior to this evening. The Republicans who qualified with nomination papers are also listed, but that party has yet to release the results of tonight's caucus. We hope to have them tomorrow.
Live! on Main, with Dorothy Ferriter-Wallace, Hopkinton Marathon Committee Chair
 recorded earlier Friday, April 7, 2017
Click on image below to begin show:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dottie is the most recent individual in a growing line of quality people who have chosen to accept my invitation to appear on the show, and chat with me in a relaxed manner off of the cuff about what they do, show what they do, or actually do what they do, in front of me in a live webcast.
We are also receiving feedback from members of the community complimenting our guests and urging us to continue.
And continue we will. Thank you all!

Police Incidents - Updated 4/7/2017

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MAY 2017 TOWN ELECTIONS @ Town Hall, April 7, 2017


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Eighth Grade Student Places
Sasha Fomin, 8th grade HMS student, placed sixth overall at the state finals for the National Geographic Bee which was held at Elms College in Chicopee on March 31. He competed against 100 peers who advanced to the finals after winning their respective school bees and taking an online test used to determine eligibility. He will not advance to the national finals, but his achievement is notable.

Family Stuff

 Candidate Statement -- Jenn Devlin


My name is Jenn Devlin and I would like to express my intent to run for an open seat on the Hopkinton School Committee. I believe my background in business and as  a middle school teacher will lend well to the responsibilities of this position, and I respectfully request your vote in the town election on May 15th.


I grew up in Liverpool, NY and graduated from Ithaca College. With a degree in International Business, I worked in sales at Nabisco and later in international sales and marketing at a medical device company, Transonic Systems Inc., in Ithaca, NY. During this time I also served as assistant/novice coach for the women’s rowing team at Ithaca College. The need for teamwork, a strong work ethic, perseverance, and a united focus on a goal fueled my passion for teaching and coaching the sport of rowing. In 1999, an opportunity to coach at Boston University brought me to Massachusetts. These experiences in business and intercollegiate athletics fostered my skills in budgeting, fundraising, and recruitment. I believe these skills will transfer smoothly into the School Committee’s crucial task of creating a fiscally responsible budget while maintaining the high standards Hopkinton residents hold for our public schools.


My husband and I moved to Hopkinton in 2004. At that time I refocused my career and passion for teaching into public education. I began my work in the Southborough public schools in 2005 as a special education instructional aide, then as a teacher of 6th grade reading and language arts and 6th grade math lab. Currently I serve as the middle school health teacher and have dedicated the last two years to co-authoring our district’s new middle school health curriculum. Along with my experience in the classroom, I have a Doctor of Education degree from Northeastern University in Curriculum Leadership by which I collaborated with teachers and administrators in public and higher education across the country. As a result, I have a strong belief in ensuring curriculum is rigorous and challenging, yet remains diverse and developmentally appropriate. As a member of the School Committee, I will work to ensure that Hopkinton’s curriculum maintains the depth and breadth we all expect for our children.


My years of experience teaching and developing curriculum provide me with a unique perspective on how school districts should balance course offerings and influence the learning opportunities for our students. My insight into both the form and function of public education will be an asset to the School Committee, especially as we draft the next strategic plan. In fact, I have a very vested interest in both the continued success of the district and developing a strong next-phase strategic plan as a parent of students in both 1st and 3rd grade.


I would consider it an honor to serve the community on our School Committee and I respectfully request your vote on May 15th.

Jenn Devlin

12 Cunningham Street

April 6, 2017


The last day to register to vote in the May 1st Annual Town Meeting and May 15th Annual Town Election is 
Tuesday, April 11th.  My office will be open late from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM to allow residents time to register.  You may also register online at the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website (https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ovr/).  If you are unsure if you are registered to vote check online (https://www.sec.state.ma.us/VoterRegistrationSearch/MyVoterRegStatus.aspx) or check with me by stopping in, emailing me at townclerk@hopkintonma.gov, or calling me at 508-497-9710.  
"This is a good community. ...it's on its way to becoming a great community."
~ Timothy Kilduff, Chamber of Commerce, 26.2 Foundation

Nearly two dozen people helped cut the ribbon to officially open Legacy Farms North road, an 8,000-foot roadway that will serve the 425 homes to be built there by Pulte Homes, as well as to serve as a cutoff to avoid Downtown during rush hour traffic. Speaker after speaker gave their views of the meaning to this remarkable event, one that will serve in hindsight as a turning point in the town's history.
Please enjoy the video (some remarks are truncated for space) by clicking on the image below.

Another view point:

Thanks to Tim Kilduff for sharing the full view.

Your Home


Legacy Farms North -- NOW Open!!

April 6, 2017 -- Roy MacDowell, far left, developer of Legacy Farms, expresses the positive comments of the speakers and guests with his jubilant expression today as he,  stakeholders and community members who were involved in the long process helped cut the ribbon, ceremoniously opening the road to the pubic. HopNews will have more after lunch.

Well Known Republicans Hold Reception

April 5, 2017 -- A  group of Hopkinton Republicans met with Governor Charlie Baker at a reception on Wednesday hosted  by Egan brothers Christopher, Michael and Jack.  Pictured (left to right) is Governor Charlie Baker, Wayne Pacheco, Eric Sonnett, Michael Egan, Bogie Bogigian, and Ken Weismantel. Contributed Content.


Dry Run


April 5, 2017 -- Roy MacDowell (on ladder), son Todd, right, and Baystone staff member Erick Swenson take the new sign for a dry run the day before the official road opening/renaming and ribbon cutting tomorrow.

Family Stuff


Grand Opening

April 5, 2017 -- At least it wasn't snowing today as Teresa and Lisa opened the Snappy Dogs trailer to a slow, but steady clientele. In addition to cooking snappy hot dogs, they practiced their favorite schtick: Making it known with a shout-out whenever a friend or customer became visible, from the farther away the better. They are located in the parking lot of Weston Nurseries on East Main Street.

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No Airport in Hopkinton
(See HopNews then-reporter Ron DiMichele's 2005 story about the Jetport proposed for Hopkinton in 1970)

April 5, 2017 -- This small passenger jet, likely a private Learjet, made a fairly quiet pass over Legacy Farms North this afternoon, its distinctive and prominent wingtip fuel tanks of a Learjet 23 very visible. Because of the jet showing its bottom, the N-numbers, which can reveal the owner, are not visible as it flies away from the camera.. The hand-made luxury jet has a great story.


Good Friday Ecumenical Service


April 14, at 12 Noon. Join with the churches of Hopkinton here at St. John’s as we ponder together the work of our Lord’s cross. Members of the clergy from churches across the town participate together in this annual traditional service. Please join us!




     All are welcome to join us at the Senior Center for a presentation on the history of baseball.


As Baseball has journeyed, so too has America. Jeffrey A. Skillings has taught literature, writing and United States History courses at Dean College, where he is an Assistant Professor of English, for the past 35 years. His professional and personal interests concern American literature, United States History and Baseball.


Why Does Emma Run?


My name is Emma Howe, and I'm a junior at Boston College, and I'm running the the Boston Marathon this year for Dana Farber in honor of my amazing father Scott Howe.

My dad was diagnosed with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer two years ago, and he was told he would have to endure two major surgeries as well as 8 weeks of chemo and radiation. I made it my mission to become his caretaker and help him kick cancer to the curb. Watching him go through treatment was one of the most frightening and humbling experiences of my life. Even though he went through daily radiation treatments and tri-weekly chemo sessions, he remained strong and optimistic throughout. I know this is why he was declared cancer free two years ago and has been ever since.

Throughout that trying time, I was shown the power of teamwork and love from both the doctors and nurses at Dana Farber as well as from the actions taken by my neighbors and friends. I was so inspired by these amazing people, that I made it my mission to run the Boston Marathon for my dad and Dana Farber when I turned 20 years old. This dream has finally become a reality, as I'm running Boston this year, and I'm doing it in honor of my dad's and for all dad who've battled with cancer.

 I want to make sure that nobody ever has to experience the the pain my dad went through.


Here is the link to my fund-raising page: http://www.rundfmc.org/2017/emmah


Host Family Needed  

Kaizhao needs a host family. He is 17 and will be a senior at Hopkinton High School this upcoming year.

He is from Zhengzhou, China. He describes himself as a “warm and easygoing boy with an entrepreneurial and team spirit.”

In school, he captains the football club and Aeromodelling team and can’t wait to get involved in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities in Hopkinton.

A $900 tax free monthly expense stipend is provided. For more information about hosting Kaizhao, please contact the local coordinator Ann Northup, with Educatius Group, at ann.northup@gmail.com  or 508-480-8513. If you know someone who will host, we thank you with a $100 referral fee.
Statement of Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian regarding the Lunn case before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
As the national debate over immigration enforcement has escalated, we have sought to have federal authorities provide guidance in keeping
with federal judicial decisions, including that of the First Circuit Court of Appeals, regarding the legal sufficiency of detainers. While that guidance has yet to come, it is my hope a decision in the Lunn case will provide clarity under Massachusetts law and ease some of the confusion created in recent weeks.

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Family Stuff

Peter B. Porter, 66


Peter B. Porter, 66, of Hopkinton, passed away Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Born in Boston, he was the son of the late Eleanor (Benson) and Bliss C. Porter.

Peter loved the Boston Bruins and was a season ticket holder in Section 99 of the old Boston Garden throughout his 30’s & 40’s. He loved bringing his children to games at The Garden and took pleasure in playing hallway hockey with them in between periods. In the past, Peter and his son enjoyed their time together as part of the Hudson Street Hockey League, He was also a very supportive “Horse Show Dad” to his daughter and dedicated many weekends trailering horses to events throughout his daughter’s childhood.


Peter took great pride in his family run construction business, Unique Design and Construction, which he based out of the family home in Hopkinton, until going to work as the Director of Maintenance at Riverview Condominiums in Cambridge in the 90's.


Peter is survived by his two children, Christopher Richmond Tabor-Porter and his wife Nataevia (Carrasquillo) Tabor-Porter of Northbridge and Danielle Tabor-Porter of Upton, and their mother Pamela Tabor-Porter. He also leaves behind his two brothers, Michael Porter of Hopkinton and Al Porter of Ashland; his three grandchildren who he absolutely adored, Leona, Gabriel and Hunter; his best friend Paul Beaulieu of Medford, who will miss their whimsical road trips and shenanigans, as well as his nieces, Alexis & Nikki, and his nephew, Matthew.


A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, April 8th at 2:00p.m. at Connect Church, 280 Pleasant St. Ashland, MA. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations in Peter’s name be made to Hopkinton Police Department, 74 Main St. Hopkinton, MA 01747 or the DARE Program at HPD. Arrangements are under the care of the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton.

8 lb Trout Included in Bounty

Today, the Woodville Rod and Gun put about $3,500 worth of hungry trout, including the 8 pond lunker to the left, according to member Lee Wright in an email, into Lake Whitehall to prepare for their upcoming derby.

The shock of being moved to this beautiful location should be over when the hooks hit the water on April 15th for the club's Annual Spring Trout Derby.

To learn more, or to download sign up forms, visit the club's website. Thanks to Laura Jackson for supplying these great photos!

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Troopers Assist in Search for Missing Southborough Man


April 3, 2017 -- The Massachusetts State Police dive team and Marine Unit today conducted an underwater search of the Charles River at the locks of the Charles River Dam and under the Leonard Zakim Bridge in support of the investigation into the disappearance of Michael Kelleher, 23.


Troopers using side-scan sonar deployed from a State Police boat and MSP divers searched the area for several hours but did not locate any evidence connected to the young man’s disappearance. Troopers will resume their search later this week. We fervently hope that our search of the river will serve the purpose of ruling out that area, and that Mr. Kelleher will be located somewhere unharmed.


Mr. Kelleher, a resident of Southborough, went missing last Wednesday night, March 29, following a Celtics game. He is 6’2” tall, 180 pounds, with a thin build, brown hair, and blue eyes. When last reported seen, he was wearing brown pants, a gray sweatshirt, and a Celtics jersey and hat. Anyone with information about him is urged to call police immediately.

Real Estate Transactions for Hopkinton & Surrounding Towns

New Transactions from March 27, 2017 - April 3, 2017
Click on blue links to see Town's property card w/photo
26 Highcroft Way Frederick A. Schillinger III, Allyson W. Schillinger $415,000 March 31, 2017 Holly S. Schenker
1 Hunters Ridge Way William L. Della Giustina Jr., Lindsay Della Giustina $923,000 March 30, 2017 South Mill Street LLC
4 Lincoln Street Southgate LLC $356,100 March 30, 2017 Maxine F. Kinsbury
4 Sweetwater Way unit 274 Chandra S. Boyapati, Nalini Koti $487,345 March 30, 2017 Pulte Homes of New England LLC
37 Forest Lane unit 27 Ikram Ahmed, Nida Javeed $360,000 March 30, 2017 Sumeet Mehra, Martha C. Mehra
14 Highcroft Way Joseph Gammal $389,900 March 29, 2017 Andreas F. Kristen
54 Walcott Valley Drive Harry Dehaly $178,000 March 28, 2017 Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Champion Mortgage Co.
63 Rockwood Lane unit 7 John A. Maglia, Sandra E. Maglia,
Maglia Family Revocable Living Trust
$532,549 March 27, 2017 LLD Land Development Corp.
15 Falcon Ridge Drive Shankar Krishnamony, Sheela Krishnamony $692,000 March 27, 2017 George J. Giansanti Jr., Martha M. Giansanti
8 John Hancock Drive unit 80B Glenn D. Dsouza $420,000 April 3, 2017 Freedom Village Realty LLC
8 Howe Street Robin P. Botto, Timothy Botto $568,000 March 31, 2017 Carole M. Berotte Joseph
6 John Hancock Drive unit A Maxwell M. Miranda $424,000 March 31, 2017 Freedom Village Realty LLC
89 Myrtle Street Robert Nicasio $379,900 March 31, 2017 Jodie Gargan
10 Waushakum Avenue Waldir Dacosta $95,000 March 31, 2017 Ann Mackay, Mark Mackay
134 Mountain Gate Road unit A James Haberlin $266,500 March 30, 2017 Louis Bushinsky
5 Belcher Circle unit 18 Sheldon C. Toplitt, Sandra E. Goldsmith $324,450 March 30, 2017 Barbara Dickson
21 Water Street Mladen Adamovic, Leanne Hersey $319,000 March 29, 2017 Rivers Edge Properties LLC
30 Turnpike Road unit 8 Paul E. Levine, John M. Abbondanza,
Turnpike Road Realty Trust
$330,000 March 31, 2017 Benjamin T. Stevens, 30 Turnpike Road Trust
77 Carriage Hill Circle Renzhai Shao, Leng Jiang, Yiping Shao $674,000 March 30, 2017 Gary G. Kay, Melissa L. Kay
18 Josiah Drive Paul Porcella, Kerry Porcella $425,000 March 31, 2017 Christopher J. Tobey, Lee M. Tobey
22 Plumbley Road Christopher Tobey, Lee Tobey $660,000 March 31, 2017 Gary L. Gienger, Jane A. Gienger
12 Merriam Way Brendon Leo, Alyssa Candidi $499,900 March 31, 2017 Daniel Johnson, Dawn Johnson
103 Crockett Road Kaari Hayward, Misty Hayward $350,000 March 28, 2017 Joan J. Hayward
5 Cross Street Derek T. Van Duzer, Lori A. Giardono $418,500 March 28, 2017 Davidson-Nealley Construction Inc.


Police Incidents - Updated 4/3/2017

Family Outdoor Center 45 East St. Hopkinton, Ma 01748
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Come out to the Family Outdoor Center in Hopkinton for an afternoon on our high ropes course! Test your courage and strength on a series of high rope elements. Families are sure to enjoy an afternoon full of fun, laughs, challenges, and adventure.

Ages: 7+**
Time: 2:00-4:00PM
Location to Meet: Hayes
Individual: Members $10 / Nonmembers $20
Families: Members $20 / Non-member $40


Family Stuff


Rosalie R. Martin, 77  

Rosalie R. Martin, 77, of Hopkinton, passed away peacefully Sunday, April 2, 2017 surrounded by her loved ones. Predeceased by her loving husband of 51 years, Paul A Martin, her mother Frances (Godsell) Kelly, father Thomas Seward, step father James Kelly and two siblings, Frances Dion and James Seward.

Rosalie was a member of St. John the Evangelist Church of Hopkinton since 1969, where she was a former CCD teacher. Rosalie loved to travel, especially to her birth place of Newfoundland, Canada and out west. She loved to take trips with and visit the senior center where she was a member of the pen pal club for over 10 years. More than anything, she loved spending time with family and friends.

She is survived by her three daughters, Laura, Roseann Debra and their husbands; Her sisters and brother, Anne Peebles, Helen Avery and James Kelly, nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren along with many loving friends.

Visitation will be held on Sunday, April 9th from 2-5p.m. at the Chesmore Funeral Home of Hopkinton, 57 Hayden Rowe St. A funeral mass will be celebrated at 10:00a.m. on Monday, April 10th at St. John the Evangelist Church of Hopkinton. Private committal services will take place at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Friends of Hopkinton Seniors 28 Mayhew St. Hopkinton, MA 01748

Pro-science Gathering

April 3, 2017 -- A "facebook event" favoring science attracted a handful of families yesterday to the Hopkinton Common.


They're B-A-A-A-ck

    April 2, 2017 -- The nests in our favorite great blue heron rookery, near the Sutton/Oxford town line, are being repaired by the parents, which will bring their eggs to term this spring, before showing them how to fly. The backlit birds are in near silhouette due to the time of day.
Below, under the canopy of the herons' nests, the turbulence surrounding this eel-like creature makes it appear to be moving, but it is not, It is actually a static wooden sculpture, courtesy of the elements.

Your Home



April 2, 2017 -- This waterfall, frozen in time with a fast shutter speed, appears like a fence of necklaces, this afternoon in Sutton.


Quilters Meeting - Join the fun!

The Marathon Quilters Guild next meeting is Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00 pm at Faith Community Church (146 E. Main Street, Hopkinton, MA). The program includes a fast-moving, fun lecture & demo by Adele Scott. She will share her favorite products, tips and techniques. We welcome all quilters. For more information, visit our website ( www.marathonquilters.com ).

Family Stuff

Missing Island

   April 1, 2017 -- The island at Ice House Pond is totally submerged today from all of the precipitation and the resulting runoff; and the floor of the gazebo is almost covered. The branches extending from shore appear to reach out to the sinking island to offer lifelines.



April 1, 2017-- In most years, April first is a good starting point for planting, mulching, clearing, or even eating a hot dog outside. But today was not even funny this year, as a wet and windy storm kept most people inside. Teresa and Lisa have their sights on Wednesday, April 5 for the target open for Snappy Dog. We caught them on video a few short years ago. Check it out if you haven't seen it, or watch it again if you have.

Family Stuff

Les McCann and Eddie Harris Try to Make it Real
in this YouTube video of a 1969 performance at Montreaux Jazz Festival (Caution: slight R-rating)

The Jr Hillers Hockey Team 2 won the Maroon Division Championship of the Foxboro Middle School League 7-6 in overtime Friday night .

Front (Goalie) Jack Lang
1st row – Michael Berman, JJ Bianchi, Spencer Horgan, Annie Kester, Izak Peterson, Derek Crowe, Pavit Mehra, Callum Greenwood, Dylan Prefontaine, Dylan Mansur, Ryan Teitel, Ryan Brennan

Back row – Coach Bianchi, Coach Crowe, Manoli Barris & Coach Neary

Missing from photo – Coach Greenwood (taking photo), Joe Aubut & Matt Goetz  ~Contributed content

Click below for Video

Click on image for video

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HHS Art Dept. Honors Exhibition

Now through April 11, 2017 at Hopkinton Center for the Arts. Above,  "Radioactive 2017" Inkjet Print by Athena Gutierrez De Lassé.

Police Incidents - Updated 3/31/2017

Family Stuff

At 24 Main Street



FaySummer Open Houses 2017
Thursday, April 6, 3:30 - 6:00 p.m.
Stop by any time between 3:30 and 6:00 p.m., on your way home from work or afternoon activities, to pick up a FaySummer brochure, meet our camp director and staff, or take a campus tour. Snacks and activities will be available for children. Please use the East Entrance at 23 Middle Road for access and parking. Questions? Contact us at summer@fayschool.org, or visit www.faysummer.org/openhouses.

Ad Presented in Hopkinton High School Press:


Above, ad artwork by HopNews Office Manager, Eric Montville.

by Robert Falcione

March 30, 2017 -- The above ad ran in the HHSPress (Hopkinton High School Press) print version dated March 28, 2017 (Their online version can be found here: www.HHSPress.org/ ). The physical paper is often available at the school entrance. But why run the ad?

       My Spidey senses recently signaled that there was a lot of confusion in the community about what constitutes real news and what constitutes fake news. But let us consider that "news" sometimes refers to the totality of a publication, and all of the various divisions therein, some of which are illustrated in the ad above. Sometimes, news is a breaking story, or a report, and sometimes, it is an ongoing story, or elements thereof. Opinions are not news; unless the opinion is by someone who can influence events, and lives with it, and becomes the story instead.

        But some  contemporary news programs are peppered at the end of a report with opinions from both sides of an issue, and present a panel like Hollywood Squares, one person aside or atop the other. Taken as a whole, the concept conflates opinion with reporting, further muddling a viewer's perception of what is real, and what is opinion or propaganda. But things weren't always that way.

        HopNews became known across the world in 2006 when Neil Entwistle murdered his wife and baby in their newly leased Hopkinton home. This writer became world renown, with interviews on television and radio shows, interviews in movie documentaries and on Court Television, to name a few, for having been the first in the entire world to make the event public, the first to break the story.

         That was 11 years ago, an eon in web time, and before facebook had more than a handful of readers. Since then, being first with a story is not hours or days before most others. It can be minutes, or even mere seconds, because people on facebook and other social media copy and paste the stories or photos of professionals, and/or "share" them, robbing some of the perceived value of the hard work from the professional. That horse has been out of the barn for some time.

        In conclusion, yes there is real news, and a new generation needs to continue to learn how to identify it, and separate it from opinion; but more importantly, how to separate it from propaganda and utter fabrication, of which there is far too much on the World Wide Web (A few months ago, a grown man, reading that Hillary was operating a child-sex ring out of the back of a pizza shop, travelled there with a loaded rifle, ready to end the practice, as if the police were aware, but did nothing. Once, I received a doctored video of Obama claiming to have been born in Kenya, and admitting to being a Muslim. I knew it was doctored, but the person sending it to me believed he discovered it, through some sort of power unique unto himself, and that somehow, even Obama's other detractors were unaware of its existence.) Some cannot tell the difference between real and fake.

        We appreciate fully those who do know the difference, and recommend reading our local colleagues at the MetroWest Daily News and its affiliates, as well as the Hopkinton Independent ( and HopNews.com, of course).

        And for real close-up opinions and real concerns of Hopkinton students, check out some topical interviews of some of them in the HHSPress.org  by Editor Michael Karlis as well as a report by him about the rejection of the turf fields, with quotes that you didn't read elsewhere. And there is much, much more by other budding journalists.

          Speaking for HopNews, we appreciate wholeheartedly our readers, our advertisers, and our news and feature sources that help contribute to the journalism, and photojournalism, that we practice 7 days a week for this growing community.

          Thank you all for your sense of integrity, your honesty, your dedication to the facts, and your commitment to the people of Hopkinton.

           Let's keep it real!


Relating to Difficult People

Sunday, April 30 from 6:30-8:30p

Women Only

Admit it, sometimes it can feel like they’re everywhere. At work, in the neighborhood, and even in our own homes. “Difficult” people come in all types, from the annoying to the needy, and our efforts to navigate these relationships can be exhausting and frustrating. But there is good news! Three simple relationship principles put into practice can lessen the stressful impact of the difficult people in our lives and turn us toward the greater joy and satisfaction that God wants us to have.

Be Refreshed events are amazing seminars for women of all ages. You will be treated to delicious desserts and good company.

We welcome all women; you do not need to be members of Faith Community Church, or any other church, to attend. There is no charge to attend these events.

Register at www.fcch.org, click “Events”


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Photo taken at Center School, March 28, 2017 Awaiting Hoyt Presentation

Boston Marathon Fundraising

The Project Just Because Marathon Team - Ann-Michele Dragsbaek and Jennifer Mullins

Project Just Because is a Hopkinton-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps families and seniors in need within the MetroWest area with essential items like food, clothing, toiletries, school supplies, blankets, toys, baby items, and so much more. The mission is simple: "Helping families in need from the heart."

Your donation will help to fund the critical programs they do throughout the year, which includes helping children stay warm during the winter months, assisting those who've experienced abuse, and providing essentials to help families get back on their feet.

Project Just Because provides hope for a better tomorrow.

Go to http://www.razoo.com/team/Project-Just-Because-Boston-Marathon-2017 to support our marathon run for Project Just Because


Middlesex Sheriff’s Office to Host Citizens Academy for Residents with Developmental Disabilities

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at engaging local residents with developmental disabilities.

The Special Citizens Academy is a free, four-week program that will launch April 11 at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Training Academy in Chelmsford. The program is designed for residents ages 18, and above, with developmental disabilities who have an interest in public safety and learning more about the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office. “As we continue our efforts to engage more residents within Middlesex County, we see this Academy as incredible opportunity to introduce more people to who we are and what we do,” said Sheriff Koutoujian.

The Academy will meet once a week for two hours and include presentations on the role of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (MSO); the MSO’s K-9 Unit; Internet Safety and Awareness; Fire Safety and First Aid; as well as Mobile Operations. The program will conclude with a graduation ceremony on May 2. A limited number of spots are available for the first class and will be filled in a first-come, first-serve basis.

To secure a spot in the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Special Citizens Academy please contact Community Affairs Deputy Director Tino Capobianco at 978-495-7410.

Family Stuff



"Hey, Let's All Go to the Friends of Whitehall Annual Meeting and Photography Show!"


The Friends of Whitehall’s Annual Meeting will be held on Tues. April 4th 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Woodville Baptist Church, 249 Wood St. Woodville. A presentation by Joy Marzolf, Teacher Naturalist at Mass Audubon called “Getting the Most from your Wildlife Photography” will be featured. Joy teaches various photography programs at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. She enjoys photographing wildlife locally and teaching students about various techniques, including animal behavior, to improve their photography.


A nature photography show “Wonders of Whitehall Watershed” will also be part of the meeting. Members and guests are urged to bring a photograph of the lake or its wildlife. They will be displayed and a “favorite” will be voted on.


The Annual business meeting will also take place with a review of the year’s accomplishments and future plans for 2017. Refreshments will be served.


The Friends of Whitehall’s annual membership appeal letter was sent out earlier this year to neighborhoods around the lake, however anyone who is interested in the lake is urged to join us at the meeting and consider membership. More information can be found on our website: www.friendsofwhitehall.org. We would love to expand our membership to all areas of Hopkinton and surrounding towns. We hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to preserve Lake Whitehall and its surrounding areas and we look forward to seeing you on April 4th. Our spring lake and trail cleanup is scheduled for Sat. April 22nd and we hope to see you there also. ~ From the FOW



Police Incidents - Updated 3/29/2017

Hannah and Meghan Krueger are having a yard sale to raise money for their Boston Marathon fundraising efforts! 
Sunday April 2nd <--- New date
8am - 2pm 
13 Ridge Road 
Celebrity Visit

March 28, 2017 --Dick Hoyt and Rick Hoyt stand as a living echo to their bronze counterparts at Center School this morning, as Center School students await a presentation. Standing closest to the granite base is Christopher Melton, Director of Vibram Finished Goods, which donated two Hoyt Running Chairs to teams in need. Mr. Melton's son, Ryder, is a first grade student at the school, and was just introduced by his father, who, along with Dick Hoyt and many of the students, is looking at Ryder, who is off-camera (actually, under-camera).

Family Stuff



On Schedule

March 28, 2017 -- Hopkinton Gas appears to be on schedule inasmuch as they have removed two 10,000 gallon metal fuel tanks, and will be replacing them with double-wall fiberglass tanks per law, and the understanding owner Sam Younes agreed to when he purchased the property.


State Police Investigating Serious Injury Crash in Wareham


This afternoon at about 1:35 p.m., State Police from the Bourne Barracks responded to a single-vehicle crash Route 495 northbound just north of Route 25 westbound in Wareham which resulted in serious injury.


Preliminary investigation by Trooper Christopher Andrade indicates that a 2016 Dodge Challenger was traveling on Route 495 northbound just north of Route 25 when, for reasons still under investigation, the vehicle lost control going off the highway into the median and striking a tree. The investigation is looking into excessive speed as a contributing factor.


The operator, a 30-year-old Hyannis man, was transported to Tobey hospital with serious injuries. The passenger, a 29-year old Barnstable woman was transported to Rhode island Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


This crash remains under investigation with assistance from the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, Crime Scene Services Section. State Police were assisted on scene by Wareham Fire and EMS as well as MassDOT.



MAY 2017 TOWN ELECTIONS @ Town Hall, April 7, 2017

Republicans: Room 211

The Hopkinton Republican Town Committee will hold a caucus to select candidates for the May 2017 Town elections on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in Room 211 in Town Hall at 18 Main Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748. The Republican Caucus is open to all Hopkinton registered Republican and unenrolled voters.

For further information or to be placed on the Republican caucus ballot, contact Ken Weismantel, Chairman, at 508 435-5725 prior to April 6, 2017 at 8 PM. You must be a registered Republican to be placed on our caucus ballot.

Democrats Room 215 & 216

The caucus is open to all registered and pre-registered Democrats in Hopkinton and the Democratic Committee welcomes all eligible participants.


We encourage all Democrats who may be interested in local offices and committees. Check in at 6, call to caucus at 6:30. –  8:30 pm Help govern Hopkinton.

The Hopkinton Democratic Town Committee normally meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Hopkinton Town Hall. For more information on the caucus or the committee please contact Darlene Hayes at darlenehayes@yahoo.com  / 508-435-6585 or check the committee’s website at www.hopkintondemocrats.org

See the list of available seats, as well as who has taken out papers:


Board of Selectmen Press Release:
Greyhound Friends Hearing Postponed Indefinitely
March 28, 2017 -- Town of Hopkinton Board of Selectmen Greyhound Friends, Inc. Public Hearing Cancellation Notice The public hearing on the Greyhound Friends Inc. kennel license scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, has been postponed per the Greyhound Friends Inc. request. A new hearing will be rescheduled to a future date to be announced. Please find attached a letter from Greyhound Friends, Inc. attorney dated March 24, 2017, requesting that the Board of Selectmen postpone the hearing. Brian Herr, Chairman
See documents here

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